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When I ran a lawn mowing and landscaping business in San Diego, before I retired a few years back, I hired a Honduran guy by the name of Carlos to oversee the mainly Spanish-speaking laborers I primarily hired, and it was through him that I began to find a surprising number of willing younger Mexican (and other 'Latin American') men from around the ages of 23-30 something, that were looking to make as  much extra cash on the side as possible; and who were not always averse to 'earning' it by letting me suck their cocks.

So, every so often, Carlos would quietly point out to me some new hire that he thought I might like. He was by no means gay, and I wondered if he found my propensity in that direction either antagonizing, or at least revolting. If he did feel either of those things, he never let on that he did, though he was quick to make it clear to me that HE was not at all interested in other guys; which was fine.

Carlos' English language skills were much better than most of the other guys who worked for me, and he would quietly find out who among the various temporary and day-laborers who worked for me might be interested, or at least willing to let me suck their cocks.

I can't now remember just how many of these migrants I enjoyed in that way, but, if I had to put a number to it, I'd have to say it would be on the strong side of a hundred! I have to say that I paid each of these young guys pretty generously for the opportunity to relieve them of some of their pent up loads of sperm ($50.00 is what I paid, and that was in 1990's money value)! In fact, I paid these various young Latino guys more for letting me suck them off, than I did when they worked for me at landscaping and mowing; and that was deliberate because I hoped to induce any of them to consider letting me 'have' them, to 'have' at least some of their cum! Most never took up the offer, but not an insignificant number did!

Javier was one such young Honduran guy that I had the chance of knowing like this. He had been pointed out to me by Carlos, and I really liked what I saw; and so I told Carlos to approach Javier, but to be discreet in doing so, and I wanted him to mention that I'd pay him well if he chose to do this! (I also paid Carlos a bit more money than the others just because he was acting on behalf in this regard! That was his inducement to recruit more you Latino studs for me! And it worked very well!!)

"I want him," I told Carlos, referring to the young Javier.

"I think he will be willing," he replied. "He has a wife and two c***dren in Honduras, and they need the extra money! So, I'll ask him today. When no one else is around. Okay?"

"Absolutely!" I replied, feeling my groin starting to tingle at even just the thought of getting Javier's young cock inside my hungry mouth! "Also," I reminded Carlos, "make sure he knows I don't think he's gay! Tell him I'm gay, but he isn't, and that's what I like about him!"

"I will tell him!" Carlos replied with that faint, yet difficult-to-decipher smile (or smirk?) he often wore around me.

Later that same day, as the crew Carlos was overseeing (and the one Javier was also on), was loading up the equipment for the day, he called me to say that the young Javier was interested in my proposition for making some extra cash.

"He is nervous," Carlos related to me, "but, he really wants the money, too! So, I can drop him off at your place later, if you'd like. But, you'd have to give him a ride back to where he's currently staying after words."

"That's fine, Carlos," I replied, feeling yet again that upwelling of both sexual excitement, as well as hunger! "Drop him by after you've sent everyone else home. Then drop him off."

"I'll do that," he replied, and that was how I started seeing Javier!

The first time these young Latino guys and I together, they always seem so very nervous, and even uncertain, but I give them the cash up front as another inducement; and that always works.

Javier was still sweaty and dirty from the hot days work, and I had him take a shower first. While he was showering, I got him a nice, ice-cold bottle of Corona beer from the refrigerator.

I would be setting in the living room waiting for him to come in and join me, and we'd set and sip our beers in mainly silence (my Spanish was okay, but not that great either, and Javier's English was practically non-existent, so there was rarely ever actually 'conversation' between us). When Javier and finished his beer, that was when I got to finally have my own form of 'reward!'

Typically, Javier, and the other young Latino guys I had like this would set on the comfortable sofa, generally naked, but sometimes partly dressed, depending on their particular comfort level, and I would come up between their legs on my knees, and I'd proceed to admire and fondle their cock and balls, and then, after I'd teased them to a nice erection, I'd get down to the business of sucking those beautiful brown cocks!

Javier had a really nice sized cock about seven or eight inches long when erect, and an equally nice sized set of balls, and I'd kneel there kissing and sucking his cock and balls for a while before getting to the blow job itself! I wanted them to want me to suck them off at that point, and seeing their erections jutting upwards into the air, and throbbing with the anticipation of an orgasm (for which they already had $50.00 in cash in their pockets), I could see on their faces the anticipation of that.

"You have a beautiful cock, Javier," I said, not sure if he truly understood me, or not, but I think he did, at some level, because as I began to work his cock over with and in my mouth, his reactions were always flattering to me!

I enjoyed the fact that, thousands of miles south of where he and I were at that moment, his unsuspecting wife was totally unaware that he was 'earning' some much needed extra cash for her, and for their two c***dren, by letting me suck his cock. It was a kind of 'business transaction', or, at least, that's how I tended to regard these sorts of things. I wasn't interested in breaking up any of these guys marriages, or anything like that! Not at all! These were not 'gay' men. They were clearly very heterosexual men, who, for a variety of reasons, were in a situation where they needed money, and here I was offering them the chance to obtain that...if only they allowed me to 'have' them, sexually, at least once!  

Latin culture tends to see men like me, as a fag, a 'maricon' in Spanish usage. But, for the one receiving, say, a blow job, you were not a fag. It was a curious delineation, but that was the dynamic I knew I needed to keep in mind with men like him! As long as Javier saw himself as the 'top', and me as the 'bottom', his ego would not be threatened, and I was keen to keep that balance as much as possible!

So, for perhaps half an hour, I worked young Javier's nice cock over with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, and I could tell that he definitely enjoyed this! Seeing him enjoying what I was doing, gave me such satisfaction.  I'd always loved sucking cock, and from an early age I'd gotten quite good at knowing just how to please another guy that way! So Javier got probably the best blow job he would ever likely get, from either another man, or a woman! And when he came, I could tell that it had been a considerable length of time since he'd had any sex; because when he came, he turned loose a truly massive amount of cum---and I greedily drank down every last drop I could extract from him!

Eventually, as his cock slowly shrank a little, and as I let it slip out of my mouth, I gave his balls, as well as his flaccid cock several affectionate, and appreciative kisses. Then, as I straightened up (still on my knees), I smiled into his face, and said: 'Muchos gracias, Javier!"

At that, and to my delight, Javier smiled back at me, and I took that as a very positive sign! In certain cases, after I'd sucked a Latino guys cock, and taken his load, he immediately acted somewhat hostile towards me, and I'd often not see him again in the landscaping crew after that! But I had a feeling about Javier that I might get another chance at him again, and this excited me very, very much!

Before Javier got up from the couch, I leaned over and kissed his cock and balls again, and then I stood up and let him get dressed. I sat across from him watching him as he got dressed, and I admired his nice looking body; which was neither heavily muscled, nor overly skinny, but just right. He smiled several times at me when he caught me watching him, and then, as we got ready to leave, so that I could drive him to where he was staying, I took the liberty of walking up close to him and lightly patting his crotch in the palm of my hand. He smiled.

"God, you're handsome!" I said. He may not have known the exact words, but he seemed to grasp the meaning of them, and he blushed as he smiled back at me, and I loved seeing that.

"I'd love to do this again sometime, Javier," I added. "So, if you'd like to as well, I'd definitely be willing to pay you. Okay? I know you're not gay, and that's fine! Not a problem. I hope you don't feel as if you've done anything wrong. You haven't. Your wife and c***dren need some extra money. I understand that! You're not a fag. Okay? I'M a fag! But not you! Okay? 'Comprende?' "

"See," Javier replied. "See."

It was a short drive to where Javier was staying, but he had me drop him off several blocks away, and I watched him walk off in the gather darkness. I kept watching him till  could no longer see him, and then I drove back home. I could still clearly taste Javier's cum in my mouth, and I savored it, like it was some sort of rare, fine wine, or something like that; something 'precious', which, in a way, it actually was. It was his sperm!!! The most intimate essence of his manhood! I remembered the feel of his rounded cock head on my tongue, and lips as I'd sucked him earlier, and I wanted it again. In fact, I wanted Javier again, whether he had a wife waiting for him Honduras or not. He was here now. Not there! So, while here, I wanted him as often as possible. I'd discuss that with Carlos the next day, and see if something like that could be worked out. 

I'd become very taken by this young, handsome Honduran; and I wanted more of that delicious sperm of his, too! I'd get it one way or the other!

The End       

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