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A gay summer Holiday - Part 9

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Chapter 9
A change of pace.

Friday morning Chris had a hard time getting out of bed. His mind had been racing all week. Trying to keep up with all the questions the volunteers and the builders had for him. He desperately needed some alone time or at least enjoy the holiday a bit at a different pace. He remembered his aunt Dianna's words; "Don't forget to enjoy yourself too. Maybe give the head office a call if you want to help out some more on the ferry". Christopher did just that. He called to see if they needed a hand this weekend. They welcomed the help and Chris signed up for a weekend tour from Friday afternoon till Monday morning the first ferry to and from the mainland.

This was a totally different job. Something he actually enjoyed just as much as building. But it was much more relaxed. So before noon, he told the builders they could take the afternoon off, and warmly thanked the volunteers for their help. He closed the building site until Tuesday the next week. Christopher suggested they all enjoy their weekend with their new friends. And they were happy to take that suggestion.

Christopher reported to the ticket office on the island's dock an hour later. Helping them prepare for the new arrivals and to line up the cars and trucks at the appropriate locations. The extra pair of eyes and hands were noticeably appreciated. He put away his gear and signed in on board with the first mate as soon as the ferry docked. Helping to unload the luggage containers to the dock and to disembark the passengers from the ferry. The mood was very cheerful. The new arrivals were always happy to set foot on the island. Those leaving did so with mixed feelings. The weekends on the ferries were always busy. But luckily peak holiday season was still a good 6 weeks away.

Chris got handed a work assignment sheet. He noticed that he had been planned in to help out at the mainland harbor as well. And had a stay over in the crew hotel there one night. Wessel had given him a guitar and some books on how to play it. It always was great fun to entertain the guests on the hour and a half one-way trip. And Chris had gotten a lot more comfortable playing in front of crowds the last couple of weeks. So Christopher had hoped that, apart from his normal duties, he would get a chance to make some music.

Chris wore the white crew jacket and the sailor's cap with pride. He had put the special islander's pin on his jacket as well. He really enjoyed being part of a crew. Christopher also liked the responsibility for the passenger safety that came with the job. He stowed his gear and instrument in the galley kitchen of the main saloon. The steward that had duty today did look a bit odd at him. But he had heard of Chris's musical debut on the island. Chris was ordered to help with checking the tickets of the return tourists. That gave him a chance to see who was on board, he hoped that a few islanders would be there so they could make some music together.

One of the interns from the local nautical school was told to help Chris. The burly guy was about 21 years old, but he had an odd boyish look about him. From the look of him, you would not say that this was 'the right stuff' when it came to officer material for the merchant marine. He was nervous as hell. Christopher tried talking with him while they boarded the passengers. "Where are you from Willem.", asked Chris. He got no response. Chris noticed his hands were trembling when he punched holes in the tickets of the passengers. Christopher closed his side of the double doors and stood beside the intern.

"Your first tour?... Stick with me, dude... I'll give you a hand... Watch me.", said Chris reassuringly. Chris helped Willem by showing how he made eye contact with passengers. Smiling at them as he punched their tickets and counted them on board. "You need to show them you're confident. Or they will push right past you. So chin up, breast out, and keep breathing. You are in control here.", instructed Chris the intern. He let him check in a few passengers by himself now. Chris saw that he was more in control of the situation. Willem even started to enjoy it a bit. Getting some playful remarks in and giving out some quick information.

Chris quickly opened up his side of the double door again and started to let in more passengers quickly. Keeping an eye on his surroundings and on Willem. A slight panic arose when one of the families 'lost' one of their younger girls in the crowd. Chris quickly gestured some of the passengers to step aside to let the crying girl pass. He had seen it happen. Even before the parents noticed it. Willem was in a right state. Not knowing how to handle a situation like that. And he nodded happily that Christopher took control. When all the passengers were on board they reported their numbers to the bridge. The ship departed from the port. Willem was ordered to do cleaning duty on the 2 lower decks and Chris was told to help in the main saloon.

The weather was fine, even though the breeze was blowing hard from the mainland. After the ship left the harbor Chris kept the saloon tables clean and helped serve drinks from the bar. Around 20 minutes later he told the steward that he would do a cleaning round in the toilets. And that he wanted to check in with Willem. He got the okay and Chris walked downstairs. It was a mess already. And he helped Willem organize himself. Apparently, he had gotten no instructions or training from the other crew members yet.

Christopher showed Willem where the cleaning trays were and how to work efficiently. Willem was already sweaty from running around like a headless chicken in the middle saloon. Together they removed the empty cups and trash the passengers had left. The steward came walking down looking for Christopher. He was clearly not happy that Chris did not come back upstairs right away. But as soon as he saw that Chris was teaching Willem how it's done, his demeanor changed completely. He even apologized to Christopher for not training Willem himself.

Willem and Chris went to the saloon beneath the car deck. There were no passengers in there, apart from a German couple who were fucking like mad on one of the tables. "Fick mich ... Schieb deinen Schwanz in meiner Fotze ... Oh mein Gott ... ja ... pump ihm herein ... Schei├če... Fick mich doch hard!", called the German woman. Will got excited looking at the fucking couple. Stroking his hand over his rock hard cock. Chris slapped his hand and he coughed in their direction. The couple looked at Chris and Willem, feeling caught. And quickly got dressed again. As they walked past the guys they excused themselves. Chris smiled and suggested they better use one of the toilet stalls and to clean up after themselves when they were done.

"You liked that, didn't you Will.", laughed Chris when they were alone down there. "Go beat your dick down quickly and don't leave a mess in the toilet or I will rub your face in it!", joked Chris. Willem grabbed Chris's hand. And pressed it against his prick. "You may need to give me a hand. Chris.", he suggested. "No idiot! We would be flung overboard if they found out, man!", said Chris as he pulled his hand back. "It's not that I don't like to help you out... but I value my job here more!".

Willem took his cock out of his pants anyway. "Stop it, dude!... Jesus what a monster prick!...", gasped Chris, taking a good look at Will's cock. He was not very long. But what he lacked in length, he surely made up for in width. Christopher pushed him quickly into a broom cupboard. Pressed Willem's face to the wall and he reached around to help him release the tension. Willem had dropped his pants to his ankles and he wanted to fuck Christopher instead. "No man... I won't... I can't... Dump your load already!", whispered Chris pressing a finger up Willem's butt. That had the desired effect. Willem felt fucked and shot his hot sticky cum against the wall of the cupboard. Chris quickly took a broom and bucket to the toilets and started his cleaning round. The German couple came out of the toilets with big smiles. Greeting Chris as they went on their merry way. Chris cleaned the toilet blocks and reported back to the main saloon.

The steward asked about Willem. And Christopher told him that he was doing his best. After Chris had done another cleaning round in the main saloon the steward asked Chris; "How about some music?". He handed Chris his guitar. And our Chris set downplaying a little at the end of the bar.
He played some instrumental songs first. With the guitar on his lap. Drumming, tapping and strumming it like a one-man band. Chris also sang the songs he made with Wessel. Not from paper but by hart this time. The guests in the saloon applauded and even sang along a bit. The whole atmosphere was a very happy one. Everyone was enjoying the trip back to the mainland. And before they knew it the mainland harbor was in sight already.

Chris did another cleaning round and got handed some money from the guests he had entertained. He put the money in the tip jar. So all the employees could share in their gifts. An older couple, however, put a bank check in Christopher's back pocket. Don't share this with the rest. This one is yours, Chris! We enjoyed your TV performance very much. And we support the idea for the islander's Youth's fund.", they said in an islanders dialect. Christopher thanked them warmly. Giving them a hand with their suitcases. Even helping them off the passenger ramp at the harbor. He had left his gear on board. This was the late evening ferry back to the island for him. In the meantime, he was ordered to take the fast catamaran ferry to the island and back.

Chris ran to the head office to sign the paperwork for his job with them. Then went to get a pre-made sandwich and a soda so he would have a bite to eat on the way.
He helped the passengers board and noticed a group of Irish men board with all their musical equipment. He welcomed them on board the fast ferry and told them they could best secure their sensitive instruments under their seats. The rest of their clothes bags needed to go in the luggage racks outside.

He reported the number of passengers on board as he greeted the captain. It was his father's friend. "Hey, Chris! Son, I am glad you decided to help out again!", he said happily. "We have all enjoyed your performance last Saturday. Man, you sang nice with Wessel!". Chris smiled at the heartfelt praise.
He went to the aft deck, helping to release the moorings. And the ferry raced out the harbor.
Inside the passengers sat in rows, like on an airplane. There was not much to do for the 45-minute trip. The Irish musicians noticed Chris checking out their instruments. And they started to talk to him.

It took a while for Chris to get accustomed to their Irish accents. He was asked if he played instruments too. Chris told them about the songs he played with Wessel. It turned out that Wessel had invited them over for a few special performances on the island. One of the guys handed Chris his beat-up guitar and asked Chris to play. They laughed in Chris's face when they saw how Chris held the guitar. But quickly shut up when they heard him play a traditional Irish Jig all by himself. But it sounded as if 2 guitarists and a drummer played the song. That impressed the guys very much. Quickly they opened up their own instruments and the 5 of them played along with Chris. The half-filled ferry enjoyed the free entertainment.

The Captain came out of the wheelhouse to check what all the commotion was about in the saloon. He sat down to listen until the song was done. Before he left he asked the guys to keep playing, but to do it softly so that the ship's first mate would not be disturbed piloting the fast ferry. Chris excused himself and went to the aft cabin behind the toilets. Feeling a bit embarrassed that he had initiated this sing-along. He knew that it was not allowed to take luggage into the ferry saloon. Or to make too much noise. The aft cabin was empty.

He ate his dinner. This was the only time he would have to do that. Before long they would be back on the island and the whole thing would start all over again. Letting people off, cleaning, checking people back on and another run to the mainland. Two of the Irish folk players came to sit with Chris. They chatted a bit more and looked out over the frothy sea churned up by the jet engines. They sat on either side of Christopher. The guys 32 and 46 years old started talking with him again. They noticed that Chris did have a boner earlier, they told him. One of the guys whipped out his cock, from his double zippered pants. A thick bush of red pubic hair sprung up as well.

"Go on son...", said the older guy. "I know you want to.". The other guy pushed Chris roughly toward his mate. Chris resisted but he got the red head's cock pushed into his mouth never the less. The younger guy bobbed Chris's head over the cock fast. Holding Christopher's hands tightly on his back. He was pushed from the bench onto the floor. The younger guy sat behind Chris, as the older guy face fucked our Christopher's mouth roughly. All of a sudden he felt how the guy ripped his pants down without unbuckling them. Chris tried to resist. But he penetrated Chris painfully. His prick was small, so Chris took him, but because of the rough way he did, it hurt Chris's ass. After a while, Christopher managed to free a hand and he quickly unbuckled his pants. Giving the guy behind him better access. And the pain turned into pleasure. "He is loving this...", said the younger guy amazed.

Christopher pushed himself off the older guy. "Stop it! Fuck guys!... If you had just asked I would probably have agreed to this. You don't have to be this rude about it!...", moaned Chris annoyed, as he sucked the cock deep down again. Making him cum hard. The younger guy pulled his filled rubber out as well. "Now!... Who wants my leprechaun juice?", joked Chris looking at the two bewildered guys. Christopher started to jerk off. Pointed the two men to their knees, and let them catch Chris's jizz on their tongues. Chris pulled up his pants and quickly went to the toilets to freshen up.

When he was done the announcement came over the speakers that the ship was about to dock. This was a sign for Chris to get ready. And the passengers were told to remain seated until the boat was moored, and the back doors were opened.
Chris quickly put on his jacket and the sailor's hat again and went outside to help fasten the boat to the dock. The gangplank was put out and he released the passengers by opening up the 2 doors.

The 5 Irish guys thanked Chris and told them where they were staying on the island. They would love it if they could 'play' with Chris some more, said the younger rough fucker softly in Chris's ear. He faked a smile at him and wished the rest of them success with their performances.
The late evening fast ferry to the mainland was nearly empty. Only a few islanders used it to go to the mainland for a dance or visite relatives over the weekend. Chris sat the return trip in the wheelhouse. Feeling properly used, but happy.

There was not much time between the fast ferry arriving on the mainland and the car ferry leaving. So he quickly signed off on one ship, and back on at the car ferry. He saw Willem again. "Man you get all the cozy jobs...", groaned Willem. Chris laughed. "Your ass would have loved the 'trip' I just had with some rough Irish fuckers...", joked Chris. Willem took a second look at Chris and said only one word; "Dang!". Christopher knew Willem sort of understood what had happened to him. "When you have the time you do have to tell me about it!", joked Willem. "Late night supper at my place then?", suggested Chris.

"Oh... I'd love to eat your... ". Chris interrupted Willem. "Shut your face man!... or do you plan to get kicked off?", snapped Chris looking angry at Willem. He finally understood that the ferry company had very strict rules about sex on board. "Don't you go get me into trouble now!", said Christopher to drive the point home. "What you do is your business! But don't drag me down with you!".

Arriving back at the island the guys helped clean and lock down the ferry. Ready for the next day. Together they walked thru town to Christopher's place, chatting about the day's events. Willem was all hot and bothered. He clearly expected to have sex with Chris. Willem warned Chris; "I am going with you... but your cock is going nowhere near my ass. I am purely a Top!". Chris abruptly stopped and looked surprised at Willem. "Your right! I wasn't planning on that either.", he said sure of the fact that he did not want to have sex. Not before or after the late night supper. "Cool. I knew you were a bottom...", sighed Willem, rubbing his bulge. "You misunderstand me, Will. Your fat monster isn't going near my ass either. 1, because it would take way to long for you to prep my ass to take that fat thing. And 2, because I only invited you for a bite to eat and a chat... Sorry dude if you got the wrong impression.".

Willem was flabbergasted by those words. "What the fuck... You clearly said... ", started Willem angry, but Chris interrupted him. "What I suggested was; 'a late night supper at my place and a talk about the things that happened to me on the fast ferry...' Nothing more and nothing less!... Dude, that you think with your cock head is not my problem.", snarled Chris back at him. "I have to be back on board in 9 hours. So I only have time to eat before I get to bed anyway. See you tomorrow!". The guys went their separate ways. And Chris did not expect to see Willem on the ferry the next day. He clearly was not into that kind of work. At least not as much as Chris was.

After a homemade macaroni and cheese, he got into bed early. Christopher felt properly worn out by the half day's work on the ferries. Never the less, he was pleased he decided to take the job. He met some 'nice guys' and was able to entertain the guests and do his duties on board as well. Christopher put his clothes in the hamper and got a big surprise as he pulled out the bank check he received from the older islander couple. It was a check for 1000 Euro. He looked at it in amazement. And put it away safely. Christopher was too tired to think so he went to bed. As soon as his head hit the pillow he fell in a deep sleep.

The next morning the alarm clock went off at 6 o'clock. He sprang out of bed. Prepared a lunch box and took a quick shower. With some fresh clothes and an overnight bag and his guitar in hand he reported back on board in time for the 7:30 ferry to the mainland. He was greeted by his uncle Mathijs. "Wow, you're early! Ready for a new day, Chris?", he asked. "Sure thing, Sir. I only have a few runs today. Mostly working on the dock on the mainland.", Chris told his uncle. "Has Willem signed back on yet?", asked Chris. "No, he called to say he was done.", said Mathijs. "I thought as much... He expected to get laid in every port... Guess that did not happen for him...", joked Chris. And his uncle laughed hard.

That Saturday Chris mostly worked on the mainland. He made one more trip with the late afternoon ferry. Sitting out of the wind behind the wheelhouse he entertained the guests on the upper deck. Mathijs had opened up one of the windows of the wheelhouse, so they could also enjoy Christopher playing and joking around with the passengers.

Back on the mainland, Chris was greeted by a group of 5 guys. One of them was a nephew from his mother's side of the family. "Hey, faggot!", he yelled at seeing Chris. The other guys looked angry at him. "That's the guy I told you about!", he said. Chris was off duty and about to head for a fast-food place and the crew hotel. The 6 of them went to grab a bite to eat and his nephew started to call him names again. His friends did not like it at all. And got into a nasty argument with him. He left and Chris started talking with the guys. Three of them invited him over to their place. They lived next door to his mother's sister her husband and their homophobic ass hole of a son. Chris never had gotten along very well with him.

The night turned out to be a very amazing one. Chris got invited to stay over. And they fucked the crap out of him. Even their stepfather got in on the act. The gang bang was really nice. And after a shower, they ended up sleeping in one room together. Chris was given the spare mattress. It was normally used, by the 3 stepbrothers, like a couch under one of the two bunk beds. The next morning the stepfather told Chris; "I guess it's true... you sailor boys do have a 'boy' in every harbor!". Chris had to smile at that remark.

On Sunday Chris was running between the slow and fast ferries all day. Around lunchtime, he even had a trip to the smaller island to the west of the island he was staying on. He had some time on his hands there, so he met up with another friend of his father. Their son Kjelt was adopted by them. And was friends with Chris for as long as he could remember. Kjelt also worked for the ferry company. They ate lunch together at his parent's place. And after lunch, the guys sat chatting in his room. One thing let to another. And Kjelt got a load pumped deep up his gut. So yes, Chris did have a boy in every harbor! And he loved it.

After an early morning run on Monday, his tour was over. He got paid in cash. And received a handsome bonus "for work above and beyond the call of duty.", the cashier said laughing. "We'd love to see you help out two weekends from now..." she asked. Chris agreed to that with pleasure and signed up right away.

The rest of that Monday he spent on his own. Pottering around in the bunkers. Masking off area's to paint and assigning them color numbers. He was surprised to see someone had put all the furniture back into his cabin. He moved around some stuff and painted some cheerful blocks of color over the other ways whitewashed walls. This was the first cabin that was done on the inside. And he was pleased with the result. So were Ben and Frieda who came to visite Christopher in the afternoon. They discussed the idea's Chris had for the outside and were pleased with the progress so far. Chris's cabin only needed the floors done. So rather than remove the furniture he decided to do the floor in one of the other 6 cabins. And move in there when the floor was dry. "Why move stuff twice if you only need to do it once. Work smart, not hard!...", he joked with Ben and Frieda.

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