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Eighteen-year-old Michael threw his head back and smiled broadly while his best friend's mom earnestly worked her closed fist up and down his engorged hard-on. The many candles in the room cast wavering long shadows that enhanced the motion and the sense that what was going on in the Caldwell living room was dark and dangerous.

Michael shifted his position to the side of the couch and pulled Beth by her shoulders to get her into a position where he could more comfortably get a hand behind her head. Soon, he had her face mere inches away from the head of his cock and she stared numbly at it as a glistening drop of pre-cum accumulated around the small slitted opening at the tip. He then took a big handful of hair and wound it around his fingers so he could keep her head firmly in his grip. Knowing what was coming, Beth shakily pleaded with him:

"Please ... no ... Michael ..."

The boy effortlessly applied pressure to move her head closer until her lips actually brushed against the smooth surface of his glans. Beth felt like a trapped a****l with her head caught vice-like in his hand. Her own hand was still wrapped around his cock but now, instead of stroking him, she used it to try and push the throbbing organ away from her mouth.

"N-not yet, Michael. ... This isn't right. ... Please!"

The boy ignored her whimpering protests as he placed his free hand on top of hers to redirect his stiff rod back toward her mouth. With his other hand grasping her hair, he elevated her head so that he was able to mash his dick directly against her closed lips. The pretty MILF tried to turn away but the boy's grip prevented her from avoiding the monster insistent on gaining entry.

Finally, feeling trapped, Beth gave in and reluctantly parted her lips, allowing Michael to gleefully shove his shaft inside her mouth. Almost immediately he had her nose buried in his musky pubic hair as he forced himself much further into her throat than she expected. Beth's eyes darted around with panic and she began gagging and choking on his thick shaft. The boy chuckled at her plight and he let her struggle for a few moments before finally pulling out of her throat enough to allow her to breathe normally. Her relief was short lived, however, and she soon was gagging again as he held her head so he could push himself back down her throat. The process repeated itself over and over as Michael worked to condition her to accommodate his massive member.

Beth really didn't have much experience giving blowjobs and those she had given were bestowed upon penises much smaller than Michael's. He was so thick that her jaw soon was aching from being stretched open for so long. The boy was relentless and he gave little mercy as he jammed himself over and over down her throat.

Beth eventually learned to take deep breaths when he withdrew so she didn't have to breathe each time he deep throated her. Eventually she was able to suppress her gag reflex enough to let him actually bottom out against the back of her throat. As she gained proficiency, Michael relaxed his grip on her head and allowed her to service him without his having to apply pressure. Nevertheless, whenever he felt she cheated by not taking him all the way in his hand would return to the back of her head. As Beth's ordeal wore on, Michael closed his eyes and arched his head back as he enjoyed the sensations of feeling her lips around him while he listened to the slurping and sucking sounds that filled the room.

Beth began working her tongue on the underside of his cock hoping that the stimulation would help him get off sooner and she began fondling his balls with the same goal in mind. It was pure heaven to the eighteen-year-old and he grunted with pleasure as he continued thrusting himself as deeply as he could down her gullet.

Beth kept diligently working and had settled into a rhythm when a bright flash caused her to look up and she saw Michael holding his iPhone over her. The shutter clicked again as he caught her looking directly into the camera. Horrified, she began protesting but her mouth was stuffed full so her words were muffled and unintelligible.

"Mmffff! ... mmmmmmnnnmfffff!!"

Michael grinned and pushed himself deeper, effectively ending her complaints as he blocked her airway. Choking and gagging, her eyes went wide with alarm until he finally eased out far enough to let her breathe. He snapped a closeup of her face showing her full lips stretched around the diameter of his enormous cock. Then he reached down to play with her breasts, swatting them with his hand and as he shot video to catch how they moved.

"Oh man, ... this is epic, Mrs. Haley. You're officially my favorite porn star now!"

Beth cringed at the thought of the incriminating footage. Somehow she was going to have to convince him to delete all of it or, at the very least, to keep the images totally private. Her thoughts were interrupted she glanced up at the boy and a clammy chill ran down her spine when her eyes met his. The expression on his face scared her. This wasn't the goofy teenage neighbor boy she thought she knew. This was a sadistic alpha male enjoying her discomfort.

He then pulled himself all the way out of her mouth and used his hand to rub the tip of his cock slowly over her face, leaving wet traces in streaks. He slapped it against her cheek twice and as she looked at him stunned, her mouth slightly open, he roughly shoved his blunt instrument back between her lips again. Taking her head with both hands, he face-fucked her rapidly and soon Beth found herself choking and gagging helplessly.

Michael found her plight extremely arousing and he pumped continuously until finally, with a massive groan, he shot a huge dollop of cum down her throat, causing her to cough desperately as she struggled to swallow his sperm. The boy bucked his hips and ground her nose flat against his groin as he emptied his balls with spasmodic thrusts. Eventually, he pulled himself out just as the last convulsive jerk of his pelvis caused a final spittle of cum to spurt onto her cheek while she gasped and sucked in desperately needed air. She felt used and humiliated, but also grateful to be finally free from his torment. At the same time her primary concern involved the scandalous photos that were captured on Michael's phone.

Michael leaned back and exhaled a long sigh of pleasure. He turned to Beth and, breathing heavily, he wryly commented "That was an awesome way to begin the evening, Mrs. Haley." He then yawned and stretched before adding in a conspiratorial tone: "It doesn't take me long to reload. ... Just give me a few minutes and we can get down to the main event."

Beth was stunned to hear this. She assumed the nightmare was over, but Michael's libido was apparently prodigious. She gathered up what courage she could find and was about to raise the subject of the photos when Michael got up from the couch, his deflated member still quite impressive in size. Half dressed, he trotted out of the room calling back to her as he left: "Don't move a muscle. I'll be right back."

Alone and flustered, Beth was uncertain whether she should retrieve her clothes now or wait for Michael to come back first. She was just about to get up from the couch when the boy jogged back in, his cock swinging with his stride. He carried a large manilla envelope and he sat down next to her with it on his lap. Beth looked away and blushed, rehearsing what she wanted to say in her head.

"Michael," she began cautiously, "I wanted to talk to you about the pictures you took."

He chuckled mischievously and said, "Oh, they most definitely are worth talking about. I'm sure you wouldn't want them to find their way into the wrong hands."

Beth stared at him, her mouth agape as the implied blackmail sunk in. He removed any remaining doubt as he made a pronouncement:

"Look, Mrs. Haley, let me cut right to the chase. You don't have a lot of options here."

"W-what are y-you ... um ... what are you saying, Michael?"

"I'm saying that I own you, Mrs. Haley. Quite simply, you belong to me now — body and soul."

"I'm not sure what game you're playing, young man, but ..."

He cut her off and scoffed at her attempted bluff.

"I'm not playing games here Mrs. Haley. Listen to me carefully. This is a small town and I can think of a lot of bad things that could happen to both you and your son if certain people found out what you've been up to over here tonight. You're a smart lady and I have to think you know even better than I do what's at risk for you."

Beth swallowed hard as she tried not to consider all the horrible consequences that she knew would occur in a small community like Sheridan.

"But - but why are you doing this ... I've always been good to you."

He laughed derisively and responded, "Listen, I really do feel badly for you, Mrs. Haley. — I'm not k**ding. — I know you're a good person and you really don't deserve this." He smiled at her patronizingly for a few moments and then continued. "Unfortunately, you see, I'm not such a nice person. Let me explain a few things. You know, lots of guys have hobbies, play sports or get involved with various activities and past-times. — But I'm a little different. My passion is hunting." He watched her puzzled expression with amusement before adding "... and maybe now you can guess just what it is that I like to hunt."

His words were dripping with salacious import as he looked at her expectantly with a broad smirk.

"" Beth asked incredulously.

"Ten points!" he laughed. "And you are definitely a particularly fine specimen — probably my favorite so far. So the correct answer is 'women.' I love to hunt attractive women and I love even more to make them my property."

Beth swallowed hard. "Ummm, Michael what does that mean ... exactly?"

She felt feverish as she realized that the boy was completely serious and this was definitely not a game.

"It means exactly what it sounds like, Mrs. Haley. Unless you want to risk having these images and videos unleashed on social media, you're going to agree to become my property. You'll be owned by me — you'll belong to me."

Beth felt as though the temperature in the room had risen to oven-like levels as Michael calmly continued his recitation.

"Now, your life won't change dramatically for the most part. In fact, I don't want to disrupt your and Robert's lives at all. Certainly, we'll be spending quality time together like this on occaison, but I'll be considerate and try to accommodate your schedule and routine as much as possible. On the other hand, you will wear what I wish for you to wear and you will give me access to your body whenever and wherever I choose."

"Oh my God, Michael..." Beth was at a loss for word until a thought came to her mind. Hesitatingly, she asked him "H-have you done this before?"

The boy laughed and responded in a callous, businesslike manner:

"Mrs. Haley, I'm a hunter and, if I do say so myself, I'm quite good at it. Yes, you are in good company and I've bagged several other women over the past year and a half. Perhaps I'll invite one of them over one evening in the near future to join us."

Beth almost fainted as she struggled to take in this news.

"If it makes you feel better, you've been the most challenging prey I've hunted and you're definitely the one I've worked the hardest to get. It took awhile, but I finally realized that the key to getting you hinged upon cultivating a close friendship with your son. That didn't take long and, in fact, I found we have a lot in common. He actually became quite fascinated with my hobby and, although it took some time, I finally convinced him to let me add you to my collection."

Beth was aghast.

"Robert knows about this?"

"Oh yes. This was very much a team project. I think we work well together, don't you?"

Beth felt dizzy and overwhelmed. She wasn't able to yet believe that Robert was completely culpable in the events she found herself caught up in. Certainly he was part of it - at some level - but she fervently hoped that Robert might simply have seen this as a test for her. He was like that, often setting up situations to see how people would react. She grasped at straws willing herself to deny that Robert could be responsible. She simply couldn't accept that as a fact. She rationalized that Robert must have intended it all to be an elaborate test of her morals - one she had failed miserably. Surely he must have expected and intended her to have turned down Michael's advances. This made her feel even more worthless as she assumed she had let her son down.

While Beth stewed in her guilt and shame, Michael opened the envelope and pulled out a single sheet of paper with several paragraphs of text printed on it. He handed it to her.

"I'm assuming you recognize that you have no good alternatives. It's important that you understand that these terms are non-negotiable. I need you to sign this agreement now to make very clear what you are agreeing to."

Beth quickly scanned the document and her pulse elevated with each line. The boy had obviously spent considerable time preparing it and she wondered how long he had been biding his time waiting for this opportunity.

The agreement was titled "Submission to Ownership" and it began by listing her full name, address and birthdate with a followup designation "hereinafter to be referred to as 'the property.'" It recited that that by signing the agreement she understood she was submitting herself to become the property of Michael Caldwell, the designated "owner" and that she was subject to be used by him in any way he desired. The document also stated that, as property, she could be "loaned or sold by the owner without restriction" and that she was to "at all times wear clothing, makeup and hairstyles that her owner approved of."

She felt exhausted and physically spent. Finally she sighed and slowly asked, "Michael, could we just call it a night and talk about this tomorrow?"

"No, Mrs. Haley. You can leave now if you want, but that will end the discussion and you'll have to accept the consequences. Either agree to these terms tonight or just go ahead and leave."

Beth felt cornered like a trapped a****l. She couldn't risk finding out what the little monster was capable of. If those photos were ever put on the internet her life would be ruined. Wearily, she looked up at him and asked, "where's a pen?"

To say Michael was elated would be an understatement. He gleefully pulled a Bic ballpoint from the bottom of the envelope and handed it to her. As he did he began stroking his cock, which was now making a superb recovery.

"Ah, that's good Mrs. Haley," he declared. "It looks like my friend here is ready to join the party again and you have two more openings I want to fill before I let you go home tonight."

Beth thought she was going to throw up. She'd never allowed anyone to so much as touch her anally — let alone ever considering having an object as gigantic as Michael's penis inside her back there.

"Oh my God, Michael. Please, I'll sign your paper but please don't make me do that."

Michael smiled at her obvious terror.

"Are you saying you've never had anal before?"

"No! ... Never! ... Michael. Please. I've never done that."

"My dear, your input will always be appreciated, but it's important for you to accept and understand that if you sign this, your tight ass is going to become my property. You can try to persuade me otherwise, but the final decision of whether and when to take that cherry will be mine. Understood?"

She toyed briefly with the notion of simply standing up and walking out of the house, but she knew Michael would make good on his threat to distribute the compromising photos. Beth was very aware that if the pictures ever got out she would never be able to unring the bell. Quite simply, she was caught, she had no way out and she knew it. With a pitiful moan she scribbled her name on the signature line and then filled in the date before handing it back to Michael. He looked it over and then signed his name to complete its execution before putting it back in the envelope.

"Alright, Mrs. Haley. You are officially one of my possessions now. Stand up, please."

Beth got up from the couch and stood unsteadily on her tall heels still wearing only her pantyhose. The boy had her turn around away from him and he pulled her wrists together and began wrapping them with a short length of cotton rope he had surreptitiously brought with him from the bedroom. He pulled the loops extremely tight as he knotted them and he then used a second length to bind her elbows in similar fashion. When he finished he swatted her behind affectionately, quite pleased with himself as he spun her around so he could play with her enormous breasts.

"I think it's important to always start off on the right foot — or, in this case, the left boob." He snorted with amusement at his little joke. As he made the lame pun Michael pinched her nipples hard with both hands and he snickered to himself as Beth squealed from the pain. He then pushed the fleshy mounds together, mashing them like two pillows between his palms.

The psychological stress was taking a toll on the captured housewife and the ropes definitely created their intended effect of making her feel both controlled and possessed. She began crying softly as he manhandled her. Unfortunately for Beth, the boy had a sadistic streak that accompanied his need to dominate and control his sexual partners. He planned to break Beth emotionally and he intended to enjoy every minute of the process.

"I think its time we visited my boudoir, Mrs. Haley."

With that, Michael bent down and scooped her up, hoisting Beth over his shoulder like a roll of carpet. The boy's bony shoulder dug into her midsection as she hung d****d over his back with her bound arms caught painfully behind her while her long hair brushed against the back of his legs. Michael ran his hands over her nylon covered thighs and he whistled happily as he made his way down the hall toward his bedroom.

When they reached the door he pushed it open with his foot and carried her over the threshold before roughly flopping her down on his unmade bed. Her arms were caught awkwardly behind her, putting pressure on her shoulder joints which made her cry out in pain. Michael either didn't notice or didn't care, as he turned his attention to pulling her shoes off.

He straddled her so he could get a grip on the waistband of her hose and, still whistling, he hooked his fingers under each side at her hips and began slowly peeling the pantyhose down her thighs. He worked with deliberation, pausing to caress and fondle her skin then slowly tugging more of the sheer nylon off of one foot before doing the same with her other leg. When he finally had her naked he tossed the crumpled pantyhose onto his writing desk and stood back to admire his new property.

Beth looked extraordinarily delicious to him as she writhed on the bed trying to get into a comfortable position with her arms awkwardly bound behind her back. The panic in her eyes was especially arousing to him. He shed his shirt and got onto the bed with his knees straddling her as his hard-on pointed skyward in all its glory.

He took her by the ankles with his powerful arms and flipped her over onto her stomach and then pulled on her hips with his hands, lifting her rear up. With her arms bound behind her she couldn't support her upper body so Michael shoved her forward on the bed until her head was jammed between the pillows and headboard, which allowed him more leverage to bend her knees and elevate her ass higher.

As he got her into position Beth's face was pressed uncomfortably into the pillows making it difficult for her to breathe and the pressure of her head against the headboard made her bend her neck until her chin was pressed against her chest.
Michael used his knees to force her legs apart and Beth felt him sliding his fingers between her labia, spreading her nether lips apart before inserting first one, then two, and finally three fingers deep into her well lubricated passage. He sawed his fingers in and out a few times then leaned forward using his hand to guide the dome of his circumcised cock to her moist pussy. She was surprisingly tight but her awkward ass-up position was perfect for him to use his weight to spear her with one mighty thrust and he forced himself deep into her as though using her vagina as a scabbard for his stiff sword.

The young man's girth was enormous and Beth felt as though he would tear her open as her tissues stretched tight with each thrust. She begged him to stop but her cries were smothered by the pillows against her face and the pillowcases quickly became damp from her tears as her new "owner" continued pounding her doggy-style.

He gripped her hips tightly and settled into a rhythm that pushed her head against the headboard with each thrust, causing a rhythmic noise against the wall. Each thud of the bedposts was followed by an echoing knock as her head hit wood on each rebound. With her arms bound, she was helpless to prevent the abuse and she could only moan and whimper as he deliberately used her this way.

Michael adjusted his position to maximize the depth of his penetration and he rotated his hips to lift himself up and get more friction on his shaft as he drilled deeper into her belly. He would pause at the height of each stroke with his rod just shy of slipping out of her. After a few seconds he leaned forward flexing his leg muscles to drive his rigid pole deep into the pretty Milf. After a dozen cycles he perfected the technique so that the end of his cock bounced against Beth's cervix at the bottom of each stroke, causing her to yelp in pain.

Beth had never experienced anything remotely like this. In her wildest days she wasn't sexually adventurous and the few partners she did have never played rough with her. Now she truly felt as though she was being savaged by an wild a****l and she prayed that Michael would climax and end her torment.

Michael, however, had no intention of coming soon and he made up his mind that this particular load of sperm would be released only when his cock was buried inside her rectum. The boy had enormous self-control and he was particularly proud of his ability to prolong his erections for marathon fucking sessions. In this case the thrill of finally nailing Mrs. Haley was making it difficult to hold back so he decided it was time to force himself into her tightly puckered ass before he did reach the point of no return.

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