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DeAnn's Submissive Weekend
Chapter 11
I was still standing as ordered, feet apart, hands behind my head wearing
stockings and heels, and that was about it. I had just finished an erotic
strip tease around the pole and danced for several songs. Then Robert, the
master of the house, had conducted an auction, where I was being sold for a half
hour to the highest bidder. The winner, Master Thomas, had just stepped up
on the low, circular stage, and right off he laid his leather belt across my
tits. I sucked in a quick breath trying not to move. Damn that really hurt.
Master Thomas appeared to be in his late fifties, shaved head, tall and fit
looking. He had a beard and lots of muscles. A tall, dark and handsome
Latino, who likes to play rough. I was hoping not too rough, but I must admit I
was feeling kind of hot for him. I think he may have somehow sensed it too.
Thomas said to me, "Good, you didn't move. Obedience is an excellent
quality in a woman. You've either been well trained or maybe you possess a natural
desire to please? I think the later in your case. I think you want very
much to be a good girl for me. We will see."
Then he laid the belt hard across my tits again. Whack! It sounded pretty
loud now that the music had stopped and the room was very quiet as all eyes
were on Master Thomas and me. That last strike of his belt really stung, but
I stayed stock still, in the very same position, hoping he'd be satisfied
with the two belt strikes, but knowing he probably wouldn't be. My tits were
on fire, but I stayed in position. He was testing me, and I didn't want to
fail this. I guess I did want to be a good girl for him.
He walked around me, his right hand held the belt and his left hand held
one of my tits. As he let go of my tit I felt the belt strike again, but this
time it was across my ass. I let out a gasp and Thomas said, "Oh yeah. You
love this don't you DeAnn?"
I heard myself say, "Yes Master Thomas. I am yours to use as you see fit
I was surprised, because I realized I actually did like this. This weekend
had awakened some feelings in me that I didn't realize were even there.
These revelations made me eager to experience more. I've always been submissive
sexually but here, on display, being whipped, well, I found it all very
exciting, and I begin to crave more. How deep did these feelings go? I didn't
know the answer to that, and I realized that I might need a lot more time and
experiences before I found that answer. I looked out at the people watching
and a shiver of excitement ran through me. The humiliation, the pain, and my
submission to it all. I belonged to this man I had never seen before, and I
found it damn exciting. Was there something wrong with me? Maybe, but this
was out of my control now, and I wasn't going to waste time thinking about
it either. I was his slave and that
was that. A total power exchange with a strange man. Wow, this is so hot.
My tits were still stinging as he laid his belt across my ass again. Now I
had something else to focus on besides my tits. My ass was now burning even
more. You could of heard a pin drop as Thomas circled me, left hand
inspecting my body and right hand holding the heavy leather belt. I suddenly felt a
little disappointed that this would only last for a half hour. I wanted
more. The thought occurred to me, careful what you wish for girl, but I quickly
dismissed it. No, I needed more. I shook a little with the excitement of it
I felt his hand squeezing my ass cheeks, and then I heard the sound of the
belt hitting the floor; his now empty right hand slid up my side and around
to my right tit. I was wet with sweat from dancing and from the thrill of
not knowing how much pain this strange master would put me through. His hands
slid over my slick body, exploring and pinching, squeezing, and then
invading with two fingers, sliding into my pussy. He took his time, and I just
stood there, in my five inch heels, with my feet apart, my hands behind my head
open to his inspection. I shuddered as his fingers found my clit and rubbed
me there, slowly, in a soft, circular motion. I was wet now. Very wet.
The silence was broken when Thomas said, "Nice, very nice." Then he yelled
at his wife, "Rita, bring me your chair and my bag."
Rita obeyed and carried her chair from their table up onto the stage and
set it down next to Master Thomas. Then she handed him the bag. He looked at
her and said, "Slave Rita meet Slave DeAnn."
We looked at each other and nodded. It was kind of awkward, but I had a
long enough look to see that Rita was probably half Thomas's age and very good
looking. She might have been thirty, short and petite with platform heels,
heavy eye makeup and long, black straight hair cut with bangs that framed her
face. She reminded me of Suzy in a lot of ways except a Latina version of
Suzy and boy was she stacked. Now that I thought about it, all the wives
present tonight were stacked. Big tits everywhere. Hmmm, I wondered if Robert
did cosmetic surgery, as in breasts enlargements, to all the wives in the
family? Would I be put under his knife too? My tits were pretty big but not
nearly as big as Rita's. At my age I had some droop and sag but overall, I still
had a nice pair, at least I thought so. Still, a little surgery, lift and
enhance might be... My thoughts were interrupted at that point by Master
Thomas pulling the chair around and sitting in it, facing me.
He then ordered Rita, "Kneel down and show DeAnn how good you are at
licking pussy."
Rita dropped to her knees and wow, I was enjoying the hell out of this
part. Rita was very sexy looking and she was also very good at pussy licking.
Here I was on a stage, standing as ordered, getting my pussy licked while a
room full of people looked on. Yeah, this was fucking hot. I just knew that
this thirty minutes would go by too damn fast.
Master Thomas was sorting through his bag. He came up with a ball gag,
handcuffs, nipple clamps with wires connecting them to a controller and a butt
plug that was also wired back to the same control box.
He stood, grabbed me by the hair and asked, "Are you enjoying Rita's
I told him, "Yes Sir. I am."
"Rita, you may pick up my belt and give DeAnn a good whack across her tits
now and then kneel over there and watch," he said.
Rita looked up at me with a flirty smile and said, "Yes Sir".
Then she retrieved the belt and struck my tits with it so hard I almost
took a step backwards. I bit my lip and my eyes teared up a little. Rita looked
at me and slowly licked her lips tasting me one last time and then she went
to her place on the stage and knelt down to watch as her husband, Master
Thomas, had told her to. My tits were still bouncing from that last belt slap
from Rita. A tear ran down my left cheek as Master Thomas arose from the
chair. This was rougher than I've been subjected to before. My tits positively
burned from the belt.
Master Thomas pulled my arms down, behind my back and clamped on the cuffs.
I was still standing with my feet apart as he inserted the butt plug and
turned it on. It started up and began to vibrate wildly in my ass. I had never
tried one of these, and I kinda liked it.
I was then turned around, again facing the room full of guests and electric
clamps were put on both my nipples. They snapped on very tight. I thought,
ouch, but I stayed still. Thomas sat back down in his chair and picked up
his control box. He was watching me closely as he turned one of the dials.
I felt a sudden, painful shock to my nipples and let out a loud,
involuntary "Owwww."
The crowd, almost as one, leaned forward a little, trying to get a better
look at me. They all knew this was going to get more interesting. They wanted
to see him hurt me some more. Somehow that thought was as exciting to me as
it appeared to be to them.
Thomas smiled up at me and turned the dial again. This time I moved my feet
in a kind of hopping like tap dance and cried out again. I knew now why he
had cuffed my hands in back of me. I might have pulled off those nipple
clamps, but I was glad now that I couldn't. I wanted to please him. I wanted to
please them all. I wanted to be the very best submissive slut in the group.
The wives here tonight were all younger than me and all were very hot.
Still, I knew that I could eventually be the best, and I knew how to get there
Thomas stood up again, and he shoved the ball gag into my mouth, cinching
it in place. Still standing with my heels spread wide and my hands cuffed
behind me, I tasted the gag knowing I couldn't speak either. I managed a glance
toward my husband Mark and saw that he was smiling. He was enjoying
watching me being a submissive slut for Thomas. I could see that Suzy was on her
knees giving him head while he watched me being used and humiliated. I smiled
back and winked at him. His smile got even bigger and he winked back at me.
This is the glue that bonds us together. We both enjoy the same things in
life. From kinky sex to motorcycles, to most everything. We were made to be
together. Mark had brought me here this weekend because he wanted to expand my
experiences; he knew I was ready. He knew I would embrace this deeper
submission and once I had experienced a deeper submission, I would crave more. He
was right. I think he also wanted to watch me being used like this. As they
say, great minds think a like.
I felt a hand rub down my ass and a couple fingers slid into my wet, wet
pussy. Thomas slowly fingered me. In and out, in and out, in and out. I was so
wet, so horny. I could see the faces of the guests watching intently. Oh
yeah, in and out and then Master Thomas turned up the juice in both my butt
plug and my nipple clamps. I went straight up on my tip toes and then down
onto the stage, crashing on my knees, head bent low and a string of drool
dripping from my ball gag. Holy shit, that was intense. That double shock
literally brought me to my knees.
Thomas undid his pants and slid them down to his ankles then he sat back
down in his chair and said, "Stand slave and face me then straddle me and
wiggle down on my hard cock."
Getting back up on my feet in five inch heels with my hands cuffed behind
me was not easy, but I did it. Then I had to spread my legs pretty wide to
get in place but with a little wiggling I managed to get my legs on either
side of him and, as he held his cock in place, I was able to squat down on his
very hard cock. I felt him enter me, and I came to rest in his lap with his
cock all the way up me. With my hands cuffed behind me I could only rise up
on my high heels and then back down on his cock. It was clumsy, but he was
definitely enjoying it. I got a good rhythm going, and he started matching my
thrusts so he could fuck me good.
He smiled at me and holding up the box he said, "You want it don't you
All I could do was drool over my ball gag, but I think he saw what he
wanted to know in my eyes. He slowly turned the dials controlling both my butt
plug and my nipple clamps. It hurt but it was kind of a turn on at the same
time; it definitely got me humping him in a faster, more desperate way. He
reached up and put his left hand into my hair and grabbed a fist full then his
right hand clamped onto my throat. He was in total control of me and after a
few more thrusts he ejaculated deep into me and then afterwards, he turned
down the dials on his box. I was really drooling now and it was hanging down
from my chin and my tits were wet with it too.
I sort of collapsed forward, leaning against him and he reached around and
undid my ball gag then removed it. I still had a string of drool hanging
from my chin, and I felt weak in the knees. He grabbed me roughly by the hair
and pulled my head back then said, "I think you should slide down onto your
knees on the floor and lick my balls until you've cleaned up your mess. You'd
enjoy doing that wouldn't you slut?"
I gave him an enthusiastic, "Yes Sir" while shaking my head up and down.
I stood and then knelt before him and began licking his balls of the sticky
fluid that had run down his shaft as I lifted off of it. He grabbed me by
the hair again and moved my head roughly while I just kept my tongue out
licking wherever he guided it. He rubbed my face up and down his sticky cock,
and I could see he was getting hard again. He had a my real firm grip on my
hair as he guided my mouth to the head of his cock. I opened wide for him and,
as his cock started to enter my mouth, he pulled my hair down hard, and his
cock jammed into my throat. I gagged and tried to pull back, but he
wouldn't allow it. I gagged more before he pulled my head off, and I gasped for
He looked into my eyes and said, "I paid for you, and I own your ass for
another ten minutes, so open that mouth slut, and show me some cock worship."
As I obeyed him and opened my mouth he just looked at me. I could hear
someone at one of the tables say, "Fuck yeah Thomas, warm the bitch up for us."
I just held my mouth open like he had ordered me to do and waited. Once
again he forced my head down and his cock went deep into my throat. This time I
was able to accept it with less gagging. He held my hair in his fist with
my face pressed down on his cock for a long minute before he pulled my head
up and his cock left my mouth. He then said, "Now you can give me the best
blow job you've ever given or would you rather that I continued the deep
throat lessons?"
I said, "No Sir, I want to suck your cock Sir. I really want to suck your
cock. Please?"
He looked down at me and said, "Don't suck it, worship it bitch, and when I
cum I want you to keep it in your mouth until I give you permission to
swallow it. Understand?"
I nodded and said, "Yes Sir, Master Thomas."
I eagerly obeyed him, sucking his cock with all of my talents. When he
erupted I slowly moved my mouth up to the head of his cock and milked every drop
I could. Between my spit and his sperm, I had a fair amount in my mouth,
holding it just as he had ordered me to.
Still roughly holding me by the hair he pulled my face up and said, "Open
your mouth slut."
I obeyed and opened my mouth so he could see his load of cum. I continued
kneeling there with my mouth open as he put a finger on my lower lip and
pushed it down so he could get a better view. Then he said, "You may now swallow
it." I did.
Then he let go of my hair and said, "Not bad, but you need a lot more
practice. Maybe your husband would like to swap for Rita, and you could have the
pleasure of a weekend in the dungeon alone with me. I'm sure you've never
had a weekend of pain and obedience like you'd have with me. Just think of the
Thomas then stood, zipping up his pants and removing his cuffs and toys,
before he took Rita by the hair and walked back to their table, leaving me
still kneeling. I just laid back on the stage. He had used me good in that half
hour. I couldn't imagine what he'd do with me if Mark ever decided to trade
me for Rita for a whole weekend.
The thought of being at his mercy for that long was very scary, but I knew
Mark would never leave me really alone, especially with Thomas. I was still
just laying there up on the stage. As I moved my head trying to get
comfortable, my face touched a cold, wet puddle of sticky goo. Without thinking I
stuck my tongue out and licked it up off the stage floor.
I heard one of the guests comment on that last act of submission. "She is
one hot slut."
I knew that I had really impressed all the dominants still watching me
laying up on the stage. I felt confident that my acceptance to this private club
was assured.
Robert stood up then and said, "Alright my friends, the gang bang hour is
starting now. For the next sixty minutes you may use Slave D for sex in any
way you want, but the clock is ticking so get to it gentlemen."
At that point I heard chairs being scooted back, and I looked towards the
tables and saw a group of men, all ages, all races, and all unzipping their
pants as they surrounded me on the stage.

To Be Continued in Chapter 12

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