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Since approx. 1 year I live again in a firm relationship and since short time also with my girlfriend under a roof. We live in a very nice little village on the idyllic Lower Rhine. What meant a certain change for me as a city person for many years, this hectic city life somehow did not take place here at all, everything was quite comfortable, slow and very quiet. My girlfriend and I live in a very nice 2-family house. In the lower floor lives the grandmother of my girlfriend and the upper area we have renovated and furnished according to our own wishes. We now have a very nice home. My girlfriend and I are both working and are fully absorbed in our jobs. Additionally by our sporty hobbies we are both so busy that we hardly have time for each other during the week, even the weekends we are mostly separate on the way. All in all I have to say that we have a very harmonious relationship and are very open with each other. We have no secrets from each other and talk openly about everything. Also sexually there are absolutely no problems, we are open to everything and try everything out accordingly. We are both very happy with each other. Also the contact to Manuela's parents is excellent. Despite the fact that her parents live in close proximity to us and that mainly her mother is constantly in our house. Mainly due to the fact that she cares for her mother who lives in our house. The grandmother turned 80 this year and can no longer cope with one or the other in her household alone. Personally, this condition does not bother me in the least, especially since I am not at home most of the time. But from time to time it happens that we run into each other and talk to each other and fool around.
Recently I had the feeling that Annette (the mother of my girlfriend) was increasingly looking for this personal contact to me. There were some little things that added up with time. What struck me especially were her ambiguous statements about Manuelas and my love life and the constant touching and touching. In the beginning I was astonished about the details of her statements which only Manuela and I could know. After I asked Manuela sometime about it I learned that she and her mother had a very intimate daughter-mother relationship. They had absolutely no secrets from each other and talked about everything openly with each other and whom I say about everything then I also mean about everything! But my astonishment was limited, because in the meantime I had already developed a weakness for Annette. In spite of her age of 59 years she is a highly attractive woman, tall not quite so slim anymore, with big protruding breasts and very pronounced nipples, which stand out in an outrageous way clearly under her clothes, well-shaped round hips with a slight belly base, and short sporty hair a very well-groomed woman of mature age.
Decisive for the following story was a birthday in the family circle of my girlfriend, Annette's sister celebrated her 65th birthday on a large scale. I was more or less introduced to the rest of the family in connection with the celebration.
The evening already started promising for me, Annette had "dressed up" herself that evening, a short knee-length black skirt, with black stockings and seam, a white blouse with a breathtaking neckline an absolute eye-catcher.
Her husband Josef was exactly the opposite of her. Josef is a good-hearted person the way I met him, not a man of big words, but also not of big deeds - rather the cozy type. "What I can't get today, I'll leave tomorrow as well. The two did not fit together at all from the optical point of view either. He was two heads smaller than his wife and in no way attractive. Often I asked myself the question how the two probably found each other? Well - he is, as I said, the cozy one and he proved that on this evening, too, in a very short time he was so fond of alcohol that for the rest of the evening he was probably no longer approachable, which had been quite embarrassing for my girlfriend and her mother. As is the case at such celebrations, the atmosphere became more and more relaxed and relaxed during the course of the evening as the amount of alcohol and one or the other "cigarette with contents" increased. The beginning of the story with my "new family" was the birthday c***d.
Verena was the birthday girl's name and she invited me to dance. She was the opposite of her sister - quite tall but super slim, but her breasts were not as well developed as those of Annette. In the course of the dancing the light was extinguished and ultraviolet light shone into the room. I was almost speechless when I saw what I was dancing in my hand at that moment. Verena wore a black blouse which appeared almost transparent in this special light. I looked down at her and noticed that she was not wearing a bra and you could see her quite small, but for her age unusually well-shaped breasts. At that moment she could have danced without any outerwear so clearly her breasts shimmered through her blouse.
"Well, do you like what you see Andrew?"
At first I was quite amazed about her open nature, but I caught hold quite quickly. "Like it? - So please is probably not the right expression - a hammer-like outfit would be the right paraphrase! "Nice that you like it" she said and pressed herself with her pelvis very close to me. "And as it looks, he also likes it quite well" and now circled with her basin on my tail which had already grown to considerable size. The dance floor was quite full, so that none of the other participants noticed anything, at least I hoped so. This situation got me so excited that I increased my counterpressure and she put her mouth very close to my ear. I felt her excited uncontrolled breath.
"Well you go, however, completely beautifully ran my dear one may that then so simply. She looked at me with a wink. "Everything stays in the family', I winked back.
Unfortunately or thank God the song was over a short time later and I sneaked from the dance floor to the toilet with a quick step and a highly excited cock.
On the way there I met Annette of all people who immediately saw my dent in her trousers and smiled at me accordingly. "Well, somebody needs it." After I had recovered I returned to the table of my girlfriend and her parents. My girlfriend didn't seem to have noticed and was looking forward to my return and welcomed me with open arms. "It was nice that you were so good with my family", and kissed me passionately with her tongue. From the corner of my eye I could see her mother, who alternately watched us and her drunken and slurping husband.
But there was another incident that evening that would fundamentally change my awareness of Annette.
It was already too far advanced hour when Annette steered in the direction of my place, Manuela had brought in the meantime her drunken father home and also I was in departure mood, when Annette sat down suddenly with 2 Kümmerlingen armed on my lap. We were both slightly buzzed and I think our inhibition threshold was reduced to a minimum. "How did you like our little family celebration? My sister seems to have made a lasting impression on you earlier." She was sitting with her big ass on my lap and her skirt had slipped up a bit I could see a base of her wonderful thighs.
"Oops how clumsy of me," and she plucked at her skirt to appear what but nothing at all brought or should bring. "Do you know that we haven't drunk any brotherhood yet? "She handed me one of the two glasses. "Cheers to my soon-to-be son-in-law", and with a sip we emptied our glasses. She embraced me and our mouths approached the obligatory kiss. Not obligatory - her tongue rushed into my mouth at lightning speed for a moment, before I could return it, it was already over.
"I'll tell you a secret now Andrew - I haven't told anyone yet and if I wasn't drunk I probably wouldn't bring it up at all. I know that you are a very good lover, Manuela told me. You have to know we talk very openly about such things too." "To be precise, I am a little jealous of my daughter. I'll tell you another secret. There hasn't been much going on with my husband for some years now - now and then something standard, not more." "And the last secret I entrust to you now is, I listened to you and Manuela fuck last week, unintentionally, it was a pure coincidence. Sometime at night the phone rang and because there could always be something with grandma, I have a very light sleep. I heard Manuela screaming loudly in the background and heard your voice fucking my daughter at the same time. At first I was so shocked but at the same time so excited that I didn't hang up immediately, but continued to listen to it".
I looked at her with big eyes in amazement and couldn't make sense of her story, then I remembered that Manuela always had her phone on her bed and one of us must have accidentally pressed the redial button. That was the only explanation I could make at that moment.
"And do you want to know what I did to Andrew? I masturbated while overhearing you both. It was the best exit I've had in years - my daughter is really to be envied.
I was blown away by her story and accordingly my dick filled with blood and pressed against her horny ass. "Well, that's not a matter of 5 mark pieces in the pants now either", and we both had to laugh out loud.
"Let's go home. I don't want anything unforeseen to happen. Please promise me that you will keep my secrets, please promise me."
I saw a strange shine in her eyes - a kind of sadness.
"I shouldn't have such thoughts at all. I love my daughter more than anything and maybe it wasn't even right to tell you, just forget it.
She stood up and went away without a word, I didn't see her that evening either and went home alone.
Since this experience this woman is no longer out of my head. In my dreams and in my fantasy she plays a supporting role. Recently it happened - I just gave myself back to my dreams, to one of the few days when I was alone at home. Manuela was in sports and I had another free evening for myself. But it is such a peculiarity of mine that I put in a nice film on such evenings and then make it myself.
It was a Thursday, about 20:30 o'clock. I made myself a movie - sensibly with the title "Mom is a great Whore". The female actors in the film were of course all older than the title suggests. I relaxed on the sofa. Normally I only pulled down my pants on my sofa and then wanked my hard cock. Today I thought to myself that I could take off all my clothes to masturbate again, which I unfortunately did far too rarely due to lack of time, but I thought to myself that nobody is at home and my girlfriend didn't want to be back until around 11 pm. So I lay naked on the sofa and just jerked one off, the movie was meanwhile a minor matter and also long over. My fantasies revolved around Annette as so often lately. My cock was hard and stiff as always. Unfortunately, I gave in to my dreams a bit too much and overheard the door that was unlocked. Suddenly Annette stood in the door that I had left open and said with a big grin on her face, "Hi Andrew!“ Full of shame - I must have been bright red and in full panic, I quickly pulled a blanket over my tail. I didn't know what to say and Annette just stood smiling in the door. The situation was too glaring to describe in words. To bridge the silence I tried an "Annette, I...", but then she interrupted me. "Oh, Andrew, you don't have to apologize for that! It's quite normal, although I didn't expect that from you either. But you have already had a big little friend in your hand..." Of course she had put on her mischievous smile again. The situation became more and more embarrassing for me. "Annette, can you please go outside?" I asked.
I wanted to get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible - logically. But she simply said, "No, Andrew, why? Have you already been done?"
I wasn't expecting that.
"Man, Annette, go out" I tried to move her.
But no - she didn't go.
"If I go now, then the whole family knows about your little hobby, or..." I didn't want to let it depend on that.
"Or...?" I asked, without meanwhile having the slightest inhibition, what she could mean. "Or you wank now before my eyes to the end!!!"
I was in this moment so crazy horny - she could have demanded everything from me. So I pulled the blanket away again, and my tail lay there, without any excitement between my legs. Just as I was about to pick it up again, Annette said boldly: "Wait a second, I'll help him a little“!
She stood in front of the sofa, and took off her shoes first. Then she slowly took off her sweater, and she had nothing under it, not even a bra. Her tits were huge and hung down a little. That's how I had always imagined her breasts in my fantasy, only it was the first time I saw her running around without a bra. Her pants were next. Slowly she unbuttoned her jeans, took them off very slowly, and see there - she also had no panties on, and her pussy was totally shaved. My cock got there of course immediately again in flush and stood better and harder than ever. "Well, Andrew, then go on, I want to see how my son-in-law comes." Although the situation still seemed very unreal to me, I have wanked my cock further. Annette had laid down with her legs apart on the sofa in front of me, and her legs bent so that I could look right into her open shaved pussy. The sight was of course so horny for me, she had two huge labia and a wet shiny clitoris. Her whole pussy was oversized. I noticed how my cock began to twitch. "Come on, Andrew, let's go into the bedroom, then the sofa won't get messed up either." So we lay in the bed where my girlfriend and I used to fuck each other. When I wanted to put on my hand again, Annette told me to wait and she took the little vibrator out of Manuela's bedside table. It shot right through my head - how did she know??? Doesn't that go a bit far with an open daughter-mother relationship?? She put the little vibrator on her much too big hole which was more than soaking wet and pushed it with a single push into her dripping pussy and moaned slightly.
"Now you can wank your cock further, but only if you're horny enough now, otherwise I can go again“! "Are you crazy - me and not horny?"
I had to be careful that I did not spray immediately. I jerked off slowly. My hand rubbed my circumcised cock. I did not let Annette out of my sight all the time, she wanded like a snake on the bed and moaned and whimpered against her orgasm After a few minutes came the first charge shot out of my cock. The splashes were spread all over the bed, but the largest part lay on my stomach or the inside of my thighs. And also the pussy of Annette was again free of the vibrator. The last rest to orgasm she had been worried with the hand. "Please do not be angry, Andrew - I was just totally curious. I'll leave immediately..." But I had now come to the taste.
"Don't you even want to taste me and lick me clean? At least I'm so dirty with sperm thanks to you." Annette looked a little disbelieving, asked again and then began to work. Tenderly she slipped her tongue over my stomach and my thighs before she had reached my tail. Gently she licked me over the glans, and then slipped the shaft down and up again. My cock was of course again in top form. She still satisfied me with her hand by moving one of her fingers around my anus. Suddenly she took my cock completely in her mouth. By moving slightly up and down, as far as I succeeded, I could increase the pressure even more. She practically fucked me with her mouth. She paused briefly and said, "just like I imagined your cock - so big and bulging. And she asked if I had ever measured it. I answered "yes, years ago, as a teenager". He measured 20x5 centimeters and visibly satisfied she took care of the cock of her son-in-law again. After such an intensive treatment of my cock I came back a short time later and to my surprise Annette had opened her mouth wide again during my orgasm and swallowed everything. She was a gifted wind player and now I knew where Manuela had inherited her talent from "In two hours Josef will be home from his shift, so we still have enough time, do we want to do more? Although I was broken and tired, I was still too horny to stop. She asked me to lick her pussy. So I approached her horny hole from which her juice was already running out and I first touched her labia with my tongue. That brought them to a light moan. Her pussy was big and powerful and bloodshot. Tenderly I drew her triangle with the tongue after and licked her clitoris, which erected itself in shortest time like a small cock. With the teeth and the tongue I have worked on the clitoris and Annette asked me to continue, I noticed her heavier uncontrolled breath. I licked - no - I drank from her overflowing pussy. Meanwhile I also pushed one of my fingers up her ass and she kept moaning - but stronger. After I had penetrated her ass with a second finger, she had a tremendous orgasm. She practically splashed into my face - so much pussy juice shot in my face. I said I wanted more. Annette understood and ordered me to lie on my back. Slowly she rose on me and positioned herself my cock exactly before the entrance into her pleasure grotto. That was a feeling - to know and feel my cock in my mother-in-law's pussy. An incredible feeling. She rode me thereupon quite hard and violently. I sucked myself on her huge udders and worked on her nipples with my teeth. She screamed like a fury and asked me never to stop again. We both came in a tremendous orgasm. Our bodily fluids ran out and we remained in this position for a few minutes before we lay next to each other, looked at each other and nobody spoke a word. "Don't be angry with me Andrew I have to go now. It was the best fuck in years for me. I haven't felt this good for ages. You are a fantastic lover with a gorgeous persevering cock." She stood up and pulled herself to "Josef is coming right from work."
"I can only gladly return the compliment except for the cock, of course - I hope we can repeat that"?? "I don't know - actually we've gone too far already. But it's exactly what I've been missing all these years. I can understand my daughter very well..."

Today is a warm early summer day.

On this weekend the sun was pleasant. I was on the road the whole day. It was getting dark when I got home. My friend Manuela is at a training seminar in Frankfurt this weekend. Let's see how I get this evening around. In the kitchen I find a note.
"Andrew, if you want and it's not that late, you can come over - I've cooked dinner, Annette."
Well, that's a nice invitation from my future mother-in-law. I've already eaten, but for a beer I'll go over to my future parents-in-law. I walk through the pleasantly warm summer evening. After a few minutes I stand in front of my parents-in-law's house. After the bell rings at the front door, Annette opens the front door for me in her bathrobe. "Oh - hello - am I too late, are you already in bed?" "Hello, Andrew, not at all - come on in, it's nice to have you." She gave me a kiss on the mouth.
"Come in" and close the door behind me. I'm a little surprised at her open nature. We hadn't had much contact since our first event.
"Go into the living room and I'll be right behind you“.
Completely irritated I see there on the couch an unknown woman sitting, in a nightgown. She rises and approaches me with quick steps.
"Good evening you must be Andrew, my name is Ulrike and I am a friend of Annette. You are Manuela's friend, Annette told me - nice to meet you."
She gives me her hand, her fingers close warmly and softly around my hand. My surprise does not leave me. "Yes hello".
Annette comes back into the living room.
"Well, you two pretty ones, have you already made yourselves known?"
"Uh-huh - you say - Annette, am I interrupting something here?" "Oh, nonsense, nonsense." "Isn't your husband Josef here?"
"No, he's in Krombach for 2 days with his rifle club, visiting a brewery or something." "Aha and now you two are spending tonight on the sofa in front of the TV or what?" "Yes, Ulrike's husband is also with her - her c***dren are on the road over the weekend and we thought we'd make ourselves comfortable here with me." "Like this and the note I found in our kitchen earlier?" "Oh, I know Manuela is at the seminar over the weekend, so I thought we could have dinner tonight."
Annette and Ulrike are now sitting together on the sofa in front of the TV. "Why don't you join us? Have you eaten yet?" Annette asks me, "we already have." "Yeah, me too," I say and sit in the armchair.
The three of us watch television for a few minutes. I have to keep looking at the two women to their eyes. But they also look good. Annette wears a half-length bathrobe. The hem ends still over the knees, so that I can admire their beautiful legs. She has crossed her legs. I hope she moves and I can see more of her thighs. Ulrike is wearing a thin nightgown. Every time she leans back, her breasts stand out clearly. She has very large breasts, which I can see from a distance. The nightgown is so thin that her nipples are clearly visible. At this sight something stirs immediately in my trousers. I take the program guide from the coffee table and pretend to read it. But the content doesn't interest me. She's only supposed to cover the bump in my short shorts. After all, my mother-in-law and her girlfriend are sitting in front of me - two women in their prime. Annette is with her 59 years an absolute eye candy and Ulrike I estimate also so to the 60 years.
"Do you also want a glass of wine?" asks Annette. "We have already drunk a little", she giggles like a little girl. I start up. "But yes, very much."
Annette gets up, takes a glass out of the cupboard and pours me the chilled white wine. For this she had to bend forward. Her bathrobe gaped open, and my gaze falls on her bare breasts. I have to swallow. She has absolutely wonderful breasts. When she also refills her friend's glass, she even swings. I can't avert my gaze. Annette doesn't seem to notice. But Ulrike notices it. When Annette sits on the sofa again, she notices a smile on Ulrike's face. "What's there to smile about?"
"You still ask that? Haven't you noticed anything?
Annette is a little irritated. "What am I supposed to have noticed?
Ulrike looks at me while she talks to Annette.
"When you just poured wine for Andrew, he could see into your neckline."
I get a little red.
She turns to me. "Is that true? You just looked at my breasts?"
She's just pretending it's the first time. I already had her thick breasts in my hand and sucked on them. But probably she has to keep up appearances towards her girlfriend. So I'm playing the game. I have to swallow several times. My neck is dry. Out of sheer embarrassment I drink a big sip of wine. "His girlfriend apparently doesn't take him seriously," Ulrike says again. "I can't imagine that," Annette says to her girlfriend, "after all, he's with my daughter“! "And besides, as they say so beautifully - the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
My face colour changes from one colour to another.
"It seems to be true. That explains to me why he only stared at your tits and didn't get his hands on them immediately. And - do you like the breasts of your mother-in-law?“ Ulrike looks me firmly in the eyes. I collect myself again and nod vigorously. "Would you like to see her again? Should your mother-in-law get her boobs out?"
I can only imagine that they were both already buzzed. This freedom of movement of the two women is absolutely not unpleasant - rather the opposite. So I play the naive and the ignorant. My mouth gets even drier and I drink another big sip. In my head it goes under and over. The sight of my mother-in-law's naked breasts, the presence of Ulrike and the provocative elevation of the two excite me very much.
I look at the two women extensively and imagine them both lying naked on the sofa and lolling for me. As soon as I have asked myself the question, Ulrike gets up and approaches me with the wine bottle. "Your glass is empty“. She bends far forward and provokes me with the sight of her free dangling breasts. She wears an incredibly beguiling perfume that slowly robs me of my senses.
"Are you all right? Maybe you shouldn't drink wine so hastily," she giggled and turned around again. I am now so excited that I would have liked to take off my clothes to immediately attack both of them. Ulrike approaches me again and sits down next to me on the armrest. She puts an arm around my shoulders. With the other, Ulrike takes the TV magazine from my lap.
"Show me how sharp your mother-in-law made you."
She puts one hand on my lap.
"What are you doing there? You can't do that."
Looking for help, I look at my mother-in-law. But she smiles at me only encouragingly. I try to take my hand away from my crotch. But that is not so easy. Not only that Ulrike is quite strong, her hand already triggers feelings in me again. Ulrike slowly begins to stroke my cock. For a short moment I let her. I like to be stroked so gently. But very quickly I realize that if she continues the game, the whole situation could get out of control. "My God Annette, you should feel what a beating your son-in-law has in his pants. Your tits really got him going. What is Andrew, would you like to see her again? Should your mother-in-law get her out?" I look greedily at my mother-in-law.
"Is that true? Do you like my breasts?"
She looks into my eyes and smiles mischievously. I can only nod. It is as if someone has turned my mind off. All that is going through my mind at this moment are the breasts of my mother-in-law and the hand in my lap that has started to spoil me again. My mother-in-law pulls her bathrobe apart. Her tits literally jump out into the open. I have to swallow several times and cannot separate my gaze from it. Her breasts are beautifully shaped and still incredibly firm for her age. And only then her buds - Whow! My mother-in-law smiles at me. I must have made a very strange face in this moment.
"So, do you like my tits?"
"I've never seen such a beautiful bosom before."
"He's right, Annette. You really have beautiful breasts. Now I can understand what Andrew has been up to." Ulrike takes advantage of this situation immediately. She takes my beating harder in her hand and slowly starts to whack it. I keep staring at my mother-in-law's breasts and enjoying Ulrike's hand on my trunk. For a moment, my resistance stirs. My mother-in-law must have noticed this. She leans back a bit and begins to stroke her tits. Her fingers gently play with her nipples. That gives me the rest. Ulrike takes advantage of this moment. She opens the cord that holds my trousers in front and pushes her hand into my shorts.
"My God, maybe your son-in-law has a big cock. I've never had such a long and thick pipe in my hand before. Your son-in-law is really very well built. With such a cock my pussy tingles immediately. And - is Annette different with you?" "I am also already quite wet“.
Ulrike takes my hand and pulls me to my mother-in-law.
"Come, stroke her - stroke her breasts."
My mother-in-law takes one of my hands and puts it on her breast. Immediately I stroke her. Annette enjoys and closes her eyes. Carefully and gently I let my hand glide over her breasts. She moans softly. She draws me closer and kisses me. But as she kisses me - her mouth sucks my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue dances with mine. I get braver. My fingers play on her buds, which are getting harder and harder. She seems to especially like that. She moans quietly. "You do it very well. Don't stop. You make me pretty hot."
Ulrike speaks again, "should he continue? Shall I show him how to do it right? "Oh yes - show it to him. Teach him how to get it for a woman." "Oh yes - show him.
Ulrike takes my hand and puts it on my mother-in-law's thigh. I immediately start stroking him. Her skin feels soft but firm. Annette slides further forward. She is now sitting directly on the edge of the sofa. I still stroke her legs, although my mother-in-law would like more. Ulrike takes my hand again and puts it on Annette's panties. She moans immediately. Again Ulrike takes my hand and shows me how to rub her plum. Apparently my mother-in-law is now heated up and horny.
"That's so good, Andrew, you're doing great. Your fingers make me insanely horny. I need it now". "Should he continue?"
"Yes, oh yes. I haven't been so wet for a long time".
She can't talk any further. Her moaning has turned into a wheeze.
"Come on - take off her panties."
My mother-in-law lifts her lower body so that I can take off her panties. Finally I see her pussy in nature again. Her sight makes me even sharper. Immediately I stroke her again. "Oh yes, Andrew, spoil my horny snail. Finish me off."
Ulrike helps me. She shows me how to play on her labia and how to rub her clitoris. But she also shows me how I can delay the orgasm of my mother-in-law over and over again. This seems to please my Annette especially. Her moaning gets louder and louder. She keeps screaming sharply. Her whole body turns and winds back and forth. "Aaaahhh, that's good. I am so horny. Ouaaa!!! Andrew!!!! Finally finish me off!!!! I can no longer!! Ooohhhh yaaaaa!!!" It is unbelievable how my mother-in-law behaves. I would never have believed that she could let herself go like that. "Is he doing it right?
"Yes!!! He is fantastic. Nobody has ever done it so well for me. I don't keep it out any more!!! He should finally finish me off! Ouuuaaahhhh!!"
When Ulrike sees that I have understood how to get it for my mother-in-law, she opens the bathrobe and takes care of my mother's breasts. She lies down on her upper body and holds on to it. Her mouth nibbles on her nipples while her hands knead her tits.
"Now give her the rest. Get her an exit. Wank faster and suck on her Clit. Put two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass."
I do what Ulrike advised me to do. My mother-in-law tries to stretch her abdomen even more towards me. I only have one wish left. I want to get it for Annette as good as I can. Suddenly she gives a loud scream. She screams so loudly that it must certainly be heard on the street. But that doesn't matter to the three of us at the moment. She has a tremendous orgasm. Her body is literally shaking. Her climax has no end at all. I now work on her pussy more slowly and tenderly. It will take two minutes until she collapses. I stroke Annette until her orgasm is over. She lies almost senseless on the sofa. When Annette has recovered she takes me in her arms and gives me a long, tender kiss. "You were just great. I've never felt so strong before. Did you like it too?" "Yes, it was very beautiful. I never believed that you could go out like that."
"Yes, it was very beautiful“.
"You are a brilliant lover. I hope it wasn't the last time you got it for me. But now take care of my girlfriend. She certainly needs it very much. Be a dear son-in-law and get it for her too." "Oh yes. Come to me. I am already b**stly keen on you".
Ulrike takes off her nightgown and sits down with her legs slightly open, next to my mother-in-law on the sofa. I haven't seen the rest of Ulrike's body yet - she has a great figure. Her breasts are much bigger than Annette's. It's more than huge, and reminds me of two melons. It's not so well formed, but it doesn't hang either. And then her legs. She has the most beautiful legs I have ever seen. Long and well formed, with strong but not thick thighs. Ulrike pulls me to her. This time I immediately know what she expects from me. With one hand I stroke her overripe melons, with the other I touch her legs.
"Man - Ulrike, you have wonderful legs."
"Do you like me?"
"And how. You don't only have wonderful breasts, but above all beautiful thighs." "And how? Ulrike leans back and spreads her legs even more.
"Get it for me now. I also want an orgasm. I haven't had a man for a long time." I touch her already very wet plum and am very surprised. Not one hair covers her shame. Her pussy feels smooth, soft and very wet.
"Great - you are shaved that I like very much“!
"Oh, yes. I shave regularly. I have noticed that it is a horny feeling to be so shiny - AND - that it comes to me so even better."
Ulrike gives herself completely to my fingers. Her breath is harder and she starts moaning quietly. "Put a finger deep into her pussy." I'll do as my mother-in-law tells me.
"And now lick her off. And what does it taste like?
"It tastes good."
"Then kneel between her legs and get her your tongue."
"Yes.... Oh..... yes. Fuck me with your tongue. Lick my horny wet plum."
Ulrike takes my head in both hands and presses it on her shame. She puts her long legs on my shoulders and presses me even harder on herself. Her thighs lie exactly on my ears, so that I can only hear everything dull. Carefully I let my tongue glide over her cleft. Her taste and her wet pussy excite me. I also want to get it to Ulrike as good as possible. It doesn't take long and her pussy starts to twitch. I now do what Ulrike advised me to do earlier with my mother-in-law. I put a finger in her ass and two in her plum. She hugs Annette and kisses her tongue. My mother-in-law takes her tits and kneads them. Ulrike's moaning gets louder and louder.
"My God - he does it so incredibly well. Your son-in-law is simply stunning. Nobody has ever licked me like that before." I learned something from Ulrike. I hesitate her climax ever further out. Only when her thighs begin to flutter and her body winds, I drive her to orgasm. Ulrike moans and complains when it finally comes to her. She literally runs out and I have trouble licking up every drop. My face gets all wet from her dripping pussy. As her climax fades, I suck the last drops out of her hole. She comes a second time to orgasm. When Ulrike has recovered again, she pulls me on her soft breasts and gives me a tender kiss.
"You've been great, Andrew. That's exactly what I needed. But I'm sure you're incredibly hot." "Like a razor!"
Ulrike takes off my T-shirt and strokes my naked upper body with her hands. One hand glides deeper and deeper. Slowly she pushes her hand into my pants. I can hardly wait for her to take my latte back into her hand. My mother-in-law takes my head in her hands and looks deep into my eyes. "Is what Ulrike is doing with you beautiful? Do you like the way she whacks your cock?“ I Ulrike wanks me so well that I close my eyes and moan quietly. "Look at me - look into my eyes. I would like to see how you are getting hornier and hornier“. Ulrike takes my pants off now, too. She now takes both hands to spoil me. One rubs my beating slowly and tenderly, the other plays with my testicles. I have never had such wonderful feelings before. It is difficult for me to look further into the eyes of my mother-in-law.
"Oh Annette - that is so insanely horny - Ulrike makes it incredibly good for me."
"Lay down on the sofa."
Annette and Ulrike make room for me and I lie down on the sofa. Immediately Ulrike continues with her treatment. My mother-in-law kneels next to my head. I can't resist the sight of her wonderful boobs. I take both in my hand. The feeling of her tits in my hands makes me even sharper. Annette must have noticed it. "Yes, hold on to my tits if that makes you sick. But I want now your cock in my mouth!“ I'm not surprised at all at your suggestion. That's something I've been wanting from her for a long time. "Horny idea - I've been waiting for it for a long time," I gasp with lust.
Before I know it, my mother-in-law kneels at the height of my cock. "You're right, Ulrike. He has a great cock. I have always known that my son-in-law has such a horny cock." She takes my cock in her hands and rubs it as well as Ulrike.
"If you weren't my daughter's friend and I knew you were so strong, I'd have come to you sooner." Her head approaches my cock. Slowly she puts it in her mouth. It is simply indescribable. Her tongue plays around my glans. Ulrike participates in this game. She licks my testicles. Both are so good that I feel like I'm about to turn off. They increase their efforts. Ulrike alternately sucks my eggs into her mouth. My mother-in-law started sucking on my cock. At the same time her tongue plays with the slit on my glans. I have to claw myself in the sofa with both hands. Ulrike and Annette are very experienced. Every time I feel the juice rise, they delay my climax further. I can only moan and moan for salvation. But the two women don't care about my request. Again and again I try to put my cock into my mother-in-law's mouth to finally squirt. But every time her head springs back. When I have the feeling that I'm about to go mad, Ulrike asks me. "What is Andrew - should your mother-in-law fuck you? Do you want to put your horny pipe into her pussy? You really let off to steam in her hole? Your cock in her wet pussy and push her to fuck so long until it comes to you? Do you want that? Go - tell us!!"
"Yes!!! Fuck me! Annette, please fuck me - please. Give me your horny pussy!!!
I want to fuck you - now!!"
I scream out my desire.
"Is good, my darling - I also want to have your thick cock in my pussy. I am glad if he fills me out so correctly.
My mother-in-law sits down on me. She takes my cock in her hand and pulls it a few times through her labia. "Come on - finally put it in your plum," wheezes Ulrike completely excited.
My mother-in-law puts it on her hole and drops it. My cock slips into her pussy in full length. It's a great feeling. Annette and I moan loudly at the same time.
"My Godddd - he is perhaps fat!!! You fill me completely - it's not just a cock - it's a dream". She lets her abdomen rotate. Her movements are very slow. It's madness - I'm so psyched up, that I would have reached the climax immediately if she had moved a little faster. "Lean a little further back, Annette. I want to watch you ride his tail with your pussy. I want to see him go in and out! Fuck him and let yourself fall really deep on him."
Annette leans back a bit. Slowly - very slowly she begins to ride on my cock. She lifts her abdomen until only my glans is between her labia. Just as slowly she glides back onto him and my mother-in-law lets her hips rotate wonderfully. "Oh, man, oh man - that looks awesome. I've never really seen a pussy riding such a big and horny cock," Ulrike screams.
"Ooooh Ulrike - his hammer is the absolute hit - Andrew has the most wonderful cock I ever had in me. I don't think I can take it long on his cock."
"Then don't hold back - ride yourself up to heaven on his horny part. Let yourself fall and let it come." The movements of my mother-in-law get faster and faster. Ulrike sits behind her and plays with her tits. Immediately her moaning gets louder. But I also have to groan. Her pussy is pretty tight in that position. If she keeps riding me like this, I'll explode too.
"Yes, fuck - fuck him - ride you to orgasm."
Ulrike grabs herself between her legs with one hand and rubs her clitoris.
"Me, me it's the same - Ouuuaa.....uuuuuh....yeeaaaa - I can't stand it much longer." "Then let yourself fall."
"Aaaahhh..... – Yeeeaaaa – Nnoowwwww."
Her abdomen jerks back and forth like wild on my cock. Shortly, before it comes to me, my mother-in-law slumps down on me and slides down from me. I am a little disappointed. But before I know it, Ulrike has taken her place. She bends so far forward that her beautiful tits touch my chest.
"Ooooh - Ulrike - you have horny tits - And - you are so wonderfully tight."
"Yeaaaa - I'm going to ride both of us to the summit now. I want you to shoot your cream deep into my pussy!!! Did you like being ridden by your mother-in-law?"
"It was really beautifu“l.
"Your mother-in-law has prepared the fuck and I get from you now your cream - wonderful." With every push rub her tits over my chest. That makes me even hornier, and I notice that it comes to me soon. Also with Ulrike it is equal so far. She straightens up and rides me faster and faster. I see how her flesh mountains begin to hop. I take her into my hands and twist her buds. That gives her the rest - Ulrike groans loudly. "My god..... I cum! Now! Aaahhh!!!"
"Come on Andrew - hit her! Fuck my girlfriend and push your cock as deep you can into her horny pussy, so she's really done".
I push my cock harder and harder in her overflowing pussy. Also with me it is the same so far. Ulrike sits quietly on me and screams her desire out. As long as I keep pushing her into her twitching pussy, she gets one orgasm after another. "I can't hold it any longer. It also comes to me! I cum, Ulriiiiiiieeeeeee - Nnoowww!!!!!" "Yes - splash - splash your cream deep into her pussy - fill her up!", Annette screams at me. After I have sprayed several times, I'm all set and done. Ulrike also descends from me exhausted. "Oh God - that was great. I hadn't been so finished for a long time. Annette, your son-in-law is a downright divine lover!!!"
"I know - I know - but let's go to bed now and get some sleep. Especially Andrew needs a longer break now." "You are right. He must recover well. I want to get fucked more often by him."
"Me too," Annette says and smiles at me with a wink. All three of us go to my mother-in-law's bed and fall asleep pretty quickly.

It's become summer now.

"Hopefully the weather will last until tomorrow - you know, we're going on our bike trip like every year," my girlfriend told me from the kitchen.
"Excursion - what excursion, Manuela?
"Oh Andrew, you and your Alzheimer's - we've been organizing and talking about nothing else for days“! "Oh the bicycle tour with your mother and her bowling club."
"Exactly Daddy and his bowling club are the whole weekend in Bitburg on bowling tour and this year the women want to use the opportunity and do something for themselves alone. "That's right - that's tomorrow," I replied to my girlfriend, "I wish you a lot of fun and hopefully you have good weather! Another Sunday without my girlfriend. Well, I had brought some work home with me and so I will certainly not get bored. Sunday morning at 08.00 the alarm goes off. What an unchristian time for a Sunday. No matter I don't have to get up, so turn around and go back to sleep. I hear my girlfriend rummage in the kitchen while half asleep and after a while she came into the bedroom. I had just fallen asleep again. "So my darling, I'm ready to leave now, the others are waiting."
"Yes yes - I wish you a lot of fun," I grumbled a little annoyed about the newer disturbance of my sleep. "And a nice greeting to your mother and your aunt Verena!
"I'll make - I wish you a nice day, kiss."
Immediately my thoughts turned again around Annette - my perhaps soon-to-be mother-in-law and our last meeting. An absolutely hot woman, at the thought of her stirred noticeably my cock under the blanket. Unfortunately there was no repetition since the last adventure with Annette. It seemed to me that she deliberately stayed away from me and stayed out of my way. Maybe she feels guilty about her husband Josef and her daughter Manuela. Anyway - I enjoyed the nice fuck with her and maybe I didn't have the right opportunity for a repeat. With these thoughts and a giant slat I fell asleep again. By a shrill telephone ringing I was torn from my deep sleep.
"Hello Andrew - Manuela here - sorry to bother you, but we have a little problem here with our bike tour." Still completely dazed by my sleep I staggered through the apartment.
"What's the matter, my darling?"
"You ever seen that crap out of the window?"
"Of course not - I've been asleep so far."
So off to the window and the blinds up. Beautiful present - it poured in streams. "Well, there you have chosen the right weather for cycling." I couldn't resist a smile.
"But what's worse is that Verena didn't ride her bike. We're already on our way back and she can't get away." "Modest question: What does this have to do with me?
"I was thinking maybe you could pick her up by car?"
"Oh - so that's what you thought, and where is that supposed to be, where Verena stayed?" Slightly annoyed Manuela described to me where I should pick up her aunt.
After about 1 hour by car I arrived at the forest described by Manuela. Verena was actually standing there with her defective bicycle. Verena the sister of my future mother-in-law. As already described, on Verena's 65th birthday there was a short but violent meeting between her and me. From a distance I could see her annoyed face, full of impatience she seemed to be waiting for me. Slightly ruffled by wind and weather her hair hung in her face. She wore a knee-length flowered summer dress with funny coloured sports shoes. She was absolutely no "Grannytyp". On the contrary, Verena was "totally in a good mood" for her 65 years. No celebration without her was always her motto. But also otherwise she was very active - clubs, events etc.. - Verena was there. Verena was a type of woman who liked to be the center of attention. For my taste a little too much. "Hello Verena well this is a nice present", I shouted to her already from afar.
"Oh Andrew, thank God you came, but I couldn't stand it any longer."
Her pretty summer dress looked very worn out by the rain. On closer inspection you could see her white lace bra shimmering through the wet dress.
"Fuck bicycle - you should kick all guys in the ass, of course except those present!" Her white teeth flashed out under her laughter. She pointed to the bike leaning on the park bench. "I think I have a flat tire in the front and back."
She was right, there was nothing left.
"My useless son should check the bike before we went on the tour and now this!" "I have already tried to reach him by telephone but don't think that the defended gentleman would even begin to answer his telephone.
And in your need you fell to call me?"
"That wasn't my idea - Manuela was so kind as to ask you."
"No problem, let's put the bike in the trunk and go home."
I could read the gratitude in her eyes.
"Sit in the car and warm up a little - I'll be right there with your bike."
"I think the wine is coming back to me," she suddenly said as she apparently felt a growing pressure on her bladder and headed for a bush by the wayside. She made no effort to walk behind the bush but pulled her white panties down to her knees in front of me and pulled up the hem of her flowery summer dress to her hips. As soon as she squatted like that, a powerful yellow jet shot to the ground and formed a small puddle under her that seeped into the ground. I could see right between her thighs - she was almost shaved - only a small trimmed triangle above her pussy left her standing. It looks very decorative and extremely horny.
"Don't look at me so shamelessly," she said to me as she noticed my looks and laughed. I smiled back with my head slightly reddened, but without allowing my glances from her shame. She made no effort to turn away from me to avoid my glances. I had more the impression that she was attracted to my gaze and lolling naughtily in front of me.
"That tickles so in the grass" she giggled while urinating, because she was so far in the squat that the grass tips rubbed boldly on her naked ass cheeks.
"Ahh - now I feel relieved," she sighed as the yellow ray dried up. She got up again, pulled up her white panties and put her summer dress back in order.
"We drove a few kilometres in the car and nobody said a word. I had to keep looking at her legs. Her dress had slipped up a little and you had a beautiful view of her tanned thighs. She had beautiful legs for age. I think she enjoyed my looks. She plucked her dress around and straightened her hair in the mirror.
"Do you like what you see, Andrew?"
Without looking at me, she checked her mouth and pulled her red lipstick in the mirror. " to take it, so..I...uh - I mean the view isn't bad!"
"Do you actually find me attractive?"
"Well ...uh... hmm but you can say so."
"So what now - yes or no?"
"But yes yes - I think you’re even extraordinarily attractiv"
A heat crept through my body and that was not because I had turned the heater in the car a little higher. "Did you find that embarrassing of me earlier when I peed in front of you?"
"So embarrassing, I wouldn't say - maybe a little unusual."
I suddenly saw her hot pussy in my mind's eye. Blood poured into my cock, which began to straighten up noticeably. Through my jogging pants one could see now nevertheless already quite a bump. "Yes, you can see that it wasn't embarrassing for you. Can you remember my birthday?" "Yes of course - of course!
"When we danced together and rubbed our cymbals together - it was an insanely horny feeling to feel your hard cock on my pussy. I have often thought about this situation and how your cock looks, feels and how it tastes? She pulled her dress even a bit higher and you could see the base of her white lace panties. "Does that make you horny, do I make you horny?"
"Uuuuuh, my goodness - you even make me b**stly horny Verena."
"What would you do if I touched your cock now?"
And without waiting for an answer she reached into my crotch with her long slender fingers. Surprised by the situation, I tore the steering wheel off for a moment and had trouble getting the car back on track. "Oh lala - pay attention to your traffic, I pay attention to my traffic here myself," she smiled at me and her white teeth flashed out again. With skillful hand movements she had uncovered my glans in no time on which the first drops already formed. With her index finger she stroked over it and pulled a long sperm thread into her mouth.
"Mhhh - you taste delicious!"
After she had freed my cock a little more from my pants and he was now in full splendor vertical in front of her, she began to wank him slowly. She stroked with her tongue several times over the freshly applied lipstick and bent with her head towards my tail. Like a vacuum pump she sucked my limb into her mouth and reached my cock root. In full length she had absorbed him. I had real trouble to keep the vehicle quiet and clawed myself to the steering wheel. Her other hand pushed her into her panties and jerked her pussy, which must have been very wet by now. I saw her masturbate and heard loud smacking - I could imagine that at least so. Their head movements were now faster and accordingly the juice rose through my loins.
"Ve....Verena....Verena if you go on like this...- Oooooh God - I'll be right there!" She raised her head and her lipstick was pretty smeared.
"I hope so!" She kissed me on the mouth and in the same moment her head had disappeared again in my lap. She blew to the final attack and I had nothing more to set against it. A first thick gush of lipstick left my littered tail in the direction of her throat. Deeply I sprayed several pushes in her throat. On the basis of their swallowing noises I could comprehend every single gush. I had the feeling in my body would have used a rigor mortis - so tense I was until the last cell of my body. After I had emptied myself into Verena's mouth I drove the car right into a forest road. Smiling, she raised her head.
"Kiss me - now!"
Our tongues met in a wild battle. Remnants of my sperm flooded my mouth. "Swallow it down," she ordered me.
"Your dick feels fantastic and you taste very good - but I want to feel it inside me too! Slowly it cleared up again in my head.
"Give me a second".
I drove deeper into the forest and stopped the car at a clearing. We got out leaning against the car and smoked a cigarette.
"You like mature women - right?"
"What makes you think so?"
"I have observed you already on the first evening on my birthday. How you looked at Annette when she sat on your lap later. At the latest then you would have preferred to put your beating in her lap, right?"
Satisfied I pulled the cigarette.
"What a degenerate family I got into."
Verena pulled on her cigarette with relish.
"Right there I give you right! - so and what is now with us both", she interrupted the short silence. "Wait a moment, I must now also pee briefly," I told her and stood at the tree and took out my tail. With pleasure I started to piss against the trunk. With an interested look she looked at my tail. She approached me and around grabbed my cock brashly. "It feels very good," she breathed into my ear.
I enjoyed her hand on my cock and so I let her grant so that she held my cock alone in her hand and could direct my yellow beam. But as soon as I was finished peeing, she began to jerk my limb tenderly. I moaned quietly. "Oooooh - whow - that feels so good."
"Well, you like that though“!
Smiling she watched my reactions as she rubbed my cock with feeling and let it grow. When she had wanked my limb really stiffly, she squatted in front of me. "Let's see how your cock tastes after the piss?" She took my member in the mouth and sucked at it.
"Mhhh - yes", I moaned as I felt her wet, warm lips around my shaft. She pulled her summer dress up a little and let a hand in her panties disappear to dedicate herself to her pussy while she put her lips over my belt. She sucked firmly on my glans and shoved it deep into her throat. Afterwards she licked with her nimble tongue skillfully over my shaft to finally nibble tenderly on my glans. One was a miracle that I could control myself for so long.
"Go - come and fuck me now", she croaked hoarse to me as my cock lay in her hand and stood upright as hard as a rock. She had become horny a****l and wanted to be fucked absolutely. I had nothing more in mind than to hunt her my cock in her pussy. She stood up again and pulled her summer dress high over her naked ass cheeks. She took off her wet slip and threw it on the hood. She bent forward and held on to a tree trunk. "Take me now," she moaned - "Hard and deep!"
I covered her ass cheeks and my cock found all alone the way into her wet love grotto. She was amazingly tightly built. "Madness what a horny feeling", she moaned.
Horny I began to fuck her and pushed my cock again and again into it. Verena gasps forr air and moaned ever hotter . „More...more...still more."
Wonderfully her vaginal walls rubbed at my shaft. I cooked with lust and fucked her ever wilder. Horny I pushed Verena into the wet and dripping pussy. My cock shimmered already wet from her juice. "Yes - push too - harder! - Haarder! Yeaaaa - Fuuuck me right through! - Deeeeper! - Push him deeper into me! - Ram me your hammer in full length!"
Verena ran really hot. I don't want to know how often it had come to her. My hard blows let her body tremble. She rubbed the sensitive clitoris while I fucked her deep into the dark grotto. I pushed faster and faster. Her pussy milked my cock formally off. Her twitching sheath muscles irritated my cock so much that I could not hold it anymore. "Sooooo - now you get my juice", I moaned hoarse.
With horny moaning I pumped my load into her pussy. Exhausted and satisfied I rubbed the last wise cream over her brown asshole by driving my cock through her notch. Also Verena was more than satisfied. Still somewhat absent she ran towards the car. She took her slip from the hood on which a wet stain remained. We put on our clothes again. "Another cigarette to finish?"
We smoked as if nothing had happened at all.
"You are a really horny rotten sow, Verena!"
"I hope so, my dear, and that's a good thing - I just hope that you will remain loyal to our family for a long time to come," she said with a broad grin on her face.
"But now please take me home - I want to take a shower and put on dry clothes".

Back home, I thought to myself, my girlfriend Manuela was waiting for me when I turned into our parking lot. But when I entered my living room it wasn't my girlfriend who was lying on the sofa, but my mother-in-law Annette, who had covered herself with the blanket and read. Under the blanket still looked out her discreet, half-high heels with spiked heels in which her bare feet with the red lacquered toenails stuck. "Manuela didn't want to go home yet. She wanted to visit another friend and doesn't come back until late in the evening - disappointed now“?
She apparently didn't know how to interpret my astonished facial expression. "Disappointed? - Not in the least - on the contrary, it is a pleasant surprise!
"By the way - what did you think Manuela would expect you to be?" "No idea - why?" "Well - because I thought that for a change I could make you a surprise instead of Manuela - as a thank you for the rescuer of the failed bicycle tour". She had to laugh when she saw my question marks on her face.
"Well then I want to enlighten you".
She hit the blanket back and I saw that she had painted her fingernails in the same colour as her toenails – a beautifull dark red. The spit stayed away from me at the sight that offered itself to me. Annette lay in dark lingerie with nylon stockings, which were fastened to a hip holder, before me and smiled at me provocatively. Her bra was a kind of brassiere lift with a large neckline for her large breasts. She let a leg hang over the sofa edge and spread her legs. She let one hand wander over her narrow panties while her other hand alternately played with her nipples. She had also applied a lipstick in the same colour as her nail polish. She had opened her mouth slightly and was following the contours of her lips with her tongue. Once she even bit her lower lip. I was completely perplexed. "You look stunning from Annette - a real vamp!!!
"Do you like what you see?"
"You look to bite" and walked towards her.
"That's exactly what you should do," she grinned frivolously as she took off her panties, which she had put on over her suspenders. Annette had spread her thighs again and I could see that she had shaved herself exept for a narrow strip. I kissed my pretty mother-in-law on her nipples, which immediately straightened up and hardened, then she pushed my head gently in the direction of her shame. I began to lick her pussy quite easily and tenderly along the labia, inside and outside - only not the clitoris - I saved it. She became so really hot. From her pussy dripped her juice and ran into her buttocks. With the index finger I pursued slowly the trickle from her labia to the bottom pulled. She became more and more wet. My index finger slipped through her pores to her rosette. She shone pink and was wet from her juice. I penetrated very slowly, rhythmically - in unison with my tongue at her clitoris - always only a short piece in and out. "Ohh my God, Andrew - what are you doing to me?"
A vibration went through your body. My finger drilled deeper through her sphincter. She was short, but was distracted by my tongue on her clitoris. She was so excited that my finger slipped in effortlessly up to the stop. I licked further on her bead and with my finger I fucked her slowly in the ass. She moaned loudly.
"Turn around", I instructed her.
She turned on her stomach and had to lift her pelvis.
She stretched out her bottom to me.
"Even higher"!
Now she had understood. She knelt in front of me, her face flat on the blanket.
"Faster - deeper - firmer" she gasped.
So she presented me not only her wonderful pussy, but also her twitching and ready back entrance. Now I began to widen it with my fingers and her own juice. I now stuck two fully slimed fingers into her little hole, finally three at a time. That seemed to please her only too well, because she cheered me on further. "But now, my horny tasty, I want you to fuck me in the ass. And namely firmly - get going!!!"
I put my cock on her rosette. My tail had to overcome only a very light resistance, then disappeared my glans in the warm narrowness.
"Please be careful - your cock is so big - give me your horny cock - deep in the ass, you horny carrion! - But please - very slowly, because I am already for an eternity no more fucked in the ass"! I carefully penetrated deeper and deeper into her ass until finally my whole cock disappeared in her ass. It felt tighter than in her pussy.
"Pooh - Andrew, that's wonderful - and now start fucking carefully! Yeaaaaa - yeaahh - the same - slow and deep - yes - the same. Oh God is the horny - I'm completely filled by your big cock!!" I started to fuck them first only with cautious and slow shocks, but then I became faster and faster. It was wonderful to push my mother-in-law's ass. It was just wonderful and incredibly beautiful how my glans rubbed against her intestinal wall. Especially because I saw the ecstatic expression on her face. And again and again she challenged me to push deeper.
"Come my horny stallion and give it to me - push me in my ass! Fill my intestines with your cream. I want that I overflow - I want every single drop of you in me!!!"
Her narrowness and her horny words made me even hotter and I absolutely wanted to cum. "Whow - is that horny and so wonderfully narrow", I wheezed.
My eggs clapped on her ass cheeks, which wobbled at every blow. Slowly I increased the speed. "Take me - yahhh, yahh, yahh... give it to me - harder", she cheered me on. "Mmmhhhhh - Ahh - Ahh - yeahh - you're doing fine, Andrew. Your dick feels wonderful, even though it's so big. Fuck - fuck - yes - yes - yes - yes - please don't stop - never more!!!"
We had quickly found our fuck rhythm.
"Yeah" - she yells - "nobody's ever done that to me before. Keep going!"
I'm now so into gear that I don't even need her cheering. Again and again I pull her body towards me in order to penetrate as deeply as possible into her.
"Yes, Annette - I am soon ready"!
"Cum – please, cum in my ass!"
I can hardly control myself anymore. I squeeze firmly.
"Ahh - Annette – I cum – I cum... YES!........ NOW..."
I push forward a few more times and my bag claps against her buttocks. I feel my juice flowing forward. I shrug and squeeze even harder into her and finally inject everything deep into her ass. I feel Annette shrinking inside. One last push forward, then she rears up shrugging under me - a huge orgasm flowed almost simultaneously through our bodies - a long, silent scream - then it's all over. We shove our tongues into each other's mouths. My cock was still pulsing. We are unable to speak. Completely exhausted I lie on her and enjoy only the warmth and softness of her body. I had never experienced such a strong orgasm before. Only now I take the smell of her perfume again was. My senses slowly return. Half an hour we lie there almost motionless. "Oh God..., that was beautiful", I whispered into her ear.
"Yes," I got the answer, "we should do that more often."
"Hmm... but not immediately. I am completely finished. Let's take a break first." "Andrew - that was the best fuck so far".
And many more should follow.

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