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Years ago, living above three bars in on the upper east side of Manhattan, I’d hear and see lot of outrageous behavior. Alcohol does that to people. One night this worked very nicely to my advantage.

Arriving home late one evening I stumbled upon a young couple making out in the vestibule of my apartment building. The guy and girl were feeling each other up, his hand inside her shirt coping a feel, his other hand grabbing a fistful of ass cheek. They weren’t even aware of me.
I stood and watch for a moment before making a noise to let them know I was standing ten feet away watching.

They broke off quickly. I could tell from their faces that they were drunk. I got my first look at the girl. She took my breath away. She was beautiful, clear skin, full lips, green eyes and long brown hair, a gorgeous young woman. I glanced at him but quickly went back to looking this 19 year old, 5’ 5”, maybe a 115 pounds, knock out of a woman. Her face was flush from sexual arousal and alcohol.

They made apology noises.

I said, “Hey I know how it is, I was your age once. You don’t have anywhere to go. I get it. Listen if you want you can come up to my apartment and make out on my couch. I’ll leave you both alone, I just want to watch.”

The guy was interested, he was horny and eager to get his cock into this beautiful woman. I wanted to watch that happen.

The brunette beauty said, “That sounds creepy.”

I now took a look at the guy. He was a jock type, a well built athlete, not bad looking. I’m sure popular with the girls in school.

I could tell the guy, I’ll call him Jake, liked my idea at once. He immediately began the hard sell.

He said, “Yeah come on. I’ll be fun. Kind of wild, he just wants to watch, maybe jerk off right?

“Yeah that’s right I’ll sit in the corner and not make a sound, I promise I wouldn’t come near you. I’ll make it worth your while as well. I’ll give you a hundred bucks. I’ve got beer and wine. Come on up,” I said as I started up the stairs.

Jake pulled the girl to his body, I’ll call her Susan, and whispered something in her ear. Holding her in his arms Jake continuing to sell her on the idea. He pulled her hand to his crotch to feel his hard cock through his jeans. I think it was the deciding factor.

I went up the stairs first and Jake holding Susan’s hand and pulling her up the stairs to my apartment.

When they entered my apartment, I turned on the stereo, offered them refreshments and told them to make themselves comfortable on the couch. After I open some beers for everyone, I pulled out my wallet and counted a hundred and placed it into Susan’s hand.

“This is so fucking weird,” she said.

I felt I had made the wrong move with the money, but Jake helped me out by taking the money shoving it into her jean pocket and he quickly got them back to the heavy petting that I had interrupted downstairs.

I sat down in my comfy club chair in the corner. I had a decent view of the two of them making out. I kept my mouth closed except for taking a swig of beer.

Jake was experienced, this guy was a player. He slowly kissing her neck, feeling up her small tits through her shirt, then slipped his hand inside. Not long after he deftly took off her shirt, followed immediately by the bra. He immediately placed his mouth on her left nipple and sucked and licked. She moaned quietly. His free hand unbuttoned her jeans and immediately went down the from of her pants and began rubbing Susan’s clit through her panties. He took his time. I liked his technique.

While still lost in the attention he was paying to her vulva, with his free hand he took off her shoes. Then with both hands pulled her pants and panties completely off her body. Within thirty minutes of sitting down on my couch Susan was naked completely lost in the sensation of Jake’s hands and mouth all over her slim small breasted body. Her body was as gorgeous as her face. By then I’m sure she had forgotten I was in the room.

Jake took off his shirt then lowered his face between Susan’s legs and worked his mouth all over her vulva. I was impressed. At his age, I was in my forties at the time, I didn’t know how to find a woman clitoris. The guy must have studied pussy eating watching lesbian porno scenes. It was how I learned. In any case, Jake really worked Susan over. He licked, sucked and fingered her pussy first with one finger then two, until Susan’s body went stiff as board and she spasmed and tembled for a minute and a half as wave after wave of orgasm swept over over her. I was impressed with Jake. I never accomplished anything comparable at that age. By this time I had taken by cock out of my pants and was stroking it in a leisurely fashion.

Finally he stopped and pulled himself up to Susan’s face and kissed her. Then, while still kissing her, unbuckled his pants and quickly stood up taking off his shoes with his feet, then pulled his pants and underpants in one motion. Naked he straddled Susan body sitting on her small breasted chest and placed his hard cock inches from her face. He took her hand and placed it on his large hard cock and made her grip it with his hand over hers forcing her to stroke his cock back and forth. Fortunately he was facing me so I could see all the action. I didn’t dare move. He moved closer to her mouth and pushed his cock past her lips until his cock head disappeared in her mouth. He moved his hip gently to work his cock in and out of Susan’s mouth. He placed a couch pillow behind her head to raise it in a better position for her mouth to meet his pelvic thrusts and his fill her mouth with more penis. He took his hand away and she eagerly, if somewhat inexperienced, stroked and sucked his penis as he pushed it into her mouth.

He didn’t do this for long. He slid his body down raising her legs up and back to make room for him to gain better access to her cunt. His hand gripped his cock, found its target, and slowly gained entry. Each thrust of his hips brought a loud cry from Susan. In a few thrusts the full length of his dick moved in and then out of her. But he didn’t just pump away as fast as her could, he would slow his thrusts down, then speed them up intermittently, then stayed deep inside her and swivel his hip counterclockwise a few times then clockwise. Great technique, the guy was a champ.

After a while he pulled himself up on his knees still between her legs and push her knees up to her head to force Susan wide open to his pelvic thrusting attentions. He fucked her for a good long time. Susan moaned, cried out, cursed, with her eyes closed mouth open in a state of ecstasy. Then Jake wet his fingertips and rubbed her clit while still thrusting his cock deep in, what I imagined, her very tight pussy. He brought her to a shattering, body thrashing, stiff as a board orgasm. She was so loud I was momentarily afraid the neighbors might complain.

I stopped stroking my dick afraid that I was going to shoot my load. I sat and watched as she came back to earth. Murmuring and kissing Jake on the mouth, he on top of her, I realized the guy hadn’t come. Man, this guy could hold back for as long as he liked.

After a while he got up on his knees and asked her to flip on her hands and knees into the doggy position.

She did as she was told. He quickly got his cock back inside her and thrusting anew with an added urgency.

Now there was room on the couch by her head for me to sit. I got up with my cock still hanging outside of my zipper opening and sat down close to her head bobbing forward with each thrust of his body, pushing his cock deeper into her pussy. With each thrust she moaned. Just inches from my lap and erect cock, her long brown hair hung on either side of her face obscuring it from view. I couldn’t resist. I grabbed a handful of her long silky hair in my hand and wrapped it around my cock. It super soft and silky. I rubbed my cock wrapped with the hair of this gorgeous nineteen year old. She didn’t object or even acknowledge what I was doing. Jake was building up a head of steam, pumping his cock in and out at a faster and faster clip. I jerked off faster as well. Susan screamed everytime he thrust forward.

He came within a couple of minutes of his maximum thrust speed, yelling out loudly as he came. Susan fell into my lap as he came pushing her body down on the couch so her face fell into my lap, her face turned away from my cock. I kept jerking off and quickly shot a load all over her beautiful hair. Two or three full streams of jizz landed on her lovely silky brown hair. As I came I let out a loud moan.

When I got my wits back, I took out my shirt tail and clean up the semen in her hair as best I could. We lay there for a good while while catching our breaths.

I got up went to the kitchen. I grabbed some paper towels and bottled water.

“Drink some water now to prevent the hangover tomorrow,” I said, handing them both water.

I took the paper towels and finished cleaning up her hair.

She didn’t say anything. She was still catching her breath. Her body had a film of perspiration.

After I was done I said, “I’m going to change the sheets on my bed if you guys want to move it in there.”

I went into the bedroom. I could hear them talk but not make out what was being said.

By the time I finished making the bed and reentered the living room they were both dressed and heading for the door.

Jake said, “Listen thanks for the use of the couch man much appreciated.”

“You’ll come back now you hear,” I said in a lame southern accent.

She mumbled a goodbye in my general direction and went out the front door.

“Come back anytime,” I said to him.

“I’ll see what I can do,” he said smiling.

And that was it, they were gone.

I did see him again. He brought over another girl that wanted to fuck in a threesome and get paid. She was very enthusiastic.
But that’s another story.

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