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John had a busy job as a company business director. He was constantly working. He was a nice guy- warm and friendly. Yet the dedication to his work had taken its toll on his marriage, and a few months ago his wife had left him- ran away with the local plumber. John didn’t have much time for housework, but liked to keep a tidy home. When Heather, one of the secretaries at work, told him that her daughter needed a part time job, he was happy to hire her as a cleaner.

Chelsea was 18 years old. She came to his house a couple times a week, and had been working for the last couple of months. Chelsea worked hard, and always did a good job. She was polite and courteous, and had a kind of cute small town wholesome air about her. John was 43, and he didn’t really see her as a sexual object. Besides, he respected her mom and their professional relationship. He couldn’t help notice that she was a good looking girl though. Her long brown hair, pale skin and pretty hazel eyes complemented her warm smile- her braces lined along her white teeth gave her a cute look when she grinned, although reminded him how young she was. Her figure, however, was definitely that of a woman. Her E cup boobs were made even more prominent by her slim waist and perky ass- her silhouette was the perfect contour.

Chelsea came to the house Mondays and Thursdays. Mondays, John was in the office, but on Thursdays he liked to work from home. He would work from the bedroom on his laptop, and Chelsea knew that she didn’t need to clean the bedroom on a Thursday.

It was a usual Thursday morning and John went into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee. Chelsea was cleaning the worktops.

“Hey Chelsea”
“Morning John”

She flashed him a smile. It was a warm day and Chelsea was wearing a thin white t-shirt - he could see the outline of her dark blue lacy bra beneath it, and her cleavage was looking particularly fine today.

“Working hard today John?”
“As usual Chelsea- so are you by the looks of it!”
“Got to get these worktops nice and sparkly for you!”
“Thanks, you’re doing a great job. I better get back to work myself!”

John wandered back to his bedroom, noticing that Chelsea had been watching him as he left the kitchen. Odd, he thought. She was probably just making sure I was out of her way so she could carry on working undisturbed.

John was a good looking guy. He liked to go work out and had a good body. His grey t-shirt showed his physique well, and complemented the flecks of grey just starting to appear in his hair. His clean shaven looks and striking blue eyes meant that he got plenty of admiring looks at work, but he was committed to his business and didn’t play around in the office.

John settled back to his work- loading up a spreadsheet and starting to work over the figures. But the warm weather, and the boredom of the spreadsheet had made him feel horny. At least, he thought that’s what had done it. He could hear the vacuum cleaner distantly in the hallway. Chelsea was far enough off he thought. Time to let out a bit of steam then get back focused on work. He pulled down his sweatpants and started to stroke over his boxer shorts. His cock started to swell, and a little patch of precum was starting to seep through and darken the grey fabric. He loaded up a favourite porno- an older younger lesbians thing that usually got him off. He kept the sound off, not that Chelsea would be able to hear over the sound of the vacuuming anyway. He watched the younger girl open up the legs of the older woman and move her head in toward her pussy. He didn’t hear the bedroom door slide open.

He was gently stroking down the shaft of his cock through his boxer shorts. The wet patch was growing. He noticed a movement out of the corner of his eye. He looked up. Fuck! Chelsea was standing there with her mouth and eyes wide open. He slammed the laptop shut. “Shit Chelsea. So sorry. What are you doing here?” He made an effort to cover himself over with the duvet.

“It’s ok John. I was kinda hoping this would happen”
“What do you mean?”
“Err, well I wanted to catch you like this”
“Whatever for?”
“I want a real man”
“What do you mean you want a real man Chelsea?”
“I want a real man to take my virginity”
Shit, how can she be a virgin? Thought John. With her looks?
“What the fuck Chelsea?”
“I love watching porn, and hell, I masturbate enough. Love my toys too. But I never wanted to fuck a guy til I knew he would make me feel better than I do on my own”
“What about the guys your own age Chelsea? There must be loads of guys around who would want to give you a good time?!”
“They’re all boys John. They would just ram me for a couple minutes and squirt their load. I want someone who really knows how to give me what I want”
“No Chelsea, this is inappropriate. Your mom would go crazy if she found out”
“I won’t tell anyone I swear”
Chelsea advanced towards him where he was lying on the bed. Despite John’s protestations, his cock was now rock solid and pulsating in excitement. She bent over him. He had an amazing view of her cleavage. She slid one hand down the outline of his erect cock, then lifted the elastic of the boxer shorts down to reveal the naked flesh. “Fuck John, I love it” she said. He didn’t protest. She placed her lips around the tip of his swollen bellend, then sucked gently until her lips swallowed up the bellend and reached his shaft. He could feel the wire of her brace gliding over his sensitive tip, but it didn’t hurt. In fact, it felt fucking amazing. She clearly had practice. She gave head like a pro. Delicately sliding her lips up and down and making the most of her tongue to tease the sensitive spots, she was lapping it up. His 7 inch boner was rigid and the curve of his cock was pushing up against the back of her throat. She started to massage his balls, and he knew there was no point trying to protest any more. He might as well just enjoy what was going to be the most fun he had had in a long time.

“OK Chelsea, you win” he said. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, a gentle pop as her lips released it. Saliva was dripping from her mouth. He wiped her mouth with his hand, and she grinned. Her eyes dancing as she looked at him. He lifted her t-shirt over her head. Her blue lacy bra was barely keeping her boobs in check. The contour of her natural breasts was delicious, and he leaned over to kiss them as he slickly unclasped her bra. He released her beautiful tits, they bounced slightly as they fell. Firm like a teenage girl’s tits should be. Her nipples were standing hard, and her slightly puffy areolas looked yummy. He licked down the mound of her breast and caressed her neck until he reached her nipples. Then, gently taking her areolas into his mouth, he started to slowly suck while sliding the tip of his tongue back and forth over her nipple. Chelsea started moaning. He moved his hand down to her other breast and started to massage the nipple here, gently squeezing it as she let out a soft yelp. She reached out to take his t-shirt off, and flung it onto the floor. They started to kiss passionately, Chelsea grabbing at his chest, and John pushing a thumb into her mouth to get it wet, then massaging her nipple with it as their tongues explored eachother.

John pushed Chelsea down onto the bed and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down. Her matching blue lacy panties already had a wet patch. John finished getting naked, then lay down on his belly between Chelsea’s legs- arms under her knees and holding her ass. He moved in towards her panties and started to lick down her mons and onto her pussy. He could taste the sweet saltiness of her juices leaking through the lace onto his tongue. Chelsea was sighing and moaning. He worked his tongue around, gently licking down her outer labia and occasionally nibbling at her inner thighs. After a couple of minutes, he started moving closer to the centre- teasing just a little around the hood of her clit. “Take them off John” she gasped. He slid down her panties. Her pussy was perfectly smooth- waxed fresh he thought. “Mmmm, well kept” said John. “I was hoping today might be the day” said Chelsea. John’s cock got even harder, if that was possible, at the thought that this pretty young girl had been preparing herself in hope that he might fuck her. It seemed almost unreal.

Her pussy was perfect. He took a couple of seconds to enjoy it- thick, puffy outer lips, now slightly swollen. The perfect V shape of her clit hood with a little central line running down it. Now aroused, it was jutting out and the tip of her clit was just visible. Her inner lips were long-ish- just how he liked them. He leaned in again, her scent driving him wild. He started gently licking the hood of her clit, as he touched her inner labia and spread them out carefully with his fingers, stroking them up and down as he did. Chelsea was squirming in pleasure at this point, and he stroked a finger up her perineum and slid it into her now revealed hole. She was so fucking wet. He started to explore with his finger, his tongue continuing to work her clit. He felt the roof of her vagina and could feel the spongy g spot- he made a note to work on this. He felt her depth- plenty enough, she was already pretty turned on and he was sure she could probably take his cock already. He felt her width- she was tight, but not too tight. Definitely had a dildo in there before he thought! He started a beckoning motion with his finger, then introduced a second one. Her g spot was really swelling up now, and she was sounding wetter and wetter. She was moving more too- wriggling round the bed, her luscious tits moving and swaying. This was fucking amazing. He took his head away so that he could see her better, and placed the flat of his hand on her mons. His middle finger continuing the clit stimulation, he continued with the two fingers against her g spot. She was creaming all over his hands, and he loved to watch them getting covered in her sticky juices. As he picked up the pace, Chelsea started to shake. Her legs first, then her whole body. She started squealing and clutching at the sheets. Joh could feel her pussy tightening, and then it happened. Wetness like you wouldn’t believe. Jets of warm clear fluid gushed out of her pussy and over his arm. Over the floor. He put his face in the way and got some on his tongue. He had always wanted to make a girl squirt, and now he had. It felt amazing.

Chelsea convulsed for over a minute, then rolled over onto the bed and started stroking John’s cock. It was still rock hard. She indicated that she was ready for him, and he spread her legs and pushed his hard cock down so that it would fit into her hole. He gently slid it inside her, another little tremble as he did. His curved cock was pulling up against her g spot in this position, and he knew he could make her squirt again. He started sliding in and out- boy was she slippery, her cream and juices covering the shaft of his cock, and stimulated her clit with one finger and her nipple with another. As he picked up the rhythm, Chelsea’s moans turned to screams again and her legs were shaking. He felt her pussy clamp down and almost force his cock out- in fact, it did as he pulled back and another jet of hot clear liquid rocketed from her pussy and hit his belly, running down onto his cock shaft and trickling onto his balls. Once she recovered from her second orgasm, John was wondering how to fuck her next. He was pleased he had already proved he had what it took to make her cum- and cum hard. She watched a lot of porn she said. Hmmm. Maybe the old stand and carry will impress her.

John stood up, his manhood pointing directly up into the air. Rigid and sooo turned on. He picked Chelsea up, holding her weight between his arms. The view of her tits was amazing. He lowered her onto his cock. So deep, as he let as much of her bodyweight as possible rest on his cock. Her clit was pushed against his shaved pubic area, and he started softly moving his hips to stimulate it- her clit rubbing against his skin and his cock side to side in her vagina. Holding her in one hand, her arm around his neck, he lifted a tit into his mouth and started to suck her nipple. He couldn’t believe she was a virgin- he was taking her virginity right now- and yet she was making him feel like a porn star. He started to pump her. Tit in his mouth, both arms round her again, moving his shaft rhythmically in and out of her perfect teenage cunt. “Harder John” she gasped, and he stimulated her as hard as he could with his thick shaft, sliding her up against him at the end of each thrust to squash and smear her clit against his hot wet body.

Chelsea started shaking again, and her pussy was really clamping down now. John couldn’t take it any longer. With a couple of last massive thrusts he took his cock out and placed her on the bed. He could see her pussy contracting and her last drops of girl cum dribbling out as he unleashed his load onto her perfect tits. Thick ribbons of white cum pulsed from his bell end- she opened her mouth to catch what she could. John bent down and kissed her thoroughly spent pussy, then kissed up her body until he came to rest at her lips. He looked into her eyes and kissed her hard.

“Thanks John, I knew I picked the right man for the job when I saw you”,
“Chelsea, I feel like you took my virginity too. That was the best sex I’ve had in years. Probably ever”.

Chelsea grinned and licked the last drops of cum from her brace wire. She had to get back to work. But maybe just a few more minutes resting here. She would need it anyway- her legs were like jelly. John lay next to her, rubbing his hand over the smooth contours of her sexy 18 year old body.

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