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Maybe we got married to young, but we are in love, and his baby was growing inside of me, so it seemed like the right thing to do. Well I'm now 23 with two baby girls and my husbands job disappeared. Oh sure he got a new one, but with a 25% pay cut, so I had to go back to work. Having never having a job other than taking care of the house and k**s, getting a job wasn't going to be easy.

My husband knows a guy who was looking for a girl to work in his bar/restaurant. Ya I knew the bar part was a topless but he needed a server in the restaurant part so, my clothes stayed on. Sure I may have to go into the bar part to serve food but no dancing topless or anything like that. One thing was I was to wear what they call hot pants which showed a lot of my ass cheeks but hell everyone has a ass right? The other thing that made it hard was I had to leave for work a half hour before my husband got home and the only day we had off together was Sundays, so our sex life went from 5 to 6 times a week to 1 and maybe 2 times.

After two months of leaving my baby girls with the college girl who lives next door until my husband gets home so he could look after them, I was getting not only very horny but when I found a long blond hair on my pillow and mine are black, I was sure my husband wasn't going without.

It was on a Tuesday night when my boss come to me saying that one of the girls quit, and one other was down with the flu, so he wanted to know if I would just serve drinks in the bar for the night, so the other two girls could dance and entertain the customers.

I told him as long as I kept my top on I would do it to get him out of a jam he was in.

He said he would give me a 50 bucks cash for helping him out kissing me on my cheek.

So here I am with half my ass cheeks hanging out walking around a bunch of half drunk horny men. I guess after I dropped a few drinks when someone grabbed my ass, I got used to it. Once I felt a finger going under my hot pants and very close to my pussy. I had a full tray of drinks I was serving so all I could do was give him a dirty look, but he held up a 10 buck bill in his other hand, he said "For a little feel honey." Don't ask me why but I opened my legs a little bit more room for him and his finger was at my opening. I stayed at the table asking if they wanted anything more as this man's finger went partway inside my hot horny pussy.

No one wanted anything else so, I turned grabbing the bill out of this guys fingers saying I would be back later. The guy who had his finger in me said "I would give you 50 more to see your tits honey."

I told him it would cost him a hundred showing him my wedding ring. As I walked away my legs felt like rubber cause, no other man had ever touched any part of my body other then my doctor and that don't count. Fuck I felt like I had peed myself I was so fucking wet between my legs, besides having a hard time thing thinking straight cause his finger made so fucking horny.

I went to the washroom and when I pulled my hot pants down, I could smell my arousal with my panties were dripping wet. As my piss flowed I only touched my clit, coming right there on the spot. Fuck I had never felt so hot, so fucking horny I my life, and my husband does really gets me going, but not like this. I took my panties off cause they were just to wet to wear for 3 more hours. As I walked back on the floor, my finger lover waved at me to come over, and held a hundred dollar bill up saying "Honey you get up there and dance topless for us, and this is yours. If you dance real sexy for us, there could be a lot more, sweetheart."

I didn't say a word just walked away heading for my boss. I found him in the store room getting a blow job from one of the dancers. He looked up seeing me and made no move to hide what was going on. He smiled at me then looked down at the red head sucking hard on him, then back at me, as if to say your next. My eyes were glued to the action when I said "I will take her place for the next dance so don't rush honey." Talking to the blow job queen. The bitch ever lost a stroke just give me a ok sign, what a cunt.

I went to the dancer's dressing room and found a sex top and bra that would fit me walking out to the floor. When my finger master saw me he stood up clapping. The stage was empty so I walked up on it and waved at the bar for them to play something I could dance too. After 3 songs were done, I was dancing still wearing my bra which was unhooked and when the next song started I let it fall into my hands which I then threw at my finger master. He made a good catch putting the tips of the bra in his mouth and my nipples went hard as rocks.

Most girls dance for 5 songs but I did 7 and on the last song I let guys push money inside my hot pants anyway they wanted. I think I had 3 orgasms before that song ended. I walked topless through the crowd letting guys grab my ass and a couple pinched my nipples on my way the my hundred dollar bill. Then to get my own top on, but this time without a bra. I was hooked. I love being up there, with all those horny men wanting me and to be truthful, me wanting them.

It was near closing time when my finger master give me a note saying meet me out back in the green camper van. I didn't know what I should do, I mean after all I am married, but I think my husband banging that blond bitch who baby sits our k**s, so maybe turn about is fair play. And god I could use a good fucking.

After the bar closed and everyone had left I got out of my car which I was sitting in wondering if I should go to the back parking area. Finally I said fuck it and walked to that camper van, which was new looking and fucking huge. The door opened and my finger master asked for me to come in. I closed the door behind me seeing two other guys there with him. I wasn't expecting that, I thought he would be alone. He asked if I wanted a drink and I nodded as he held some kind of mix drink which was strong and went straight to me head.

I sat down across from the guys and my finger mister said "We wanted to know if you would do a private dance for us, and if you go all the way, well this is yours." Holding up 5 one hundred bills. Maybe if we didn't need the money, or if I wasn't so fucking horny I wouldn't of done it, but with tips and that other hundred I would be close to 700 bucks for the night. Fuck I don't make that in a week, and all I have to do is show my body, which is in good shape, and dance a little, no big deal right? Wrong.

I finished my drink and they turned some music on and I started to dance, it didn't take me long to be down to my normal bra and my hot pants with guys telling me how hot and sexy I am. Oh god, the drink and the music plus what they were saying was going right to my head. I took my bra off throwing it at the guys, with one of the guys pulling his cock out, wrapping the cup around his hard cock jerking off. Seeing his sizable cock and with it hard as a rock, made me that much more hornier.

It was the 3rd song I began pulling off my hot pants with the guys were going nuts. When they hit the floor I kicked them to my finger master, he put the wet center in his mouth suck my pussy juice off the inside a long with my cum. All 3 guys had their cocks out and I went down on my finger master, I just couldn't help myself, I had to have a cock. I grabbed the next cock and began pumping it when I felt a cock sliding deep inside my pussy. I had turned into a total fucking machine. The cock in my pussy hammer me so hard the one in my mouth went in balls deep, and for the first time I had deep throated a cock.

I could go on but I wont. I told my husband the car had a flat tire, and that's why I got home just before he left for work. I don't know if he believe me, cause I looked a mess after fucking these guys for 4 plus hours. Doing everything I thing a human can do, I think. Like for the first time I was not only dp'd but, had all 3 in me at one time. My husband left calling me a cunt, as he walked out. When I looked in the mirror, I could see why.

I had cum in my hair, on both cheeks and my chin. When I got undressed I seen cum running down my legs not only from my pussy but my ass as well. I was so sore between my legs I could hardly wash myself, but I felt like I would love for it to happen again. So my husband can bang that fucking blond bitch next door and I will have fun at work, fuck him, cause now, I know what its like to be totally fucked.

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