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A Quick Hate Fuck in the Office

I work in the cubicle next to Marcy. Saying we don't get along is an understatement. She's one of those proper women who thinks she's above everyone else in the office. I guess you'd say she has a superior attitude. Always acting so prim and proper. Marcy dresses conservatively, not that the tall skinny bitch has any kind of figure. I'd estimate her age to be 45, or so, but I don't know. For a nosy little bitch, she pretty much kept to herself. As far as looks she was pretty plain. Not ugly, but she was no Jessica Alba, either.

Anyways, one day I'm in my cubicle, minding my own fucking business , talking on the phone with my friend Peter about hanging out this weekend and he said something like, "Let's go out and get some good pussy," and I said, "You wouldn't know what to do with good pussy."

If you could have heard the sigh that came out of Marcy's mouth, you'd swear someone was letting the air out a tire. I looked over at her and she was staring at me with hateful eyes. She later turned me into Human Resources and besides getting a reprimand, they made me watch some hour long video about sensitivity to coworkers. If I didn't need the job that badly, I would have quit. Anyway, that incident increased the hatred between us. She would give me dirty looks all day and I would do the same to her. I asked my boss about changing cubicles with someone else, but he was being a prick and he denied me.

A couple of months after my lecture from HR, Marcy and I were the last ones in the office at 5pm. That wasn't too unusual. Without getting too detailed about the company, our jobs kind of prevent us from leaving until everyone else has gone. I got up, grabbed my jacket and walked out into the main office toward the door. Marcy was just coming out of the ladies room, and I didn't see her and we collided head on into each other. Both of us got knocked to the floor.

"Ow!" she moaned, rubbing her head, where mine bumped into hers. "Please be more careful and please stay away from me." Then she stood up, and I noticed her skirt had ridden up her thigh, almost to her hip and I was oddly drawn to the sight of it. A bit of sexiness in this otherwise complete cunt. She saw me staring and immediately pulled her skirt back down. For a skinny shit, she did have a pretty decent set of legs in those high heels of hers. I said, "Hey, I'm sorry. It was an accident. And as I said it. I grabbed onto her arm, instinctively to steady her and that's when she let me have it with a bitch slap to the face. I'm not gonna lie, that stung like a swarm of killer bees. By the time I realized she slapped me, I started laughing and that pissed her off. She went to slap me again and this time I caught her arm before she could connect and then the weirdest fucking thing happened. I moved in and kissed her right on the lips of her resting bitch face. Suddenly I had visions of my being escorted out of the building by security after being terminated and my electricity and heat being shut off for non payment.

But that's not what happened.

Ol' stuck up, bitchy, Marcy returned that kiss and soon our tongues were smashing together as the force of our kiss became harder. Speaking of harder, Marcy's long fingers were already rubbing my hard cock and trying to get my zipper down. I grabbed her around the waist with my left arm and tore at the buttons on her blouse, to see if could access those little tits of hers.Pulling up her bulletproof bra that had probably been assembled by the Amish for extra purity and safety, but I was easily able to defeat it. She was stroking my cock with her fingers and quickly got on her knees for me, nearly taking the whole thing on the first mouthful. The sex was hard, fast, and angry. I'm guessing that's why it was so fucking good. I had a handful of her long black straight hair and was using it to guide her head on and off my cock. She was moaning loudly like the bitch slut she truly is, rubbing my hard, saliva soaked cock all over her face.

When I could put up with the sensation of my cock sliding around her lips, I leaned down and helped her to stand. Her makeup was wet and all over the place, some strands of hair stuck to her face and her shirt had been ripped open because I couldn't get the last three buttons opened. I picked her up quickly and carried her to her cubicle where I forcefully bent her over her desk, pulled up her skirt, revealing she was wearing a sexy black thong that was now soaked from her pussy. I pulled them down, as far as I could and then reached over to a pair of scissors Marcy had on her desk and I cut them off. Then I pushed her head firmly down on the desk as she begged me to fuck her.

"I will,you little bitch," I said, leaning over, speaking into her ear. into her ear, as my cock  slid in her butt crack and rested there comfortably for a moment, "but I'm going to teach you a fucking lesson first."

I was clearly about to hate fuck this bitch.

Teach me!" she yelled out. "Show me what a cunt I've been!"

I couldn't believe how loud the crack was from my first hard slap against her right ass cheek. I even startled myself. She screamed out in obvious pain, "Do it again! Teach me a lesson! Show me what a cunt I've been! Since I've never been one to refuse an accommodation from a co-worker, I delivered a second crack to the same ass cheek, harder and louder than  the first. There were tears screaming down her face and when I looked down, I could clearly see her fingering her pussy, as I delivered my reprimand. Speaking of Marcy's pussy, I clearly imagined it as being an overgrown, neglected hairy bush. Imagine my surprise when I discovered a nice modern, hair-free look. It was then I knew that Marcy, even being the vicious, almost inhuman bitch she was, must be providing pussy to someone on the regular. I couldn't believe someone else, (maybe even more than one), was getting inside of her.

It was definitely time to fuck her. I don't know how many of the other people who worked in the building, were still there, but I'm more than certain that someone, (a custodian, perhaps), heard Marcy scream out and the last thing we needed was to attract attention. We'd both lose our jobs. I was about to stick my cock inside her, but I couldn't resist giving her a final hard slap against that now, purple ass cheek of hers. When the palm of my hand connected with that skinny ass, for an unexpected slap, she screamed out again. This time it was so loud, I reached around with the same hand and covered her mouth, for fear we get caught. Then I rammed into her pussy, (unusually tight, by the way), and pumped into her at high speed. She was moaning and also biting and licking my palm, which still covered her mouth. While she bucked like a angry bull, I continued at max speed, intent on finishing this weird chapter in my life in a matter of a couple of minutes. Marcy's pussy had the tightest grip on my cock and as good as it felt, I knew this had to end now."

I'm gonna cum!" I whispered loudly, my hand still blocking her mouth.

She attempted to scream out something, but muffled by my hand, I couldn't make it out. I began unloading inside her wet hole, as her pussy squeezed my cock, to assist me in draining it. I couldn't believe the volume of jizz I was pumping inside of her. It soon began to overflow, dripping onto my balls and the inside of her skinny thighs.

Moving my hand away, I could hear her moans become softer and softer, as the last of the contents of my balls exited into her.We stayed like that a minute. We didn't move. I feel it was not only because we had just had some incredible hate sex and didn't want it to end, or she didn't want to turn around and face me. Finally, I pulled out, and in one last act of hatefulness, I rubbed the head of my cock over her quite red and painful looking purple ass cheek, before pulling up my pants.

Marcy didn't say a thing, as she grabbed some tissues from the box on her desk and dabbed the wetness between her legs, so she wouldn't leak on the way out of the office. Then she pulled down her skirt to it's proper length. Her thong, I'm afraid was a total loss. When she finally turned around, through the mess that was her face, through her swollen eyes and melted mascara, through the messed up hair, still stuck to her face, as if it had been glued there, her famous resting bitch face returned.

She glared at me through her now, puffy, bloodshot eyes and said, "We will never speak of this again."

She grabbed her handbag and her suit jacket, turned around and walked away. Actually, she kind of waddled away, looking slightly bowlegged at the vigorous fucking she received. I watched her walk all the way to the door, hoping she would turn around, but she never did.The next day, we were back to our old hatred for one another. She didn't even look in my direction for several weeks after what I now call, The Hate Fuck.

About 4 months later, she was walking past my cubicle when she stopped, lifted her glasses and said, "This was left for you at the front desk."

She handed it to me and I didn't thank her because, why the fuck should I? It was a small envelope with my name and title on it.  I opened it and found a card, with a flower on the outside. I opened it up and there was one thing written on all the blank white space. It simply read:

5:00PM? I've been bad again.

I couldn't believe it. She stood there as if she were waiting for an answer. I took the card, put it back in the envelope, then stuck it in my inside jacket pocket. I turned to her and said,"It looks like I have an appointment at 5pm."

For a split second I saw the slightest hint of a smile. If I had blinked I would have missed it. Then she turned around, actually shaking her ass in the process as she walked away. I thought I was never going to be able to tap that again, but she must have enjoyed it.

I'll have a few new tricks up my sleeve tonight. If it turns out as good as I think it will, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks for reading.

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