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Libby’s First Gang – Bang. A True Story

It took me a while to “click”. But eventually I worked it out…….. My wife had a secret fantasy. To be taken by a stranger….. no pleasantries….. no introductions….. Not even to see the person. Just to be bent over & fucked!. To be used as a cum dump.
My reasoning was simple.. I often woke around 2.00 or 3.00am. Wide awake & horny. I would toss & turn, think about self relief… as she lay beside me, sound asleep. But, eventually she would make the decision easy for me, by rolling away from me & curling her legs up a little; thus pushing her arse towards me. I would put some spit on my cock, gently part her cheeks, & slide my rock-hard cock into her waiting cunt. Sometimes I would get all the way in, even get a few strokes in, before she woke….. .
Now most women would usually get annoyed at being woken from a peaceful sleep. Especially when she used to get up at 5.30am for work. But not my babe…… not once…… Instantly wet!... I mean soaking wet. Horny as hell & just wanted her cock up her as far & as hard as I could give it. She would grind her arse back onto me, begging me to fuck her. Eventually she would be almost sitting on me, reverse cowgirl as she jammed her hot cunt down onto my cock. I loved waking her like this. I love it when her cunt takes control & she just goes “off”, she begs to be fucked….. If I tire, she will jump on & ride me like a girl possessed. Grinding herself down on my dick, fondling her tits….. playing with her clit. As she nears her climax, which I know is going to be big,…… I use my thumb to stroke her clit. This she loves…. & very soon her body tenses as the first wave of her orgasm hits her. Then she is almost paralysed by the power of it. Bent down over my chest, I feel her cunt gripping my cock, trying desperately to drag the cum from it… She loves to feel my cum flood her cunt as she is climaxing.
Thus began my theory that she wanted to be taken by a stranger. Hell, it was one of mine to see her fucked by a stranger; in fact, several would be even better. We discussed this new revelation & of course, she said that it was ridiculous at first. But I persisted. My persistence paid off & she realised that my rock-hard cock meant that the thought of her fucking one or more strangers, really turned me on. Also, I was able to use a tried & true argument…… “a wet pussy doesn’t lie”. I reminded her constantly that she got so wet when I would wake her, that it had mean something. Eventually she agreed to give it a try…. but we would have to do it far from home. Sydney here we cum.!!! 

So began the exciting search for someone to help us fulfil this fantasy. It wasn’t really difficult. There were a number of groups on AMM offering to help with gang-bangs for women. One in particular caught my attention. They would organise any given scenario……. role play to a script if need be.
It was with no small amount of trepidation that I contacted the “leader”. Not sure what they would think of our particular request. (Perhaps I am more twisted than even I think I am. lol) From our first contact, Ian made me feel very comfortable & at ease. He spoke to L to ensure that we were genuine. He also put her mind at ease. This was a major move outside our “comfort zone”, so it took some doing to ease her mind. It’s not every day that you line up to be fucked by a group of complete strangers, like some horny slut in a cheap porn movie.
During the ensuing weeks, I would often tell her how the thought of her taking the cum of several guys was a huge turn on for me. (My rock-hard cock was always testament to my words) I loved to tell her this as we made love……. love-making that would turn into raw a****l fucking as I would joke about her cock-hungry cunt needing to be punished for loving cock so much. She knew very well that I relished the way she loved …. & still loves, cock.
So, after much planning & 2nd thoughts, we arrived in Sydney. We made ourselves comfortable in the spacious hotel room we had booked. Still a cpl of hrs before our “guests” were to arrive.
Plenty of time for a few drinks to help the nerves. I know my babe would have chickened out at this point if I had raised a single doubt.
I had packed the video & the digital camera. My babe wasn’t really into recording our fun in those days, but there was no way I was missing out on capturing this ground-breaking first GB. I busied myself checking the cameras, making sure there were power points close enough to where the action was….. I wasn’t trusting this vital task to batteries.
The script was very simple…. in fact there was no script as such, The first scene was to be played out without any words being spoken. When the group arrived at the hotel, Ian was to ring me, giving us a few minutes to be in position when they arrived. The door would be unlocked so they could enter quietly. L would be on hands & knees on the bed. Her arse & (hopefully) a very wet cunt facing the door. They were bringing a “fluffer” with them, just like the porn movie makers use. This would ensure some good hard cocks were ready as quickly as possible. L was to be sucking my cock as I knelt at her head. She was not allowed to turn around at all, until each guy…. 5 of them…. had fucked her & blown a load of cum deep into her hot cunt.
Just as the script dictated, so did it happen. We were nervously watching the time. Right on time, my ph rings. A brief confirmation with Ian that we are ready…… & still keen to proceed…. L takes her position on the bed. As I watch my babe prepare for this momentous occasion, I am almost overcome with lust. It takes all my willpower to move to her head & offer my cock to her mouth, rather than grab my naughty bitch & drive my cock into her steaming cunt. And steaming it was. As she takes me in her mouth & begins an awesome BJ, I reach over her & run my fingers up her slit. …. She is soaking. Her sex is seeping from her cunt; plenty of lubrication for the onslaught it is about to receive. It’s actually running down her legs. I knew then that she would not back out at the last minute. She had come this far….. she wanted those cocks to fuck her. She wanted to have her cunt filled with the cream of 5 strangers. I was in heaven… …. so was she.
She was ravenous on my cock. No gentle licking and teasing. Just straight to the back of her throat. Bobbing her head madly as if try to emulate the fucking her cunt was about to get.
The door finally opened quietly, our “guests” entered the room without a word. A nod from them in our direction. 5 guys and a young Japanese girl. I was very pleased to see that guys were all good looking, dressed well & 1 in particular .. a tall guy, built like the proverbial s__t-house. I remember thinking that if the theory about cock size matching hand size was correct, my babe was in for a real surprise. The Japanese girl was gorgeous. Her petite frame clothed in a black trench-coat. On entering the room, she immediately dropped the coat to reveal a tight little body. Naked beneath the coat, except for fishnet stockings & high heels. Her small breasts were firm, her nipples as hard as my cock. She sat herself on the edge of the other bed & the first of the men offered her his cock, which I was pleased to see was already on the way to being the way my babe loves her cock….. rock hard. My cock was so hard in her mouth. Her relentless bobbing had slowed, as if she was trying to gleen some idea of who was behind her. It was no more than a few seconds of the young girls expert oral and the first of the guys approached my babes rear. His gaze was fixed on the prize that was being offered to him. He smiled, reached out to shake my hand by way of intro ….. as the head of his cock touched my wife’s drooling cunt.

It was as if time stood still for a moment. L froze; her mouth still locked around my shaft. She had stopped breathing. She felt the head of this unknown cock at the entrance to her cunt. She told me later that she didn’t know at that moment, whether she wanted to jump up and run & hide…… or jam herself back onto the cock before she could change her mind. The decision was made easy for her. It was the leader of the group, Ian, whose cock was poised at her entrance. “Fuck she’s wet” he whispered, sliding his dick up her slit….Then, quite deliberately, he grasped her by the hips……. & in one smooth, slow movement, slid his dick into her waiting cunt. It was unbelievably horny to watch this complete stranger bury himself in my beautiful wife, right to his balls, in one easy motion. He held her tightly against his crotch for a brief moment….. slowly he ground his pelvis against her arse. L still hadn’t taken a breath. Then he drew back…. & this time…… he slammed his cock deep into her body. She gasped at the suddenness & power of his thrust. Her mouth was forced further onto my cock until she had both of us buried deep inside her. She was skewered firmly between us, with nowhere to escape. Ian relished the sight of my babe, completely spit-roasted between us, her arse cheeks pressed firmly into his groin…..then, taking a firmer grasp of her hips, he began a relentless fucking of her hungry cunt.
It was awesome to watch…. I had told them that she loves to fucked, gentle stroking from a guy is not my babes idea of great cock. It’s ok,….. but she loves her cock delivered with passion. Wild, a****l-like rutting is her ideal way to be fucked. Well Ian had listened well. He drove her like he was trying to reach her k**neys. Her arse cheeks bounced & wobbled with each powerful thrust. He was not trying to last a long time… that would come later. The first round of cock was to deliver 5 loads of cum into her ravenous cunt in quick succession. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t maintain her control enough to keep sucking my cock. I knew it would happen & sure enough, on one of his out strokes, L slid her mouth off my cock & lowered her head to the bed. This served to offer her cunt up to Ian’s cock even better. He took full advantage of it too. Ramming her with long powerful strokes. Sweat was already forming on his brow. L was lost in a world that involved only what was happening to her cunt. She later said that she was oblivious to anything else except the relentless pounding of her pussy. Many of his thrusts would lift her rear further into the air. His a****l grunts fuelled her lust & she responded with grunts of encouragement. Shoving her hips back to meet his thrusts whenever she could time it right. Soon telling him “yes ….. yes….. fuck me!!! …. fuck me!!!
It has to be the horniest memory I have. My sweet babe, great mother to our 3 k.ds, tireless worker… my best mate.….. demanding that this stranger take her,.. & take her hard. Ian continued his pounding, sweat now running down his solid torso, dripping from his nose onto her back. Then he was cumming. He threw his head back & drove his cock deep into her cunt, pulling her tight against him…. his face contorted with the rush of release. A huge exhalation of breath as he shot his load into her body. That was it for L. She loves to hear & feel her man cumming inside her. The greatest compliment you can give her is to blow a load of cum into her welcoming body. As she felt him lunge, heard his a****l grunts, & she could feel his cock swell even larger inside her, she had her first orgasm of the day. Almost screaming at him to give her his cum. She gripped the sheet & pushed back onto him with all her strength, her cunt going through amazing spasms as she squeezed his cock with her cunt, milking every drop of cum from him. Fireworks going off in her head. When my babe climaxes, she is a sight to behold. It is an amazing sight as she gives herself over to total pleasure,…. unrestrained, a****l lust.
Ian took a few seconds to recover enough to slowly slide his softening cock from my babe’s body. He watched some of his cum as it made a trail down her flushed lips, dripping onto the bed. He could see her cunt still twitching from her climax The next guy was impatiently waiting his turn. My babes reaction to the furious fucking she had received had him aching to continue the onslaught. He wanted to see if he could get a similar reaction. L was still twitching from her orgasm. If I hadn’t held her in place, she would have toppled sideways. She was given no time to recover however, as the 2nd guy stepped in behind her. His cock was a little larger that Ian’s. Not huge, but very thick & rock hard. I noticed the others standing nearby, watching my babe take her cock, like everyone’s favourite slut. They were all rock hard, but I didn’t have time to study them, as the 2nd guy stepped up, he too grabbed her by the hips, & with one powerful thrust was ball deep where his friend had been seconds before. L’s breath was driven from her. She had thought they would give her time to recover, especially after cumming so hard. She was wrong. This guy had a sack full of cum & it was destined for my babe’s inner body. L is always very sensitive after cumming, & usually likes time to cum down a little….. she wasn’t given that option. Very soon, her cunt took control again, & just like she had with Ian, she was soon telling Number 2 to “Fuck me…. god that’s so good….. fuck me!!!. Like a good trooper, he did as he was asked. He drove her for all he was worth. L was in a place she hadn’t been before. Her cunt had taken complete control of her. The sounds of their bodies coming together, his balls slapping her clit as he drove her, (she loves that), the smell of their sweat & cum….. it was all too much…. she was cumming again. She made unintelligible noises as he continued to pound her through her orgasm. I was witnessing a side of my babe I had not seen before…. (& we have an awesome sex life. I have witnessed many orgasms where her body is paralysed. her cunt grips my cock as it tries to extract my cum to mix with hers.). But this was awesome. I was spell-bound. My cock ached with the need to be buried in her, but I was determined to stick to the plan… My turn would cum..  The 2nd guy didn’t last long once her cunt began it’s inevitable squeezing as she climaxed. Soon he was adding his cum to that of his friend. He wasted no time stepping away so the next guy could step up….. & so it continued. My babe received the fucking of her life. She was almost a rag doll by the time the last guy….. the big guy…. stepped up to her still upraised rear. Her body seemed to be in a state of continuous orgasm…… Sweat ran from every pore of her being…. her words/sounds were more a****l than human. She was exhausted, but her cunt was in heaven….. it wanted more. I would never have imagined she could take such a pounding. This was far beyond our wildest fantasies.
It was only now that I realised the last guy was huge. About 10” of raw meat that looked like it could pierce steel, it was so hard. Huge veins ran the length of it. Blood coursing through them to gather at the large bell end; red & angry; & thick. It had to be as thick as a coke can. He had watched in silence as his friends had emptied their balls into my babe. Now it was his turn. My babe was in dreamland. Unaware that there was still another to cum, let alone how big he was. Her pussy was in continual spasms, dripping copious amounts a white cum onto the sheets beneath her.
As the last of them stepped up to take her by the hips, his huge hands gripped her just as his predecessors had, L became vaguely aware that there was more. Amazingly she raised her arse to the air, almost automatically. Unlike his mates though, this guy was going to be a little more gentle…I can only imagine how many women he has almost split in 2 with his huge dick. I held my breath as he leaned forward. Entry was not really a problem. The others had been no slouches in the size dept, & the amount of cum, both male & fem that soaked the entrance to her cunt, made initial entry quite easy…… for the first couple of inches. ..Then the realisation that something different was happening began to dawn on her. He withdrew his cock til just the head was still parting her lips. As he began the relentless push again, L’s body stiffened. She raised her head as if to turn & see who or what was stretching her cunt beyond anything she had felt before… except maybe c***dbirth. I held her head, determined that she would see this surprise through. My own lust was indescribable as I watched this giant of a man, ease his cock into my babe. He withdrew again, same as before. L held her breath as her cunt gripped this shaft of hot steel that penetrated her. Her eyes were wide as if in disbelief. On the forth stroke, he withdrew no more. He was all the way inside my babe. Her face was a sight to behold. Her eyes rolled back in her head & I thought she was going to pass out for a brief moment. But then he began to fuck her. Slowly at first….. building to a steady rhythm. Not driving her as the others had, but long, steady, full length strokes. Her body was taking 10” of hard cock….. on every stroke….it was unbelievable.
I wasn’t sure if my babe could take this last fucking. She was exhausted….. a drained rag doll I thought…… but I under-estimated the power of her pussy. Soon she began to respond to his thrusts. Gently at first… pushing back to meet him as he drove into her. However, it wasn’t long before her cunt took control again. She had lost any form of control over her body. Her head fell back to the bed, rolling from side to side, an endless stream of grunts & moans escaping her lips. In this position, she couldn’t use her arms to force her cunt back onto him, but she was still able to rotate her pelvis, as if riding him, but from beneath. An awesome sight. Everyone in the room was awestruck by my babes ability to take this monster…. especially after the fucking she had already received. But take him she did. (He later told me that it was the first time a woman had been able to drive herself onto him like that … He wanted to marry her..) Not only did she take him, but she was soon urging him to fuck her just as she had the others. Her head never left the bed, but she offered her cunt to him with total abandon. He was in heaven. He drove into her she demanded. At times she was lifted clear off the bed. The 2 of them became oblivious to the rest of us. Him lost in the depths of my babes cunt. Her in the feelings that began in her cunt, but travelled, at a million miles an hour through her entire body. Soon she was lost to orgasm again….. & again… & again….. until they were a continuous stream of flashing lights & incoherent sounds. Her entire body was convulsing & twitching to the point that I feared she may suffer a heart-attack or something similar.
It couldn’t last forever though. I had no idea whether it had been10 mins or an hour. The big guy was sweating buckets. His face contorted with the effort. His knees were buckling as he strove to give her the fucking of her life. Until, finally he gave a huge lunge. It flattened her to the bed & he collapsed onto her as he filled my babe with stream after stream of his hot cum. L just went into orbit.
She pushed her arse up to him one last time. Even though she was pinned beneath his huge frame, she managed to get her pelvis off the bed & grind her cunt onto his cock one more time. They both collapsed in a heap together. The big man cradled her in his arms…& said Hi. I’m Geoff…& you’re awesome.
Yes she was given time to recover this time…. but the afternoon was young & there was more fucking to be done. I won’t bore you with more details. Except to say that the crew watched as I took my babe in my arms… she took my cock into her body & she still had the strength to ride me to another orgasm. It didn’t take me long to add my cum, in a powerful orgasm, to her beautiful, cum- filled cunt. I was never more in love than right then. I also got to sample the young ‘fluffer’ several times that afternoon, & there was more cock for my babe’s well used, & very contented cunt…but all that is another story.

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