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I really don't know how I let him talk me into things like this... There I was, standing under a spray of hot water, letting my boyfriend work his very large and very dry cock into my ass. But maybe I should start at the beginning?

The day started like any other. I woke up to the wonderful sensation of having my boyfriends cock someplace wet and warm. I was tenderly sucking on boyfriend Mike cock, working his balls with my free hand. I smiled and brushed some hair back from my face.

I pulled off long enough to say "Morning.", before going back to devouring his morning wood.

"Oh fuck Brian, you're so good at this." I groaned out as he began to thrust into my mouth. And it was true, I was boy an expert at sucking cock. I claimed it came from long years of practice, but he had a feeling I was a natural at it. I suckled his erection for a few more minutes, getting him pretty well worked up, before pulling away.

"How about we take a shower?" I grinned. In our house, shower was more often than not code for 'sex'. How could he say no? I rolled off the bed and eagerly tugged on Mike's arm, dragging him to the bathroom like a caveman and his new bride. He laughed, but shed his pj pants as we went. I got the water turned on and stepped under the spray. We had one of those rain-making showerheads, so when we fucked it was like making love under a waterfall. I loved it.

Once I got the water up to the temperature I liked I slid the glass door open and made room for Mike. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and pressed his hard cock against my side. He wasn't the only one with some morning wood that needed taking care of. I reached down to touch him, but he grabbed my hand.

"No babe. I've got a better idea." He took my other hand in his and positioned them against the wall. "Keep your hands here, okay?" I nodded, I liked where this was going. He used one foot to make sure that my legs were spread and that I was properly braced against the wall. "It won't do to have you sliding all over the place now will it?" he asked my playfully.

"Alright Mike, you've got me in position, now what are you going to do to me?" I asked, desperately wanting to know his answer.

"Anything I want." He growled out, sending shivers down my spine. My boyfriend wasn't naturally a dominant person, but when the mood struck him he was very good at taking charge. "And I want to fuck you." It was exactly what I wanted to hear. I eagerly pressed my ass back at him, tempting him to have me.

"Well, what are you waiting for babe? You know this ass is all yours, so come and take it." I couldn't quite see what he was doing, but I could feel him roughly squeezing my ass, pulling my cheeks apart and exposing my little rosebud. I groaned. "Yeah, that's it."

I expected him to reach for the high quality lube that we kept in the shower (for occasions exactly like this), so I was a bit surprised when instead I felt his thumbs inching their way to my puckered hole. For a few moments he gently touched and rubbed at my hole with the pads of his thumbs, but after a while he moved on and gently began to work them into me.

I'd taken my boyfriend's 9 in. cock many times before, so my ass was accustomed to being played with. It didn't protest at the gentle penetration. But when Mike eased both of his thumbs into my little hole I started to feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Mike? Babe... get the lube and fuck me, yeah?" He didn't answer, instead he just pulled his thumbs apart from each other, opening my hole the slightest bit. I cried out at the sensation, though it wasn't quite painful yet. Mike leaned forward against my back, tipping my body completely under the spray of hot water. I sighed happily, it felt like heaven on my skin. The warm water slid down my body and over my open asshole, I shivered a bit at the unusual sensation. It wasn't bad, I decided, just a bit odd. Mike continued to gently pry my hole open with his thumbs, letting it close back up each time.

I kept my hands firmly planted against the cool tile wall of the shower but turned my head as best I could to try to get a look at my boyfriend.

"Mike, what are you doing?" I had to ask. He was staring down at my ass, a look of deep concentration on his face.

"Quiet. I'm doing whatever I feel like, remember?" I remembered. I turned back to face the wall just as Mike slid his thumbs out of my ass. I let out an inner sigh of relief, but my torture wasn't over yet, in fact, it was just beginning. Mike bent over to gently kiss the back of my neck, and as he did so, he slid the first two fingers of his right hand deep into me. I cried out. This time, it hurt.

He quickly tilted his fingers, collecting hot shower water in the palm of his hand and letting it funnel into my ass. It soothed the pain of the un-lubed stretch a little. I still had no idea what my boyfriend was doing, but a nagging suspicion was starting to make its way into my brain.

I was just starting to relax a bit, both mentally and physically when Mike began to thrust with the fingers that were buried deep in my ass. This time there wasn't a sharp burning pain, but rather a deep stretching sensation as Mike's fingers forced open my inner sphincter. I was groaning with every thrust, but kept my hands on the wall like a good little sub.

I closed my eyes and tried to just go with it, letting the sensations wash over me like the water that was still pouring down on us both. The water was actually helping, and before long I was beginning to enjoy myself. My ass had taken a lot of abuse in the years that I had been sexually active, and a little fingering in the shower wasn't too much for me to handle. I should have known that Mike had much more up his devious sleeve.

"Alright, spread for me babe." Mike said, waking me out of my semi-trance.

"What? I'm already... ack!" I squeaked as he roughly pulled his fingers out of me. Mike grabbed my left thigh and pulled it even farther away from my other leg. "What are you doing?" I finally asked.

"I already told you, I'm going to fuck you. And I need you to be nice and open for it." I was beyond nervous at this point, and starting to edge into the territory of genuinely scared.

"You're going to fuck me without any slick?" I asked, my voice shaking a little. I could hear Mike laughing softly behind me as the warm wet head of his cock pressed up against the small of my back. His fingers played over the muscles there, and then slowly descended back to my hole, teasing and stroking. I shivered all over.

"That's exactly what I'm going to do, and what's more, you're going to love it." His fingers pressed into me again, at least one from each hand, maybe more, and pulled me open. I let out a rather undignified squeak at the rough treatment, but I was silence a moment later as I felt Mike's cock slip into place. For just one second, I contemplated asking him to stop, was I really going to let him do this to me?

Yes, apparently I was. I kept my hands firmly in place on the tiled wall as Mike slowly began to press forward. I closed my eyes and bit my bottom lip as I felt his cockhead start to creep inside me. There was much more of a stretch than usual, accompanied by a burning sensation that I remembered from my college days, and my first drunken forays into the world of anal sex. I had been too stupid than to realize that a good lube was going to be my best friend. Yet here I was, a grown adult, educated in the ways of the world, willingly letting my boyfriend take me dry.

"Hold still," he growled from somewhere against my back, "I'm almost in." I tried to bear down on Mike's cock, and finally, I felt and almost heard the pop that meant his cock-head was buried inside me. This time, I couldn't stop the cry that flew out of me. My ass hole felt like it was stretched to its limit, and I didn't know how I could possibly take any more.

"Wow." Mike breathed reverently. "I can feel your pulse around my cock. This is really getting you hot, huh?"

"I don't know about hot." I responded after taking a long pause to quiet my racing heart. "But it's very uh, intense." Mikey slid one of his hands around to cup my now flaccid prick, and it twitched once in his grip.

"Yeah, but you know you like it." he said, squeezing. As my cock began to plump up, Mikey started to rock back and forth on the slippery shower floor, nudging his cock head a little bit further into me with every pass.

I screwed my eyes shut and tried to focus on the feeling of my boyfriend's hand on my dick, and not his dry cock slipping further and further into my tight ass. Unbelievably, he was making progress, opening up my back passage an inch at a time.

I kept my hands pressed tight up against the shower wall, feeling the moisture beading up there. The whole stall was starting to steam up, and I think it helped relax me for Mikey's intense fuck. After what seemed like an hour, I felt Mike's hips finally, gently press against my ass.

"Are... are you in?" I asked weakly. I was exhausted, mentally and physically, but Mike was only getting started. He pressed his flat stomach up against my back, and I could feel him chuckling.

"You can't tell?" He asked, wiggling his hips for emphasis, causing his thick cock to twitch sharply inside me. I moaned.

"I... I meant are you all the way in?"

"I'm buried just about as deep as I can get. Which means, it's time to start fucking for real." I was about to say something in protest, meaning to finally end this madness, ready to beg Mikey to pull out if need be when he started to do just that. In my mental fog, I actually though that he was done with me, that maybe now that he'd done what he came to do that he would get out some of our high quality lube and fuck me more comfortably. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Just as Mikey's cock was about to leave my sore asshole, he started pressing relentlessly back in, faster this time. I knew then that I was going to be well and truly fucked.

"Mike!" I cried out as his cock slid home for the second time. My poor ass was already stretched to its limit and I had no idea how much more I could take.

"Shhush!" he said rather sharply. "Be a good boy and take your fucking, okay?" At that, my limp cock twitched in Mike's warm hand. I couldn't help it. Even though I was uncomfortable and in pain, a part of me just loved to be dominated. He slid his free hand up to the back of my neck and squeezed gently. He gently pushed my head down so that I was staring at my own toes. There was no question that Mike was completely in charge, for that fuck at least, he owned my body.

He was horny as hell, and the precum that was flowing freely from his slit was adding the smallest bit of much needed lube to my ass, allowing his cock to piston in and out of me at an alarming rate. I gritted my teeth and tried to focus on the few pleasurable sensations that were being transmitted from my ass to my brain.

The one benefit of a lubeless fuck was that every time my boyfriend's dry cock passed my prostate, the dragging sensation of skin on skin was mind-numbingly amazing. It felt like my prostate was being rubbed by all 9 inches of Mike's dick on every thrust. Slowly, my own cock was starting to come to life.

"That's it. I knew you were a slut for pain." Mike said, taunting me. He squeezed my dick again, none too gently this time, and I let out a low moan of pleasure. "I bet you're going to come for me, aren't you?" he asked. Punctuating his question with a sharp thrust. "You're going to come from having my dry dick in your dry ass, you love it." I shook my head, sending droplets of water flying everywhere.

"No..." I didn't love it. It hurt and Mike was fucking me relentlessly. My ass was on fire from the friction. And yet, my cock was now rock hard in his hand, and with every thrust I was seeing stars in the corners of my eyes.

"Oh shut up. You know you love it. You're so hard for my cock." He began pumping his fist over my cock, bring me closer and closer to the brink. "You're such a horny slut for this, aren't you? We're going to have to do this more often!" Mike was practically shouting now, fucking me as fast as he could, pumping his fist in time with his thrusts.

"No!" I cried out. I didn't know if I could take this intensity again. My whole body felt like it was on fire now, and I realized that the water in the shower had gotten hotter. My skin was bright red and I was losing control.

"Yes!" Mike screamed. "You're going to come." He said, his fucking losing its rhythm. I just had to wait it out, it would be over any second... And then he flicked his wrist hard, twisting my cock just the way I loved.

My body shook all over with the force of my orgasm, I couldn't stop from screaming as I came hard over Mike's hand and even the shower wall in front of me. I couldn't remember ever having an orgasm so powerful. I closed my eyes again and felt the edges of the world going grey.

Mike moved both of his hands to grab onto my hips, his nails digging into my skin as he pushed his cock a fraction of an inch deeper into my ass. He screamed as he came, and I cried out as a torrent of burning hot come flooded my abused hole.

We stood there for a moment, panting and catching our breath.

"Well?" Mike asked as he slid his cock out of my now dripping hole. I let out a rather undignified squeak at the odd sensation. I reached behind me with one stiff arm, and gingerly felt the edge of my much stretched and ravaged hole. I wasn't bleeding, but I was going to be sore for a good long while.

"Well what?" I finally asked, turning around to face Mike, who had a huge grin plastered across his face.

"How about pancakes for breakfast?" he asked. I blinked at him for a second, stunned. Then we both burst out laughing.

"Fine, you can make me breakfast." I conceded. He reached over me to turn the shower off. " That will give your ass a short break And then... I'm really going fuck you. after you suck me off" he added, slapping me on the ass for good measure.

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