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Hey, all my name is sohil Johnson love in NY and is of 24. Well, I live with my mom in a small house, but it's more than enough for us. My mom works as a senior nurse and is very satisfied with her job, she sometimes works in double shifts but still, she loves it.

This story that I'm going to tell is of time when it was still in college in Utah. I had was done my 2nd year and was on way back to college after a well satisfied semester break, I went early as I had to practice for basketball games to this year, I was in the college team and had to work hard as I was either setting all day or was walking around the city whole break.

When I got back I met my girlfriend, Cara. She is a funny and very intelligent girl, she nearly was good at all subjects and because of her, I got better at some subjects. Well, she only needs to help math but I helped her with small topics. We used to kiss, fuck, all weekend, only when I didn't have a game to play anytime soon. She also played but was mostly wasn't put to game till 3rd quarter. it was a known fact that we were dating but none of the coaches knew and nor that the dean and HOD, they have some policy about relationships and physical relationship with classmates and it was mostly applied to anyone who represented the college at any sports competition, but my mom knew everything.

One day when had a trial for captain for team and girls coach from college students, I was not interested in any of those positions but still went for trials, I ended up being captain, as I played at center but also played on all possible position and was doing stuff that was not mine to do, coaches loved it, made me a captain. It was a near 3-hour trail so we were said to rest for the day and had a game with a local team.

On that weekend we won and to celebrate my first victory as a captain I tried a small party in the gym and also asked girls team to join, only for one reason, Cara would be there. That small party ended up being great. We went home, I fell asleep right away and did not wake up till it was noon already. I was still tired. but had some things to do, so went out with friends and then in the evening went to see Cara, but was gone with some of her friends. I called her a few times but she didn't answer so I left. Next day Cara came in she was tired and very sleepy like she didn't sleep all night. I asked but she refused to answer.

A few days passed like the same Cara didn't talk much and was with her female friends all the time. I was a bit worried and didn't know what to do about. I also asked mom about it but she didn't say anything but "I have no idea, you should give some time, she'll come around"

Later that day nearly at the time of dinner Cara's mom called, I got worried because she never called me. I answered and she asked me about some usual stuff about college and congratulated me for becoming captain. And all of a sudden she said "you better take good care of my daughter, and never break her heart"
"What just happened, I don't understand"
"Oh you don't understand, you don't understand..."
"Nope and I don't know what just happened to Cara she hasn't been talking to me lately and I don't know what's going on with her, maybe you can shine some light on that matter"
I heard her dad in back he said: "I knew it, I know all these stupid k**s, they don't know a thing about life and..." It was like he was silenced by Cara's mom. And she continued "well sorry about that, I also have no clue about it, I thought maybe you could tell me something"
"Well sorry to disappoint you"
We spoke about college stuff and my mom and my dad being a very idiot for leaving my mom and me that young, but that conversation scared me enough to break in her room that night, I found that she was alone and I knew if I go in she will probably freak out but at that moment I didn't think much and went in. She said "what are you doing here, come in and better you not seen by anyone here"
"Well I had to come, your parents called, they are worried and so am I, what's up with you"
"Well you won't understand"
"Try me, I understand that something's wrong and I want to know what is it."
"Well I'm breaking up with you if you want that"
I missed a few heartbeats at the same time and didn't know what to say. But still, the only thing that came to mind was "wa...wa...wa...why...what...."
"Yeah you heard me, now get the fuck out of this place"
I didn't know what to do, I just ran and went straight to room where I bolted the room and had the worst night of my life.i was heartbroken and the only girl I lived was speaking things that I was never prepared for, I didn't sleep, still went to a class in the morning. I head the same voices in my head that Cara told me. I was devastated. My mom had probably called me like 100 times and Cara's mom was calling me too. I had no response to her. In the noon classes, one of my teachers sent me out, as I was not paying attention and my phone was ringing again and again.

I went out and went to the washroom, I washed my face, called my mom, she cursed me first for not answering the phone for the whole day. Then I told her everything but she reacted as she knew, so I asked her. "Did you know anything about it."
"Yeah Cara's mom called me in the morning asking things about your you and Cara"
"Ok she called me too, but she called at dinner time"

She didn't say anything and there was this awkward silence, I hung the call and went to the room. As soon as I reached room my warden called me in his office and shown me a clip of me entering girls hostel and Cara's room. He is a very stubborn guy and asked me to leave the hostel my end of the month. My fee is returned to the hostel. Next thing I knew that I was torn out of the team for that same. but it was a good thing that I was not sent of the college. I also got to change a few subjects because I was not able to pick the pace. I went in for Computer and special programming. I also got a place to stay and my mom still supported me, she was the best person also she knew what I always wanted.

This place that I got was an old but well maintained and huge house for a single lady, her name was May, she only kept me as a paying guest because of the games that I played, she also against the policy of relationships, Hostel rule. She was not much older than my mom and also she worked at a bar. She was more than I could I asked for, she had no rule or whatsoever about times and she also gave me a key to all doors except for, of course, her room, I would have given them back if she did. She was a good woman. The room that I was in was on the first floor and was really nice and big for me. I was also allowed to bring friends but only boys, she knew that I was not gay. She also asked me to help her in the garden for some days.

We mostly grew what we ate, and it was great sc me chinkhan07. After nearly spending 3 weeks in there everything felt like home and, Cara was totally lost in memory, I sometimes missed her I missed the basketball, one of my neighbors asked me to join them but his coach said no because I was of a different college.

On one weekend I stayed at home, well home near college, May also stayed home, bar owner gave a day off in midweek. We planned to work in the garden, I learned how to pick vegetables and learned how to cut the grass so its perfect size.

When we got in May went to fridge to put everything in and I was sitting at the dinner table, may just bend over and her ass flexed to sit down, she moved so perfectly and was so amazing that dick was getting hard. I said "you got moves"

"You have no idea do you"
"About what"
"About moves" while she was pulling all those vegetables in.
"Ohk you will, soon"

She stood up and said "I know everything"
"About, you and your weekends"
"You too, it was not like I was fucking a slut or something she was my girlfriend and I loved her... Now that she is gone it was a shame that we are looked like that..."
"Oh I'm not talking about you and Cara, am talking about that 2 hour shows two times a day, ring any bell"
"Yeah, many, and how do you know that"
"It's my house I know everything that goes around here'
"Ok..." I did masturbate, cumshoot after cumshoot, load after load.
"How long have you known that," I asked
"Long enough, now get a shower, don't take very long I'm hungry"
"Oh yeah me too, it has been a while since we had lunch together," I said and went to the bathroom had a shower, changed my clothes and came down for lunch.

May was waiting for me at the table, we had lunch, and went to watch some TV. This was no surprise that the first channel that was playing was FTV, she loved watching it. After a while, I said well since this a rest day for me let me just have a nap. I went to my room and slept.

I woke up after 2 hours and I don't know why my dick was hard and it was going down even after ignoring it by using my phone, I needed to get rid of it, I can't go out like that. I went to the bathroom but May was already in there and I knew she will think odd of the situation that I'm in.

I went to my room and started to beat the dick, I was halfway there to cum and May banged the door and said "if you are awake and not beating shit than come and help me with something"

I was like why she was to say something like that or maybe she is horny and wanted something. I went to the hall anyway and my dick was still up and hard.

She said "get out and wait till a cab comes I'm going out and will be back in an hour, don't do anything stupid"

"Ok" what a relief, I thought but she saw my dick in pants, hard and pre cummed. She said "you won't be getting better anytime soon, right, well you have a punishment now"

"What the hell you talking about"
"Your dick asshole"
"Hey I respect you but this is something that I can't control" I heard a car horn outside.
"I think he is here"
"Ok but I think you are getting punished now, tell that cabin, I will book a new one"
"ok, but you have to go like you booked a cab and you knew they charge if you cancel like that"
"I know but I have to punish you and go and go do that already"
I canceled the cab and came back in. She said " get rid of that dick like right now or you are getting fucked, I love traps"
"I don't follow, like what is that what you just said"
"You heard me right"
"Hey look I know I've been watching a lot an of porn their days and I'm single you know about that, I don't think whatever you are saying that we have to do"
"A punishment is a punishment"
I had no option but to food whatever she said. I got naked, she got naked, and her body was white and huge boobs matching ass, perfect abs, the good and the well-shaped body had was in front of me.

She came near and took my dick in her hand and pulled it, she took me to her room. She took some condoms and, put two of them on my dick. That was a bit weird feeling for me because I never used condoms, and also my house owner was putting them on. She also used one, she used one in her ass first and then in her ass.

I knew what she was going to do. She was going to fuck her self till she gets satisfied, I knew what I had to do.

"Get on bed" I jumped on it and she took a strapped dildo like thing and put a condom on that and strapped around her pussy and came up on the bed, she said "be a bitch now, get on your knees and get down"

I did that, and next thing I felt was a very cold and slippery hard dildo getting up in my ass, I felt like I should die after that. After some moments I felt that dildo coming out and I felt that going back in just one stroke, and then decided to fuck her till I get satisfied and fill her up to my cum. She nearly fucked like that for a while. She was all out of breath, my ass was in pain. She took that dildo out and fell flat on the bed, her boobs fell after that and got up.

I got on her and took her ass up I can take her pussy, I did not suck or did nothing with her pussy but was going balls deep, she started to cry in the cert first stock, I felt her pussy gripping my dick but condoms lubed her all way and it was easy enough for me to get all deep in I was going all the way in and out with each stroke.

After a few I felt her condom coming out with mine I took that out and fucked her pussy without her condom, she cursed, cried, shouted but it was all a motivation for me that moment. I also get one condom out and fucked her for at least half an hour. I only took my dick out when she squinted, she did a few times.

She was done but I had a ling waiting and far from cumming, I turned her and took her ass, before that I took the condom out and fucked her ass, it was hard and she gaped a lot so I also put that strapped dildo in her ass and still fucked her ass. I was fucking her pussy and ass at the same time.

Her butts got all red from me banging and slapping them, I turned her once again and put that dildo in her ass and fucked her pussy, also kept on slapping her boobs. All those slappings made me fucked harder and harder.

I fucked her for nearly 45 mins by now and was about to cum, she kept on saying that don't cum in her pussy but I still took my condom and fuck d her pussy, and cummed in, as deep as I could go.

I got my dick out and I was still dripping so I pushed my dick in her ass and dripped in the ass too. Took some of the cum now dripping from her pussy on my dick, it was loose after that cum but still, it was hard enough to put my cum in her mouth.

After holding my cummed dick in mouth I took it out and slapped her boobs a few times and laid beside her, she was breathless and was all red and wed, I was wet from sweat and was satisfied, but here she was still not satisfied, she said “that's the best you can do”
“What the fuck, I just fucked for an hour now, and still you are like a bitch”
“Well I'm a bitch, and you don't have to be a dick, you have a dick, use it and fuck me now, start with my mouth”
“Hold on, let it get all, get some rest, I’ll take only a minute“
“Kiss me then, where ever and however you like”
“You got it” I started to kiss her boobs, they were huge, I sucked her boobs, they were milking, I took all I could, and my dick was hard again. as she said, I put my dick in her mouth and deepthroat fucked her, choked her, fucked her as fast as I could, I was balls deep in every stroke that took.

May was also enjoying, she had a dildo in her pussy, fucked as hard she could, but there was no pause to me, I just fucked her mouth, I got her death marks around my dick, I was in pain down there but still I fucked her mouth, I closed her nostrils and cummed in, after a moment when she took it all in I left her nostrils and stood up and left to my room.

I slept for the whole evening. I was so tired that when I walked, I had to lean to the wall for support, had some dinner, and slept for the rest of the night. Next morning when I went to university, I was asked to join the basketball team again, as I was the captain and I couldn't me just threw out like that. I also found that Cara was thrown for her poor performance. She was also sent out of the hostel for the mistakes she made.

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