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Early the next morning, as Suzanne and I lay in bed recovering from the previous evenings activities, the was a knock at the bedroom door which promptly opened. In walked Mistress Ana.
"Good morning, my darlings. " she said in an unusually amorous tone.
"Good morning, Mistress." Suzanne and I said in tandem.
She walked over to the bed and lifted my chin so that my eyes met her dark, glittering pearls.
"You were quite impressive last night. Much more capable than I thought. " she said to me. She turned her gaze to Suzanne "you have trained him well, dear. "
"Thank you, Mistress Ana." She said with a hint of pride in her voice.
She took a step back and addressed the both of us. "You have brought me pride. For that, you should have a reward, yes? A mistress cannot simply show cruelty with out comfort as well..."
She clapped her hands loudly, twice. A short girl, perhaps in her mid 20's entered the room from the hall. She was a mousy little thing, stripped naked for all the world to see. She stood maybe 5' tall with straight, shoulder length chestnut hair, thick rimmed glasses, ample yet perky tits, a cute little mouth and enough chubby to have a curvaceous frame. She looked at the floor as soon as she caught my eye.
"This is Hannah." Mistress Ana said, matter of factly. "She came last night with her partner, but it would seem he was less than amused with our way of.... pleasing ourselves. Needless to say, she wishes to remain, but in order to do so, she must have a partner to share. " Hannah glanced up quickly at Mistress Ana with a slightly forlorn look on her face, and then back at the floor.
"Since that doesn't seem to be an option," she continued, "I thought perhaps I could kill two birds with one stone. Hannah will become yours to train and have and share with us as you wish, and in return, she will be allowed to continue joining us regularly." Mistress Ana looked at Suzanne and I, expectantly awaiting an answer. Hannah half looked up in our direction, perhaps wondering what we would say or what she had asked for.
"It would be our pleasure to train this one for you, Mistress Ana. " Suzanne said without a second thought.
Mistress Ana looked to me inquisitively.
"I would be very pleased to do this for you, Mistress." I said hastily.
"Good. It is settled, then. Get your rest today, this evening should prove most enjoyable..." she said as she walked out the door, closing it behind her and leaving a naked Hannah in our room, staring at the floor.
"Come here, cutie. " Suzanne said. "You look cold, and there is plenty of warm bed here you could share with us. "
She looked up at us and met our eyes for the first extended period. She looked like a deer in the headlights.
"What's the matter, Hannah? " I asked.
"I'm, I just..." she started to say. "I don't want you to be disappointed. I haven't had very many partners. I had sex with more men last night than in my life, and I...."
Suzanne cut her off. "Is this something you want, dear? "
"Yes! God, yes!" Hannah spat back quickly. "I'd only ever been with my fiancee, well, ex-fiancee, and one other guy until last night. He didn't seem to have a problem sleeping with other women, but when he saw me with three other guys last night, he got really angry. It wasn't fair that he could have fun but I couldn't, and I said so. And he called me a cheating whore and left. "
It all spilled out of her so fast it took me a minute to grasp it all.
Suzanne chimed in "So he brought you here but didn't want you to be with anyone? What a doucheweasel."
"Exactly. " she said "But last night was amazing, and you two...just WOW! I want to stay. I'll do anything you want, really, anything! "
"Now that's a big blank check you're writing, cutie. "Suzanne said. "Why don't we just start with the basics and we'll go from there? "
"Well, ok. What's the basics? " Hannah asked.
"Well, for starters, I'm Suzanne, and this is Ryan. And we would very much like you to get into this bed with us, Hannah." Suzanne said on as sultry and sweet a voice as I've ever heard her use.
Hannah walked over to Suzanne's side of the bed, lifted the sheets, and slid in next to her, an arm sliding across her belly and up to cup one of her massive tits.
"Not as shy as you let on, are you. " Suzanne laughed.
"Not really, I mean, not always.."Hannah blushed.
"Good. Now, quick ground rules. Is the anything you don't like? Anything that turns you off or is just plain of limits for you? " Suzanne asked.
Hannah thought for a minute. "Not really, no. I mean, I'm not super experienced, but I'm willing to try anything once. "
Suzanne smiled, perhaps a little malevolently. "Then let's take you for a test drive. On your hands and knees, Hannah. I want to watch him fuck you. "
I got up and came around behind Hannah. Suzanne laid back and began stroking her clit and fingering her pussy as she watched.
I licked two fingers and ran them between Hannah's warm, wet pussy lips, searching for her clit. After a few rubs, I buried my fingers in her tight twat, to which she gave a gasp followed by a pleasurable moan. I ran my other hand over her tits, giving each one a firm squeeze. I took position behind her, and as she looked back over her shoulder, I buried my hard cock to the balls in her wet gash. She gave a little squeal and threw her head back.
I began slowly, grabbing her soft, wide hips and slowly working in and out, letting her build up some wetness for the fucking that was to come. As I started to build speed, I began bottoming out a little harder with each thrust. I ran my hands over her ass cheeks and spread them apart with my thumbs. Her pussy was leaving the shaft of my cock glistening wet, and her tight little asshole was begging for attention. So I licked a thumb and stuck it in her ass, using it to pull her weight back on my cock.
She gave another squeal of pleasure at this, so I proceeded to run my other thumb up there, as well. She looked back at me and gave the most devilish glare and smile, and began throwing her weight back at me.
"She's a feisty one. " I said to Suzanne.
She reached in the bedside drawer and tossed me a bottle of lube. "See how far that rabbit hole goes." She said with a smile.
A healthy squirt of lube up her ass, and I pulled out of her pussy and drove straight up her asshole in one smooth motion.
"JESUS FUCK, YES!" She screamed
She buried her face in the mattress as I began to assault her asshole when Suzanne said, "if you're going to bury your face in something, I have a perfectly good cunt over here. "
With a few minor adjustments, Suzanne moved underneath Hannah in a 69 position. Hannah began to vigorously attack Suzanne's dripping wet pussy while I continued to fuck her ass and Suzanne went to work sucking on her clit.
In relatively short order, I felt the squirt of warm jism from Hannah as she threw her head back. I leaned forward and grabbed her by the tits and pulled her body back against mine hard as I continued to pound her asshole. Suzanne crawled from underneath and pushed us over backwards. As I slowed my pace, Hannah laid back against me. Suzanne had retrieved a strap on similar to last night's, but with only a 10 inch dildo on either side. She quickly put it on and proceeded to spread Hannah's legs and begin fucking her deep in her dripping wet pussy.
Hannah had begun to emit a series of audible, but unintelligible words. Breathlessly, Suzanne said "Is this what you want? You like it when we fuck your tight little holes?"
"Y-y-y-yessssss! F-f-fuck my holes! I...I...I want....to be....your....whore!" Hannah managed.
"I think our whore needs a big fat load in her cunt, tiger. Give her one. "Suzanne said.
With that, she plucked Hannah up off my cock and set her next to me on the bed. I rolled on top of her, and grabbing a leg in each hand pushed them back while shoving myself deep into her widening gash. Suzanne had removed the strap on and had positioned herself to sit on Hannah's face. Playing with her clit, I knew how wet she was capable of making herself. A few more good thrusts and I was there, dumping a hot load of cum deep inside her. I pulled out and buried my still hard cock in her ass again as she finished Suzanne.
When Suzanne was finally content, she swung her leg over to reveal a thoroughly disheveled and jism covered Hannah.
"F-f-fuck! " she exclaimed. "When can we do that again? "
We both laughed. "Later, cutie." Suzanne replied. "You should get some rest today before your debut tonight. That was just a warm up for later."
I pulled my cock from her ass, the cum I had left in her pussy running out to cover it. "You should get a shower and something to eat, then come back here." Suzanne said as she bent down to swallow my cock and balls both.
"But not before I get a taste of my hard work..." I said as I motioned for Hannah to come sit on my face so I could eat her pussy and ass. After a little bit of this, Hannah made her way to the shower, and Suzanne and I reclined back in bed.
"Well she's a tasty treat. " I said.
"She is that." Replied Suzanne. "I can't wait to really break her in tonight...."

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