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Chapter 1

It had been 4 weeks since the shopping trip with my sister in law, Noreen. We have seen each other once or twice, in the presence of our spouses. A quick hello on the telephone, here and there, when she calls for her sister, but not much more than that. There is still that awkward smile and bad acting that we both do. But deep down we both are learning to live with it. After all, it has only been a short while since our sexploit in the dressing room. Neither of us are willing to give up what we have, even for great sex, which was enhanced by the taboo situation we were both in. When we sat at the bar after our rendezvous, we agreed to be civil and get back to our everyday lives and that we owed it to our families.

So you can imagine the surprise when I got home from work and Noreen and her husband were sitting at my kitchen table. I looked at my wife to gauge her reaction and it was nothing but happiness. "So...." my wife of 18 years says, "we have some news...." and offers me her wonderful smile. "My father wants to take us all on a cruise, he is paying for it all." she beams with excitement. I look at my in-laws and they are happy as well. I greet my wife with a kiss and tell her how great that sounds and lean in to shake hands with my brother in law. We talk for a few minutes about the details and I ask when. "That’s the thing...he is able to afford it since it is on short notice, we leave in two weeks on the February break.". I inform her that it should be ok with work and we open a bottle of wine to celebrate. I pour the first two glasses for Stacy and Nor and then for Rich and myself. As we clink glasses, I glance at Noreen and see a twinkle in her eye. I offer her a goofy grin and say, "This is going to be a great time!". A few hoots and cheers and before you know it, the wine is gone, and we part company for the evening.

While getting the k**s to bed, I hear my wife's cell phone ringing and she yells from the other room for me to see who it is. I look at her phone and see its Nor and I answer it. In my sexiest voice, I say "Hello....May I help you?" and I get a chuckle out of her. "Hey Tim, just calling to ask Stacy a question about the cruise...she around?" she says. I call out to Stacy and she tells me to tell her sister that she is jumping in the shower and she will call her back before bed. Nor responds with acceptance and then asks me if I am really looking forward to the cruise. "Why wouldn’t I be? It’s a free trip, both our families will be there, should be fun, no?" I exclaim. "Yeah, true...I know, the k**s will have a great time." "And so will we." I retort. There is a pause for a few seconds and Nor says "When you say we....". I feel that pang of guilt as I hear the shower running and I stop to think about my next words. "We, meaning all of us...you...me..." a slight pause and I decide to move on "Stacy...Rich....it will be great." "yes, you are so right." she agreed. "ok, well, I better get going...have to get on the tread mill, especially if I am going to be in a bikini in front of my brother in law" and chuckles that husky little laugh she has.

The day had arrived and we all pile into the shuttle van that was taking us to the port. I helped the driver place all the bags in the storage compartment and I was the last one in. I was given a surprise when I opened the side door to climb in and saw the only seat left in the way back, next to Nor and both our boys. Our boys sat in first and then Nor, which left the empty seat of the bench on the end for me. She smiled as I sat next to her. “Everyone comfy back there?” my wife called from two bench seats up. “All set, Sta!” Nor replied. My wife gave the driver the go ahead as she began talking plans with Rich, my brother in law. We sat in silence the first ten minutes until Nor tapped my leg and asked me if I was sure I had everything I needed. “If I don’t now, I’ll just have to make do!” I replied and she laughed and made a playful gesture by tapping her hand again on my leg and let it linger there. I looked at her and she looked right back at me. I looked over at our sons and they each had their heads in their iPhone. Placing my hand on hers, I looked at her and smiled. We stayed that way for the next 15 minutes of the ride until I felt her hand sliding further into my crotch area.

Now my member has been semi-hard since we touched hands and probably the only thing keeping it at bay was the fact that my wife was only two rows up from us. I felt it twitch as I removed my hand from hers and spread my knees a little as her right hand now glided over my awoken rod. Keeping our heads forward, she slowly caressed my cock through my nylon sweat pants, causing my temperature to rise. The outline of my penis was evident and for once I was happy that the boys were distracted by their phones and my wife was unable to see below the high back van seats. Stacy kept talking away to Rich about the cruise and activities that she was planning. I will admit that I have had some fantasies about Nor and I rekindling our connection on the cruise. However, I did not think she would be interested much less start something before we even got to the ship! Taking a slight look toward Nor, I can see a slight smile across her face. Checking that the coast is clear, I take Noreen’s wrist and she looks at me with an inquisitive look as her hand stops and releases my nylon cock. With my right hand I stretch my elastic waist band and pull the front down to reveal my swollen stud. Placing her hand against my smooth surface, she grips it gently and begins to stroke me. My reaction to her cool touch on my hot rod caused me to sigh heavily, but no one seemed to take notice. Nor moves her purse she had on her lap to block any view from the unaware boys.

We were still a good 35-40 minutes from the port, and I was already enjoying this vacation. Her slow methodical rhythm put me in a trance as we did our best to remain unaffected by this dalliance. My cock began to ooze precum and she moved her fingers across the top gracefully to incorporate the liquidity into her piston style approach. I moved my left arm on the back of the seat and gently rubbed my fingers along Nor’s shoulder blades, letting her know how much I appreciated her actions. Glancing over, I see my son still on his phone and Noreen’s son, who was next to her, asleep with his head back catching flies. That all too familiar sensation of a boiling tea kettle came to mind and I realized that it would not be long before “my cup runneth over”. Keeping her eyes on the rest of the van riders with an occasional glance to my lap, Nor was not aware on what was about to happen. I gently tapped her shoulder and squeezed to get her attention and as she looked at me, I indicated with a nod and a glance to my cock that the time was about here. With a glance to her left and forward, she surprised me by slowly moving her head down towards my lap and engulfing my pulsing penis. Her warm wet mouth was all I needed, and the flow of semen hit the back of her throat as she eased her hand down my shaft to my ball sac. She dove a little deeper and collected the last few samples, slid up, off and back into an upright position. What ever dribbled out now will have to be collected by my briefs. Looking at her in amazement as my heart rate began to descend, I saw her take a generous swallow motion and quietly mouth the sound “ahhh”. She cocked her head ever so slightly in my direction and smiled. I was in awe. At that moment, my wife turned her head and looked at us both. I felt like a deer in the head lights. “Everyone comfy?” she asked, with a beaming smile. “Yep! All good back here” I exclaimed. “Great Sis!” Nor says. Stacy begins looking in a bag she has with her and asks if anyone wants something to eat and begins to list her items. “No thanks”, Nor says. “I’m full.” She looks at me and gives me a quick wink.

Chapter 2

After standing on lines to board, securing our luggage, going through security and confirming our arrangement with the staff, it was good to be in our room at last. The Caribbean music was playing everywhere and there was a feeling of excitement felt by everyone. We had several cabins between all of us and we were fortunate to all be in the same hallway. We ventured out as a group to see the ship and all it offered, exploring different decks and getting ideas on where to dine and what to do. Every once in a while, Nor would and I would exchange glances and little smiles or a laugh. The k**s were everywhere, checking out the game rooms, the pool deck and the free ice cream. They were serving lunch in the main buffet lounge and we all enjoyed our choices for lunch. The announcement came that we would be departing the pier shortly and we made our way to the top deck and leaned on the rail, facing the pier with the city backdrop. The sun shone even though it was a cool Spring day. Everyone in the family looked perfect and ready for a great time. Nor’s twin girls looked stunning in their sundresses, just like their mom. Her son and my son attached at the hip, enjoying their freedom to roam the ship but staying close. My wife and her father in tow in his sun hat and my brother in law looking ship shape in his Tommy Bahama wear. Even my daughter, with her phone at the ready, was looking forward to the trip before heading to college in the Fall. The sun was setting as we pulled out of port and the long blasts of the ships horn gave us each a chill as the vacation was officially underway.

Eventually we all made the plan to meet by one of the lounges on our deck so we can head to the restaurant as a group at 5:45 p.m. Back in the room we showered and got ready for our first evening aboard the ship. My wife looked great and we knocked on the door of the cabin of our c***dren. They were almost ready, and my daughter asked for some assistance from my wife. Stacy said for me to go ahead in case they are all there and let them know she will be up in a few minutes. I plodded down the hall to the meeting spot and upon getting there, Noreen is standing there bent at the waist, her ass facing me in a gold pencil skirt, gold heels and a black blouse. She appeared to be adjusting her shoe, knees slightly bent, her ass tight against her skirt. So badly did I want to run up and grab her waist but not knowing who was close by, I resisted. Instead I cleared my throat and said, “What a beautiful view!” which got her attention as she turned and stood up all in one motion. She smirked at me as I approached, and I indicated to the sliding doors to the outside deck. “I was saying it’s a great view outside” with a big smile, “Wanna see?” as I pointed toward the doorway. She slapped my shoulder playfully and shook her head. “Let’s have a look” she says, “ I think Rich is still out there”. So, we walked a few feet to the door and over to the railing. The moon was shining and the water flowing by as the ship moved on its course. We leaned against the railing looking out into the ocean not saying a word. I broke the silence and said, “I hope Rich didn’t fall over board” and we both had a laugh at that.

Shortly after, I felt compelled to let Nor know how much I loved our car ride to the ship and how I would be a liar if I didn’t desire to be with her again, possibly on this very cruise. She expressed a similar desire but said being so close to everyone, trapped on this ship, it may prove to be difficult. My explanation was that we should just see if the chance arises and not to force anything that may cause a problem. No one had any suspicions as they knew the four of us were tight and a very close-knit family. I began to suggest when Rich popped out of the doors with two drinks in his hand. “Hey Tim, sorry I didn’t get you one! Thought it was just Nor and I!” “No worries, Rich, there will be plenty of drinks flowing” I said. With that my wife and c***dren and Nor’s c***dren and my father in law showed up at the hallway. “I just waited for everyone and we came up together” my wife explained. “Are we ready ??”

We sat at two tables, the adults at one and the k**s at another. Many laughs, some wine and good food was had. Nor was across from me and we couldn’t stop staring at each other in between conversations. I would like to think it was not obvious. After dinner we moved into one of the theatres where a show was about to start. We were a little late, so we had to sit apart from each other. Stacy sat with the two boys and her father in one row. I sat towards the back with my daughter and one of the twin girls and Nor sat on the other side of the theatre with her husband and the other twin. The show started and acrobats and dancers filled the stage. I couldn’t see anyone as it was dark, and we were too far apart. My daughter and her cousin were enjoying the show and giggling, and I was becoming distracted and sleepy.

After about 20 minutes, I told my daughter I was going to get some air and stepped up and out of the theatre towards the doors onto the deck and I was hit with a warm tropical wind. Looking out over the dark ocean, I walked towards the front of the ship near a staircase. Going a little further, I was at a dead end where there was an empty space behind the staircase with some ropes and ship gear. At that moment my phone buzzed. It was a text from Nor asking why I was able to leave and she wasn’t. I chuckled at her jest and it gave me an idea. I told her to excuse herself and leave and directed her to my location via a series of text. I made my way back to the doors to the lobby where the theatre was and a few minutes later she appeared. She smiled that beautiful smile and I motioned for her to “step lively” as she went into a little trot. I held the door for her as she held her hair from the wind and squinted her big brown eyes. Placing my arm on her lower back, I escorted her to my little hide-a-way behind the stair case. Turning her towards me, I planted my lips on hers and our mouths opened enough to entwine our tongues together. “I have to have you right now, Nor…” I breathed in between our kisses. She moaned and I took that as an agreement. I spun her around to face the railing and she instinctively placed her hands along it. I slid her tight skirt up best I could and reached up and took hold of her thong panties, slipping them down to her knees. In the dim moonlight that was passing behind clouds, her ass glowed with seduction as I felt between her legs to her warm wet slit. Unbuckling my pants, they dropped to my shoes with some assistance and I took hold of my stiff member. Nor arched her back instinctively and pushed toward me, her legs spread, giving me easier access to her velvet underground. A matter of seconds was all it took for my cock head to become wet enough to penetrate her love and I began a slow and steady pumping motion.

Not able to resist, I pulled the tail of her blouse from her skirt and slid my hands up her front side, caressing her lacey bra, then pushing up the underwire so I could feel her soft petite mounds of flesh. The wind was cooling us down as we began to heat up, almost too noisy for any sexual banter. I felt like burning steel and as I was enjoying this sensation, I soon became aware that someone was just above us. Glancing up, I could see hands over the railing of the small area that covered the alcove that Nor and I were in. They would have had to peer over the railing and look down rather than assumingly looking straight out in order to see us connected like a sex jig saw puzzle. I motioned to Dor with my one hand above us, where she looked up and then back at me in surprise and then silent laughter and I smiled and waved it off, continuing my rhythmic dance of cock and pussy. It was not too long after that Nor slipped off my rod and turned facing me, kissed me again and went down on my cock, finishing me off. I had wanted a different ending, but I knew we needed to get back. Her skilled oral ability brought me to climax once again in less than 24 hours as she took my sperm down her throat. Leaning back against the wall of the staircase, I rested while she slipped her panties and skirt back in a presentable position. I pulled up my pants and after buckling up told her we should go in to the theatre a few minutes apart. Looking at my watch it seemed the whole thing was only 25 minutes. Nor went to the rest room nearby as I went in and slipped back into the seat next to my daughter. The girls looked at me, smiled and then back to the show, the glow of their phones illuminating their faces. The show lasted for another hour and after we all met in the lobby. We exchanged comments about the show and said the next one we will have to get there a little earlier so we can sit together. With that Nor and I exchanged a quick glance and smiled. We walked the ship a little bit, passing through the casino and a lounge where the k**s sat nicely, and the 5 adults ordered a night cap. We agreed it was the first night and we didn’t want to over do it. We again walked together down to the rooms as it was almost 1:00 a.m. and said our good nights. It wasn’t long before I was on the bed snoring to my wife’s dismay.

Chapter 3

I awoke to my wife pulling back the d****s that was covering our balcony door. I squinted as I said good morning, noticing that my wife was in her robe with a towel on her head. “You already took a shower?” I exclaimed. “Yes, I did, but you wouldn’t know anything! You passed out so quickly last night, you didn’t even try to have sex with me!” sounding disappointed. I apologized and said it was a long day, I don’t know what happened. She sat on the bed and placed her hand on my leg and told me that she understood and forgives me, but tonight, I am going to be in trouble and laughs. She gets up and began to get herself ready for the day as I looked outside at the sun shining off the sea thinking how lucky I am.

We make our way to breakfast with just our k**s. The sun was streaming in the café window and I couldn’t help but think of my time with Noreen. I snapped out of it when the waited poured water into my glass and some cold water splashed on my arm. “So sorry, so sorry” the waiter apologized. “No worries! All good!” I said and smiled at my wife. My k**s, already done, their heads in their phones, making me sorry I agreed to get the ships Wi-Fi and cellular plan to let these fiends continue to “get their fix” of technology. My wife got up to go get some fruit and my k**s asked if they could go down to the teen lounge and meet their cousins. I agreed and told them to check in with me every so often via text or come and find us. Our plan was to spend some quiet time at the upper deck, away from the pool and noise that would surely ensue. Watching my c***dren walk away, another vision came into view. A slender woman wearing a one-piece white swimsuit, strapless top with a U shape cutting notch, and a lacey cover up, unbuttoned. Under her white wide brimmed straw hat and large sunglasses, I saw a glimpse of familiar bleach blonde hair. Her pouty lips turned into a smile and she began waving in my direction. Many eyes were on her, women as well as men, as she strutted past the pool deck in her all white sandals, towards the glass café entrance where we sat just a few feet into the restaurant. She sits down just as Stacy showed up at the table with her fruit. Nor picks a piece of pineapple off her plate and pushes it past her well formed lips and explains how Rich found a great spot and he is up a deck towards the aft with their father saving us all some lounge chairs. After another few minutes she tells us she will meet us up there when we are done. She gets up and sachets her way across the area once again under the gaze of love-struck dads. Stacy commented how she loves her sister, but she is so flighty and always so concerned on how she looks and what she’s doing. I held back from commenting and just listened. I know my wife had some resentment in how her sister handles herself and takes the time to exercise and exploit her statuesque gift of a body. My wife, although sexy in her own right, was blessed with a kinder and gentler heart and had other things she deemed important in life. And constant exercise was not one of them, which I respected.

Once we finished up, we went up to where Nor had instructed us to go and took our places. Nor and Rich were on their stomachs, Noreen’s sumptuous ass there for me to ogle. Even the soles of her feet excited me as I placed my book down on the chair between Nor and my wife. Aside from me catching glances of Nor in her swimwear, I read my book and ordered frozen drinks while making conversation among the 5 of us. At one point I took a walk around the ship with her father to stretch my legs and check in on the k**s. The amount of tail aboard this ship was incredible and I had to keep everything in check, especially with her father as my guide. Before long the sun was setting over the ocean and a chill was in the air. I kept moving my deck chair in as much shade as possible and hoped I didn’t get too much sun. Tonight, the plan was for the k**s to go to one restaurant of their choosing with Grandpa and the 4 of us had a more formal dinner planned. On the way down to the rooms we stopped by the pool bar for one last one before hitting the showers and I was feeling a little buzzed. The steel drums were playing, and the happy hour crowd was out in full force. Some people dressed and heading for dinner and plenty of others still in their bathing suits. We finished our drinks and agreed to meet at the restaurant bar.

Once down in the cabin, Stacy began stripping out of her bathing suit, as she was also feeling no pain. She walked up to me with just her bottoms on and rubbed her tits against my chest, smiling, and said “You aren’t going to pass out on me again tonight, are you?” I smiled and said, “No but it looks like you might!” and we both laughed at this. “So…fuck me now!” she replied and threw herself on the bed. She didn’t have to tell me twice as she sat back on her elbows, giggling like a school girl. I knelt before her and slipped her bottoms off to reveal a nicely trimmed bush. I smiled at her as she explained she had it done just for me before the trip. Touching her gently, she moved her head back, closed her eyes and moaned and my cock went from semi to full hard on. Leaning in, I smelled the sunscreen and sweat and the distinct aroma of arousal. In no time she was wet with excitement and I lapped at her pussy lips like Jimmy Buffet on a Margarita. My hands moved under her thighs as I held her legs up slightly, her knees parting to give me room. I began to tongue fuck her, which she loves and encircle her clitoris in a counter clock wise motion. She began to shiver and shake and continued to moan in her sexy manner. I stood up and drop my swim trunks to the floor and pushed my cock slowly into her. With a gasp she opened her eyes and reached out to me, pulling me closer. With my cock now buried in her, we kissed passionately, my hands running through her hair. My hips now fucking her slowly with an occasional gyration, hitting my pubic bone against her already hardened clit. “Ohh Yes! Yes! Like that!” she exclaimed, and I began to pound a little harder. “Ohh..ohhh.ohhh…” she bleated in rhythm with my motion. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she pulled me in tighter than I thought was possible and said “Im gonna….cum….!” and she dug her nails in my back and pushed against me and moaned and squealed as she climaxed. Once she was just about done, she stopped me and I relaxed on her, kissing her neck and moving down to her tits. Rolling off her, we both laid there “jonesing” for a nap. Almost falling asleep, I pushed her as her tits swayed and told her she better get up and in the shower or we will be very late. She begrudgingly did as she was told and I drifted off for about 15 minutes to the sound of running water.

Chapter 4

All showered and dressed to the nines, the two of us took the elevator to the Palo, an upscale, adult only restaurant. She straightened my tie and kissed me on the cheek as I readjusted my blue sport coat. Stacy was beautiful in her black dress, just above her knee with a nice cut on the cleavage. Her D breasts looked amazing in the dress. When I married her, she was a B at breast, I mean best, and with the c***dren and weight gain, as she says, they blossomed into fun bags. At the entrance, we gave our names to the sexy hostess who then pointed us toward the bar to wait for Rich and Noreen. The bartender brought her a white wine spritzer and a Vodka tonic for me. No sooner did I write my cabin number did I notice the bartender look right past me with his eyes wide opened. In walked Noreen from the bank of elevators, the back light from the lobby contrasting against the darker ambiance of the restaurant.

Walking through the glass door being held by her husband, Nor had everyone’s attention. She wore that “flirty little red number” that we purchased during our shopping spree along with the pair of red Giovanti Rossi patent leather pumps we had also bought. Her hair was done up with some twirls of blonde coming down off the top accenting her exposed neck line. He eyes were sparkling as she strode toward us, her smile wide. She dipped her head slightly and her smile became a smirk as if to say, “I bet you never thought you would see THIS dress again!”. My memory of that day came flooding back to me and I felt that old familiar pang of arousal and guilt in one quick shot. Luckily the sex drive won over and I stood up to greet them. Nor first kissed her sister hello on the cheek and then she moved to me while Rich kissed Stacy hello. “You are stunning as always.” I whispered in her ear. A smile and nod were all I got and all I wanted. “Wow, Nor!.....” my wife exclaimed, “where did you get THAT!” indicating her approval on her dress. “I saw it on line and I just had to get it, it was a steal!”. Rich and I shook hands hello and he said to me “When I saw her in it in the cabin, I asked her who she screwed to get that expensive little number!” and gave out a big chuckle. She winked at me when no one noticed and after a few more comments and reviews from my wife, our host came over and escorted us to the table.

The service was excellent as was the food and the four of us had a great time and a lot of laughs. The evening did feel enchanting as vacations often do when you have less concerns or cares. There was a 4-piece jazz band and we even danced a little with our wives. I would steal glances whenever I had a chance, admiring Nor’s long shapely legs, her bare shoulders. By dessert we were giddy with our drinks and were planning our next move to continue our fun. My wife checked in on the k**s and father via text and they had grandpa at the 6-hole mini golf at this point. We decided to pass the casino since we did not have any c***dren with us. After thanking our waiter and signing dinner to the room, we walked towards the casino deck. It was a severe change from a dimly lit romantic room to a bright and noisy arcade style area full of gamblers, bells and clanking coins. The girls stopped right away at the 25 cent slots and I gave my wife a $ 20.00 bill. Rich and I walked towards the black jack and waited till some seats opened. After about a half hour the girls came up behind us, as we had been seated for some time now. They offered to get us a drink and we told them we will meet them by the bar. It wasn’t too long that I got up, as I am not much of a gambler and I watched Rich lose his last pile of chips in the next ten minutes.

As we walked slowly to the bar, admiring the other games and happenings, we talked about being out of the everyday life style. I said how guilty I felt not being at work and chuckled as he commented that I work too much anyways. We were in view of the girls seated at the bar and we slowed our roll and held back a bit, almost instinctively. I motioned to Rich and he took note of what I saw. Two young men were standing on either side of the girls, the women facing each other on their respective bar stools, legs crossed. The one had his hand on the back of Nor’s chair in a casual way and each had a drink in his hand. They looked to be about 40 and no sign of any women with them. Staying put we watched as the dynamic continued, our wives looking as relaxed and comfortable as ever. Rich laughed and commented how they must be eating this up and added how nice Stacy looked tonight. I thanked him and said I have nothing to do with it and we both softly laughed. He felt compelled to say that he was serious, she always good looking but it seems like she is easy going more than usual and that dress looks great on her. I look at him sideways and said “Oh yeah?” and smirked. He again chuckled and said, “well you know, she’s not her usual uptight self!” and at this we both laughed and agreed the alcohol was at play. After about ten minutes, we decided we had enough and that the boys play time was up. We sauntered up to the bar and looking the men in their faces, smiled and stuck out our hands in a friendly gesture. “I’ll have what she’s having…” I said with a smile and my poor sense of humor. A confused look came upon the gentlemen’s face. After a quick moment of realization, I believe he knew who I was. We exchanged a laugh and introduction and after a few seconds of small talk, they said their good byes to the ladies and thanked them for their time and left. We all had a laugh and each of us teased the other about bravado, jealousy and desire.

We joined them for a drink and not long after, the women said they would like to take a walk on the mid deck and get some air. We carried our drinks as we walked up the stairs and around the deck that encircled the ship. The weather was still quite warm, but the ocean breeze was blowing. We passed the shuffle board and the teak deck chairs that were empty and it reminded me of a by gone era. We walked and talked about tomorrow’s excursion off the ship to the cruise lines private island and the fun filled activities we could partake in. After one circle around we ended back at the deck chairs where we all agreed to have a seat. The lighting was dim on this side of the ship and you can see far out in the dark ocean twinkling lights of some unknown port. Our ship was just simply cruising at several knots to give us time at sea and pull into port early the next morning. My glass was empty, and Rich and I agreed to go back to the bar we passed during our walk while the ladies waited here for us. We were feeling above board and considered taking a risk and ordered a few whiskeys. Knowing they may not be too pleased I ordered two light beers in case of any backlash. Carrying the beer bottles in our pants pockets and the glasses of whiskey in front, we made it back without spilling a drop. As we assumed the girls barked as they tasted the whiskey and made faces and comments of drinking gasoline. We all laughed but Rich and I took note that even with the complaints, they were sipping on the drink. I placed the beer quietly on the deck as I sat down and enjoyed the view of the girl’s legs stretched out on the deck chairs. My wife and Nor kicked off their shoes and Stacy was the first to tell me to massage her feet. I got up and sat at the end of her chair and placed them in my lap. Eventually Nor told Rich he should be doing the same. Things got quieter as Rich and I spoke to each other and the girls began to nod off during their massage. Stacy’s dress had ridden up some and you could see a hint of her black panties. Feeling emboldened by the alcohol, I got Rich’s attention and nodded towards my wife’s slightly parted legs. Rich, tilting his head saw the same view and made a face as if to say, “not bad” and smiled at me. After another minute, Rich returned the favor by moving Nor’s leg apart allowing me a similar view. Seeing her white lacey panties was never the less exciting even though I’ve been there before since it was Rich who was allowing me to do so. I didn’t want to seem over anxious and dropped my gaze after a few seconds. Figuring I would up the ante, I ran my right hand up Stacy’s leg, over her exposed thigh and to her crotch and then slowly retreated. Rich and I were now silently giggling like school boys on a first date. Not to be outdone, Rich did the same. In the process, Nor awoke and made a face that seemed to say “stop” and then she turned her head and fell back asleep. He pushed up again, this time moving her skirt up in the process, exposing her full V for my pleasure. Several minutes went by and we had each of the ladies dresses up close to their hips. We seemed to be in a dark corner and my eyes strained as I looked down the deck to see that no one was around. I moved her feet to the chair slowly and got up and motioned for Rich to join me. We moved by the railing and I spoke about an idea I had. I knew it was risky, but with Rich’s comments earlier and my alcohol induced stupidity, it seemed anything was game. Telling him my plan almost started and ended by saying “follow my lead”.

I went over to my sleeping wife and took off my sport jacket and placed it over her upper body and some of her face. Rich then walked up behind me and did the same to Nor. Kneeling towards the end of the chair, I folded the end legs under the chair allowing the end to collapse. Reaching up to exposed panties, I pull the material aside, showing her nicely trimmed pussy lips. Looking over at Rich, he just began to move Nor’s chair into position. Then, with the skill of a brain surgeon, he negotiated Nor’s panties to reveal a shaved tight velvety pink pussy. After seeing that my cock has become engorged and I moved in and took a small taste of my wife. She didn’t move. I went in again, this time moving my tongue around her lips, hitting the clit. She stirred and her hand moved towards my head. She grunted something and I said “shhhh, its ok….”. I took and held her hand and went back to work. She squirmed a little but allowed me to continue. At the sight of this, Rich was rubbing the front of his pants and then did the same to his wife. She also moaned and then opened her eyes some. Only I could see her based on where I was sitting down and to her left. Rich was licking in a up and down motion like a k** with an ice cream cone. I knew that it was that sweet as well and I longed for a lick. Both ladies appeared to be semi-conscious and enjoying the pleasure that was happening between their legs. After a minute or two I stopped to take a breather and I glanced in Rich’s direction. He then stopped and looked at me and winked. Another flash of brilliance came to me or it may have been my initial plan all along. I indicated to Rich to come and try some of Stacy’s delight by nodding my head and backing up, then pointing it out. He looked at me as if to say “Bro, you serious?” as he was already in motion. I gave him room and let him in. Apprehensive at first, he looked at me and then back to her waiting wetness. I slyly moved into position to where he was but back a few paces. He slowly moved in and slid his tongue in and around her glistening box.
Not wanting to be assuming, I held back but moved slowly closer to Noreen, feigning interest in what he was doing. But I knew where the prize lied. After a few seconds, he nodded me his approval and I made like I was appreciative and dove into Nor’s cream puff. About a minute in, I felt a hand reach over and touch my head. I jumped at first but then I realized it was Nor’s hand and I continued to eat her out. She started to shake and quiver and I heard noises coming from Stacy as well. The two of us were going to town like a couple of Mercury 4 stroke engines. The sound of the surf against the ship, the wind and the drone of the ship’s engines masked any disturbances. The honey that was dripping from Nor was nothing less than spectacular and tasted substantially different that my wife. After some time, I thought that we had pushed our luck in so many ways and I reluctantly pulled away from her warmth. Placing her panty back in place and fixing her dress, I back off and stood up. Rich was still working his magic and after a little, he turned up at me and smiled and I said to him softly “Be my guest!”. He took another few licks, rubbed her clit and slid his finger into her hole and then reset the table. Rich stood up next to me and with a grin he said, “Should we get them a pillow or take them back to the room?”.

Chapter 5

The next morning my wife woke up groggy but smiling. She kissed me and told me how she enjoyed last night. Not exactly sure what she remembered, I asked to her to tell me what she knew. “Well…” she said, “the last thing I recall with any clarity was Noreen and I chatting while sitting on the deck chairs and you and Rich coming back with those whiskey drinks!”, she exclaimed. She made a face at this and then continued. “After drinking that and all my previous drinking, I guess I got sleepy and I don’t remember much, except you going down on me right on that chair!” she said with an excitement in her voice. She then wanted to know where Rich and Noreen went, obviously not remembering that they were there the whole time. I told her that Noreen fell asleep as well and Rich woke her and took her back to their cabin. She smiled and climbed on top of me and told me how much she enjoyed being eaten out in the open air. I told her how I enjoyed it too, and we snuggled for a little while before she jumped up and into the shower. Today we had to get going as we were in port this morning for their private island. After our showers and coordination with the k**s and other adults, we met at the departure deck and when everyone was ready, we disembarked. There was a shuttle provided to the other side of this small island where they had all sorts of activities for young and old. There were water type jungle gyms, snorkeling, beach volley ball, shuffle board and horse shoes. There was bicycles to rent, jet skis and parasailing vendors nearby as well. We selected some lounge chairs under the shade of the palm trees, which had an attached hammock and we unpacked our stuff. I settled down with a book and my wife climbed into the hammock. We all laughed as she groaned and made like she was going to pass out. Still feeling the effects of drinking too much last night, she called to Noreen. “How come you aren’t as bad as I am?”. Noreen retorted that she was feeling lousy herself but sweated it out on the treadmill this morning before leaving the ship. We all knew that Nor was a better drinker that Stacy and it was evident this morning. After some swearing about not drinking that much again, we ordered some frozen Pina coladas and settled in. Rich was relaxing next to Nor and the k**s were all in the water, Grandpa by our side in a lounge chair with his book. After about an hour, the k**s came back and begged Grandpa to go on the bicycle scenic path with them, to which he obliged. Nor yelled to her twin girls to put some cover ups on and maybe shorts if they were riding bikes. The twins, who had hit puberty this year, were developing nicely and at the age where showing skin was getting to be a concern to us as parents. Their shapely athletic bodies were not too far unlike Noreen’s except they were already bigger than her in the breast department. After reluctantly doing what their mother said, they got together and headed towards the rental center. Nor implored Rich to consider going with them for her father’s sake and he begrudgingly complied. “You are going to leave me alone with these two?” I said to Rich as he grabbed a t shirt and his wallet and walked off with a half-hearted smile. I laughed and went back to my book. It wasn’t long before a few island natives came to us trying to sell the rental of their jet skis. They were all over Nor, for obvious reasons. She looked great in her navy-blue bikini and striking blonde hair. Seeing that they weren’t going away too easy, I felt obliged to stand up and see what was going on. As I walked over Nor said to me “so what do you think? Do you guys want to try them?”. “We have tree for you mon, no problem. You have very fun time together, yes?” the salesman says. I looked at Nor and told her I was game if she was. We called over to my wife who simply waved us off and turned on her side. “Just go, ill stay here…” she moaned.

Down by the shore, the gentlemen showed us the basics of operating the crafts and explained to us where we could go and where we shouldn’t go. They even provided a small water proof cartoon style map of the island highlighting spots to visit that were within limits. Nor was a watersports type of person where I enjoyed reading my book and being stagnant. So, you could easily see her excitement. Before long we started up and were on our way, ridding around the lagoon area to get used to it. I pulled up to Nor and we sat for a moment looking at our maps. We agreed to try the water trail that hugged the shore and seemed to go near what appeared to be a coral reef/ mountain where it had pictures of snorkelers. Nor took off and I followed her with the shore to our left, about 150 yards out into the water. The beach curved further left and soon we were out of view of the beachfront where we had settled, the massive ship still in view by the pier. Nor was close to top speed and I laughed to myself as I tried to keep up. Watching her blue bikini bottom bounce off the seat upon hitting the waves was nothing short of delightful. After about ten minutes we saw a beach with a rising hill and coral reef, and I assumed that was the spot on the map. We slowed down as we approached these unfamiliar waters and soon, we were side by side once again. My body was still vibrating from the ride and it was good to coast toward the beach area. As we approached at a slow speed, you can easily notice the colorful inhabitants beneath us in the clear cool water. “Oh my God, do you see all those fish?” Nor exclaimed. “Yeah I sure do!” I said as we putted around. At the guides recommendation, we had stowed towels and snorkels in our drydock compartment. I hopped off and walked my ski up to the beach and then assisted Noreen with hers. I held out my hand as Nor took it and jumped off into the several inches of water, her small pert breasts giving a one time bounce. She smiled, turned and bent over her ski to get her belongings. How I wanted to take her right there, over the jet ski, but I remained calm for the moment. We set up our things on the beach and laid out our towels next to each other and agreed to try snorkeling. Staying between the shore and about 50 ft. out, we enjoyed seeing all the tropical fish and coral reef life. Neither of us swam too far and it was watching beauty in motion, the water amplifying Nor’s muscled toned body, the sun rays tapping her skin through the water. Many times, I found myself looking at Noreen’s fine bottom and between her legs instead of the “other” natural beauty that surrounded us.

After about 20-30 minutes of swimming about, we headed back to our towels on the beach. Sitting back, taking in the scenery, we noticed how secluded we were, the high wall reefs blocking this small horse shoe section of beach from view. For a minute we were silent, soaking it all in. We both spoke at the same time and laughed, feeling like c***dren again. “Go ahead, Nor” I said to her. “I was just going to say” she cooed, “How much fun I am having on this trip.” She looked at me, softly squinting from the sun, her tanned body glowing, a smile upon her face. I couldn’t help but return the smile as I laid back and, on my side, my elbow digging into the sand. “I couldn’t have planned it any better.” I retorted. We stared at each other for a moment before we leaned in and planted a soft but lingering kiss between us. Pulling back only inches our eyes scanned each other’s face. Placing my hand to her face, I pushed a wet lock of hair from her cheek towards her ear and then pulled her head to mine and plunged my tongue into her mouth. She shifted her weight from her side and leaned into me, forcing me backwards. Her left leg, wet and smooth, collided with mine in an attempt to get next to me. Her thigh rubbed against my groin as I embraced her, her body slowly moving on top of me. My hands roamed down her back to her waist while we kissed more passionately than we have ever before. A pit rolled from the bottom of my stomach, seeming to release all that I have held back, knowing full well that this was not a quickie under false pretenses. We had this time to ourselves, this beach to ourselves and we were in no rush. My fingers probed her low-rise bikini bottoms until contacting the elastic waistband. Slipping my hand inside her skin was magic against my palm as I gently squeezed her cheek. Her hand reached down between our bodies to outline my swollen rod in my swimsuit. Her hand cupped against me rubbing back and forth while we locked our lips together. I spread my legs as she kneeled between them, now using both my hands to pull her bottoms off to her knees. She smiled and stood up before me, finishing the job. Then with dexterity of a surgeon she reached behind her back and removed her top and giggled. Leaning back on my elbows, I smiled as the sun shone on my goddess of lust, her hair already drying from the heat, blowing with a soft breeze. She stood there, her hands now on her hips, her pussy smooth and beautiful with her outer lips neatly enveloping the labia minora, she appeared to me as a sculpture or work of art. Slipping off my trunks, I tossed them onto her towel since we were now occupying mine at the moment.

She fell to her knees and with her nipples pointing the way engulfed my rigid member. I tossed my head back, the pleasure giving me chills as her fingers probed my prominent ball sac, her fingernails sending shocks up my spine. One finger of hers was teasing my manhole while her lips glided effortlessly up and down my shaft. Basking in the sun and glory, I could not believe my good fortune. Her saliva from her oral fixation slid down across my balls and to her digit which was attempting a violation of the first order. Now lubed, she seemed to playfully wriggle herself until at least two parts of her finger were up my constricted bum. I will admit only to enjoying it as anyone in this position might and took note to exploring that in the future. After some poking and prodding, I reached down under Noreen’s armpits and lifted her on top of me, her g****fruit sized breast against my chest. With one motion, I rolled her onto her back, keeping most of my weight off her, I kissed her neck. Nor whispered in my ear “I loved how you licked me last night….” Which made me stop and look into her big brown eyes. She saw my surprise and continued, “I was awake when Rich was going down on me and saw you with Stacy, but I kept my eyes slightly closed. Stacy can’t handle her booze!” and she laughed and shook her tight smooth belly. “Wow” I said. “I had no idea”. “I was so hot when I saw you get up and kneel down in front of me, it took all my strength to not lift my head and look at you between my legs!” she cried. “Well, you can watch me now if you like” and I moved down from her neck to her right tit, encircling it like an ice cream cone. Down her belly, her peach fuzz brushed my lips, her lotion filling my nostrils. Teasing her salt water clit, I tasted peaches like no other tropical smoothie. Diving in, I lapped her lips, fucking her with my tongue, her hips rising and falling to meet my aggressive behavior. My hands behind her thighs, I ate her pussy like fresh mango in the morning, the nectar sweeter than anything I ever tasted. I would swear that the environment had a perverse affect on how she tasted, and I couldn’t wait to bury my plantain in her waiting lava pit. Her body shook with an intense orgasm with my tongue still buried inside her.

With her back arched and her head tossing from side to side, only the ocean could match the beautiful sounds that flowed from her mouth. Sliding down to her hot wet asshole, I parted her ass cheeks and the musky taste still maintained a hint of sweetness. She cooed with delight as I invaded her personal pink space, the starfish that I gazed upon was the catch of the day. It was now my turn to poke and prod, and I had something a little bigger than a finger. As I tapped her leg and stood on my knees, my cock pointing at a 45-degree angle, Nor instinctively knew that I wanted her on her knees. He golden body on display for me, her fine ass in my face as I reach down and pushed a load of my saliva into her hot waiting hole, using my finger to stretch her out the slightest bit. To my surprise I heard Nor say “Oh yes, fuck my ass Tim, fuck it now….” And my cock became steel at that very moment. Rubbing some remaining spit on my penis, I pushed my spongy head to her sphincter and gave a slight push and felt her ass take it in. Slowly, I moved in, inch by inch with Nor looking up at the sky, mouth open screaming “Yes…Yes ohh hhhuuuuh yessss!” which made me only harder. Practically full tilt I pumped her ass canal while holding onto her sexy hips, her bucking against me. If it were not for the intense heat, I would have come already. Sweat ran down my back as the sensation grew closer and closer to being unbearable. Her ass smacking against my hips was driving me insane as the extra depth that my cock plunged was incredible. Her cries of pleasure and pain caused my cock to give way to a flood of semen, filling her ass with my breeding material, lubricating my last final thrusts as I feel in a heap on top of her silky body sheening with her own sweat. Laying on our sides but still connected, I rhythmically pushed my few final strands of cum deep inside her before I slowly withdrew, a gasp escaping from Noreen like I never heard before. We lay there breathing heavy for a few minutes and I caressed her breasts with my right hand, all while spooning in broad daylight.

Once we had regained our senses, I tugged Noreen’s hand and said “Come on…” pulling her up and into the water. We walked into the water, standing in the shallows, water just over our waist, we turned to each other and embraced. Our kiss lasted until I felt my cock, much like the south, trying to rise again. We separated and I held her hands as we squatted down in the water. Cupping my hands, I splashed water on Noreen’s shoulders and chest and then playfully in her face. She made a face of surprise and then splashed me back, jumping up and pushing down on my shoulders as if to drown me. She has strength and so much endurance from her running and I was lucky she wasn’t serious. We grabbed ass a little and played in the water and refreshed and cleansed ourselves. Spinning around each other, we spoke of what could have been and what would have been. The sun was still high in the sky, but we knew this couldn’t last forever. Ignoring our nakedness, we strolled hand in hand down the beach, her sexy body shimmering in the sun from the ocean water. We were quiet and admired the beauty and each other, smiling at each other with pure love. It didn’t take long to reach the other side where a rocky incline met the shore and a heavily grass covered area. We had no desire to lead our nude bodies into there and turned around. Once we were back at the towels, we began kissing again and caressing as if we were not going to see each other again. I had no choice to confess my love for her and told her I would always love her. But I would never cause any harm to her family. We fell to the sand and began pawing at our most sensitive of areas. She softly stroked my cock as I fingered her soft folds and our arousal became evident once more. She pushed me on my back and said, “Let me ride you home, cowboy.” and slowly inserted my cock into her red velvet so hot and wet. Sliding down, she rested her hands on my chest, pushing down as if she intended to reach into my chest, grab my heart and steal it. I think u*********sly, she did that very thing as she gripped my love muscle with hers and we became one again. “Cum in me Tim, I want you to…I really need you to” she said as a sea bird flew overhead and gave out a sharp cry. I gyrated my hips in efforts to stimulate her clit and she bucked and grinded into me. We slowly danced and looked into each other’s eyes, her lips so full and pouty, her lashes with sand on them. The wind picked up and cooled us down as we humped and poured ourselves into a swirl of emotions right there on the beach. When I was about to cum, she knew it and nodded her head and whispered “please…please.” and closed her eyes while the flood gate opened and poured my lava into her crater of love. She took a deep breath and shook uncontrollably as my semen oozed from her love and she came down slowly from her own orgasm for the second time today. She collapsed on me and we held each other tightly. A tear came to her eye and I wiped it away. With only one more day left on our cruise, I was already beginning to plan the next family vacation.

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