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So I'm down on my knees between my cousin's legs, my face still covered and glistening with my cousin's cum after he let out his massive load. I still have my hands on his cock slowly stroking his still erect cock. He is looking down on me, takes a finger and scoops a glob of his cum from my cheek into my mouth.

"You like the taste of that, don't you?" John said as he took his finger and scooped up more cum "Don't worry there is more from where that came from."

I was so horny at this point I was consumed with lust. I barely heard John tell me we were going to his room so he could fuck me. He stood up, his cock was masterfully waiving in the air in front of me. He took my head in his hands and pushed his cock back into my waiting mouth. He began to pump his hips in an "in-and-out" motion. I looked up at him from kneeling position and I could see lustful smile on his lips. After about 5 minutes he said "I'm going to fuck you good, cous" as he pulled me up to my feet. "Let's go to the bedroom."

I proceeded to follow him like a puppy, my hard cock straining through my shorts. I hadn't taken off my clothes yet. As we reached the foot of his bed he told me "Take your clothes off, you won't be needing them". He went to the bathroom and grabbed some lube and set it on the bed. "You're going to want me to use this so I can slide up in you. But you will be providing the lube too, know get on your knees." He placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back down to my knees.

"I see you work out a bit, you must be a good eye catcher for the girls and guys." I admit I wasn't chiseled but I did keep fit. in contrast, my cousin was big and tall with a hard belly. Although, still feeling a buzz from the alcohol I was able to gain to a little bit of clarity to get a clear picture of the size of my cousin. His length was about the length on my forearm, he had to be at least 10" with the girth of the bigger sized red bull can, uncircumcised and mean looking. I took this all in as I was on my knees sucking the head of his cock, taking as much of the shaft as I could. I ran my tongue down the length of his cock and back up. I could taste the residual of his cum as I worshipped his cock. Later in the summer I would learn to take more of his length by hanging my head on the side of the bed as he pushed his cock in to face fuck me.

I don't know how long i was down there but he John pulled me up from his cock that was now glistening with my spit. He turned me around and bent me over the edge of the bed. He leaned into me and I could feel his cock sliding along the crack of my ass as he did. He whispered "I'm going to get you ready to receive my cock". With that he used one of his hands to spread my ass open to expose my waiting sphincter and with the other he squeezed some lube. The cold made me jump but the sensation was soon replaced by the insertion of his finger then two to lubricate and loosen me up, His fingers working my man pussy felt so good.

After he felt I was good and ready he leaned into me, again with his cock sliding in between the crease of my now lubed ass. "I'm getting ready to fuck you, do you feel my cock against your ass? Is the biggest cock you have had? Do you want this, are you ready?"

At this point I could only nod and told him "Put it in me, please, I want you to fuck me."

"I thought so, I knew you would want this" John put his cock at the entrance of my backdoor and began to push in. With the lubrication his cock began to slide in but I began to feel the sensation of him stretching me, wow! I began to push back a little bit as it seemed like he was splitting me open.

"Easy, cous, just relax. I'm going to slowly push into you all the way and then let you accommodate my cock before I begin to fuck you real good. You're real tight, I'm going to loosen you up good" His way of detailing the way he was going to fuck me just made me hornier and want to take more of him.

After what seemed like an eternity I felt him leaning completely into me and he was all in. The sensation was amazing, some pain of accommodating his girth and length but at the same time I was filled with lust having submitted and being topped by my cousin and his huge cock. He began to slowly move in and out and I could feel my ass straining but taking him in. After a while his pumping became steadier as he moved more of his cock in and out of me.

"Alright, baby, you got the rhythm now." John said as he began to pick up the pace. "I see you like my big cock inside you. It's hard to find a girl that likes to take it all the way, I'd like to tap this ass more often, make it mine!"

"Now, I'm going to take you like I take all my bitches." With that he slowly pulled out of me and instructed me to climb on the bed and lay on my back. He climbed on, spread my legs, and positioned himself between my legs with his cock pointed to enter my ass. He was going to fuck me missionary. He pulled my ass up and rolled me up a little bit and began to enter me again. Once inside me he began to fuck me with vigor.

"How does it feel baby to be filled with my cock, how does it feel to be fucked like a little bitch? You getting close to coming? I can feel your ass wrap around my cock as I pump in and out of you"

I was getting to the point of no return, I was feeling my cock getting close to exploding as he pumped in and out, his motion stimulating my prostrate. I began to move my hand to stroke my cock to finish but he grabbed both my hands and pinned them above my head. My submission to him complete, I wrapped my legs around him like a good little girl and bucked into him to meet his pumps in and out of me. I couldn't believe how horny I was and submitting to my cousin made me hornier. I could no longer hold it and I explode all over my belly with my ejaculations from my position, reaching my face.

My cousin slowed his motion as I came. He was breathing heavy and sweating profusely as was I. A smile came across his face as he told me "See I told you was going to make you cum as I fucked you!" He stopped with his cock resting inside of me to scoop up my cum on my body to feed it to me. He made me suck on his fingers like i was sucking on his cock.

"I see you like that. My cum, your cum, it's always good to find some one that likes to swallow cum, nothing better to have you load swallowed after a long. sloppy blowjob.

"Now that you're done, I'm going to finish off deep inside you." With that he rolled my now limp, quivering body over, straddled my legs, spread me open, and began to enter me once again. He laid his body on me as he began to fuck me prone bone. It was hard to breath with is body laying on me and feeling spent after having one of the most powerful orgasm I had ever had, nonetheless, I lay there as he picked up speed and I felt his breath getting heavier and heavier on the back on my neck.

"Alright baby, I'm going to cum deep inside of you are you ready?"

"Yes baby, please fill me with your cum" With that he buried himself to the hilt inside of me, a little rough because I felt a ting of pain, eliciting a groan of pleasure and pain. I felt his cock began to throb and the warmth of his semen began to fill me. He growled like a bear and began to bite into my neck. As he finished ejaculating, he began to slowly pump his cock in and out of me so my ass could suck out the last bit of cum from his massive cock.

He finally stopped and laid on me, with his cock still inside me. I could feel the sweat between our bodies. He finally pulled out of me and rolled onto his back. I turned to look at him and then to his cock. It was glistening and still semi-erect. I looked over his body, glistening with sweat too. My cousin is over 6 feet tall (i'm not) and like a said a big, burly guy. Feeling submissive and wanting to continue to be his bitch I began to suck on his nipples as I grabbed his cock and began to stroke him. He did not resist my moves. As I moved I could feel his cum ooze out my ass, down my legs and onto the bed sheets.

I felt his cock grow hard again as I was alternating sucking his nipples and kiss/biting on his stomach. I felt him move. He placed one of his hands on the back of my head and began to push me toward his now hard cock. With his other hand he guided his cock back into my mouth.

"You like this didn't you? You are my little booty-call bitch now, we are going to have some fun this summer," he said as he spread his legs "Get in there you are going to be down there a while now" I jumped in between his legs kneeling like I had had many girlfriends before, little that I knew I would experience a role reversal. I love this position, total submission.

I finished the night coaxing another load from my cousins cock and swallowing. I stroked another orgasm from my cock as well. I stayed the night at his house. In the morning after some foreplay and prep, he fucked me again in the morning before I left. The bastard had left his bite marks on me but that was ok as I was over to his place quite frequently over the summer.

We had threesomes with some of his "girlfriends". I liked cleaning out his cum from pussies he had just fucked. My ass exposed he would fuck me from behind on some of these occasions. It was a good summer.

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