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20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter Eight
Wednesday Night
I was so glad I'd paid to reserve us a sailboat every day for a week because no way were Jason and I getting an early start in the morning. Back from the beach Jason had wasted no time in exacting his revenge. His revenge went on and on and on... But, even a 17 year old horny boy has his limits and he'd had a long day today.
Looking at the clock, I did the time zone math and went to the kitchenette phone to call my husband. After the usual 'miss you and wish I was there' crap, blah, blah, blah... Hubby admitted that the problem at his office was probably going to keep him in South Carolina longer.
That wasn't unexpected. I'd made a silent bet with myself that he'd find excuses to stay at home while fucking his latest 'lady' in my bed. I got pissed but not because hubby was a no-show. I wasn't even pissed hubby was fucking another in a very long line of women since we'd been married. I was pissed because hubby was undoubtedly fucking another woman in MY bed! Or, more probable another man. I had proof in case I decided to divorce hubby that though he showed a 'manly' persona and could bed any woman, he was definitely leaning to the left of the sexual spectrum.
Yeah, yeah, I was cheating, too. I was fucking Jason in every room of our house, but I never let Jason into hubby's and my room. I was pissed because I just knew some skank or guy was making a wet spot in my bed right now! My hubby needed a lesson on how you don't fuck anyone in your wife's bed but your wife. You take your dick somewhere else just like I took my pussy elsewhere. Hubby definitely needed a lesson.
I decided I needed a plan...
This morning it was Jason who yanked the covers away and spanked out a long, rolling drumbeat of a morning wake up call on my ass cheeks. Though shocked awake I woke in a good mood. I put my head back on the pillow, closed my eyes, pushed my ass in the air and wiggled.
'I've been a bad, bad girl. Spank me more.' Jason laughed and gave each of my ass cheeks another wack before sitting on the side of the bed. Running his hand soothingly over my poor, abused ass he began massaging me through my panties.
Knowing hubby wouldn't be coming, I'd put on the lingerie I'd brought for his enjoyment. I'd decided not to waste it so last night I'd worn the skimpy, sheer fabric for Jason to enjoy. He'd definitely enjoyed seeing me wearing it. He'd enjoyed even more untying the bow and taking it off me.
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter Eight 2
'Yea, you were a really, really bad girl last night.' I'd been so bad Jason had screwed me twice before his delicious sense of revenge had been satisfied.
I smiled lazily at how good it had felt being bad and relaxed and sighed a long, satisfied Mmm as Jason's hands continued to massage my ass and the muscles in my thighs. It wasn't long before his fingers slid down my ass crack to touch and massage my pussy lips through the small patch of panty fabric. I resisted when Jason tried to turn me over to massage other parts. I needed to pee but it wasn't an urgent need. But if Jason wanted to do other things I'd have to get up first and I just wanted to lie here, stretch and relax under the massage my ass cheeks were enjoying.
However, Jason definitely wanted to do other things. I fluffed up my pillow to raise my head and slid to the edge of the bed. I ordered Jason to show me if he was ready for other things. Jason grinned as he got up to obediantly bring his cock close to my face for inspection.
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter Eight 3
Bending his knees, he leaned down to trail the tip of his cock across my lips, wetting them with his pre-cum. I opened my mouth and licked the pre-cum from my lips and from around his pee hole. Jason leaned in and slid just the large head past my lips and stopped, enjoying the sensations as I molded my lips around the hard flesh and began sucking on just his cockhead like a baby suckling from a tit. His moan as I sucked harder while swirling my tongue over and around his sensitive skin told me I was doing it right.
Jason couldn't resist the temptation for long to feed me more and I opened my mouth wider as he pushed more cock into my mouth. As he wet more of his length, he began a long, slow mouth fucking. All I had to do was remain motionless while his cock slid over my tongue. My mouth was warm and wet as I pressed my tongue against his smooth skin. Sliding in the tight cavity between my pressing tongue and the roof of my mouth, Jason moan deepened as he knelt further down and tried to force more cock to the back of my mouth.
Because Jason's bed at home was higher, I needed a hand around his base to keep from choking on his cock. This bed was lower and the angle was wrong for Jason to give me the deep, hard thrusts he needed to force his cock past the back of my mouth and into my throat to choke me. It took longer than at home, but I was content to lie still with the taste and the smell of his cock exciting me as much as fucking my mouth excited Jason. It took longer, but not by much for my teen lover to come.
I sometimes laugh at my younger self as Jason's cum fills my mouth. My younger self who never let a lover come in her mouth because it was 'yecky'. I was making up for my lack of cum quickly this year. The first time I'd sucked Jason's cock was also the first time I'd tasted and swallowed cum. It was odd to think that happened only nine months ago? Eight months? With the hormones of a teen, Jason produced an amazing amount of cum and I'd swallowed every drop I could in that time. Jason was filling my mouth almost as often as he did my pussy.
This morning Jason certainly filled my mouth with cum. Yesterday's sex hadn't drained Jason's balls and, as I knew from experience, it took only a few hours rest overnight before he could come with jets of thick, white cum again for me to play with on my tongue. He certainly had enough this morning to feed me a large breakfast of cum.
Pulling out until just the head of his cock remained in my mouth, his hand milked his shaft until he was sure I'd gotten every drop. Swallowing and then sighing that this was a wonderful way to have breakfast, I moved my hips to give Jason room to sit on the edge of the bed again.
Massaging my ass cheeks again, Jason said that there was another wonderful thing he could do for HIS breakfast. It's rare I turn down Jason eating my pussy for breakfast. Jason had gone from virgin to a very wonderful pussy eater in no time flat. But I knew Jason was anticipating a long day at the beach. I was looking forward to it, too. Plus, I hadn't cleaned between my thighs after we'd fucked last night, only put my panties on. Giving Jason pussy lips scabby with dried cum didn't appeal to me. As much as I got wet thinking about having my clit lashed by a tongue and the sex that would follow my orgasm, I shook my head and rose up to put my feet on the floor. Jason's blow job would have to satisfy him for the morning. I could wait for my own satisfaction. If yesterday had been any indication I wouldn't have to wait long once we got to the beach.
Shaking my head again I began going down a checklist of things we needed to do before leaving. Rising, I stripped the sheet off a corner of the mattress to show I meant business. The sheet, mattress cover and a pillow case had been soaked from our sex last night. Remembering Jason putting the pillow under my ass to raise my pussy up so he could fuck me deep was a delicious memory as I stuffed the bedsheets into the small washer that came with the condo.

20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter Eight 4
Jason was gone buying more beer and other supplies we'd need for our trip as I started coffee and stepped into the small shower to wash the cum and sweat off that I hadn't the night before. Finished with my shower, I added the cummy panties to the washer and started a cycle. Putting on clean panties and a cut off t-shirt I poured coffee to sip and stepped out onto our small, raised porch to enjoy the early morning sea breeze before the day's heat became stifling. Today's weather seemed to be going a repeat of yesterday's with clear blue skies and a hot sun. I shook out my bed hair and turned as the sliding door of the condo next to ours opened and a man came out with his coffee cup.
He was in boxer shorts and I wasn't in much more. After yesterday's lounging naked on a beach watching cocks of every size and description swinging by I wasn't embarrassed. He was a fit man about my own 5'10" height in his mid-thirties.
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter Eight 5
He said hello in heavily accented English and when I looked surprised he admitted that the walls between condos were thin and I'd been very, ah, vocal?, yesterday morning and last night with my friend. He and his wife both knew what nationality I was. NOW I was embarrassed. I stammered out an apology and said I'd be more considerate in the future.
I might have stammered more except another accented female voice came from inside their condo telling me she hoped I'd be MORE vocal. Stepping out onto their porch, his wife went up on tippy-toes to kiss her husband's cheek before addressing me with a satisfied smile, 'It made Marty very passionate last night.'
My cheeks felt hot and were probably as red as my panties. Ah, well, what the fuck... I began getting over my embarrassment as we talked. Mary and Marty were from Lorraine, a French province near the German border. They'd arrived four days before me and Jason and had three days left of their vacation. Admitting they'd underestimated the strength of the sun yesterday, they were going to stay clothed and do a walking tour of the area today.
I said Jason and I were going sailing, but not where to. I told them our agreed upon story, that Jason and I were friends from college and were enjoying a vacation before classes began.
Eyeing my height and 34B-23-35 body, Marty told me that Jason and I were vast improvements over the couple who'd been in our condo when they'd arrived. I accepted Mary's invitation for Jason and me to visit later tonight for drinks and hor dourves.
Agreeing on a time, we entered our respective condos. Jason came in a short time later with our supplies. Telling him about Marty and Mary's invitation while we packed, of course his first question was what did Mary look like. I withheld the information on looks and age, telling him he could use the day to excersize his imagination.
Jason groaned that, that meant Mary was either beautiful or a walrus from the main beach. I took no pity on his pleas of, 'Please, please, please, please tell me.'
We hadn't woken up at the break of dawn like yesterday but we were only an hour behind our previous time when Jason came huffing to the boat with our heavily loaded cooler. He'd agreed to pay another teen he'd met in the store as he bought beer and ice for help lugging it, so it was just the two of us in the boat this morning.
When Jason took his shirt off I told him to put suntan lotion on. With a long suffering, 'Yeeeeeesssss, Mom,' he began digging through his backpack. I smiled. Jason's biological mother, whom he rarely saw, was 'mama' and I was 'mom'. When we were alone he'd begun calling me mom at times like these when I used my 'mom' voice. Never calling me mom in bed though. That would have been too weird even for us.
Jason was doing other things lately. Taking charge more often in bed. Putting me in positions he wanted and doing what he wanted in those positions. Telling me when he was ready and he wanted to come in my mouth. I liked his new confidence and assertiveness during sex. Remembering how much I'd enjoyed his assertiveness last night and how vocal I must have been showing it, I felt my face grow hot. Digging through my backpack I decided some suntan lotion on my face and neck would be a good idea.
Passing the second beach I'd been on yesterday I aimed the boat for a point to pass well away from a rocky hill that came straight into the sea. Rounding the point I could see the third beach in the distance and in about fifteen minutes grounded the boat beside another that was there already. Beat the hell out of an hour to hour-and-a-half hike up and down a steep hillside over a rough track.
The crowd on this beach was definitely younger than the people on the second beach. I didn't doubt that at 21, I was the oldest woman on the beach. Being young certainly didn't mean shy. From the boat I could see one couple off to the side already humping like rabbits. No wonder Jason had liked this beach so much.
20 Years Of Infidelity     Chapter Eight 6
This beach was by far the smallest of the beaches. I'd thought that the ratio of horny boys to horny girls would be high. I was pleasantly surprised that the boys only barely seemed to outnumber the girls. Picking a spot to set up I only had to mime picking up something and yelling, 'Would someone help my friend carry the chest.' Five boys came running for the opportunity to impress the girls with their manly muscles. Boys are so easy to manipulate.
Jason and I were both still in our baggy shirts and pants. We were drawing a lot of attention as we set up blankets and beach umbrellas. The girls checking me out for the competition and checking Jason out for obvious reasons. The boys checking me out for equally obvious reasons.
The time came for the unveiling and today I didn't hesitate to step out of my bikini bottoms. Telling Jason 'to act cool and shit' I broke out our first beers of the day while from behind our dark sunglasses we checked out the boys and girls. There were probably 25 or 30 already on the beach and Jason told me that yesterday more had shown up as the morning went on. If the swinging dicks attached to some pretty delicious beefsteak was an indication of what was to come, I wouldn't mind at all if the beach got crowded.
Again and again I had to tell Jason not to run off after one naked young lady after another. 'We have a long day ahead of us. Don't wear yourself out chasing the girls when very shortly they'll be coming to us!'
Jason looked unconvinced and sighing, I told him my plan...
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