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20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter 7 I sat up shakily with Frank's help. I swear to God my pussy had never been frigged so well by anyone. Frank handed me another cold beer and we shared it. Looking around behind my dark sunglasses I saw many around us grinning in our direction. Guess they had no doubt what had just happened. One guy lifted his bottle in salute to us. One woman looked jealous.
'You are feeling good,' Frank asked. I told him I was feeling really good. Wheh... I've never had a guy frig my pussy so well. Just thinking of his touch made a muscle clench and release in my gut. Well, I thought, Having a public orgasm in front of strangers was something I could check off my sexual bucket list. I didn't need to ask Frank if he was feeling good. The hard cock between his legs and the dried crust of pre-cum on my thigh answered that question. Touching was Ok on the 'public' part of our beach so I reached over and wrapped my fist around his cock and milked the length from the base to his tip and watched the drop of pre-cum on the tip grow a little larger. Taking it on my fingertip I brought it to my mouth and licked it off. Frank said he wished they weren't leaving tonight so we could have many days of going behind the dunes.
Jesus, if Frank's skill with his cock was anything like his skill with his fingers... I looked to see if his wife was coming back. I really needed to visit the dunes! My back had been to the sea all this time so I was surprised to hear Jason calling out to me. He came running up lugging his umbrella and backpack, but before he could step onto the blanket I told him to stop. I told Jason that beach etiquette required him to ask permission before joining anyone on a blanket.
Jason looked at Frank and by hand signals Frank invited Jason to join us. Jason did so with another beach etiquette that was good on any beach. Sitting on the edge of the blanket and wiping the sand from his feet into the sand beside him and not the blanket. Turning back to us I had a beer waiting to hand him as his eyes widened slightly as he noticed my lack of bikini bottom.
'Yea, no bottoms any more. And when Frank's wife comes back I'm going with Frank behind the dunes,' I told him. May as well prepare the guy, I thought, and began explaining the beach etiquette here. I watched his face carefully as I explained what 'going behind the dunes' meant. He stilled for a heart beat and then grinned. 'Well, after what I've been doing on the other beach...' He didn't explain further and I didn't ask.
Jason began shedding clothes now that he was in the shade and he hadn't been quite as careful as me. His shoulders were pink and I passed him the suntan lotion. I told him he was an idiot but Jason was in such a good mood he didn't care. Jason's cock wasn't quite at full hard-on but it was close and Frank's eyes went large when he noticed what my 'boyfriend' was packing. Jason didn't notice since he was busy rummaging eats from the cooler. I was suddenly reminded how long it had been since those breakfast rolls this morning and my stomach rumbled so loudly both Jason and Frank laughed at me.
Jason knew what to bring to a beach and soon all three of us were chewing through peanut butter sandwiches. Peanut butter doesn't go bad in heat and it's loaded with protein.
' So I can really just go to any woman on the beach and start talking and if she invites me on her blanket I can ask if she want to go to the dunes?'
'That's the way it works. Or if you are alone, sitting up means you are open for invitations and a woman might ask to sit on your blanket. Seen that happen, too,' I told him. 'Oh, kissing is allowed and you can touch anything the woman allows but anything else goes on behind the dunes.' We'd been talking to fast for Frank to follow so I used my dictionary and pointed to the spanish word for 'beach' and waited as he nodded and then pointed to the spanish word for 'etiquette'. That one he had to look up but as soon as he had he nodded with a universal 'thumbs up'.
Just then Frank's wife came back to our towel looking satisfied. She seemed very glad to see Jason. Her eyes went wide, too, when she saw his hard-on. Frank and Katje talked and then he passed her his dictionary and, grabbing a large beach towel, stood up. It seemed another beach etiquette required the guy to bring the towel or blanket. Grinning, I passed Jason my half finished beer and whispered that etiquette tidbit to Jason.
Frank helped me stand and led me down the beach away from where I knew the footpath was that led off the beach. As we went down the beach we also went up a slope towards the steep hill behind the beach The sand sloped up only a little and the crest was only maybe five feet above the beach and then it sloped sharply down maybe six feet. At the top I looked around and was surprised we'd come so far from the people on the 'public beach'. No wonder I hadn't heard cries of orgasm. I'd just thought people were being quiet. LOL
The area behind the dunes was narrow and was right up against the steep hill and extended only half the distance of the small beach. From the top of the dune I could see five couples in various sex acts but there was still plenty of room where we wouldn't intrude upon their fun.
Once at the bottom we went to a spot where we weren't right beside another couple. Spreading out the large towel, Frank stopped and then mimed opening something and rolling on a condom over his cock. He grinned when I shook my head, No. This was kind of fun as he next made a circle of his thumb and finger and used another finger to mime pushing his finger through the hole. I shook my head no and pointed to him and then the towel and then my mouth.
He understood that and grinned again as he laid down on his back. I sank down in a good position to take him in my mouth. He had a nice cock but I had no trouble taking all of him between my lips. I'd certainly had enough practice trying to deep throat all of Jason's cock. Once my lips were pressed against his pubis, I stopped and began moving my tongue around his shaft.
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter 7 2
I let him fall from my mouth to reposition myself. Kneeling beside Frank and twisting my hair into a rope so I could hold it out of my way, I lowered my head and licked my way up his length. Using one hand to keep my hair out of the way, I used my other hand to point his cock to the sky and lowered my head to take all of him. Moving my hand out of the way I began bobbing my head up and down over his groin. My tits and pussy were within easy reach and he wasn't shy with his hand. Alternating between kneading my tits that moved with the motion of my bobbing mouth and reaching behind my ass to rub my wet pussy lips.
Slipping one or two fingers inside me and then putting his fingers in his mouth to taste me, he then cupped my tit again and gradually increase the pressure on his hand keading my tit. Not breaking the rhythm of my mouth on his cock, I put my hand on his and made his hand squeeze my tit as hard as I could. I wanted Frank to know that I liked rough titty play. His hand continued to move from tit to pussy as I slowly fucked his cock with my mouth.
Before I went to far I let his cock slide from my mouth. Rising up on my knees, I mimed blowing out my cheeks to indicate a full mouth and then swallowing. Pointing to my mouth and then to my pussy, Frank got the message. Frank pointed to my pussy and he didn't mime after that, just put me in doggy and began fucking me. I tried touching my pussy but I'd come so hard just a short time ago, that after one touch I knew that my clit was to sensitive for me to try frigging myself. I just relaxed and enjoyed the cock moving inside me as the drumbeat of Frank's groin meeting my ass quickened.
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter 7 3
He may not have been as large as Jason but he certainly knew how to make a good fuck last. Every so often he would still his movements, reach around to grab my tits with both hands to pull me up until my back was against his chest. Up on my knees I could watch the couple nearest to us fuck while Frank kneaded my tits and pinched my nipples until I'd moan from the delicious ache.
Pulled up on my knees like this, Frank would whisper Ukranian in my ear. Got no idea what he was saying but it was probably something to do with the couple closest to us. We could see the couples asses but not their faces. From our view we could watch as the man's cock would appear and then disappear inside the woman. I was up like this once when we heard the man cry out and come. We watched until the man pulled out and a rope of sticky cum formed from the woman's pussy to her ass crack. Frank pushed me back down to my hands and grabbing my hips, began to slam his cock into me. This time I knew he was going to come.
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter 7 4
When Frank groaned and slammed his cock deep and held it in deep, I tried to move my hips to pull him deeper. He held his cock still and let me grind my ass against his groin until he gave my pussy two or three sharp, hard thrusts and then pulled out. I swung around with one hand holding my pussy lips closed and took his cock in my mouth while he was still on his knees. Our cum smelled different than with Jason but good. His moan as I slid my lips up his shaft was the same as Jason's though.
Pulling my mouth away, I duck walked on my knees to rise up for a kiss as his hand again found my tit. As we kissed, my hands between my legs were busy. I spread my lips with the fingers of one hand while the other caught the cum that dripped out. Frank's cock didn't stretch my pussy hole and leave it gaping like Jason's. Dipping one finger inside me, I pulled my pussy one way and another opening me wider to hopefully let more cum out.
I brought my hand up and Frank watched as I licked the cum from the cup of my palm. Frank hadn't cum as much as I expected from Jason but the look in his eyes as he watched me lick and swallow was the same.
I wouldn't have said no if Frank was hard enough for more fucking but he was soft and I knew if I waited for him to get hard again I'd pay for it tonight. Pointing to the sun and then pinching my skin I stood up and pointed in the direction of our balnkets. Frank nodded in understanding again and we rejoined his wife and Jason. I was satified. I'd never told Jason but I'd never let his dad come in my mouth and I never lapped his cum from my hand or sucked his sticky cock after sex. Frank would never know but he was only the second man whose cum I'd swallowed. I began to anticipate upping that number very soon.
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter 7 5
The well fucked feeling in my pussy lasted for the walk back to our blankets. While Frank and Katje no doubt exchanged notes on their fuckings, Jason leaned over and asked if I'd enjoyed myself. I told him it was very good. I knew he wanted to ask about how Frank compared to him as a lover but we didn't have the privacy right then. But, I knew a way to solve that...
Jason had been very excited sitting with Katje while knowing I was getting fucked by another man just a short distance away. His hard-on and the smear of pre-cum on the tip was proof of that. I put on my large t-shirt and showed Frank the Spanish words for 'quick' and 'intercourse' and pointed to Jason. Doing the translation Frank nodded with a smile and a nod. Tossing our beach towel to Jason I started running back up the slope of the dune telling him to follow me. While Jason was scrambling to his feet to follow, Frank and Katje laughed at us.
At the top of the slope Jason caught up and looked at the view of the couples fucking before leading me down the slope. Spreading the towel, Jason pushed me down on my back and immediately began fucking me. I was wet with cum and though Frank didn't have Jason's girth he had still spread my pussy enough for Jason to go deep on his first thrust.
I spread my legs wider and tried to meet his thrusts with my own. Between hard thrusts forcing the air from me in grunts, I asked Jason if knowing I was getting fucked just out of sight had made him horny. Jason slowed and admitted it had. Pulling his head down I whispered in his ear everything Frank had done to me here, in almost this exact spot. I whispered how and where Frank had made me come just before Jason had joined us on the blanket.
Biting Jason's earlobe,I asked him how it felt to fuck me right after another man. We both knew I was really asking Jason what it was like to fuck me right after his dad had finished in me. This was something we never put into words at home. By talking about Frank I brought all those feelings out. All the while Jason was fucking me with deep, slow thrusts. I told Jason I'd gotten wet knowing he knew I was spreading my legs for another man. Jason couldn't contain himself anymore and rising above me, sped up his thrusts between my legs until he came hard and deep in a series of hard thrusts that filled me with more cum.
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter 7 6
I knew Jason wanted to 'talk dirty' more but two trips behind the dunes and my thighs and tits were pink from the sun. I was quite cummy between my legs and I wanted a dip in the sea to wash and then shade as quick as possible. Jason was exhausted but I was feeling charged with energy. On the way back to Frank and Katje, I left Jason and ran for the water, tossing my t-shirt onto our new friend's blanket as I passed. Splashing out until I was up to my tits. With no surf to churn up the sand the water was warm and so clear I could see the bottom. I went under and was amazed at how clear the water was. Looking around I could see others at a distance. Not caring if they could see me, I thrust a hand between my thighs and washed my pussy lips off while my fingers again forced my pussy open wide as I could to wash as much cum as I could from my slit.
Leaving the water I thought men were looking at me from all directions. Wanting to take me behind the dunes... I felt a nice, warm feeling in the depth of my cunt at the thought of more public sex. Returning to our blankets I know Frank and Jason were staring. I wiped my feet through hot, dry sand to dry them and sitting down got the last bit of sand off. Back under shade I put on my t-shirt and got out the suntan lotion. While I was rubbing suntan lotion on, Frank was leafing through his dictionary to show words to Jason. Jason had a much better understanding of Spanish than I did so the exchange went quick.
'Frank says they need to leave to get ready to fly home tonight." I nodded and and while Frank began to pack, Katje leafed through the dictionary and to show me that they'd enjoyed meeting us and that she wished she'd had more time with... And pointed to Jason's swinging cock. We both laughed and kissing me goodbye and waving to Jason, they started the long hike back. They left us their beach blanket because they'd bought it here and it was too bulky to take back on the plane.
After they left Jason pushed me onto my back, pushed my t-shirt up to my neck. Propped up on one elbow he squirted a long, thick line of suntan lotion from my neck down between my breasts to end in the wispy blond hair of my mound. Relaxing under his touch as he spread the lotion across my skin, I closed my eyes and purred like a cat. A very well satisfied cat. I'd had an incredible orgasm on this very blanket and been fucked well and, while not as long as I might have wished, certainly as well and hard as any woman could have wished for.
I asked Jason if he was enjoying his trip and he emphatically said, Yes! His finger slid between my pussy lips and when I tensed, withdrew as I told Jason I was too sensitive to be touched right now. Jason's hand returned to slowly working the lotion in other places while telling me of his morning. It seemed that it was indeed a younger crowd on the third beach and while there was nowhere out of sight to fuck, it didn't slow down couples from fucking anywhere they wanted in sight of the entire beach. It sounded perfect.....
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter 7 7
It was a sound I couldn't place that woke me. Opening my eyes and coming back to my senses, I saw that the sun had moved another foot across the sky. Jason was beside me asleep. Both of us had a sheen of sweat on our bodies from the heat. My muscles were loose and lazy, not wanting to move. I felt soooooo damned good. I sighed, sat up and became a responsible adult again.
Jason hadn't bothered putting his t-shirt on. Sunlight reflected from the sea had done its work. Noting how pink Jason's shoulders were I knew our time in the sun was over for this day. Getting a bottle of water from the cooler, I turned my face to the sky and poured it over my face to wash stray grit from my eyes; shivering as the ice cold water ran down to touch places that didn't want to be cold.
Grinning with evil intent, I poured the rest of the bottle on Jason's crotch and laughed as he woke like a raging bear. I continued to smile unrepentant at his threats of revenge. Calmed enough to sit and share a last beer with me, I mentioned his pinkness and declared our day over.
Four hours later in our bed, Jason did indeed get his revenge and it was sweet revenge. For both of us.

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