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The first time we did something like this LuEllen walked to a truck on the freeway and they took off and I followed them to a truck stop in Missouri. The driver and LuEllen were alone though. I just went to the coffee shop and waited. Lu had a blast she said and hoped we could do it again.

Well it happened again. It was a cool April day and we had just left the adult book store in Council Bluffs Iowa. LuEllen had got quite hot looking at some Playgirl magazines and being watched by the other men as she wondered thru the store. We left there and headed over to the freeway where we took a short trip heading East on I-29. Soon as we entered the freeway LuEllen put her seat back and propped her leg up on the dash. She casually pulled her skirt up to reveal her beautiful wet pussy. She was so hot. She was massaging her clit and rubbing her wet slit. As she did this a truck pulled up alongside of us and got a great view of her frantic manipulations. She was moaning so loud and was interrupted by our CB radio we had installed just for these occasions. “Looking good baby, put your other leg up so we can get a better view”. “Oh yeah you’re a hot one”, was the response when she
complied with his request. He only had a cab with no sleeper though. He said he wished we could all stop at the next stop and she picked up the mic and told him we wished he had a sleeper or we would. He wished us happy hunting and pulled away from us. I was purposely driving slow so the drivers could catch us and see the show.

She was really hot now. A complete stranger had watched her pleasure herself. Shortly convoys of trucks were just ahead of us so I pulled over and caught them. We could hear the conversations as we slowly pulled alongside each one. “oh man wait till you see this” and “this gal is hot”. LuEllen loved the attention. The last truck we were about to pass came on line and told her how hot she made him and wished we could all meet and greet at then next exit. She gave them a better look by opening the top of her dress to shows off her breasts. She then got on line to say something to them when she looked up and seen another guy fighting to look over the driver to get a peek. 2 guys were in the truck. Oh man she was fucking loving it. We can talk if you want was her reply back. I was beside myself. Did she just say we can talk? My cock was hard as a rock now. The sleeper was the selling point along with 2 guys. We talked and got off the 2nd exit on the Nebraska side. We turned right and went to the main drag were it was well lit with lots of car lots and stopped. LuEllen actually got out and walked to the passenger side of the truck and climbed up. She told me what happened later. They got on the radio and said there was a restaurant just a mile or so down the road where we could all get to know each other better. I just followed the truck as it rolled down the road. We pulled into the parking lot where I got out and walked to the passenger side myself and climbed up. Entering the cab LuEllen was sitting alongside the co-pilot on the bunk smiling. He had been kissing her the whole distance since getting in the cab I found out. We all started talking and they both said nothing like this has ever happened in the 10 years they been driving for the company they worked for. They drove from Minnesota to Texas they said. The guy sitting next to LuEllen was kissing her neck and sliding his hand up and down her thigh. I could tell by the moan he was doing a good job and she was very excited. He looked at me and asked if this was really okay and I nodded. He asked if he could close the curtain and LuEllen just reached out and pulled it closed before getting an answer from me. The driver just smiled and chuckled “I guess that means okay”. The sounds coming from the sleeper were amazing. No talking just moans and words like “yes”, “I like that”, “thank you”, and then moans from her. The driver and I talked for a couple minutes and we both couldn’t take it anymore and pulled the curtain open slowly. There in front of my eyes was my beautiful wife with her legs d****d over the man’s shoulders and him slowly pumping her pussy with his big cock. She was moaning and meeting his every thrust. They was kissing and she broke off the kiss to turn and look at us. Her eyes were glazed over and she mouthed thank you to me. Just then he started pumping her harder and it took her breath away. She was really rocking now. Their hips were meeting making loud slapping sounds. She loved it and almost screaming in pleasure. She really gets loud and not at all afraid to tell you how good it feels. He was really giving it to her now. She just encouraged him more. Telling him, “Oh fuck me baby”. “That’s how I like it.” “Oh fuck me hard. “ “Oh Yes baby” The truck cab was rocking now. Holy shit they were fucking hard. The driver looked and me with a big smile and told me how lucky I was. “Man it must be great to have a woman like this anytime you want.” I could only nod. There was my woman fucking a complete stranger and driving me nuts with her actions and words. I didn’t even notice the driver had undressed I was so engrossed in the vision before me. I had pulled out my cock and was stroking myself. The action came to t climax and he moaned real loud. Can I cum in you and she just nodded and kissed him hard. The kiss was broke off with her taking a deep breath and letting it out in a long drawn our moan as he filled her full of seed. You could actually hear her pussy getting flooded with every pump of his hips. She was moaning and clawing his back. His pumps slowed and they both were breathing heavy now. She kissed him again and told him he was so good and thank you. He just laughed and said “no thank you little lady.” You are the one who needs to be thanked. He rolled over and we all talked for a few. Then he rolled over to the edge and the driver jumped in next to her on the back side. The first guy took his spot on the driver seat and we had a bird’s eye view of the next round of fun. LuEllen was missing a beat. She got on her knees and took his cock into her mouth and started bobbing up and down on an even bigger cock. By this time we found out both guys names. Richard was the first and Dave was just about to get sloppy seconds. He held her head as she bobbed up and down on Dave. His cock was big. She looked over at me and purred. She swung around so Richard and I could see her swollen, red pussy dripping from his bout with her. It was amazing to see how red and wet she was. He must of pumped a gallon into her. She swung around and pointed her beautiful plump ass back at Dave. He didn’t need any more encouragement. He got up behind her and was rubbing his huge cock up and down her pussy. This caused another loud moan from her. I wanted in on this and got up in front of her so she could suck me while he fucked her. She just swallowed me whole. I never saw her this hot before. Dave said man she’s tight. I hope I don’t hurt you LuEllen. She pulled off my cock long enough to turn and tell him she hoped he did. Then she pushed back and his cock was balls deep inside her. Like before when Richard was fucking her it took her breath away and she howled around my cock. I knew she loved the feel of him deep inside her. The squishing sound was so distinct as he slowly started to pump her. He was smiling at me and moaning along with her muffled moans around my cock. She pulled of me and just moaned as he started to pump her faster. Her ass cheeks were bouncing on his every thrust and her moan during every slap of their hips coming together harder and harder was getting more urgent and loud. She was rocking big time to meet him halfway. Every thrust she pushed back to meet him and it shoved her head forward against my stomach. She was almost screaming for him to fuck her. She loved it and she couldn’t believe how deep he was. I was pinching her swaying nipples now. This always would just put the finishing touch to her orgasms. This time was no different. “I’m Cummmmmmming….” Was all I heard from her oh fuck from Dave behind her. I knew the instant he filled her. Her panting and encouragement to him to not stop and fuck me, fuck me, fuck me was telling us all how hard she was Cumming. If the squishing sound was loud before it doubled in amplitude as he drained his load into my bride. Holy shit she was going nuts. The truck cab smelled like a sex shop. She screamed one last time and almost collapsed in my lap. Her breathing was like she had just ran a marathon. Oh my God, Oh my God…. She was telling him. My pussy is throbbing so hard. Dave slowly climbed off the sleeper and I maneuvered behind her and slid into the sloppiest, wettest pussy I had ever felt. She just moaned loud and acting as if it was the first time rocked back on me like no one's business. She was moaning again and pushing hard against me. I was about to blow only after a few pumps I was so horny. Her cum filled pussy was sloshing and squishing out of her on every pump. Richard was hard again and slid in front of her and she just moaned and slid his cock into her mouth. On every pump into her, her mouth would slide down his cock and up again. She was a machine. She was moaning loud and sucking Richards cock. He told her she was amazing and going to make him cum again with her mouth. That was it for me and I just groaned and filled her pussy with more cum. Richard was just a few pumps away himself and filled her mouth with his second batch of cum. She gurgled and swallowed every drop. I pulled out and just sat back against the side wall. Her pussy was beet red and coated with cum. Out of breath and emotionally drained I just stared at her backside. Proud to say she was my wife. LuEllen lay there moaning and smiling. You are all so great was all she could get out. After a few minutes of recouping and talking about what just happened and what time it was we all slowly and reluctantly got dressed. LuEllen didn’t bother to put her panty or bra. She just pulled her dress over her head and slipped her sandals back on. On the trip home LuEllen put her seat back and her legs on the dash. It was 2 in the morning. She had been fucking or sucking or both for about 4 hours. Her pussy was well used and drooling out cum. Her head was turned toward me and she smiled and thanked me. That was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life. I just peaked over and told her it was the same for me.

During the activities in the truck my wallet had fallen out of my pants. The next day shortly after I got out of bed I got a call and it was Dave. He said they had found my wallet in the cab. They couldn’t bring it back for a couple days on the return trip and could we all meet in Des Moines. It was a few hours away but I was amazed. We all met at a Lazy J in Des Moines and they handed me my wallet with all the money and cards. They actually didn’t have time for a repeat performance but I had to buy dinner for us all and they agreed. LuEllen sat between the two of them and had her pussy played with all during the visit. We had our own fun on the way home.

Well that’s just one of our stories. Hope you like it.

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