Three, Chapter 4 / page: 28 - Erotic story Collection

The husband and wife entered their hotel room, followed by the couple they had met downstairs. The husband vaguely knew the other man from work, having met him once at a company party, but neither he nor his wife knew the other woman. His wife wore a strapless white dress with black and white stiletto ankle shoes, her legs, arms, and shoulders already bare. The other woman wore a short frilly skirt with a halter top corset, fishnet stockings, and platform heels with ankle straps. Both men were in suits but had removed their ties earlier at the bar and now laid their jackets over the back of a nearby chair. The other man kicked off his shoes and moved to sit down at the nearby table while the husband retrieved a double sized bottle of vodka and four glasses from his suitcase. The women whispered to each other playfully, then laughed as they sat down at the table as well. The husband joined them, tossing a deck of cards onto the table doling out portions of spirit as he explained the rules of the game. It was regular spades, women vs men, but each time a team lost a hand each member had to strip off an article of clothing. If they had nothing left to remove they had to pleasure the other team sexually, starting at 1 minute and escalating each time. The first team to have both members cum loses. Everyone looked around the table, eyeing the members of the opposite sex lustfully and nodding secret confidences to the other member of their team.
The cards were dealt and everyone finished their first shot of vodka before the end of the hand. As luck would have it the men were the first to lose and gallantly stood up, walked over to the bed, and removed their socks. The cat calls from the women changed to playful boos as the men walked smugly back to their seats.
A second hand and a second round of vodka found the women on the losing side. With a smile and a nod to each other they shot back the remainder of their vodka and stood up, swaying their hips as they slowly strutted to the middle of the room and turned to face their men. They stripped in unison, the wife sliding her dress down over her body and the other woman coyly removing her high heels. The wife revealed her skin inch by inch: first her breasts in her strapless bra bounced playfully out of her dress as it slipped past, then she turned around to show off her back she passed her dress over her torso down to her hips. The other woman slid her hands from her neck over her body and down her legs to her ankles, wiggling her ass in the air behind her as she took her time unbuckling her shoes. Then she turned around and climbed sensuously onto the edge of the bed, letting the men see everything under her skirt. The wife’s dress inched its way over her ass, revealing her thong and sliding down her legs onto the floor around her feet. The other woman walked her fingers down her legs and slipped her shoes off one at a time onto the floor, making sure to spread her thighs as she switched sides to give them a good look at her pussy lips that were clearly visible through the sheer material of her string bikini panties. The wife slowly lifted each foot up to her ass as she stepped out of her dress, then turned around to reveal the front of her thong pulled down low enough that the men could glimpse her clit. The other woman stood up from the bed and, after striking a pose, they returned to their seats. The men were panting hard, their cocks straining against the inside of their pants and they downed the rest of their vodka, cleared their heads with a shake, and dealt the next hand of cards.
The wife sat with squared shoulders, bouncing her breasts each time she moved in a successful attempt to distract their male opponents. The men lost the hand and walked to the middle of the room to strip for their women. The husband slowly unbuttoned his shirt while the other man tugged at his belt buckle. They played it up, dancing around a little and executing sensuous hip thrusts, before the husband finally pulled his shirt off of his shoulders. He slid his arms out of the sleeves and tossed it aside. His black beater clung tight against his skin and his well-toned upper body made the women each slide a hand between their legs. As they started lightly fingering themselves they turned their eyes to watch the other man slide his hands down his body as he rocked his hips sided to side and let his pants drop, revealing a pair of blue boxers with white polka dots. His cock was hard and pressing up against the fabric as he thrust his hips toward the women several times before they finally sat down again.
Both women were giggling to each other as they started the next hand, but they still won the round by several tricks. With a smirk and a sigh the men once again returned to the middle of the room. The wife poured four more vodkas as her husband flexed his arms behind his head and the other man started unbuttoning his shirt. The husband grabbed the sides of his undershirt and pulled it over his head in one smooth motion, revealing his well-defined abs and chest which he flexed as the women casually fingered themselves. The other man let his shirt hang open revealing a white v-neck undershirt as he unbuttoned his cuffs, then slid his sleeves off of his arms and twirled it above his head before tossing it into a corner. The women giggled and clapped as the men returned to their seats, determined to win the next hand.
The cards ware dealt and everyone sipped their drinks, looking as cool and sexy as they could. The men won the hand and sat back smugly, hoping to see some tits. The women pranced to the center of the room and turned to face their men, hugging each other playfully around the waist. With a knowing look and a devilish smile to each other, the wife knelt down in front of the other woman. As the other woman posed with her arms behind her head the wife grabbed her skirt and slid it over her curves all the way down onto the floor. Her string bikini panties left only a thin line on her hips between the bottom of her corset and the top of her fishnet stockings. She hooked the string with her thumbs and let it go against her body with a snap and a smile. It was difficult for the men not to masturbate as they watched these beautiful women undressing each other, but they satisfied themselves with saucer-sized eyes and gaping mouths as they watched with bated breath what would happen next.
The wife lazily ran her fingers from her ankles up her smooth thighs and torso as she stood again and adopted a wide-legged pose, with her arms behind her head and her chest thrust out toward her audience. The other woman playfully ran her hands along the wife’s thighs and up over her ass, snapping the string of her thong. The wife played along and cooed sensually, closing her eyes and pouting her lips. The other woman’s fingers wandered up the wife’s torso and traced a line along the underside of her bra from the center of her cleavage to the middle of her back. With a tug she unfastened the wife’s bra, which fell away releasing her naked breasts to swing freely in the open air. The men caught their breath and sat spellbound as the women pranced gleefully back to their seats, the wife’s tits bouncing each step of the way.
It was difficult for the men to play the next round, seeing as they were so distracted, and the wife squared her shoulders, rocking them slowly from side to side to flaunt her bare breasts the whole round just to make it that much more difficult. The men lost miserably, the husband generally distracted and the other man staring at the wife’s chest the entire round. The wife squared her shoulders toward him, holding her cards so as not to block his view and ensuring that the men had to go to the middle of the room and strip for their women once again. The husband unbuckled his belt with a thrust of his hips and turned his back to the audience as he dropped his pants. The other man stripped off his v-neck undershirt and tossed it aside, still mesmerized by his friend’s topless wife. He was thinner than the husband and not as muscular, but smooth-skinned and nicely tan. And judging by the bulge in his boxers he was just as well-hung as the other member of his team, who turned around and struck a pose to let the women get a good view of his thinly veiled cock bobbing in the red and orange fabric that stretched to confine it. The two men, now wearing only boxers, sat back down at the table and poured another round of vodka.
The next hand was dealt and despite their best efforts the women were outplayed. Everyone took a sip of vodka, then the men sat back triumphantly and watched the women move to the bed. The other woman laid on the bed facing the men and propping herself up on her elbows, giving them a good view of her cleavage. The wife knelt on the bed keeping her black and white stiletto ankle shoes off the sheets. She swayed her ass as she crawled toward her teammate and swung her leg over the other woman’s ass, straddling her waist. She started unfastening the corset bindings down the woman’s back with both hands, thrusting her chest forward as she did so to show off her naked breasts. The other woman smiled coyly at the men and traced the top of her corset with her finger while she waited patiently for the wife to free her tits from their containment. When she was finished, the wife ran her fingers down the length of the other woman’s naked spine before crawling off and sitting on the front edge of the bed. She leaned back on her arms and gently swayed her naked breasts as she innocently turned her head to look at her teammate’s. All three of them watched as the other woman brought her knees up to her ribs, waving her string-bikini-covered ass in the air and keeping her breasts pressed against the bed til the last minute. Then she raised her shoulders up until she was kneeling with her knees wide-spread, head thrown back, chest forward, and tits completely exposed. She slid her hands up her thighs and down in front of her pussy, resting them against the bed and pressed her arms together to accentuate her cleavage. The men were speechless, frozen in ocular pleasure as their minds reeled at what they were seeing. The wife stood and planted her feet shoulder width apart in profile to the men, leaning her head back, thrusting her chest forward, and closing her eyes. The other woman crawled off the bed and knelt at her feet, running her hands from the wife’s knees up her thighs to her waist and leaning in to her crotch. Her breasts swayed under her arms as she took the thong into her mouth and flicked the exposed clit with the tip of her tongue. The wife’s eyes were still closed and she was not expecting the other woman to remove her thong with her mouth, let alone lick her clit. Her body tensed in shock for a moment, then relaxed as she leaned her hips into the capable mouth that was creating this incredible feeling in her loins and let out a soft moan of pleasure.
It was over far too quickly as the other woman took the thong in her teeth and slowly lowered her body to the floor. Ultimate willpower was exhibited by the men just to keep from cumming in their boxers as they watched the spectacle. The wife snapped back to reality with a sleepy smile and stepped out of her thong with a cheerful sigh. Crossing one leg behind the other she posed in front of the men wearing nothing but her high heels while the other woman got up and joined her. They held each others waists with one arm and threw their other arms up in the air like they had just performed a magic trick. As far as the men were concerned, they had.
The next hand went the way of the two pairs of bouncing breasts. The men happily got up and stood in the center of the room, staring at their mostly naked women for a moment before stripping. Their boxer shorts didn’t hide the size of their members, and sliding them down to their ankles was just a matter of course. The heads of their dicks bobbed as they escaped their confinement and swelled to a thick, shiny purple as the women watched smugly. The men ran their hands up and down their well-muscled torsos, flexing and strutting. The other man cupped his balls and the husband sent some hip thrusts in the women’s direction with wink at each of them. The men returned to their seats, naked and hoping to beat the women in the next round.
Another round of vodka and another hand of cards had them all touching themselves to try to distract and entice their opponents. The men sat with their legs spread, holding the bases of their cocks while they acted like they were looking at their cards. The other woman similarly sat pinching her nipples with one hand as she pretended to look at her cards, breathing heavily and letting out soft gasps with each pinch.
The wife laid her hand face up on the table and thrust her tits out over them, petting her chest and cupping her breasts as she pretended to inspect her nipples. The husband looked back and forth between them, then stood, struck a relaxed pose, and lightly caressed his balls a few inches above the table while he focused on playing the cards in his other hand. The other man stared at the wife’s breasts, breaking only to watch the other woman whenever she moaned or gasped. Since the husband was the only one paying any attention to the card game, the men won. The women slammed their last two cards onto the table, grinned wryly at their defeat, and strutted to the center of the room.
The wife, wearing nothing but her black and white stiletto ankle shoes, stuck her hands in her hair, her arms above her head, and daintily walked a circle around her teammate several times. The other woman stood sideways on tiptoe with her feet spread and bent over at the waist, keeping her shoulders back. She ran her hands over her tits and torso, around her ass to the top of her fishnet stockings. Her hands stopped briefly at her pussy to pull her asscheeks apart as the wife stood behind her, thrusting her hips and moaning for the benefit of their audience. Then the other woman slid her hands down one leg, stripping her stocking down to her ankles as she went, and repeated the process down her other leg. When she was finished she stood up, bringing first one foot then the other up to her ass and removing the stocking, tossing it aside. Wearing nothing but string bikini panties she blew the men a kiss and winked. Then the wife kicked off her shoes, playfully smacked the other woman on the ass, and sat back down.
The men had gotten used to watching without masturbating and now looked over their opponents smugly as they sipped their vodka and played the next hand with raging hardons. The cards were in the mens favor and halfway through the round they stood, letting their cocks hang out over the table to distract their opponents for the last few tricks. It worked, and the women were once again in their debt. The wife, now with nothing left to strip, stood up and told her husband and the other man to sit on the edge of the bed and spread their legs. She followed them with the other woman who, having the only article of clothing between the four of them, struck an arched back tits forward pose in the middle of the room and waited. The men sat obediently on the edge of the bed with their eyes fixed on the string bikini panties that were about to be removed, legs spread for easy access to their hard, swollen dicks.
The wife knelt in front of them and placed each of her palms on their cum canals, wrapping her fingers around their shafts. The other woman took her cue and came to life, walking back and forth in front of her audience in short, swaying steps, making sure to playfully swing her breasts as she slowly danced for their enjoyment. The wife stroked the cocks she was holding with long, fluid motions and cupped their tight balls, tickling them with her fingertips and leaning in to the other man’s crotch. The other woman turned her back to them and leaned forward, hooking her hands in her panties and sliding them around the curve of her ass as the wife slid the other man’s cock into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the cleft of his swollen head and slowly bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, moaning a little and relishing the sensation of his silky smooth skin against her tongue. With one hand she reached down and gently squeezed his balls as she sucked, while she cupped the length her husband’s member with her other hand and gently caressed him with her grasping fingers.
When the other woman got her panties down to her knees she let them drop and waved her ass in the air, running her hands along her thighs so the men could savor the sight of her curvaceous hips and delectably pouty pussy lips. The wife ran her lips from the base of the other man’s cock up his shaft and around his head, pausing to lick up his pre-cum before moving over to her husband’s manmeat. She deepthroated his familiar dick, then pulled back along his shaft to wrap her lips around his swollen purple head and wrap her fingers around his girth. Her head bobbed slowly on his member as she jacked him off into her mouth with one hand and her other hand fondled every inch of the other man’s dick. The other woman stood up and turned to face them, flaunting her breasts and body as she brought her feet up to her ass to step out of her panties lying on the floor. The wife slid her mouth off of her husband and gave them both a few last strokes before standing up. Their minute was over and with much difficulty the men had kept themselves from cumming. The women smiled at each other knowingly, confident they could get ‘em next time, and they all returned to their seats.
The next two hands went terribly for the men, and they treated their women twice in a row. First, the men led their women to the bed and laid them down side by side with their shoulders and hips touching. They lay down next to them and wrapped them in an embrace, kissing them deeply and running their hands down over their breasts. They pinched their nipples and traced their fingers down their torsos in to the hot spot between their legs. Their fingers darted in and out of their moist snatches, gently rubbing their pussy lips with their own sex juices and massaging their growing clits. Each couple could feel the other becoming more and more aroused, and it only fueled their own enjoyment as the four of them touched their lovers on the two person bed. They all agreed that the minute was over far too quickly.
Second, the men brought their women back to the bed and laid they down side by side again. Then, dr****g their women’s legs across each other as they spread them wide, they bent down and kissed their pussies. The women drew in their breath and closed their eyes, their bodies pressed beside each other to share their heightened sexuality as their men ate them out. The men ran their hands up and down the women’s legs as they licked and kissed their intimate lips, sucking on their clits and darting their tongues in and out of their pussies. The women each caressed the head between their legs with one hand while they caressed their own breasts with the other. They pinched their nipples and arched their backs in unison, a surge of sexual energy coursing through them and heightening their arousal.
The wife moved her hand from her husband’s head onto the other woman’s inner thigh, and the other woman immediately returned the favor, upping the ante by sliding her hand down and rubbing her fingers around the wife’s pussy lips. The wife started breathing heavier and shifted her hips toward the other woman, reaching over to run her fingers down her chest and pinch her nipple. The men were still holding their women’s asses in both hands an pulling them hard into their ravening mouths as the other woman pulled the wife’s breast into her mouth. The wife threw her head back and pulled the other woman’s head close as the tongue licking her nipple and her husband’s incessant mouth drove her to climax. Her body seized up and she let out a long cry of pleasure as her mind was overtaken by a crushing orgasm. She held one head against her chest and the other into her crotch as she came all over her husband’s chin. He eagerly licked up her juices and held her hips to his face until she had finally subsided and relaxed.
Then he walked around the bed and lay beside the other woman, cupping her breast and taking her nipple into his mouth while the other man redoubled his efforts on her loins. The other woman arched her back as the wife started sucking on her other breast and she tensed every muscle as the tongue darting along her clit triggered her orgasm. She let out a scream as her body was wracked with pleasure and pulled the other man’s head hard against her pussy to let her bucking hips ride out her climax against his face. Her toes flexed and strained, and the husband and wife gently bit her nipples to send her into a renewed orgasm. All four of them collapsed beside each other on the bed, sharing in the free-flowing sexual energy.
The men still had raging hardons and bided their time, stroking the bodies of the naked women beside them while they recuperated. Soon the women opened their eyes and smiled slyly, knowing the entertainment had only begun.
The wife sat up and climbed off the bed, running her hands through her hair and starting to sway her curvaceous hips. She turned around and focused on touching her body as she danced for her three companions on the bed. The other woman touched the men’s bare chests beside her, then let her fingers wander down to their loins and caressed their manhoods. They were still over engorged and her hands naturally wrapped around their silky smooth shafts as she started to finger them indulgently. The wife swayed back and forth in front of them as she watched her own hands enjoying every inch of herself: massaging her shoulders, cupping her breasts, sliding over her torso, and grabbing her hips. She turned around and spread her legs, peeking over her shoulder at them as she ran her hands up her thighs and spread her ass cheeks apart, with a look that begged all three of them to fuck her hard and never stop.
The other woman knelt between the men and bent her head down to take the husband’s cock into her mouth, holding his hips and lightly bobbing her lips just below his throbbing head. The other man knelt behind her and grabbed her ass, lining up his cock for penetration as the other woman moaned encouragement and the wife turned around, leaned against the wall, and started fingering herself. With a short thrust he popped his head inside her swollen pussy and she moaned on the cock in her mouth, leaning back into him to get more of his manhood inside her. The husband rose to a kneeling position and together they sank their shafts balls-deep into her mouth and pussy. She let out a long, unintelligible sound and the wife started touching her nipples and fingering herself faster as their wanton cocks pulled most of the way out and started thrusting in unison.
The other woman’s ass and tits jiggled as the other man reamed her from behind, balls tapping her clit with every stroke. She grabbed the husband’s ass, holding his cock down her throat and his balls tapping her chin as she steadied herself against the other man’s onslaught. The husband’s cock stifled her scream as the other man grabbed her torso, held himself inside her womanhood, and he erupted in spurt after spurt of overdue satisfaction inside her drenched, grasping womanhood. She came a second time and her pussy tried to squeeze every last drop out of his invasive, throbbing manhood, which he gladly gave her in grunting thrusts.
When they finally subsided and went to the bathroom to wash off, the wife pushed her husband down onto the bed and straddled his hips. She thrust her chest out over his face and let him lick her tits while she slid her hand between her legs, cupped his shaft, and lined him up for penetration. She eased herself back and let her pussy lips engulf his throbbing, swollen head as he stroked her tits and licked her nipples. His thick member stretched her pussy lips tight and she gently rocked her body, swinging her breasts and easing him inside her inch by inch. The other man and woman returned just as the husband’s cock bottomed out inside his wife and she leaned back, bracing her arms against his legs and thrusting her tits up in the air. The man sat down in a nearby chair and stroked himself hard again as he watched his woman climb back onto the bed and straddle the husband’s face. She had had her own man eat her out, but now she wanted to feel this other man’s tongue inside her pussy.
The husband’s cock throbbed inside his wife as she rocked her hips and rode him like a broncho. He started French kissing the pussy lips in front of him, darting his tongue in and out of the other woman’s snatch. She moaned with pleasure and propped herself up with her arms on his chest as she leaned forward to give her clit a better angle on his mouth. The wife also leaned forward to get his cock deeper inside her, and the two women met in the middle. Their nipples brushed against each other and they leaned into each others touch, pressing their breasts together, bringing their hands up to fondle each other, and leaning in for a long kiss. Their minds were filled with the feelings in their pussies and the fingers roaming around their breasts.
The wife kept rocking her hips until the husband’s throbbing manhood couldn’t hold back any longer. He grabbed the other woman’s ass and pulled his face away as he sank his member up into his wife’s innermost regions and exploded inside her. Her arousal was palpable and she threw her head back as he came, opening her chest up to the other woman’s mouth. The thick, swollen cock stretching her pussy and pumping its satisfaction into her, and the lips nibbling and sucking on her hard, tender nipples sent her careening into her own second orgasm. The husband and wife came all over each other while the other woman licked the wife’s breasts and the other man watched. Their waves of pleasure came and went, and they eventually slid off of each other and lay exhausted on the bed. The other woman sat back against the headboard and smiled blissfully as they slowly recovered and headed off to the bathroom to wash up.
The four of them lounged together on the bed and sipped their vodka, communicating in satisfied grunts and moans of agreement. The wife sat up and looked at her companions with a devious smile. They mirrored her smile and asked what she had in mind, and she slid off the bed. They watched her ass as she walked over to her suitcase, pulled out two sleeping masks, and crawled back onto the bed. She explained that they should play another game. The men would be blindfolded while the women jacked them off, and the men would have to guess who was pleasuring them.
They all agreed, and the men blindfolded themselves, sat back, and waited. The women stood in front of the bed, motioning at the men and unanimously agreeing to switch partners. They giggled, hushed each other, and crawled back onto the bed. The other man was hard again from watching the spectacle, but the husband needed some encouragement. The wife knelt in front of the other man, cupping his balls and taking his member in the palm of her hand. The other woman bent forward and started kissing the husband’s balls while she gently teased him hard with her fingertips.
The wife stroked the other man’s shaft in her capable hands, slowly jacking him off in smooth strokes while she watched her husband’s cock get rock hard as the other woman sucked on his balls and tickled the length of his shaft. The husband drew in a breath as the other woman kissed his inner thigh, wrapped her fist around the head of his cock, and started pumping. The wife also leaned in and kissed the other man’s inner thigh, then wrapped her tongue around the base of his shaft and started sucking on the bottom of his cock. The other woman started getting wet as she watched the wife massaging her man’s cock and balls with her mouth, and jacking him off right next to her face.
Bending down with her ass in the air, the other woman licked the length of the husband’s shaft, starting at his balls and working her way up until she was taking the head of his dick into her mouth. The wife looked over and watched her bob up and down on her husband’s manhood while jacking him off, and she smiled. Then she turned to the other man and deepthroated him, holding her hand to the base of his cock as she started her own blow job. She slid his thick head along her tongue to her lips and kissed it before taking it back inside her mouth and trying to swallow it. The wife cupped and squeezed the other man’s balls while her husband leaned his head back and let the other woman eagerly suck him off.
After a few minutes the women pulled back, wiped their mouths with a smirk, and got off the bed. The men removed their blindfolds and looked at the naked women standing expectantly before them, not sure what to think. They each pointed to their women, unsure of who had really been giving them such great blowjobs. The women giggled to each other and coyly shook their heads. The wife bit her lower lip and clasped her hands in front of her pussy as she swayed side to side, pressing her breasts together toward the men and
proudly looking back and forth between her husband and the other man’s cock. The other woman stared at the husband’s dick as she lazily circled her areola with the fore-finger on one hand and slid her other fore-finger into her mouth. She slid it in and out of her lips a few times before bringing it down to circle the areola on her other breast.
“Now it’s our turn to see if we can tell which of you is which,” the wife said playfully and moved back to the bed. Taking the blindfold from her husband she put it on and knelt in the middle of the bed. The men slid off the bed to watch as the other woman put on her blindfold and knelt beside the wife. They bent over, hips and shoulders touching as they pressed their chests into the bed and stuck their asses into the air. “We’re ready,” the wife announced cheerfully as they slowly swayed their tantalizing pussies in unison. Needing no further prompting the other man practically leapt onto the bed and knelt behind the wife while the husband took up his position behind the other woman. The husband caressed the other woman’s ass and thighs while the other man stroked the wife’s back and wetted his shaft along her slit. Then the other man dropped his cock down to line up for penetration, grabbed the wife’s waist, and pressed himself inside her.
The husband also placed his hand against the small of other woman’s back, held his cock against her pussy lips with his other hand, and pulled them into each other with his powerful hips. The women’s heads were turned toward each other and when they were simultaneously penetrated they could feel each other gasp in pleasure. Their shoulders touched, their thighs pressed together, and their ankles intertwined as they spread their legs, sharing their sexual energy. The men started thrusting in unison and kept a slow, steady pace while the women moaned and leaned into the cocks that fucked them, whosever they might be.
The husband reached down to finger the other woman’s clit as he fucked her and the other man caressed the wife’s ass. He widened his stance, spreading the wife’s knees farther apart and pushing her deeper into the bed as he grabbed her waist to penetrate her more deeply. She cried out, “Yes! Yes!”, then faded into a soft moaning scream as she tensed her arms and relaxed into the commanding thrusts of his manhood. Her husband was stroking the other woman’s pussy lips around the base of his dick as he watched her being fucked by the other man. The husband ran his hands down the other woman’s thighs to her ankles which he grasped tightly. She cooed sensuously at her feeling of helplessness as he manhandled her body for his pleasure. She drew in a sharp breath as he started plowing into her hard from behind, gasping each time he bottomed out inside her willing pussy.
Sexual energy flowed through all four of them as the men forced themselves balls-deep in each other’s women, whose pussies in turn were equally ravenous to gorge themselves on the hard, thick cocks. After at least a dozen strokes the men shared a look and a nod, pulled themselves out of the gorgeous asses in front of them, and crawled off the bed. They were sweaty and panting slightly, standing at the foot of the bed and watching their fucked women gently writhing as they lay in their pool of endorphins. Soon the other woman rose to kneel on all fours and the wife sat up on her knees, turning her blindfolded face to where she could hear the men standing. “Aw, come on. Don’t be done yet. We were having so much fun!” she pouted coyly and sensuously propped her arms on the other woman’s conspicuously raised ass.
The men needed no further prompting and immediately remounted the bed. The wife lifted a leg across the other woman so she straddled her head, still propped up on the ass that her nipples brushed with each sway of her tits. The husband knelt behind his wife and the other man behind his woman, facing each other and lining up for penetration. The husband slid his cock into his wife's waiting pussy, pressing her face against the other man's chest as he in turn slowly fucked the other woman. The wife held the other woman's ass in her hands, brushing it with her nipples and breathing hard into the other man's torso with the thrusting of her husband's hips. The other woman happily pressed her tits down into the bed and let her swaying ass get slowfucked from behind.
Her mouth was hanging open as she moaned her pleasure at the other man filling her up from behind. The husband saw the oportunity and slid out of his wife, dropped his cock a few inches and pressed into the other woman's open, gasping mouth. She happily sucked his length in between her lips until her chin felt his balls, deepthroating him as the other man bottomed out repeatedly in her pussy.
The wife pressed her body against the woman's naked back and enjoyed the feel of her skin. It felt electric from the intense arousal at being double penetrated. She held the woman's ass cheeks apart so the man could get as deep as possible, but soon the wife grew impatient. Her hands slid down along the other woman's pussy lips, gripping the man's shaft to slide it out of the pussy it was fucking and into her own mouth. Without missing a beat he kept thrusting, letting her moan her pleasure onto his thick, throbbing cock.
She started fingering the other woman's pussy, u*********sly increasing her speed as her own arousal grew. The cock in her mouth tasted so good as it started budding pre-cum that her fingers made the other woman climax. The wife gave a squeal of delight as she felt the orgasm play out beneath her. Her hips bucked against the woman's naked shoulders and the husband had a hard time concentrating to holding in his cum with his cock inside a woman screaming in ecstasy.
When she finally subsided he pulled out and slid his raging member into his wife. Now it was her turn to be double penetrated, and when both men started drilling their hard, thick shafts into her at the same time it launched her into another orgasm. She clamped down hard on both dicks while the climax ravaged her body. The other man grabbed her head in both hands to control his pace and the husband grabbed her hips to do the same. Just as she was coming down she felt them swell, increase their pace, and redouble her climax as they came. All three of them pulsed with sexual energy as they knelt in frozen pleasure, both men cumming hard into the wife. They rocked her between them and dumped throbbing spurts of cum spasmingly deep inside her.
The wife dutifully guzzled the other man's cream in gulps, too drunk and wracked with pleasure to care. The other woman rolled carefully onto her back and started gently kissing the wife's pussy. When the husband pulled out, she started licking and sucking her pussy lips, lapping up the husband's cum until she had gotten all she could from the depths of the wife's snatch. Moaning her pleasure, she pulled away and all four of them sat in a contented stupor for several minutes, looking at each others' naked bodies and fondly remembering all that had happened.
They took turns showering and soon they were all dried, dressed and shaking off the last vestiges of their intense experience together. "Bar?" the wife asked teasingly. They laughed and the other couple declined. As they left the other man turned back to gaze again briefly on the husband's grinning face and intently on the wife's body. His eyes groped her lustfully and with a smile he said, "We should do this again sometime." They all laughed and agreed, and reluctantly parted ways. They knew they would sleep well tonight.

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