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You wanna what?
“You wanna what?” Mother cried incensed, “Yes, we are going to mark your body as our own, it`s quite simple, what don’t you understand?”
“You honestly want to permanently mark me as your own!” she looked at me askance, “like some b**st on the plain?”
“Yes mum, we do” it was a simple enough situation, I had been sleeping with her for most of this year, Orville, my dad, knew of course, well it was his idea, it was just since his sad droop had taken effect, he laughingly called it “Portnoys complaint, but mum reckoned it was an age thing. She reckoned it served him right too, for tupping her sister without telling her first… She in a temper, had kicked him in the nuts so hard he was a week in bed and that was what brought on the droop, Portnoys or whatever you call it! It wasn’t that he had cheated on her, my mum min, isn’t like that at all! No… it was that he did it behind her back, it was the secrecy that had hurt… well hurt him anyway.
Either way, he had come to me last April and asked if I would stand in for him with my mum Minnie… and Rosie her sister! As he didn`t want anyone else, some outsider, poking what he still regarded as his! Naturally as a dutiful son I agreed to help out, my sense of duty…well you know how it is, family honour and all that… It may also have a bit to do with me being 16, riddled with hormonal problems, and rampant as a barnyard cock, but I still like to think of it as a sense of duty… I am Ted by the way, known to one and all as `Teddy boy!’ 6ft of red- haired wishbone, mum had agreed for me to fill dads obligations to her sister Rosie too, I think some of the motivation for that being to ease the strain on her back, as a rampant son of 16 shagging her about twice a day takes its toll on a woman of 47. especially with her other commitments Her younger sister, Rose Abigale Tremaine, was only 28 when I started with her, a little shy and somewhat simple, she had lived with us since the sister`s dad had passed on. It seems the old boy, a widower of some years, had been tupping Rosie regularly, “just to keep her happy” my dad said, of course when grandad died, my dad had taken aunty Rosie in, and had “quietly helped her out” on a regular basis…well till mum found out,
My mum is a brunette, 5 ft 10 tall, big of breast, small of nipple, chubby, though not overly fat, with an arse to die for. Her sister is shorter, slimmer, but top heavy, if anything her tits are bigger than her sisters, with areolas that are brown and a good 3” across, and nipples like cows teats!
My aunt will do anything to please, in fact so vulnerable is she, and so randy, we had to stop her going to church, as we found she had been m*****ing our local vicar as she knelt for communion! Not that he complained, it was his wife that did that!
Anyway, that was all over a year ago, things had settled down a bit, mum had forgiven dad, and I had a contract of twice a week (Thursdays and Saturdays) with mum, and twice with Rosie (Wednesdays and Sundays usually) that of course left Tuesdays and Fridays for myself, supposedly to rest.
At first with mum, or for that matter Rosie, dad was as helpful as always, and would give me pointers, me being a novice, but I`ve outgrown all that , so now if he`s in the mood he just man-handle`s the odd teet, but normally he`s content just watching or holding her hand if its over the kitchen table, it suffices for the old lad. Min loves a bit of mild pain, though she needs holding down which he enjoys, whereas Rosie… well Rosie doesn’t give a hoot about what you do to her as long as she gets some!
Grandad had her neutered, said it would be a pity to breed a dimlow like her, old doc martin did it for free in return for his share once a week for 6 months, we live in a settlement, up here near the border, and it’s the way we do it here. we are pretty self-sufficient, we hunt, fish, grow veg and well…we, enjoy one another! Mum Min occasionally does a bit of whoreing, just occasionally, well, all bar Thursdays and Saturdays most weeks, they are my days, it`s just if we need new stuff, shoes and the like, or fuel for the truck etc! Rosie too helps out on the other days as that miserable git Baily in the local store wont trade like most folk… he wants money, the lousy misery! So, they have a few regulars, old Tad the boss from cripple creek, and boss Taylor from lazy L, she`s not so keen on him though, he`s a lover of using her arse, so Min`s trying to get him interested in just Rosie. The hands from both their ranches come over occasionally, and the boys from the logging contract, oh and the men at the canning place on the blue highway and the rail depot, As I say it`s nothing regular, they can`t be relied on hence I have the contract for two days with her and two with Rosie which keeps me in food an` clean clothes etc and keeps them in trim.
Anyway, dad decided we wanted our women marked to stop them straying too far, Rosie particularly tended to wander off and we needed to do Min as well or Rosie would get the hump, an` you don’t want to see one of her tantrums belive me. Anyway, when I mentioned it to Min and that was her reaction, “You wanna what?”, she seemed a bit put out, but that made no matter as I explained it was what my dad had decided, and we were going to do the same with Rosie but to keep her calm we needed her to see that her sister was getting the same. Min knew not to argue with dad, she had pushed her luck kicking him that time…! Matt our local blacksmith, was making up a couple of brands as we spoke, well he was cheap, just a night with Rosie for each stamp! So, it wasn’t really a question more of if we were going to mark more well…notice that we were really…!
Min shuddered, then asked “when?” I told her that “dad is organising a barn dance for Saturday week, and reckons that would be best!” she muttered something then shoved off to do some washing.
Matt appeared next day with the first of the brands, an `O’ about 1 ½ inches across with an x below it as our holding is `Orville’s’ Xtra ranch, dad being dad had my mum min show him her bare tit and checked it against the nipple. It fitted lovely cold, but we pointed out that Rosie`s nipples were bigger, and this would only fit inside the areola and that with nipples that long they may be floppy and get burnt too. Matt said “tother one was bigger the `O’ was 3” and as well as the x it had `Return too’ written above it!” he also said he would “think of something to avoid burning the nipple if it mattered so much!” anyway we sent for Rosie, and he had his way with her all night before having breakfast and going back to his forge.
You could see Min was not happy, the crashing pots and the slammed doors gave us a womanly hint, but well, dad was adamant and you don’t argue with him in that mood, sides, he said to me “it will serve the cow right for the kick in the nuts”…I could see his point!
The crashing about got worse as the days passed. Matt fetched the other brand and laughing at Rosie who was topless and laid over the table for him at the time, showed it her and said it was for the old cow we keep around for milk, then laughed and taking hold of her teet tried it for size, Rosie making mooing noises and laughing all the while, especially when he asked if she would like a mark of her own.
She grinned and nodded. Again, Matt stayed till breakfast, and the next time we saw him was at the dance.
Now, lets tell you about barn dances in our area, they are always something special, the host has something to celebrate, a wedding, a funeral, a birth and christening, a barn raising, or well digging, hard punishment or hanging for something really bad, or, as in this case a branding.
We don’t get together hereabouts sept for thanksgiving, and barn dances so you can see its something extraordinary, and most folk well attend, if they can the k**s stay home to see the a****ls fed and milked. drawing lots as to who stays home if they have no k**s, its bad manners for no one from a family to attend. The first to arrive on the Friday afternoon was the parson, here to bless the barn. he`s getting a bit old so as we hadn’t spare bed`s he had to share a bed with Rosie for the night, he didn’t object and next morning for some reason had a spring in his step that belied his age.
Anyway, come Saturday after dinner, the rest started to arrive, some we hadn’t seen since last thanksgiving, all with blankets, and hampers of food, most with quantities of home brew, known locally as moonshine! The excepted norm was to spread a blanket in one of the outhouses and they would each sleep there, who with well that was another matter, many a daughter lost her cherry at one of our dances, or a mother or two found herself beside another man come hangover time!
Father ran the BBQ, and Mostie lee and Mexican Pete had fetched their fiddle`s so the evening progressed well and by 9 pm the thing was in full swing, when dad got up and said a few words, I slipped the brands into the BBQ coals and dad being dad chuntered on for a while, then two of the hands fetched Min and stripped her top off. They sat her at the front on a chair, and dad fetched the glowing brand, the men holding min steady, he aligned it with care, then suddenly he thrust it on the breast I loved sucking so much. Min let out a shriek that would have frightened a saint, and with a cloud of smoke and min blacking out the brand returned to the coals. They took Min outside, I suspected to cool the mark in the bucket of water drawn especially from our well.
The thing had had a strange effect on the dancers, some had cheered others clapped, as in came Rosie between two of the men, this time, it was mat who fetched the brand and Rosie who held up her not so small breast. He produced a small length of tube which he slid over the long teet, Rosie being Rosie laughing, thinking it was another game, sitting patiently waiting to see where this would lead. The hot brand looking for all the world like a stirrup slid over the tube and with a sizzle and a pop struck home, Rosie screamed and fainted, the men supporting her , the smoke rose, and in a trice she too was outside her breast in the cooling water, and our friends in an uproar of applause for matt and my dad.
It was Maisy from the circle J that suggested that as a gesture of solidarity all the women should remove their blouses and so on, remaining topless for the rest of the night… this was greeted by applause such as I have not heard before, one or two of the older women going to the outhouses to take of bustiers and stays, but what a sight to behold, the fiddlers struck up again and the dance recommenced!
Mother and her sister soon back in the fray, well curdled with drink it must be said, but up and dancing, both the bells of the ball, for me it was a fantasy come true, women who normally would have been staid, matrons jigging about breasts flying as they swung, bodies I would never have expected to ever see topless, tits swinging past my eyes in a bur. The music died in the small hours, I heard the quiet and the snores from my perch on the naked body of big Sally Murdock, her husband otherwise engaged with the widow Smith.
It was the most memorable and tiring barn dance I can ever remember, the folks left in drib`s and drabs during the Sunday, Matt now having a number of orders for brands from the departing men, the last to leave driven by the wife, her husband still comatose in the back of the pic-up. Min and Rosie waving them off still topless the brands proudly showing.
Ah well back to routine I suppose!

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