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The wife and I were on a vacation at a resort in the Dominican. As you can imagine we spent the day sipping cocktails in the sun. By dinner time we were both pretty hammered. After dinner we made our way to the bar, and continued the party. By about 11pm, I noticed my wife was beyond drunk. The bartenders had been putting out tequila shots, and she just kept taking them. I decided I needed to take her home, because pretty soon she would be puking all over the bar. But when I tried to convince her it was time for bed, she got pissed at me. A small argument ensued, and I ended up giving her one of the key cards, and told her I was going back without her.

I sat in the room alone, planning what I would have to say to her in the morning. I was really going to let her have it after being so out of control, and then causing a scene yelling at me like that. But after about an hour, she still wasn't back. And as mad as I was, I realized, I needed to go check on her. I started to worry about things like her falling in a pool, or passing out on the beach or something. So I put on the hotel robe and slippers, since I had been laying in bed naked. I set out to find her on a now very dimly lit resort. I made my way back to the poolside bar where I had left her. It was now after midnight and that bar had closed. I walked around for about a half hour, searching for her every where. I was really getting worried at this point, and was just about to go to the lobby and ask for some help. But on my walk there, I noticed out of the corner of my eye one spot I hadn't checked. Down on the beach, there was a sitting area with a few couches and tables. There was not a light out there, but with the moon and the light from the resort next to us, I could see her laying on one of the couches. Just as I figured, she passed out on the damn beach.

As I headed down to the path to get her, I heard some soft talking. It was in another language. Then I saw them. Two of the resort workers were sitting on the couch opposite my wife, and they had their cocks in their hands. What the fuck, I thought, are these two idiots jerking off looking at my wife. I froze in my tracks and thought about turning around to go get a manager to bust them in the act. They couldn't see me, since I was behind some bushes out of their view. But I could clearly see them. As I turned to go get a manager, I heard them getting up. Oh fuck, I thought, no time for getting help, I need to go bust this up. As I turned back around, I saw them both standing over her, stroking their cocks.

I started thinking about what to do next, fight them, start screaming, I wasn't sure. But then I realized I wasn't moving. I was just frozen there, watching them. What was even weirder was that I was actually rock hard. I had forgotten that I was in just a robe until I felt my hardon poking out the front of it. What is wrong with me, why is this turning me on? I am not sure why, but I stood there and just watched for a few more minutes. They now had their hands all over her, and had pulled her dress up over her waste. Then one of them pulled her panties to the side and started to play with her sleeping pussy. I saw him pull his fingers out of her, and let his buddy give them a sniff. Then the other guy started to slap her head with his massive cock.

As I stood there, watching these two strangers abuse my wife, I was never so hard in my life. I started to slowly pull on my cock, as I watched them having their fun with her. Then they got bolder, and rolled her over onto her back. She had been laying on her side facing the inside of the couch. So to this point they were playing with her from behind. I figured surely, now that they rolled her over, she would wake, and start screaming at them. I put my cock back inside the robe, and readied myself to come to her rescue. But to my surprise, she didn't seem to respond. And then I watched as one of the guys removed her panties, and handed them to his friend. The friend started to sniff them and rub them on his cock. As he did this the other guy parted my wife's legs. He put one up on the back of the couch and the other down on the ground. She was now laying there, spread eagle before them. He reached down and pulled her top down to expose her tits. Then in one quick move, he buried his face in her pussy, and started to lick her while he reached up and playing with her tits. This was just too much, I knew I needed to stop this before he stuck his cock in her. But I just couldn't move. And u*********sly I had started jerking off again watching.

I moved a little closer, still out of view. I was now probably only 5 feet from them, but they had no clue I was there. Then I heard it. The soft sounds of my wife moaning. I realized at that point, she must be at least partially awake. And as this stranger tongued her clit, she was responding. He began to increase his pace, frantically licking her wet pussy. Her moans increased and whether she was sleeping or not, she was nearing an orgasm. Then, as if to muffle her noises, the other guy shoved his cock into her mouth. I thought for sure this would be the end of it, and she would jump up any second to put a stop to it. But instead, I saw her hand go up to cup his balls, and she continued to suck his huge black cock. Fuck me, whether she thought this was a dream or not, she was now a full on participant.

Next the inevitable happened. The guy licking her knelt up between her legs and began to line up his cock with her entrance. Before I could do anything to stop him, he shoved himself deep into her. At this point I really did need to stop it, she wasn't even on the pill. As I took one more step towards them, she removed the cock from her mouth, and yelled, "Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard!" I froze again . God dammit, she was really enjoying this. Now I became mad. If she was taken advantage of that was one thing, but here she was begging for it. I felt my face getting hot, and I wanted so badly to run down there and start throwing punches. But as I heard her moaning, and realized she was cumming, there was nothing I could do but jerk myself off watching.

The guy inside her didn't last too long after she came. I saw his ass tighten up, and I knew he was emptying his balls inside her. As he filled her up, his friend began to shoot cum all over her face. She doesn't swallow, and I guess even in this drunken state, she was holding firm to that. So she pulled him out when he started to cum, and ended up with a huge facial and cum all in her hair. As soon as both guys had cum, it was like a lightbulb went off in their heads about the trouble the could get in for what just happened. They pulled up their pants, said something in another language and then ran right past me. I had just cum myself all over the path, and they were stepping right through my cum as they covered their faces rushing past me.

I walked the last few steps to gather up my used wife. There she lay, panting, and staring blankly up at the stars. There was a huge glob of cum oozing out of her swollen pussy and dribbling into her ass. And her face and hair were covered in fresh jizz. When she realized it was me standing over her, she mumbled something. I couldn't understand her, and that is when I realized she was still completely out of it drunk. I picked up her panties off the floor, and put them back on her. I stood her up and had to hold her steady so she didn't fall down. "Where are we, what's going on, who are you?" she asked. "It's me honey, sorry about the fight, I got you now, let's get you to bed." "Oh good," she slurred, "I'm so tired, did I fall asleep? I feel like I was having a really weird dream." "Yes, honey, you did, you just had a bad dream." "No," she quipped back, "Not a bad dream, an awesome dream!" And when she said that, my cock hardened again.

I managed to get her back to the room, and I put her down on the bed. I went to the bathroom to get some washcloths to clean her. But when I got back to the bed, she was out cold laying spread eagle on the bed in front of me. I could see the soaking wet crotch of the panties I put back on her, and knew it was his cum leaking out of her. I removed the panties, and stuck a finger inside. There was still so much cum inside her, and my cock was throbbing. So I decided to try out sloppy seconds, and put myself inside her cum filled cunt. As I squished around in her stretched out sloppy pussy, I leaned down to kiss her. Then I saw the cum still smeared across her face, and in her hair. I began to kiss her lips, and started to lick the cum from her cheeks. It didn't take long until I was filling her up with my own cum.

After that, I stripped her, and put her under the covers. We woke up the next day, and she asked me how she got home. "I brought you, " I replied. "Huh, that's weird, I don't remember anything after dinner," she admitted. "Did I do anything stupid?" "No honey, you were fine, we had a great night." "Oh good, well, hopefully we can have another great night tonight," she said. "I hope so," I said, "I sure hope so."

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