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This real incident is of my nymphomanic sister who would have sex with any random guy once she is attracted to them or fascinated to them by the size of the dick they possess. I am sure my sister is definitely used to huge dicks, that’s why she would peep people peeing beside the road or even anywhere where she could get the view of their dick.
This story is about my younger sister and I along with my mom and dad and two sisters, Sharda and Poonam live in a village in UP, the northern part of the country. My village is slightly far away from the city area though the people are moderately modern, yet hard working and return-motivated. My sisters Sharda (26) the eldest amongst them and a year older to me is too shy to attract right sort of people.

She is considered that shy that she wouldn’t go out just alone as she cannot face people looking directly to her assets and her body figure is slightly curvy though she looks really hot in a tight kurta suit whereas Poonam the younger ones among all is 24 and is quite sexy with her looks, a curvy body with good boobs and ass. She is of quite open mind and would usually get involved in the conversation with guys.

As people in my village are quite friendly and that they would not hardly think bad about a girl talking to the guys of the village as we link each other forming a sort of relationship that is made upon for the convenience of each other people living in villages should know what these sorts of relations are meant for Poonam is quite open in the matter of sex than and I had ever imagined her to be. She would look for the guys who have manhood in them even when she was 19.

The primary occupation that we rely on is agriculture and we do have plenty of land where we cultivate for living and luxury besides this we have a plantation of mango tree to the northern part of the village and next to the plantation is a river following. The bank of river is all dense with bushes and plantation of different trees and it is spread miles along the bank of the river on the way to the plantation there is a brick factory which has recently grown bigger might be because of the quality of the bricks.

They make and in past few months I’ve seen people from different part of the district and even the states come there to work and they stay there during nights even forming small huts for different group. Many people are alone and away from their wives. These people are in average of around 30-35 in age, physically well- built and hard- working during the seasons of mangoes.

I found my sister Poonam eager to go towards the plantation and look after the mangoes that were still not fully developed. My dad and mom would usually be busy with the field work and my elder sister stays at home for house hold work. Dad appointed me for this work but she insisted that she will be happy doing this and will even take her books along with her so that she could study along with looking after the mangoes.

The way she insisted to go to the plantation and look after it created a doubt in me and here I go, from the very next day I started stalking her as I was confident that something is going through in her mind. So I started following her making some space, so that she won’t be able to notice me. The first few days were just normal. Nothing went too exciting except I saw my sister eying a group of male workers who were taking bath in the river and after the completion of their bath.

They walked out to the banks and got changed to their lungies (saree- like cloth for men in the northern India, usually worn over boxers as alternative to trousers) and vest and had taken off their boxer in order to dry them and they walked through the plantation, passed the place my sister was sitting, even stared at her but neither of them could manage for a conversation for another couple of weeks when I did not see any things going on besides the workers coming for bath.

I started thinking that all this is just a misconception of mine and am thinking it wrong way. I had started getting slightly bored as all was happening against what I had in my mind but then I realized that this group of workers must be the target of my sister. So again I started spying on her and few couple of days passed and I couldn’t see anything despite of few efforts from the workers trying to talk to my sister making the issue of the mangoes. I could see her getting excited whenever they tried talking to her. I had to maintain specific gap so as to avoid being caught by my younger sister, that’s why I could not exactly figure out what they were talking about. The next day I tried to get even closer to where she would normally sit. I could see that the guys had already started teasing her as they would carelessly walk through hers when going back to the brick factory.

They would be in their wet boxer’s which would clearly illustrate their dick and I found my sister enjoying the view they would ask my sister jokingly if the mangoes are ripe enough for them to eat, she would in return say yeah they are teasingly and would add further, “they are not yet ripe but filled with juices, you just got to grab and squeeze them”. I guess the workers were not that naive that they wouldn’t understand the motive of my sister saying that in this way few days passed.

Now the boldness of the workers increased as they started getting green signals from my sister, few would even go and sit next to my sister while returning while few would walk directly back to the factory that day after my sister returned back home, I started to find even more closer and safe place to where she normally sits, so that I could hear them properly and even see them what they were up to. I found a bushy area was almost 10 meters from the place she sits.

Next day I hurried and came and hid there before she came to her place that day while they were taking bath Poonam was loitering around on the river bank and when they were about to finish, she came and sat at her usual place workers started falling back to the factory while few who were really lusty and daring stayed there and were talking to her and they were sitting so carelessly that their dicks were almost visible from their thin cloth boxer.
I could see her eyes going time to time to their dicks almost kind of calculating the size of their manhoods in the mean while two guys came closer to the bush and started peeing, I could see their massive black dick as they were facing towards me. I held my breath hard and watched them pee. They were talking about my sister and her youth and their luck if they could get to fuck her and my luck no one saw me, after they were done peeing they went back and sat near her and started talking to her.

I could hear as one of them said the mangoes are slightly bigger now and that he wanted to grab one and squeeze all the juices of it in his mouth. He said this directly staring at her boobs. To this she replied as, yeah obviously you can if you could get the chance to grab one with this all of them giggled and started talking about the river when talking about the river someone raised the topic of her just noticing them from the bank top and why don’t she join them instead. To which she said that she didn’t know how to swim that’s why she jus enjoyed the river looking at them swim. One of them among three guys said that they could help her learn swimming. Her reply was that she was really shy to join them in front of so many men. They came out with a conclusion that they will teach her how to swim the other day and this will start slightly late after others are gone back to the factory to which she readily agreed showing that she was really interested in swimming.

After sitting there for another couple of hours they left, directing her to come tomorrow in the dress she was comfortable with and I was slightly more eager to find out what will be happening tomorrow in the river. So curiously I had to find another place that could help me see what’s going in the river. The next day my sister showed a bit of activeness while leaving for the plantation. The workers as usual came to the river at 1 pm and started swimming and after an hour.

They left leaving the three those who had plans for today behind. They came and sat with my sister and asked her to join them so as they could teach her how to swim. She agreed readily as yesterday’s plan but she was unaware of what to do with her clothes and if she should take them off or join them in her kurta suit seeing her confused one of them asked her confusion. She hesitatingly told him her problem, after thinking for a while.

They came up with a conclusion that she could take out her salwar (traditional Indian pants for women) and just be in kurta as it was safe since no one would see that she is just in her shorts, whoever sees her from the bank would think that she has got both her kurta suit on besides this they recommended her that swimming was easier when the leg part of your body is freely moveable. She started taking off her salwaar and her short till her thighs was visible, those guys were looking at her undressing unbelievably.

After she was done with undressing they guided holding her hand in to the river and started going deeper and deeper. She was still hesitating to go to depth with them so she stood still when the water level reached above her chest. Now it was guys turn to help her swim. They started guiding her saying to get on the flow of water and start moving her legs and hands to-and-fro, but it was never so easy to swim as easy it seems and same thing happened to her. She gave up as she couldn’t go on her expectation. So the guys looking forward to fulfil their lust started finding ways through which they could touch her body, so all 3 of them came around her and said they will hold her body while asked her to move her hands and legs. Now some were holding her belly and some hips and one came around neck and boobs area and held her in such a way that his hands were slightly poking the sides of her breasts while the one who was holding her hips.

I had started movements in her hips and ass pretending to make her body adjustable along with the movements. This continued for about 20 minutes while one of the guys holding her asked her to try it now, for sure it was not going to happen. So they started to think about another ideas of teaching someone how to swim, one of them said he learned swimming because of his cousin whom he carried in his back and walked with his hands in the swallow part of the river.

So, they came up with another experiment, according to this my sister had to carry all of them one by one on her back. So they started coming out to the place where it was lesser deeper, soon they were almost to a part of river where the water was slightly less than her thighs. I could see the bulge in their boxers of the guys was already grown up to a bigger size and was almost in the biggest boner of their life.

My sister went down holding the surface with her both hands and asked one of them to come and sit on top of her so as she could try carrying his weight for which one of them said 'why not lay on top of you rather than sit, this will help you even more as you’ll get the equal weight on all over your body.' She had to agree as this was nothing more than a way to fulfil her lust while pretending to swim. She still laid there as one of the guy prepared to lay on top of her to assist her in learning how to swim.

I could clearly see that the guy adjusted his dick before he lay on top of her from behind. Their position was such that his dick was on her ass crack and he was lying over her holding her from her neck kind a like embracing her from behind. She started moving with her hands and was told to move her legs up and down as to kick the surface of the water, while doing this the guy on top of her was making his move slightly towards her butt-crack. It clearly seemed he pushed his cock more and more deeper in her butt cheeks from above the cloths while the other two remained there and were not letting any chance to touch her go, along with that they were slightly looking here and there sometimes so as to assure safe play without being caught by someone else whereas they did not know that I was already eyeing them and knew everything in details.

By the time the guy above her got up from her his dick was totally rock hard and even my sister saw this, now it was turn of another guy so she came back to the same position again and another guy came and did everything same after a while it was third guys turn, he asked my sister to get up and take her kurta (Traditional indian wear) off as that was creating trouble for her to move her arms. She did that as she was totally horny by then I guess.

The third guy came from behind her while she was facing away from him and took his dick out of the boxer and laid on top of her and embraced her from behind and told her to make the movements, as she started moving I could see that he started moving his hips to and fro such that he was fucking her ass knowing what was happening to my sister right in front of me with her full desire made me hard and I took out my tool and started masturbating there in the bushes.
The guy lying on top of my sister was so daring that he gradually started taking his hands up to the boobs of my sister, first few attempts I could see was slightly unpredictable as he wanted it to present it as accidental but when he saw no negative response from her he grew slightly bolder by now and was holding her boobs time to time.

I couldn’t see properly what was going on in underwater with her boobs but after around 10 minutes of this act of rubbing and squeezing my sister boobs and fucking her ass from behind above the cloths the guy on top of her finally stood up and hold her and brought her back on her feet. I could see the boobs of my sister was peeping out of her bra it clearly proved that she had given him the full access of her boobs when the third guy stood up his erect cock that was already out of his boxer was hanging in front of everyone, my sister gave few looks to it while doing her wet hair.

It was around 3:30 by then my sister seemed to be more eager to go through sexual act rather than learn swimming with them and now she had to try if it did work for her but she still couldn’t swim and finally she gave up asking them to teach her gradually rather than making her master just in a day. The guys were not worried about returning back and so was my sister. She must have asked them to play some games rather than teach swimming. The result of which the guys asked her to play a game where someone who catches her first will take off a piece of cloth from her body and the game was about one who would run and the remaining would chase. The game had started and one of the guys was meant to run away while others including my sister were behind him chasing him, the guys seemed curious to get undressed.

My sister rather than someone else and as the result of which the guy running was being chased in a trap where he would easily get caught by my sister and so did it happen. She caught him and it was she who would take off a piece of cloth from the guy and the only cloths the guys had was their boxer. Poonam was told to take his boxer off, further she moved to take off his boxer the guy seemed to be too excited and walked towards her so as she could do ASAP.
She held the nada and pulled it to get rid of the tightening at his waist, now his underwear was just on his body because of his erect dick. Anyway she had to pull it completely off and moving her hands down along with the boxer came out his enormous a****l hanging to and fro right in front of my sister’s face, to take the boxer completely out of his body she had to make him lift his leg, for this he took support of my sister shoulder with one hand.

He lifted his one leg in the air; by this his dick was almost hitting her ears and cheeks. Finally after smelling and feeling his dick with her eyes as close as ever (I guess) she got rid of him and again the game resumed with the guy farthest of the guy running before as a new runner and again same thing repeated as my sis was one to get hold of the guy first,, the guys intentionally praised her effort as she caught two guys consecutively, by now she seemed to be more excited getting the guys undressed

After all the guys were undressed there was nothing left on the guy’s body that my sister can take off. So, the guys handed over the turn to my sister and she had to run, all the guys ran behind chasing her, the guy who caught my sister first almost threw her in the water and jumped above her m*****ing her boobs and rubbing her pussy from above her shorts. The guy who got holds of my sister first started taking off her bra first in the due course he unpinned her bra.
Holding her boobs from his hands from behind him slowly took off her bra and threw it out of the water got hold to her boobs again while standing behind her and poking her ass with his erect and naked cock. He started squeezing her boobs for a while when the other two asked to continue the game it was again my sister who had to run and the other guys had to chase her this time the guy who caught her had to take off her shorts. The guys ran furiously behind her hoping to get a chance to take off her shorts and see her naked pussy and my sister was running so carelessly that her boobs were bouncing up and down and to sideways. The one who touched her first could not make a grip to her and another guy caught her. They started arguing on this saying whoever touches first will undress whereas the other one said that it was someone who could catch had to undress her for this.

My sister allowed both of them to undresses her one and only cloth on her body. All the three guys came around my sisters and two of them went down on their knees and started to take off her shorts while one stared and even poked her boobs with his finger. The guys didn’t take time undressing her and as soon as she was naked the guy behind her stoop up and got stuck to my sister’s body and started saying something in her ear whereas his dick was between her ass cheeks. She was pretending as if his dick was tickling her ass and he said something again I her ear and started rubbing his dick more and more roughly in her ass hole, I could figure out as if he said my sister that he could help her free from the feeling of her ass being tickled. It was about 5 pm by then the other two guys had started looking for their boxers (boxers) while the guy standing behind my sister was still standing behind her poking my sister’s ass hole with his dick.

He then grabbed my sister’s boobs and started squeezing them and she seemed to be quite relaxed standing with his dick brushing her ass hole and his hand playing with her boobs after a while of pressing her boobs he took his hand down to her pussy and played with it for a while and then he took one hand to his mouth, took out some saliva, took the hand with the saliva to his dick and made it wet with saliva and again brought his hands and started pressing her boobs.

I started moving his hips back and forth, after doing that for five minutes he took his hands back to his mouth and got more saliva (I guess the saliva he applied before had dried by now) and applied to his dick and even her ass, he still had his hands on his dick and I realized what he was doing when my sister suddenly moved away from his body with surprising movement.

I knew he had entered her ass hole all of sudden and it hurt her as she had not expected this from him. He tried to hold her again but she didn’t get even closer to him. Now she was making her way out of the water and I knew she will be sitting at her usual place after this, so I quickly ran and hid in the bushes near to where she sits. She came out of the river squeezing her cloths though still naked followed by other guys behind her.

The guys were walking naked behind her with their dick hitting their thighs along with the movements. She came to the plantation (lawn) and it was getting slightly darker when all of them gathered and asked her to play one more game. She asked them what was that, they said it was a game called “chodan” means fucking game. She presented as if she was unaware with that term and asked them how it’s played. One of the guy come forward rubbing his dick and said we will play a****l games and by the time we finish your cloths will be dried and you can go home. Their talk was quite unusual as they were not less than 30. She hummed and was again curious and said what is that and how do we play this, upon her question the guy said its simple, we’ll pretend being some a****l and play as if we are real a****ls.

She asked him to elaborate

He said that all of us will be on our fours, will walk crawling as if we have four legs and we will just play. She asked him what a****l should we play it off, they said let’s play either goat or dog, she didn’t like dogs idea so she said let’s play of goat. This was what all the guys wanted from her, so they started with the game all the guys were on their four and asked her to be on their four

After she can on that position they asked her to pretend as if we were grazing grass and told her to go down with her head so that it seems like she’s grazing. Meanwhile the guy who had suggested the game came from behind her and climbed on her and made few movements of doggy fucking for this she slightly was not prepared and asked him what was he going on with to which he replied that she is the only female goat and they are the male goat. They will mate with her turn by turn as a process goats usually do. So said ok and again went back to the same position, the guy came back on top of her again and did few movements of moving his hips to and fro as if he’s mating with her though he had not entered his cock into hers after him the other guy came on his fours and started smelling her cunt and licking her cunt and ass, this made her even hornier and she started pushing her body towards him. Now he spat a bit on his right palm and applied it on his cock and holding her hips he positioned his tool straight to her pussy and pushed his dick deep inside her cunt, it moved in easily and she gave a big moan.

I knew she would fuck guys quite often at night pretending she is around the house cuddling and playing with k**s but in reality grow ups guys would fuck her taking the advantage of the darkness and her willingness. So I wasn’t surprised when the guy’s dick entered in her. She did not even show any sign to avoid him doing that as if she waited and wanted the dick inside her cunt very badly. Now when the guy was fully in her and was fucking her in doggy the other guys left the game and gathered around her and started playing with her boobs whilst she stood there motionless from her side while the guy kept her in his rhythm, her body was going back and forth according to the thrust of his dick inside her pussy. The guy fucking her stopped fucking her from behind stopped after fucking her for about 10 minutes and took his dick out of her pussy, now it was turn of other guy who came around and made her lay on her back, she had almost closed her eyes when he slowly entered into hers and as the dick went in and in her body responded to the penetration as this dick was seemed to be slightly thicker than the one before, but as she was totally wet. He entered into hers very neatly and rested for half a sec before he started pumping her pussy with his monster cock. She started responding this time and assisted him with his movements. The way she co-operated really seemed that she was an expert in taking dick into hers and well I had heard of sucking dick but I couldn’t see my sister sucking one whereas there were two hanging on the either sides of her boobs as if she heard me and wanted to fulfil the desire of me.

She grabbed one of the cocks that was at her right and slightly pulled it towards her mouth. The guy I guess understood her intentions and moved towards her mouth with his hands still resting and squeezing her right boobs. She looked at the dick for a while and took her tongue out of her mouth, licked it and tasted it and again and again licked it and she licked the dick few times before she gulped the whole into her mouth whereas the guy fucking her was still fucking her wet hole vigorously closing his eyes.

I could see her moan were growing slightly louder and were even getting clearer. It sounded somewhat like “chodo mujhe aur jor se choda assssha aaahh auiiiii uuuu haan aur jor seei mmm huuh pura ka pura tel nikaal do ahhaaaj mera bur seaiiiie mummiie aaahahhnn” (fuck me harder, deeper…..even deeper, like its the last day on earth) upon hearing her moans and kind of challenge for the guy fucking her and he even fucked her deeper and deeper whilst she had both the cocks in her hand and she was sucking them time to time.

I am sure she had watched loads of porn movies secretly with guys and she was using all her experience to please these guys around at least 20 minutes of fucking the guys were to swap the position and another came in between her legs and entered his dick into her cunt and started fucking her. It was getting darker and they were fucking her furiously, I was wanking and enjoying a live porn movie of my sister and I felt I was never so hard before.
I could see the guys were still busy pounding my sister’s pussy and it was getting darker and darker whereas the moans of my sister were even getting louder. I continued wanking hearing her moans as it was getting dark and I couldn’t see her being fucked anymore, in about 5 minutes I had cum almost shooting about 15 powerful and lengthy shots. This was the biggest satisfaction I had even after masturbating.

They were still fucking my sister while she was getting dirty and dirty every minute. I even heard her asking them to try her ass, she said she has never done there before and was the first time the guy entered her ass in the river today. What else would a guy want, we’d fuck any girl anywhere and in any position if she wants that, I am sure they tried fucking her ass as I heard a slight scream but the guys were ready for this. They were two, grabbed her mouth and all.
I could hear was an effort to scream like ‘guu gigggu’ and for about 10 minutes but she was being gagged by those men and this continued I could hear her struggling to get air occasionally. I did not bother to go and help her as it was her fantasy to get fucked with three guys that too in ass. I was there hearing the screams and noises of her getting fucked by strong workers in each and every holes after another half an hour hot ass fucking session of my sister they all came over her while.

She resisted when one of them she was sucking cum in her mouth after they were done she asked if they could fuck her again and again, that’s what they wanted so they agreed and got dressed up and walked back home. Apparently she wanted triple penetration in her second gangbang. What a freak!

I was slightly stunned and slightly excited of getting a chance to see my own sister so dirty when I reached home, things were normal for her and again she had started playing hide and seeks in dark with k**s and one of the men who had already fucked her, waiting to prowl upon her.

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