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Going back in time to my first ever time in bed with two men, it was my then boyfriend Adrian, who later became my husband, and his friend Allan. There’s not so much to the tale to be honest. The advent of the pill being commonly available to women in the seventies, had changed a lot of young women’s ideas about virginity, and keeping yourself for you husband was now outmoded, luckily for me. Of course, if you let a few guys take you out, and then let them into your panties, then you would be seen as an easy slut, so I needed Adrian to be discreet about our sex life. So, when he broached the idea of a threesome with Allan, I was intensely interested, yet cautious because if my reputation. Adrian had broken me in, and then consistently used me for his sexual gratification, A few people knew of this, but it wasn’t common knowledge, especially as I was young. I loved sex though, and he taught me to masturbate. This was something I thought only men could do, and often we would get off, whilst watching the other getting off themselves. By the time I got to this threesome, I’d also been having anal sex with Adrian for six months, something I had initiated myself, and I had found that I loved it, if Adrian was gentle and fucked me in the ass whilst we spooned. He would often get in balls deep in my arsehole, and then swap back and forth between my cunt and arse, choosing which orifice he wanted to cum in the most at the end. I knew Adrian found anal sex very exciting, and a few times I had let him mount me in the ass doggy style, and also by crouching between my outstretch thighs and fucking my arse. He liked to watch his stiff cock penetrating me, sometimes rubbing his knob end between my slippery puffy pussy lips, before finally slipping into my anus to finish. As of yet, I hadn’t sat back with his cock penetrating my anus, or let him ride me missionary, legs back, cock in my ass, that came later. I had let him face fuck me, but I wasn’t too keen on his cumming in my mouth, although he had. However, it was something he later encouraged me to learn when I was older, and we were married. So, at this time, it was normal for me to suck his cock, and then when I knew he was very near to orgasm, I’d jerk him off over my tits. This was something he liked, and a few times he mentioned, when he was drunk, and especially excited as he used my tits to cum, that he would like to see Allan jerk off over my large, white, pink nippled tits. Adrian seemed to get even more excited as he described his thoughts, and he shot harder and further than usual. The idea of this excited me as well, and sometimes when I masturbated at home, I imagined kneeling topless in front of Allan, instead of Adrian, as he pulled on his cock staring at my firm tits, and then shot enormous spurts of hot sticky spunk all over them! Of course, that had happened now, and I was no stranger to the sight of Allan’s cock, even though I had seen it this once. But Adrian mentioned one evening, after drinking way too much, the concept of having Allan fuck me as he watched, or even joined in shagging me, I was a little surprised. I had not even ever thought of such an idea, mainly because if this knowledge had got out, my name would be ruined, but it did appeal somewhat to me! I didn’t mention to Adrian of my fantasy about Allan, as I wasn’t sure I wanted to encourage him. When I got home, and even though Adrian and I had indulged in a lengthy sex session, in which I had orgasmed several times, I found myself lazily playing with my clitoris, and excited at visions of Allan shagging me whilst Adrian watched. I had no thoughts of them both fucking me at the same time though, for I had never heard of such a thing before. Nonetheless I had a very good orgasm as I imagined Allan riding me hard missionary, and then cumming in me. A few weeks later, and I had consigned that particular fantasy to the waste bin in my mind, as Adrian hadn’t mentioned it again.

A few weeks later, me, Adrian, Allan and a friend of mine called Gail, had been out for the evening. Adrian was trying to get Gail to go out with Allan, but she just wasn’t interested! Gail had gone off in a taxi on her own at the end of the evening, and it was very obvious that Allan was disappointed. The three of us were in another taxi, and were in the process of taking Allan home, when Adrian suggested that he come back with us to Adrian’s house. I was a little disappointed by this, as I had been hoping that as usual, I would have Adrian’s attentions in the bedroom. As I had said before in the previous episode, they had already jerked off over me whilst they watched me masturbate. I did wonder if there might well be a repeat of them watching me playing with myself, and then they would jerk off over my prone body, this did excite me a lot though. I did however want some hard cock inside me but guessed that would be out of the question, as Adrian would spill his seeds copiously over me, as he would be extra excited as he observed Allan jerk off over my tits.

We disembarked at Adrian’s house, Adrian paid the driver, and we all went inside. I immediately flopped out on the couch, the wine I had been drinking had made me a little woozy, I was a little more pissed than usual. I watched languidly as Adrian and Allan went into the kitchen to make some grilled cheese. I was wearing a small silky top, no bra, shortish skirt, with small white cotton briefs underneath, the material had kept riding up the crack of my arse all night, and I couldn’t really wait to get them off. My legs were bare, and I had a pair of very strappy high heels on, it was summer time and very warm, I was a little too hot. We lived in a seaside tourist resort, and a lot of local girls wore bikini tops out to the disco’s, but I got far too much attention if I wore something like that, because of my large breasts. I could hear Adrian and Allan laughing about something, they sounded a little distant, probably because I had drunken way too much. I decided to go to Adrian’s bathroom, and sort out these annoying knickers, so I got up and tottered off, locking myself in when I got there. Adrian’s bathroom was large, and above the washbasin there was a large long mirror. I sat on the toilet and had a pee, pulled the annoying pants off my feet, and then threw them into the bin for tissues. Having got up again, I filled the hand basin with warm water, and proceeded to wash in between my tits, and then under them, finally I cleansed my pussy and ass. I played with my long curly red hair for a while, but it just seemed to be doing what it wanted. Feeling much fresher now, I walked a little unsteadily back to the lounge, where I found Adrian and Allan sitting on the couch with their toasted cheese. They were giggling girlishly at something I wasn’t party too; this was something I had not seen them do before, I guessed it was to do with all the drink they had earlier.

Adrian motioned me to sit between them, and seeing no harm, I did. Once I was sat down, the room went quiet, and they sat either side of me eating their food. I leaned back and closed my eyes and must have drifted off to sleep. I awoke, and felt a hand on my right leg, I forgot Allan was even there, Adrian was caressing my thigh very high up, his fingers passingly touching my pubic mound, and without a thought I opened my thighs. His fingers now quested and found the lips of my cunt, it wasn’t very wet yet, but feeling him touching me there changed that quickly. He played with my clitoris and I started feeling the now familiar hot fluttering of an orgasm building in my tummy. Adrian slipped his other hand into my top, squeezed my tit, playing with my nipple, it was slightly painful, but also lovely. He then pulled upwards on my top and I raised my arms, he stood up so that he could pull it off completely, and then leaned forward over me to tug my skirt off my hips and down my long legs, this left me in just my heels and nothing else. I still had my eyes shut, just enjoying the sensations of his hands on my smooth white body. I felt him kneel, felt him push his face into my pussy, felt him lapping at my now copious juices. My first orgasm arrived, it was very strong, the drink making me even more receptive than normal, I was also very loud in my excitement. Adrian kept licking, and I came again, and then again, he then pulled away and I felt his hand on my knees. Adrian and I rarely had to talk in sex, I knew what he wanted from the way he pulled at my legs. I got off the couch, turned around and knelt, placing my chest on the couch back. He approached from behind me, I heard his zipper and then he was inside of me, holding my hips, spearing me with his big cock, and it felt even more swollen than usual! I loved it as he started to fuck me, long slow thrusts, my cunt feeling really full! I always loved it when Adrian fucked me, I loved the feeling of being filled with cock. I had tried other things out, cucumbers, bananas, large carrots, in fact anything that was penis shaped, but they just weren’t cock. He moved one of his hands from my hip, and he brushed its fingers over my bum hole, ‘Mmmm’ I loved that, he then rested his hand there, but inserted his thumb, that felt really delicious, even better when he worked it in and out of my puckered hole. After a while of this slow fucking, he changed it up a notch by rubbing his now slimy cock, slippery with my cunt juices, over my arsehole. I enjoyed this, and when he pushed his bell end at my anus, I was more than happy to let him in, relaxing the sphincter so he could enter me there. He was slightly above me now, leaning over me, grasping at my full tits that were swinging about to his thrusts. I could hear his ragged breathing in my ear, and I reached back between my legs to rub my pulsating pussy, flicking my clit with one stiff digit. I came easily, but I rubbed on knowing that special orgasm was close, and moment later as I came even harder, my asshole gripping his cock like a hand, I vented a huge amount of piss backwards onto the floor, and again. By this time, I was screaming in excitement, and he was moaning loudly as he really gripped my tits hard and shot his load into my asshole. He pulled away, I was a little bit disappointed, as I could do with my cunt being fucked now, hey ho, and then, I felt him come back, ah I thought, second helpings! He pushed up to my hips, his cock really hard, now Adrian usually could fuck me three or even four times in an evening, but not this speedily, but I wasn’t complaining! He entered my cunt, and started fucking me hard, my tits slapping onto the couch back, oh god this was great, and then he slipped out, and back into my anus. I was, again, a little disappointed, as he had already shagged me hard in the arse, but men will be men, and I knew he loved to be in my asshole, so I let him get on with it, thinking I’d be sore in the morning with all this attention in that delicate area. He didn’t bother with my tits this time around, just in and out rhythmically until he quickly exploded up me again, and then he disengaged from me, and slipped away. I finally got back onto my feet, conscious of the pooling cum below me, as I stood up with sperm dripping from my asshole. When I turned around, of course I was in for a shock, because as you the reader have probably guessed, I found both Adrian, and Allan with their cocks out, and looking like the cat that has had the cream. I wasn’t sure initially how I felt, a little annoyed with Adrian, for basically allowing, or encouraging Allan to **** my asshole. I decided very quickly that the sex wasn’t over, and so catching hold of Allan, I swiftly dragged him with me to Adrian’s bedroom. Once through the door, I turned and locked it, and then told Allan he was going to fuck me properly! He looked worried, so I suggested I might need to ring the police, and then I laid on the bed, with my legs wide open. I looked at him and told him it was his choice, satisfy me or take his chances. I heard Adrian banging on the locked bedroom door, and him call out asking what we were doing? Boot on the other foot came to mind as Allan climbed on and started fucking me missionary, and he leant forward to eagerly suck at my erect nipples, within ten minutes I was cumming. I flipped him off and then climbed on riding him cowgirl, he reached up and played with my tits, feeling their weight, enjoying their swinging. I could see in his face that he was getting near to cumming again, so I rolled off and laid by his side, sucking hard on his cock. He started to moan a lot, and then as he watched, I lifted my head away from his penis and jerked him into my open mouth, and all over my tongue. I closed my mouth, and then pushed his spunk up against my closed lips, then I opened them slightly, and as he watched amazed, I blew bubbles with it, before noisily swallowing it and opening my mouth wide to show him its emptiness. He grinned, but I wasn’t finished, climbing onto his chest, and then pushing my sloppy cunt hard into his face, ordering him to lick me out, clean me up! He obliged, if a little amateurishly, but he managed to make me cum again, and he had to swallow my piss as I came hard over his open mouth, grinding my hips into his lips.

I got off the bed, unlocked the door, outside in the corridor, Adrian was looking somewhat upset, and asked what had happened, I told him he needed to ask Allan that question, as I was off home now. As I dressed, Adrian watched, asked if I would be seeing him again, I told him, ‘yes, when I next need a good fucking!”

Tied up…

So, here I am now at 40, and other than the episodes with Adrian’s friend Allan, I’d not fucked anyone else since then, other than Adrian whom I had married. I did think of those episodes often though, especially when I masturbated with my Hitachi Vibrator, and always had a really good series of orgasms. I had now gone into menopause, and was seriously over sexed, Adrian was drained most of the time, he was forty-six, and I kept his balls completely empty. He had started talking again about his fantasy of watching me having sex with other men, I found this idea extremely appealing now. Sex to me is just exercise, with the added benefit of orgasms, I’d been recently sterilised, my choice, so I couldn’t get pregnant now, meaning there was no worry that a male friend would get me with c***d. I still had a reserve though, and worried about my reputation, Adrian would just rush in, I knew that from experience, he be letting his cock do all his brain work. I suggested though that we cam, and he was more than interested. On a Saturday night, he would set up a cam that we had specially bought just for this. There was a free webcam site we belonged to, you could switch on the cam and everybody on there could watch you. I could watch other men jerking off, and if I did a strip, and played with my tits and cunt, they’d jerk off for me as I watched. Most Saturdays there was easily two hundred men online wanking slowly, but there was probably only ten women who cammed regularly, So the instant I came on live, I was mobbed with guys offering to jerk off for me to see. Adrian handled the typing, and the camera, he would throw the picture from the PC onto our large 60” screen, so I could see the men cum in pretty good detail, and I enjoyed every man who came for me. I would always cum at least four to five times loudly, and Adrian would watch the guys jerking off to me, and he’d watch me as well, often cumming himself as he watched me cam, or cumming over me for the guys masturbating online to see. The other fantasy was him tying me up, and then using me. I told him I liked the idea of being blindfolded, and he agreed that would excite him as well. Adrian bought some very soft rope from a ‘ship’s chandler’, and we experimented with tying me up. We quickly hit on a way that we personally liked, and that I particularly enjoyed. I’d sit on the couch arm, and then lie back, leaving my ass up on the arm. He’d tie my wrists to my knees, and then using a wooden broomstick he had adapted, he tied my ankles, so that they were stretched apart, nothing fancy you understand. I had found a mask in the local chemist, one which is used to get a good night’s sleep, this we then used in our tying up play. For the first couple of times, we just did that, he’d pull a chair up to the couch arm, and using a 12” dildo, he’d fuck me with it hard, then he’d lick me out, tonguing me deeply, finishing when I’d cum as much as I could bare, with his then cumming into my open mouth.

It was around this time, and as I was camming one Saturday evening, that Adrian told me that his friend Mike had been watching me playing on cam for some weeks. I was a little shocked, as Mike only lived up the road, he was divorced, and I knew him well. Adrian told me I was doing Mike a favour, as he hadn’t had sex in the ten years since his wife had left. At the time I shrugged, I knew it was highly unlikely Mike would say anything to anyone else, as he would have to admit to jerking off to me online. It did turn me on little though, knowing that a few hundred yards away, a male friend was watching me cumming, as he stroked his cock. Sometimes Adrian would turn the sound off so we could talk, I asked him to do that now! Adrian told me it was okay to speak now, I asked how Mike had found me on the internet, and ruefully he admitted that Mike had fancied me for years, so he had asked him if he was interested in seeing me masturbating? Adrian also admitted shamefully, to sending Mike pictures of me naked with my legs wide apart, and in other sexual poses. He also told me that Mike had admitted to jerking off over them, so he’d thought seeing me live would be better. I then asked if Mike was online, and Adrian confirmed that he was watching me right now, I asked to see his cam, Adrian obliged and flicked Mikes cam up onto the screen. As usual with most men, all I could see was their hand stroking their cock. I selected a large pink dildo and told Adrian to type into the general wall that all the men read, “Mike I hope you enjoy this!” And then I started to fuck myself with the dildo, working my way to a hard climax, using my other hand to pull my nipples, and telling Adrian to restore the sound, I called out Mikes names several times as I came. On the screen, Mikes hand flashed up and down his sturdy cock, and I then observed his huge wet spurt as he shot his bolt over my image on his PC’s screen, and also heard him try to muffle his orgasm and smiled to myself. I turned to Adrian and said to him, “tell Mike not to be a stranger on here, if he wants me to do something particular like show my ass, or watch me suck your cock, I will”. The following week, Mike appeared on the cam, and Adrian said that Mike wanted to see me suck cock, so I had Adrian stand in front of the camera, and I knelt in front of him, with Mike getting the side view. The camera had a Bluetooth remote, and as I sucked Adrian, and he got near to cumming, I had him zoom in on my face, so that Mike could see the cum shoot into my mouth. Afterwards the guys online were applauding, and the next day when Adrian came home, he said he had seen Mike, and that Mike had told him that he hadn’t believed his eyes. I told Adrian to lend Mike a DVD of us fucking, which he did, it was about six months before Mike reluctantly gave it back.

So back to me being tied up, it was a few months later, when Adrian suggested we have a change to how he tied me up, he wanted to put headphones on me. He told me that if I couldn’t hear what he was going to do next, or see him, then it would be more exciting for the both of us. So, the next session the following week, and after he had tied me up securely, a little tighter than normal I thought, he brought out some over ear headphone and an iPod shuffle. Once he had masked me, he placed the headphones over my ears, and I could only hear the soft music playing, nothing more. This evening I was wearing a black bustier, black lace suspenders and black stockings with black patent leather high heels. My white chubby tits were naked, but a moment after the headphones went on, I felt something pinching my right nipple, and then with the right still pinched, I felt the same on my left nipple. Now at that time I was guessing, but I was pretty sure he had put clothes pegs on my nipples, it didn’t hurt, just kept up a not unpleasant pinching feeling on my nipples. He then applied the same things to my vagina outer labia, before finally doing the same to my inner labia lips. I felt my pussy go gooey! Next, I felt something push at my asshole, and he inserted a smooth object that I guessed was a dildo, although it felt a little colder. He worked on my puckered pink ass, working this object in and out slowly, pushing it in further each time, until I knew by instinct that he had over 12” inside me each time, and my ass felt as though it couldn’t stretch any further. For a while then, I felt nothing, then a faint vibration at my perineum, and this increased slowly, finally it travelled around my stretched anus, and that was very exciting, I murmured my appreciation and felt his tongue on my clitoris, gently lapping, I came instantly! I was so turned on, my tummy felt full of molten butterflies, and my climax moved out in waves to my nipples and beyond, I almost felt I might pass out! And then, it went quiet, I felt nothing but the afterglow of my cooling climax and the nipping of the pegs, coupled with the almost uncomfortable stretching of my taut asshole.

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