MY SWEET MOTHER, RELUCTANT SLUT 2 / page: 371 - Erotic story Collection

As I dutifully walked away I knew James' eyes followed my movements and
I imagined he was seeing my shamelessly bared ass in his mind. I did feel
a sense of relief however. I knew when my son confronted us that we would
have to atone for our transgressions and he could have been much more
demanding. Strangely, I did not feel much remorse over him 'divorcing'
John and I nor his order that John move out of our bedroom. I had come to
hate sleeping with my ex anyway and too many years of frustrated sex had
taken it's toll. I had only to submit to my son one time and allow him to
use me in front of a camera. I knew I could have done that more easily had
he allowed me to close my eyes and detach myself but James would not permit
that. Instead I had to willfully perform this i****tual sin and act like I
wanted it and god forbid, even fake my illicit lust out loud. Yet despite
all this I had conflicting emotions. Did my heart really flutter this time
when James kissed me deeply? I knew he was gazing at my legs as my calves
flexed with each stair I climbed.

My husband John was already in the bedroom. He had a beaten look on his
face and I could tell he had been crying yet perversely I didn't feel sorry
for the bastard. It was him that was the cause of this and I almost smiled
when I saw him emptying his drawers into boxes. He was hunched over on the
far side of the bed. Up until moments ago it had been our marriage bed,
the very bed James was conceived on and soon he would return to his womb. I
closed my eyes and tried to block the image out and then yelled at the

"John! You can move your stuff out tomorrow. All you need tonight is
your toothbrush and those wimpy pajamas you wear and frankly I'll be glad I
don't have to see you in those sissified things anymore. James ordered you
to set up the video camera and I suggest you get going before he comes
marching in. Go on...get going. I have to shave for him before he comes

I watched John brush his arm across his eyes as he dutifully packed what
he would need to spend his first night alone. As he exited the room I saw
him glance forlornly at what was our bed and I could only imagine the
thoughts he had knowing he was forbidden to ever be alone with me in here
again. Shrugging it off I began to undress and wondered what I should wear
for James. I decided I had better just wear my robe or risk looking
ridiculous in his young eyes. It would be foolish to try and compete with
the young hardbody tarts he was accustomed to and if he wanted me dressed
like a tramp I was sure he would come up with the proper attire to suit
him. Thankfully, I had showered shortly before he called our unexpected
meeting as I needed the time to shave and prepare my....cunt...for him.
Yes, I thought, cunt is one of the words he will want me to say. Cunt and
cock and fuck and motherf... I shook that word out of my head.

Before entering the adjoining bath I checked the bed and wondered if I
should make it down. Should I remove our wedding picture or let him
decide? For all I knew he would want to just rip his fathers smiling image
off and leave me standing alone in my wedding gown. I decided to leave
everything alone.

I took a deep breath and entered the bath trying hard to avoid looking
at myself in the mirror and seeing what James would soon see for real. An
old used up mom. I grabbed a large bath towel and set it on the floor
knowing from the last time that with the aid of a small mirror this would
be the easiest way for me to bare my, my slut cunt, I
reminded myself. I took my manicure scissors, shave gel and two broken in
razors I had used on my legs earlier and filled a small dish with warm
water and a hand towel. As I sat down indian style I heard my ex enter the
room and I yelled out"

"Don't even think of coming in here you worm. Just set up that
equipment and James will probably want it with a downwards shot of the bed.
When you're done you just sit and wait."

"Yes dear." he called meekly.

I laughed at John again. Before I took up the scissors I looked down
and admired the immensely thick auburn pubic thatch. I had always
delighted in the abundant wealth of long wiry hairs that had totally
concealed my pubic region, even the stray ones that adorned my virgin butt
opening. Suddenly I dared wonder if he planned on violating my teeny
backside as well and wondered if I had to clip those errant hairs. No, I
remember him saying he was just going to fuck me. James didn't say
anything about my butt I was sure. With a sigh I began clipping large
chunks of my wonderful pubic hair wincing every time I saw a thick portion
fall to the towel. Slowly my thick outer lips began to show through and I
knew that soon what I took to be deformities would begin peeking out in the
open. I jockeyed my legs around and with one hand parted each labia away
from my heated loins while the other snipped as close as I dared. Soon I
saw the first of my preconceived oddities. In the light I could see the
glisten of the dark, ragged inner lips as they naturally protruded slightly
from my long slit. A few more clips near the top and she came into view.
The abnormal clitty was out for all to see. Thanks to prolonged steroid
injections for tendon problems at an early age and the ignorance of side
effects at that time I had developed a clit/cock even showing the signs of
it's male counterpart, a glans head. Thankfully I was taken off the d**g
before the head began to form more than a ridge. I was suddenly feeling
like a freak as I prepared to make smooth my genitals. Three times I
applied the warm foam to my womanhood and felt the razor glide across my
most sensitive skin. As the last time, I had trouble due to fear of
shaving close the area just below the ending of my slit and as I did I
recalled the terrible discomfort it caused when the hair grew back. The
stubble felt like needles prickling near my rectum for weeks when I walked.
Underwear had been forgone to lesson the pain. I surveyed my cunt openly
as John set up the equipment. There were a few strays just inside my left
labia that I rid myself of and then the finale. I applied gel to my tummy
and for my son I even shaved the soft downy trail that led to my naval.
Now standing, I hastily rid the area of the tools and dried my pubic area.
A thought came to mind as more and more I began actually wanting to please
James. The last thing I did for him was dust my lower belly and cuntal
area with baby powder. I found myself reaching for cologne when I heard
his voice. He sounded upset. The last thing I needed now. As I reached
quickly for my robe I heard him yelling:

"You dumb fuck. I want that camera set up at the foot of the bed. This
isn't some lovely romantic film, asshole. I want that goddamn camera set
up to get good close-ups at the right angle. Set it up at the end of the
bed so it can catch my cock fucking her dizzy."

I bit my hand as I heard my ex husband whimpering knowing full well that
this was no longer a dream. He came here to really fuck me and I could
feel the perspiration running down my sides from under my arms. Christ, I
needed to apply something there fast I thought and then heard James issuing
more commands:

"That's better wimp. Try and center the lens to get the full effect of
the slut's cunt expanding.. Good boy. Now get your clothes off old man. I
want you standing next to the bed at first. I want you in the film asking
me to fuck mom".

I shivered again at that word and than James laughed. Apparently John
had undressed:

"OH YEAH! That's rich old timer. I'm sure that will add a bit of

levity to the play. Mom laughing at your pencil prick while I fuck my
horse up her guts."

There was a quiet pause on what I would begin to think of as my stage as
I tried to remain silent and out of sight. I had managed to apply some
cologne on my neck and talc under my arms. I was a wreck as this was
becoming a sinful reality.

"Ok slacker. We're about ready to ruin your worthless life. Soon
you'll get to hold the sluts legs back while I make a gaper out of her.
But first maybe I should show you what she's been missing all her life.
You wanna see old man?"

"Y...yes sir..I..uh.guess."

I heard James snicker again before issuing his next command:

"Admit it . You want to. Maybe you want to suck me off after too? I
did you a favor by coming in here in just my shorts, you fuckwad. I was
debating making you undress me totally in front of the whore. Get on your
knees John and take my shorts off."

I could now hear some movement as evidently he got on his knees at my
James' feet. It was deathly quiet for a moment than I heard his father
gasp. James asked softly:

"You like it? Ever see one this fucking huge in your life geezer? Just
look at what I got from moms side of the family."

I felt my knees buckle and I had to lower myself to the floor when I
heard his pained reply:

"James....I mean sir, no please god no. You can't put that in your
mother.'ll tear her with it. Please son think about it, make
her suck you, jack you..anything but fuck that into her. I beg of you."

Again James laughed at the shell of a man.

"Hmmm you gave me an idea old timer. Do you really think she could
throat this bat? Maybe you can massage my cock head under moms
skin....half way down her fucking chest. I've never had a whore give me
her esophagus. Maybe next time we'll do that. In case your wondering
toycock, it's just shy of nine and a half, eleven and a half if you count
that nice foreskin mom will love. Under that skin she will find the head.
That's a shade over two across so you know, than it flares nicely along the
shaft don't you think? I wonder if I should fuck her asshole instead."

My mouth had dried up and I felt like I had to vomit as my fertile
imagination ran wild. And to make matters more frightening it suddenly
dawned on me that I had gone off the pill a year ago. The sex was not
happening and John was practically impotent. I had decided why put up with
the side effects of birth control. Now my heart was pounding as I tried
calculating dates and wondered if there were any rubbers laying around in
hopes that I could at least beg him not to unload his seed up me. James
continued his graphic penile details and I resolved to myself that had if
we any rubbers they would never fit whatever clublike weapon he was showing

"Did you get a load of my balls bugfucker? They spit chunks of load
larger than your puny nuts. Wait till you see the sluts belly swell while
I hose her steamy insides full of live semen."

Live semen? I tried to pull myself to my feet and found I had to hold
onto the vanity for support. Something warm ran down my inner thigh and I
looked quickly. I had not even noticed it was happening and yet I could
see my body was betraying me in front of my own eyes! My cunt was seeping
a steady stream of fuck lube and my nipples ached and throbbed. I chanced
a peek behind my robe and they were turgid and swollen like I had never
seen them. Wait, I reasoned, **** victims had been known to lubricate out
of self preservation. But did their nipples throb and pulse? What the
hell was happening to me?

"Call her in now old man. Get the camera going and stand beside that
mockery of a wedding picture. The one they took the day she said her vows
to you. Oh wait..over there in that drawer. Get it and hide it behind
your back. You'll know what to do when I tell you and you better fucking
do it right."

I heard John open and close a drawer. Was he getting more pictures? I
had no idea what was going on when I heard him call.

"Jennifer.....I.....just know I am so sorry. It's time honey. James
wants you out here now."

Oh my lord it's time. Forgive me dear god and protect me I prayed
softly as I checked myself in the mirror. I was about to take a step when
I quickly stopped and ran a damp cloth up the inside of both of my sleek
legs. I closed my eyes again and begged to be forgiven for being a slut
and vowed myself to the church. I could feel my chest pounding as I was
about to enter the coliseum to be slaughtered. One more halting step and I
had turned the corner and there he was! I was at first in awe as my mouth
dropped open at the sight of the god I had indeed bore of my womb. He
stood there as well muscled and strapping as I knew he was from seeing him
around the house. But what my eyes were trying to absorb took my breath
away. I was afraid, excited, timid, torn. It was gleaming as if it was an
oiled tool. I could see veins as thick as pencils running like a crazed
network along the strutted cartilage. The scrotum hung a good six inches
below his strong thighs and the complete sack seemed as large as a
g****fruit! The cock itself was as thick as my wrist and grew from the
magnificent hairy root like a monument to fertility. I could see the wide
ridge of the boy's spermtube running upwards until it was lost in the mass
of wrinkled foreskin. The instrument was tight against his hairy, hard
abdomen and I could see the head just peeking out from the foreskin at a
point well beyond his belly button. My bewildered eyes saw a thick soup of
prefuck that spilled slowly in a steady rivulet from above the cluster of
foreskin and down along the gnarled gristle of his prick. It was obvious
that his cock was seeping steadily, filling the container of prepuce skin
and overflowing the sides. I realized than that I would feel my insides
plundered as James rearranged my most secret organs. I almost prayed I had
the d**gs I had when I had given birth. At least than my poor cervix had
dilated that day. What would he do to it now? I shook my head back and forth
slowly whispering his name:

"James......oh my baby boy. No..please darling I can't take you inside

He smiled slightly only for me and I knew he wanted to reassure me. He
told me earlier we would be mom and son again soon. I felt my love for him
deepen. He turned to his father and whispered something. I saw Johns face
contort in pain as he nodded and walked towards me. He had something
behind his back and I was afraid. James spoke:

"Close your eyes whore. I have something you will always remember this
blessed day by. You might say it's your crown of whoredom mom."

I did as he ordered and felt something placed on my head and I could
feel scratchy material on my neck.

"Now turn and look toward the mirror you whore and when I say, open your

I turned as I was told and waited.

"Open them slut."

What I saw made me want to beg on my knees. My hand flew over my mouth
as my eyes welled up. I was wearing my wedding veil! My own son was not
happy just to fuck me. He wanted me to beg for his horsecock to pump me
full of sperm while I wore my sacred wedding veil! I saw James step
towards me in the reflection and the heavy end of his unholy cock bobbed
slightly spilling more of his never ending supply of sweet pre fuck sap.
He placed his strong hands on my shoulders and leaned over to kiss my ear.
I shivered, no longer even knowing if it was out of fear. His hot breath
bathed my ear as he whispered:

"I am going to fuck you mother like no man has ever fucked you before.
You may begin by faking it but before I'm done your cunt will be craving my
perfect cock and you will be mine forever. Now turn around whore and get
on your fucking knees. You will not touch my cock with your hands and you
will not be allowed to kiss it. It is meant for one place only. Your
whoring cunt! Now turn around and get on your knees before it."

I slowly turned and prayed he would kiss me again as he did before but
all he did was look coldly in my damp eyes. Over his broad shoulder I
could see my slime husband nodding his head up and down, encouraging his
own wife, ex wife, to commit adultery and i****t. I saw him turn the
camera our way as I lowered myself before my son. My hands were shaking
with no place to go as I stared inches away at the limblike appendage of my
boys sex organ. The heady scent of his musky genitals was enveloping my
senses as I examined the veins and pores up close. I could see the massive
tool pulsing and the apricot sized head expanding and contracting below the
wrinkled foreskin. My eyes gauged quickly that it would be impossible to
cup his warm balls in one hand, that in fact his teeming scrotal sack would
probably spill over the sides of both my small hands. I had seen pictures
of other men years ago with my sister and even compared to those black and
white memories I knew I had never seen a male organ this big. James was
easily three times the man his father was and maybe more. Had this not
been my son I don't know what I would have done. I looked up with awe and
reverence in his eyes.

"Good slut. I just wanted you to see what you made in that belly of
yours sixteen years ago before you feel it up your cunt. I know you want
to worship it with your mouth and throat but I have to turn you down. Now
get on over by that nice marriage bed. And don't mess that veil. You look
so pure and Holy with that on, you i****tuous whore. I just can't believe
that slime bag is gonna stand and watch his sixteen year old son fuck his
own mom silly."

I was beginning to wonder if James wasn't deliberately adding some sort
of narration to his movie but was distracted as we stood beside the bed
together. The lights were brighter here and I could really make out the
details of his sex and I had to fight myself to keep from gawking at it.
James turned to his birth father and gruffly said:

"You, get over there and take off her robe and don't even think about
touching her. The whore's mine now."

John walked over with his tiny soft shriveled prick and I looked in his
eyes with hate and hissingly whispered so as not to be recorded:

"Look at you. You're a nothing compared to James. I want you to know I
hate this, I hate having to sin because of you. But I want you to watch a
real man fuck me for the first time in my life. Just know that while I
will despise every moment of this unholy fuck I will get pleasure knowing
that you know your family life here is over."

James was outside of himself now. All of this was being filmed and he
just needed to goad one more thing for all eternity and further blackmail
for years to come. As John reached up to disrobe me James casually summed
it up. Everything else said on film would be gravy:

"Now mom. Don't be too hard on him. Didn't you tell me downstairs
before we kissed again as lovers that you wanted me to fuck you in front of

I hesitated a moment and he prompted me again:

"Mom isn't that right whore?"

When I nodded yes he demanded more:

"Well maybe you should tell me again so he can hear it from your own hot
mouth. Go ahead now...ask me again slut. Beg me like you did before."

By now I was putty. I knew that no matter what I was going to have my
insides stretched beyond repair so I throatily replied in my best seductive

"James my darling son. I know some people would think this is wrong,
but please fuck your mother in front of him. Please make a woman out of me

He tapped his foot impatiently and asked yet again, "In front of who
mom? Who?"

Oh but I rejoiced in a way having to do this:

"Your father darling. Fuck rut my slutty cunt in front of your father."

I was hoping the film caught the fact that I ceased referring to him as
my husband. In the position James had me in I had to make him proud of me
by mentally divorcing John as well as pretend I wanted his fuck lest he
destroy me economically and socially. I could tell by the telltale
expansion of James' main prick vein and the increased seepage that he was
becoming even more aroused as I played along. It was my hope that the
further I could arouse him mentally the less damage he would do with that
weapon. He watched with interest as I casually ran my slender fingers
along my long veil while looking in his eyes:

"James this was such a wonderful idea of yours to take me while I wore
this. A lovely touch. You know I promised him I'd be forever faithful
while I wore this rag."

James smiled at that and I pointed towards the historic photograph on my
night stand.

"Would you prefer I alter that picture James now that he's no longer
sleeping in our room? It will be wicked fucking beside it however."

I could see a slight smile on his ruggedly handsome face at the
implication of my carefully selected words. 'Our room' coupled with the
fact that John had been banished left unlimited connotations in my boys
scheming mind. Suddenly his eyes narrowed and his manner changed as he
snapped back at me:

"We'll see cunt. I might make you paste my picture over the worms.
Right now I want you to twist your nipples like Aunt Pam did to you. You
seem to enjoy that."

I looked down at my turgid nipples and carefully placed them between my
thumbs and index fingers and began a gentle tugging and turning motion for
him. They already were sensitive from the prolonged fear or arousal and I
could feel the tingles low in my belly. I was already getting the idea
that James would do little in foreplay before the sinful mating wanting
only to prolong our i****tual coupling. Mentally I was wondering again how I
could possibly compare to girls he used that were half my age. Unknowingly
and certainly unintentionally he fed my faltering ego.

"That's a good whore mom. Did he ever tell you what nice, thick, long
nipples you have? Did he admire the pebbled areolas on those fucking tits
I drained dry? Keep pulling 'em whore and stretch 'em out."

I did so for him to the point where it bordered on pain and my mind went
back to him as an infant nursing. He must have known my thoughts again.

"Yeah mom. I bet you liked me chewing and sucking those nipples." He
laughed evilly adding, "Even then we both knew I was better at tit play
than him didn't we cunthole?"

I twisted harder at his lewd suggestions and nodded my head up and down
as deep inside it registered that he was correct! I had indeed felt funny
tingles in my loins when his young mouth gummed my youthful nipples.

"Alright bitch. Enough of that. I know you want to get off on my cock
mom and you will soon. I see you did as I ordered and shaved your
adulteress cunt. Did anyone ever tell you that your lips and clit hang
out? I know that worthless old mans minipenis didn't do that to you."

I suddenly felt embarrassed at being so exposed to him. It was bad
enough I was naked before him but my freak pussy was practically turned
inside out! I hated what the steroids had done to my clitoris and began to

"Ja....James when mom was young..." He waved me off.

"Shut up whore. I like a woman's cunt that looks like yours. It shows
how much they love sexing it up just like those porn pics of you. You
should keep it shaved and show off that clit. No, you will keep it

" Yes James. Anything you ask I will do

Again I felt a flicker of pride in his open admiration of my pussy. I
found my hands trailing down the slight swell of my belly as unbelievably I
suddenly desired to part my labia for him to see. James watched
anticipating my fingertips as they met along my oily slit. I could feel my
fucklube dripping again as I began to expose my inner cuntal region to him
knowing that for the first time he could actually see inside the hole he
came from. I watched in awe as James grasped his heavy cock by the root.
There was still room on his shaft for two of my hands as well! Even his
fingers barely met as he slowly jacked up the gristled shaft. I could see
even more of the dark cock skin being stretched until over two inches
extended beyond his glorious glans forcing out more precum than most men
ejaculated. I could only imagine how much load was stored in his goat like
balls as together we touched ourselves. Mentally I prayed he would jack
himself off now. That he would lose it and purge that poison on the floor
rather than in my womb. His eyes were locked on my now open vaginal tunnel
and suddenly he came to his senses. Quickly he withdrew his masturbating
hand and I heard his cock slap soundly against his stomach splashing
prefuck along his chest and I even felt a drop hit my lips from the impact.
Before I knew what hit me my tongue betrayed me and darted out collecting
the miniscule drop of nectar. I know he saw me taste his precum. He said
nothing about it as if he was used to woman worshiping his fluids. I had
no doubt James was either.

"That's enough slut. I think you know what time it is. It's time for
me to administer your punishment for whoring yourself bitch!"

I saw him lurch forward and suddenly I felt his lips on mine. His
tongue wormed deep into my mouth tasting my saliva as I found myself
meeting his soulful unholy kiss. His horsecock brushed my belly and I felt
like I was being electrocuted! The heat was searing as almost a foot of
man meat pressed against the smooth plane of my abdomen! I could feel gobs
of his warm lube sticking between me and the hairs on his belly and I was
sure I could actually feel the weighty mass of his balls kiss my naked,
throbbing cuntal lips! Suddenly I was an adult turned c***d. As my son
broke the kiss and began to forcibly drag me to the bed I knew I was now at
the mercy of God. My weakling ex stood in shock as he witnessed the power
of this fuckmaster unleashed. In a daze now I felt my self thrown
backwards like a toy and I fell with a thud on my back. He now towered
over me looking even more massive and strong. The fuck tool was throbbing
as if it was a separate entity now as James grabbed my slim ankles in his
huge hands. With force he split my long legs apart and I felt the muscles
in my legs stretched and pained as he opened me up for display. I could
not speak, I wanted to cry, to beg, to do anything to avoid the pain and
humiliation and more than anything I was afraid of what that cock would do
to me physically. Would he even stop when he hit my cervix or just rip
past it into my very uterus. I imagined him fucking that chamber of
chambers as he ordered his father:

"Asshole don't just stand there. I want to open this bitch cunt slow at
first. Get her fucking feet and pull them back beside her ears. I want
the camera to get a good view up her fuckhole before I rip it open."

I was now out-of-body as an escape mechanism as John did as he was
ordered. He took hold of my feet with a simpering look on his face and I
felt myself being stretched open. My legs were now splayed as he held my
feet beside my ears yet strangely I felt no pain. I knew that even my
little butt hole was showing but I was rapidly going beyond caring. I felt
the bed sag and as I looked down between my silken loins I saw James
inching forward on his knees. He was muttering about how he was going to
fuck the life out of me or maybe a life into me. I was beyond caring
anymore. I felt the heat of his thighs and the wiry hairs nuzzle against
the backs of my strained thighs as he moved in to mount me. Detached now,
I saw my once loving son pry down the wrist thick barrel of his baby making
cock and begin aligning it up with my undersized birth hole. He stared
with hate into his fathers eyes knowing that he was going to watch the most
unholy fuck ever happen under his own roof. I felt a wonderful softness
and realized it was only his beautiful foreskin brushing my ragged inner
lips. Again I looked at the union as I became more fascinated by this sin.
I could see thick tendons stretched between his cock cartilage and his
thighs as he lined up for the fuck. His wonderful balls were out of sight
now but I knew in my mind what they looked like. They were teeming with
life. Full of chucky load that had cooked and fermented into a rich stew
and I almost hoped he would make John milk them into me. James inched
closer and I could feel his foreskin retreat as he was obviously skinning
it back before my abuse.

"You about ready whore hole? I'm not going to fuck around with you.
You are taking as much cock as fits in one fucking stab. You better take a
deep breath bitch." He then barked at his dad, "You! Asshole! Can you see
ok. Can you see how fucking hard it's gonna be to force this up her
fuckhole? Now watch me ruin this cunt for life on camera. And remember
you, my parents asked me, begged me to do this."

I had just enough time to decipher his legal disclaimer before I felt an
impact like none other. I heard screams, maybe mine..I felt a searing
white hot flash explode in my guts as the impact surged through my body. I
bit my lip and tasted my blood as I felt what had to be someone swing a bat
into my cuntal area. I was seeing dots...hearing a loud buzzing.......

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