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I love to show men a woman can write about sex in a manner befitting our sexual ideals and dreams and masturbation fantasies. I try to show men that women truly are the real sexual a****ls during copulation and in fact any sex act, we are the ones who make your cocks shoot for us, even the vile acidic tasting chlorine smelling gump, you call cum, is eagerly devoured by us, during blow-jobs or after pulling out from an anal encounter, how many men would do that for us?
This is a story all made up in my pretty little female mind, of things that turn me on, segments of things I wank myself off too, i****t, buggery, ****, BDSM all the stuff guys can only imagine, I let happen, and I do it because I crave it and let it happen in my real everyday life.
If a man can see between my thighs, it means I want him too and I am really to be mounted and fucked, but I do it in such a fashion, he takes the credit for seducing me, I was just the helpless little tight pussy waiting for him to abuse me.
Well, I think you get the gist of what I am on about, so I hope you enjoy the pleasures of a female mind, and visit Paddy's bar and buy me a drink or two, standing behind me with your cock inside me, saying thank you Frida for such a good story and such a warm pussy to fuck.

In the beginning, this is where it all starts ;

They were always very close. He was her first and I her second, but I was a girl, in her image, so there was something going on there, and I remembered our father, before he left, shouting at her about being jealous of her own fucking daughter.

She took to drinking wine after the divorce and as my brother was in his mid-teens, she seemed fawn over him and insist he sat with her, that's when I saw the beginning of her overtly sexual contact, sometimes she ordered me to bed, and then switched to a porn channel and make my brother watch with her.

There was one day when I was around twelve, I knew she was in the shower and my brother needed to use the bathroom, she opened the door completely nude and pulled him inside. I waited my turn patiently, for nearly twenty minutes and even though the water in the shower was running, I knew the sounds coming from behind the door, were full on sexual, it was as if I was hearing the porn movie she had put on once I went to bed, our Mother was fucking her son, I was totally convinced about it.

My thirteenth came and went, and I began menstruating, and like my mother, saw my brother as male fodder, when they were together, I found myself touching myself and wanting to be with him. He was sleeping in her bed and both of them made me swear never to mention it to friends or relatives and as I perverted reward, she stopped ordering me to bed, whenever she was in the mood and I sat and watched as my brother fondled her breasts and groin during the movie and she did things with his dick, even swallowing his cum, as if eating the evidence or their illicit union.

One weekend I had been away at a friends and decided to come back home to find them both engaged in full intercourse on the carpet in the living room.

Mother was really angry at my turning up, but then strangely turned sweet, and demanded I let me brother see me naked, now my puberty had changed my body closely to resembling mother.

'You're not shy are', she challenged me, 'we both know you have a dildo and masturbate, we hear you', she continued, until I succumbed and stood naked before my brothers eyes.

He was pleased also, and I could see my nakedness was having an effect on him, mother saw it too, but was not angry, she saw the opportunity to rope me into their i****tuous affair, 'Don't you want to know what your brother's dick feels like in your pussy', she cajoled me?

It was not as if I was a tight little virgin cunt being opened up like a can of beans. Mother held my legs by my ankles, wide open as I lay on my back, and my brother readied himself, with a wild glaze in his eyes, as he held his manhood against my pussy and wiped it along my opening, her expletives and foul language excited him further, and within minutes it was gone, my innocence as I felt my siblings cock move behind, what seemed my belly button, mother knew how to deep penetrate me and talked about my arse-hole as another pleasure for my brother to use as well as her own holes.

I experienced two orgasms in those intimate and shamming erotic fucks, mother celebrated my loss of virginity within the family bonding, we drank champagne as we all sat naked on the blood stained carpet, it was the start of our family ties, and my brother now s*******n became a demanding bull, taking either of us whenever he was in the mood, the way sex should be, said mother to me, 'You meet a man who wants a fuck', she slurred one night, 'go for it girl, it's the best way for you', and she finished her observation by wagging her finger at me, I was f******n and starting to seek men for my own pleasuring, I was going off my brothers incessant demands and wanting to experience my own sexual fantasies and different cocks and techniques, my sexual experience demanded more, especially now i****t just meant a good fuck, now I was on the pill and used backup condoms, I wanted to broaden the gene pool out there, but there was a problem.

My brother was off to University and mother was distraught, but she knew she had to let him go and in the end she did and he went, but that was soon forgotten as she now changed her behaviour towards me, now sixteen and a bit of a l****a, mother in her early forties still wore her twenties clothes, she was blessed with a great body and a very open sexual appetite that encompassed anything with a cock, 'I throw you out there as p**o bait, and reel them pervs in, for us to enjoy', she would say, demanding my not to wear underwear under my short skirt and in heels, that was how we picked men up for sex, they had to be worse than we were, that was how she got off, her own c***dhood was riven with sexual experiences from her own c***dhood, tied up, stripped naked, whipped and ****d by nieghbours, while her own father wanked off over her copulating body, or blown by neighbours daughters who joined in on the sex watching their daddies fuck my tied-up mother.

Joey was a besotted boy who lived a few doors away from my grandparents. He was considered a bit touched in the head, caught exposing himself to the girls on the way to school or jacking off in the school bus while the girls, who always sat in the back of the bus, threw catty remarks at him, watching his shoulders give away his wanking and giggling, you had to be fucking desperate to want to be with him, he was a real social outcast, a leper and the girls were really cruel to him, timing their movement to coincide with his wanking, by getting up to get off at their stop and stopping by his seat, and lifting their skirts to flash him and see if they could made him cum, mother was always last off the bus, and by the time it was her turn, he was ready to fire off.

She would remove her panties, stop by his seat and bend over sufficiently to give him a view to make him pop, sometimes hitting the backs of her thighs, she had him in the palm of her hands, and he followed her like a puppy dog, but he never got anything, until gramps found out what she had been doing.

Mother was down in the basement, she had been stripped and beaten by granddads leather belt and tied against the railings that ran the length of the stairs down into the cellar. Her hands were over her head so she was open to any abuse, and her daddy decided to call Joey over and find out his part in mother's perversion.

Joey arrived and was given a beer and confessed his love for mother, 'Does she reciprocate that love Joey', and he shook his head in the no, 'would you like to experience her loving', he asked her, knowing her state in the cellar, getting excited at the thought of letting this retard at his daughters naked body, 'Yes sir', he replied, 'I want her to have my babies', he innocently expressed his desires for my mother.

Granddad took Joey down into the cellar, and stood and watched as Joey flipped and mother screamed at being helpless in front of the worst guy in school, 'Go on Joey', encouraged granddad, 'take you cock out and let her see it before fucking her for a baby', as mothers ashen face went whiter, and her knees buckled as Joey for the first time ever touched her wet cunt, and granddad pulled up a chair to watch the making of his grandc***d, my brother.

Joey humped my mother all tied up, not once but continually for all that week and more. Mother was kept off school until she was pregnant, by then she was cut down and willing to let Joey have his pleasure and dream of making babies with her, something Grandfather enjoyed watching their acts of union.

This is how such women are made and formed, women like myself being shunted through life to pleasure men for fun or money. Joey's dream of having mother happened because of Granddad's kinky pleasure of using his daughter to create the i****tuous brother and mother that pulled me into the mix, tasting the ultimate in orgasms that the plain old vanilla sex can never hope to achieve, no, like any addiction, we seek bigger and better and more dangerous opportunities to pleasure ourselves, you see it throughout the internet, where women go wild with lust and do unspeakable things on the spur of the moment, I am sure some of you men have witnessed women with large groups of men doing their bidding sexually.

On a cruise to Finland I was with a school party and managed to extradite myself from the teachers and wandered down an alleyway to pass a cabin full of older men drinking and singing. I hesitated long enough to be hauled into the room with seven men, all worse for wear with booze, stripped naked and placed face down on the bunk and repeatedly used for sex, in both my holes, over the period of five to six hours, resting and drinking with them, all the time remaining naked and doing their bidding with sexual acts that shocked some of them.

My Granddad would have been proud of me.

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