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Later that night before we go to bed I go into Lisa's room and hand her a piece of paper. "Some homework for you on that project we're working on," I say, smiling at her. She takes the paper and reads the title "Mind-blowing Blowjob Techniques" it says in bold letters across the top of the page.

"Where did you get this?" she asks, laughing.

"I downloaded it with my file sharing software. I just searched oral sex technique .doc and there it was. Study it and be ready after school tomorrow for an "oral" exam," I tease as I go back to my room. I have my own homework to do. When I was searching for blowjob techniques, I also discovered sensual oral techniques for eating pussy. I figure if I'm going to take this to the next level with Lisa, I had better have great technique, too.

After school the next day, Lisa and I walk home together.

"I can't wait until we get home!" Lisa says, hardly able to control herself. "I'm really looking forward to our practice, today."

"So am I, but I have an idea," I explain to her as we walk. "When we get home, let's pretend that I'm Tony and you've invited him over after school. Tell him you've been thinking about what you guys were talking about the other night. Then, when you get in the house, take him into your bedroom and tell him you're sorry that you haven't thought about his needs and you want to make it up to him. What do you think?" I have another reason why I want her to start thinking about her and Tony in her bedroom. When it happens, I want to watch through the window.
"Okay. I did my homework," she says, smiling. "I think you'll like what I've got planned for you, Jack." Lisa skips ahead of me. "Come on!"

"Just call me Tony," I say, as I catch up with her and we turn up our driveway.

Inside the house, Lisa turns to me. "Thanks for coming over, Tony," she says. "Why don't we go into my bedroom? We can talk while I change." She takes my hand and leads me down the hallway to her bedroom. "Kick off your shoes and get comfortable on my bed, while I get out of my school clothes." She smiles while she unbuttons her blouse and slips it off her shoulders.

"I've been thinking, Tony," she says, as she unhooks her bra and slides it off her arms. Her tits bounce gently and I can see her nipples are already hard. So is my cock! "The way you touched me the other night felt really good, but I haven't done anything to help you feel good." She unzips her skirt, slips it down and pulls it off her legs. With just her panties on, she starts walking towards the bed.

"I want to make it up to you, now, Tony. Stand up," she says, pulling me to my feet and unbuttoning my shirt. She slips it off my shoulders, and then unsnaps my jeans. Pulling down my zipper, she begins tugging my jeans down and I lift each leg so she can pull them all the way off. I'm standing there in just my boxers. Her hard nipples brush against my chest, as she leans up to whisper in my ear.

"I want to suck your cock," she whispers. "I want to make you cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum and then lick you clean." Wow! She really paid attention to the section on talking dirty and teasing. My cock is sticking straight out, making a tent in my boxer shorts. Lisa kneels down, pulls the elastic of my boxers out over my hard cock and slips them down my legs. She slides back up my body, rubbing her tits against me as she stands up.

"Lie down on the bed," she says, gently pushing me back. Kneeling on the bed, between my legs, she leans down, rubbing her tits along my thighs. Then, catching my cock in the valley between them, she slides her body forward. Her nipples graze my stomach as she slides higher until her nipples are touching mine. She starts kissing me and gently rocking her panty covered mound against my cock. Her nipples are rubbing lightly up and down my chest.

"I can't wait to taste you," she whispers and begins kissing a trail from my chin to my chest. She sucks my nipples into her mouth; first the left one and then the right one, nibbling them until they harden on my chest. She continues kissing down my stomach, planting a kiss on the end of my erect cock. It's rock hard and sticking straight up, but she bypasses it to lick all around my balls. Finally, she takes one long lick, gliding her tongue from my balls to the tip of my cock. Slipping just the tip in her mouth, she runs her tongue over the end of it.

"Do you like that?" she asks, lifting her lips from my cock. "Would you like some more?"

"God yes! Lisa, you are amazing!" She keeps licking long strokes up the under side of my cock, and nibbling the end, until I think I'll explode. Taking my cock in her hand, she begins stroking up and down, while her other hand caresses my balls. Slipping her mouth over the end of my saliva-coated cock, she starts gently sucking. As I'm wondering how long I'll be able to hold out if she keeps this up, her tongue flicks the underside of my cock, just under the head. The sensation is incredible.

I feel her blonde hair brushing against my thighs, as she continues stroking and sucking my cock and playing with my balls. She's creating a steady rhythm with her sucking and still using her tongue to lick the underside of my cock. It's driving me crazy; she is like every blowjob fantasy come true. I'm pushing up off the bed and trying to drive my cock farther into her mouth, I can feel the tension building in my balls and I'm getting close. She starts stroking faster, sucking harder and flicking her tongue against my cock, inside her mouth. I'm just about to shoot my load, when she pulls her head off, slides her hand all the way down my cock and presses her thumb hard against the base of my cock, holding it there.

"Jesus Christ, Lisa! I was just about to cum. Why did you stop?" I'm panting and frustrated at her for stopping me from cumming.

She looks at me, with a dreamy look in her eyes, as she licks her lips. "Trust me, Jack, I did some homework, too. I'm going to make you cum harder than you ever thought possible."

She leans down and slowing sucks the head of my cock back into her mouth. She flicks her tongue back and forth just under the head and begins stroking up and down with her hand again. She rolls my balls back and forth with her other hand and I think I've died and gone to heaven. I've never felt anything like this. My cock feels harder than I thought possible and the tension starts building all over again. It's like I'm experiencing the entire blowjob over again from the beginning. It doesn't take long this time and I'm jerking my ass off the bed, driving my cock up into her mouth. She keeps right with me, stroking and sucking and playing with my balls.

"Yes, Lisa! You are fucking amazing! My god that was... WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" She stopped again and is repeating the thumb pressure, like before.

"This isn't funny, Lisa. I was so close. I was just about to cum!" I lay back on the bed, panting. My chest is heaving.

"I know," she says, her face flush. "I read that this is the closest a guy can come to having multiple orgasms and I wanted to try it with you. Your cock is so hard! It's all swollen and purple on the head. I think it likes me." She smiles at me playfully, tilting her head to the side. "Besides I'm really enjoying myself and I don't want to stop yet. Sucking your cock is making me so hot. If I let you cum this time, will you put your fingers inside my wet pussy again, Jack, like you did yesterday?"

"Yes, just let me cum, will you?" Remembering how she looked bouncing up and down with my fingers inside her wet pussy, make me even harder, if that's possible.

She again takes my cock in her mouth and gently sucks just the head, while stroking my cock with her hand. By now it's so hard and sensitive that when she starts licking with her tongue and moving her lips up and down the shaft, I'm out of control. She rubs my balls and I'm on edge, wondering if she's going to stop again or finally let me cum. I'm jerking wildly, fucking her mouth and screaming for her to let me cum.

"Please Lisa! Don't stop! Please! Please! Please! I'm so close. I'm so fucking close! Please!"

I start cumming and I don't think I'll ever stop. Lisa keeps stroking and sucking and swallowing and I just keep spewing more and more cum in her mouth. She was right. I'm cumming harder than I would have believed possible. It feels like my whole body is throbbing, as I shoot load after load of cum in her mouth. As hard as she tries, she can't swallow it fast enough. Some of it runs out of her mouth and down around my cock.

I finally stop cumming and fall back on her bed, panting. When Lisa finishes swallowing the last of my cum, she sucks my cock clean and lets it slowly plop out of her mouth, onto my stomach. She glides her tongue down my very sensitive shaft and starts licking around the base of my cock. It takes me a minute to realize she's licking up the cum that overflowed out of her mouth. My god! For someone who had never touched a cock before yesterday, she is fucking amazing.

She finishes lapping up the cum and glides her body up along mine, until she is lying on top of me. Our eyes meet. "So," she says as she plants kisses on my face. "Did I pass the oral exam? I did a little research on my own. Could you tell?" Her lips are hot and wet. She presses them against mine, I open my mouth and she pushes her hot tongue inside. It tastes funny, but then I've never tasted my cum before.

"I am so hot, Jack," she whispers. Touch me, please."

All pretense of me being Tony is gone. It is just us. Jack and Lisa: brother and sister. Tasting the joys of i****tuous love. I want her to feel as great as she just made me feel.

"I'm going to do more than touch you, Lisa. I want to taste you." Remembering my reaction to her talking about sucking my cock, I whisper to her what I'm going to do.

"I'm going to lick you and push my tongue up inside you. I'm going eat your pussy and taste your juices. Unlike guys, they say that girls can have multiple orgasms. We're going to see if that's true." I roll her over onto her back and lie next to her. Leaning up on my elbow and looking down at her beautiful body, I still can't believe all this is happening. My twin sister, who has just given me the world's best blowjob, is now lying there waiting for me to eat her pussy.

Lying down, her tits look like two perfectly rounded little bumps, connected by a white stripe where her swimsuit top covers. Her firm, white mounds are topped with little rosebud nipples that are rock hard right now and remind me of pink pencil erasers, the way they stick out. I trace a circle around her tits with my finger, then bend my head down and suck her left nipple into my mouth. Massaging her tit with my hand, I take the nipple between my teeth, biting gently, as I flick the tip of it with my tongue.

"Mmmm. That feels great!" Lisa is running her fingers through my hair and smiling at me.

After a while I switch to her right tit and give it the same treatment. While still nibbling on her nipple, I move my hand down from her breast, across her stomach and into her panties. Combing my fingers through her blonde hair, I feel the heat even before I touch the moisture. I rub my finger up and down her juicy slit. She is soaking wet and my finger easily slips inside her pussy. I start moving my finger in and out, while rubbing my hand against her mound.

"God, Jack! Yes!" She's moving her ass off the bed, humping my finger and holding my head against her tit. I kiss my way from her tits to her chin, before pressing my lips against hers and slipping my tongue in her mouth. While twisting my tongue around hers, I slip another finger into her pussy. She is humping hard against my two fingers, as I piston them in and out, creating a sloshing sound with her juices.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Jack! Ohhhhhhh!" she moans. Bucking hard against my fingers, she clamps her legs together, trapping my fingers inside her. Pushing down hard against my hand, she works her tongue deeper into my mouth. Finally, relaxing her legs, she drops them back on the bed, her pussy quivering around my fingers. I move my mouth from hers and she gasps for air.

"Thank you, Jack" she smiles, "that was just what I needed."

"That was just the beginning, Sis. We've got to get rid of these panties," I whisper, as I gently remove my fingers from her pussy and position myself between her legs. She lifts her ass off the bed and I slip her panties down to her thighs. Lifting her legs in the air, I pull them all the way off. I sit there for a minute between her legs, just staring at her lovely body. She is incredible! I can't take my eyes off her beautiful tits that I've been watching through the window for two months, and sucking on for the past few minutes. Her flat, tan stomach, leading down to her blonde, v-shaped bush and her glistening, wet pussy lips, soaked with her juices, just inviting me to take a taste.

"You look like a goddess," I say. "You are so beautiful." I lean my face down to her pussy and take one long lick from the bottom of her slit up along her pussy lips and over the top of her clit. The taste, mixed with her aroma, is intoxicating and I feel like I'm getting drunk on her pussy juice.

"Ohhhhhh. Fuck! Jack!" she moans.

I lick her juice from all around her pussy without touching her pussy lips. I lick along the outside of her lips, gently sucking one, and then the other of her pussy lips, into my mouth. She keeps moving around, trying to position my tongue directly on her pussy.

"Oh my god, Jack! Your tongue feels so good. Oh, Jack, eat my pussy!" she cries, pushing her ass off the bed, trying to make better contact with my tongue.

I slide my arms behind her knees, lifting her legs to give me better access to her pussy and to keep her from moving around so much. I finally slip my tongue inside and start lapping up her juices, as I tongue fuck her. I'm sliding my tongue in and out of her pussy and licking all around, pushing against her inside walls. She is soaking wet and pussy juice is coating my mouth and my cheeks, as I move my head from side to side, giving her different sensations with my tongue.

"Oh, Jack! Oh, Jack!" Lisa screams, thrashing around on the bed. "What are you doing? That is so fucking wonderful! I've never felt anything like it!"

I move my tongue up so I'm licking the top of her slit, just below her clit and slip two fingers inside her pussy. I pump my fingers in and out of her pussy as I gently lick her clit. Remembering everything I'd read about eating pussy, I suck her clit into my mouth and begin flicking my tongue across it, as I keep moving my fingers in and out of her. I read that if you suck the clit too hard it can get really sore, so I suck gently, letting my tongue lightly slide over it inside my mouth. I continue to finger fuck her harder and harder with my two fingers.

"Ohh, Jack! Mmmm, Jack! Oh, God!" Lisa is moaning and twisting her body around, humping my fingers and pushing her clit against my tongue. "Don't stop! I'm cumming again! Just keep doing that! Exactly that! Ohhhhhhhh God! Don't Stop!"

I'm tempted, just for a second to stop, like Lisa did with me. But I know that would be mean and wouldn't have the same effect as it did on me. I keep sucking her clit, trying to keep it in my mouth, as she is humping against my face. I'm flicking my tongue across her clit, inside my mouth, as best I can with her writhing around so much. I can't tell if I'm moving my fingers in and out of her or she's doing all the moving, but she finally clamps down on my fingers with her pussy. Letting out a loud moan, she grabs the back of my head, holding it hard against her pussy. Her shoulders are up off the bed and she's bucking her hips up and down, shaking, throbbing and gushing pussy juice, as she cums. When her orgasm finally subsides, her head falls back on the bed and her chest is heaving up and down. She finally releases the pressure on the back of my head and I start sucking her clit again.

"Mmmmm, stop, Jack," she says as she grabs my head. "It's too sensitive right now. That was... I can't describe it, Jack. You can't possibly know how that felt. You are the most amazing brother in the whole fucking world!" She has relaxed back on the bed, my fingers are still inside her pussy and I can feel her pussy walls throbbing like a heartbeat.

"I'm going to clean you up with my tongue, like you did me," I tell her. One article I read said that if you slowly lick all the juice from around the pussy and the top of the thighs, by the time you are done, she'll be hot and ready again. I figure it's worth a try, and I really want to taste her again.

"I'm pretty sensitive right now, Jack, "she says, dreamily as I start licking the inside of her upper thigh.

"If I hit any places that are too sensitive, just tell me." I know her thighs won't be. "Is this, okay?"

"Yeah, that feels nice." She's speaking slowly and softly. "I really came hard, Jack. Whatever you were doing with your mouth and your fingers was like nothing I've ever felt before." As she's speaking, I continue to lick all around her upper thighs and her ass, where her juices ran down when I took my fingers out.

"I'm glad you liked it. I really enjoyed it too," I say, continuing to lick. "I did a little homework of my own and experimented with some of the things I read. It seemed to work out okay."

"It worked wonderfully," she says. "Mmmmm, that feels really good, you licking me like that, Jack." She's starting to move a little as I lick around her pussy. She's just slightly pushing back against my tongue and trying to move it closer to her pussy. I slide my tongue over her pussy lips and gently lick them clean of their juices. She doesn't tell me she's too sensitive, so I take a long lick up inside her pussy, pulling out a tongue full of creamy, hot liquid.

"Mmmmm, yeah." Is all she says as she pushes her pussy up to meet my tongue for some in and out tongue fucking. Pretty soon I replace my tongue with my fingers and I'm sucking her clit and finger fucking her just like before. This time she is totally out of control, pushing her ass up off the bed, humping my fingers, shaking her head from side to side and grabbing the bedspread in her hands, curling it around her fingers.

"Oh God, Jack! Ohhh! Ohhhh! Ohhhh! Yes! That feels soooo..." She's bucking her ass wildly in the air. My tongue flicks across her clit, which I've sucked completely inside my mouth. I'm pushing my fingers in and out and twisting them back and forth, sloshing her hot juices all around inside her burning, young pussy. She pulls hard on the bedspread and her head and shoulders lift off the bed. Her eyes are closed, her mouth is open and she's moaning loudly as she pushes harder against my mouth and my fingers.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Fuck! I'm cumming again! Jack! Ohhhhhh! I'm cuuuuummmmmmming!" My face and hand are completely soaked with her juices and I'm having trouble keeping my mouth on her clit, as she bounces frantically up and down on the bed. I stay with her, sucking and flicking her clit until she pushes up hard against my mouth and clamps her legs around my fingers, jerking wildly. Her juices run down my arm and soak the bedspread beneath her ass. She slowly lowers her ass and lets her head fall back on the bed. I can feel her pussy pulsating around my fingers, as I let her clit slip from my mouth.

I wipe my face on a dry part of the bedspread and watch her tits rise and fall heavily as she catches her breath. My cock is rock hard and if this wasn't my sister, I would slip it into her steaming, wet pussy. Leaving my fingers inside her, I begin tracing kisses up her body. She's still catching her breath from her orgasm and I gently tease her rising and falling nipples, which are now rock solid points, in the middle of her firm, round tits. I continue planting kisses up her neck and onto her face. My tongue, still wet from her juices, gently licks across her lips and she opens her mouth sucking it inside. We kiss slowly and passionately, alternating pushing our tongues into each other's mouth, exchanging saliva and pussy juice.

She relaxes her legs and lets them fall open, allowing me to slide my fingers out. I break off the kiss and smile at her. Bringing my hand up to my face, I begin licking the pussy juice off one of my fingers. She laughs.

"You're crazy, Jack," she says, and then takes my hand and starts licking the other pussy soaked finger. "But I love you and I love what you do to me."

"You're crazy too and I love you. I love every part of you. I especially love how you taste. I could eat you all day and never get tired of it." It's the truth. Her sweet nectar is the biggest turn-on I've ever experienced. I love eating her pussy and the feeling I get as I'm driving her out of control.

"Your body is so responsive, Lisa. You're going to have to be careful about how you let guys touch you."

"My body is responsive to you, Jack. I can't seem to get enough of you." She looks at me, starts to say something and then stops. She reaches down and puts her hand around my rigid cock, gently running her fingers up and down the shaft. "Looks like you're ready for more."

"Yeah, eating you really turned me on! I could use another of your world famous blowjobs before you go off to get your boyfriend back. I get so turned on just looking at you, touching you, holding you and of course tasting you. Would you suck me off again, Lisa?"
"I don't really want to suck you off again, Jack," she says quietly, as she keeps lightly stroking my cock. "I want you inside me. I want you to fuck me, Jack.

I can't believe I'm hearing right. My twin sister, who I've been fantasizing about, as I spied on her through her window, is now asking me to fuck her delicious, young pussy. But I'm having second thoughts. If I fuck her, then there goes the reason for the blowjob lessons and her concern about letting Tony or other guys fuck her. I've been thinking that if she gave her boyfriends blowjobs, but didn't let them fuck her, she'd be coming home to me hot and horny after her dates. If I take her virginity now, there's less reason for her to put limits on what she'll do with other guys, and less opportunity for me.

"Lisa, what about keeping your virginity. What about waiting for 'THE ONE' like we've been talking? We're only doing this to give you blowjob practice to get Tony back from Barbara the slut, right?" Even as the words leave my mouth, I realize that we've already gone much farther than simple blowjob practice. I want her more than I've ever wanted anyone. I really don't want to share her with any boyfriends.

"Jack, I don't care about Tony. He can have Barbara, the slut. Right now, I'm aching for you to slide your hard cock up into my burning, wet pussy. Don't you see, Jack? You're THE ONE. I want you to take my cherry. Please, Jack," she pleads. "Do it for me. Please."

She moves her hand down from my cock shaft and is playing with my balls. I'm hard as a rock and I know her pussy is as ready as it is ever going to be for her to lose her virginity with as little pain as possible.

"It might hurt a little at first," I tell her. "It might be better if you're on top and lower yourself onto me, so you control how fast it goes."

"I trust you Jack, and besides it's like a swamp down there right now, after what you've been doing to me. I think you'll slip right in without much problem, don't you." I laugh at her description of herself and kiss her hard on her lips.

"I love you, Lisa," I whisper as I pull my mouth from hers and look her in the eyes. "I've never wanted anyone as much as I want you." I slowly slide my cock head inside her pussy. I had positioned myself over her as we were kissing, and now I watch her face as I gently push my cock in a little farther.

"You are the most beautiful, sexy, delicious girl in the whole fucking world," I say, pushing very slowly inside her well-lubricated, little hole. She smiles at me and raises her knees off the bed, spreading her legs wider apart. She is extremely tight, but her juices help me slide about half way in.

She starts kissing me again, as my cockhead starts to meet resistance. I must be pushing against her hymen. I pull back, sliding my hard cock along the narrow channel of her velvety pussy.

"This is it," I say, locking eyes with her. "Are you sure?" Instead of answering me, she raises her feet off the bed, wrapping them tightly around my ass. Pushing down with her heels and thrusting her hips upward, she plunges my cock down into her pussy the rest of the way.

"Arrgghhhh!" Lisa cries, as my cock breaks through and my balls slap her ass. I gently rest her back down on the bed and just hold her without moving.

"You okay, Sis?" I ask, watching her face for signs of regret.

"Yeah," she smiles, although it's almost a grimace. "It surprised me mostly, but I'm getting used to it now," she says, wiggling around, trying to get comfortable. She is so tight, and the inside of her pussy is so hot against my cock, it feels like her juices are boiling.

"It feels pretty wonderful, Jack," she says, after a minute. "Your cock fills me up like your fingers never could." She relaxes her legs and moves her feet back onto the bed, keeping her knees up and her legs spread wide apart.

"Fuck me, Jack. I'm ready for you to really fuck me!"

I slowly pull the entire length of my cock out of her snug, little pussy until just the head is inside. Then, just as slowly I push it all the way back in. She is steaming hot and so tight that it feels like a thousand needles are massaging my cock. I repeat the slow sliding in and out until she is arching her back and raising her hips up to meet my strokes. It's like a dream. I'm actually fucking my sister! My cock is sliding in and out of my twin sister's tight, virgin pussy. No one will ever feel her pussy like I'm feeling it right now. I start pumping faster.

"Yeah, Jack, faster like that. I want you to fuck me faster." My sister is now raising up her ass and matching me stroke for stroke. Her hands are gripping my back, pulling me tightly against her. My face is buried in her neck and my arms are under her shoulders. With my hands holding her body from sliding up the bed, I slam my cock harder into her pussy. My balls are slapping her ass and she's grinding her clit against me as I plunge deeper and deeper into her hot, virgin hole.

"Keep going faster, Jack! Yeah, harder like that. Don't stop, Jack. Don't stop. Yes! Yes! Ohhhhh God! Jack! Jack! Pleeeeeeeezz don't stop!! Ohhhhhhhh." She is clawing at my back and screaming as we keep up the pounding rhythm of our lovemaking. I'm getting close and I'm trying hard to keep up with her, as she arches up and down faster and faster, pushing my cock in and out of her incredibly tight pussy.

"Ohhhhhh, Don't stop, Jack! I'm cumming!" She wraps her arms around me and holds me tightly to her. I pound into her as hard as I can. My balls are slapping against her ass and I can actually hear my cock moving in and out of her slushy, wet pussy. When her fiery pussy walls clamp down on my rigid cock, it puts me over the top and the first load of cum, to ever touch her virgin pussy, is squeezed out in spasmic bursts from my hard, throbbing cock. She bucks and shivers as our orgasms meet each other in a climatic push and she wraps her legs around me, holding me deep inside her.

We are both panting and I can feel her chest rise and fall against mine. I turn my head and kiss her gently on the lips. We stay tensely pushed up against each other, waiting for our orgasms to subside. My cock is fully spent inside her and I can feel her pussy pulsating around it. I relax a little as I lay there on top of her, catching my breath. Neither of us says anything for a long time. We just hold on to each other basking in the afterglow of her first time. Lisa is the first to speak.

"That was wonderful, Jack!" she says, turning her head to look at me. "It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would. You were so gentle and so loving. And of course, you had gotten me so hot." She's smiling up at me with her head tilted to one side. "So, still think being with your sister is weird? Do you think what we're dong is wrong?"

"It isn't weird, Lisa. What's weird is that you're so incredibly sexy; you make me forget about any girl I've ever been with or even fantasized about. While squeezing her pussy muscles around my spent cock, Lisa says, "You've made me into a woman today.”

“We better get ourselves and your bed cleaned up. We have about another hour before Mom gets home. I think we should take a shower."

"Together?" she asks, smiling up at me.

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