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Hi Y’all,

Many have asked me how I go from picking up a guy to being in the back seat with him sucking his dick or even better bouncing on his cock as he fucks me silly (which I already am).

I’ll start by saying I never make the first move but I do dress in a way to give signals I’m interested. Loose fitting tops with my nipples showing through a sheer bra seem to stand out well, but short skirts are by far the best way to determine interest.

I start it out slow. Knees closed while I’m driving, but not together. I need to let them know that I’m a little bit careless and that if they're persistent then they might be rewarded with seeing my bare thigh. It doesn't take long for those that are interested. It even starts with them giving me a big smile as I get out of the car to help them stuff their luggage into the rear of my… car. Most of them are looking by the time I sit back in the driver's seat, but if not they will be within a few seconds.

I'm not a tease though. I don't promise the opportunity of a peek and then fail to deliver. Once I know they're looking, I get started immediately. Usually I lift one leg to slowly scratch my ankle while stopped at a light and then put it down with my knees further apart and my little skirt hiked a bit higher. I never wear panties so they likely have to wonder how far up my thigh they can see. You can't just sit there like a bump on a log, you have to provide a show. Give a little more, sure, but take a little bit away too, just to keep them sharp.

It's not all one sided. I mean, I like to peek at them watching. I share my time between watching the guy in my peripheral vision through the rear view mirror as I talk to them. When I’m at a stop light I’ll turn and make eye contact and perhaps glance at their hopeful bulge as I turn back around with a smile. The conversation is usually about how I got into Uber driving and if I have any interesting stories to share. Depending on my mood and their interest I’ll share an appropriate story. If I’m particularly horny for them I’ll spice up the story to even admit on very rare (actually not so rare) occasions I’ve joined them for a drink or if I’m ready to really test the waters admit I’ve ended up in the back seat with a rider. That’s the big test and if they bite, which most do, they ask if I’d be interested in joining them on this particular ride.

This is exactly what happened yesterday with a hot guy in his early 20s that was visiting for a job interview. I picked him up from SeaTac and we were soon on our way to Redmond and his hotel. We were passing Bellevue when the conversation got to me admitting that I’ve joined some passengers in the back seat. We were soon pulling into the Redmond Town Center parking garage and heading to the second to top floor that I usually knew, from many past experiences, was fairly empty and particularly corners void of security cameras.

As we pull into the spot I keep looking back at my rider who goes by Ferg. He has a look on his face like… is this really happening???

As the car stops and I apply the parking break I look back at Ferg and raise my skit to expose my bald wet pussy.

"Do you like what you see, Ferg?"

"Yes," he croaks, "Would you like to join me in the back seat?"

"That sounds like a great idea. I want to see that big, hard cock right now, young man. I've been thinking about it for a while now. But you stay right there and watch me for a bit first." I dip my fingers inside my pussy and lather my juices up and down my labia. "Do you like watching me rub my pussy, Ferg?" He nods slowly, his eyes glued to my fingers as they squeeze and nudge my engorged bulb. "Why don't you take out that cock and stroke it for me, Ferg, before you bust through those pants. You must be very uncomfortable by now."

He dutifully unzips his pants and the massive erection that I have been imagining springs out, making me gasp. It's as big as any that I’ve enjoyed through all these years of slutting… at least 7 or 8 inches, with plenty of girth.

With that cue, Ferg says, "I want to see your tits, Jen," With my left hand, I undo the buttons in my loose fitting blouse, and I wriggle out of it, allowing my full tits to bounce down as I turn to face his hungry eyes. I continue bucking my hips as I rub myself harder, making my tits shake tantalizingly for Ferg’s viewing.

"You have an amazing body, Jen." Ferg whispers, as his fingers slide up and down slowly on his rock hard, glistening shaft. The huge bulbous head is coated in precum that is already dripping down the front of his erection. The poor young fellow is so horny. I hope that he doesn't explode right there in the back seat. I start to feel light-headed and know that I too am about to erupt, so I slow down.

"You look pretty tasty yourself, Ferg. Maybe it's time to get into that back seat?" I finish wriggling out of my skirt and leave that and my top in the front seat. I quickly slide into the back seat like I have so many times before. No other cars are around, so our semi-naked bodies will not attract any unwanted attention. Perfect!

As I plop down in the back seat, Ferg's mouth goes straight to mine and we lock in a passionate kiss, our hands exploring each other's bodies. I love the feel of his smooth, muscular chest and the layers of muscle on his abdomen. So young and so virile. I feel my own juices running down my groin. His hands are tracing the contours of my breasts, his finger tips stopping to tease my protruding nipples. His tongue, meanwhile, continues to hungrily explore my mouth.

Ferg needs no further encouragement, sliding his warm, wet tongue down my neck and across my left breast to my erect nipple. He sucks and licks my nipples gently, while kneading my breasts gently with his strong hands. My hand goes back to my pussy and I begin stroking feverishly again as he orally worships my tits.

Ferg continues making love to my breasts, with light sucks, licks and strokes, while I am shaking near orgasm, my fingers still a blur on my slit. "Uhhhhhhh!" After only a few minutes of this oral play, my hips begin to convulse and Ferg lifts his head, as I thrash in orgasm in the back seat. His eyes are glued to my bouncing tits as I shake and flop in my long-awaited release. His strong hands hold my hips as I gradually begin to come back into focus. Ferg's tongue finally leaves my sensitive tits and traces a wet, warm path down to my navel. He stops there and probes with his tongue. I am on pins and needles and his tongue sends shivers through me, but it feels too good to have him stop now. I grab his hair and gently shove him aggressively downwards toward my pussy. I feel the heat from his mouth on my lower belly, until finally his warm tongue lands on my clit. He moans and I moan, as he begins to lap and suck on my engorged bulb and up and down my smooth, well-lubricated labia.

"Mmmmm," he continues to coo, as he very quickly builds my arousal back up to where it was. Both my hands are wrapped tight in Ferg's hair, moving his head and tongue up and down my sex rhythmically. I will soon cum again, this time onto Ferg's tongue and I thrust my cunt up hard into his mouth.

My hips buck uncontrollably, but Ferg stays attached like a cowboy to a steer. Finally, I pull his hair so that he finally lifts up to his elbows and stops licking me. I need a break from the stimulation as I am now too highly-sensitized to enjoy immediate attention.

I continue to shake slightly, as I get up to my knees and push Ferg back, exposing his swollen shaft, which bobs up to my attention, its veiny redness glistening with wetness under the street light. As I take it gently in my fingers, I can feel the blood coursing hard through its length. I slowly slide my fingers up to the head and then back down to his smooth testicles. As I increase the pressure of my stroking, I bend over and lick the clear fluid seeping from the engorged bulb at the top. There is a lot of precum, and I can already taste a hint of sperm on my tongue. He must be quite close already, poor young thing, I think to myself. Ferg is panting and arching his back to push his cock into my mouth, hold the bottom of his cock with my hand and keep licking and stroking. A drizzle of much whiter fluid escapes from his hole and starts to slide down his shaft. I capture it with my fingers and take it to my lips. Then I finally put my mouth right over his bulb and suck up the rest of these first traces of escaping sperm. He continues to gasp and tries to hold back, but he is a runaway train at this point. So I decide to finish him off and start bobbing my head up and down on his full manhood. Soon I taste more of the sweet but bleachy flavour of cum, but he has not unloaded fully yet. I pull my mouth off his cock and go back to licking the underside of his cock head, in quick dabbing circles, stroking him more vigorously.

Soon, Ferg's cock kicks hard in my hand and the head pulls away from my tongue, shooting a large jet of creamy, white sperm right up to his glistening upper chest. I grab his loaded rod and keep jacking and licking it, as he spews several more streams onto his muscular abdomen. The final pulses are less forceful and pool at the top of his cock, dripping down the head slowly. So much cum! I lap up the warm, white goo that now glazes his cock in slow seductive strokes, my eyes looking up at Ferg's as I do so. I can feel some semen pooling on my lips and running down to my chin, as my eyes look through him. I know that this drives men wild. After cleaning his cock, I hold my hair back and move forward to his muscular abdomen. I slowly lick and suck up the pools and streaks of sperm on his abdomen and chest. Ferg looks down astounded, but obviously turned on.

It's obvious no other woman has ever done this for him before. But few women are quite as slutty as I am. Cum drool forms on my mouth, as I lick my lips and let the gooey mixture dangle from my tongue, playing with it, all the while looking longingly in Ferg's eyes. There is so much semen that it takes a while to lick his belly and chest completely clean. After I do, I give Ferg the surprise that I love to plant on unsuspecting men. With my tits pressing against his now clean, but still heaving chest, I put cum-infused mouth to his and stick my tongue into his mouth for a deep kiss, giving him a shocking taste of himself. He braces himself and his eyes are as wide as saucers, but he doesn't try to pull back. I suck his tongue and he, in turn, sucks mine. He is a good sport. I doubt he likes the taste of his own cum (few men do), but it turns me on, and he plays along.

I feel Ferg's cock starting to firm up again as it pokes my thigh. His hand is tracing my left breast, as I continue to kiss him and run my tongue around his lips and down his neck. I reach down and gently grasp his rising manhood, directing it toward my sopping pussy. I straddle him and feel his cock at my very wet entrance, nudging and continuing to grow. I rock slightly and feel the tip slip into me. As I support the bottom of his shaft, the head plunges in further on my second thrust, and I feel his cock filling with blood and stiffening to its full length and girth. On the third thrust, I gasp in exhilaration, as I feel the depth of his insertion.

"Fuck me, Ferg! Fill me with that big cock!" He responds and starts to pump from his bottom position, kneading my ass with his strong hands, as I plunge up and down on him. I feel him right up to the centre of my body at the apex of his thrusts. The big bulb of his cock is grazing my g-spot at the top of each thrust, and he rubs my clit with his pelvis at the bottom of each thrust. Perfect! This young man knows how to use every inch of that massive cock. I won't last long, and I doubt he will either. My tits bounce against each other in a flurry and I can see his eyes rolling back in his head. His thrusts become rapid and uncontrolled. My, how I love being fucked properly!

"Uhhhhhh...!" I feel his beautiful cock spasming inside me, filling me with pulse after pulse of his seed. I ride his spasming penis like a rodeo cowgirl, as my own orgasm takes hold. I stop my bucking thrusts abruptly, holding my breath, and pushing him as deep as he will go. My orgasm rips through my body and continues through the sounds of the wild sex on the podcast, until finally I collapse heavily on top of the poor boy.

We sit together cuddling in the back seat. "I hope I didn't make you work too hard for this ride, Ferg," I tease.

He retorts playfully, "I think you should drive me all week while I’m here, after how you took advantage of me."

I tell him I wish I could but have a trip to make.

"No worries, Jen. I was a very willing participant here. I very much enjoyed our little pit stop."

"Well it's the best Uber ride I’ve ever had, I can tell you that!" Ferg laughs.

"I'm glad," I sigh. I know that I should get going soon, if I want to get home at a decent time, but I am enjoying the afterglow with this beautiful young man.

I love being an Uber driving slut!

Kisses, jen

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