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George and Martin

Black Bulls DP me

It’s time for some update. I wanted to have a tastefully kinky experience, which is a DP with a mild rough. I wore a lacy black silk shelf bra, step-ins and a see thru black camisole with three red ribbons that were tied in front. I did not want to be rushed but teasingly pealed into a sexual experience. I was happy with my two black studs that my hubby chose for me.
After quick refreshing, I entered the bedroom and the boys were all ready for me. My hubby was naked and locked. The black stud boys, George and Martin did not need any encouragement as they eyeing me lustfully and stroking their thick black cocks. My hubby walked to me and untied the camisole’s top-most ribbon exposing my hard nipples for my studs to play with. Slowly he untied the other ribbons and one of my boy’s took off my camisole. Inside I could feel my pussy getting hot and wet. At the same time one of my bulls put his hand on my cunt and began fingering my clit while planting a deep throat kiss on my lips and not letting me go from this erogenous embrace. The other bull pulled out a pair of nipple loops that were attached by a delicate chain. This attentive lover thoroughly sucked and licked my nipples, then bit and pulled them with his teeth as he tightened their loops on my erect nipples. He applied just enough pressure until I asked him to stop. It was a lovely mixture of pain and pleasure that made me want their cocks. I wanted to say something, but words would not form. But the feel of those black hands mauling me, made me hornier and truly weak. Instinctively I grabbed their dicks pulling their heft in a slow and gentle motion. Hubby with deliberate slowness pulled my step-ins down. As I stepped out of them for balance I parted my legs, closed my eyes and drank in all of the moment’s sensuality. They lifted me and laid me down. I could feel hands parting my legs and fingers getting into me. I felt ministrations around and on my pussy, looked down and saw a George’s head between my legs. He gently nibbled my pussy lips as he moved around. His fingers found my G-spot, causing my body to twist a bit. He knew he had found my special spot, and began to slowly slide his finger back and forth in that area within me as he placed kisses on my outer lips. Very quickly my body was responded with an orgasm that washed through me. At the same time Martin was kissing me, so I broke off the kiss to catch my breath. Martin ran his hands through my hair and kissed my neck as I recovered.
As soon as my legs stopped shaking and the heart beat returned to normal, George positioned himself between my ivory legs, lifted my ankles and placed one on each of his broad shoulders, bending me in half. My hubby took his sizable member and was rubbing its head up and down my slit which was getting wetter and wetter. George’s cock was uncircumcised, thickly veined looked more like it belonged on a small horse than on a man. I looked down between us and saw the color contrast of his black cock head invading my white pussy. It was something obscene, taboo, yet grossly erotic. His black cock withdrew but when it re-entered me it was buried balls deep into my tight stretched hole. I moaned and bit my lip. The initial pain was nearly overpowering. I could not breathe. When he withdrew I opened my eyes and saw his smiling face. I knew when the next thrust would occur and needed to prepare myself. The cock buried itself again and again, I screamed, I felt my lower lips stretch to accommodate the huge fuck-club impaling in my womanhood. He continued to pile drive the immense cock into my pussy. With a few shallow motions he was slid his meat until his heavy balls banged against my thighs as I started moaning wanting him to fuck me harder.
At the same time Martin took the thin chain that was attached to the nipple loops and put it between my teeth pulling slightly. With every one of George’s thrusts, inadvertently I pulled on the chain pulling my nipples in a light and delicious pain. I humped back, getting all of the big cock I needed. All I could think was that I was being fucked good and I began to fuck back at him, rolling my hips, jutting my belly at him. “Fuck him good” my hubby whispered in my ear, “Fuck his black cock, and show him how good white pussy feels”. At the same time I was moaning, groaning, squealing, my nipples hurt, all sensations were bringing me to a point of no return. Martin took the chain out of my mouth, keeping the tension on my tits, he stuck his tongue into my open mouth and I sucked it deeply. His fingers found my clit and began rubbing it. Every touch, every pull, every push was making my skin, my body, my whole being ready to explode. In my brain there was only one idea, that these three men had only one thing on their mind and that was to make me cum. Hubby was pulling my legs up and out to help George get deeper into me. All this time saying “Fuck this woman, give her all you got, fill her with your black cum”. George picked up a new rhythm as my spasms increased in intensity. He began to pull his cock's full length out of me before driving it back in. He picked up the pace; his hips and cock a blur as sweat poured off his forehead and down onto my chest and breasts. "Yeah, that's it baby, fuck me good. Yeah, shoot another load in my pussy...fill me with your cum.... seed me....I want your you cum in me...." I slurred. "Come on, do me, do me, fuck me. Fill me with you jiz...uh, uh, yeah, fuck me with your big black cock...come on baby, fill me up, my pussy needs your spunk,. give it to me...." I couldn't believe these words came from my mouth and I couldn't believe how true they were. He pumped faster and faster, As I came I felt his hot load shooting into me. I pushed my pelvis into him so that I could get all his cock had to give. I was in haven. I was out of breath; our eyes were locked on each. He rested but did not pull out but held me and turned over so that now I was on top of him cowgirl like, and cock-in-pussy joined.
Just at this time my hubby took the nipple chain and gently tugged on it. The sensation was indescribable. I felt my breasts being pulled together by my nipples. For a fleeting second, my mind thought that the nipple ring will rip off the tip of my nipple, but the pleasure was too intense to ask him to stop. I was feeling pleasure, pain then pleasure again sensations that only a body in lust could absorb.
As my mind was engrossed with the feelings of pleasure and pain, Martin inserted his finger into my rosebud and made me rock into it. It was a new sensation. Soon he replaced his finger with a second. It felt a little uncomfortable at first with two large fingers pressing into my ass. The uncomfortable feeling soon subsided as he slowly moved his fingers back and forth. Quickly after that I felt a dose of lube, it felt cool and soothing. Martin and George expertly worked my body and I could feel George’s magnificent cock growing and getting hard. I groaned around his manmeat. Martin removed his fingers from my ass. I felt his bulbous head push at my tight sphincter. My body stiffened, with a hard shove and a violent tug back on my hips the head pierced my asshole. "Owww fwuck!" I screamed and gagged. My hubby’s thumbs worked around my rosebud massaging it and letting the pain subside. Martin waited until I got used to the penetration and relax before slowly starting to fuck me anally. After a few minutes I was able to take the length of manhood to the balls without too much pain. In fact in a few more minutes the pain had disappeared and his fucking became much more pleasurable. My small body was being double penetrated by two very large cocks. I screamed, but I still don't know if they were screams of pain or passion. Both were intense. The erotic passion continued. I came three, maybe four times in a row. Almost every time the men moved I came. Before long George was slamming his hard cock into my pussy, fucking me roughly. They were moving in unison. Both In, both out. The pressure inside me was tremendous. I could feel the huge black cocks rubbing together inside me. It felt like my body would rip apart at any second. Hubby was holding my face and occasionally pulling on the nipple chain. Through my orgasm I could feel George and Martin slow down and their bodies tense and practically in unison release torrent of cum deep inside my ass and pussy. George eased out of me first, and then Martin took his cock out of my ass. I could tell that he left it gaping open after his withdrawal. As we laid there spent, Hubby asked, "Is it as good as you thought it would be?" “Oh yes, I love it and want more." I want to be their slut and take care of them whenever they are here." We had many more nights together before we all went our separate ways.

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