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For you who read my other story (the neighbor needs my help)
This is the next part of the story.

First let me tell you about my Wife Lynn and Me. We have been married 32 years. She is 50 years old about 5'9" & 175 lbs with 40D breasts a great shaved pussy (this took some begging) and nice round ass. I am 52 years old 5'10" & 200 lbs with about an 8" but pretty big around cock. Lynn had a lot of female problems early in our marriage. So our sex life was not much so I had sex with (Sandy) the wife of my best friend Rick (but that's another story which comes into play in part 3). Lynn and I tried some different things but she just never got in to it or did not care. No anal (which I love) she would not even sallow makes for a not so great blow job. As the years went by it has not got any better. We have sex maybe every few weeks or so and it is pretty basic. I have always been over sex crazed since I was a young boy. All I think about is sex 24/7 I was spoiled by my first girlfriend she just could not get enough we had sex the first time when I was 16 and she was 14. She almost ****d me on our first date but I blew that when I fucked her best friend. Had I known then what that would mean to have later in life. Okay back to the story

For the next couple of months Joan and I would just make wise cracks back and forth when we saw each other about me eating her or her giving me head. Then Lynn went out of town to visit her sister. My mind just starts going crazy. So the first night I go over to see if Joan is home but she is not there. So I have to just watch some porn (you guessed it the title is fucking your hot neighbor) well I will have to just masturbate with a set of anal beads up my ass. The next morning when we were leaving for work I told Joan to come over later tonight and we can go play in the hot tub. About 8 pm or so she comes and knocks on the door I open it and there she is with a swim robe on. I can only hope shes naked under it. She comes in and I ask her if she wants a drink. she says yes so I get her a glass of wine and I grab a beer. Well we all know you can not just have one so after many we are ready for the tub. I am already starting to get hard thinking about what might happen. We go out to the back yard which in all hidden by a tall fence. She drops her robe and has a tiny bikini on which looks good but not what I had hoped for I had hoped she was naked. She climbs in and says oh this feels great on my body. I say your body is going to feel a lot better soon. I drop my shorts and climb in naked. She says oh your cock is getting hard already and I say oh you do that to me. We start talking about our fantasies what we each like and what we do not. I had no idea that she was such a nympho all these years or I would have tried to fuck her before. She starts to tell me about the stuff her ex lover and she did when they were together. I am having a hard time not to shot my load right then and there. She also tells me that she has been fucking a black guy named Chuck who has a huge cock. So I start to think great I will not to be able compare to him. Guess I will have to try other things on her. I love anal but was not sure about her and did not know if I should bring it up right now so I let it go for now. I will just have try to find out some other time. The next thing I know I fell her feet rubbing my cock. So I reach over and pull her to my side of the tub. I start to massage her neck and she says that feels great so I start to move lower and untie her top and let it fall in the water. She moves in front of me so I can get a better angle on her neck. I just letting my hands fall lower and lower until I have her tits in each hand God her nipples are hard as rocks. I turn her around and we start kissing like there is no tomorrow I am still playing with her tits I take one in my mouth and start sucking lightly then a little harder and start to bite very lightly. She tells me to bite harder so he goes she starts to squirm around now she reaches down and starts to rub my dick which is rock hard by now. I tell her you better be careful or else. I pull her up and slide her bottoms down her legs got she looks so hot standing there with water dripping down her front. So now her love nest is right there in front of my face so I stick out my tongue and try to lick her but she moves back and says you need to wait a while you dirty old man I say you are just one hot dick tease and she says you bet I am. She sits back down in the water and I rub her tits for a while longer got her nipples are as hard as I have ever seen them.Then she says sit up on the side of the tub its my turn so I climb up and sit there she kneels in front of me and sucks my whole cock in at one time. She must have a lot of practice from Chuck. God this woman is so fucking hot. Then she does something I love(I love all kinds of toys up my ass) she starts playing with my ass next thing I know she sticks her finger up as far as she can and I can feel that great feeling rising from my balls and start cumming down her throat I am sure how many times but she drank it all. She grabs my balls and squeezes them real tight. I have never had that done before the feeling was so great. I tell her its my turn to have my way with her. So she gets up and sits on the side of the tub I kneel down in between her spread legs and start to lick up and down a little higher each time. She tells me quit teasing her and eat the dam thing. So I spread her legs as far as I can and stick my tongue in as far as I can. She starts to moan louder and louder so I spread her lips with both hands as far as they will go and start licking her love button until she is moving around so much I can not even hold her anymore. So I start to fuck her with my tongue. I stick my finger in and she is just so wet. So I keep adding fingers until I have four up her soaked box just then she screams and cums. She says lets get out and go over to my house and play around.

We get out garb another round of drinks she throws on her robe and I slip on my shorts and t shirt. She leaves and tells me to wait a few minutes then come over. She tells me that she will leave the door unlocked so just come in. I walk in and she yells from her bedroom get back her right now. I had been in her house so many times over the years (if you read part 1 you know what happened one time) but this just feel so different my heart was pounding in my chest and I was starting to get hard already. I was surprised of this because it usual took a while longer the second time but oh well. I get her bedroom and she is naked lying on the her bed legs spread with her large dido stuffed up her pussy I think this must happen a lot because she is moaning and really working in. I drop my shorts and climb up on the bed. She says you know we can not have intercourse it just would not be right (I did not know she knew about the others). I say okay but you have to let me eat you right know. I climb up over her spread her legs as wide as they would go and then tucked them up under my arms what a sight. There she is wide open and all wet and ready for anything. I pull out the dildo and stuff my face right in to her lovely pussy and start licking as fast as I can she goes crazy. I start pounding my tongue in for all its worth fucking her with it when she starts Cumming like crazy next she is trying to grab my cock but I know if she does I will not last so I keep moving around and make it hard to reach. She is almost screaming now. Now I reach down with my finger and get it wet with her cum and start to rub it around her rear door and she just wiggles a little so I start to shove my finger up her ass. Just about the time I have it in she starts squirting. I still have my face buried in her box and she almost drowns me there is so much cum that it is running down my face and there is a huge wet spot now on the bed. We roll over and she says she has never cum so hard. I say that's good that was the idea. Now it is getting late so I should clean up and go. So I jump in the shower and rise off. I get dressed and told her that she owed me. I told her she was going to have to treat me to one of my fantasies so we agree to get together soon.

For the next few days I don't see her she is busy with work and Chuck. So I have to take care of myself. On Friday I see her leaving for work and she is all dressed up which was some thing I had not really ever noticed before. She had on a short black dress with a black lace bra. You could just see enough of her Tits to look good. She also had on sweet looking black stockings (would love to know what was above them) and 5" fuck me heels. I ask her why so dressed up and she says that she has a meeting that afternoon. So I tell her hot fucking hot she looks and I think we should go out for some drinks later she says okay and off she goes. I can not think of anything else all day. That night about 7 pm she comes to the door and says I am kind of tired how about we just stay here so I say okay. She comes in and sits across from me on the couch. I get us some drinks as I look across the room I can see that she has on a little black lace thong. I ask her what she wants to do and she says it would be hot to have some fun time shower. It just so happens that we just put in a large orgy style shower a few months ago that she watched us do and said she really liked. So off to the bedroom we go (now I never fuck anyone else in our Bedroom that's what the Guest room is for) she starts to strip and I unzip her dress and she slides it to the floor. She did not have a lace bra on like I had thought but a super hot little black lace negligee which was what I thought was a thong. It also had garters holding the stockings up. So it feels like I had just hit the jackpot. I told her I would be right in I just need a couple of things, I helped her out of what was left got naked myself telling her I'll be right back. I grabbed some lube and my favorite ass toy just hopping she would let me use it on her or her on me. I started rubbing the lube all over her body its cherry flavored. She then takes the bottle and rubs me down. The massages go on for a while with me rubbing her tits and pussy and her rubbing my nipples and stroking my cock, Next I ask her if she wants me to stick the toy up her ass and she says no I want to do it to you. I tell her that I love that feeling but Lynn thinks it is too nasty. She starts to stroke me hard with some kind of madness well it does not take long before I'm Cumming and she spins around kneels down and catches it all. Next I sit her on the bench and start to finger her. I also brought some warming lotion with me so I get a hand full and soaking her pussy which was pretty wet all on its own. I start out with 1 finger then another and another until I have all four in. she is squeezing them and moaning like crazy. By now she is so wet and stretched that I pull my fingers out and then stick my whole fist in her no problem at all. So I start to fuck her with it. She starts trembling uncontrollably and with one huge orgasm squirts all over my arm and almost blacks out. Next thing I know she breathless and limp. I turn on the water and we wash each other she says okay lets get out of here so we dry each other off and get out. She says that she is just too tired and sore for any thing more but tells me I will make it up to you soon.

The next morning she calls and says come over her I have some thing for you so I pull on a pair of sweat pants and tank top. I head over and she answers the door in her robe I ask what is going on and she says she has a surprise for me but needs to blindfold me and tie my hands behind my back. I am not sure what to think but hey ever thing with has been a blast so I say okay. She tells me to take off my shirt first. She puts on the blindfold and ties my hands together behind my back I can not tell what she is doing. She then puts a set of nipple clips on me and it feels great. Then she tells me to get up on the bed and bend over the stack of pillows she has stacked there. So now I am on my knees. I feel her climb up on the bed behind me so I not sure what she is doing. All of a sudden I feel her spread my legs apart then there is warn oil dripping all over my ass. Next I feel fingers playing with my anus first one then two. I am starting to wonder how many she is going to stick in then two more I fell like I am stretched as far as possible when she pulls them out. The next thing I fell is something large and penis shaped being shoved in slowly. I can tell it is kind of toy but I am not sure what. I soon realize that it is a strap on. She really starts fucking my ass and it feels so great. She reaches under me and starts to stroke me and I am almost ready to cum. I tell her if she wants to drink it she is going to have to pull out she says no way I love to see you like this. I last a little longer and then unload all over her hands. She goes a while longer holding on tight to my hips and she starts to really slam in to me. Next she starts to moan really heavy that is when I realize that it is a double headed dido on a harness. So when she cums she pulls out and falls backward on to the bed. When she takes off the blindfold I can she why it feel so good it must have been 10" long and pretty large around. My ass will be sore for a while I am sure but it was still great. I tell her that she needs to come over tonight because Lynn will be coming home tomorrow. She says okay and I get dressed and head home.

Later that night there is a knock at the front door I am just getting out of the shower and look out the window and see it is Joan I tell her to come in and I'll be right out. When I come out into the living room I do not see her then she calls out from the guest room. I know this is going to be a great night already. As I walk in she is sitting on the edge of the bed. She has on a short summer dress. She says you know it is about time we fuck. I think I have never heard her talk like that it is a super turn on. I come over in front of her and she starts to lick my nipples. This has always been a great turn on for me and one of the few things that Lynn does. As she is doing that I reach down and slip my hand up her dress and you guessed it no panties. She seems a little wet so I ask her have you been playing with your self and she says I needed a little some thing to hold me over. I lay her on her back and she says lets get in to a 69 so she climbs on top of me as I slide her dress off and throw it on the floor. She is facing the door way. I start to lick away and she is stroking me and sucking all of me into her mouth. We must have been really in to it because the next thing we know there is clapping in the door way. She looks up and screams oh fuck. I can not see anything but hear Lynn says what the fucking hell is this. I think to my self I am dead now. Joan sits up and starts to rise up off my face and I pull her down what the hell might as well finish. The next thing I know I feel Lynn climb up onto the bed and I am thinking what is going on here. Well it seems Lynn had heard us before and looked in to see what the fuck was going on. So she went to our room and undressed and came back to surprise us which she sure did. The next thing I know Lynn is dropping her self down onto my rock hard cock. She felt so tight then I realize that it was her ass not her pussy that she was ramming down my cock. It would never have been so easy if it was not stretched and full of cum. She is facing Joan but no one is saying anything just a lot of moaning. She starts working up and down and I can tell she is full of cum because she is dripping already. I can not believe she is doing this. I not sure what is up but she seams okay. So I think to myself okay lets go with it. Joan is moaning and so is Lynn. The next thing I know Lynn is Cumming all over me and then Joan cums so much on my face I can not even breathe. The next thing I know is they both roll off laughing their asses off. What a week it has been.

The rest of the story and how we got here to follow in part 3

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