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Hot-wife Beth takes a bath with the boy
It’s late afternoon when I get home from work. I park the BMW in the garage and then use the connecting door for access into the kitchen. I see Beth standing a few feet away from the patio doors overlooking the back garden. She’s staring out at the boy mowing the lawn, her robe loosely belted, the black, silky one with the hem that falls just below the undercurve of her buttocks.

When I see what she’s wearing I feel the slide of jealousy curdle my stomach, my cock getting hard in contradictory response. It’s always the same old confusion at moments like these: I hate what we’re doing but can’t resist the thrill. Even though I know it’s probably not good for my mental health, I can’t stop myself from letting it happen. Besides, it’s the only way I can maintain an erection. I don’t have a problem getting it up, it’s the keeping it hard that’s the problem.

“It’s been a hot day,” mumbles Beth, not taking her gaze off the boy. “I bet he’s all sweaty, Adrian.”

There’s a catch in my voice when I reply. “He probably is.”

I move close to my wife, unzipping as I get to her.

“Wuh-what do you want to do?” I ask, stammering because I already know the gist of what she’s going to say.

Beth glances down at my cock. “I think I’ll fuck him,” she murmurs, fisting my length with backhand strokes as I stand behind and a little to one side.

She’s so gorgeous to look at I’m swollen with need for my wife as she works the shaft, her focus back on the boy.

I groan, “Oh God, Beth … I love you.”

I see the diaphanous bra and underwear set she has on, black like the robe, large breasts spilling over the cups, her body a siren call to the desire welling inside me.

She looks me right in the eye, smirking while jacking my dick.

“I love you, too,” whispers my wife.

She glances down at my cock, then looks up into my face. Regardless of my current tumescence, she knows it’s no use trying to get me to fuck her. As soon as she offers me her sex, I’ll grunt and sob and spray her with cum. It’s frustrating to the point of arm-waving anger, the fights furious as accusations fly and blame is flung around like a mad man’s shit.

I run my tongue round dry lips, then gurgle, “What do you want me to do?”

Beth turns her head to look out at the garden. “Go and get him,” she says, letting go of my dick. “I fancy a bath.”

I tuck my cock inside my trousers and zip up the flies. Beth moves in to kiss me, her tongue squirming inside my mouth, her ardour a sign of just how aroused she is.

The jealousy burns in the pit of my stomach. This is the moment I hate the most, knowing my wife is all wet and horny for someone else’s cock.

But it’s also one of the most delicious times as well.

“You’ll let me watch?” I ask Beth while her green-eyed gaze holds my attention.

“If you want to torture yourself.” My wife gives a shrug. “I have to warn you I’m in one of those moods, Adrian.”

My throat works as I swallow down on the mixed emotions rising inside me.

I croak out an, “Oh God,” and she chuckles.

“Are you sure you want to put yourself through it?”

Again it’s the paradoxical mix. I know I’ll hate it when I see and hear my wife with her lover, but still feel a thrill of anticipation surge through me.

“Yes please, Beth,” I reply on a groan.

“Then go and fetch him for me,” she says, moving in to kiss me again.

I stare at Beth for long seconds, soaking up her loveliness, the tousled blonde hair, the Amazon body, her pretty face a mask of desire, the expression giving her features a sly, vulpine look.

I whisper I love her again, then reach for the handle, sucking in a deep breath as I push open the door.


I found Beth on the bed, which was a ruin of tangled sheets. My wife was sprawled out, arms flung wide, legs spread, her labia puffy and swollen, a suspicious glistening down at her core.

The sound of the toilet flushing sent a wave of cold-water shock rushing over me, the man appearing at the door of the en-suite confirming just what it was dribbling from Beth’s pussy.

His gasp of, “Oh fuck,” brought Beth out of her doze.

My wife’s eyes snapped open. She blinked and levered upright, legs closing on the horror of his jizm seeping out of her body.

“Adrian!” she squeaked. “But you’re--”

I had no idea what it was she was going to say. <i>Meant to be away</i>, might have been one option, <i>Home early</i>, another.

Not that it mattered, I’d walked in on her post-coitus, hair all messed up, that just-fucked look on her face which was rapidly morphing into horrible surprise.

It didn’t matter at all what my wife had been going to say. It was obvious there was only one explanation. Any attempt at “It isn’t what it looks like” wasn’t going to do.

I boggled at Beth, stunned by the sight, the scene awful; and as ridiculous as it might sound, I still felt a rush of desire for my wife. It came in on a vague and very distant level, but I thought she looked so beautiful just then.

Beth recovered first. She turned a wide-eyed look on the man and hissed at him to get out.

“Fuck off,” my wife snarled when he just stood there gaping at her, his long schlong down along his thigh. “Alan, get your clothes and get out.”

He mumbled something indistinct, then moved to the foot of the bed to scoop up and armload of clothing.

I actually stepped aside to allow him to pass, too shocked to do anything else. Anyway, he had ten or fifteen years on me. He looked to be about twenty-five and had a muscular frame. Any attempt at violent retribution on my part would likely had led to more humiliation being heaped upon me.

“Oh Jesus, oh shit,” muttered Beth, pulling the covers up over her body.

I had a nebulous notion about it being odd she should cover herself. It seemed an odd thing to do considering I was her husband.

I asked the stupidest, most obvious question. “Beth,” I croaked, “wuh-what’s been going on?”

She laughed at me then. My wife rolled her eyes and said, “Well, I’ve been fucking behind your back, Adrian. I thought that would have been obvious.”

I stepped into the room, moving to the foot of the bed. I was still in my suit having only just driven in from the airport, my unexpected early return obviously catching Beth by surprise.

Questions popped into my mind: all the predictable, usual things I suppose pop into a cuckold’s head at these moments.

“Why, Beth?” I croaked. “Why did you do it?” Then, almost straight away, I followed up with, “How long has it been going on? Are you in love?”

Beth blurted another laugh and repeated the eyeroll. “<i>Love?</i>” she sniggered. “Don’t be insane.”

“Who is he?” I asked.

Beth shrugged and said, “A salesman from a car showroom. I was looking at cars, he offered a test-drive. One thing led to another.”

“Have you done it before?”

To my dismay, my wife stuck out her lower lip while thinking about it. “A few times,” she admitted.

I gulped and gaped at her, then breathed out another question. “How many?”

“Do you really want me to answer that, Adrian?”

I stared at her for what seemed an age, then finally nodded.

“All right,” Beth sighed. “I’d say a couple of dozen. Thirty or forty, perhaps.”

That little revelation had me boggling. I even staggered a bit, unable to process the information for at least a minute, my legs going so weak I was forced to perch on the edge of the bed.

I struggled to make sense of it all.

“Different men?”

“A couple have been repeat performances, but I usually just go for a one-off.”

I stared at my wife some more, reliving the moment I saw his cum down at her sex.

“How can you be so calm and casual about it?” I asked. “Jesus, Beth, this is huge.”

“You’ve caught me,” she said, eyes fixed on my face. “You’re going to ask, and I’ll tell you. I’m not proud of myself, Adrian, but it’s something I’ve done. I tried to give it up, but it’s so thrilling just sneaking around. The sex…”

“But I thought we were good.”

Her grimace said otherwise. My wife pulled a face and looked down at the quilt.

“We are for the most part,” she said with a murmur. “But when I got away with it the first time … Well, I don’t know why, really. It was so exciting…

“So I did it again. Then I suppose I got hooked. I’m an addict, I expect.”

The way she looked when she said it caused a thrill of desire down in my cock, and, confused by my body’s response, I croaked out a fateful question: “When did it start?”


I don’t know why it surprised me so much when Beth opened up and told me the story. It was always her style to be forthright and honest – infidelities excepted, of course. So, following the briefest hesitation, she said she’d try to explain.

My wife gave it to me with both barrels, no sordid detail omitted – or so it seemed as I sat there and listened, aghast and horrified, humiliated at being so blind to the deceit.

“Remember the gym membership you got me for my thirty-third birthday?”

I gaped at the revelation. “That’s three years ago!”

Beth nodded. “Yeah, that’s right.”

“You’ve been … been doing it for three years?”

My wife pulled a face. “Yeah…”

She got quite snippy and asked if I wanted to hear what she had to say after I gasped out, “Oh, Beth … three fucking <i>years</i>?”

Beth sucked in a deep breath, blinked several times, and then started her tale.

“There was this bloke at the gym. One of the managers, not a trainer. I don’t think he’d been there long when I first went, and it seems he had a bit of ‘thing’ for me. I sussed him out straight away and tried to ignore him when he kept on about taking me out. Anyway, blah-blah, one day the girl who was my trainer at the time told me he was rumoured to have a really big cock. I didn’t think anything of it at first, but for some reason it kept on coming back to me. I got curious, and…

“Well, to cut a long story short, Adrian, I basically asked to see it. He took me into an office and just lobbed this … <i>thing</i>, this long, fat and totally wonderful cock out of his shorts. I can’t explain why I did it, I just did. When he let the bloody great lump hang out of his flies I just knew I’d end up sucking on it.

“That was what went through my mind. It wasn’t so much about fucking him – which I did, and it was fucking incredible – but more about having him in my mouth. At first, anyway.

“It was mental, he wasn’t all that good-looking, but when I saw his cock it was such a shock; he was only a skinny bloke, but his thing looked fucking <i>enormous</i>.”

“So you did it?” I croaked, not sure why I actually wanted to know.

My wife looked at me, nodding slowly while saying, “I’ll say. I couldn’t believe it afterwards. I couldn’t believe I had it in me to be such a slut. But I went down and sucked him. There was a mirror in the office and I wanted to watch myself doing it, too.

“The dirty sod took a photo of me with my mouth full of his dick. He took it on his phone. I still have it somewhere,” Beth added, her gaze drifting, tone absent for a few moments.

“Oh, Beth,” I breathed, the image coming to mind of my beautiful wife with her features distorted because of some thick lump of meat stretching her lips.

“He fucked me on a desk,” continued my wife. “I was on my back, legs up while I rested on my elbows. I could look down at where he just kept feeding his thing into me. It seemed to go on and on and on. He eased it in slowly. I thought it was never going to stop. But I eventually felt his balls nudge up against my arse.

“Then he started to fuck … Oh God, didn’t he just use me…

“That was one of the dirtiest things about the whole experience. It was like he was using my pussy to wank off his dick. He didn’t care about me at all. In fact, he kept calling me names – filthy, dirty names which only made me more wild for him to shag me.”

Beth paused, blinking at me while apparently studying my face some indication of my response.

“Is this too much for you, Adrian? Should I stop? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so … so graphic.”

I gulped down on the confusing whirl of emotions swelling my throat. It was the strangest, most surreal time for me. I hated hearing about this man and his enormous appendage, detested the expression on her face and the dreamy tone to her voice as she recounted the tale of her first foray into adultery. I didn’t want her to tell me any more about it, but was still drawn by a morbid fascination to listen to it all.

And, while all this shit was going round in my head, a great darkness yawed in my guts, my mind conjuring up the scenes of my wife making me into a cuckold, I found myself with an erection pulsing with need.

“No, tell me it all,” I managed to croak. “I need to know.” I tried to ignore the dark urges rising within while Beth looked at me, brow furrowed with doubt.

“Are you sure?”

“Tell me!” I snarled, fingers bunched into fists. Whether I was angry at her or myself, I wasn’t quite certain, but I had to hear all of what she had to say.

Beth gazed at me, cogs turning while I assumed she thought about what to do for the best.

“Well, all right,” she continued after a time. “If you’re sure…”

I nodded, appalled by my body’s traitorous response.

“He called me those vile names and I remember him pulling his thing out so he could slap its underside against my pussy. It bloody well hurt I can tell you, that fucking fat hose smacking my pussy.

“Anyway, the rest is a bit of a blur. I came and came and came. It’s a miracle nobody heard me screaming and carrying on. I know he shagged me from behind while going on and on about my tits. He grabbed me with both hands, really pawing at me while giving it all to me hard and fast. We might have shagged for an hour, I don’t have a clue, all I recall next is him groaning on about doing it over my face. He grabbed hold of my arms and then pushed me down with his hands on my shoulders. He grabbed a handful of hair so he could make me watch him wanking it in right in front of my face. He knew what he was doing, all right. He was well in control, aiming his cock at me while his spunk shot out. He actually let me have it on my face and both tits, still calling me rude names while he deliberately shot his muck where he wanted.

“I was grateful that there was a shower stall in a little room next door. Otherwise I’d have had to walk through the public areas to the changing room all plastered with cum. It was in my hair and all over my face and tits. God, I was such a mess.

“Anyway,” Beth said with a half shrug. “That was the first time. It was so sordid I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I hated myself for doing it, but got insanely horny whenever I thought about it.”

I asked, “Did you do it with him again?”

Beth’s eyes flicked to the quilt as she chewed on her lip, nodding while saying nothing.

She gnawed on her lip until, eventually, my wife looked up into my face and said, “A couple of times more. But I stopped going to the gym, if you remember. That was also the time I lost my phone and had to cancel the number. But I hadn’t lost it at all, I just had to stop him from calling me every half hour.”

“Three fucking years,” I breathed to myself when Beth stopped talking. “And you’ve been doing it ever since?”

She nodded again. “Yeah. Sometimes I didn’t do anything for a couple of months. I tried to stop, but couldn’t give it up. I’d go for weeks and then crack if I saw some hot bloke. Sometimes I’d fuck two in a day…

“Once, on a train, I shagged a squaddie in the toilet.”

“Beth, oh shit, oh Jesus. God, please, no…”

I groaned and felt jealousy piercing my ribs.

“I know. I’m sorry,” continued my wife. “I’d tell myself I’d never do it again, but when I saw your diary entries with dates for when you’d be away I’d start getting all anxious and squirmy. Then, when you left, I’d give it an hour before packing a case and driving out to where nobody knows us. I’d find a Premier Inn and perhaps slut around in the bar. I’d put on some inappropriate clothes so it was obvious I was up for it, then see who I could snare.”

“And this last one?” I said, voice cracked with desire for my wife surging through me/ “He was going to sell you a car?”

“I wasn’t going to buy it,” Beth informed me. “I just wanted … Well, you know…”

My wife stared at me while I gazed back at her.

“Where does that leave us now, Adrian? Are … are we finished? Is that it?”

Beth’s questions prompted me to consider the future for the first time since I’d walked in and found her all sprawled out on the bed. I’d been so stunned to make the discovery, shocked by the subsequent revelations that I’d not even thought about what kind of life we could possibly have after this.

The decision came on a whim. I looked at my wife and felt another rush of desire. I still thought she was so lovely with her hair all messed up, her green eyes so full of shame and fear.

Lust burned hot in the pit of my stomach, the heat down in my balls and my cock.

“Show me your body,” I growled, thrusting my chin at where she lay covered.

Beth blinked and said, “What? Adrian, what--?”

“Show me,” I growled, leaning over to tug the quilt down. “Open your legs. Let me see it.”

“I don’t think--” she began, my snarl cutting her short.

“Just show me your cunt. Open your legs.”

I was mad for her by then, desperate to see her pussy all swollen and seeping his cum. In that moment it was all about reclaiming my wife, making her mine, marking my territory. It didn’t matter that she was brimming with another man’s seed, I’d pump her full of my jizm to show I was the last one inside her. The thoughts and impressions were jumbled, a confused mess of ideas which I was in no mood to analyse in the heat of the moment. I acted on instinct, a primordial need to plunge into this woman and hear her squeal out my name and scream that she loved me. I wanted to flood her with my essence to show any other usurpers sniffing around she was already taken.

All right, okay, they might have used her body and given her pleasure, but she was still my wife and I held her heart.

She kept her wary eyes on me, but slowly revealed her core, her labia sticky and clinging together.

“Open your piss-flaps,” I told her, deliberately crude.

My wife gasped out my name, shocked by what I’d said, my lewd outburst so out of character.

“I want to see your filthy cunt. I want to see it dripping with spunk.”

“Wuh-what are you going to do?” stammered Beth.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I said as I rose up from the bed, hands going to my belt.


My wife gaped at me, round-eyed and obviously amazed as I stripped out of my suit. I was in such a rush to get at her, I left the jacket and trousers in a heap on the carpet. I’d normally hang them away, fastidious to the point of obsession, which is probably one of the reasons Beth was boggling at me. I wasn’t the husband she knew – I was a b**st and desperate to have her.

“Adrian, what are you doing?” Beth asked, shoving up onto her hands as I clambered onto the bed, hard-on as stiff as I’d known it for years.

“Fucking my wife,” I declared while knee-walking between her legs, cranking my dick as I went.

“But--” blurted Beth.

I pressed at the inside of one of her knees, forcing her thighs wider while leaning in over her body, my weight on one straight arm.

“I’m full…” my wife gasped, blinking into my face. “I mean, I’ve got spunk in me.”

“I know,” I groaned in response, then ducked in to kiss her mouth, her body accepting my cock.

Beth’s hips started to work. She put her hands on my shoulders and looked down to where we were joined.

“You forgive me?” she groaned.

I heard the obscene squelch of another man’s cum farting around my girth. “I don’t know,” I replied, staring down at the buttery gloop smeared over my cock. “I don’t know what to think yet.”

“I’m so sorry, sweetheart,” Beth groaned. “I’ve been so wicked to you. I’ve been unfaithful so many times…”

“Not now,” I told her, hooking the backs of her knees with my arms. “Some other time, later on. For now, shut up and fuck.”

It took a long time, but, finally, the rutting was over. I’d fucked my wife and had the satisfaction of hearing her yelp out her pleasure, an orgasm taking her away to where none of it mattered. Beth squealed and gasped and begged me to dump all I had into her body, but I kept on going at her, determined to make her love me all over again.

Then, when we were done, after I’d moaned in delight and sobbed I was there, when I’d squirted my lust into my wife, that’s the time we lay there in a tangle of limbs, my cock slipping free of the ooze leaking out of her pussy.

Our breathing settled into more usual rhythms, hearts slowing so we could once again talk.

“Adrian,” Beth murmured, “where does this leave us?”


It left us damaged, altered forever. Beth tried to talk it all through, but I refused to be drawn into what I saw as what would be a painful analysis. She swore to me she’d never do it again, promised me she’d changed and had it out of her system now she’d been caught.

And, like a fool, I believed her. My wife was so <i>sure</i> when she made her tearful vow on the eve of one of my trips.

I left the house with little concern, not knowing she’d be out dogging around almost as soon as I’d left.

I knew something had happened when I returned, with Beth suggesting we might try visiting a swingers’ club.

I asked her, “Why would we, Beth? I thought you were over all that.”

It was the look on her face which prompted me to ask, “What have you done? What have you been up to? Have you been with anyone else? Shit, have you done it again?”

And she didn’t need to reply, I could tell straight away, the anger and jealousy rising inside me.

“Tell me about it,” I told her, blood rushing in to stiffen my cock.

“Oh God, I’m so fucking sorry,” Beth sobbed.

We were in the kitchen at the time. Beth had been pouring the wine when she’d mistimed her suggestion. I moved around the big hob-island and took hold of my wife, boosting her onto its surface after hauling her skirt to her hips.

“Adrian, what!” she asked in a yelp.

I tore the underwear off her, then growled, “Have you fucked anyone today?”

“Jesus, no! What are you doing?”

“So you haven’t got anyone’s cum inside you?” I asked.

“No, I told you,” gasped Beth. “But what are you…?

“…Oh Jesus, oh fuck,” my wife groaned when I held her thighs wide and slurped at her clit.

I lapped at her vulva for twenty seconds or more, then looked up into her face. “Tell me about what you did. Tell me about who you fucked.”

Beth sucked my tongue when I moved up to kiss her. And, after that, as I lapped at her cunt, she babbled on about all the filthy things she’d done with some anonymous hunk she’d met while strutting around in a strange town in a mini skirt and high heels.


The weeks and months which followed were strange times for me. Some days were euphoric, where nothing mattered and I found our situation exciting. Then, at other times I hated my wife and myself for what we’d turned into. During the darker peiods I wondered where it had all gone so wrong, struggled to comprehend why Beth did what she did – what compulsion led her to allow herself to be used by those men, and why I felt like I did when I knew what she was up to.

We fought bitter fights, arguing and casting blame, my wife suggesting some kind of counselling or therapy group – which my pride wouldn’t let me agree to.

And, as it went on, it turned out the only time I could maintain an erection with Beth was when she’d recount some tale of filth and depravity, a true story from her collection which left me seething with rage and frustration and a hefty dose of desire to reclaim her as mine.

I’d leave for some business, Beth left on her own to roam as she pleased, jealousy raging and stabbing until I returned to hear what she’d been up to.

Which is where we are the afternoon I open the patio doors.

He’s wearing ear buds, the music and sound of the mower masking my approach. As I walk up to him, I see how fresh-faced he is.

Although I know he’s coming up for nineteen, I still pause and think, <i>Jesus, how old is he?</i>

He must see me from the corner of his eye, his head turning as I stand there watching him work. His name’s Gordon, a local boy on vacation from university, doing odd jobs for spare cash. He’s dark-haired and slim, no spare flesh on him at all as he works in shorts and a tee-shirt.

Gordy lifts a hand to acknowledge my presence, then flips the lever to shut off the growl of the mower’s engine.

“Mister Davis,” he says with a polite nod, the earbuds dangling around his neck. “Is there something the matter?”

I swallow against the upsurge of jealousy, looking at the boy’s furrowed brow, his brown eyes regarding me, expression somewhat concerned, like he’s afraid he’s done something wrong.

“Uh, no, Gordy. Nothing at all.” I throw a glance back to the house and see Beth’s outline moving around in the kitchen. It hits me in the moment – this k** and my wife…

“My wife,” I say with a catch in my throat. “Well, Beth wondered if you might like, uhm…”

<i>To have her suck your cock. She wondered if you’d like to see her tits and lick her pussy. Beth – my wife – wondered if you’d like to fuck her.</i>

“…Well, she wondered if you might like a cold drink.” Which is something I make up on the fly.

Gordy’s bottom lip juts out as he considers this. Then he nods and says, “That would be appreciated, Mister Davis.”

The sinking feeling drags at my stomach when I jerk my head towards the patio doors. “You, uhm, might like to come indoors?”

He looks and me and then shrugs. “All right,” he says. “But shall I just finish off first? I’ve only got a bit more to do.”

I hear myself say, “That’s okay. Leave it for now. Perhaps you can finish it later?”

<i>After my lovely wife has seduced you. Oh lord, Gordy, you don’t know what’s in store for you…</i>

The boy shrugs again, nodding before he follows me into the house.


I can see he’s disturbed by what Beth’s wearing. His cheeks blush red when he clock’s the slinky robe and her underwear. Gordy gapes for an instant before his manners kick in. Then he glances at me, most decidedly uncertain about what to say or do.

“Gordy,” Beth purrs, canting her head to one side while giving him a look hot enough to melt iron. “Sweetie,” she coos, laying it on thick, the belt on the robe looser than it should be.

The poor boy’s Adam’s apple bounces as he blinks and stammers hello.

“I asked him in for a cold drink,” I put in, breaking the awkward silence.

Beth nods and pouts, her eyes on the boy as she says, “Good idea … What would you like, Gordy? Can I get you a beer?”

I don’t think Gordy cares much at all. The wheels are spinning inside his head as he mumbles acceptance, attention everywhere except upon my wife as he stumbles into a ladder-backed chair.

Gordy’s eyes then follow Beth when she turns away to move to the fridge. I wonder what’s on his mind as I watch him watching her. Is he thinking about her big tits, soft tummy and wide hips? Is he imagining her lips – to which Beth has applied a coat of coral-pink gloss – pursed around his dick?

That’s what I think about as Beth pulls a can from the fridge. I’m imagining her moaning while sucking Gordy’s cock, wondering if he’ll be so aroused he’ll squirt jizm all over her face.

I’m hard when those images come to mind, suddenly excited by the prospect of watching my mature wife seducing the callow youth, her prey blinking and helpless as she hands him the beer.

“You know,” Beth adds, her voice all low and husky. It’s a tone which should have Gordy’s cock straining inside his shorts – that is if Beth’s body hasn’t already brought his dick to attention. “It’s been warm, and you’ve been working so hard … Well, I’ll bet you’re a bit sweaty, eh, Gordy? What about I run you a bath?”

She took my breath away by moving in so fast. Beth wasn’t messing around; she was serious about this one.

Poor Gordy hasn’t a clue. He gapes up at my wife, who’s leaning in, her hand on the back of his chair, her cleavage a foot from his face.

I watch him gape at Beth’s tits before he turns his focus on me. The boy catches my eyes and looks away.

“I … I dunno, Mrs Davis,” he mumbles.

If Gordy is reticent, my wife isn’t taking no for an answer. She’s straight onto it, cajoling and smiling as she steps back a pace, reaching out with one arm.

“Oh, come on, Gordy,” purrs Beth, tilting her head and smiling down at her victim. “It’s just a bath, you silly boy.”

He hasn’t any argument in the face of Beth’s insistence. Gordy looks shell-shocked as she reaches down to pull him out of the chair by his arm.

“Mrs Davis,” he says, the protest weak and feeble. “I … I really don’t think--”

“Nonsense,” says Beth. “This way. Follow me, Gordy. Just down the hall and up the stairs – there’s a good lad. Bring your beer if you want to,” she adds, pausing to allow the boy time to grab at the can from the table.

“Are you sure?” I hear Gordy asking, a tremor in his voice as my wife leads him out of the kitchen.

Beth laughs as I stand near the patio doors, her response indistinct.

I go to the fridge and pull out a can for myself, popping the tab and swigging half the contents before I sit down in the chair recently vacated by Gordy.

Five minutes pass before I drain the last of the beer. After that I rise up to my feet and walk out into the hall. I climb the stairs and move along the landing, the sound of the tub filling with water reaching me as I get closer.

The bathroom is bigger than our en-suite, a free-standing tub side-up against one wall, an anachronism with claw-feet against the contemporary stainless steel fittings and heated towel rail.

When I get to the open door, I see the beer can sat on the closed toilet lid, with Beth on her knees as she tugs at Gordy’s shorts, the boy already shirtless as the bathwater bubbles and foams under the heavy flow discharged from the tap.

The impression of Gordy’s youth is enhanced when I see the pale rack of his ribs, his torso so slight in contrast to Beth’s feminine figure. I see him looking my way, fear in his face when he registers my presence, his throat working as he gulps down on whatever it is he’s feeling.

Beth is looking up as she yanks the shorts to his knees. She spots his sightline, glances over at me, and then tells him not to be worried.

“Just ignore him,” she says. “Forget he’s here. He doesn’t matter at all, Gordy. I promise you, sweetie, you have nothing to worry about.”

“But, Mrs Davis,” the boy gasps, his hands grabbing at his underwear when Beth goes for his briefs.

“Oh, someone’s excited,” chirrups my wife, gleeful as she eyes the surprisingly long length springing upright and waggling about. “Don’t worry,” she coos, “you’re allowed to be excited.”

Beth leaves Gordy alone, standing up so she can test the depth and temperature of the water in the bath. She dips a hand in and stirs it all up, going for the taps, apparently satisfied.

“I told you,” she scolds, “forget about him. Pretend he’s not here.” Beth moves to the boy, a hand cupping his chin. She stares into his face and tells him, in a no-nonsense fashion, “You don’t have to worry. Don’t look so scared. It’s just us, Gordy. We can have a little fun. Wouldn’t you like that?”

Gordy seems less than certain when he throws yet another concerned glance towards me.

“Get in the bath,” says my wife, her tone brooking no argument. She’s stern and very in control when she taps a forefinger under the boy’s chin. “Now,” Beth says, her words a command.

The boy looks at my wife, obviously uncertain and confused by what’s going on.

“Mrs Davis?” he breathes, blinking, his mouth hanging open.

“It’s just a bath, Gordy,” sighs Beth, eyes rolling. “That’s all. We need to get all you clean, don’t we sweetheart? It’s been hot outside. You’re all sweaty. And I know you students don’t bathe all that often.”

Beth gently eases the boy towards the tub, her hand on his shoulder.

“There,” she says on a sigh when he steps into the water. “That’s right, good boy, you just sit in that lovely warm bath. Let me find the flannel so I can wash you.”

Gordy boggles, eyes wide when Beth kneels and sinks a hand into the suds.

“Where is it?” she says with a smirk twisting her lips.

Her arm swirls around in the water, her hand apparently searching for the washcloth coming into contact with Gordy’s erection as she flounders around.

“Whoops,” Beth grins, “that wasn’t it.” Then she lets out a cry of triumph while Gordy blinks down into the water, his expression one of absolute disbelief at the situation he’s found himself in. “Now,” says my wife, squeezing the excess water out of the flannel. “Let’s get you all nice and clean.”


Beth leans in and starts by washing the boy’s shoulder. She dips the cloth in the bath and wipes it over his skin, Gordy craning around to gape up at her face as Beth eases him back against the end of the tub.

“Just relax,” says my wife, dipping the washcloth again. “Forget all about my husband,” she adds, “he doesn’t exist. He isn’t going to do anything, Gordy. You don’t have to be scared, you don’t have to worry.”

She kneels and lifts one of his arms, washing his armpit before moving on to his shoulders.

Gordy twists this-way-and-that, his head on a swivel as he follows Beth as she moves around behind him.

“There,” murmurs Beth, washing his chest.

Her hand and the flannel move down over Gordy’s abdomen, his cock-end protruding just above the line of the water.

“Isn’t that nice?”

I move a few steps into the room while Gordy gasps out, “Yes, Mrs Davis.”

Beth takes her time, cleaning the boy’s torso, her hand moving close to his dick, but never quite managing to touch it. If she’s eking out the moment for my benefit, it’s working. I’m stiff as a bone watching my wife as she works her full-on seduction.

I watch Gordy’s face, his eyes going wide, mouth an incredulous O when Beth lifts the cloth and holds it above his dick, her fingers wringing a heavy rain from the weave down over the big dome.

Then, as his throat and mine work at the same time, my wife wipes the length of the shaft, her fingers closing to envelop the girth of the thing with the flannel.

“You like that?” she murmurs, Gordy’s gaze on where she’s slowly caressing his length.

“Yes, Mrs Davis,” he whines, gulping while continuing to watch Beth working his dick.

My wife shifts her position, easing the strain on her knees as she moves in closer to Gordy, his head almost nestled between her big breasts as she leans in behind him. She carries on dipping and washing, making sure his other armpit is clean before then using her free hand on his dick, her fist moving slowly as she teases the boy.

Beth plays a game: she completely ignores what her free hand is up to, pretending she’s doing nothing other than mopping the boy’s thighs yet stroking his dick all the while.

It goes on for a half-minute, me mesmerised by what I’m seeing. It’s such a thrill to look at his face, so youthful and full of wonder while a mature woman rubs his shaft, Beth reassuring him with soft murmurs as the drips tinkle into the bathwater when she squeezes the flannel out above the dome once again.

In an abrupt move, Beth leans back and tells him to kneel. “Get up,” she says, her tone a command. “Let’s get into all those nooks and crannies. You’ll be fresh as a daisy,” Beth coos.

“I’m sorry,” he mutters, a hand going down to cover his groin. A pointless exercise with that long jib waggling about.

“Don’t be sorry,” Beth whispers before she repeats, “You’re allowed to be excited. It’s fine.”

She motions for Gordy to turn around, tutting annoyance when water splashes her robe.

“Oh, Gordy,” she breathes, rising up to her feet. “We don’t want to get this all wet, do we?”

I catch Gordy staring at Beth, his mouth hanging open as she smirks down at him, the robe slipping over her shoulders.

Desire for my wife swells inside me, my cock seeping pre-cum while she poses for a long moment, showing off the feminine shape of her body. She’s ripe and voluptuous, rounded and curvy. There’s a little spare flesh at her waist, but she’s still got the figure, the size of her breasts and width to her hips allowing Beth to carry a few extra pounds with no problem at all.

Beth lets the boy gawp for a while, then gets back down on her knees, picking the washcloth up off the edge of the tub where she’d d****d it. My wife uses the flannel on the boy’s back, moving her hand down to get between his legs. She caresses the length from below for a few strokes, then gets the flannel into the crease of his skinny backside.

She giggles and tells Gordy to sit back down, which he does after a second or two of confusion, resting his back against the tub while Beth scoops water over his chest, her palm smoothing his body, her hand creeping towards his tumescence.

“There you are, all nice and clean,” murmurs Beth as she takes hold of the shaft once again.

She mumbles some nonsense while slowly working the whole of his length, her thumb teasing the tip.

“You’re quite a big lad,” Beth tells the boy. “I’m impressed.”

She gives the thing several more strokes, slow and teasing before she lets it go and, in the first direct reference to what she intends, my wife looks into Gordy’s face, his slack stare going back at her. “We can some fun, can’t we, Gordy? Would you like that? Having some fun with me? Does that sound good, sweetie?”

Gordy’s response is to swallow heavily, nodding his head while his stare remains fixed on my wife’s face.

Beth smiles and arches her eyebrows. “Good,” she breathes, using the edge of the tub to lever herself to her feet.

I’m as rapt as the boy when Beth slides the straps of her bra over her shoulders, hands going back to unfasten the clasp. She lets the bra dangle for a moment, then drops it onto the floor, hands going up to sweep blonde hair from her face. After that she hooks her thumbs into the waist of her knickers, going knock-kneed as she gives a little shimmy and slips them down past her thighs. Beth’s breasts sway as she leans to shove her underwear all the way to her feet, their heavy roundness a magnet for my eyes until my wife rises upright.

“What’s the matter?” she asks Gordy, her mouth curved with amusement. “Never seen a naked woman before?”

The boy nods while gaping at Beth. His tongue slips over his lips as he continues to stare, and even though he maintains he’s seen a bare lady in the past, I doubt any he’s seen to date is as magnificent a sight as my wife in that moment.

Even though I’m familiar with Beth’s body, I’ve probably becomes dulled to its appeal since those first heady days of our love. But as jaded as I might be, I’m caught up by the allure of blonde hair, coral lip-gloss, and amused green eyes. I’ve had my hands all over those curves on many occasions, but I’m transfixed by my wife’s shape, her large breasts emphasising the cinch of her waist, the effect enhanced by the wide sweep of her pelvis.

She poses again, cocking one hip, thighs close together while she holds onto the towel rail with one hand, her stare set on the boy in the bath.

I can’t help but gulp when I see the thin strip of fair pubic hair low down on the near flawless expanse of skin below her navel.

My wife then tells Gordy to scoot forward. “Go on,” she tells him, waggling her fingers.

Gordy swivels around and shoves himself to the opposite end of the tub, both of us watching Beth as she climbs into the bath.

The delicate movement, the way she lifts one leg to step into the water gnaws at my innards. The sight is sublime, her vulva framed by her thighs.

My wife then kneels and reaches for the silver head of the hose attachment fixed to its bracket off to one side. She fiddles with the taps until the temperature is set how she wants it, then sprays her generous frontage, taunting me and the boy by running a palm over both breasts.

She does this for a short time, teasing us further by moaning and sighing with appreciation as the water cascades over her body.

“You like my tits?” she asks Gordy. “You’re staring,” adds Beth with a chuckle.

My wife turns off the flow and replaces the head back in its fixing.

“Do you want to touch them?” she breathes, eyes amused slits as she smirks at the boy. “Go on,” she urges, taking his hand. “Feel them. That’s right.”

Beth finds the washcloth and hands it to Gordy.

“Clean me,” she purrs, lower lip between her teeth as she watches his face. “Gently,” breathes Beth. “Nice and slow. There’s no need to rush.”

My wife thrusts out her chest and lets Gordy worship her breasts, the water splashing and tinkling until it’s apparent she’s had enough of the attention.

“Come over here,” she says, motioning for Gordy to turn around. “Lie up against me.”

Beth settles back and opens her legs, beckoning Gordy to come closer.

“Don’t look so frightened,” Beth grins. “Come on, come here. That’s it,” she whispers when he eases his back into my wife’s body. “Isn’t this lovely?”

Her arms go around the Gordy, one hand smoothing his chest while she reaches down for his dick.

“Do you like this?” asks Beth, her fist working his length.

“I like it a lot, Mrs Davis,” croaks Gordy as Beth speeds up the motion. He gapes at her fist jacking his dick, mouth falling open.

Beth chuckles, slowing it down. “Let me feel the whole length,” she says on a murmur.

Gordy’s focus is set on his cock while Beth slowly caresses the shaft. I listen to my wife’s sighs and low moans, water splashing in time with her strokes, the jealousy a hot rush in my throat, the cuprous tang a foul taste in my mouth when she touches his cheek.

Gordy swivels his head to see Beth’s face only inches away, and she pauses before ducking in, moving for a kiss before pulling back at the last moment.

It’s a hideous snapshot of time for me. I see the intimacy between my wife and the boy, their eyes locked while they stare at each other. I know I’m forgotten when I see the heat in their gazes. They’re in their own private world, messages passing between them in a long, tender moment.

I sense the connection between my wife and the k** who is going to become her lover, hating the pair for what’s passing from one to the other while all I can do is watch in appalled fascination as Beth slowly moves in, their first kiss an exploratory smack of their lips, with the next following on immediately after.

My wife’s moans are needles in my side while Beth and Gordy take several quick pecks before her tongue finally slips into his mouth.

She holds his face with one hand, sighing and moaning, pulling back so she can look into his eyes.

I could groan out loud when I hear my wife murmur, “You want to kiss?”

And then she’s at him again, their tongues swirling and dancing, their kisses slow and tender and so full of feeling, Beth’s fist working his cock all the time their joined at the lips.

The kissing ceases, with Beth continuing to jack Gordy’s dick for a half-minute more, his adoring stare fixed on her face as he cranes around.

If I think it’s a hideous as it can get, I’m sorely mistaken, Beth’s next words filling with a dread realisation it’s all going to happen.

She chuckles and looks into Gordy’s eyes, fist slowing down as she breathes out, “Would you like me to put it in my mouth? Have you ever been sucked before?”


The sense of isolation deepens when Beth tells him to move to the other end of the tub. I’m there in the room with them both, but excluded completely. I know if I make any overt approach or utter a sound, I’ll burst the fragile bubble in which my wife and the boy are cocooned.

I listen to Beth’s chuckle after Gordy complies, the k** turning to face her, his back against the bath while Beth gets onto her hands and knees, skin all shiny and slick, rump in the air while she moves in close. She fixes Gordy with a smirk while easing in for yet more kissing, the occasional wet smack of their lips like physical blows to my stomach.

My wife moves back, water swelling around her, waves lapping at the sides of the bath as she reaches for Gordy’s cock. Then, ignoring the bubbles all over the shaft, Beth first gives him a slow, lascivious wink before licking the head of his cock.

Beth holds Gordy’s stare while sk**ding her tongue up his shaft, the ends of her hair trailing into the water when she goms the big dome, a fist working his girth.

I listen to my wife moaning and sighing, wet sounds coming up when she pops her lips off Gordy’s bell-end, the misery deepening inside me.

She chuckles and swirls her tongue over the tip, the boy shoving Beth’s hair away from her face.

“You like to watch?” she asks on a purr. “Hold my hair, that’s it,” breathes my wife, going in to really slurp and slobber over the dick.

Gordy’s hips thrust, water threatening to lap over the sides of the tub in his excitement.

“Easy, tiger,” Beth smirks, her hand slowly caressing his length. “Let me tease you,” she sighs, looking into his eyes.

Beth holds his gaze, slowing things down while stroking his dick. Then she goes in to suck him again, the boy holding her hair aside so he can watch Beth’s face on his cock.

It goes on for a few watery minutes, her hair in rat’s tails by the time she finishes her slurping and sucking.

Beth grins at Gordy when she moves in for another round of wet-sounding kissing, her chuckle a tug at my core when she offers the boy her big breasts.

“You like them, don’t you,” Beth whispers, her smirk a constant twist to her mouth.

I see the boy gulp and then nod, his arousal getting too much for him to cope with when his cock slides through my wife’s slippery cleavage.

Beth laughs and presses her palms against the outer flanks of her breasts, her elbows slapping the water while Gordy fucks up between those big orbs.

“Slow it down,” she eventually tells him, taking control of his cock with a fist before she gives it a couple of licks.

My wife teases the boy by running the flat of her tongue along the keel of the thing. She goes from his balls to the tip, holding him fixed with her eyes before she goms at it with some vigour, lips stretching tight.

Beth then goes back to cranking the cock, moving in for more slurpy kisses, her own arousal evident as she moans and sighs into Gordy’s open mouth, her hand at his face while she sucks at his tongue and writhes around and rises up to press her breasts against his body.

I’m amazed at the k**’s self-control. If I’d been in his place at his age, with a gorgeous mature woman of thirty-six sucking and cranking my dick, I’d have squirted cum all over the place minutes before. But, to my continued astonishment, the boy holds it all in. Even as, for the next five minutes at least, my wife slurps at his cock, cranking at it while continuously moaning and sighing out her appreciation.

Beth works at Gordy for all that time before she levers upright. Then, kneeling in front of him, she continues a robust action with one hand, his hands going to her breasts.

“Play with my tits,” groans my wife, letting him maul at her flesh before taking him into her cleavage once more.

There’s more tit-fucking and sucking of cock before the couple kiss some more, with Beth still tormenting me with all those low moans of desire.

Then she eases away, slowly coming up out of the water, Gordy following my wife upright as Beth perches on the edge of the tub.

“You like my tits don’t you,” she says on a chuckle, Gordy grabbing at her with both hands.

He’s at her breasts, sucking her nipples while Beth groans out, “Oh yeah, ooh, baby. That’s it sweetheart.”

Gordy goes mad for my wife, licking and sucking as Beth carries on chuckling and sighing.

“Slow down, mister,” she says when he starts getting carried away. “You need to slow down.”

Beth eases the boy back into the tub, lowering herself down so his prong is between her thighs, the bulb above the surface of the water.

For an awful moment I think they’re going to fuck, but what my wife does is lean in to kiss Gordy’s mouth before she offers him her breasts. Beth holds her boobs up with her palms, Gordy going back to sucking her nipples.

I hear my wife say, “Oh that’s so sweet. That’s right, Gordy, that’s nice, darling. Treat them gently for now. Kiss my tits, sweetie.”

Gordy slurps and mauls at Beth’s body, her sighs and mumbling pleasure agony for me.

“That’s nice,” my wife breathes, teasing her nipples with the tips of her fingers. “You’ve got them nice and hard.”

She leans in and kisses Gordy again, their continued intimacy causing me some anxious concern.

The way they kiss and look at each other with such adoration tugs at my vitals. The boy of nineteen and my beautiful wife are getting way too close for my liking. There’s a tenderness to the way they gaze at each other, a closeness I haven’t shared with Beth for more than a couple of years.

I’m jealous like never before, and actually thinking about breaking it up when Beth rises upright to slip a hand down over her vulva.

She looks down at the boy, whose hands are on her hips, her pussy a foot from his face.

“You licked a pussy, Gordy?” she whispers. “You have?” she continues when Gordy nods in response. “You know what to do?”

He nods again and my wife is exuberant when she asks, “Would you like to show me?

Beth leans in for a last kiss, moaning when Gordy caresses her breasts, her tongue flicking against his as she mimics the action she wants him to perform on her clit.

“Do you want to show me what you can do?” sighs my wife before she gives the boy one final, enthusiastic kiss, her broad hips and her thighs coming free of the water.


Beth stands and grabs the shower fixture, pulling the head free from its bracket.

She sluices the suds from her body, stopping the flow of the water and then replacing the long silver nozzle.

My wife then lifts one foot onto the edge of the tub, spreading her thighs and slapping her pussy with the flats of four fingers.

She sucks in a breath, moaning and sighing when Gordy rises on to his knees, Beth splaying her folds with the tips of her fingers to show the boy where she wants his attention.

I boggle at the sight of his face at her vulva, his tongue flicking her bean while Beth hisses and moans, one hand mauling her breasts while the other holds Gordy’s head at her sex.

I’m becoming increasingly aware of my cock, the thing as hard as a steel rod, desire for Beth almost overwhelming my senses. I could just pull the thing out of my trousers while watching Gordy licking my wife. I could tug myself as she groans on about him doing it in just the right place, the noises she’s making exacerbating my need.

“Ooh, yeah,” moans my wife, Gordy holding her open while she squeezes her breasts, hips working as he teases her sex. She groans, “Get that tongue in there,” before continuing with, “Oh fuck, yeah, that’s so fucking nice. Taste that pussy.”

Beth winces and sucks in a breath, then goes on with another low moan.

“Go on, right there,” sighs my wife, eyes closed as she mumbles and moans, hands smoothing over her body. It’s an expression of absolute rapture, my wife’s delight evident in the way she sucks in deep breaths and rolls her breasts in her hands. She grinds in against the boy’s face, holding his head while her tummy tenses with effort.

I can tell she’s getting worked up by the noises she makes and the torrent of filth pouring out of her mouth, her vocabulary turning darker as the boy continues to lap at her sex.

“Fuck, yeah,” hisses Beth, looking down at him knelt in the bath. “That’s it, Gordy, right there, she repeats.”

Beth moans again, the sound all curdled before she gasps out, “Oh, yeah, right fucking there … That’s it, baby, play with that pussy.”

He’s holding her open as she stands with her foot on the edge of the tub, thighs as wide as she can manage, his tongue flicking over her clit while the urge to masturbate washes over me once more, my wife’s profanity hitting new levels.

It’s one of the filthiest things I’ve ever heard Beth say when she moans, “Go on, get that wet, juicy cunt ready for your big fucking dick…

“Oh, fuck, yes, you lovely sweet boy. Get it ready for that lovely big cock.

“That’s it, Gordy, right on that spot – right on my clit.

“…Oh, yeah, oh God, that’s so fucking good.”

I gape at my wife when I hear the shift in the language she’s using. It’s a shock to hear her saying all those things, the wonder upon me about where she picked up all the sewer-mouthed filth. It’s like my wife, my Beth, has been looking at porn – which isn’t too far off the grid, I suppose.

Or perhaps it’s a kink she’s picked up from one of her men? Maybe one of her lovers likes the smutty language she’s using?

I continue gawping at Beth as she holds Gordy’s head while shifting her stance. She slips the raised foot into the bath, moaning on about how nice it all is as she lifts her other leg out of the water. Then, in this new position, Gordy goes at her sex, my wife mumbling and gasping at all the pleasure he’s giving.

It goes on for only a short time, with Beth rubbing her sex while groaning out a lewd invitation.

I hear her ask, “Do you want to fuck my pussy now, Gordy?” the thought of it a spear through my heart.

It’s not any surprise to hear Gordy squeak out a positive response. “Yeah,” he says as Beth grins down into his face.

My wife’s fingers work at her clit as she breathes, “You want to stick your big dick inside me – yeah?”

Gordy’s still going at her sex with his tongue and his fingers while Beth moans out a lewd, “You wanna be my bad, bad boy?”

I’m close to breaking when I hear her continuing on with the potty-mouthed talk. It’s my first experience of hearing this level of filth pour from her mouth, the thrill a jolt through my core when Beth sobs out, “You going to show me what you can do with that big, hard cock of yours…?

“…You’re going to shag me – yeah?”

I gulp as it all wells up inside me. I’m recovered from the surprise at hearing Beth’s new and lewd vocabulary, and although I’m wracked by jealousy, I’m so fucking turned on. It’s all in the way Beth is carrying on: her looks and her groans and the filth pouring out of her mouth. She’s so graphic in vocalising her wants and desires, her arousal and carnal excitement bubbling up in the tone of her voice and the twist to her face.

It’s a side to my wife I never imagined existed, yet one which excites me beyond anything I’ve ever experienced with her. I can’t believe I’ve been with Beth for almost two decades and never heard her utter such depravity before, which makes the question of how well I actually know my own wife pop into my head.

It hits me like a train when I realise I must not have known her as well as I thought – which is obvious when I consider how else she could have gotten away with her infidelities for as long as she has?

And if I’d known what she was like, if I understood the inner working of her mind and libido, I might have come to understand sooner that she needed something darker between us.

We could have watched porn together, if that got her going. I’d be happy to role-play to spice things up – an idea I have far too late, my eyes on my wife and the boy as they gaze at each other, his hands soaping her breasts.

Beth moans once more when Gordy fingers her sex, his tongue going back to her clit, her words causing another visceral drag when I hear her say, “That’s it, Gordy, get it all wet. Get it all wet for when you fuck me with that lovely big cock.

“That’s it. Yeah, up and down, right on my clit … Nice and slow, baby…”

Another burst of vehement moaning and sighing follows while Gordy does his best to comply with Beth’s wishes. I listen to Beth whining and carrying on as she winds up towards the inevitable act. I can tell by the pitch of her outbursts she’s close to letting the boy at her. I know in the not too distant future, mere minutes – or even seconds, perhaps – she’ll offer her sex to the k**.

I think, in a hazy, vague kind of way, about if I actually want to see them in the throes of their rutting. Will I be able to cope seeing his cock moving in-and-out of Beth’s body?

And what about their burgeoning intimacy? What about the pair of them in their own little world? The inadequacy is a heavy blanket with a weave of despair when I wonder if Beth and I were ever as close as she and Gordy appear to be, him slurping at my wife’s sex, his endeavours making her moan with unbridled delight.

The boy is only eighteen and he’s doing a sterling job of satisfying a woman double his age.

God, how I hate him for giving my wife so much pleasure.

So I’m just thinking about leaving them to it when Beth chuckles and says, “Oh, you’re hungry, aren’t you Gordy,” then goes on to add, “Do you like eating that pussy?”

She blurts out a laugh when the boy mumbles, “Mmm-hmm.”

“I like it, too,” chuckles my wife, sucking in air before groaning out, “<i>Fuuuck</i>, that’s it, baby, get it nice and wet…”

Beth pauses and sighs and then repeats her request on a whisper while looking down at the top of the k**’s head.

“Nice and wet,” I hear my wife breathe, her foot coming down off the edge of the tub.

And that’s the moment events overtake any decision I might make about leaving. My wife tilts Gordy’s head so she can look into his face, the words coming out in a croak as she says, “You gonna show me how you’re gonna fuck me?

“You gonna show me what you can do with that cock?”

Beth holds the tip of one forefinger between her teeth as she smiles at Gordy, the effect coquettish as she teases him with her smirk. She turns around to present her buttocks towards him, then swivels at the waist to show of her boobs in a three-quarter profile.

His face is close to her slippery skin while my wife carries on with the torment, Gordy getting up to his feet, hands going to her breasts. Gordy sucks at her nipples, mouth going from one to the other while his fingers knead tit-flesh and my wife giggles and sighs and lets out more groans.

They kiss with a smacking of lips before my wife then rips out my guts by purring, “Now, are you gonna fuck me?”

She grins at Gordy while teasing her hair with one hand while looking back over one shoulder. The look she’s giving him squeezes my heart. I think the curve of her spine is sublime, the feminine shape of Beth’s body and the look on her face cause a twist of desire.

I realise the moment is here and the k** is actually going to put that big prong into my wife.


And Beth loves it. I can see from her face she’s having the time of her life.

“You gonna bend me over,” she says with a smirk, lifting one leg to rest her foot on the tub.

There’s a square arch at that end of the room, a divider of sorts which separates the main bathroom from the washroom-cum-toilet. Beth reaches up with one hand to hold onto the dark-wood beam overhead, and, after she’s steadied herself, she grabs at one buttock, spreading herself while thrusting back with her hips, angling her pelvis so the boy can get at her pussy.

Gordy uses one hand to spread Beth’s cheeks further apart, his dick in the other fist while my wife squirms and continues to look back at him, her expression expectant while she says, “That’s where you put it.” She smiles at Gordy, nodding while holding his eyes with her own. “In there, baby, that’s it.”

Beth reaches back to hold his face, watching his reaction, assessing the boy’s response while he nudges her sex with the end of his dick.

“Oh yeah,” breathes Beth. “You gonna push that in?

“Calm down,” adds my wife, returning to her earlier refrain. “Nice and slow. Not too fast. Let me feel it go in.”

I can tell when he finally enters her because Beth’s head goes back and a long, drawn out, “Oooh,” comes out of her mouth. “<i>Fuuuck</i>,” groans my wife as the boy’s hips start to work back-and-forth. “Calm it down,” gasps Beth straight away, her hand on his hip to stop the k** from charging ahead. “Let me feel every inch … Calm down, Gordy.”

The boy gets into a rhythm she likes, with Beth groaning and gasping, eyes closed as she winces with pleasure.

It’s torture to hear her making those sounds, the agony only getting worse when she breathes out, “Oh fuck, yeah … Oh fuck … Nice and slow.”

The boy starts at her again, his hands full of her breasts while Beth does her best to soothe his ardour.

She’s still swivelled at the waist one hand on the wall for support while she holds Gordy’s face as a sandwich between fingers and thumb. Their foreheads are touching, her eyes holding his gaze as Beth tells lets me know just what’s going on by what she’s saying to him.

“I can feel you,” she whispers to Gordy, slowly working her pelvis. My wife corkscrews her hips and continues with, “I can every bit of you going in.”

The k**’s face is all slack as his hips continue to move, his robust thrusting calm for the moment. Beth continues to hold his attention, rolling her buttocks while saying, “Push it real deep. Yeah,” she croons, pouting at Gordy. “Go on, push it right inside.

“Oh yeah,” she groans, their momentum increasing.

A moment later and the boy’s skinny nates are bouncing again. He’s mad for my wife, so eager to fuck into her body she has to keep up a constant reminder for him to slow everything down.

Gordy leans in low and wraps his arms around Beth shoulders, leaning in while gripping her tight as it seems to get too much for him to cope with, his thrusts getting more urgent.

And this time, Beth gives him his head.

She groans out, “Oh fuck,” the boy’s tempo increasing. “Oh yeah,” moans my wife, the cheeks of her arse rippling as Gordy gets going.

It’s a minute of rutting, with Beth constantly groaning in pleasure, blurting out her <i>Oh fucks</i> and <i>Oh yeahs</i> as the k** fucks at her body.

“Oh yes, baby, oh fuck,” Beth is gasping, her fingers down at her arse while she holds herself open so he can get at her deeper.

As it’s all going on, Gordy holds onto Beth’s body, his arms round her torso until he leans back and puts his hands on her shoulders.

Then he really gets at her, fucking at Beth while she sobs and makes quite a fuss.

They slow down for a moment, with Beth grinning back at the k**, her expression ebullient.

I try to recall when I last saw my wife so happy, so full of joy her eyes sparkle as she looks at her lover. Because that’s what the boy is by now. He’s inside my wife, his cock giving her pleasure, a feeling growing between them. They’re lovers in more than the physical sense. There’s a deeper, romantic connection between them.

It’s apparent from her expression when Beth pulls him in for a kiss before moaning, “Oh, you’re a good boy, aren’t you? Oh fuck,” she sighs as Gordy caresses her skin, his fingers moving over her back, his thrusts going deeper and quicker again.

Their bodies collide with meaty thwacks, water splashing in the bath as Gordy gives Beth the good news. She’s mewling and whining and crying out in delight, their bestial coupling ripping my guts.

But I’m so rock solid down at my core while I witness the scene. I know I’m sick and depraved, but seeing that k** working my wife into a lather is probably the single most exciting thing I’ve ever encountered.

During another lull, I see the pair kissing, with Beth grinning into the k**’s face, his hips still making the moves on my wife.

Gordy slaps Beth’s buttock three times, bringing a dark chuckle from her before she says, “Ooh, yeah, Gordy, you naughty boy.”

And then he’s at her again, their flesh slapping with urgent, metronomic regularity, his arms round her body once more, my wife squealing on about how good it feels to have him inside her.

“Does it feel nice?” gasps Beth to the boy. “Do you like fucking my pussy?” she squeaks.

I watch them as they go for another round of desperate rutting, with Beth sobbing and letting us know all about how it feels to have a young lover giving her his length.

Then my wife suddenly eases off the boy’s cock, his jib waggling around as she turns to face him.

Beth mauls at her breasts while throwing a hot-eyed look of desire down to his dick.

“Get out of the bath,” she hisses to Gordy. “Let me taste my pussy off your cock.”


Gordy steps out of the tub while Beth goes into the water. She kneels, the boy moving in close so she can get a hand on his shaft.

“Give me your dick,” breathes my wife as she leans over the edge, then purses her lips around the big dome.

I watch Beth’s head bob back-and-forth, her cheeks concave while she looks up into his face, her lips popping off the head of that cock. My wife moans with appreciation while using her mouth and her hand on the k**’s length. She sucks at the thing, forefinger and thumb curled round its girth before next licking its keel with the flat of her tongue.

It goes on for a minute, with Beth alternating her style, the sounds never ceasing until Beth rises up to smear pre-cum over her nipples.

After she’s grinned at the boy and made another comment about him liking her tits, she allows him free rein, Gordy fucking her mouth, his hand in her hair while he thrusts at my wife’s face.

She lets him loose for a few moments, thirty seconds perhaps, then takes control when Gordy’s action gets too robust.

I notice her technique, my wife’s ability to take at least half of the length into her mouth. I hear her gomming the cock, her glug-glug-glug as Gordy fucks at her with brisk, vigorous thrusts of his hips.

Beth comes away from the thing wedged between her lips. There’s no hint of coral lip-gloss remaining. My wife has had it kissed off, the residual traces removed by her vigorous sucking at Gordy’s erection.

My wife swirls her tongue over the cock-head before she leans back in the tub. The boy is on her the instant she lets go of his dick, with Gordy curling in low as he grabs at my wife’s breasts, his lips finding one nipple, the teat surrounded by Beth’s pimpled flesh, the areola puckered with lust.

Gordy sucks at my wife, both hands squeezing the curved outer flanks. He goes from one to the other, clearly aroused by the size of Beth’s tits.

Beth presses her palms to his cheeks, pulling him while flicking her tongue at the air, a signal she wants the boy’s kiss. Gordy licks at Beth’s tongue, his lips then sucking it in as they share a long, slippery kiss.

I’m in the prefect place to see the mollusc nestled in the concavity at the top of my wife’s thighs when she gets out of the water with her back and bottom towards me. She’s all slick and shiny, her skin wet from the water, the oyster of her sex all plump as she stands.

The boy grabs at her arse, his fingers splaying the cheeks as he ducks in to kiss one soapy globe.

Beth chuckles when Gordy mauls at her body, the smudge of her sphincter winking at me, suds a foamy garland at her hips when she then leans forward to take a towel off the rail.

Beth lays the towel along the edge of the bath before taking hold of the k**’s face. She squeezes his cheeks, making him pout like a goldfish as she looks into his eyes.

Beth smirks at Gordy and says, “Now we’re going to be very naughty. And you’re gonna make me come.”

She watches his face as she settles her rump on the towel, one hand going to the far side of the tub. My wife steadies herself before lifting one leg, licking the fingers of her free hand as she slowly rests her calf on Gordy’s shoulder. Beth splits her labia as Gordy aims his cock at her body, one arm round her thigh, my wife in a three-quarter profile to where I’m standing, her midriff creased while her breasts wobble and sway.

From where I am, I can see his cock nudging at Beth, her gasp coming as the boy winces, half his dick going inside.

“Oh fuck,” purrs my wife, head lolling back. “Oh shit, give it all to me,” she groans.

Beth has to use one hand to steady herself as the k** starts it up, my wife gasping and cooing as his flesh slaps against hers.

Beth pouts and rolls her eyes, a gasp coming out before she goes on with a decidedly exuberant, “Ooh yes, right there, yes. Go on, right there. Nice and deep.”

It seems the time for slowing him down is definitely over, with Gordy going at her with youthful vigour, my wife squeaking at him.

Beth tells him to go nice and deep, to, “Go on, yeah, give me the full length of that big fucking dick of yours. Let me feel all of it going all the way in.”

Then she’s groaning and gasping and sucking air in through her nose. My wife yelps out her pleasure, the boy working hard as he fucks into her pussy, flesh upon flesh while her breasts shiver and roll.

“Nicely, nicely, nicely!” my wife squeaks. “That’s so fucking nice.”

I look on, unable to take my eyes off the boy’s cock, the length of the thing coming out of my wife causing me envy. He’s really quite a big lad. Gordy might only be a scrawny little thing, but he’s got a cock like a donkey’s. Or at least that’s what it looks like to me as he gives Beth the benefit of all he can supply, her moans and groans mixed in with her shouts of, “Oh fuck,” and “Oh yeah.”

My wife has her eyes fixed on his face, her eyes going wide as she yells at him to, “Fuck it right there.”

Beth sighs and moans and cries out a quick, “Oh <i>fuuuck</i> – yes, yes, yes, yes!” a long groan coming up from her chest, the judders wracking her torso, thighs shivering, nerveless.

It looks to me as though her body actively rejects the boy’s cock, my wife gasping as she sucks in deep breaths, groaning and gazing at Gordy.

That smouldering look and the sounds coming from Beth would have me squirting inside her. I’d be coming and coming, sobbing while pouring my seed into my wife, but Gordy – that <i>boy</i> of eighteen – just keeps hold of Beth’s thigh while simply aiming his cock at her pussy, the thing sinking in as she whines up at his face.

“That’s it,” my wife gasps, taking him in. She gives it more porn-speak as she squeaks at him to, “Feel that pussy come. Keep fucking that pussy.”

Then Beth grunts as her head lolls back, mewling in delight before snapping her focus back to his face.

“Right there, right in that pussy,” groans Beth, the boy’s thighs slapping against her. Gordy has her spread wide, with Beth leaning sideways along the edge of the bath. Which wouldn’t be too comfortable if she was in any state to realise she was resting against the hard tub; but I think my wife has other things on her mind – another quick orgasm coming her way so it seems.

“Go on, right there,” my wife groans at her lover. “Go on, nice--” she says, the long moan cutting her words short as her pussy ejects the boy’s length once again.

“Oh fuck, yes,” sobs Beth as the k** ducks in to suck at her breast.

She judders and moans for some time, with Gordy already eager to get back inside. He slips it into my wife, with Beth looking at him, her teeth clenched in a snarl after she sighs, “Oh fuck,” her next words a crude, “Yeah, that’s it. Get it in there. Get it nice and wet … nice and wet.”

They fuck, a bestial rutting which has Beth gazing and pouting into his face. Gordy is going at my wife, with Beth squeaking and moaning until she gasps out another, “Oh fuck,” her body ejecting his cock yet again.

But the k** is right back at her.

Gordy smears his fingers through Beth’s labia, the folds flapping while he aims his cock at her body. Then they’re at it again, my wife letting loose with her potty-mouthed talk, her foul-mouthed litany an obscene soundtrack to accompany their coupling.

She’s watching Gordy fuck into her body, her hand mauling her breasts as she says, “Oh shit, that is so <i>good</i>.” Then she snarls at the boy to, “Keep on fucking that MILF pussy. Come on – yeah?

“Keep fucking it like a good boy. Don’t stop fucking that pussy until I tell you you can.”

Gordy puts a hand at her throat, with Beth continuing her lewd refrain.

“Don’t stop,” urges my wife. “Don’t you dare stop.

“Oh fuck,” she cries out. “Don’t stop until I tell you.

“Oh fuck, yeah, that’s it. Make it wetter,” she squeals, repeating her urging with speed and vehemence.

“Make it wetter, make it wetter, make it wetter!” cries Beth, grunts coming out after she’s said it.

And then I’m watching my wife coming again, the boy pulling out like he can’t take any more.

“Don’t fucking stop!” cries out Beth. She levers upright, gasping while grabbing at Gordy. “Don’t stop until I tell you to,” she gasps into his mouth while kissing the boy.

There’s an urgency upon Beth as she turns away, presenting her back to her lover, one foot going up on the edge of the bath, her pelvis angled so he can get at her sex.

“I told you to fuck that pussy,” gasps Beth, the boy getting behind her. “You gonna fuck it some more?” asks my wife, shifting position until Gordy has slid himself into her body.

This time they really go at it, my wife bent forward, obscenities pouring in a constant flow as the boy fucks into her body, his hand slapping her buttock.

Beth’s tits sway as Gordy gets at her, my wife starting up with, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, show me what you’ve got.

“Harder and faster,” she tells him. “Show me what that big dick can do.”

Gordy’s hands are on my wife shoulders, his hips working fast, his body as lean as a greyhound’s as he pounds at Beth, her cries growing ever more desperate, her squeals of delight a knife through my heart.

It goes on until Beth’s body spits out his cock one more time, my wife grunting, “Oh shit,” her fingers down at her sex while Gordy’s palms run over her skin.

There’s a pause when Beth swivels round to grin at the boy. “Fuck, that’s so nice,” she murmurs into his face, her eyes close to his before she gives him a kiss.

Then Beth goes for the shower, sluicing the front of her body while urging the k** to play with her pussy.

Gordy’s cock waggles and waves as he climbs into the tub. He gets behind Beth, his hand going down between her thighs while his spare hand mauls at her breasts.

I watch the k** finger my wife, those digits in deep while Beth groans out her pleasure, his lips finding her nipple.

Beth cranks at his length while rubbing herself, then she’s angling her pelvis again, offering her sex to the boy.

“Go on, fuck my pussy,” she murmurs, a hand going to the wall for support.

Beth leans forward as they start at it again, her breasts rolling and swaying while she urges the boy to go at her nice and deep.

It seems they find the perfect angle and depth when Beth brings her foot down off the edge of the tub, her legs going together so she’s knock-kneed, her cunt angled at Gordy as she moans out the lewdest, “Oh fuck,” I’ve heard her utter so far.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” cries my wife as Gordy goes hard.

Beth keeps it up for a full minute with, “Oh shit, oh fuck,” and, “I love your big dick.”

Gordy slams at her, his cock like a piston, my wife squealing and moaning until she wails out she’s coming.

Beth hardly pauses after squawking the news, a hand quickly rubbing her sex before she urges Gordy to fuck her again.

“More,” sobs my wife. “Give me more, more, more of that big fucking dick.”

And there’s yet more wailing and carrying on as Beth finds her stride.

“Don’t stop,” she tells Gordy, her next words timed with his thrusts. “Make me come,” begs my wife, “Make me come, make me come, make me come!

“Oh shit,” gasps out Beth. “Don’t stop!”

And then she’s sobbing and moaning as the shudders grip her body, thighs shivering as she continues to wail, breasts trembling like jellies.

Gordy keeps going, fucking my wife through her climax, obscenities still pouring out of her mouth until she finally levers upright.

The boy moves in close, his arms looping round so he can run his hands all over Beth’s body. I look at my wife and see her throat and breasts are suffused a with a rosy-pink hue, her own hands mauling her tits as she gasps and sobs out her absolute pleasure.

“Your cock,” breathes my wife as she turns. “It’s just so <i>good</i>.”

The she’s down on her knees in the water, his dick in her mouth.


Beth glugs and slobbers at Gordy. She holds him with one hand while he tries to get his full length into her gullet. I can see the boy’s excitement in the way he’s thrusting at Beth, her moans coming up muffled and choked because her mouth is jammed full of cock.

Gordy has his hands in Beth’s hair, the blonde all straggly as he keeps up the pressure on my wife’s crown. I’m looking at him going at her, sure he’d burst out of the top of her head if Beth didn’t keep him in check with one fist on his shaft.

My wife doesn’t say anything while she lets Gordy go at her lips, she’s too busy gomming and sucking and occasionally smacking her lips off the dome. I don’t know if she’s planning to fuck him again, but there’s a hint the finale is near when Gordy pulls free and starts tugging his dick.

Beth appears to have the same idea as Gordy tugs at himself. She must have a sense of the boy’s imminent climax because she looks up at his face and massages her breasts while offering their bounty to Gordy.

“Oh yeah,” I hear Beth say. “You wanna spunk all over my tits and face, do you?”

I feel another visceral tug when my wife sticks out her tongue, the first burst of cum spitting out of the boy.

It’s a thin spurt of jizm that flicks over Beth’s face, a silvery trail which clings to her skin and her hair, a second and third vehement squirt following soon after.

Beth lets out a gasp, blinking as the stuff hits her face, taking the last of his semen on the flat of her tongue, her lips pursing around the cock-head while Gordy purges himself of his need.

My wife sucks her cheeks concave before mashing her lips off Gordy’s bell-end, then shocks me once more by letting a thick slide of gloop pour out of her mouth.

The stuff dribbles over her chin, a dollop of it spattering down onto her breasts, the rivulet running through the crease of her cleavage.

Beth plays with his cock, sucking at it while holding the boy’s eyes with her own, another mouthful of goo slipping over her chin while she paints her cheeks with the end.

My wife chuckles at Gordy, winking a moment before she finally acknowledges my presence.

“You can go now,” Beth says to me, smearing the k**’s spunk over her breasts. “Pour me some wine. We’ll be down in a minute.”

My wife dismisses me with a wave of her fingers.

I linger, unable to take my eyes off the mess on her face.

Go on,” says Beth. “Get lost. I want a private talk with this lovely young man.”

And just for her own twisted pleasure, my sets her focus on my face while grinning around a mouthful of cock.


I’m in the lounge when they come down the stairs. Gordy is dressed while Beth looks lovely with a white towel wrapped round her body. My wife has cleaned the spunk off her face and even run a brush through her hair.

Beth’s wine waits for her on the low coffee table, the pair standing just inside the doorway, my wife’s hand on the boy’s shoulder in a protective, possessive, and intimate gesture.

“Thanks for bringing him in for me to fuck,” purrs Beth. She turns to Gordy, kisses his mouth, and then tells him goodbye, that she’ll see him soon.

“Uh, what about the lawn?” the boy asks.

Beth laughs and rolls her eyes. “Don’t worry about that. My husband will finish it off and put all the tools away. You get away now, sweetie. I think you’ve done enough work for one day.”

Gordy throws me a quick look before leaving the room.

“Well,” says Beth, moving over to pick up her glass. “Are you happy you put yourself through it?”

I stare at my wife, soaking up the detail of her face and her shoulders, the towel high on her thighs.

“Take that off,” I tell her.

Beth looks at me, expression inquiring as I stand and start to take off my clothes.

“Really?” she says, an eyebrow arched at the ceiling.

“Now,” I insist, pointing to the three-seater sofa. “Take it off, get on there, and open your legs.”

I’m naked, cock like a steel rod as I go to my wife.

She’s got her eyes on my hard-on as I approach, a fist cranking my length while I say, “That was incredible, Beth. I … I can’t put it into words.”

My wife spreads her thighs and diddles her bean. I see she’s all swollen and pink at her core. The k**’s got her all juicy and hot.

Beth sighs, “I loved his big fucking cock. He’s a devastating fuck. Did you see him at first? So eager to get into my pussy.”

She wriggles around on the sofa, offering herself to me.

“Are you gonna fuck me now? Is this gonna be worth the effort, Adrian? You gonna fuck me, or are you gonna squirt all over my stomach?”

I clamber between Beth’s legs, my eyes taking all of her in. “You’re so lovely,” I groan, her molten embrace hot on my cock as I sink in up to my balls. I pause, savouring the texture of my wife’s pussy clenching around me. “Where did all that porn-talk come from?” I ask her. “Where on Earth did you learn to say all that stuff?”

Beth shifts around, hips starting to work. Her breasts shiver and roll, her smirk fixed upon me.

“I’ve seen a few movies,” she says. “Why, don’t you like hearing me saying those things?”

“I love it,” I say on a moan. “It’s just odd hearing you say it.”

Beth thrusts up to meet me as I slam down, her flesh rippling as we collide. She mauls at her breasts and gives me a hot-eyed stare, then says, “My pussy’s all wet from his fucking. I loved the way he used his big cock. He kept making me wetter and wetter.”

I gulp and nod, fucking into my wife. “I heard,” I say. “I saw the look on your face. Oh, Beth,” I add on a sigh, “you were so gorgeous. That k** did a good job.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw his cock coming out of your body.”

My wife squeaks and groans, wall-eyed as our rutting gets hotter.

“What do you mean?” she eventually asks with a gasp, her hips working hard.

I grunt and fuck into her body, then say, “When you came … You just … <i>pushed</i> him out. He was going at you one second, and then, the next, your body ejected him.”

My wife slows down with her fucking, then laughs and gives me her sly smirk.

“You wanna fuck that pussy like he did?” she asks me. “You wanna see if you can make it come? Go on,” she urges, snarling at me, a hand coming up to my shoulder as she bucks up at me. “Fuck it and make it come. Show me what you can do.”

It must have been some paradigm shift in my psyche. A day earlier – or perhaps even hours – and Beth would already be full of my cum. But, seeing her with Gordy must have triggered something inside me. I was suddenly a sexual a****l, determined to make the wonderful bitch squeal out in pleasure.

In an uncharacteristic outburst of bestial lust, I looked into her eyes while growling a decidedly lewd, “I’m going to turn your cunt inside out.”

“Smash me,” gasps my wife gasped after staring at me for a few seconds. “Oh fuck, oh shit, that’s good … That’s so fucking nice.”

And with that now familiar refrain bubbling out of Beth, we go at it for some time, her cries getting ever more urgent as I plunder her body.

Beth is spread wide beneath me for quite a time. Then, with a long groan from her, when it gets close to critical for me, I ease out of her pussy and gasp at her to stand and put one foot up on the sofa.

“Stick your arse out at me.” I crank my dick and boss my wife around, slapping her rump with one palm, the smack making her squeak. “Like you did for him. Stick it right out, Beth. Bend over, babe.”

“Go on,” coos Beth, holding herself open while giving me that grin from over one shoulder. “Fuck it some more. Put it back in and…

“Oh <i>fuuuck</i>,” she moans, head lolling forward as her body accepts my cock. “That’s it, oh yeah, keep fucking my pussy. Right there, right there, right there.”

Beth swivels around at the waist, her flesh creasing as I reach for her breasts.

“Keep doing it right there,” she gasps out at me, an arm encircling my neck.

I look at her curves and feel her skin under my palms. Beth looks lovely all creased at the waist.

I hear my wife’s groans and see the look in her eyes. “Beth…” I groan, our bodies slapping together. “Darling,” I add with a gulp. “I…”

“Don’t stop fucking,” squeals my wife while she pulls me in for a tongue-swirling kiss.

Thrusting back onto my cock, Beth mauls at her breasts, then tugs at my hip, urging me to give it to her harder and deeper and faster.

“Oh fuck, yeah,” I hear my wife groan, the surge rising up through my core.

And just as she burbles she’s coming, her spasms beginning, my seed rushes out of my cock.

Beth takes a couple of squirts into her body before I feel her insides squeezing my shaft. In a whirl of impressions – I’m coming and her pussy is ejecting my dick – I see spunk flick onto one of Beth’s buttocks, her body wracked by the judders, her sobs and gasps loud in my ears.

Then I’m back inside Beth and pumping away, fucking into her pussy as she continues to wail and groan.

“Keep fucking,” she gasps. “I’m still fucking coming.”

And then she’s writhing and grunting again.


We’re slumped together on the sofa, all tangled up while we kiss and I caress my wife’s skin.

“Well, you’ve changed,” Beth says as she pushes upright on straight arms.

I pout and nod and look into her serious expression.

I ask her, “What did you want to talk to him about?”

Beth’s head cants sideways. “About your next trip. I’m going to have him round here when you go away.” My wife shrugs and avoids my eyes, lower lip between her teeth. Then she returns her focus to me. “I was going to fuck him some more.”

It still cuts at me, but I just nod my head. “All right,” I tell Beth. “But how about you and I Skype while it’s going on?”

The idea had simply come on in the moment. I’d had no clue about what I was suggesting, but the appeal for watching my wife and her lover is a thrill rushing through me.

Beth takes it on board, looking at me for some time before making any response.

She surprises me by saying, “I was going to say I’d changed my mind. After that little performance with you…”

My wife’s cheeks balloon as she blows out a lungful of air, slowly shaking her head side-to-side, her gaze fixed on my face.

“But…” she goes on, pausing while formulating the words. “Well, if you don’t mind him coming to visit…

“And he’ll be off back to uni at the end of the summer.”

Beth is suddenly ebullient. She swings her legs off the sofa, breasts swaying as she moves, eyes round and shining with her inner excitement.

“Oh God, Adrian…? Could you stand it if I took him on for a couple of months? Could you take it if I had him on a regular basis?”

“What about if I joined in, too? Do you think we could make it a threesome thing, Beth?”

Beth blurts out a chuckle of what I take to be delight. She nods with some enthusiasm and says, “Jesus, Adrian … do you honestly think you could do it?”

I pull a face and nod. “Well, yeah,” I reply.

Beth swallows down, hard. She looks into my face like she’s studying me. “Shall I ask him tomorrow?” she gurgles. “If he’s all right with us all being together…”

“Call him now,” I tell my wife, strange feelings dragging my guts. “Invite him round for ten in the morning.”

Then I move in to take hold of my wife, kissing her mouth as my cock thickens and grows.

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