Out Of Afrika, Chapter 30 / page: 253 - Erotic story Collection

Out Of Afrika, Chapter 30

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr and Wunderboi

The journey back to Hawksville of the Professor Steeves Research Group was a subdued one. Each and every one of them was completely fatigued from the sexual exertions of the past few days and the flight back over the Atlantic in the company Gulfstream was mainly spent sleeping. In their waking moments, the events of the farewell celebrations they had enjoyed in Lerotica loomed large in the memory whilst in their dreams as they slumbered even more erotic scenes involving bare-breasted young girls playing together with young men who had impossibly large stiff black cocks inviting the dreamer to play with them swirled through their minds.

Yes, all of the privileged passengers had stories to tell when they returned home although anyone back in Hawksville who was so inclined would know exactly what they had been doing for the latest range of videos featuring their antics and activities was already available in the Rhino Adult Store

Oskar looked around the crowded cabin and almost envied the relatively quiet life that the others led compared to his own. Apart from his prodigious sexual appetite that was constantly and frequently fed by daily encounters with whoever he chose to involve he had an empire to run and the demands on his time were never-ending. With a sigh he pushed a slumbering Simone from his lap gently easing his softening cock from her pussy. She murmured something unintelligible as she slid into the seat beside him not even bothering to open her eyes or to clean the trail of cum that coated her thighs.

Oskar smiled to himself as he reached for his laptop to review the list of concerns that affected the business of Rhino. He gave another sigh when he read the first item on the list and was reminded that the Development Division was crying out for software engineers. Janice, his recruitment manager, had ranged far and wide with discrete recruitment advertisements in the quest for suitable candidates and her positive piece of news was that the burgeoning IT industry in India had thrown up some interesting possibilities. He looked forward to meeting with her to find out exactly what she had in mind.

Seated behind him was the good Bishop Erasmus who also believed that nobody worked quite as hard as himself in bringing salvation to the masses. He had his own mental list of things that needed to be done when he returned to his office in the Church of the Black Staff and he hoped that the instructions that he had left before going on this African missionary venture had been carried out in accordance with his wishes. His number one concern was to hear about the initial visit made by that sweet parishioner Angela to the local penitentiary and whether it had been successful in extending the church's message of hope and love to the poor souls who were incarcerated there. Yes, he had so much to concern himself about that it was difficult to concentrate on the blow-job that the delightful Lucy was providing to him.


Angela stood nervously in the reception suite of the Hawksville State Penitentiary awaiting the escort who would be conducting her 'team' to the Governor's office. Her nervousness stemmed from not only was the first time in her life that she had been given such an awesome responsibility of representing her employer in such a prominent fashion but also the reality of having a TV crew following her to record every aspect of the visit. However, she wasn't quite paralyzed with fear; her Rhino phone softly humming in her purse made sure of that.

In truth the 'TV crew' consisted of just two people. The hot-shot broadcast news presenter, vivacious Suzi Recreant and a cameraman whose qualification for being there wasn't that he was really a cameraman but, rather, that he was Suzi's husband Zachary who she had bought along for the ride so to speak.

Suzi was just coming to the end of her 'probationary period' following her recruitment by Rhino Media. She had proven herself to be a popular presenter on the Hawksville local TV News channel with quirky ways of covering events and when she heard of the Church sending councilors into the local prison she recognized that this was an opportunity to add to her experience of covering events of special interest to her growing band of fans. The very idea of being in the vicinity of so many bad men also had an appeal.

The door into the interior of the prison buzzed to announce the arrival of the escort who had been dispatched to collect them. The door swung open and a stern-faced woman dressed in a warden's uniform stepped through and looked at the trio of visitors with more than a hint of suspicion. The badge on her ample bosom declared her name to be Norma Stitts which was an accurate description! She picked a clipboard offered by the receptionist and theatrically made a play of examining the details that had been entered on the visitors list before saying, "It seems you've completed security and I note that special dispensation has been given for you to keep your phones." She sniffed her disapproval, "Most irregular; make sure you keep them close and do not let them out of your sight." With that she turned back to the door which once again buzzed and slowly swung open, "Please follow me."

Angela, Suzi and Zach did as bidden and once inside the administration suite tried to keep up with Ms Stitts as she led them through what seemed like countless doors pausing at each to swipe her security pass and to wait for the now familiar buzzing and click clunking as locks went through their sequence before allowing them to pass.

Angela had no problem with keeping up given she had dressed 'sensibly' in a denim dress and trainers; Suzi had a little more difficulty for she had in keeping with her role and the expectations of her virtual audience put on one of her signature short, satin dresses and a pair of 'fuck-me' platform-soled, 4" high-heeled shoes. Zack had his own problems for he was carrying the recording equipment required for the interview and had anyone been listening they would have heard his whining and complaining that, "... this is very heavy" as he struggled to keep up.

They finally reached the door marked 'Governor' and without any ceremony the busty escort knocked on the door and without waiting for an answer opened it and with a nod of the head ushered them to enter.

The Governor, or Chief Warden as he liked to be known, looked up as Ms Stitts stood aside to let them enter his office. He was a rather overweight man who would not regard himself as being obese (but, "sorry sir, that's what you are," thought his faithful assistant) and he rose from his chair and offered his hand to a nervous Angela.

"Welcome, so you are the salvation that Bishop Erasmus promised would come to look after my boys," he said in his jocular fashion.

Angela blushed, "I wouldn't call myself that sir. I've just come to spread the good lord's message and to bring some comfort and succour to some of your inmates; your 'guests'," she responded in what she hoped was an equally friendly manner."

"Hmm, 'succour', eh, well you can suck away for as long as you like," he thought as he viewed the prim Angela with the slutty Suzi standing at her side.

Angela caught his leering expression and wondered if this visit was such a good idea after all. Heavens, they hadn't even got beyond the Governor's office and already she felt that she was in over her head. She composed herself and gaining back her confidence she gave her rehearsed introduction and confirmed that she had come to meet with some of the prisoners and to offer them the opportunity to join in prayer and to be assured that the lord loved them, forgave their sins and was offering the prize of rehabilitation.

The Governor nodded as he listened to the explanation and gave the impression that he was sympathetic to her objectives. In truth he couldn't give a damn about why she was here and with his mind definitely elsewhere he kept his focus on the delectable Suzi who was concentrating on smoothing down her dress and adjusting the hang of the neckline so that the maximum exposure of her breasts was revealed to best advantage.

"And your colleague, will she be assisting with the prayer meeting?"

"Oh no, uh, er, yes, uh sort of," Angela stammered. "Oh sorry, I'm forgetting my manners. Allow me to introduce Suzi Recreant of Hawksville Network News. She has come along to report and record the meeting, conduct a few interviews and make up a report for broadcast later this week; a kind of human interest story."

Suzi gave him a mock curtsy together with an eyeful of her cleavage as she shook his hand. "Pleased to meet you Governor and this is my assistant Zack who will be filming the interviews." She turned and waved a hand toward her husband who was meekly standing behind her.

The Governor declined Zack's outstretched hand and just nodded an acknowledgement. However, he had looked at him long enough to be intrigued by the evidence of lipstick and smeared mascara that Zack had missed when he had hastily gotten himself ready that morning when Suzi had surprised him with the invitation to come with her to the prison. Zack noticed the Governor's bemused expression and lowered both his hand and his head.

The fat man returned his gaze to Suzi's tits, "Hi, pleased to meet you all, please take a seat. Ah, I'm going to have to disappoint you Miss Suzi, I cannot allow any filming to take place inside the prison. That would be in contravention of the rules, doncha know? Filming would impact highly on my inmates' human rights, doncha know?"

Suzi's smile left her face and she was at a loss as to how she was going to conduct a Broadcast News interview if she wasn't allowed to actually to be on-camera. As she pondered her dilemma her phone vibrated in her pocket to indicate a text had come her way. She sneaked a look at the screen whilst the Governor had turned his attention back to Angela. The message from the Rhino Media Tech Center read, 'No worries, we have made a connection into the Prison CCTV network. Carry on with your plans to interview.'

It was her turn to be bemused as she absorbed what the message was telling her. She concluded that not only had Rhino technicians penetrated the Prison network but that they had also via the phone in her pocket been listening to everything that had been spoken in the short time they had been in the Governor's office and, who knows, where else!

Her shock of the revelation of being spied upon was disturbed by the Governor's Southern drawl, "Now if you'll excuse me Norma here will take you to the room we have set aside for you to meet the prisoners. I'm afraid I have things to do that can't be put off but she'll make sure you are in good hands."

They all stood up and made toward the door. Once again they were stopped by the Governor's lazy drawl, "Ah, Mr Zack sir, I'm afraid I have to disappoint you too. I can't allow you to meet with the inmates, Human rights and all ya know ... and, ah, that's a mighty pretty looking phone you have there missy; can I take a look?" Clearly her sneaky look at her phone hadn't been missed by the fat man.

She handed it over and even before it had left her hand the screen began to display the characteristic psychedelic swirling patterns accompanied by a familiar humming. The Governor looked intently at the screen, "Wow, that's a very nice piece of kit. Here, Norma, take a look at this." He passed the softly vibrating phone to the smirking Ms Stitts who took a cursory glance before returning it to Suzi ... and with a metaphorical click, that was another two 'recruits' ensnared by the Rhino system.

The visitors followed big-breasted Norma out of the office and made a short journey down the corridor to another door which led into the visitors suite. Zack watched them go and then followed the command of the Governor who had placed his pudgy hand on his butt and then led him through a door behind his desk into a small annex room that was adjacent to the room which Angela and Suzi were just entering. Zack knew they were entering because he saw them through the one-way mirror that gave him a perfect view.

"We'll get ourselves comfortable and follow proceedings in here," said the Governor as he loosened his belt.

In the visitors' room Norma pointed to the table which had a few chairs either side and said, "You can use those for your talk."

Angela nodded, looked around room and once again was confounded and was compelled to ask, "Why is that bed in the room?"

Norma gave a laugh, "Oh, this is the room that is used whenever inmates have approved visitors with whom they wish to exercise their conjugal rights. It's that Human rights thing again," she snorted. What she didn't add was that this was also the room which she and the Governor spent many happy hours looking into when approved inmates were exercising those rights.

"Right, if you're satisfied with everything I'll go and get your 'guests'." A few minutes later she returned with six very black, very big and very mean looking prisoners, all were clad in orange jump suits and all had an electronic security cuff around their ankles as manufactured and supplied by Rhino Electronics. "Don't be concerned for your safety from these 'bad boys'. We'll be watching," she said pointing out the two ceiling mounted CCTV cameras that were blinking their red lights. They know better than to do anything that might cause their sentences to be extended." With that she left the room with a smile on her face as she quickly retraced her steps and made her way back to the Governor's office and the door behind his desk. She was not surprised to find the Governor lazing back in his easy chair, his pants pulled down below his knees and already busily stroking his stubby stiff cock with his pudgy fingers as he gazed through the window.

Zack appeared to be half-frozen with fear, not knowing where to look and his eyes darted to the sight of the Governor who was unashamedly slowly wanking his dribbling stiff little cock; to the window where he tried to take in what might be happening now as those orange-clad prisoners had entered and then he had a new point of focus for Norma was unbuttoning her blouse. It took her no time at all to pull off the restricting garment and to reach around her back and unclip her bra. Zack gave an audible gasp as her large breasts were released from their restraint. She smiled at hearing his reaction and went and stood behind the Governor and pressed her tits against the back of his head, "Anything happening yet, Boss?"

The Governor grunted, "Be patient, they've only just sat down. Give 'em a few minutes ..." He turned his head to the trembling Zack, "You ready Boy, to see to see the show and to see these white bitches get what they deserve?"

Zack didn't say a word. He just gave a nod which he hoped would suffice to answer the question; he certainly didn't think it was worth his while to admit that one of the 'white bitches' was his wife, a fact that hadn't been mentioned when the initial introduction had been made on their arrival.

Angela blinked and felt her throat dry as she struggled to find words to begin her counseling session. It had all seemed to be straightforward when Bishop Erasmus had explained to her what the approach should be when he had recruited her but now the reality of being in the same room as these men and seeing their expressions and the look in their eyes, well, all the tuition the good Bishop had given her seemed to have deserted her.

Suzi unwittingly came to her rescue when she once again pulled out her Rhino phone from her purse and said, "Hi boys. My name is Suzi from Hawksville Broadcast News and I'm here to make piece for the network to be aired later in the week." She gave a giggle and nodding toward Angela put the phone on the table top and said, "I promise I won't interrupt; I'll just sit here and let the phone do the work and record your nice little discussion here with Angela."

Angela swallowed and gave a weak smile and mouthed a silent thanks to Suzi, grateful that the ice had been broken. It also helped that Suzi's phone began to emit the soothing sounds that anyone who had been involved with Rhino at any level knew only too well.

"Hello everyone, I have been asked here today to give you all a little talk that hopefully will prepare you for your release and give you some pointers to the opportunities that await you once you leave this prison. I also hope that I might encourage you to join us in worship at the Church of the Black Staff; there are so many people who are just dying to meet you and help you and to, and to uh, ...," Angela's voice trailed off as she sought to gather her thoughts and remind herself of what the Bishop had told her. It was difficult for the humming from the phone sitting on the table was interrupting her train of thought and, by gosh, "I'm feeling kinda funny inside," she realized.

Suzi was also feeling the affect of the phone playing in her head; not in a bad way but rather a warmth that made her feel she should be even more friendly towards her fellow man.

The six inmates were beginning to sense feelings of their own but it wasn't only from the encouragement of the subliminal messages being whispered in the air it was more from being in the company of two available attractive females and the knowledge that the Governor had hinted that they might like to take advantage of the situation.

Angela gave ladylike cough to clear her throat and searched once more for her theme and damned if she couldn't remember for the life of her why she was in this room with these six very attractive black men. She looked from one to another and began to have the strangest thoughts and desires flitting through her head.

"... Ah, when you are released to become free men once more ... um, we would like you to know .... erm, that the Church has .... Oh dear, whatever is happening ?"

All thoughts of her presentation began to desert her mind to be replaced by a compulsion to react to the heat that was beginning to well up inside her. Her eyes glazed over and she u*********sly began to undo the front buttons of her dress. Had she looked at Suzi she would have seen that her companion had already succumbed to the same desires and had moved over to the bed where she was also busily divesting herself of her few clothes.

The sullen faces of the inmates turned to smiles as they saw what was happening and one remarked to the others that maybe being ordered to come and listen to the these 'do-gooders' wasn't going to be such a boring waste of time after all.

Behind the mirror the Governor was likewise having thoughts that the counseling session was going to prove more interesting than the supposed reason for getting these horny black men together with these two white females. He almost purred with pleasure as he saw first one, then the other inmates, begin to pull apart their orange prison suits to reveal their already stiffening black cocks.

He considered it to have been a stroke of genius to have had this facility built whereby he could observe the couplings between an inmate and his partner whenever he had approved a visitation for a 'conjugal visit'. Since its installation he had spent many a happy hour sat in his easy chair stroking his stiff little cock as he watched the frantic fucking between a frustrated prisoner and his partner who were completely unaware that they were being observed. His pleasure was increased when his 'little secret' had been discovered by his domineering assistant warden Norma and she demanded that she be invited to observe any such planned visits. Her demand was backed up by the veiled-threat of exposing him as the pervert he surely was if he didn't! He shrugged off the idea of being shamed for he was aware of her own perversions and was happy to share knowing that she was just as keen as him to have this window to look through.

Zack's state of shock increased as his eyes darted from the sight of Norma leaning over the Governor as she seemed to be resting her breasts on his head and was clearly masturbating as she looked through the window; to the sight of his wife who was now seated naked on the bed in the room and could be seen to be inviting closer attention from the inmates; to the sight of Angela who now had two inmates standing either side of her who were holding their stiff and very large black cocks in their hands. It was all too much for him to take in and he couldn't understand why when he was so horrified at what he was observing that his own cock was as stiff as it had ever been and was dribbling copious amounts of pre-cum down his leg. His salvation and a state of calm came when his newly acquired Rhino phone began to make its characteristic hum and he, without thinking, unzipped his pants and released his straining cock to allow his sticky juice to flow unrestrained onto the carpet.

Angela sat calmly in her seat and seemed unperturbed at having two stiff penises being presented for her attention. She reached and took one in each hand and marveled at the warmth that each generated and their smoothness as she loosely held and grasped the throbbing cocks. It seemed such a natural thing to be doing and she felt no embarrassment whatsoever as she began to softly masturbate the two black men whilst intoning the parts of her prepared speech that kept coming back into the head.

Her speech was delivered in stages because she felt compelled to frequently stop speaking and to give each fat cock either a kiss or a slight suck, " .. and when you come to the church you will be welcomed ... mmmmm .... and they will be delighted to help you ..... mmmmm .... erm, and help you resume your rightful place ... mmmm .... in society .... mmmm .... and, my, what are you are doing? Mmmm .... where were we?"

Soon, all attempts at speaking were abandoned and the sound of her quiet voice was replaced by soft moans of pleasure as she gave herself over to concentrating on sucking the stiff cocks that were being presented to her by the three prisoners who were now standing around her chair. Her pleasure was increased when she felt one of her attendants open her unbuttoned dress and pull down her bra to expose her breasts. She squealed with delight as she felt a hand caress her and then a tongue suck and lick at the stiff nipple. All her confusions and nervousness left her as the incessant hum of the phone sitting on the table reminded her that her purpose in this room was to give herself willingly to the needs of these superior black men.

Suzi was likewise being 'instructed' but in truth she really didn't require any assistance for this was a situation that she had dreamt of often, to be the focus of attention by a group of randy black men. It was a frequent fantasy she had held whenever she masturbated and now as she laid back on the grubby bed she found her fantasy of being the willing participant in a gang-bang being made real.

None of the prisoners had bothered with introductions and neither Angela or Suzi had any idea of their names, identification really didn't matter to them, all that was important to the horny females was that their new companions all had impressive erections and were keen to use them.

Angela was roughly pulled to her feet and shoved to lay back on the table top, her dress was pulled up above her waist and without any hesitation she reached down with one hand and pulled her panties to one side to allow a fat cock to slide into her wet pussy. There was no foreplay needed, she was already sopping wet with the anticipation that had been placed in her mind from the phone. She gave a muffled grunt as she felt herself being filled by the hot black rod, muffled because her mouth was full of cock of one of the other prisoners. It felt divine and as she sensed her first orgasm beginning to build she looked through hooded eyes and saw that already there was another stiff cock waiting its turn to fuck her just as soon as her first assailant had finished taking his pleasure.

It didn't take him long such was his pent-up frustration that stemmed from being a long-term prisoner and having had only masturbation or the puckered sphincters of the jail's resident twinks to satisfy him whenever he had been allowed. The feel of this white bitch's silken cunt sucking him in was just overwhelming and he soon felt himself shooting his spunk deep inside her after just a few strokes.

He was pulled to one side by the next in the queue and Angela hardly sensed any pause between one cock pulling out of her before another took its place given her attention was now fully taken up by the fat cock she was sucking and the hot cum that was jetting down her throat. She felt even more satisfied when she 'heard' a message telling her what a good job she was doing and that her visit to the jail was going very well. The same message went on to suggest that at a convenient moment she might wish to join Suzi on the bed. The CCTV cameras mounted on the ceiling seemingly blinked their red lights in agreement at the proposal.

Angela liked the idea of laying on a soft bed and raised herself up from the hard surface of the table top. As she swung her legs her cum-soaked panties slipped off her feet and somehow on the short walk to the bed her dress fell to join her underwear and a few discarded crumpled orange jump-suits on the floor. Suzi was delighted to have her company and moved over to give her space to lay down beside her.

The visit to the prison had been scheduled to last an hour but to everyone's delight and pleasure it went on long beyond that for no one who was involved felt any compulsion to bring proceedings to a close. The participants in the visitor's suite were content to take their turn in fucking the willing and attentive white females who had kindly come to the prison for reasons they neither knew or cared about; Angela and Suzi felt blessed that they had one-after-the-other black cocks to fill their insatiable pussies, cocks that never seemed to soften and balls that held a never-ending source of hot cum. In the 'viewing room' the Governor and Warden Norma Stitts were having a very satisfying mutual masturbation session as they constantly switched their attention between the action being observed through the mirror and the sight of Zack who was almost cowering in the shadows wanking his little cock. They took great delight in making humiliating remarks about his lack of stature when they compared him to the 'black boys fucking those white cunts'. Zack as he felt yet another orgasm starting to build still didn't tell them that one of the 'white cunts' was his wife and that he was enjoying the sight for quite different reasons to themselves.

However, there was more satisfaction being felt in the Rhino Media and Control centre for the technicians who had devised and hacked into the prison network were delighted that their work had produced such great results. The combination of electronically linking the mobile phones, the CCTV cameras and then sending impulses to the electronic tags worn by the prisoners had allowed them to control and direct the action and now with the data that had been transmitted back they had an amazing source of video which would take very little editing to become another best selling movie.

Angela, Suzi and Zack had no idea how they had found themselves back in the prison parking lot. Indeed, other than Zack, they had little recollection of just where the last couple of hours had gone or what they had been doing to be feeling so fulfilled and, yes, admittedly a little sore. Zack knew better than to say anything to his wife; that conversation would have to wait until later. For the moment the girls had a sense of well-being that came from a subconscious belief they had delivered a 'job well-done' and as they climbed into their cars they were already looking forward to getting back to their respective offices and following up on the next challenge.


Oskar leaned back in his chair and stretched his arms and then rubbed his eyes to ease the feelings of fatigue that jet-lag had inflicted upon him. He had quite forgotten how debilitating it could be to cross so many time zones in such a short space of time and then have to go into the office and try to catch up and deal with all the problems that had occurred in his absence. Not that there was a lot of catching up to do, the wonders of the Internet and the magic of Rhino's integrated global network made sure that he had been able to keep on top of most things whilst he had been away.

However, one thing the internet couldn't deal with was his obligation to meet with new-starters at the 'Welcome to Rhino' function; the informal gathering when the latest batch of new employees to Rhino's growing empire had an opportunity to meet with their bosses and to have the benefits of their employment explained and shared. Oskar was especially keen to attend this one on the day following his return to the office for he had been advised that the first of their overseas recruits would be present. He was intrigued at the prospect of meeting face-to-face the Software Developer who had been headhunted from India. The idea of having a completely fresh culture to stir into the mix of the Rhino family was something that excited him immensely. For him this event represented not just a merry get-together with some fresh-faced employees, it was another step towards the aim of achieving Black dominance.

Ravi Kumar stood nervously on the side of the main conference room looking around at the other attendees at the 'meet and greet' gathering. The conference room had been converted for the day into a hospitality room for the event and the table down the centre of the room was spread with a sumptuous buffet, bottles of drinks and a large, but neat, pile of gift-wrapped packages. Like the other new-starters in attendance he had been encouraged to bring along a partner, 'a significant other', and in his case it was his wife Uma who stood alongside him; unlike the other new-starters he had an additional guest standing on his other side, his mother-in-law who had insisted that she accompany him to this significant event so that she might make up her own mind as to whether her precious son-in-law had made the right choice in joining this foreign enterprise.

Maji, as she was known by her immediate family, was a formidable woman who very much ruled the roost as far as the family was concerned. It was her who had arranged the marriage between Uma and Ravi with no consideration for her daughter's views on the match; it was her who had pushed Ravi to better himself and get a qualification and a job in IT; it was her who had given consent for Ravi to apply for the job advertised by Rhino.

Yes, Maji regarded herself very much as being the head of the family and everything and anything had to be done with her approval and consent or it didn't happen at all. No wonder Ravi stood anxiously as he awaited Oskar's arrival at the meeting for Maji had already made it plain that she wanted to ensure that this company he was joining was worthy of his talents.

Uma was a complete contrast in temperament to her Mother. Whilst her mother had a fiery temper which was quick to rise if she didn't get her way, her daughter was all sweetness and light and very accommodating and respectful towards her elders. She had made no objections when she was told she was to be married to Ravi for that's what good Indian girls did. Love and affection wasn't part of the arrangement, that might develop later (Ganesh 'god of the removal of obstacles' willing). The important thing was that a 'good match' had been made and two respectable families had been joined together for their future mutual benefit.

She shared her mother's good looks; the long luxuriant hair; the languid eyes rimmed with kohl; the vermillion dot, the Bindi, that drew attention to all who gazed upon her lovely face. She differed only slightly in stature from her mother inasmuch her breasts were not as full but then again, she reasoned, she had yet to have the blessing of c***dren to suckle and maybe, just maybe when that happened then her tits would become even more attractive than she perceived them to presently be. It was just one opinion that she kept to herself alongside with a lot of other things that were her secret.

The murmur of conversation stilled when the door to the room opened and the imposing figure of Oskar entered. He had an accompanying entourage of executives and heads of departments with him. Like their boss, they were all Black and all carried with them the same air of confidence, a feature which was not lost on the new recruits. They were greeted by Simone who was the chief coordinator and she quickly dispersed them throughout the room to be introduced to the people who would soon be joining their particular business unit.

Oskar watched them with little interest, his focus was already across the room on the two Indian ladies dressed in their colorful Saris one of whom was looking at him with an unblinking stare, the other who was looking demurely at nothing in particular. he held her stare and made his way to join them.

"Hello, you must be Ravi," he said as he held out his hand, " ... and who might these delightful ladies be?"

Ravi shook the offered hand of the company boss and hoped that his nervous trembling wasn't too obvious. He swallowed and said, "Um, hello Sir, pleased to meet you. Um, please sir, this is my wife Uma and this is my Mother-in-Law erm, ..." his voice trailed off; he wasn't sure how he should introduce the person who he only knew as 'Maji'. He was so in awe of her that he didn't know her proper name!

Oskar smiled and ignoring the lack of information took each in hand and said, "Pleased to meet you and welcome all of you to the Rhino family."

Maji was impressed. He had a strong grip and to the background humming that was emanating from the ceiling speakers she began to feel a strange sense of well-being as she gazed into his eyes. "Hmm, yes," she thought to herself, "... this might be just the place for my c***dren to make a name for themselves."

Oskar soon teased out of Ravi his ambitions, his thoughts on Software development and all manner of other related topics while all the while he kept his eyes on the two exotic looking ladies by his side. He was intrigued by their mode of dress, he had never taken much notice of the occasional sighting of Indians back in his homeland when he was growing up, but now being so close and seeing the dusky skin, the bare bellies, the promise of the touch of the soft breasts being so provocatively enclosed by the silky material, the skirt that only seemed to be held in place by the loosest of fastening around the waist, well, it was all too much, his imagination began to overtake him and he felt his cock beginning to swell within the confines of his pants.

Uma said nothing but acted out her role of being the dutiful wife and stood listening to the conversation between her husband and this extraordinarily handsome black man. However, that wasn't to say she wasn't paying attention for there was something in the air that told her she should be looking at the black man's groin. She did as instructed and felt no embarrassment as she saw the growing bulge.

Maji noticed it too and when she caught Uma's attention she raised an eyebrow and gave an almost imperceptible nod in the direction of Oskar's swelling cock.

The drinks flowed; the buffet was consumed and speeches of welcome were made to the attentive audience. Everyone was in a totally relaxed frame of mind and all the new starters were silently congratulating themselves on being part of this most agreeable company. The benefits had been explained and invitations to join the company pensions plan were enthusiastically accepted. Oskar bought proceedings to a close by revealing that employment by Rhino automatically gave membership to the Gentlemen's club where all manner of delights awaited the lucky participants. His final act was to present to each of his new employees a brand new Rhino phone which came with no strings attached ... or so they were led to believe. To their guests he gave one of the elaborate wrapped gift boxes from the pile on the table. As each of the females accepted the gift they were instructed by him, with a wink, to wait until they were back in the sanctuary of their homes before it was opened. Everyone gave him a sincere round of applause as he left the room.


It was early evening before the Kumars returned to their newly allocated company house and all of them felt a sense of great contentment and satisfaction of how the afternoon had panned out. Maji felt the need, as always, to speak for all of them when she said, "What a wonderful thing that has happened to us. I am so pleased that I made you take this job Ravi. I don't know what would become of you if you didn't have me to push you into these things."

Ravi and Uma knew better than to contradict her self-satisfied rant. Let her believe what she wanted, the important thing was that they had escaped the stifling restrictions of life back in India and that they were now in the 'land of the free' and able to do more of what they wanted without having to conform to other's narrow outlook on life.

Ravi demonstrated his new-found freedom by announcing, "I am going to go and take a look at this Gentlemen's Club. Don't wait up ."

Maji opened her mouth in disbelief that her permission hadn't been sought. Uma just smiled and said, "Have a nice time. Maji and me will not be worrying about you."

The door closed behind him and they heard the sound of his car crunching its way down the drive. As the sound receded Uma remembered the gift that she had put into her purse. She pulled it out and carefully tore off the paper wrapping to reveal a box. She lifted the flap and peered inside and gasped. "Oh my god, whatever have I got here?" knowing full well what she had uncovered. It was a dildo; a black vibrating dildo; a dildo that, although she didn't know it at the time, was modeled on Oskar's impressive cock when it was fully erect. With the sound of the Rhino hum still reverberating in her head she knew exactly what she had to do. She picked up the box and called out to Maji, "I'm just going up to my bedroom. I need to lie down for a little while."

She heard the sound of wrapping paper being torn as Maji called back, "OK, I think I'll do the same."

"Yes, coming to Rhino already was proving to be a game-changer," thought Uma as she slid the fat vibrating cock into her slippery pussy. "What else might there be in store and what other fun are we are going to have here?" she sighed as the first of many orgasms provided by her free gift swept over her trembling body.


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