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I never did and still don't consider myself to be bi or gay but I do love the sight of a huge cock. There is just something about it that exudes power and dominance. I feel very fortunate to have by all accounts a average dick at 6+ inches. But I lust after cocks that are bigger and I don't know why. I don't have any desire to be fucked or to fuck another guy, but when I see a big cock I have always wondered what it would be like to wrap my lips around and make it cum. That was until I was a junior in college....

During the fall semester of my junior year I started dating a girl named Sarah. Sarah was a complete nympho. It's hard to even say that we were dating because all we really ever did was fuck. We grew together sexually, learning many things from one another.

Sarah is 5'8" and probably 100 lbs. soaking wet. She is Italian with dark hair and extremely exotic eyes that instantly make you horny with c cup breasts that looked like d's on her skinny body topped off by a very nice ass. I considered her to be one of the hottest girls that I had ever met.

I am a very attractive guy. I stand 6'4" weigh 180 lbs. and I have a fairly thick 6 inch cock. She absolutely loved to suck on my big dick and almost refused to let me cum anywhere else but her mouth. She loved sucking my dick while I drove and if I hadn't cum by the time we arrived at our destination she would keep blowing me until I filled up her mouth.

I always got off knowing that I had a pretty big cock and was the biggest for all the girls that I had been with... until Sarah. One night as we were discussing how many people we had each slept with and what all we had done with them

I asked "what is the biggest dick you have ever had?"

After thinking for a second she told me. "I think it was like 11 inches. No I remember it wasn't that big. He told me it was 10.5 inches long."

I was in complete shock. My mind was racing. Not only was his cock bigger than mine it was much bigger than mine. Trying to keep my composure and not get flustered I asked.

"Wow really? Were you able to take it all?" trying my best to sound genuinely intrigued and not insanely jealous which I was at this point.

"Well not even close in my mouth, but after awhile he got it all in my pussy." She said

"Didn't it hurt?" I gulped as soon as I got done asking knowing that I didn't really want the answer

"Yeah at first but after a minute I was all stretched out ya know so it started feeling good." She said

I knew I shouldn't ask but I couldn't help myself. I was jealous like I had never been in my entire life. I knew how much more satisfaction I gave girls who had been with smaller guys before so I knew that he was probably better than me. Not to mention I was sporting a raging hard on at this point even though we had just got done fucking.

"Who was it?"

"Oh, it was just a guy." She stumbled

"Well I know that but who was it?" I pressed

At this point I could feel the concern in her voice as she spoke in a broken muttered sentence.

"It was just a fling. Like a one night thing. You probably don't even know him. I can't even remember his name.

I knew she was lying but I let it go because I didn't want to sound desperate and give away that it actually turned me on.

She climbed on top of me and in a transparent tone said. "You big dick fits me perfectly."

"Thanks babe, as long as it satisfies you." I sulked

"Are you hard again.... Wow, you are really hard. Good cause my pussy is dripping wet" she said as she slid my dick in her gushing pussy. I think at this point we both knew what was going on, at least I did by the way her pussy juice was literally running down her leg just from talking about "mystery man's" huge schlong.

This was one of the first times that I noticed that she shut her eyes when she rode me. I could tell she was thinking of him but I was turned on as well so I was fantasizing that I was him and filling her tight hole. She had me bend her over and as I was fucking her she jammed her head in the pillow. And started screaming into the pillow.


Immediately I knew she was thinking of him because as dirty as she spoke to me I never heard anything like this come out of her mouth. The she preceded completely lost in lust.


At this point I felt like I was watching her have sex with him with my dick. I was so turned on that I told her I was going to cum to which she turned over and took my nut all over her face. She never opened her eyes but as she grabbed my cock rubbing it all over her face still twitching from her orgasm started mumbling while stroking her clit with her other hand.

"Yes, I am your slut... thank you for letting me fuck you big daddy and take your cum."

I felt awkward but answered. "Your welcome"

As soon as the words came out of my mouth she opened her eyes, almost in shock, grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in to her face to kiss me. I had never tasted cum up to this point and never really wanted to but I was so hot that I just let her pull me in and start kissing me. I could tell she wanted me to taste my cum as she kept spitting it up to the tip of her tongue and pushing it into my mouth and making me swallow it. She was moaning so load that I knew this was driving her crazy. It was really driving me crazy too. Then she scooped up my cum off her face and put her finger in my mouth. I immediately started sucking on her finger and she gasped really loud and started smiling.

"Come here and lick all of the cum off of my face." She said in a firm tone

Ii gladly cleaned up every drop of it until she was completely cum free.

We both collapsed on the bed and after about 5 minutes of talking about how great the sex was she dropped the bomb on me.

"Have you ever been with another guy?"

"No." I was so nervous my voice was cracking at the thought of where this might be going.

"Have you ever wanted to?"

"I don't know... no... not really?" I responded

"What does that mean? You ether do or you don't."

"Well I guess I've thought about it, have you ever thought of being with girl?" I said trying to deflect the question.

"Don't change the subject. Who have you thought of being with? anybody I know? She asked now extremely intrigued.

Now feeling comfortable that she was actually interested instead of disgusted I started to explain my lust for big cocks. She explained that she two lusted after big dicks and was why she liked me so much.

"What about your "mystery man?" I replied half jokingly.

"You're just jealous that he let me suck him off and not you." She said back half jokingly as well.

She then got up to get some water and we pretty much dropped it after that. However over the next few months she would make me lick up all of my cum and pretend that it came from a massive cock. During this time I also explained that I had no desire to have sex with another man just have a fantasy of sucking a giant cock. She started telling me how hot it would be to see my mouth filled up with a huge cock and so on.

After dating for about 4 months I saw a few pictures on her screensaver of a guy that we both knew named Matt. In particular I asked about one picture in which they were kissing. I asked if they had dated.

"No....well... not really." She said

"What do you mean not really?" I asked.

"I mean yeah we dated, but only for a couple of weeks."

"I thought you said he was dating your roommate? Isn't that weird? I asked

"No it's fine; like I said we only dated for a couple of weeks."

I was a little suspicious at this point so I pressed on. "Why have I only seen him over here a few times then?

"Well he usually works nights up at the bar and when he doesn't she stays at his place?

It sounded reasonable so I let it go even though I didn't understand why that picture was on her screensaver

Me and Matt knew each other because we worked out at the same gym and saw each other around campus or at bars. We never really talked but he always seemed kinda cocky, even though my friends said that it was probably something I was doing because he was a really cool guy. Matt sure did have good reason to be cocky though. He was a ruggedly good looking guy with bulging muscles all over. I saw a picture of him once with his shirt off and dude has like 8 pack abs.

One afternoon I showed up at Sarah's unannounced trying to surprise her. After waiting for about a min I called Sarah's cell phone and did not get an answer. I figured she was in the shower or something but I knew she was home because I saw her car in the apartment parking lot so I decided to just walk in.

I heard a man's voice from down the hall which I quickly recognized to be Matt's.

"Oh yeah that's it suck that cock baby."

I looked at Sarah's roommates door and was thinking why would she leave her door open if the were going to fuck around with Sarah here. As I got to Sarah's door I noticed that the door was cracked. Not trying to be seen by Matt and Sarah's roommate I jumped into Sarah's room. As soon as I turned around I saw Sarah on her knees with her yellow tube top around her waist and tits hanging out with both hands holding the biggest cock that I have ever seen in my life. She had both hands around the base and there was still enough to cover my cock left over. Above her of course is Matt with his pants around his ankles with his hand holding Sarah's head by her hair and grinning.

It hit me in an instant that this was our "mystery man." "This is the guy..... You told me it was only like a one night could you fucking whore!!!

I was furious in shock. I started to leave and then turned back around and walked back in to the room and almost screamed. "How long has this been going on?"

Sarah was in complete shock while Matt just kept grinning and as I was waiting for an answer all I could do is stare at this enormous pole.

Sarah got up off her knees and started mumbling as she came to me and I turned around and started to leave and she pushed me up against the wall in the hallway and started whispering in my ear.

"I'm so sorry I wanted to tell you it's just that when we started talking about your sucking a big cock it turned me on even more and I couldn't turn him down.

I pulled away from her and started toward the door and almost got there when she pinned me up against the wall again and said.

"Please... stop... he will let you suck it!"

As soon as she said that everything got really fuzzy for a second. I tried to stay upset and act like I wouldn't consider it but I stopped trying to get away. Had they talked about me? What was said? At that point I knew that I desperately wanted to suck his monster cock so bad I probably would have done anything. I think she saw this in my eyes and reached down and grabbed my cock as it was straining against the front of my cargo shorts. I looked down into her eyes knowing that I was caught and she just smiled at me.

Then Matt comes out of the room and speaks up. "I know all about your little cock sucking fantasies.... Sarah has told me all about them. I will let you suck this big dick. Come here!"

At this point I know I am done for but I still try to hold on to my straight integrity for as long as I can and put up a front as if Im not sure if this is what I want but everybody in the room knows that its already settled. Sarah can see me stubbornness but can also tell my eagerness as she takes me by the hand and whispers in my ear.

"Your going to love the feeling of his huge cock in your mouth and how much cum he can produce."

I pull my eyes off of his beautiful cock which is now half hard and still much bigger than me to look at Sarah for the first time and notice that there is still saliva all over her chin and chest from sucking Matt's huge pole. I smile at her and she takes me by the hand into the room and starts kissing me. Matt comes back in the room and sits in the computer chair and clears his throat. We both break our kiss and he tells us both to strip.

We both take all of our clothes off and Sarah pulls me down onto my knees and says out load while looking at matt.

"Come here and let us both suck your big cock daddy."

Matt walks over while stroking his thick meat with both hands, stands between the two of us and says to me.

"Put your hands on my cock"

I do as he says and a shiver runs down my spine as I realize that I am about to live out my wildest fantasy. I wrap my right hand around the base and my left about two inches from the head. My jaw almost hit the floor when I realized that my fingers were about an inch or so from touching each other and there was about 4 inches in between my hands.

"Stroke it" he commanded

I begin stroking his cock in a circular motion as I slide my hands back and forth. Sarah is moaning and telling us how this is "so fucking hot."

"Put my big cock in your slut's hungry mouth." Matt says

"Oh yeah shove that monster down my throat." Sarah says

I pull his full hard horse cock down and set it on her waiting tongue. Sarah licks the pre cum off and leans over and sticks her tongue into my mouth so I can taste it. It taste so good that I almost cam and start stroking my dick which is now pointing straight up.

"You really do want my big cock don't you?" Matt says to me

I look up at him and answer him. "Yes"

"Yes, Daddy" he corrects me

I look over at Sarah who is now noisily slobbering all over Matt's pole. She pulls it out of her mouth with a pop and points this huge cock at my face. I practically dive onto this schlong and start mimicking what Sarah was doing and stroke him with two hands and while slobbering all over his cock. He is so big that it almost feels like my mouth is stretching. I go down as far as I can go and it seems like all I can do is see miles of cock remaining. Matt and Sarah are both moaning telling me to suck that huge cock. Sarah leans over and starts whispering in my ear.

"Isn't it amazing? I love seeing your lips stretched around his huge cock. He cums so much you won't believe it."

Matt then pulls his cock from my mouth and tells us both to "spit on his cock." We both oblige as he takes his cock into his own hands and starts stroking it in long 10.5 inch strokes. He then tells us to start kissing each other. I look at Sarah and see that she has saliva all around her mouth and dripping off her chin onto her tits and realize that my face looks the same. We start kissing violently. Actually it was more like licking. Our tongues are all over each others mouths trying to savor ever morsel of saliva that has touched Matt's beautiful cock.

Matt then slides his cock in between our mouths and puts one hand on each of our heads and starts to thrust in long strokes so that our mouths are on each side of his cock. He then did something that I have never heard of or seen but pulls back until just his head is in our mouth and tells us to softly bite on the head of his cock. His cock is so amazing that both of us were able to get a mouthful of his head in our mouths. Just the head of his cock had to be about two inches long.

Matt then says that he is "ready for some pussy" to which Sarah gets up and lays down on her bed with her legs spread. Matt shoves his cock in Sarah and she screams like I have never heard before in my life. She starts panting and begging for more.

Please Daddy, fuck my little pussy, fuck my pussy. Please. I'll do anything for that massive cock. Just fuck me. Aawwwwww!"

After awhile he says to me. "Im about to cum, put you fucking head on her stomach facing me."

Matt mercilessly pounds on her pussy for another 15-20 seconds and pulls out and starts jacking his enormous cock in front of my face.

"Open up your fucking mouth and take my load." He says to me

Matt starts moaning load and the first and second ropes fly out of his cock like they were coming out of a water hose and fly past my head barely catching my ear as it went by. I found out later that the first shot hit Sarah's tits and chin and the second one hit her right between the eyes. The next two ore three plaster the back of my throat and there is so much that it starts running out of my mouth before I can start swallowing. While Im swallowing his cum he completely covers the rest of my face. One I stopped getting rained on Sarah pulls my by the head and starts kissing me like crazy and then starts licking up all of the cum off of my face. There is so much cum that we are making out for a good 5 minutes before all of it is gone.

Once it is I turn around to see Matt has already left.

Sarah looks at me and says. "Don't worry he always does that. He won't tell anybody about this. Maybe next time he'll bring his roommate Tyrone over."

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