Daddy at the Truckstop - Amber's Descent 2 / page: 32 - Erotic story Collection

Continuing "Daddy at the Truckstop", Amber tells her tale of submission to Stacey as they are both locked in their cells at the club.

Amber's Descent 2

Sir's cell phone rang out as he called his friend. He used the speaker, so the volume was louder as he held the handset by his stomach, and I continued to suck his hard cock in anticipation. In moments, the call was answered.

"Is she there?" Sir's friend simply said.

"Yeah, she's right here, being a good little slut for me. You're down the street at the coffeeshop?" Sir inquired.

"Yeah, in a quiet corner for the moment. I take it she said yes?"

"Something like that. Here, I'll let her speak." Sir grabbed my hair and pulled my head off of his cock, holding the phone closer to me as I grunted. "Say hello to my friend, slut. He prefers to be addressed as 'Daddy' by little whores. "

I nervously followed Sir's order. "H...hi ..Daddy..."

Daddy spoke evenly "Hello Amber, I've heard some good things about you. Tell me what you're wearing and doing right now."

"Yes Daddy... I'm... I'm on my knees, dressed like a.. a whore.. I'm wearing a collar and leash, and my hands are cuffed behind me.. while.. while I'm sucking Sir's cock.. oohhhh." Saying it all out loud made me feel even naughtier in the moment.

"Good whore. And you're enjoying yourself, yes? My friend gave you a proposition, what did you say?"

"I.. I said that... sissy whores don't get a choice, Daddy..." Sir's grip on my hair was tight, he was grinning as he stared at me, expecting me to be truthful. I whimpered as I admitted these things over the phone to a stranger.

"That's a good answer, whore, and you're right. You don't get one. You know what you'll be doing shortly?"

"Yes Daddy.. I'm going to be made into a.. a fucktoy.. ooohh"

"That's right whore. A helpless bondage fucktoy. Get back to sucking, I'll meet you in a few minutes."

Before the call ended, Sir pushed my mouth back onto his cock, and kept me focused on sucking him as my mind raced. It was so humiliating talking to his friend over the phone like that, and I blushed as my mouth was used, my lust increasing little by little.

Minutes later, Daddy arrived, opening the door without knocking. Sir kept me on his cock, so I was unable to see the doorway behind me, but I was acutely aware of being watched while I was used as a bondage slut. The humiliation I was starting to feel was almost as potent as the feeling of helplessness in the cuffs and collar.

"She is a cute little slut, especially in that outfit. And those bindings. You found a good one, my friend." Daddy casually said over my shoulder as I heard his zipper come down, and his hand stroking my ass.

"Yeah, she's a natural, and her mouth feels great. I bet her pussy will feel even better."

"Perhaps, I can already see that this slut has a lot of potential. She's used an 8 inch dildo on herself, and took a large plug well?"

"Yeah, the little bitch wasn't k**ding. Didn't take much to stretch her out, her sissy hole is hungry."

"Good. How long are we keeping her today?"

"Maybe an hour or two. The slut is still new to a lot of this, I don't want to overwhelm her too much. Enough time to give her a real taste of what it means to be a sissy whore."

"Good, a prime piece like this needs to be broken in helplessly."

I felt a couple of smacks on my ass, followed by Daddy fingering the vibrating plug. The way they were talking about me, making plans like I wasn't there was adding to the humiliation, and I found myself liking it more. I moaned around Sir's cock as Daddy pressed the plug inward, forcing me more forward onto the cock in my mouth, gagging in the process.

"Music to my ears" Daddy chuckled.

"She doesn't gag often, she can really take a cock. Give her a try."

Sir pulled my head off and handed the leash to Daddy, who was taking a seat next to Sir. I shuffled sideways at the leash went tight, and his cock was the first thing in saw. Larger and thicker than Sir's, it reminded me of my 8 inch dildos. He was also fit, older than Sir, maybe 50, and he had an evil smile on his face as he forced himself into my mouth. I gave him the same attentions that I gave to Sir.

"She's enthusiastic, damn. Talented little thing, with a little work, she'll be a pro at it."

I did my best to take his large cock. Every pull of the leash was a tiny rush to my sissy brain, already going into overdrive at being shared with this stranger, and the new humiliation of it. I was in a lustful trance as I bobbed my head on him, and soon I felt Sir gripping the plug in my pussy, slowly twisting and pulling it out. I moaned, knowing what was coming next, unable to stop it.

"Time for your lesson, slut." Sir said as he removed the plug and slapping me on each ass cheek. "Let's get these out of the way, too"

For a moment, I didn't understand, but then Sir gripped my wrists, crossing them higher on my back, before attaching a jangling chain between the cuffs and the rear loop of my collar, which felt tighter with the added tension. I somehow felt more helpless. Daddy pulled my head off of his cock by my hair, and held me there, my lips just out of reach of his glistening rod.

"You're still learning, slut, so we won't go too rough on you tonight. Do a good job and we can teach you more. If you use your safeword for a break, we might not invite you back." Daddy was stern, and it made me want to please him more. I heard a condom wrapper being ripped open behind me, and I moaned as Daddy held his grip tightly.

"Yes Daddy, thank you Daddy..." I whimpered. I was nervous, but so excited, more turned on than I'd been in a long time. At that moment, I hoped I would be allowed to come back for more.

I felt Sir's hands on my hips, his cock pressing against my loosened sissy hole as he knelt behind my bound form. Without anywhere to go, I took inch by inch as he took my sissy virginity. Already stretched and practiced, there wasn't much discomfort, just pressure and fullness as he went deeper. I held my breath as I was impaled, realizing that I had a real cock in me, panting again like a bitch. Soon it was all the way in, Sir using my hips to hold my ass close to him as I adjusted to the intruder.

Moments later, Sir was slowly thrusting in and out of my pussy, and I began moaning as he found the right angle to rub my prostate, my sissy button. I had found it at times with my dildo, and on those occasions, pleasure flooded my brain as I gasped for more. Sir was rubbing his cock across the spot slowly, squeezing my hips as he did so, and my arms moved as a reflex to the sudden pleasure, pulling the collar against my throat. My eyes started rolling up as I let out a high pitched moan, the combination of everything driving me crazy.

"That didn't take long, jesus, what a little whore. This is going to be good" Daddy smiled as he held my head up, and with the other hand, stuck his thumb in my mouth. I immediately started to suck on it, whimpering as Sir continued his pleasurable assault.

The pace of the fucking started to speed up, and Sir was both rubbing and jabbing at my button. I rhythmically moaned around Daddy's thumb as I got used to the intensity. Daddy removed his thumb, and I whimpered incoherently for a moment before my face was plunged back onto Daddy's rock hard cock. He roughly used my hair and the leash to fuck my face, as I did what I could to keep my teeth from grazing his shaft. I couldn't focus enough to throat him well, and I ended up gagging on him as he used my mouth.

Somewhere in all of that I realized that I was now a real fucktoy, stuffed with the cocks of two men. One I hardly knew, and one who I'd only just met. Tied up and helpless, until they were done with me, whenever that would be. I didn't want it to end, I was scared, turned on, excited, and out of my mind with pleasure. Beyond intoxicated, I went into a mindless trance as I was overloaded and overwhelmed.

"I think the little whore might get addicted to this, hasn't needed a break yet." Sir said without changing his thrusts, always in control.

"Oh yeah, this slut is gonna do real well with us. Let's step it up a bit and see." Daddy said as he pulled my head up again. "Enjoying yourself, fucktoy?"

"Y-yes.. yes Daddy!! Ahhhh!!!" I could barely think with the constant stimulation.

"Good, because that's what you are now. A sissy bondage fucktoy. How do you like being so helpless, slut? Is it like you thought it would be?"

"Yyyesss, yes Daddy... oh God, I love it!!!" Tears were streaking down my face as I admitted that, making my mascara run as well.

I felt a sting on my face as Daddy slapped me across it. And again on the other side. I moaned as the new sensation joined everything else they were doing to me, I felt so degraded by the slaps, making me feel even more like a plaything. The break safeword lingered in the back of my mind, but it stayed there, it was now a useless option. If this was what did it for me, I wanted more, and to be able to come back again and again.

They used me at both ends like that for a while, I had no sense of time. Eventually, they pulled out and switched places, and Daddy stretched my pussy out as Sir fucked my mouth. The rhythms changed, but soon, Daddy was taking advantage of the right angles, and while he kept the waves of pleasure going, he alternated slaps on my ass as he pulled on my wrists for leverage. Sir used the leash to control my head when there was enough slack from Daddy's thrusts, at points he pulled my head up and slapped me like Daddy had. They didn't hurt a lot, but they were firm enough to keep me humiliated, and I was quickly beginning to love the feeling.

It was a while before they were finished, calling me slut, whore, fucktoy, telling me how I was made for this, and other things I could barely register. Once they were ready, they pulled out of me and sat me back on my knees, but pulled my head up.

"Open wide, whore" Daddy said as they neared climax.

I did, and moments later, forceful jets of cum blasted across my tear streaked face. They covered my face in their loads, turning me into a cumdump in the process. I caught what I could with my mouth, swallowing what I got, and whimpered pathetically as they finished on my cheeks and forehead, wiping their cocks on my lips, smearing around what they had given me.

I stayed there like that for a while, catching my breath, still horny and reeling from the intensity of my first fucking. I wasn't tired, yet I felt exhausted. I wanted more, but knew I needed to rest, and think about everything that happened. Soon I was pulled to my feet, and escorted to the bathroom.

Sir removed the restraints, and set my boy clothes out as he told me to undress and take a shower, and to process my new piece of reality. In a haze, I obeyed, and cleaned myself up.

Before I left the apartment, both men were waiting for me near the door.

"You did well today, Amber, and we know you enjoyed yourself." Sir said as he put his hand at the small of my back.

"Yes, you were born for this. We'll both be texting you soon, I'll definitely enjoy training you more. I think you're looking forward to it, aren't you, slut?" Daddy said as he lightly gripped the back of my neck, squeezing slightly. I felt so controlled by these men, and I liked it.

"Yes Daddy.. i am.." There was something more dominant about him than with Sir. He didn't show the same kindness, and was the one who made things rougher. It seemed like he was a bit more in charge of things than Sir was, and I liked it. I wondered what the next time, or times, would be like, and my clitty twitched at that thought as I left, reflecting on the events of the day as I made my way home.

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