My Lover Surprises Me Part II / page: 303 - Erotic story Collection

As I walk towards the bar I look at my phone and realize I have 2 missed messages from Mark; one wanting to know where I am and telling me to sit at the bar when I get there and the other telling me that because I am late I will be punished later. I can't help but smile.

As I walk in I can feel quite a few sets of eyes on me. I can tell right away that I stand out in my outfit since almost everyone else is in business attire; he did this on purpose to make me feel uncomfortable, he loves making me feel slightly uncomfortable knowing it turns me on more. I walk directly to the bar as I have been instructed. After not seeing him in months I want to search him out but I know I already have one punishment coming and so I don't risk a second one.

As soon as I sit down I feel my phone vibrate as the bartender hands me a drink (my lover knows me so well). I look at my text and finally see what the plan is for the night; he wants me to seduce a stranger. In the text I am told to go sit down by the man in the blue shirt sitting across the bar from me and to initiate a conversation. I am also told to make sure to face him while talking so he has a good view of my breasts and legs and to make sure that the tops of my stockings and my garter were visible and that more instructions would follow.

I grab my drink and make my way across the bar; the man in blue following me with his eyes. I ask if the seat next to him is taken and he tells me to have a seat. As instructed I sit facing him and adjust my dress to make sure what is supposed to be showing is showing. I watch as his eyes take in my barely concealed breasts down to my thighs where his eyes linger on my garter. He shifts in his seat and I notice the bulge in his pants that wasn't there a minute ago. We introduce ourselves and make small talk for a few minutes when I hear my phone vibrate again. I read my message and am a little taken aback by what I am supposed to do next. My eyes quickly dart to Mark for confirmation before I remember I'm not supposed to look at him. I can tell I'm blushing but luckily it was dark enough that Scott (my guy in blue) didn't notice. I look at the people around us and think "well fuck this should be interesting". I notice Scott unsuccessfully trying not to stare at my breasts so I figure I'll start there. I move my right hand up to my necklace on the pretense of checking to see if it was in place but then I let my hand fall to the top of my left breast, rubbing up and down right inside the neckline of my dress that starts right above my nipples, all the while acting like it is an involuntary motion as we continue talking. As his eyes continuously go between my face and watching my hand I place my hand fully over my breast and start slow circles around my nipple through my clothes. At this point all pretense of looking at my face are gone and his eyes (and the eyes of the people closest to us) are totally focused on what my hand is doing to my breasts. While rubbing my breast I move my other hand to rest high up on my thigh. My legs are crossed so there is quite a bit of bare thigh showing between my stockings and garter belt and this is where I rest my hand.

I start just moving my fingers on my thigh trying to get up the nerve to do what Mark wants me to do. I slowly move my hand up almost to my hip slightly pushing my dress up as I go but it's the leg facing the bar so I'm hoping no one but Scott is picking up on my movements. My text goes off so I quickly check my phone and it is just two words "NOW SLUT".

I put my hand back on the top of my thigh by my knee and then slowly uncross my legs letting my hand fall in between my slightly parted legs. This motion  causes my dress to be pushed up enough to expose my pussy but leaves my hand blocking the view. I look at Scott to see if he is watching and not only is he watching but his hand is on his bulge lightly squeezing himself. I subtly shift my ass closer to the edge of the seat while barely lifting my hips bringing my pussy into better view. I start rubbing up and down my pussy lips as I was told to do. My finger lightly brushes my clit causing me to gasp drawing the attention of a few more people around the bar. I had been keeping my eyes down so I wouldn't see all of the eyes on my little "show" but with that gasp my head pops up and I instinctively bite my lower lip due to a mix of embarrassment and arousal. The looks of jealousy and anger on the faces of most of the women embarrasses me but the look of obvious lust on the faces of the men around me gets me incredibly hot, thank goodness the bar was about 70% men at the moment.

I look back at Scott and our eyes lock and I tell him "please touch me" as I take his hand and move it toward my exposed pussy. His fingers replace mine on my slit getting slick from my juices when he quickly thrusts 2 fingers deep in my pussy extracting a guttural moan from me. At this point I didn't care if we were in the fucking White House I was desperate to orgasm so I started thrusting my hips into his hand, trying to fuck his fingers as hard as I could when my damn phone went off. At this point I was tempted to ignore it till I got off but if I did that I knew my ass would be black and blue come tomorrow and I couldn't allow that because hubby might see but that knowledge wouldn't stop Mark from doing it if I was a bad girl. I check my phone and see a simple but disappointing text "Do NOT Cum Slut". Fuck fuck fuck I thought. I read that text and wanted to throw a temper tantrum like a c***d who doesn't get his way.

With a sign I extract Scott's hand from my pussy but am at a loss on what to do next without direction so I reach for his cock stroking him through his pants until my phone goes off, "excuse yourself to go smoke and meet me outside". I tell Scott I'll be back in a few minutes after a quick smoke and walk outside. I see Mark down the way a little bit and head his direction. He turns and walks around the side of the building and I follow. As soon as I turn the corner he is right there in front of me. He grabs my hair and pulls my head back with one hand and puts the other around my throat. "You're not following directions very well Slut and you will be severely punished for it but until then I expect you to do exactly what I say when I say it". At that point Mark let's go of my throat, pulls my head back harder, and cups my pussy. "Have you obeyed and not gotten off since Wednesday?". "Yes sir, I've been a good girl". "That's my good girl. Now when you go back in I want you to take the guy to the back of the club to the empty booth by the restrooms and suck his dick till he cums and I want you to swallow every fucking drop. When you're done you need to excuse yourself to go to the restroom and tell him you'll meet him back at the bar in a few minutes but instead of going to the restroom stay in the booth". I wonder why I'm supposed to stay in the booth but know better than to question Mark so I wait for more information and fortunately I don't have to wait long. "You wait there for at least 5 minutes to see if anyone else approaches you. During this time I expect your fingers to remain in your pussy, fingering yourself. If someone does approach you then you have them finger fuck you or eat your pussy. I don't care what you say to them to get them to do it but anyone who walks over doesn't leave without pleasuring you or I will punish you. Do you understand slut?". "Yes sir but…" (smack) "don't ever fucking question me, just do what you're told (smack)".

"Now when these men are pleasuring you I will allow you to cum but you're mine so you'll cum for me first won't you slut?" "Yes sir, please help me cum sir". "Fuck you're such a fucking slut aren't you, you're my fucking slut" and with that he spanks my ass again and quickly yet brutally buries 3 fingers in my pussy with his thumb flicking my clit and pulling my hair back as far as he can. "Cum for me my little slut, cum for me so you can go be a good little slut for other men" and with that I gush all over his hand. I'm not a squirter normally but I did then.

I make sure I don't look to mussed and head back inside to Scott. We make small talk for a few minutes while I'm rubbing his thigh and bulge getting him harder and harder. "Come on" I say as I take his hand and lead him toward the back. I find the booth Mark told me to go to and we sit down "this is more cozy isn't it?" I say as I start unbuttoning his pants. He catches on to my intention and quickly starts to help get his cock free. I take him in my hand and I'm not disappointed (I was worried he would be small). His cock is about average. 7" in length and decent girth although no where near the girth I would be getting from Mark later tonight. I slowly stroke him before running my tongue up his shaft to the top and then taking the head of his cock into my mouth, running my tongue in circles. I proceed to lower my mouth inch my inch until his full length is pressing against the back of my throat. I start bobbing up and down on his cock while stroking him. I wish we were somewhere where he could face fuck me but this will do for now. I take him all the way in again and this time he presses my head down holding me there while he pumps his hips into me. With a grunt and more pressure forcing me down I feel his hot cum fill the back of my throat. Once he unloads all of his seed into my mouth I proceed to clean up his cock with my tongue, making sure I get every drop.

I tell him I need to freshen up and I will meet him back at the bar and get up from the table. As soon as he is out of sight I sit back down to wait as instructed. I think to myself "this is fucking pointless, random men aren't going to just walk over for no reason, especially in the back corner, no one can even see me". I pull out my phone so I can time the 5 minute. I'm impatient and ready to get back to someone's cock, whether its Scott or Mark at this point I don't care. I sit on the edge of the chair and spread my legs so that if anyone does come over (yeah right) then they will be able to see exactly what I'm doing. I start rubbing up and down my pussy with one hand and gently flicking my clit with the other. Not a single fucking minute passes before I become aware of someone walking up to me, his eyes trained on my hand on my cunt. I motion him closer and tell him he can play if he wants to. He gets in front of me and goes down to his knees putting his face right in front of my pussy. He tentatively starts probing my slit until he realizes I'm not going to object and then he really starts to get into it. He starts rubbing my clit which causes me to jump and squirm while his two middle fingers find my honey hole and slip in easily. Almost immediately his tongue replaces his finger on my clit and I'm lost in ecstasy, "oh fuck yeah, eat my fucking pussy, make me cum all over your face" and he does just that. When my orgasm subsides he gets up and walks away without a word (weird huh?). I start to adjust when I notice someone else walking up. "What the fuck is going on" I think to myself. Mark must have something to do with this. The next guy walks over as if he had been waiting his turn and gets down in front of me. He explores and plays for about 3 minutes then gets up and leaves. I proceed to be serviced by 3 more men and have two more orgasms before I'm ready to head back to Scott (who at this point has probably already given up on me and left) but no, he is waiting at the bar. He doesn't mention how long I was gone but I see a look in his eye so I think he knew what I was up to. My phone goes off, I guess it's time to go back to his place. I look at Scott "do you want to get out of here and go someplace more private?" And in reply he simply says "let's go".

To be continued…..

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