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Daddy was at work, and sweet babygirl was doing some errands on her day off. As she drove to the grocery store, she reflected on something Daddy had told her several times over the past few months during playtime; “Sweetie, you know that I love and trust you absolutely. We’ve played with others in various threesome and same-room scenes, and we’ve both really enjoyed how it enhanced our own playtime. If you encounter a situation where you meet someone while on your own and you really want to play with them, I’m OK with it....so long as you take pictures and tell me all about it later!”
She loves her Daddy with all her heart and soul, and deeply appreciates the sense of sensual satisfaction and spiritual freedom she experiences as a result of their relationship. She had never considered playing without Daddy in real life, but had a couple of pretty hot masturbation fantasies that had involved this. “Fantasy and Reality are two different things,” she thought to herself, ”Meeting someone hot, intelligent and available in real Life is a LOT harder than conjuring up some dream lover!” She put it out of her mind, as she parked the car outside the big supermarket.

After getting a cart and touring through the using aisles to gather staples, babygirl found herself wandering down the Mexican Specialty Food aisle, seeking ideas for dinner. She stopped and contemplated the array of bottled sauces and packaged mixes, idly wondering if she might experiment with something new and spicey.....when she became conscious of a subtle but intoxicating masculine scent.
babygirl loves nice cologne on Daddy, but THIS aroma was something else entirely....although it was not strong in presence, it was unmistakably there, and the affect on babygirl’s body was almost alarming, it was so strong! She became acutely aware of how her nipples felt against the fabric of the pretty halter sundress that she was wearing, and her womanhood felt suddenly warm....her vaginal muscles began to clench, the way they did when babygirl thought about Daddy’s thick penis entering her.....she instinctively breathed in deeply, drinking in this alluring fragrance.
A deep, Spanish accented voice gently woke her to reality. “Are you all right, seniora?” babygirl turned her head to the right, and saw the fabric of a finely crafted light gray suit jacket at her eye level....looking upward, she viewed a pair of dark brown eyes, which held a bemused and slightly concerned look. A large man, with dark complexion which spoke of time in the desert sun, and long black hair pulled back into a neat ponytail was standing two feet from her, where he had arrived moments before without her hearing his footfall. “Oh, I’m, uh, fine, thank you...just trying to decide on what to try next”, she stammered, feeling butterflies in her stomach as she took in the man’s visage. He was around 6 foot 3, and probably 250 pounds - a big strong looking man, certainly not fat, as could be seen by the cut of his tailored suit.
“Perhaps I may be of some assistance with your choice”, he offered with a big smile,”I happen to be Mexican, and have a lifetime of experience with these things.”
“Why, thank you,” she replied - glancing down to smooth her skirt against her thighs, noticing that her nipples were so hard that they appeared ready to bore holes through the fabric of her dress,”What would you suggest for a nice dinner for 4?”
“Hmm, shopping for your family, yes? Have you ever tried Enchiladas?” He reached up and selected a box of supplies. “This is a good brand, and it is easy to make with most of the ingredients contained in one box.” “Why, thank you for your advice, Er...” babygirl paused, hesitant to address this delicious man as “senior”...”My name is Francesco de la Hoya, please call me Francesco or Frank” “I’m very pleased to make your acquaintance, Francesco, my name is Lori. I am very grateful for you advice - is there anything I may do to repay your kindness? Anything at all?”
“It is a privilege for me to be of service to such a beautiful lady, Lori, you owe me nothing. It does occur to me, though, that you may be able to help me in a small way - only if it is convenient for you. Perhaps you might drop me off at my hotel on your way home?”
Babygirl was feeling slightly discombobulated by this point, between Francesco’s exquisite scent, mellifluous deep voice and calm sensual demeanour....normally, the idea of giving a stranger a ride after meeting them in a Grocery store would have caused her scoff with disbelief.....but right now, she wanted only to be close to this man, to hear his voice, to know more about him....her other errands were a thousand miles away from her mind, and the thought of learning where he was staying and what he was doing here in Winnipeg intrigued her.
“Where are you staying, Francesco? Just here on business?”, Lori asked casually. “Si, I am here for only a few days, following up on some investments in a local manufacturing company by my firm in Guadalajara. I am staying at the Fort Garry Hotel downtown, so if it is out of your way, please feel free to decline my request.”
“Not at all, Francesco, the Fort Garry is not far from home at all, and the lounge there is a favourite of mine,”She smiled. “Splendid,” Francesco exclaimed,”you must join me for a drink there!” They walked and spoke, on the way out to the tills, then on to her car. Francesco explained about his family-owned business, and how he travelled around North America representing the family interests.
They made their way downtown, traffic was light as it was early afternoon on a weekday. On pulling up at the front door of the Fort Garry, Francesco asked babygirl to simply pull right up to the steps. Once stopped he opened his door and instructed the Valet to Park the car and see to it that the charge was added to his room. Babygirl stepped out and handed the keys to the Valet and came around to where Francesco waited. “That is very generous of you, Francesco”, smiling sweetly up at him. He beamed back, taking her hand and bowing down to kiss it, “you have given me great pleasure with your company, dear Lori, and conveyed me safely to my hotel. It is the very least I could do.”
Lori’s stomach was fluttering again, and she wanted very much to know how those lips would feel pressed against her own, and on her neck and nipples.... “so, you have time for a drink, yes?” “Yes, definitely...” and they walked together into the hotel lobby, babygirl acutely conscious of Francesco’s big hand in the small of her back, guiding her through to the lounge entrance, secretly wishing that he would left his hand drift down to caress her round, sensitive bum. She could feel that her panties were becoming quite damp.
They found a seat by a window, sunlight flooding in and illuminating their faces. They ordered drinks, and relaxed into the soft leather of the bench seating. They made small talk, observing the beauty of the room with it’s rich panelling and ornate decoration, then the drinks arrived. “A toast, to new friendship”, said babygirl as she raised her glass...”indeed, to new friendship” agreed Francesco with a smile.” I must beg your pardon, Lori, please excuse me for but a moment, I’ll be right back.”

Babygirl sat in the warm sunshine, the taste of the powerful sidecar cocktail rich in her mouth, her head spinning with the events of the afternoon so far. She hadn’t dared to think directly of where this was going, but at this moment she allowed herself to acknowledge what she knew to be inevitable: she intended to go to Francesco’s room with him, hike up her dress, and lay back on his bed with her soft white thighs spread wide, with the express intention offering her dripping wet pussy to this beautiful man that she had met less than an hour ago.
She had never felt so relaxed and comfortable with such a choice ever before in her life, and she knew deep in her heart that Daddy would be laughing and applauding her right at this moment, if he knew what she was about to do. That notion thrilled her, the thought of turning Daddy on with such wanton lustful behaviour, knowing that her life partner loved her so deeply that he took intense pleasure from her sexual fulfillment, without any trace of jealousy.....this thought made her heart swell with love for her Daddy while her pussy clenched again even harder...then Francesco was there, sliding easily into the bench seat next to babygirl, his thigh pressed casually against hers, his unmistakable scent intoxicating in her nostrils. He reached across the small table and retrieved his double shot of patrone gold and took a sip, as he turned to Lori. “How’s your drink?,” he inquired. Lori put her glass down as she laid her hand on Francesco’s hard thigh, stroking the soft fabric of his suit. “Very tasty,” she said,” but I think I need something more...relaxing this afternoon. Do you have any suggestions that might fulfill my need, Francesco?”
He gazed steadily at Lori, the light streaming in through the window behind her illuminating the tanned skin of her face, neck and shoulders.....the soft swell of her lovely breasts barely restrained by the white and turquoise halter dress she wore, her very erect nipples clearly standing proud through the thin soft fabric....it was all Francesco could do, for the past 45 minutes, to keep himself from taking this beautiful woman in his arms, to kiss her soft lips, to squeeze those soft breasts.....and now, as he had hoped, she wanted him to take her back to his hotel room to satisfy their lust for one another. He allowed himself to relax, and for his manhood to respond to her caress on his thigh.
Lori’s eyes widened with surprise, then she smiled with undisguised pleasure as she felt Francesco become erect through his trousers. His organ’s length became obvious, as it thickened and expanded to touch her hand where it rested high on the inside of Francesco’s thigh. He let his hand drop to rest on her thigh, and said,”I believe that we can work out a solution for our mutual satisfaction, dear Lori.” She reached under the table with her free hand and casually pulled the hem of her dress up to her waist, concealed from the view of other patrons and the wait staff in the lounge. Maintaining a steady gaze into Francesco’s eyes, she guided his hand down between her stocking-clad thighs, deftly pulling aside her damp panties and giving him access to her swollen pink Labia and clitorus, all of which was so erect that Lori could feel her pussy throb with her heartbeat. “Touch me now, Francesco, right here in public”, Lori whispered, “I need you to touch me. I want you to know how wet I am for you, baby.” He smiled and casually took another sip of his tequila, while returning her steady, smouldering gaze with one of confidence....his fingers caressed her inflamed Labia, gently parting them and slipping one, then two fingers into her hungry vagina, circling and stretching the tight entrance of her eager hole. Lori’s eyes flickered and her breath caught, sudden electric shocks of pleasure radiating from her womanhood as Francesco teased her. Her half-lidded eyes, flushed cheeks and shallow ragged breaths between parted lips betrayed just how far her passion had surged in only a few minutes.

Lori picked up her drink and took a generous sip, inhaling the alcoholic vapours deeply and savouring the flavour of the excellent liquor. The powerful taste and bite were exquisite in combination with her power sense of sexual arousal, and the teasing pleasure of Frank’s touch. Her reverie was disrupted by his deep voice, “ As much as I desire you, seniora Lori , I have no wish to cause you distress by indulging my libido....are you certain that you want to do this with me?” She replied,” Oh Francesco, it is very sweet of you to be concerned, and it speaks well of the kind of man you are. I am very happy to tell you that my beloved husband and I are very kinky people, and we enjoy a deeply loving alternative lifestyle. I can assure you without any doubt, that we would have his blessing for you and I to make the most of our time together.”
Looking rather impressed and relieved, Frank replied, “That is splendid news, indeed! I suggest that we drink up and retire to my room, then....I’m afraid that my passion is great now, and the management of this lovely establishment might be displeased if I were to simply take you right here on the table, as I am tempted to do,” he said with a grin. Maintaining her gaze, he withdrew his fingers from her slick embrace and brought them to his lips, inhaling deeply while licking his fingers. “Oh my, seniora Lori, you are truly delicious!” Frank muttered. Lori giggled as she smoothed down her skirt and leaned over to whisper in his ear, “It’s funny, both my husband and my girlfriend Marci say that too!”
He laughed as they stood up walked toward the elevators. There was a couple of matronly looking women on the elevator with them, to their great frustration. Lori could tell from the corner of her eye that the women were admiring Francesco hungrily, and she smiled like the cat who had eaten a canary....”Ooooh, I would LOVE to tell them how my afternoon was going right now,” she thought...and Frank caught her eye, smiling over at her with a wicked look about him. The women left the elevator at the 10th floor, and as soon as the door closed, Lori and Frank pounced on each other, hungrily kissing, their lips crushed together, his tongue eagerly probing her willing mouth, she grabbing his ass while grinding herself against him, frantic with overwhelming desire.
Then the elevator glided to a stop and the doors opened. They reluctantly broke their kiss, and he guided her out of the elevator and down the hall, swiftly arriving at his room. On entering the large room, she saw that’s the curtains had been thrown wide to reveal a magnificent view of the city to the west. Lori walked up to the window, and indicating the Golden Boy atop the Legislative Building, said, “Our House is not too far beyond there.” Francesco d****d his suit jacket over the back of the chair in front of the desk opposite the king-sized bed, and walked up behind her while loosening his tie. Casting it onto the bed, he slipped his hands around her waist and began nibbling and kissing her right ear, working his way down her neck, where he began to bite her gently. “Ooooh, Francesco, that is delicious,” she purred, pushing his hands up to her breasts with one hand as she reached to the back of her neck and undid the bow tying her halter up. As the fabric straps fell down, she turned her head to look into his eyes and with one hand on each of his, Lori guided his strong hands to cup her soft, full breasts. Francesco began skillfully tugging on her aching, erect nipples while he squeezed her magnificent tits. Neither of them took much further notice of the view, as their undivided attention was now focussed on tearing off as much clothing as swiftly as possible off of the object of their desire.

Lori was rapidly undoing Franks’ shirt, tugging at it urgently as he reached down and drew her sundress over her head expertly...”I suspect you’ve done that once or twice before” Lori chuckled, admiring his broad smooth chest. “Si, you are not the only one who has been married before”, he laughed in response. Lori now stood before Frank clad only in a white Lacey garter-belt, matching white panties and sheer white stockings and her turquoise shoes. “Oh my God, Lori, you are exquisite - your husband is a very lucky man!”, Francesco murmured, transfixed by Lori’s lustful smile. “You are a gorgeous man, Francesco and I simply cannot wait any longer to taste you” She could see his manhood straining against the fabric of his trousers, and she drew close to him and sank to her knees on the thick carpet. Looking up into his eyes, she undid his trousers and lowered his fly, then grasping his briefs she pulled them down slowly, shifting her gaze to watch his fully erect penis emerge in front of her face. He gently caressed her face and hair as she grasped the base of his cock, her hand slowly gliding out to the head, then gently pulling back his foreskin, a thick droplet of pre-cum glistening on the tip. Her tongue automatically flicked out, swirling around the broad purple head of Franks’ seven inch member to capture his seed. He moaned loudly, and grasping a handful of her hair, he slowly thrust his hips forward and gave Lori what she wanted.....she loved to have her mouth fucked by a hard cock, and now she desperately wanted him to put it in her mouth, to feel the distended soft skin of it sliding against her tongue, his rock-hard shaft throbbing against her lips, to taste his cum and feel his soft pubic hair against her face as she took him deeper in her throat, gazing up at him adoringly as she worshiped his cock......she cupped his big balls with her other hand, gently lifting and squeezing them, feeling their weight then wrapping her fingers around them and gently tugging on them, all the while submitting to Frank on her knees, serving him with her mouth, hungrily sucking him and savouring his cum as she teased it out of him....

“Ooooh, Matre e Dios, I must have you now”, moaned Francesco, bending to lift Lori up and turning to lay her back on the king sized bed in the middle of the room. She raised her knees and spread them as wide as she could, offering herself for him to do as he wished with her, desperately eager to feel his touch in her most intimate places again. Frank kicked off his trousers and grasping her delicate panties in his powerful hands, simply tearing them apart like tissue paper, so eager was he to take this gorgeous, sensual woman. She squealed and laughed with surprise and excitement, his passion was so intense that it washed over her like a wave. Frank looked down at Lori, her soft white skin of her breasts glowing in the afternoon sunlight streaming through the uncovered hotel window, the delicate white lace of her garter-belt and stockings accenting her tanned gorgeous feminine body, her dark pink nipples stiff and proud, inviting his lips to savour them.....her soft blonde mound and swollen pink Labia, parted and dripping with lust, begging to be filled by his manhood....”Lori, you are truly a vision to behold, your husband is such a fortunate man!” With this, Frank grasped her hips and pulled her toward him at the edge of the bed. Leaning down to kiss her deeply, he guided the tip of his uncut penis to her trembling eager opening. Francesco mounted Lori with one smooth, powerful thrust.

She threw her head back with a deep moan of pleasure, the feeling of Francesco filling her was so different from Daddy’s thick cock.....the electric shock of it was so fucking good that she could feel the unmistakable spark of an orgasm building deep in her belly, sooo deep where Daddy’s cock didn’t ever go, where only their favourite toys had touched her before. Frank was above her, looking into her face with a look of intense lustful pleasure in his eyes. Her piercing blue-eyed gaze seemed to mesmerize him, they did not break their mutual adoration as their bodies began writhing in perfect syncopation. Lori’s soft hands cupping Frank’s buttocks, urging him to bury his long penis inside her, her hips convulsively bucking up to meet his thrusts, grinding her swollen clitorus against Francesco’s thick pubic hair, their perfect rhythm gradually picking up speed with their rising lust....

It was then that Francesco chose to take Lori completely, seizing her left, then her right wrist in his hands, raising her arms above her head to pin her beneath him on the broad bed. Now she was his utterly, his tanned body sliding, grinding, thrusting....her delicious stocking clad thighs spread wide, the 3 inch stiletto heels of her pretty turquoise shoes pointing at the ceiling, the contrast of his tan against her creamy white complexion highlighted by the warm spring sunshine now streaming in through the big window of the room. Frank began to ravish Lori with mighty thrusts, her heavy breasts jiggling in concert with his tempo, deep masculine grunts of pleasure coming from his chest, her moans and gasps becoming louder and ragged....

Her face and chest suddenly flushed deeply, she wailed,”Oh, fuck, OH, FUCK, OH GOD FRANK, I’M CUMMING, OH GOD FRANKY, FUCK ME, BABY, OOOOH GOD, OH YESSSSS, OOOOOOOHHH!!!!!!!!!” Lori’s hips bucked convulsively up to meet Francesco’s as he buried his rock-hard meat in her tight cunt, her creamy juices gushing across his bulging veiny shaft and down his big scrotum, which was slapping wetly against her ass. Frank pounded her savagely, Lori’s pretty face covered by her long silver streaked hair as she threw her head side to side, totally oblivious to everything except the intense pleasure emanating from her well-fucked pussy. Their bodies became as one, never losing contact from groin to lips, grinding hypnotically, Lori’s pussy audibly sucking and slurping on Frank’s cock as he slid it in and out of her like an unstoppable piston....gradually their rhythm slowed as her orgasm subsided, and they stopped, locked in a deep, soulful kiss. He lifted his chest off of her to give her respite from his weight. Panting, Lori gazed up, wide-eyed and tearful into Franks smiling face. “Oh, Franky, that was INCREDIBLE, I haven’t cum that fast since, since.....oh God, since the very first time my husband fucked me!” Francesco threw back his head and gave a hearty, honest laugh, “I will take that as high praise, my darling!”

Lori caressed his broad chest, tracing her fingers down his belly to where he was still buried deep inside her. “Ooooh, I want your cum, Franky. I want it inside me, baby. I need you to fuck me hard from behind, and I want to feel you empty those magnificent big balls inside my pussy. Please, will you give it to me, baby?”, cooed Lori in her very sweetest babygirl voice, her eyes pleading with Francesco with a big smile on her face.
Frank grinned back down at her, he lifted himself swiftly off of her tender body with a deep growl. Seizing her hips, he flipped her onto her belly as she giggled and squealed with delight at feeling how strong he was, realizing that this man could take anything he wanted and she was powerless to stop him.

That realization thrilled Lori to her very core, and she eagerly pushed her gorgeous round ass up in the air, presenting both her holes for Frank to use as he saw fit. It occurred to her that Frank’s lovely cock was not as thick as Daddy’s, and so it would be much easier for her relax enough to take him in her sensitive anus. She wondered how good it would feel to take a strange cock in her bum, where she had only ever had Daddy and some much smaller toys before now - not just because it would probably make her cum again, but because Lori wanted to submit to Francesco completely. She absolutely LOVED the way she felt at this moment, so utterly FREE from all worry about what anyone else thought! she wanted to be completely used by her lover like a whore, to wantonly offer herself and be a filthy little Slut.....and what made it even more delectable, was the knowledge that she was going to tell Daddy and Marci ALL about her tryst with Francesco, to share this wonderful experience with those whom she passionately loved the very most! How liberating it felt, to let herself go completely as her lovers urged her to do, and to live utterly in this beautiful moment!

As this flashed through Lori’s mind, Francesco was admiring the view that she was offering him. Lori was now on her knees with her bum high in the air, legs spread to steady herself, her chest and head laying on the bed, her gorgeous long silver-streaked hair spilling across the dark green bedspread, her arms outstretched ahead of her, fists clenching the bedspread in anticipation of her new lover’s wonderful potent thrusts. Frank knelt close behind her, guiding the glistening purple head of his long penis to spread her swollen lips, her eager pink fuck hole framed by soft blonde pubic hair. Thick precum oozed from Franks hard dick as he toyed with her, rubbing the tip of his manhood up and down against Lori’s snatch as she whimpered and moaned appreciatively. He dipped his right thumb into Lori’s sopping wet vagina, and then traced a circle around her pink anus...which quivered and blossomed with delighted response, a long, low moan escaping from Lori’s throat at the same time. Frank chuckled, and said, “ Seniora Lori, I do believe that this is not the first time that a man has caressed your bottom.” He gently slipped his wet thumb into her ass as he pulled back his foreskin and pushed his cock into her pussy. He could feel her vaginal muscles grasping his organ tightly, every vein and ridge tantalizing her to the point of ecstasy, his broad thumb gently stretching her back door and caressing the sensitive walls within. Her body actually began to tremble, so powerful were the sensations that Francesco was eliciting by expertly touching her most intimate places. “Oh, Frank, I would love to try anal with you now. My husband has a beautiful thick penis, but he’s little bit too big for me to really relax and enjoy it in my bum. I am SO hot for you right now, baby, I would love it if you would fuck me in my ass.” “How could any man declined such a request as this?”, laughed Frank as he withdrew his manhood from her and guided it to her now relaxed asshole. Frank allowed his foreskin to slide forward to cover the head of his cock, and gently placed the tip against Lori’s pink rosebud. “Lean back against me, my darling,” Frank murmured, “Take me inside you now.” Lori slowly allowed herself to push back, feeling her anus relax and spread around that delicious hard cock, little shocks of pleasure becoming stronger as she consciously relaxed her muscles, then he was inside her, gliding deep within her ass. Her eyes widened with surprise and pleasure, “Ooooh, fuuuuuuck......oh my God, Franky, it feels so GOOOOD, baby, it was so easy to take you inside me, ooooh yesssss...”

Frank grasped her hips in his big hands and began to meet her pelvic thrusts with his own, gently at first, not going full depth but gliding in and out or Lori’s tender anus to help her relax. She was now on hands and knees, rocking her whole body back to maximize the exquisite sensation of his perfect cock gliding in and out of her eager bumhole, her big tits swinging in time with here eager rhythm, her hard nipples brushing tantilizingly against the fabric of the duvet cover beneath her. “Lori, you are incredibly sensual, and I cannot believe how different it feels being inside your bum. If you keep fucking me like this, darling, I shall have to cum inside you soon!” Lori looked over her shoulder at Frank, and he could see in her eyes that she was working up to another orgasm, too! Realizing this, he slapped her ass playfully and began fucking her in earnest, grabbing her hips and pounding his manhood deep in her eager hole. Lori laid her head on the bed again to free her hands, which immediate began squeezing and kneading her large soft tits. Her eyes were shut and her face began to flush, her breath was ragged and gasping as Frank fucked her mightily. Although he couldn’t know it, Frank was hitting the exact spot inside Lori’s ass where only Daddy had ever previously been. This was more than she could withstand, every thrust of his cock into her asshole launched a bolt of exquisitely pleasurable lightening from deep in her asshole to her clitorus and straight up her spine to explode in her head with a mindblowing flash of light - she concentrated hard on clenching her anus on Frank’s hard shaft as tightly she could, wanting only to please this magnificent man, to make his orgasm as powerful as she could, and this in turn triggered her own unstoppable wave! Suddenly, Lori’s moans of ecstasy were drowned out as finally Frank threw back his head and roared with pleasure, she could feel his cock swell and throb as thick jets of cum erupted from Francesco’s cock deep within, her anus convulsing rhythmically as her climax built up and suddenly another wave of orgasmic pleasure exploded through her shuddering body. Lori was wild with the intensity of their combined climax as she screamed, “FUCK MY ASS, FRANKY, FUCK IT HARD AND DEEP BABY, OOOOOH GOD I’M CUMMING AGAIN!!!” Once again their bodies were in perfect sync, their hips fluidly grinding as one to extract every possible moment of exquisite pleasure from each other. Lori’s tight anus stroked and milked Francesco dry, as her swollen pussy lips kissed and kneaded every drop of thick cum from his balls....their orgasms gradually subsided, their tempo slowed, and finally they finished their tryst in a few powerfully spasmodic thrusts, collapsing beside each other on the bed, each laughing and gasping breathlessly from the power of their climaxes.

“Wow”, groaned Francesco as he lay beside Lori, grinning at her. “I really must shop at Super Store more often”. They both burst out laughing, and wrapped their arms around each other to cuddle and cool down.

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