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Joy And Benefits Of Versatility

By: Londebaaz Chohan

Getting a go ahead signal from Hans Pal Singh; Ram Laal picked a very nice, posh restaurant, his friend owned and made the reservation for two. As promised Ram Laal picked up HPS, from his home and they reached the restaurant, to be welcomed by the owner.

They were not longtime friends but only had met at little league club meeting where Hans Pal’s grandson and Ram Laal’s son were the star players. Hans Pal Singh’s age was 71 and he was a widower but he was in the best of the health possible not for his age only but for any age group. Ram Laal was closing in on 34 and healthy as a horse. The little league meeting lingered for many hours and they got a chance to speak about their married lives, there hobbies, love for k**s, baseball and other sports and even the weather. As the meeting ended, Ram Laal asked HPS, if he would like to meet for a dinner and a date and time was fixed. The owner of the restaurant; thinking that it must be an important business meeting made them sit in a cozy booth or a cabin along the 2 longer walls, enclosed by the heavy curtains for privacy. They once again had a delightful time conversing about their long married lives, jobs, family and more along with their meal and the wine they enjoyed. Hans Pal talked fondly about his wife and 43 years of their marriage when she died but somehow it was a bit odd when he mentioned that he loved her but there was also a relief that he no longer had to live a double life. He gave Ram Laal a special look as he said this apparently in a whisper and finished his wine in the glass.

Ram Laal did not want HPS to spill out any secrets but just casually asked, “what he meant by that” and Hans Pal hesitated a bit but then answered that he had a great affection for his wife and loved her deeply but had also a lingering feeling that he was meant to lead a different life than he was and Ram Laal just said that he understood and he was truly startled when HPS said, “Do you”?

Ram Laal did not answer but got lost in his thoughts of having a distinct desire and affinity of being with an older man and it was happening once again with a man of more than double his age. Then he realized that Hans Pal Singh was keenly looking back at him and expecting an answer as well. He had to answer now and he spoke very confidently, “Yes, I do. I admit it was not at all easy to be open and honest about our sexuality in our days but not today. We were expected to be far more discreet and stay ‘in the closet’ but not the generation of today”. Ram Laal used all the ‘pertinent’ words which soothed HPS and he smiled.

Ram Laal continued, still more confidently saying, it was easy for him to say that and even understand because since forever he knew that he was a bisexual and once again, not a bisexual as it is spelled meaninglessly for the men who use the word to justify their random hurls with other men but in the true dictionary meaning of the word; not preferring one kind of sex over the other. A pussy and tits sex being as worthy as cocks and balls, no distinction what so ever. Then there was a hush for the longest of the period. The last of the wine glass, bit of the dessert and fresh fruit got consumed slowly.

Finally; dinner was done, wine, coffee and dessert as well. Ram Laal paid the check and thanked his friend the owner of the restaurant for awesome meal and service and they left. Reaching close to Hans’ place, he invited Ram Laal in for a drink and Ram Lall pulled into the driveway. Following Hans Pal, they came to the kitchen and Ram Laal was signaled to take a seat on the breakfast isle in the middle of the kitchen. As HPS got the glasses and moved to the fridge for ice, Ram suggested if it was ok, he would rather have him instead of the more drinks. HP placed the glasses on the counter top, came between the young man’s legs, seated on the stool, held his face in both hands and kissed him right smack on his lips and Ram Laal also returned the favor rapidly and passionately. Next, Hans pal Singh removed Ram Laal’s shirt and dropped it to the side on a chair and now his hands found the young man’s nipples for pulling, pinching and tweaking while their lips, mouths and tongues got busy playing up top. Ram Laal’s hands found the senior man’s cock in his pants and the balls as well through his fabric. It did not take him long to loosen and unbuckle Hans Pal’s belt, undo his fly and make his pants fall to his ankles for kicking them off his feet. The elderly man’s cock was still limp about 2 may be 3 inches long at the most but with a girth of positively more than average. His pubes looked like a jungle of salt and pepper hair trying to hide low hanging, loose pair of balls. Feeling hot for Hans, Ram took his balls and cock in both hands and started to play with them, while Hans Pal kept busy kissing the young man’s sweet full lips and neck.

Breaking the kiss, Hans suggested to move to the bedroom. There was an unusual style to HPS’s bedroom manners. The way he sat on the edge of the bed to remove his socks and other clothes was unique, for Ram Laal to do the same as he stood in front of the authority. The young man climbed the bed first and HPS quickly leaned over his mid body for holding his cock which was already solid as steel and wet too and took it in his capable mouth to give the best ever blowjob, licking the head, sucking the shaft to the balls in his mouth and then licking the balls, finally sucking them too. Ram Enjoyed and let him suck for good 10 minutes before changing positions and now Ram Laal was sucking, licking the senior man’s cock shaft swaying his tongue at the fat head. To further enjoy the act, the young man held the pole upright, which was surely hard thick by now. It was no less than 6 inches at least with a large head and extended ridge of the helmet; and began sucking with long strokes on the full shaft, making Hans Pal to moan as an appreciation of the performance. It was getting difficult for H P Singh to keep the control and edge further, so he stopped Ram Laal from sucking him and wanted him to be on his belly with his legs spread apart to show his ass hole and climbed on top of him rubbing his cock between the ass crack. He was stressed, nudging his adult cock against the young man’s ass hole, applying the spit again and again losing the hard on before making a successful penetration. He was visibly slightly upset but Ram Laal made him feel at ease, saying that he understood and it was not so very important for him anyway and hugged Hans Pal Singh tight with love and care.

Now as they lay side by side, Hans Pal relaxed and took hold of the young man’s cock playing with it and bringing it back to life, stroking it gently but firmly and whispered for Ram Laal to fuck his senior ass.

Using the spit, Ram Laal, rubbed and teased his ass, mostly the outside of the hole and then slowly inserted one finger into the senior hole. After a few minutes as Hans Pal started relaxing and opening up, two fingers started to dilate him until enough. Ram Laal took out a condom and put it on his sexy cock. By then Hans had kneeled on his knees and elbows for Ram Laal to get behind him, placing his hard cock at the opening and pressed in. With a thick and blunt cock head, it took a little extra effort for the head to slip inside the senior bisexual’s ass and he offered the moans of pleasure to confirm the breach of his private hole. Starting slow, Ram Laal, began fucking HPS, increasing the rhythm, speed and also the pace of motion for faster and harder fucking; both moaning and approving the perfect joining. In about 5 minutes when Ram Laal felt his breath becoming out of control and Hans Pal felt Ram Laal grow larger inside him, exerting pressure on his senior ass walls, he quickly asked Ram Laal to stop and requested not to cum in his ass but for the taste of it. After a quick catching up of his breath, Ram Laal again began fucking and built him his climax slowly. Finally; after about half a dozen very blatant strokes, he quickly pulled out, yanked the condom off and as Hans Pal flipped over with open mouth; Ram Laal began hard jerking himself to start the flow and Hans also took the tip in his mouth for sucking help. Soon Ram Laal started shooting and Hans stopped sucking just concentrating on swallowing and playing with the emptying balls. Soon as Ram Laal stopped spewing, both felt so tired and fulfilled that they cuddled and fell asleep only to wake up next morning.

During shower, as they played and teased each other, Ram Laal offered his ass to Hans pal once again but he chose to get sucked rather and Ram Laal proved his expertise for sucking his cock and licking his precious balls filled with his personal brew until the finish. After getting out of the shower they went back to the bed and Ram Laal wanting to cum as first thing in the morning, lay next to Hans Pal Singh and began stroking his growing cock. HPS, could not resist and took over, first with hands then mouth and finally for a minute in his ass but being bareback, Hans Singh took it out of his ass and continued with the mouth until the cum was sucked out and swallowed as if he had never done so before.

This made them both have another quick nap and after they were done with late breakfast, Ram Laal wanted to go and while saying good bye, they stood in the kitchen in each other’s arms, kissing and vowing to be friends with benefits in each other’s life and as lover as well for each other.

They had obviously enjoyed that evening and the next morning as well sexually as well as the company of each other’s versatility. An awesome base for a long term relationship to enjoy and cherish.

The End. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan April 25, 2019.

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