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Mrs West lends a hand
“That’s the last,” I said.

June looked around at the boxes. She seemed stunned almost. She blinked and shook her head. Then sucked in a deep breath before letting it all out in one long sigh.

“I can’t believe I’m leaving this house,” she said.

June looked at me over the rims of her glasses. Black frames. Not especially stylish. A purely functional necessity which still managed to stir me up on a carnal level.

To see her perched on the foot of the bed with her blonde hair loosely pinned up, a few fine strands floating free at her temples, June and her glasses put me in mind of an old-fashioned schoolmarm. A look that sent a frisson of something illicit slithering through me as dark urges uncurled.

“Thirty years I’ve lived here,” she said. June surveyed the boxes again, sighing once more. “God, it’s a lifetime.”

I said, “It’ll be weird not having you as a neighbour anymore, Mrs West.” Which was my way of saying I’d miss spying on her as she sunbathed in her back garden. Our houses were fully detached, a high wooden fence dividing the properties at the rear. We lived in a quiet cul-de-sac in well-to-do Surrey. Our house and hers at the six-o’clock apex, the positioning giving June West complete privacy. There were no neighbours overlooking her place at the back.

Except for the attic window in our house. It took an effort to do it, but, if I knelt on the desk my father had installed when he converted the attic, I could see a wedge of next door’s garden. The very spot June chose to lay herself out in the sun.

June fixed me with another look over the rims of those glasses, her expression reinforcing the school-teacher aspect.

She said, “I’ve been here since they brought you home. Since you were born.”

I thought the way she said it was odd. June had a distant look in her eyes, speaking as though I wasn’t there. Like she was talking to herself.

Not knowing what to say, I kept my mouth shut. It was enough just being in the same room with her; being close to her; being able to look at her in her canary yellow dress and recall her trim figure when I’d spied from the attic window. The colour complemented her light summer tan, her shoulders and arms bare while I took a quick, sneaky glance at her boobs. To where June’s nipples stuck out. The pebble-sized points clearly outlined beneath the close-fitting fabric. Although the scooped neckline was modest enough, it was obvious June West wasn’t wearing a bra. From there, inevitably, like night follows day, my focus went to her legs. Tanned and smooth and crossed at the thighs, the dress pulled taut at its hem as she leaned back, her arms straight behind her, palms against the quilt.

When she next spoke her words brought fire into my cheeks.

“You’ve been looking at me a lot lately, haven’t you, Alan,” she said.

It wasn’t a question so much as a simple statement of fact.

I looked at her face and knew she’d seen me checking her legs. My eyes slid away from June’s intense gaze. Her stare came at me from behind the glasses, sending another slither of sexual arousal inside me, the feeling mixed in with a dose of chagrin. I was embarrassed at being caught, mortified because she’d noticed my previous interest.

“Nuh-no,” I stammered, trying for the lie.

June laughed. A mocking scoff. An emphatic refusal to believe my denial.

“Don’t try to give me that old codswallop,” she said with a shake of her head.

Her tone that made it quite clear she wasn’t having any of it.

“I’m fifty-two years old, Alan. I <i>know</i> when a man’s interested. And,” she went on, amusement apparent in the sound of her voice, “you do make it so obvious, sweetheart.”


“Come here, Alan,” she said, patting the bed beside her.

I stood there and gawked for a few beats, my mind unable to function on any logical plane. I knew I was doing it, just gaping at her, vaguely aware I was staring in shock, dimly aware of the weight of my own hanging jaw.

“Come on, sweetie,” June added, cajoling me to her with a curl of an arm. “This is important,” she said. “I want to talk to you. I’ve been thinking … a lot. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with how best to approach this. I’ve been waiting for you to make a move,” June continued. She shrugged and rolled her eyes and then grinned at me. “But you’re just too shy, aren’t you?” she said. “I should have known, really. I know what you’re like, Alan. So I’m going to use the direct approach.”

I gulped as the implications percolated through. I had an idea of what she meant, but the impossibility of it was too much for me to process. It couldn’t be true. Despite my fantasies and masturbatory frenzies while imagining the very scene I found myself in, my brain refused to accept it was really going on.

So I just continued to stand there like the idiot removed from the village.

“Alan?” June crooned. “Hello? Earth calling Alan…”

“Mrs West--?” I said.

“I haven’t been a Mrs for over two years,” June put in, cutting me off. “I divorced him, remember?”

I nodded, the wheels in my brain starting a slow rotation again. It wouldn’t be an immediate process, but my thoughts were beginning to clear.

“I know,” I said with a shrug. “But--”

June stopped me again. “Look, it’s like this…”

She paused and winced and sighed again.

“God, June,” she said to herself, her eyes fixed on her lap. “Calm down and tell him,” she added, chin coming up so she could fix me with another look from behind those glasses. “Alan, I know you’ve been looking at me.” She held up a hand as a warning. “Don’t interrupt,” she said. “Let me say what I have to.”

Time warped into a very strange and paradoxical state. It seemed to slow down, the moments stretching out like some cinematographer’s trick while also rushing by so quickly it would be difficult for me to recall just what occurred between us in the next several minutes.

It was an odd thing to focus upon, but when her hand fell back to the bed, I noticed her fingers blanched as she gripped at the quilt. That’s when it occurred to me June was as nervous as hell. Which made perfect sense since she was a friend of the family. Had been for years. And, if she was contemplating seduction as I vaguely suspected and hoped, she was bound to be nervous about it.

The full realisation of what seemed to be about to happen got my cock hard. Desire exploded inside me. I still couldn’t believe it was true. Surely she didn’t mean she wanted to fuck me? But my body’s response worked well ahead of my mind. Instinct told me June West was about to offer me sexual favours.

“Oh Jesus,” I gasped. “Mrs West…”

June glared at me over the rims of her spectacles. “I said, don’t interrupt me,” she snapped.

“I’m sorry,” I gulped.

“Will you shut <i>UP</i>!”

Her ferocity shocked me. I blinked and stepped back a couple of paces.

“Look,” she continued in a conciliatory tone. “Let me say what I have to. All right?”

I nodded and kept my mouth shut.

“Okay,” breathed June after a few seconds pause. “I think I know the answers but I’m going to ask you anyway – You don’t have a girlfriend, do you?”

I shook my head and managed to stammer out a negative response.

“And you’re a virgin, aren’t you, Alan?”

She said it close to a whisper, her gaze locked on my face. I felt my face warm and considered the lie. It occurred to me that if I said yes she might never make the offer. If she thought I was a complete dunce, without any experience at all, June might call it off and send me on my way with a red face and a hard-on.

“The truth, Alan,” she murmured when I didn’t reply after ten seconds or more. “Don’t be embarrassed. Just be honest with me.”

June paused, her focus remaining set on my face, and it was the way she said it and the expression she wore which drew the nod from me. Tenderness for her swelled in my chest. I recalled her devastation when she’d discovered her husband of a quarter century had been unfaithful – all through their marriage it seemed from what I’d picked up.

“Yeah, I am,” I replied when June told me she she’d had enough lies in the past.

“That’s perfect,” she said. “Those are just the right answers. I wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt any girlfriend you might have had. And you being a virgin means you’re going to be pure. I don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises.”

It took a couple of seconds for me to realise she meant any diseases.

Then lust flared white hot inside me, a low moan of desire bubbling out of my chest when June quietly said, “No condoms. We can be bare together, Alan. We can make your first time so beautiful, sweetheart.”


When June gave me my first ever hand-job, I came in under a minute. June coaxed me to orgasm, slowly working my dick until the jizm shot out. I gave her no warning. Not a jerk of the hips or a groan. I just squeezed her breasts and felt the surge burst forth, the first splash of it hitting the right lens of her glasses.

After she made the comment about being bare together, June bade me to sit beside her. She patted the bed. She told to sit. My limbs trembled with excitement when I complied.

“Don’t look so worried,” she murmured, a reassuring hand on my shoulder. “It’s going to be wonderful, sweetie. I’m going to take care of you, Alan.”

Predictably, I managed to croak out, “I don’t believe this is happening,” which made June chuckle, pressure from her hand easing me back so she could get at my belt.

“It is, I can assure you,” she said, fingers down at the buckle.

I gaped at the sight of it, her hands shucking my jeans to my thighs while I eased my backside up off the bed.

“Look at me, Alan,” she breathed, palm sliding over the ridge in my undies.

June’s hand went to the scooped neck of her dress. She caressed the expanse of décolletage with the backs of her fingers, sweeping them down over the outline of her nipples before easing one strap from her shoulder.

“Do you want to look at my boobs?” she asked.

Without waiting for any response from me, June slid the other strap low. She paused, our eyes locking for a moment or two. Then June’s head canted to one side, expression intent, her focus set on my face while she rolled the dress down to expose her breasts to my gaze.

I gurgled out some inarticulate sound, a hand going to her body in automatic response.

“You’re lovely,” I mumbled, thrilled by the texture. I caressed one of June’s breasts, feeling the skin, the spongy softness of it causing a pulse of desire through the length of my dick. “Can I suck them?” I asked.

“Of course you can, darling,” she said on a murmur. “Touch me, kiss me, suck my breasts if you want to.”

I ducked in to take one teat between my lips. I suckled at the fleshy tip, moving my attention across to its twin, my hands full of pliant tit-flesh.

She gave me some time at her body. I snuffled and snorted, aroused beyond compare because she was real and it wasn’t a fantasy I’d created for masturbatory pleasure. After a time, June gently eased my face away from her breasts. Her hands went to my underwear while I revelled in the absolute bliss of knowing I was going to experience it all with such a gorgeous woman.

“We’re going to do all kinds of filthy-dirty things together, Alan,” June said, hauling my underwear down. “Oh!” she cried when my erection sprang up, eager and ready to play. “Somebody’s excited,” she trilled, beaming a smile. “Such a lovely hard cock.”

I whimpered and groaned when her fingers encircled the shaft. June squeezed as though testing virility of my erection, the roll of her eyes and her gasp telling me she was delighted by what I had to offer.

“Let me do this,” June whispered, her fist starting to work. “Easy,” she said. “Don’t get carried away. Gently,” June cooed when I hissed through my teeth and tried to fuck into her hand. “We’ve got as long as we want. Take it slowly, Alan. Let me do it. Just enjoy the moment.”

I gulped down on the urges rising within. I wanted to take control over proceedings. I wanted to get up and haul June’s dress up to her waist. I wanted to see what her pussy was like. It was a time of sudden, desperate need, my instinct all about spreading her legs and plunging in up to my balls.

“I … I want to fuck you,” I gurgled.

June chuckled, a restraining hand on my shoulder while she kept on caressing my cock.

“We’ll get there, don’t worry,” she said. “I’ve been thinking about it for a while, you know. I’ve dithered for days. I mean, there are so many reasons why I shouldn’t be doing this with you.”

June shrugged, her hand cranking my length.

“But,” she went on, “you’ve always been such a sweet boy. And you’ve been such a help during the packing.”

Then she said it. June uttered the words that brought forth the rush. I was looking at her face when she said it, her use of the profanity shocking me even as the first spurt burst out.

“I promise you, Alan,” she murmured. “I’ll let you fuck me.”


I groaned and savoured the sensations, the rush of cum through my core and the texture of her breasts in my palms. Then I leaned in to suck at her nipple. The teat was hard between my teeth as I nuzzled at June, her arousal apparent. Just as I went in I saw her flinch, semen spattering against the lens of her glasses. I had time to notice the second squirt hit flick over her lips and, when that second burst hit her, June licked at the goo. Then it was on me, the release making me moan, my mouth full of June’s breast while she milked me dry of my seed.

“Come for me, darling!” she squeaked, apparently unperturbed at tasting my jizm. “That’s right,” she added, chortling before gasping, “Let me watch it come out. Oh God, I love it. It’s so exciting to see you doing it, Alan.”

June kept on working my length, coaxing the last dribble out of my dick. She smeared gloop over the head of my cock with her thumb while grinning into my face.

“You’re a mucky pup, aren’t you,” said June as she wiped the back of a hand over her chin.

I saw the dimples in her cheeks when June examined the smear.

“I didn’t expect you to shoot it over my face,” she continued before inspecting the mess I’d made on her chest. “God, it’s <i>every</i>where, Alan. Do you always come like a fountain?”

I was sucking in air, shocked by what had just happened. “Mrs West, I…” I began, then fell silent because I had no clue about what I was going to say. In the end, I just shook my head and allowed my stunned gaze to settle over the spunk dribbling over June’s skin.

“This is what I want you to do,” June said, her hand still slowly caressing my shaft.

I was undiminished down there, my cock still erect and ready for more.

“You’re going to phone home and tell your mother you’re staying at a friend’s house tonight.” She levelled a look towards me, the one lens muddy with cum. “I don’t enjoy the idea of telling her lies,” went on June. “But I’ll compromise my morals over that subject this once.”

She took off the glasses and squeezed at my girth, her eyes going down to my dick before she returned her attention to my face.

“I’m too selfish for this to let anything get in the way,” she said. “Oh, Alan,” June sighed. “I really want us to love. I want you to stay with me tonight. I’d love to be your first time, sweetheart,” she murmured, almost embarrassed as she gave me a shy up-and-under look. “Do … do you want to do that with me?”

I croaked out her name. “Mrs West,” I said, clearing my throat of the beach ball I felt blocking the words. “Duh-do you mean it?” I gulped. “Really? Me? With you? Here?” I threw a look at the bed. “All night?”

“If you want to,” she breathed.

I couldn’t believe she had any doubt. Couldn’t she tell?

“Yes please,” I finally gasped.

June released my cock. She stared at it for several long moments, brow furrowed by whatever she was thinking at the time. I watched her face, wondering what was going on inside her head.

Then June brightened, her smile returning as she treated me to a mischievous grin, eyes twinkling with devilment.

“The phone’s downstairs,” she told me.


June West took her time with me. I was understandably keen to get at her. My libido revved, my erection wouldn’t subside. I was a horny young man with the prize within reach. Of course I was going to grab for it with both hands. The moment was on me. I was there with a willing woman, one who’d just brought a fantasy to life, every detail exquisite.

Despite my inherent shyness, I was emboldened by lust. Reckless with need. But, because of maturity and experience, June put the brakes on. She might have been as keen for physical fulfilment as I was, yet also possessed the maturity and experience to know a slow burn would be far more rewarding than me clambering aboard and humping away.

She gently but firmly cajoled me into phoning next door. I called home and made my excuses. If my mother noticed anything untoward in the tone of my voice, she didn’t mention it, but I could hear the warble as I spoke, agitation and anticipation swirling inside me. I was distracted from the business in hand. My head was mind filled with June and the enormity of what she’d set in motion. I spoke to my mother, thoughts constantly focussed on the situation with June. I couldn’t get over the way she’d jacked my cock and casually licked at the squirt of my semen I’d laid on her face. I wanted more of the neighbour. I was desperate to get my hands on her body. Anxious to get my cock inside her in case something happened to change her mind.

So I made the call and then scrambled back up the stairs.

“Steady on,” June said when I lunged.

She was still perched on the edge of the bed, dress rolled down to her waist, spunk drying on her skin. June slid away from my groping hands, standing up to move a few feet away.

I went to grab her again, almost stumbling full length in my rush to get at her.

June laughed at my comedic haste. “Don’t be so eager,” she said. “We’ve got all night, Alan. There’s no need to rush.”

It was easy for her to say. She wasn’t the anxious virgin. I looked at her breasts, desire tugging my vitals when I saw the cum glistening on her skin.

“Please, Mrs West,” I said with a whine.

Mad for her, I unzipped and cranked my dick, lust a hot coal in the pit of my stomach. I might have only just come, but I was so keen for more of the neighbour.

June stood with her fists on her hips. She tilted her head to one side. Looked at me. Pouted before a sly grin took over her lips.

“I think you need to learn to be patient,” she said. June slowly nodded, eyes narrowed. “You’re far too eager, young man. Slow down. I promise I’ll let you put it in, Alan. But it has to be just right. It’s your first time. I want it to be perfect for you.”

It would be perfect if she’d shut up and let me get at her. I wasn’t interested in taking my time. What was wrong with her? Couldn’t she tell I was mad to fuck her? Didn’t she know I was crazy to get at her with my cock while I slobbered kisses all over her face?

Later on I’d realise June knew exactly what mood I was in at the time. She was only too aware and wasn’t going to let me rush on.

Which is probably why she insisted on teasing me the way she did.

June tittered and shook her head, expression full of mock-pity when I wanked at myself and gasped out another urgent plea. “Please, Mrs West, can’t we just do it? I … I think your lovely,” I groaned.

“Thank you,” June said with a gentle smile. “But no, Alan, we can’t do it yet. Look at the state of me.” Her chin dropped to her chest while she surveyed the goo on her body. Her eyes came back up. “I think I’ll have a bath first,” she said. “I reckon I’ll clean up and then we can have a lovely time kissing and cuddling.”

With that, holding the dress against her front with one hand, she turned smartly and walked out of the bedroom.


Our first kiss came with me leaning over the bath, June an island in an ocean of bubbles. She’d batted away my attempts to paw at her as the water cascaded from the taps. Waited for the level to rise and distracted me by making me sit on the toilet before she let the dress fall to her feet.

June looked at my face while she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her underwear.

“Don’t try to touch me,” she said. “Look all you want, but no touching.” Then June looked away. She muttered to herself, “God, I don’t believe I’m going this far,” the words accompanied by a quick shake of her head before her eyes came back to me. She caught her bottom lip between her teeth, demeanour anxious. “This is so awkward,” she told me a moment later. “I feel a bit silly. You’re what? Nineteen? And I’m an old woman. You might be disgusted to see me without any clothes.”

I gulped, desire tugging my balls.

“I think you’re fantastic,” I said with a much sincerity as I could summon.

“Truly?” June asked, doubt in her tone and her eyes.

“I … I’ve fancied you for ages, Mrs West.” I sucked in air and ballooned my cheeks on the exhale. “You’re gorgeous.”

“I thought you had an eye for me,” June said, her smile returning. “I mean, I was fairly sure, Alan. But now we’re here, like this…” She shrugged, thumbs still tucked into the elastic keeping those damned knickers covering her vulva. “I’m a bit embarrassed to be nude when you’re dressed.”

My response was an entirely predictable blurt. “I’ll take my clothes off!” I cried, leaping up off the toilet. “Look,” I went on, my tee-shirt coming over my head.

I threw the shirt aside and shucked my jeans and undies down to my shins, both garments going down at the same time. My backside went back to the toilet seat so I could yank my clothes free. I noticed my socks, and hauled them off as well, finally standing to show I was naked.

June chortled and grinned. “No lunging for a grope,” she admonished, the underwear sliding past her hips. “There,” breathed June, bright spots of embarrassment on her cheeks, the blush suffusing pink at her throat. The rosy glow spread to the upper slopes of her breasts while June opened her eyes. “Will I do?” she asked on a murmur.

My initial reply was little more than an awed gurgle. I was too busy gawping at June’s unexpectedly smooth mound. There wasn’t a hair down between her legs.

This was all back in 1978. A time when muffs were great hairy bushes in the magazines I’d seen. There were a couple of specialist mags that featured smooth models but, other than that, in my limited experience at least, the natural look was the norm.

“Surprised?” asked June.

“I … You…” I stammered.

I looked from her vulva up to her face, mumbled a bit more nonsense, and then boggled some more.

“My husband,” she said with a shrug. “He introduced it to me. I keep it this way. It makes me feel quite daring to know I’m bare down there. It’s my little secret,” June added. “Well, <i>our</i> little secret now, I suppose.”

Seeing her that way caused a thrill of some clandestine emotion inside me. It was as though she’d told me something really filthy. Revealed a secret kink, some sort of taboo, the sensations within out of all proportion to what is today more common than not. I hadn’t expected her to have anything to hide. I thought she was very attractive, but hadn’t envisioned June West to harbour any kinks at all.

And then she’s surprised me by wanking me to completion, barely flinching when cum splashed onto her face. Now she was exhibiting a shaven muff. I blinked and gasped and wondered what else June might hold close to her heart.

“I think it’s sexy,” I growled, a hand at my cock.

“I’m pleased to hear that,” June said.

She turned to the bath and leaned in to turn off the taps. Tested the water. Stirred it with a hand before stepping over the edge of the tub.

A few moments later and I was right at her side, her hand hooked at the nape of my neck while her tongue slipped between my lips.

“Do you want to get in here with me?” she asked. “There’s plenty of room for two.”


June calmed me down by getting me into the tub. She told me to turn so my back was towards her Then invited me to recline, her legs going either side of my hips, her arms encircling my torso.

“Isn’t this lovely?” she whispered, lips at my ear. “Just let me hold you, sweetheart,” June said, her arms giving a squeeze. “Relax. Lie still. Take your time, Alan. <i>Think</i> about where you are and what we’re doing.”

My throat worked when I did as June suggested. I thought about where I was, what we were doing <i>and</i> who I was with.

Water lapped at the enamelled sides of the bath when I squirmed in an effort to look at her face.

I wriggled around, leaning to one side as I mumbled, “I can’t believe we’re in the bath together.”

She smiled at me. A tender look while June slowly nodded. “I know, darling,” she cooed. “It’s all a bit strange for me, too. I’ve always liked you, Alan. You’ve always been lovely. I was shocked when I first noticed you looking. I suppose I didn’t think of you that way.”

More water splashed when June gave an awkward shrug with me in her arms.

“But when I started to think about it,” she added, rolling her eyes as though embarrassed to tell me. “Well, I’ve had a few fantasy moments. Then I thought why the hell shouldn’t I take you into my bed. I like you; you obviously like me. Apart from disappointing your mother, I couldn’t see anything to stop us being … physical together. And to be your first time…? Well, that gets me going for a start. And I want to make it special for you, Alan. I can do that. Hopefully it’ll be better than some clumsy groping with a girl who doesn’t know what love is about.”

June cupped water with one hand, letting it drain through her fingers so it rained onto my chest as she said it. Then she moved in for a slow, lingering kiss.

I groaned and squirmed when she found my cock, her fist working the length while our tongues slithered and slid.

“I’m going to enjoy feeling this inside me, Alan,” June said on a sigh.

“Mrs West,” I gasped, the desperation swelling inside me again. “I really want to … to do it with you.”

June let go of my cock. She leaned back a little, grinning at me while saying, “Say it to me, Alan. Tell me you want to <i>fuck</i> me.”

I nodded and moaned, my mouth slack while I digested her repeated use of the word.

“Go on,” she urged, grabbing my hard-on. “Let me hear you say it.”

“I … I want to fuck you,” I moaned, her hand yanking my shaft.

“Like you mean it,” June growled, a chuckle following on. <i>Tell</i> me, Alan. Be a man about it.”

I sobbed it out again before rolling around onto my front. I went up onto my knees, looming over June so I could grind it out through clenched teeth. “I want to fuck you,” I snarled, ducking in to kiss her mouth.

My hands were all over her body during that kiss. June’s hands slipped over the enamel as she struggled to keep herself out of the water. My palms slid over her glistening skin. Hands on her breasts, her waist, her hips and back up to her boobs. We gasped and snorted, both hungry for pleasure. Both starving for gratification. June’s fist found my cock once again, her hand yanking at me while I arched by back and groaned my pleasure up to the ceiling.

“We’re going to do it,” she moaned, eye wide as she stared at my face. Nodding and gulping, June added, “I want you inside me, my darling. I want to take you in my mouth,” she gasped. “I want you in my cunny. Oh Alan,” June squeaked, one hand mauling her breasts. “I want you to lick me and kiss me. I want us to love.”

I climbed out of the bath, cock waggling and waving. June washed her face to get rid of the cum. She sluiced the dried spunk from her body, levered up out of the bath, rested a hand on my shoulder while she stepped out, and then pressed her frontage against me so we could kiss.

“The bedroom,” June whispered when the kiss broke. “Let’s get dried and then I’ll take you to bed.”


I couldn’t stop kissing her.

Being intimate with June excited me beyond any previous experience. I was amazed at how eager she was. Stunned that she liked it when we kissed. To be allowed to touch her body was the ultimate thrill. Her breasts, her waist, her bottom – they were all available to my wandering hands. And wow, did my hands do some wandering. Even the knobbles of June’s spine when I ran my palms over her back kept my erection bone hard. I was a glutton let loose in a kitchen. I was the k** who’d found the door to the sweet cupboard unlocked.

All of it was absolutely fantastic.

But the best part for me was the kissing.

Until June fell onto the bed and opened her legs that is. That’s when I discovered something new. Something better than our tongues dancing and writhing.

“Have you ever licked a girl between her legs?” June asked, splaying the folds to show me her core.

I gaped, awed by that part of her body. Seeing June there on the bed, naked and smiling and shamelessly exhibiting that private place brought a low moan from some dark and feral place inside me. I cranked my cock and gazed at her sex, desire a deep sludgy pool from which my primordial urges slithered ashore.

The question didn’t mean anything to me at all. I didn’t have the capacity to think about what it was she’d just said. All I could do was stand there and gaze in wonder at the ugly-beauty of June’s vulva.

“You haven’t, have you?” June added, smirking while slowly fingering the fleshy nub of her clit. “You haven’t done anything, have you, Alan?” she murmured, wincing and moaning, a finger sliding into her body.

I groaned while I watched June finger herself. She rubbed her clit and then dipped two fingers into her opening. She squeezed her breasts, a glazed-eyed gaze fixed upon me, her mouth occasionally slack. Small whimpers and groans came from between her lips, with June’s stomach tensing as she excited herself.

“You should get down here on the bed,” June finally snorted. She spread her legs wider, shifting her weight onto an elbow while also moving onto her side. “Here,” she added, snarling the word. “Lick this. Lick me right here. Right on this little button,” she said on a long moan.

Numb with the shock of seeing June shamelessly exposing her core, I half-stepped, half-stumbled towards her. I gulped, realising I was actually going to go down and taste a woman’s essence. I couldn’t take my eyes of that place. Those folds and her glistening flesh. It was all so confusing. Where did I need to put my tongue to give June her pleasure? What did I do?

“Here,” squeaked June, dabbing the spot. “Just flick your tongue over this little bean. Suck it between your teeth, Alan. Don’t worry. I’ll help you. Just start licking it, darling,” she added, shunting her pelvis in her eagerness for me to get at her. “Please, Alan. Don’t muck about. I’m so bloody randy…”

I knelt, the bed dipping as I clambered aboard. June shifted about, spluttering a curse as she moved onto her back, hands going for a pillow she could wedge under her shoulders. We both got into position. She spread her legs wider, feet coming up off the bed while she held herself splayed. I ducked in, a sensation of deep arousal churning inside me.

This was it! This was a pivotal moment. I was about to get my very first taste.

“Oh Jesus God!” June cried out when I took a quick flick at that nub of flesh she was so keen for me to lick. “Harder!” she wailed, squirming about. “Don’t tickle it, Alan. Lick it! Suck my clitty, sweetheart. Please, baby, just do it. I’m begging you – Please.”

So I went at it. I didn’t have much of a clue, working on the hints I got from June as she told me, in-between gasps and grunts, just what to do. She showed me with her fingers, guiding me through her likes and dislikes. June moaned and babbled, hips working back-and-forth while she held my head and rubbed her sex all over my face.

It was confusing and messy. My chin and cheeks and even my nose were smeared with her desire. June’s flesh was slick on my tongue, lust coming out of her body in a viscous dribble. I sucked and slobbered and slurped, using my fingers inside June’s opening when she squealed at me to do it.

June wailed and thrashed, clawing the bed. She hauled me up over the front of her body, eyes blazing insanely before she kissed my mouth. I heard her sobbing about tasting her own cunt, her use of that word yet one more shock to add to the pile.

June all but licked my face before she pushed me back down between her thighs.

I got down to it again, positioned so I could lick June and yank my dick. It was all so exciting: the taste, her musk, the sounds she made.

“If you lick just to the side,” June moaned. “That’s it. That’s right. Don’t bloody stop,” she went on. “Just keep doing it like that, Alan. Don’t change a thing. Just go a little faster, baby. Oh God,” she said with a gasp. “I’m getting close … I’m so bloody close … Just keep on licking it, sweetie. Oh fuck, that’s so bloody lovely…”

June ‘s rump came up off the bed. She dug in her heels and writhed and wriggled, making it difficult for me to keep up the pressure right where she wanted. I hung on, not wanting to disappoint June. I wanted to make it perfect for her. Even then, as impressions came at me like stones, I still had it in mind I wanted to do it with June as many times as she’d let me. I wanted more than one night with her. I had an idea we could be together again and again. I thought she was lovely. I thought she was perfect. Fifty-some years old didn’t mean anything to me.

“Alan,” gasped June, her hand at my forehead. “Let me finish it off.”

June pushed me away, her fingers going straight to her vulva.

“I … I’m sorry,” I moaned as I knelt there and watched her do it.

“Don’t worry,” she whined, strumming her clit. “I know where I need to rub. I know how to get myself there.”

June reached up with the hand that wasn’t working her sex. She waggled her fingers at me.

“Come here. Kiss me,” she mumbled, the judders beginning. “Oh God … Oh fuck … I’m coming,” she sobbed.


I watched June come.

She squealed and grunted, fingers working her clit before she slipped three digits inside. She fingered herself for a few vehement seconds, eyes scrunched tight while she wailed her delight. June then went back to rubbing the nub, thighs shivering nerveless, a hand mauling her breasts. She tweaked at her nipples, pulling the teats so her flesh stretched to a point which alarmed me.

It was an awesome display of a woman letting it go. June gasped and groaned, grunted and wailed, the bed a ruin by the time her orgasm tapered.

“God,” she gasped, eyes clearing as she blinked up at me. “I told … you … to kiss me,” she said in-between deep gulps of air, dragging me down to wedge her tongue in my mouth.

The kiss rolled on, with me settling down, my body covering June’s, my cock pressed between us.

“You want to put it in now, don’t you?” she asked, eyes searching mine.

“Please, Mrs West,” I managed to mumble.

“Don’t you want me to suck you first?” added June, eyes glittering as she taunted me with her devilish smirk.

“Would you?” I croaked.

June blurted a laugh. “Sweetheart, I’ll do just about anything with you.”

I vaguely wondered what it was she wouldn’t do, pushing the thoughts to the back of my mind when June wriggled a hand down between us.

I went up onto my knees, her fingers closing around me.

“Shall we fuck?” she asked with a purr. “Do you want to do it now, Alan?”

I gulped and nodded.

“Yes please,” I replied, the words little more than a croak, my body a bridge over hers.

“Take your time,” cautioned June while I looked down to see her rubbing the head of my cock through her folds. “Easy, Alan. Steady. Don’t go charging off.”

All manner of thoughts went through my head as I watched her do it. The disbelief was still there. The unexpected way in which my life had twisted and the speed of events made the scene very surreal. It was an odd feeling. I knew what we were doing but still struggled with the reality. But, uppermost, despite the incredulity, was the mantra of <i>We’re going to do it. I’m going to fuck her</i> running through my mind.

I had less than a second, less than a blink of an eye to gape down at where my body touched June’s while she did some more squirming, sliding the cock-head over her clit before looking up at me to murmur, “Are you ready?”

“Mrs West,” I groaned. “Please. Yes, please…”

“Steady,” she warned me again.

Then June held me close to her body, shoving herself towards me until I felt my cock nudging at her. A pause while June smiled and mumbled something indistinct. Something about me being inside her.

June’s body engulfed me. I suddenly felt the hot, molten embrace, my cock sliding in while June gasped and blinked up at my face.

I groaned, half of my length inside June, my eyes fixed on the sight. A quick thrust and I was all the way in.

June’s legs were tight against my flanks as she held me in place. “Take your time,” she said. <i>Feel</i> it, sweetheart. Savour the moment.”

She struggled up onto her elbows, an arm hooking my neck so she could pull me in for a kiss.

“You feel it?” June asked, eyes searching mine.

I nodded, head lolling loose when I felt her insides clench around my girth.

“Now, let me do it. Try to keep calm, Alan. Just enjoy the feelings, darling. Let me just…”

And she started to move. June kept her stare locked on my face while her pelvis worked back-and-forth. She kept it slow, just easing over my cock, occasionally coming up for a kiss while I tried to make sense of it all.

“Love me,” she whispered. “Gently. Slowly. All of it, Alan. Take it all the way out, just leave the end inside me. Steady, baby,” she cooed. “Now, all the way back in. Let me feel every inch.”

I got into a rhythm. Confidence blossomed. I smiled down at June and shook my head to signify my wonder.

“It’s fantastic,” I mumbled, glancing at where we were joined before looking at her face.

“All night, darling,” she said on a murmur. “We’ve got all the time in the world.”

June kissed me again. And then really started to work her hips.


She kept me on the boil for several minutes while I got used to what we were doing. Every now and then June would ask me if I was okay, if I liked what she did to my cock. I would nod and mumble something very appreciative. I told June I thought she was lovely, again. I looked at her face and experienced a near overwhelming rush of affection for her.

“You … You’re beautiful,” I said, gurgling the words while June’s fingers were curled over my shoulders.

She shunted against me, fucking onto my dick, her expression intent, eyes glazing over.

“So are you, Alan,” she muttered, clenching her teeth. “You’re hard. I love it. I haven’t had a lovely stiff cock for such a very long time.”

I didn’t want to hear about anybody else’s erection. It was all about me. During our first time together I was more concerned with impressing June in any way I could. I wanted to be a great memory for her. I wanted her to invite me back to her bed again.

It was important for me to leave a good impression. I wanted to be better than anyone else she’d known. To make her want to do it with me some more.

Which is why I growled out my lust and started to go at her, hard.

“Perfect!” June cried when our bodies thwacked together, the bed bucking beneath us.

I took encouragement from that single blurt of delight. I settled myself on straight arms, getting set so I could give June the good news. She squeaked out her pleasure, a hand down at her sex, fingers teasing her clit while I continued the robust thrust of my hips.

June gaped and grinned and told me to fuck her. She rolled her eyes in apparent joy, fingers still working her nub.

“Keep fucking,” she grunted, nose crinkled, teeth bared in a snarl of urgent need. “Don’t you dare stop fucking,” June added. “Keep on doing it just as you are. It’s lovely,” she gasped, mauling her breasts with her free hand. “Your cock … it’s divine. Don’t stop fucking me, please.”

I felt like a god when I heard June’s enthusiastic approval. I thought she didn’t need to beg me to fuck her. The way I felt, I could keep going all through the evening. I could just carry on ploughing away, my cock like a greased piston, my length plundering June while she carried on rubbing her bean.

It turned into bestial rutting. June squirmed around, gasping in her frustration to hook her legs around my arms. Then she angled her hips to offer herself to my lunging. Lewdly splaying herself while spitting obscenities up to my face.

To see her so worked up took my mind away from the fact I was actually fucking the neighbour. I knew June’s face, recognised the woman writhing and gasping beneath me as we battled together, the features so familiar to me from years of exposure – my lifetime, in fact. But to look at her then, to witness Mrs West overjoyed by my dick moving inside her, I’d never imagined she could look so wanton and sexy. June’s lips were pulled back. Her expression a rictus of what I at first thought to be hatred, but which I soon realised was an expression of supreme pleasure. Mrs West, an experienced, mature woman with decades on me was close to coming on my virgin cock.

“You like it?” I grunted before ducking in to slobber a kiss over her mouth.

“God yes,” she said in reply, eyes going down to where her body accepted my length. June glanced at our conjunction and then looked into my eyes. “Don’t stop fucking,” she moaned. “I’ll come. Just keep fucking me, Alan.”

June writhed and clawed at the bed. She levered partway upright and took her weight on her heels and hands to rock to-and-fro, using my dick like she might use a dildo. She chased her climax, my cock helping her to it.

I watched her body taking my length, the shaft all buttery with goo whenever she slid of it. June muttered about how sweet it was to be fucking my length. She burbled on about how young I was compared to her fifty-two years. About how she felt like some kind of perv for seducing the neighbour’s son.

“Your mother’s my <i>friend</i>,” she eventually gasped. June stared at me as though she’d just woken up from a dream, shocked to find we were actually fucking. “Oh God. Oh Jesus,” June whimpered, collapsing back against the bed. “I’m such a filthy old slut,” she moaned to herself. “It’s so bloody wicked.”

And then, fingers really mixing it up down at her vulva, June came in a vehement burst of emotion.


June grunted and wailed, her orgasm an awesome sight to behold. I kept on using my dick, fucking her through it when she squealed at me to keep on going.

“Love, Alan, love,” June squealed. “It’s divine, sweetheart. So fucking gorgeous…”

June held onto my shoulder, nails going into my skin while she worked her body against me. She sobbed and groaned and gasped, muscles all tense before she suddenly went limp and sucked in huge draughts of air, pelvis still moving as I went down onto my elbows, her legs staying hooked round my arms, knees up near her shoulders.

June calmed and kissed me. An ardent display of affection while she continued to murmur tender endearments.

We untangled our limbs. Stayed locked at the lips. My cock slid back into June after she squirmed around, reached down, and slotted me home.

“How do you feel?” she asked, eyes wide and enquiring.

“I love you,” I said.

June laughed and rolled her eyes. “It might feel like it to you. But trust me, Alan, it’s only lust.”

“But you said…”

“That’s what I’m like, sweetie. When I’m really fucking, when I’m really <i>with</i> someone. Sex isn’t just some appetite to be sated, darling,” she said. “I really do feel the love when I do it. But it’s only temporary, Alan. In the moment – you know?”

I didn’t want to hear her say that, so I moved in to kiss her. Which only got us fired up all over again.

“I want you from behind,” June breathed when the kiss broke. “Get behind me, Alan. I want you to hold onto my waist and really do it. Show me what a man you are, sweetie.”

I gulped and cranked my dick, mindless to the greasy shaft while I looked at June on her hands and knees.

Her body enflamed me. The sweeps and curves, her breasts and her buttocks, the shape of her legs and the cinch of her waist when June swivelled to look back at me brought a growl from my core.

“Ooh, so you like it this way?” June asked when she saw me jacking my length.

“You’re gorgeous,” I gurgled, my response bringing a roll of her eyes.

“That’s sweet, Alan. And I’m flattered. But I’m getting on a bit now. You won’t remember me as I was twenty years ago. Things aren’t as tight as they were.”

I could tell she liked to hear it when I kept on wanking and growled a reply.

“I think you’re so fucking sexy,” I told her. “Look at this…” I thrust my hips forward and showed off my cock. “This is how lovely I think you are. You’re beautiful, Mrs West. I think you’ve got a sexy body. And your … your … The way you’re all bald down there,” I finished with a nod of my head towards her rump and her sex. “I never thought you’d be like this. It’s fantastic. All of it. Thank you for doing it with me.”

June chuckled and shook her head again, this time as a gesture of amusement while she smirked and said, “No, sweetheart. I’m thanking <i>you</i>. It’s wonderful to listen to you pour compliments over me like that. And I love that I get you so excited.” June eyed my dick and splayed one buttock with the tips of her fingers. “But shut up for now and put that big thing in here.”

I felt my throat tighten when June dabbed a finger at her opening.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, dropping an eyelid onto one cheek.


She told me what she wanted. June squealed and groaned instructions, her face sometimes pressed down into the bed while at others she was all creased at the waist, eyes burning with lust as she bared her teeth and snarled at me to fuck into her body. I was up on my knees, fingers at her hips while I pulled June onto my cock, her buttocks shivering as our bodies collided with loud, meaty thwacks. Sometimes I’d lean in low over her back to encircle her torso with both arms, cock in deep while I clung on and listened to June’s excited gurgles and moans. Her mumbled words of encouragement.

June peppered her praise with obscenities, the language so far removed from what I was used to with her only spurring me on to fulfil her crudely delivered demands. I’d go for her breasts, cupping her flesh, squeezing and kneading, humping at her as I marvelled at being up to my nuts inside an ardent woman of mature years.

“Just keep fucking,” June eventually whimpered, a hand down between her thighs. “I don’t believe it, Alan,” she groaned, eyes glazing over.

She was again twisted around so she could look back into my face. I watched her expression turn dreamy, face going slack while she rubbed at her clit.

“I’m going to come again,” June informed me, the words thick and clotted with her obvious need. “Oh fuck, I’m going to do it again…”

I went with her.

I couldn’t take seeing that look on her face. The way June was turned meant I could also see her body in a three-quarter profile, the visible breast swaying and trembling while the cheeks of her arse shook and shivered, her body squelching around my girth.

“Mrs West,” I groaned. “I … I’m coming, too.”

“Keep it inside me,” she sobbed, eyes snapping wide open. “Come for me, Alan,” she groaned. “Come with me, darling.”

All it took for me to lose it completely was another look at her face.


We loved – as she insisted – throughout the night. Once the sting had been removed from my need, June taught me how to be gentle and tender as well as a b**st. She stunned me by sucking my dick. She slurped and slobbered at me. Used profanity to both arouse me to a fever pitch as well as describing how she felt while using her mouth and tongue to give me such rapturous pleasure. She rode me, controlling the pace and the mood, milking me dry of cum to leave me spent and near exhausted before she fed me, both of us naked at the kitchen table.

At some ungodly hour, when I awoke to find myself in June’s bed, I mounted her again, both of us moaning and whining, the quilt a cocoon around us as we made slow, gentle love.

We slept until ten, my cock resurgent and angry, with June squealing and grunting as I went at her from behind, all I could give her squirting into her body when we were finally finished.

She saw me off at the front door.

“Thank you for helping me pack up the house,” she said, kissing my cheek.

“Can I see you again?” I asked, already more than a little in love.

June smirked and nodded. “I don’t see why not,” she told me, hiding her nudity behind the front door while I stood on the step outside. “I’ll need some help moving into the new house,” she added. “And it’s only two streets away.”

Mrs West lends a hand 2

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