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Well I was reluctant to let my daughter’s friend Janice move into our house for her last year of high school. But like most parents I gave in, so now I had three teenagers to look out for; and two of them were 18 year old girls!!! Well my 21 year old son came home from college from winter break to find this 18 year old six foot tall, sexy, blond haired Scandinavian beauty living down the hall. It was a recipe for disaster, and it turned just like I expected. I knew Janice had crush on my son for years and she made it very obvious. When she came home from school she strutted around in a T-Shirt with no bra and just a pair of panties. I knew she was teasing the shit out of my son and the skimpy bikinis she wore around the pool only made it worse. Sure enough, I came home from work early one day and glanced in my son’s bedroom and there was little Janice hungrily sucking on my son’s cock. Apparently, he was cumming in her mouth because sperm was flowing from the side of her mouth as he lay writhing on the bed.

I yelled at both of them and threatened to kick Janice out of the house. My son interceded and said he genuinely loved her. And you know I believed him, I knew my son and sensed that they were both in love. But I also knew he was graduating from college with a degree in Engineering and an Aerospace firm in town had already offered him a high paying job. I needed his income to keep my house, so I relented and he and Janice now shared my old bedroom and I moved into my son’s smaller bedroom. Like typical young lovers they fucked their brains out all night long. Now was treated to the sounds of my son and young Janice fucking. I mean two orgasms was plenty, but Janice must have had a ferocious sexual appetite. One night I heard them fucking and she had at least four orgasms!!! I had been divorced for two years now and listening to these k**s fuck all night was driving me crazy.

I knew my son might marry Janice and I wanted to be her friend so we were watching TV and I said “hey Janice let’s go for a swim”. She wore a nice conservative bikini, why should she show off your body to her future mother-in-law a woman. But I was a little surprised when she took a bunch of cushions from the chairs and made a bed by the pool. She lay down and then handed me a bottle of sun tan oil and asked me “would you do my back”. I squirted some oil on her back and softly massaged her back as I applied the oil. My hands roamed freely down her supple neck and down her spine and she moaned softly. Janice turned her head and said “go ahead untie my bikini so you can do my whole back”. I was surprised that I was getting sexually stimulated when I untied it. I could see the side of her beautiful breasts as I began massaging her entire back.

Then I thought; damn those old long repressed lesbian urges were overcoming me again. I had had a two year lesbian affair with a co-worker a few years ago after my divorce. My hand wandered all the way down to her bikini bottoms as I began to massage her near her fine small ass. Janice said, “do my legs” so I applied some oil to my hands and ran my hand up and down her long legs. After a few minutes I decided I would go ahead and tease her a little bit. My hand ran up and down her legs and I began reaching higher and higher until the tips of my fingers were just touching her pussy and then I would stop. I then ran my hand up and down her inner thighs stopping just short of what I knew had to be her enflamed pussy.

Janice said “Karen I know what you’re doing and it’s OK, I’ve had one experience with a woman and I would like to try it again” Then she rolled over on her back showing her wonderful tits to me. I spread more oil on my hands as I massaged her stomach and fabulous breasts. My hand reached the edge of her bikini bottoms and I put my fingers on the waistband and slowly pulled off her the bottom of her swim suit. This beautiful young girl was now totally naked. My suit came off in seconds revealing my wonderful mature, but very fit, forty-three year old body with two beautiful well shaped tits to my younger lover. I began rubbing lotion all over her fine ass making made sure my finger found her pussy now and then. Janice was purring like a kitten as I began to massage her pussy. I inserted first one and then two fingers inside her gently massaging her vagina. My thumb gently touched her clitoris from time to time to stimulate her further. Her whole body got relaxed and I knew she was enjoying the experience. She offered no resistance.

As my fingers were inside her I began kissing her slowly at first and then changing to deep passionate kisses. Our tongues explored each other’s mouth as I sucked gently on her tongue drawing it into my mouth. I kissed her as only a lesbian knows how to kiss a woman. We took our time savoring each other’s neck, lips and face. We held each other closely exchanging kisses for what seemed like hours. Janice whispered softly “call me Jan”. Then she gently sucked my neck working her way down to my ample breasts. She slowly sucked each nipple like a baby. Soon Jan grew more aggressive as she began to massage my pussy. But she was not a very skilled lesbian, that would have to come later as we got to know one another. Jan lay there naked so I took this opportunity and began to kiss every inch of her body from head to toe. It was obvious to me that no one had ever patiently made love to her like this before. She just lay still as my lips and tongue touched every inch of her beautiful young body. Jan moaned softly from the gentle pleasure she was receiving from me. Only another woman knew how to make love like this and she responded accordingly. Jan said “this is wonderful, I never felt so loved like this before, and you’re beautiful”.

Soon my kisses worked their way down towards the region between my young lover’s legs. Now I consider myself a skilled cunnalinquist and soon my head went down between her legs as I kissed her inner thighs, edging closer and closer to her throbbing pussy. I put my hands under her and slowing elevated her pussy so I could make better use of my tongue to savor her. I love to eat pussy, and began by licking the very bottom of her pussy lips and slowly kissing her inner and outer labia parting them with my tongue. Soon I had her butterfly shaped pussy lips totally open and swollen as my younger lovers pussy reacted to my skilled tongue. I worked myself deep into her pussy as Jan squirmed on the cushions. Occasionally, I withdrew my tongue from inside her love canal to suck and kiss her swollen clitoris. Then it happened, Jan let out a soft moan as her hips thrust forward to meet my skillful tongue as she had her first orgasm.

Then I used my years of experience at pleasing other women by moving to the top of Jan’s pussy and sucking on her clitoris taking the whole swollen bud into my mouth. I gently licked and sucked my lover’s sensuous nub as she exploded into another deep orgasm. Jan was in the throes of ecstasy as she screamed “Ohhhh, Ohhhh my god, don’t stop!!!” as her hips writhed in pleasure as I sucked her entire pussy into my mouth. Then she fell back exhausted, her pussy swollen from what my mouth and tongue had done to her young body. She exclaimed, “my other girlfriend was so clumsy, I’ve never been made love to like this before”.

Janice lay back quietly on the cushions basking in the glow of our lovemaking. I said, I’ll be right back as I went back in the house. I got my old strap-on that I had not used in years. I came back out to the pool with it in my hand. Jan just watched as I took out my strap-on, put my legs through it and tightened the strap so the cock was snug against my pussy. The cock was only about six inches long and I figured a fit young women like Janice would only be comfortable taking that much cock. I lubed the phallus as I said to my lover “choose what position you prefer”? Jan lay on her back and spread her legs and said “fuck me like a man would”. I got on top of her beautiful body kissed her softly and mounted my young lover. I said “honey you guide it in” as Janice grabbed the cock and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. I pushed my hips slightly forward as the six inch cock slowly went into her.

I really wanted to please my young lover. I knew she was most likely used to my son who probably got on top and thought the faster and harder he fucked her a more woman enjoys it. Well he and most young men are dead wrong! Like all my previous younger lovers I slow fucked Jan like I had all of my female partners and brought her to several slow easy orgasms. Then as Jan reached the height of passion I just increased the rhythm a little more. It would be no different with my beautiful Jan.

I began by gently and slowly thrusting half of the cock into her then made several deep thrusts all the way inside her. As I did so, I pushed upward on the cock so it would massage her swollen clitoris. This went on for several minutes and Jan moaned softly as she had another light orgasm. This was followed by two more, as I thrust my hips both in an out as well as in a circular motion. Jan just lay there with her eyes closed, moaning softly as I slow-fucked her.

I wanted her to have a real dynamic vaginal orgasm so I began slowly increasing my pace as she began to thrust her hips upward to meet my cock. Soon this young eighteen year old was riding the cock as I just stood there. I have never seen a women ride a cock as fast as her lithe body went rapidly up and down. Then I saw her body tense as she let out a loud scream, followed by three more, as her whole body spasmed from what I knew was a full deep vaginal orgasm as my fingers found her highly sensitive “G” spot. I have never seen a women have such a long self-induced orgasm. Jan just would not stop; she seemed to have endless energy. When she was done I grabbed her hips and just held the cock deep inside her until her body calmed down.

Her sweat soaked body fell limp on the pile of cushions. Then I withdrew the phallus from inside her. I lay next to Jan with our bodies soaked in love juices and sweat. I had brought this young woman to the height of lesbian passion for the first time. Jan exclaimed that was wonderful, can I reciprocate? I responded I don’t think so; my son has been looking at us through the patio window for the past five minutes. He seems to be smiling, so I think you’ll be able to eat my pussy some other time.

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