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Lynn and I had known each other for over ten years as friends. She had divorced about two years ago, but I am still married. We openly talked about everything and even flirted some, but always kept our personal lives as friends and nothing more. One afternoon Lynn needed her garage door opener fixed she invited me over to fix it. It took me a few hours to fix it and being in the middle of summer I sweat a bunch and needed a shower very badly. My clothing also needed washing as well. Lynn told me to strip and pass my dirty clothing out of the bathroom and she would put it in the laundry and wash it while I showered and got cleaned up after working so hard fixing her garage door. Lynn is a few years older than I am and is what some people call full figured and she is full of life. Her home only has a single bathroom and as I showered with a semi clear shower curtain she came into the bathroom and used the toilet to urinate. I saw her finish undressing after flushing the toilet. "Lynn what are you doing?" I stuttered as she pulled back the curtain and got in the shower with me. Her face was glowing and her full breast has a pink blush of excitement to her pale skin. Lynn said "You told me Sharon has been sleeping in the other bedroom for months at home and you still love her and would never leave her, but you still have your needs as a man. We have been friends and confidants for so many years and I am happy being single, but have my needs as a woman so why not the two of us become lovers as well as best friends.” I was stunned as her hand found my penis and fondled me to erection. "Lynn you sure of what you are doing?" I asked her. Lynn continued to stroke me as she leaned in and kissed me. The kiss was not the kind we shared in the past when we would hug and a quick kiss on the cheek, no this was full on open mouth and Lynn’s tongue entered my mouth as mine did hers. As we kissed and our passions mounted our hands roamed each others bodies and every erotic touch just inflamed us more. Lynn reached out and grabbed the liquid soap and poured a generous amount between where our bodies were touching as well as her hand and I poured soap into my hand and we washed each others backs. As I reached her backside I slid my fingers between her cheeks and washed her anus and teased her with my touch. Her nipples were erect and as we moved they slid across my chest. Lynn was moaning and I let my left hand reach between her thighs and washed her labia and I also teased her by running my fingers ever so lightly across her clit which was stiff. Lynn almost slipped as her body stiffened and she quivered as she a small orgasm from my manipulation to her body. Myself I was stiff and as she slowly caresses my penis I orgasmed and my ejaculation sprayed across her stomach and some even sprayed across her left breast. Suddenly the water started turning cold and we rinsed off quickly to get out of the shower. I took a warm towel and dried her wonderful pale full figured body off. I took care to avoid any erotic areas at this time, but still dried her thoroughly. Once I was done she dried my body off and when done she just hung the towel across my erection. I asked her if my penis was a towel rack, and she hung the towel over the shower rod. Lynn took my hand and walked us into her bedroom where her king size had the top covers pulled off and just the fitted sheet was left. She pulled me to her and we continued our kissing and fondling of each others bodies.

Our passions were still inflamed and she knelt at my feet and started kissing my thighs and running her hands up and down the back of my thighs. My erect penis was throbbing with each pulse of my heart and Lynn's warm breath on it made me want her to lick or kiss it. Lynn continued to tease me with her mouth. I let my hands fall to her head and pulled her to my penis and she opened her mouth and took me in. The warmth of her mouth and her tongue started caressing the underside of my penis caused me to want to go even deeper, but I pulled her away from myself and pulled her into a standing position and kissed her again while sitting her on the edge of the bed. I knelt at her feet and kissed the inside of her left knee. Lynn ran her hands through my hair as I continued kissing and nibbling my way up her left thigh. Lynn was aroused and her aroma was intoxicating and her scent was pulling me to her center. I kissed her inner right knee and she was trying to force my mouth to her vagina, but I continued to nibble and lick her thighs. Lynn was moaning and rolling her hips and she was very close to another orgasm, but I held back. I stood up and looked down at her naked body and had doubts about what were about to do. Lynn saw the pause in my face and said "Till now all we have done is fool around and please each other, but I need a man to fill me and I only trust you." Lynn started moving into the center of her king size bed and opened her arms for me to join her. I climbed up on the bed and knelt between her open thighs. I kissed her as our bodies came together and the length of my erect penis was slipping between her labia with my glans rubbing against her clitoris. I just rolled my hips as I kissed her neck and started to move to her left earlobe. Lynn was breathing in shallow breaths as we continued rolling our hips. Her arousal was coating my erection and I leaned further back pulling my erection away from her labia and started kissing my way down her chest. Her breathing caused her full breasts that are alabaster white with blue veins crisscrossing her flesh. Lynn's areola and nipples are a medium sandy brown and pointed erect at this time. I used the flat of my tongue to trail between her more than ample cleavage. I kissed and nibbled the tender flesh giving her goose bumps on her left breast. I continued kissing and caressing her breast as I went to the outside just missing her areola and nipple. Lynn was moaning and as I finally opened my mouth and covered her nipple into my mouth she took hold of my head and pulled me so that all I could do was suckle at her breast. I raked my teeth tenderly over her aerola and nibbled softly on her nipple. My hands were massaging both of her breast and I rolled her right aerola and nipple between my forefinger and thumb of my left hand. I switched my kissing to her right breast nibbling and sucking around from her cleavage down under her sensitive flesh all the way around to her right shoulder avoiding her nipple as long as possible. Lynn was flush and breathing in shallow breaths and whispered "please" so I licked around the outside edge of her aerolia and circled inward to her erect nipple. Fluttering the tip of my tongue on the very tip of her nipple I used my strong hands to caress and tease her left breast. Lynn was moaning as my mouth worked lower down from her breast to her sensitive stomach. My hands eased down to her outer thighs and softly stoked her tender flesh. I continued to kiss my way down her soft belly till I reached the top of her pubic hair and lowered myself onto the bed. I wrapped my arms under her thighs midway up and spread them in anticipation of spending a lot of time in this position. I continued kissing over to her right hip and let my soft lips start kissing where the crease of her thigh meets her torso. I continued very slowly down to her labia were and just missed as I went over to her left hip and repeated the same process. In the position I was in I saw her labia major as well as minor inflamed and open before my eyes. Her clitoris was erect and had expanded past its protective hood. Her aroma was sweet smelling and was almost dripping out of her vagina. It took everything I had in the way of control not to start feasting upon her desirable flesh and Lynn had her head back on the pillow rolling it from side to side. I used the tip of my tongue to trace around her labia and in the crease of where her thigh joined at her groin and circled all around the sensitive flesh. Lynn had her hands gripping the bed sheet and as the tip of my tongue circled back to the top of her labia she asked "Please stop teasing I need to cum. Please let me cum." . In response I leaned back and took a deep breath and in doing so the air that I took in her scent and spured me on. Lynn lifted her hips as I used the flat of my tongue and licked in a ever so slow drawn out motion from the bottom of her vagina slipping my tongue between her lips and across the entrance of her wonderful tasting juices till I reached the top of her lips and sucked her clitoris between my lips and fluttered ever so lightly and tenderly across just the tip. Lynn orgasmed and reached down with both hands and pulled my mouth down tight against herself. My face was covered by her juices and I continued to lick and suck her clitoris as she continued to orgasm. Her hips were writhing and with my arms in the position they were in allowed me to fulfill her orgasm. We stayed locked like this for a while and I started to slip my tongue down and circle the entrance to her vagina and drink in the flowing excretions. Lynn was just rolling her had back and forth and continued to guide my mouth as to what pleased her. I could no longer contain my lust and I released my grip on Lynn's thighs and knelt again between her legs. My erection was throbbing with each pulse on my heart and I looked into her face.

Lynn opened her arms wide and asked me "Yes." was all Lynn said as I leaned forward over her body balancing my weight on my arms. I looked into her eyes and kissed her as the tip of my erection pressed between her labia and just entered her. Lynn wrapped her legs around mine and pulled me deeper into herself. Lynn was moaning and I pulled back some and slowly slid more of myself into her. I was amazed how hot and lubricated she was and I held myself in place with only half of my erection in her vagina. Lynn whispered aloud for me to continue and go as deep as possible so I lay on her body and in doing so her breast bore into my chest and I slowly thrust into her till my erection could enter no further. I was wonderful to be joined with her and as soon as I was fully in her Lynn started to quiver all over as she reached an orgasm. I kissed her open mouthed and as our tongues danced I started a slow rocking motion just moving in time with her hips. Both of were sweating and as I started to take deeper strokes, just pulling out till the glans of my penis was in her, then slowly slipping back into her. Lynn said "Faster" and I took long fast strokes and on the inward thrust I changed my angle of penetration to guide my penis into an area just in front of her cervix and she exploded. Lynn screamed out into my ear and she threw her head back and wrapped herself so tightly around my body I felt my breath taken away. Her vagina contracted squeezing my erection and I exploded with her. My semen coming out of me in spurts and my toes curled as I tried to hold myself back, but could not. We had both orgasmed with each other and as we both relaxed in the afterglow I normally soften. This was not so for I stayed erect and without missing a beat I continued my motions of sliding in and out of her. Our combined scents filled the air and it was so erotic. Lynn rolled me over onto my back without me popping out and she was now on top and riding me. I looked up and her breast had aglow of perspiration and she leaned forward just enough to offer my mouth a gift. I gently nibbled her nipple and grabbed her full hips and we just turned into a****ls. No words were said as we continued and Lynn reached between us and would finger her clitoris as I thrust up off the bed driving myself into her as deep as possible. Using both hands now I fondled her breast and pinched and palm caresses her still areola and nipples. Each time causing her to moan out my name. I rolled my head back and forth on the bed as the pillows were tossed away during our thrashing and in doing so I saw the clock. We had been coupled for over an hour and Lynn suddenly sat down on me o hard I felt myself penetrate her cervix. She jerked as she opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. I had been feeling my climax coming again and as I felt her cervix contract around my glans I orgasmed into her deeper than I had ever done with any lover in my life. Each and every spurt of my erection seemed to prolong her orgasm till we both were drained of energy. Lynn collapsed onto my chest and our breathing slowed and she rolled onto my right side. My penis slipped out of her vagina and as she cuddled with me her right leg over my thigh and her head on my shoulder we kissed. A soft and thankful kiss it seemed and we just held each other in the afterglow of some great sex. Lynn got up and pulled me to the shower to rinse off the smells of our bodies and in doing so I got another erection. Lynn swatted me on the backside and handed me a dry towel and ushered me out of the shower. I was puzzled at my sweaty clothing and as I put on my stuff she said "How would it look you working hard and coming home in clean clothing and smelling of soap?" I grinned about it and knowing Sharon would know something had happened between us. I asked Lynn if she was happy about what we had done and I was glad we did. Lynn hugged me and told me "Silly I have wanted this to happen for a long time and would never had gotten into the shower in the first place if I did not want you. Now go home and maybe someday we can do this again, but till then think of us and remember I have many things to fix around here." I kissed her quickly as I got in the car and went home.


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