Joanie's Ordeal / page: 245 - Erotic story Collection

I love taking long, baths. The feeling of warm soapy water embracing my young body, floating weightless and care free.

This time was no different, I allowed myself to space out, submerged my head under water for a few seconds, holding my breath as I let my mind wander off.
Pleasant flashbacks from last night began to surface and sent tingling sensations all over my body, concentrating between my legs. I reached down and slowly massaged my tender clit.

I was sitting in my boyfriend's car outside my house after a date. We were passionately making out, his hands fondled me while nibbling on my lips and neck.
“I love you Joanie” he whispered in my ear, as his hand slowly inched its way up and under my shirt.
"I love you too Ethan” I whispered back as I felt his hand caressing my right breast over my bra. I wanted him bad, I wanted to make love to him, to feel him inside me, but my mind was clinging to the last fragments of rationality. I knew I had to end it before it's too late.

“Please Ethan, it's too soon.” I reluctantly said as I pushed his hand down. “I want our first time to be special.”

I just turned 18 and still a virgin. Ethan was my first serious boyfriend and we have been dating for six months. He was very patient with me. Most of my friends lost their innocence years ago. I wasn't ready yet.

He moved back to his seat and I could see the frustration on his handsome face.
"I'll miss you Joanie, you know that don't you?” he said still frustrated. “Two whole weeks while you are on this fucking cruise with your family.”
"I'll miss you too baby” I comforted him. “I promise I'll email you every day, and we can talk on the phone when ever the ship docks.”

He didn't say anything, just took me in his strong arms, while running his fingers through my hair. The scent of his cologne was intoxicating and I was burning with lust inside. I had to go before we take it any further, we looked into each others eyes and kissed goodbye.

As I relived this moment in my mind I rubbed my clit harder. My entire body started to shake and my heart was pumping fast. I was on the edge, water started to slosh around me since my body now trembled uncontrollably. With my knees spread I slipped two fingers inside me and with my other hand grabbed the bathtub rim, fighting myself not to scream with pleasure. I lifted my pelvis and held my breath as the much anticipated orgasm overwhelmed my entire body.

Just as I started to relax, I heard three loud knocks on the bathroom door, abruptly pulling me back to reality.

"Joanie” my mom yelled from behind the door, “hurry up, the cab will be here soon, get dressed and get your butt downstairs! You have ten minutes.”
"Damn it mom I'm almost done here, calm down!” I yelled back, my orgasm a distant memory by now.

"Talk to her Jim, she is your daughter too” I heard my mom urging my dad.

A couple of much gentler knocks on the door.

"Pumpkin? Would you please hurry up? The ship will leave without us.” My dad said in an apologetic tone.

I'm 18 and my dad still calls me pumpkin, I've always been his little princess.

"I'll be out in a minute” I said with a much softer voice and heard their footsteps walking away.

I got out of the bathtub and dried myself with a towel in front of the bathroom mirror. I looked at myself and liked what I saw.

I received plenty of compliments about my looks from men of all ages. Sometimes I would catch my male teachers ogle me in class, I knew they couldn't help themselves and I found it flattering.

I'm 5'4” tall and weigh 105 lbs., long straight blond hair with piercing dark blue eyes. My full red lips complete a beautiful face. As I gazed at my naked body I slightly lifted my heavy 32D breasts and gently pinched my sensitive pink nipples, they hardened almost immediately.
My hourglass shaped body was tight with a round butt, smooth and perfect. I run my hands down my body, still turned on from my bath, I placed the palm of my hand on my neatly shaved snatch. I felt the warm tingling sensation again but decided I don't have time for that so I wrapped myself up in a towel and went to my room.

I laid my clothes on the bed and began to dress. I put on a pair of pink cotton panties and a pink lace bra, squeezed myself into a pair of white denim short shorts that complimented my round, firm butt. Next I picked up a light blue tank top that cling to my curves. I put on my sandals, and gathered my hair into a ponytail. I was ready to go.

I went downstairs and saw my family waiting for me in the living room, suitcases packed and placed by the door. My mom looked at me impatiently. “Finally” she grunted. Besides my parents there was my only sister Heather. She is two years younger than me and since it was summer, school was out so she could come with us. Heather was very pretty with an angelic face, shoulder length auburn hair and big hazel eyes. Her body just started to bloom showing early signs of womanhood, her breasts were modest yet perky and her butt small and round.

My parents planned this cruise for weeks, as a gift for my high school graduation and my 18th birthday which was two weeks ago. The cruise liner's itinerary promised two fun packed weeks in the Caribbean. The ship was to depart from the port of Miami and take us around the islands, to places such as Jamaica, Aruba, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico. My family is fairly well off so we were promised a first class experience.

A car honk sounded from our drive way and the driver quickly showed up at our door.

"Let's go guys, don't forget anything” said my dad in a cheerful tone. “Girls, isn't this exciting?” he continued.

"Yea we're thrilled dad” I said sarcastically acting as a teenage brat, even though deep inside I was elevated. This was going to be an adventure.

The drive was uneventful and long. We reached the port of Miami and the car took us all the way to our ship.

We stood on the pier while our driver unload our luggage. The ship was huge, much bigger then I expected. It was at least 12 stories high above the waterline and about three football fields in length. The itinerary said it had everything. 8 swimming pools, 12 dining halls, restaurants, a casino, a spa, movie theaters, a gym, video arcade, even a bowling ally. I was truly amazed.

I felt a tap on my shoulder, it was my dad noticing how dumbfounded I was.

"Well pumpkin, would you like to go inside or stay here and help our driver with the luggage” he chuckled.

I looked at him, smiled and crossed my arm with his as we started to walk toward the ship, leaving our driver to deal with the luggage. We entered the ship, it was beautiful and luxurious. Big chandeliers hung from the ceiling, black marble floor, red carpet staircases and hundreds of people going about their business. We reached the check in counter and a well spoken efficient lady checked our reservations.

"So, you are the Harrisons” she said in a cheerful and friendly tone. “Welcome aboard the Titan of the Seas” one of the largest cruise ships in the world.”

I could tell she was genuinely proud at this ship.

“We have you down for two rooms at our exclusive Neptune floor. Please follow the yellow line to the elevators on your right. Then take elevator number 3 to the 9th floor which is the top floor. Here are your key-cards and have a wonderful stay.”

My dad handed the key-cards to me and Heather as we made our way to the elevators.

Once there, to our disappointment, we saw a big line of guests waiting for the elevators. It was a mixture of all sorts of people from different ages and speaking different languages.

As the line moved along I noticed a middle age couple in front of me. The woman had her back to me. She wore a black cotton dress, had short red dyed hair and a little on the heavyset side. The man was facing me, he had a balding head with gray hair and a trimmed white beard. Like his wife, he was a heavy man. White beard wore a Hawaiian short sleeve shirt and beige cargo shorts. I could tell he was checking me out. I wore tight short shorts, a skimpy tank top and I knew what kind of an effect I have on middle age men. He did make me a little uncomfortable though. Usually when older men gawk at me, they turn their eyes away as soon as they see me look at them. He didn't. He kept his eyes on my body for a few good seconds even though I was looking right at him.

Finally it was our turn for the elevator. It could only hold 10 people so it was us four, the middle age couple and another family. White beard and his wife entered first, then us and finally the other family. Due to the rush I was pushed to the back of the elevator with white beard and his wife behind me, facing the elevator door. The other family squeezed inside and at the end of the pushing and shoving I found myself wedged behind my dad and white beard.

The elevator doors finally closed and it made its way up. It was cramped and uncomfortable. Suddenly I felt white beard moving closer behind me, his belly touching my back. At first I didn't think much of it since there was little room to move and I thought he was just as uncomfortable as I was. However, he kept moving even closer pressing me to the back of my dad until I could go no further. What was he doing? Is he trying to get a quick feel with a girl that could be his granddaughter? Wasn't he afraid his wife might see what he was doing?

I felt the bulge in his pants begin to grow as he pressed himself to my round butt. He slowly moved his hips from side to side, then forward and back. I was so shocked I couldn't speak, even if I could I was too embarrassed to make a scene. I tried to move sideways and as I did, he placed his hands on my hips, holding me firmly in place. My family was unaware of my ordeal since they all faced the elevator doors. By now I could feel he was fully erect, his gyrating hips moved a little faster, still holding me in place so I wouldn't fall over on my dad.

I turned my head back to him, pleading with my eyes to stop. He just smiled a creepy smile and continued to m***** me.

Finally the elevator stopped and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. I pushed through my family and got out. White beard and his wife were right behind us but thankfully turned to the other side of the corridor. My face and neckline were red from the experience I just had. I was so angry at the thought that I was used by a man and didn't do anything about it. I just hoped I didn't run into him in the upcoming days.

We split into two adjacent rooms, me and Heather in one and my parents in the other.
As we were standing by the doors to our rooms my mom said
"Okay girls, we have a couple of hours until dinner time so take showers and get dressed before then. We'll meet you at the lobby and don't forget to unpack your suitcases before you wander off.”
I couldn't wait to see our room so I hastily said “OK mom”, gave her and my dad a kiss on the cheek and dashed to my room.

The room was bigger than I expected, it looked almost like a regular hotel room. By the door was the closet and a small bathroom with a shower. The main room had two single beds pressed to the walls on either side . In between there was a small table and two armchairs. A large flat screen TV was mounted on the wall along with some tasteful paintings. Under it was a small mini-bar, it was full of soda cans, candy and little bottles of alcohol. The big window was d****d and as I puled them aside I saw a sliding glass door leading to the balcony. Heather and I stepped outside and the view was beautiful. We were still at the harbor but being so high up we could see miles and miles of open ocean. I looked at Heather and we both started to giggle with joy. She rushed back inside to c***dishly jump on her bed.

“Come on Joanie.” She giggled “this is fun.”
"we don't have much time Heather, you heard what mom said, we only have a couple of hours until dinner time and I want to check out the ship.” I said with my big sister tone.
"Fine” she said, her giggles now reduced to a half smile.

We quickly unpacked and placed our clothes in the closet. Just as we finished unpacking I heard the loud ship's horn signaling its departure. We went back outside and watched the ship pulling out of the harbor.

We left our room and went over to the elevator. As we got close, the memory of the elevator incident surfaced. My heart sank at the thought of white beard placing his strong hands on my hips and rubbing himself against my back side. I wonder if he climaxed. I decided not to let this incident ruin my vacation.

We went downstairs and started to wander around aimlessly. The ship was so big it looked like a small City with shops and bars. We discovered a mini mall with a few clothing and jewelry stores. We tried on a few clothes and promised ourselves we'll be back soon. We then went to the video arcade. I was too old for that but Heather was having a blast. Before we knew, it was time to go back upstairs and get ready for dinner.

Heather took a shower first, while I laid down my outfit for the evening. I picked out a classy black mini dress that complimented my toned body. It had thin straps that went over my shoulders and even though I had ample breasts it's neckline was high enough and showed just a hint of cleavage. The bottom ended about a couple of inches above my knees. I also picked a matching set of black lacey thongs and a black strapless bra.

Heather got out of the shower wearing nothing but a white bra and panties. She had a gorgeous blooming body.

"Your turn sis” she said with a smirk, completely indifferent to her nakedness.
Growing in the same household we were used to walking without clothes around each other.

I went inside to take my shower. Standing under the warm stream of water I let my mind wander. Again I recalled my ordeal in the elevator and feelings of disgust crept up. Surprisingly, along with those feelings, the warm familiar sensation between my legs began to form. I was a little startled by it so I shook my head and forced myself to think about other things. I tried to think about Ethan, school, my family. It was useless, each thought led me back to the elevator. My anger towards white beard grew even stronger for planting these thoughts in my mind. I turned the water off and toweled myself.

When I got out of the shower, Heather was already dressed. I put on my bra and panties then my black mini dress. It had a zipper in the back so I asked for Heathers help and she did. I put on my black high heels shoes, a gold necklace that my dad bought me for Christmas, little black eyeliner to accentuate my dark blue eyes and some red lipstick. I took my card key and a small hand purse and went out the door.

We met our parents at the lobby as planned. The sound of dishes and people talking intensified as we got closer to the dining hall it was packed with people. In the middle of the hall were large bountiful tables with every type of food you can think of. We sat at our reserved table while efficient waiters poured us drinks.

"Come on Joanie let's see what's good here” Heather said as she pulled my arm up.
"Okay, okay just relax Heather, there is plenty of food to go around” I said with a smirk.
We agreed that my parents will stay at the table with our belongings while me and Heather get our food.

Heather and I walked towards the table and each took a plate. I couldn't decide what to get and as I was looking around I noticed me and Heather had separated. Damn where did she go, I thought to myself and started to look for her. It wasn't easy, even with high heels I was still shorter then most people and couldn't see passed them. A few minutes went by until I finally saw heather by the seafood corner. My heart sank immediately. She was holding a plate of food and talking to white beard. They were smiling and appear to be in a good mood.

I rushed towards her and as soon as I got there I grabbed her hand pulling away towards our table.
"What's wrong with you Joanie? “ Heather asked. “Can't you see I'm talking with someone? You are being very rude.”
She turned to white beard and said “sorry Frank, this is my impatient sister Joanie. Joanie say hello to Frank”
I looked at him with raging anger
"Hello Joanie.” He smiled and reached for a hand shake. “My you are very lovely” his hand still waiting for me to shake it back.
Heather, aware of the awkward situation motioned to me with her head to shake his hand back.
A fight broke in my mind. I didn't want to shake his hand for the obvious reasons, but didn't want Heather to know or ask questions.
Finally I reached and shook his hand, hating every split second of it. “Nice to meet you Frank, I'm Joanie”
I wanted to say the Joanie you've m*****ed in the elevator but I managed to keep my composure.

His hand held mine for a couple more seconds then necessary and I could swear I felt his index finger stroking lightly at the back of my hand.

Finally he let go and nodded his head.

"Frank told me this is his third cruise” Joanie said with a cheerful voice, completely oblivious to the tension between me and him.
"He said that once we get to Aruba he will show us the best beach there.” she continued
"I'm sure Frank has better plans then heaving us tag along and interrupt his vacation with his wife” I Intentionally emphasized my last word, hoping to nip these plans in the bud.
"Nonsense” Frank dismissed. “It will be my pleasure to show the island to such beautiful girls like yourselves”
"We'll see” I replied “Let's go Heather, mom and dad are waiting” I took her hand in mine motioning with my head to our table.
"Okay Frank see you around” Joanie giggled.
"Good bye dear” he said while holding her other hand with both of his “It was a pleasure to meet you”.
For a second he was sizing her with his eyes like a predator sizing up his pray.
Heather was too gullible to notice I thought. But not me.

As we made our way to the table a million thoughts run through my head. Should I tell my parents? I was afraid no one would believe me, they were at the same elevator when it happened and didn't notice, so why should they believe me? So far he has done nothing wrong to Heather. However, there is someone who could stop this and this someone was his wife. I decided to tell her everything, but I needed a few minutes alone with her.
I told Heather to go ahead to our table and made an excuse about forgetting the bread. She continued and I went back to look for them.

I quickly located their table. Frank and his wife were sitting alone at a table far enough that they couldn't see me. I waited for a couple of minutes and saw his wife walking towards the desert table. This was my opportunity, I took a big breath and said to myself, it's now or never.

I approached Frank's wife while she was loading a plate of desert. I stood by her, took a plate and pretended I was there for the same reason, I didn't want Frank to know what I was up to.
"Hi” I said nervously. She looked at me and said “Hi” back as she continued with loading the plate.
"My name is Joanie” I paused for a couple of seconds gathering my thoughts.
“you don't know me, but I have something very important to tell you about your husband.”
She raised her head from the plate she was holding and looked at me curiously.
"What do you mean?” She asked.
"well, today he approached me in the elevator and did horrible things, he also tried to make a move on my sister” I answered.
She looked at me still puzzled and I could tell she was thinking what the hell is this girl talking about.
Finally she said “Look dear I don't know what sort of horrible things he did or didn't do. I need to get back to my table now, but I would like to hear more about it.”

I was relieved she didn't dismiss me.

"Me and Frank are staying at room 915, I know he plans to go to the casino at around 11 pm. I would like you to come over then so we can discuss this in further details.” She genuinely sounded like she cared, and I could understand why she wanted to meet. It's not like she can confront her husband about cheating, based on a two minutes conversation over a desert plate with a teenage girl.

"Very well.” I said, I'll come to your room at 11:15 tonight. She nodded and went back to her table and so did I.

My parents and Heather were still eating when I got to the table. We sat there for about an hour, eating and talking about our vacation, how wonderful it would be and what we should do in the days a head. When we were done, we decided to walk around the ship and see what it had to offer. We sat at one of the bars, my dad and mom ordered beer and I ended up with a strawberry milkshake. We sat there for about a couple of hours, just talking and laughing. I checked my watch and it was 9:00, Heather's yawns increased in frequency and it was obvious we were all tired after a long and eventful day.

"We should call it a day” my dad said as he stretched his arms.
"Yes I'm beat too” my mom agreed with him. “Lets go back to our rooms, we have a big day a head of us.” she continued.

We got up and went upstairs. Said good night to our parents with a hug and a kiss and went inside. Heather was exhausted. She took of her dress, changed to her pajamas and went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Even though I was tired, I knew I couldn't go to bed just yet. There were still a couple more hours until I meet with Frank's wife. I took my shoes off, laid on the bed and turned on the TV.

Heather was done and came out of the bathroom. “Aren't you going to sleep?” she asked me.
"Yea maybe later, I want to watch some TV for a little while”
"I know why you don't want to sleep” Heather said with an evil green.
My heart began to pump harder “O yea? Why is that” I asked.
"You want to have a sex ting session with your boyfriend.” she giggled while making kissing noises.
"Shut up stupid” I started to giggle as well. We talked some more until Heather dozed off and fell asleep.
I watched TV for about an hour, still dressed in my black mini dress. I checked the time and it was ten past eleven. I got up to check on Heather, she was sound asleep, so I put my shoes back on, took my card key and tip toed outside.

Frank's room was on our floor so it didn't took me long to get there. I stood in front of the door gathering up the courage to knock. I knew I had to do it for the sake of my sister. I knocked softly and heard footsteps inside.

Frank's wife opened the door and motioned me to get inside. She was dressed in a white silk robe over a white negligee. She wasn't an obese woman but you could see the years of c***d bearing took their toll. She was wide at the breast and belly area. Her face still had heavy make up from dinner time and showed a few wrinkles. Their room was some what smaller then ours but had a queen size bed in the middle with two dressers on either side. Other than that it looked exactly like ours.

"Hello dear” she said in a motherly voice. “My name is Lydia, Please sit over here and tell me what's on your mind.”
She motioned to the side of the bed. I sat where she pointed and she sat next to me.
I began to speak and told her my entire story without interruption, her face was serious as if she understood exactly what I was talking about. Toward the end, my voice began to quiver and I held my tears as hard as I can. She noticed it and spoke softly while giving me a gentle hug.
"There, there my dear, don't cry, it's not your fault men are pigs” she attempted to cheer me up.

“Would you like me to pour you a drink? It will make you feel better, I promise” I looked up at her comforting brown eyes still in her motherly embrace and nodded “yes please.”
“Wonderful” she said and got up to fix me a drink. She pulled out of the mini-bar a can of orange juice and two bottles of some kind of liquor. She poured the orange juice into two glasses, than added a small liquor bottle to each glass. She added some ice and mixed the drinks.

She walked over to the bed where I was sitting, sat next to me and handed me the glass.
"Drink up sweetie, liquor is the best medicine for times like this.” She made me feel very comfortable around her. I put the glass to my lips and sipped. The taste was horrible, I can't understand people who drink on a daily basis. It was bitter and sour at the same time, I tried to put on a brave face, like I knew what I was doing but she could tell I had a hard time keeping it down.

Noticing my struggle she chuckled and said
"Don't worry dear, it gets better each time. Try to take a bigger sip it will be easier”
She looked at me with anticipation as I took my second sip. She was right, it was easier. I felt the warmth of the liquor making its way down my throat to my stomach.

We kept talking some more, telling each other where we are from, what we do and stuff like that until I finished the entire glass.

"Would you like one more?” She asked.
"No thank you” I politely declined, I was very tired, my eyelids felt heavy and I just wanted to go to my room and crash on the bed.
"I think I should go, thank you for being such a good listener.”
As soon as I stood up I began to feel very dizzy, my legs were so weak they couldn't support my weight and I crashed back on the bed.”
"What's the matter dear?” she asked with concerned.
"I feel... I feell dieezzzy” I had a hard time talking, what was in that drink? I thought to myself. I know I'm not a fan of alcohol but I have tried it a few times at parties and never had that reaction.

"Would you like to lie down?” she asked. I closed my eyes and nodded yes. My legs and arms were numb and I felt the blood draining from my head. She guided me to the top of the bed with her hand supporting my back, placing my head on the pillow behind me. She than moved my legs to the bed and put my hands by my sides. I felt like a rag doll, paralyzed to the point that I could only move my eyelids. My mouth and throat were parched.

“I think you are ready” Lydia said as she got up and took off her robe. She stood in front of me with only her sheer white negligee. I panicked and tried to move. My limbs didn't budge no matter how hard I tried. She climbed on the bed and laid on her side very close to me. I could feel her beating heart on my hand and her heavy breathing near my ear.

"Relax my dear, this feeling will wear off soon, don't fight it, try to enjoy what's coming.” she whispered.

What's coming? What is she talking about? My mind was racing I have to get out of here, but I can't.

She placed her hand on my tummy, and started to gently rub in circular motion. My body tensed up at the first touch of her hand but soon after it was surprisingly soothing.

"That's good honey, you are relaxing. I can feel you are more comfortable.” Her hand slowly crept up to my succulent breasts.

"Mmmm. You have lovely tits, you know that? So big and firm.” she squeezed my right breast over my dress, gently at first then with increasing pressure . I could feel my nipples harden and a warm sensation began between my legs. My body's temperature was on the rise as she groped me harder and kissed my neck, biting gently on my earlobes. Being paralyzed as I was caused all my senses to heighten.

I hated my self in that moment. How could I get so excited. Lydia was using me for her own pleasure.

Her voice abruptly cut my thoughts.

"Now sweetie, let's see those beautiful tits of yours. She removed the thin straps of my dress and pulled down the top. Next, she reached under me and felt her way around until she unclasped my bra. With one continuous motion, she removed it as well, exposing my succulent breasts and hardened pink nipples. Her breathing became heavier as she reached down, moved her panties aside and began to rub her clit . She pounced at my breasts with intensity, squeezing them hard while nibbling on my sensitive nipples with her teeth and lips.

In a mixture of pain and pleasure I was ecstatic . my juices flowed through the walls of my vagina, lubricating it in anticipation. I was very close to cumming and even managed to whisper a moan. Suddenly she stopped, leaving me breathless and aching for more.

"Not yet my dear, we still have a long night ahead of us” she said as her hands reached under my dress. Her fingers fondled the entrance to my soaking snatch moistening the panties fabric with my juices.
"My god your cunt is soaking wet” she said with a perplexed tone. “you are a horny little slut aren't you? When was the last time you were fucked?” I was unable to speak or move and it drove me insane.

She pulled down the rest of my dress and cast it aside. She then removed my wet panties, held them to her nose and took a big breath. She sniffed my panties while on her knees between my legs, rubbing her own pussy with vigor.

"Mmmm.. I love the smell of fresh young cunt.” As she said that she reached forward and stuffed them in my mouth. “Taste it! Doesn't it taste great?” Lydia then covered my nose and mouth with her hand keeping my panties inside. I couldn't breath and I couldn't struggle. She had complete control over me. I started to gasp and choke. A few seconds letter she removed her hand and my panties. I inhaled as much air as I could take.

"That's it, breath baby” she said with a creepy smile “You'll have to learn to trust me. Do you trust me cunt?” She then rapidly grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me close to her face.
"You trust me don't you cunt!? Blink twice if you do!” her tone changed abruptly from a soft whisper to a commanding stern voice. I blinked twice with fear in my eyes. “good girl” she said and let go of my hair causing my head to fall back on the pillow.

Lydia took off her clothes and presented herself to me. Her breasts were huge and saggy. Both her nipples pierced and they were decorated with two heavy rings, pulling down on them. Her body had many tattoos, all over her tits and her under belly. Her pussy lips were pierced as well with rings on either one.
"Do you like what you see?” she asked in a bashful tone. “your wet cunt says you do.” she laughed and positioned herself between my legs.

Lydia took each of my legs and bent my knees, spreading them apart, then grabbed a pillow and placed it under my butt, lifting my pelvis to give her better access to my pussy. She spread my still soaking lips and peered at my hole. I heard her gasp.

"Oh my god you are a virgin” she said with amazement. “No wonder you are so sensitive. You have never been fucked before. Well then you are in for a ride.” She greened with delight.
I wanted to scream but no voice came out, I didn't want to lose my innocence in such a horrible way.

Suddenly I heard a card key inserted at the door, Lydia quickly got up and covered my face with a towel, blinding me. I could hear the door open and footsteps entering the room. I heard Lydia whispering with another person. I couldn't make out what they were saying but I did hear the word virgin. I was petrified.

I was so vulnerable, lying in bed naked, unable to move or see. I struggled to wake up my body but it was like trying to lift a car off of me. I heard a belt buckle open followed by pants dropping to the floor. I was hysteric inside. Blood rushed through my veins and my heart was racing. I was breathing harder which was difficult with the towel on my face. Finally I made some progress and managed to move my finger tips and toes. My new found optimism was cut shortly as I felt two people climbing on the bed.

Two sets of hands were caressing my body, one of them on my breasts and the other on my underbelly, one of the hands was lifted and I heard the dresser drawer open. A buzzing sound filled the room, soon after I felt the vibrator on my right nipple. Left with only four senses and unable to move, it was an intense feeling.

A couple of minutes later I heard Lydia say “Ooh look how hard her nipples get” like I was a part of some sick experiment. I felt the vibrator moving down, pausing around my navel, then moving on to my clit. The sensation was extraordinary and my pussy started to lubricate itself again. One of the hands took mine and placed it on a warm body. It moved it until I could touch something. I knew it was a cock even though I never touched one. I felt it grow in my hand as his hands moved mine faster. It was definitely big. A warm oily liquid was poured on my hand as I continually made to stroke. The man moaned and I knew he was enjoying himself very much. After a minute or so, he took my hand and returned it to my side. He then moved himself closer to my head, his knees pressed on the mattress by my head.

All of a sudden the towel was removed from my face in a quick motion. I looked up and it was Frank smiling “Hi honey” he said, and without waiting for a response, he quickly forced down my lower jaw and buried his cock in my mouth.
"Ohhh her mouth feels wonderful” he grunted to his wife.
“I think it's the first time she had a cock in her mouth” His wife replied.
"I think you are right” he said while his thrusts down my throat intensified. He kept his hand pressed on my jaw, keeping my mouth open. I couldn't push him away or turn my head. I gaged on his hard cock while saliva mixed with pre cum oozed down my cheeks.
"Careful honey, you don't want to make her puke. She still can't move herself” I heard Lydia advising her husband.

"Nahh I think this whore can take it. I already made it past her tonsils, she'll be fine.”
he mounted himself on me and sat on breasts with my head between his knees, keeping the rhythm of his relentless thrusts. He was very heavy and I thought my chest would cave in. In a ferocious and rough motion he grabbed the hair from the back of my head for leverage and kept his other hand on my jaw. He shoved his cock even deeper in me, fucking my mouth with anger.

"Suck it you pig!” he yelled at me while yanking my hair “Watch those teeth bitch!..”
He kept riding me hard and brutal while Lydia did the exact opposite. She gently kissed and caressed my body, using the vibrator on my clit sent jolts of pleasure from head to toe.
My brain was confused with mixed emotions. On franks end I was tormented by ruthless throat fucking. And on Lydia's end I was elevated with pleasure.

"I had enough of your worthless throat” I heard Frank grunting as he dismounted me.
“Now the real fun begin.” He greened.
He stood up on the bed and flipped me over like a rag doll. I was now lying on my stomach face down. He then walked to the foot of the bed. The carpet muffled his foot steps but I could sense he was behind me. He held my ankles and pulled me towards him until my knees were off the bed and on the carpet. He kicked my knees apart like you see in cop shows, then placed a towel on the carpet under me.

I was bent down in a way that half my body was lying face down on the bed and the other half was supported by my knees on the carpet. He then picked up my panties that were on the floor and used them to tie my hands behind my back. Meanwhile, Lydia positioned herself in front of me, she sat on the bed spread her legs and placed her pussy near my face. This position gave her full view of my head resting between her legs, and of her husband standing behind me.

I felt his warm fat belly on my butt and it instantly reminded me of the elevator incident. I knew what's about to happen and I looked up at Lydia, pleading with my big puppy eyes to stop it.

She looked down at me with empathy and stroked my soft blond hair. “Shhhh... it will be all over soon” she whispered, Lydia then pulled my head gently and placed it on her slit. “Lick honey” she continued to whisper. “concentrate on my pussy and clear your mind.” I reached out with my tongue and I could taste the metallic flavor of her juices. “mmm... “ she moaned with pleasure.

I felt Frank placing the tip of his big cock at the entrance to my hole. He put his left hand on my left hip and his right hand on my shoulder, holding me down firmly. His cock at my entrance sent jolts of different emotions to the rest of my body. I was terrified and excited all at the same time.

He hovered over me and whispered in my ear “I'm going to enjoy this bitch” and as soon as he ended the sentence, he shoved his entire cock up my hole, with one savage thrust he popped my cherry. Jolts of pain shot up from my pussy to my brain and blood began to drip from my vagina down my thigh on the towel that was placed earlier. I screamed for the first time tonight. I guess it caught them by surprise because Frank hurried to cover my mouth with his hand. “Shut the fuck up you stupid whore!” he ordered “someone might hear you.” The immense pain triggered something in my nervous system and my body began to show signs of life. I regained movement in my hands and legs and tried to break free. Frank, with his cock still inside me, held me down with one hand while covering my mouth with the other. Lydia who noticed my struggle quickly replaced her husband with one hand on my mouth and the other on my back using her weight to keep me down. I felt a sting on my ass as Franck smacked it really hard.
“Hold still bitch!! I'm not done with you yet” Frank grunted. He then looked at his wife and said “this cunt needs to be tamed.” He pulled out his cock and immediately shoved it back in deeper, poking at my cervix with an even greater force. My scream of pain was muffled by Lydia's hand.
He began a rhythm of ferocious thrusts, fucking me hard and fast. With one hand he held the knot of my panties cuffs and slapped my ass hard with the other. Smacking sounds filled the room as his under belly was bouncing on my round ass. “Christ this bitch is tight” he cried in ecstasy.

As a defense mechanism my pussy pumped more and more juices to accommodate the giant cock that was fucking me. The slippery flow eased the pressure on the walls of my vagina and created a vacuum with each time he pulled back. The jolts of pain were replaced by jolts of pleasure. With every thrust I felt more excited, I started to moan uncontrollably. Lydia removed her hand from my mouth and my crys of passion grew louder.
"The whore likes it” he said to his wife.

Lydia took advantage of my lust and climbed back to her original position, with my head between her legs. She grabbed my head with both hands and pushed it down on her seasoned cunt. It was much wider then mine and pumped incredible amounts of juices. I lapped it up with my tongue as fast as I could. I could feel her body begin to shake.
"I'm cumming, I'm cumming” she cried while pushing my head even harder. She released her grip and started to convulse from the orgasm she was experiencing. I lifted my head and looked at her with my pretty face soaking wet with her juices.

Wanting to return a favor, Lydia quickly got out of bed and lowered herself between Franks legs. She began to expertly flick her tongue at my clit while Frank kept pumping my pussy hard. It only took two minutes in this position and my entire body began to tremble as I was starting to climax. Frank recognized it and pressed his index finger to my anus. At exactly the right second he shoved his finger up my ass, and the sensations it gave me were out of this world, I shook uncontrollably and my mind exploded. I came hard in Lydia's mouth.

"Thats it little whore... cum in my wife's mouth, you dirty slut” He then grabbed a fistful of my hair and jerked me back. He put both of his hands around my throat and squeezed hard, cutting of oxygen to my brain. His actions intensified my orgasm and I felt a series of mini orgasms exploding in my head. He released his hold and I fell back on the bed gasping for air, completely satisfied.

It didn't take long before it was Frank's turn to cum. His rhythm slowed down but his thrusts became much more powerful. He pulled out and grabbed my hair pulling me to the floor. Lydia kneeled behind me forcing me to open my mouth with her hands. Frank was jerking his cock with one hand and tightened his grip on my hair as he neared his climax.

" STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE AND HOLD STILL BITCH!!, I'M CUMMING” a huge white load shot across my face leaving it's trail from my chin to my forehead. His second load landed all over my lips and mouth. His sperm tasted salty and I tried to swallow. “KEEP YOUR MOUTH OPEN CUNT I'M NOT DONE YET.” he screamed as he shoved his cock in my mouth emptying his balls down my throat. He kept his cock in my mouth for almost a minute, the cum dripped from my face all over my tits. He pulled out his soft cock and pushed me to the he stepped over me on his way to the shower and said
"we are just getting started slut, see you by the pool tomorrow. Be there at 10:00 am. Now go get some sleep.” he closed the bathroom door behind him and I heard the water running.

Lydia untied my hands and helped me to get dressed. She walked me to the door and kissed me on the lips. “See you tomorrow Joanie” she said as I left the room.

I stumbled back to my room and tip toed inside I checked on heather and she was sound asleep, her innocent face was so calm and peaceful.
I went inside the bathroom, took off my clothes and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked nothing like I did when I left this room. Black mascara lines ran down my cheeks which where stained with cum and my hair was all crusty with sperm. I turned on the hot water and sat on the shower floor letting the water wash away all the filth. As my mind wandered I remembered Franks last words about the swimming pool. I felt compelled to do as he said and found it strange. I turned the water off and dozed into sleep.. right there on the shower floor.


My eyes shot open as I suddenly woke up. I looked around wide eyed and it was dark. My brain was still half asleep and it took me a few seconds to find my bearings. Was it all a dream? Where the heck am I? My body followed my brain and woke up in pain. I was sore all over, especially between my legs, it reminded me of the events that occurred just a few hours ago.

“Damn, it wasn't a dream after all” I thought. I forced my self up and prayed. Please let it be night time.. Please let it be night time. I didn't know how to explain to Heather why I spent the entire night on the shower floor.

I slowly opened the door and sighed in relief. Tip toeing outside I saw that Heather was sound asleep, her eyelids closed against the dim moonlight, breathing deep and relaxed. The innocence showed on her pretty face, not a care in the world, protected from the dangers of the outside.

I checked my phone and the clock showed 3:00 am. Still sore I put on my pajamas and staggered to my bed, collapsing in exhaustion. As soon as my head hit the pillow I fell in deep sleep.

“Wake up sleepyhead, It's a beautiful morning.” Heather said cheerfully

I cracked my eyes open and was immediately blinded from the morning sunlight that flooded the room.

“What time is it?” I asked.

"It's almost 9:30, wake up already, mom and dad are meeting us by the pool, we're going to have breakfast there” Heather said in her cute yet urgent tone.

As my eyes adapted to the light, Heather just finished putting on her red bikini, adjusting the top to fit her blooming breasts. She then squeezed her toned bottom into a pair of blue denim short shorts followed by a wearing a white tee shirt. She grabbed excess fabric from the bottom of her shirt and tied it in a knot a couple of inches above her navel. A ponytail and a baseball cap completed her adorable look.

I yawned and stretched my arms over my head. I felt recovered after a good night's sleep and my soreness was all but gone.

"So breakfast by the pool?” I asked rhetorically.
"Yes, dad said we have a swimming pool reserved just for the guests from the Neptune floor. It supposed to be very exclusive,” her eyes lit up with excitement. “ And who knows, we might find cute guys over there.” She smirked.

"Cute boys are the farthest thing from my mind right now.” I answered without explanation.
Heather looked puzzled but didn't say anything, she probably thought I said that because of Ethan.

I checked my phone and saw I have about twenty minutes to get ready so I took a quick shower and got dressed. I put on my favorite white bikini that I bought a year ago in Hawaii. My breasts have grown since then to their current ample D size so they spilled a little at the sides making me look very sexy. Over it I put on a light see through sun dress, that showed hints of my firm body.

As me and Heather got close to the pool my heart started to beat faster. I remembered Frank's order as he stepped over my freshly fucked body.

“We are just getting started slut, see you by the pool tomorrow. Be there at 10:00 am.”

Oddly a small part of me was hoping to see him there, even after all the torment he and his wife Lydia put me through. I was nervous as hell, and as I walked through the doors that led to our reserved pool deck I kept my eyes peeled in search of him and his partner in crime, Lydia.

They weren't there and I had mixed feelings of disappointment and relief.

However, my mom and dad were there. They sat at a large round table covered in a white table cloth waiting for us. Besides my parents there were about 20 to 30 other guests, all eating, drinking swimming and having a good time. The pool deck had about 10 of these round tables overlooking a k**ney shaped pool and a bubbly jacuzzi. At one side of the deck were two long tables manned by waiters that served all kinds of breakfast foods and drinks. At the far corner there was a bar that served refreshing cocktails and beers.

Our parents waved to us and we sat at the table. My eyes kept wondering around, searching for Frank and Lydia. It was noticeable enough for Heather to ask me who was I looking for.

"Just looking around, it's so beautiful,” I lied.

"So are you girls hungry?” My dad asked even though he knew the answer.

Me and Heather both nodded our heads yes with enthusiasm.

“I don't know what it is about cruise ships that make me hungry all the time” my sister giggled.

Dad raised his hand and quickly a cute waiter all dressed in white appeared. I could tell Heather had the hots for him because she was sneaking glimpses while trying not to get caught staring.

We each ordered. I was so worked up last night that I was famished, so I ordered two pancakes, scrambled eggs, a side of bacon and some hash browns. My family was staring at me because they were not used to see me eat so much but I didn't care.

I checked my phone again and it was already 10:30, the waiters started to clean up and I figured that if Frank didn't show up by now he wouldn't show up at all. The tension I felt about it was fading away. I began to relax and took part in the conversation at the table.

We talked about how last night went, how we liked our rooms and the amazing ocean view from our balconies. Off course I didn't mention anything about what had happen to me and when they asked how I slept I said like a baby.

Suddenly Heather started to wave at someone. I raised my eyes and my heart skipped a beat. It was Frank and Lydia who just walked in. They noticed her and to my dismay approached our table. Frank was wearing a pair of blue trunks and an oversize t shirt in a futile attempt to hide his belly. He also had mirrored shades on, so I couldn't tell if and when he was looking at me.

My young and naive little sister Heather introduced my tormentors to my parents.

"Mom, Dad, meet Frank and his wife...??” she looked at Frank's wife waiting for her to complete her sentence.

"Lydia” Frank's wife said with a smile and shook my dad's and mom's hands.

"Nice to meet you Frank and Lydia, I'm Jim and this is my wife Rachel” my dad politely replied.

"And you already know Joanie” Heather said as I was looking around for a hole in the ground to bury myself from embarrassment.

Heather explained to my parents how they met at dinner last night and told them about how it's their third time on this cruise.

"He said he could show us all the cool places once we get to Aruba.” Heather said with excitement.

Frank chuckled “Yes I offered my tour guide skills but I'm not cheap.” He burst into laughter and as he did his belly wobbled.

I knew he didn't really think it was funny, he just wanted to test the water and see how my father would react to the fact that a middle aged man was offering his two teenage girls to take them on an island adventure.

Maybe my parents were just as naive as Heather, because they laughed too and went through the whole, “yea we'll pay as much as you want, just as long as you take them off our hands so we could have some peace and quiet” routine.

When the laughter subside, my dad realized that all the other tables were taken and offered Frank and Lydia to join us.

"Ooh we don't want to impose” Frank said unconvincingly.

Dad looked at them and said, "nonsense, it's not an imposition at all, please sit with us, we were just planning the rest of our trip and would love to learn from your experience.”

"You are too kind Jim, at least let me get you guys some drinks” Frank greened reveling his white set of teeth.
"That sounds great, thank you Frank” said my dad “I'll have a beer and Rachel will have...”

My mom gave my dad a look that said it's way too early for alcohol but then gave in and asked for a margarita.

That one beer and margarita became two, then three, and before you knew it the two couples became best of friends. They talked and laughed for what seemed to be an hour, drinking beers and cocktails all along.

"can I have a sip of your beer?” Heather implored my dad.

"Yes in five years when you'll be old enough” he answered and both couples burst into laughter.

I was amazed how Frank and Lydia could keep so cool and ignore me the whole time. It's like I was transparent to them, they had their fun last night and now I'm nothing to them.

"I see the jacuzzi is free, what say we move this party over there.” Frank said to which my dad responded, “great idea Frank, let's go”.

Both men stood up and took off their shirts. They were so different, my dad kept his shape and was regularly working out while Frank's body was all jiggly and flabby.

"Are you coming dear?” my dad asked my mom

"I think I'll stay here and work on my tan but you boys go ahead and have fun.”

"I'll stay with Rachel and keep her company” Lydia said then turned to me and Heather “how about you girls?”

Heather was all done with adult conversation and was grateful for the change of scenery, happily said yes. I on the other hand was very reluctant but I didn't want to leave Frank out of my sight so I agreed as well.

My dad and Frank went ahead to hold our places at the jacuzzi before anyone else will take them while me and Heather stripped down to our bikinis. When we got there dad and Frank were already sitting. Frank looked up at our bodies from top to bottom. I could swear I saw him subtly licking his lips. Just as Heather was about to sit next to frank my motherly instinct kicked in and I gently nudged her aside and took her place by him.
The feeling of warm water and bubbles on my skin was wonderful and since I'm not a very tall girl the water were up to my neck engulfing me with southing relief.

“This is great, Just what I needed, good call Frank” my dad said gratefully.

"Ooh it gets better Jim” he said and reached behind me to increase the jets pressure to their top setting. One of the jets was positioned right behind my lower back and massaged it. I got to admit, it felt really good.

However, a few seconds later Frank's sinister plan became clear to me. The full blast increased the bubbles, so you couldn't see below the water line and that's what Frank was going for. He put his hand on my knee, gentle at first, making it seem almost unintentionally. He was checking for my dad's reaction under his mirrored sunglasses. Since we were all sitting on the same step we were facing forward and even if my dad or Heather would face us they wouldn't be able to see under the water line.
Knowing that my dad couldn't see, set his mind at ease and his fondling intensified. He groped my thigh while maintaining a conversation with my dad.

“So tell me Jim, what do you do for a living?” Frank asked while inching his way up my thigh.

"I'm an M&A lawyer” my dad answered.

"Interesting, what does an M&A lawyer do exactly?” Frank asked as his fingers started to wander dangerously around my mound.

My dad, completely unaware of the situation unfolding just mere feet away from him said "Oh I'm afraid it's not as exciting as it's sound. I deal with mergers and acquisition of large corporations, in a nut shell it's a lot of paper work” he snickered

"Oh I'm sure it's much more than that, sounds like a lot of responsibility.” He said as I felt one of his fingers pressed on the fabric of my bikini between my legs.

My mind was racing and I was filled with mixed emotions. On one hand feelings of resentment toward my father for not noticing what is happening under his nose, but also of excitement and lust. I was thankful for the water that hid the wetness that started to form inside me.

All this time I could hear Heather talking to me but I wasn't able to connect her words to coherent sentences. I just nodded and made myself look as if I was interested in what she had to say, while Frank m*****ed me under water.

"And what do you do for a living?” My dad asked Frank.

"I'm just a retired high school teacher, although I made most of my money in the real estate market, buying rundown homes, fixing them up and selling for a profit.” Frank said while he used his dexterous fingers to spread my legs a little and pull aside the front triangle of my bikini, exposing my soaking pussy to the bubbly warm water.

The feeling of water rushing between my legs was almost overwhelming. And I had to stable my self with both hands to stop the tremors that where shooting all over my body. The thought of him as a high school teacher made sense. He had this ability to control me, ability that must have been perfected with years of experience as a teacher for teenage girls.

As he and my dad kept talking, his wandering fingers found their way inside me. He slipped two of them up my pussy, deeper and deeper. With his other hand he grabbed mine and placed it on his hairy belly. His grip was firm on my wrist, forcing my hand to rub him in a circular motion moving closer towards his bulge.

His fingers still worked on finding my G spot when he moved my hand under the waste band of his trunks. I felt his coarse pubic hair as he guided me towards his cock, he was hard as a rock and I Instinctively grabbed his shaft. I could feel his belly going up and down due to his heavy breathing.
He then placed his hand over mine, motioning me to stroke him. When he was satisfied that I will continue without his guidance he removed his hand and moved his attention back to the fingers inside me.

With his two fingers fucking me and me stroking his hard cock he turned to my dad and said
"You have lovely daughters Jim, so polite and smart, I'm sure you are very proud.” while speaking he shoved his fingers deeper in me and with grater force. It made my body tense up so unexpectedly that I grabbed Heather's hand and dug my fingernails in her arm, biting my lower lip to stop me from screaming. Heather on the other hand did scream .

"Ouch stupid!!!, what did you do that for” she yelled at me in pain.

"Sorry sweetie, I guess I dozed off and almost fell from the step and you were the closest thing I could grab” I said desperately trying to calm her down.

"Be careful than” she said while rubbing her scratched arm.

My dad turned to Frank and smirked “you were saying?”

Frank kept fucking me with his experienced fingers harder and harder while working on my clit with his thumb. I felt a climax coming on as my body started to tremble uncontrollably. I sank deeper until the water reached my mouth hiding my excitement. He sank with me and reached with his other hand for my tits. He felt my inevitable orgasm arriving as my inner muscles clamped on his fingers. He squeezed my tit hard, paying special attention to my hard nipple, pulling and twisting it. I couldn't take it anymore, the a mixture of immense pleasure from the orgasm that exploded inside me and the pain from my nipple torture sent me under water. I came hard and screamed, thankfully no one could hear me. Under water and unable to breath intensified the moment, and I nearly drowned.

I raised my head over the water and regained my composure. I checked my dad and Heather to see if they noticed my powerful orgasm. Dad and Frank were talking about their favorite sports team and Heather layed her head back with her eyes closed oblivious to what just happened.

Noticing I was back, Frank griped my hand and forcefully returned it under his trunks. I knew what he expected of me and I began to stroke his hard shaft. Above water he kept his cool, acting all sweet and funny, telling us funny stories and jokes. Under water he was a complete perv, getting a hand job from a teen girl.

His flabby belly began to feel more rigid, moving up and down with increasing speed, he was nearing his climax and I looked at his face. Not a single muscle twitched and unlike me he showed great restraint. With a firm grip of my wrist he made me stroke him faster and the closer he got to climaxing the more he tightened his grip on my hand until it started to hurt. Without warning his entire body tensed up. He stopped talking for a few seconds as he released his sperm into the jacuzzi water. I kept my hand on his cock until it was soft then pulled it out.

A couple of minutes after he came in my hand Frank looked at us and said

"Listen guys, seeing we're having so much fun together how would you like to have lunch with me and Lydia. After that I can show you around this boat, we'll make a day of it.”

"Thats a great idea Frank, let me just check with Rachel and see if she made other plans,” my dad replied.

We got out of the jacuzzi and as we were toweling off, my dad presented Frank's idea to my mom and she agreed, so we put our clothes back on.

Walking into the crowded dining hall for lunch, Lydia spotted an empty table big enough for our party. I was slower then the rest of us and by the time I got there Frank already took his place between Lydia and Heather, the only vacant seat for me was across from them. Despite my concern, Frank behaved like a complete gentleman. He was charming and funny and Heather seemed to enjoy talking to him. Every once in a while he slipped into his old habits, like brushing his hand “unintentionally” against hers or petting her back in a friendly way. Heather didn't seem to mind his handsy behavior. As lunch continued his attention towards her grew and by the end they were mostly talking amongst themselves. I could tell Heather was drawn to him but in an innocent “fun uncle” kind of way. From the little time I've known Frank I figured he had a different agenda.

Lunch time was over and we all decided to check out the boundless activities the ship had to offer. Frank knew his way around the ship, since it was his third time, so we followed him like a group of tourists and their tour guide. We ended up at the little mall me and Heather visited yesterday. Mom and Dad went inside a jewelry store to pick something, while me Heather Frank and Lydia, stayed outside. Heather said she wanted to go to the video arcade that was a few stores down so I told my parents where we were going and they just nodded and said have fun.

The dark video arcade was packed with k**s and teenagers. Frank bought some tokens for Heather and she gratefully gave him a peck on his cheek. Frank blushed and if I didn't know any better I'd say it was cute. They rushed inside searching for machines to spend their tokens while me and Lydia hung back. People didn't seem to mind that a middle age man was playing video games with a teen girl, probably because they presumed he was her uncle or grandfather.

After about ten minutes of talking with Lydia I went to look for them. Like a typical arcade it was dark and noisy so it wasn't easy to find them but when I finally did, I said to myself, “you should have known better Joanie” . They were playing a video game at the back of the store. It was a shooting game and the machine had a laser hand gun connected with a cable. Heather stood in front of the screen with her knees bent and her legs slightly spread, aiming at the bad guys. Frank was helping her with her aim and positioned himself behind her reaching forward with his hands and holding the gun over her hands, apparently to help her steady her grip. His pelvis was pressed to her denim shorts and his head was near her left ear so he could instruct her when to pull the trigger. Heather cheered every time they killed a bad guy oblivious to Frank's intentions.

I decided to break it off and went over there. I stood by them but they didn't seem to care how inappropriate it was whatever they were doing. I was too embarrassed to tell Heather that she shouldn't let a middle aged man hover behind her like Frank did, so I just said we have to leave because mom and dad were waiting.

“Just a few more minutes Joanie, pleeeaase, I'm really getting good at this game.” Heather said in a c***dish voice

"Sorry sis we have to go now, mom and dad are waiting outside.”

I lied about my parents being outside but it worked. Frank was aware that my father will not approve of this, so he released his grip over the gun and moved back. As he did I could see the bulge that formed in his trunks. Heather reluctantly put the gun in it's holster that was mounted on the machine and we all walked outside the arcade.

Soon after, I was relieved to see my parents walking towards the arcade, my mom held a little paper bag from the jewelry store. She then showed me and Heather the beautiful diamond earrings that my dad had bought her.

We spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping and eating ice cream, until it was time for us to go back to our rooms and get ready for dinner. We all took the elevator upstairs and reached the corridor to our rooms.
"Well, this has been a very fun day Frank, see you guys at dinner” my dad said as he shook Frank's and Lydia's hand”

"Yes it was Jim, you have a lovely family” Frank greened. He then turned to me and Heather “I hope you girls are having fun hanging out with old farts like us” He laughed and so did our parents.

"I'm sure they are having the time of their lives Frank” my mom said as Heather nodded with enthusiasm. I tried to keep my poker face, fighting myself not to lash out at them.

We said our goodbyes and each couple went to their rooms.

As usual Heather was first out of the shower, comfortable in her nakedness she paraded around the room while picking her outfit for the evening. Her tan lines were now visible with white and perky B cup breasts and a milky white triangle between her her legs, in between was her tanned flat stomach. She turned around and slightly bent over to lay her outfit, her firm yet round butt was white and just underneath it was a gap between her upper thighs even though her legs weren't spread.

It was my turn at the shower and the warm stream of water that rushed over my body relaxed me almost immediately. As I often do, I let my mind wander. While soaping my ample breasts vivid flashes of today's events appeared in my mind. Bits and pieces from my experience at the pool sent tingling sensations between my legs.

I parted my legs and my hand impulsively reached for my snatch. I rubbed my clit gently at first, then faster as my lust grew. Armed with my new found knowledge of pleasure and pain I reached with my other hand for my right nipple and pinched it just enough for the pain to be bearable. It aroused me even more so I slipped my middle finger inside me and squeezed it with the muscles of my wet canal.

The image of frank hovering behind my sister popped up and surprisingly increased my desire. I fantasized how his bulge was growing against her firm ass. It was so hot that I felt an orgasm growing inside me. I let out a whimper of pleasure as my knees began to shake uncontrollably. Then slipped a second finger inside and began to fuck my self faster.

To muffle my moans I bit on my lower lip. I was close and in the heat of the moment I pinched my nipple harder, digging my fingernails at it's base. The sharp pain was just what I needed and it sent me over the edge. I let go of my tit and planted my hand hard on the shower wall supporting my self as it was hard to stand. The orgasm I experienced was long and intense and when it was all over I felt satisfied and calm.

When I came out of the shower, Heather was already dressed and looked incredible. She wore white knee high socks and a gray wool skirt that ended a couple of inches above her knees. Completing her virtuous look was a white blouse and a black bow in her auburn silky hair.

For myself I picked out a short and classy white summer dress. It had a lacy pattern starting an inch above my nipple line and ended at my shoulder line. I felt more adventurous and wore a matching white lacy thongs and a push up bra that accentuated my already generous breasts. We looked at ourselves in the mirror and giggled at how hot we looked.

"You look amazing Heather but there is something important I need to tell you”

"What is it Joanie?” she asked with a puzzled look.
"I don't know how to say it so I'll just come out and say. Have you noticed how Frank is all... whats the word I'm looking for... Handsy sometimes?” I asked nervously

"what do you mean?” she naively asked

"Well for example, when you were at the arcade, didn't you feel he stepped over the line when he held you from behind?”

Heather's sudden giggle confused me.

"Off course I've noticed he has the hots for me, I'm not a c***d you know. But older men have always been flirtatious with me, even teachers at school. It's only natural when they see a pretty girl. But it's not their fault, it's just the way they were wired I guess.”

Her careless, and casual approach amazed me. Was she that naive and unaware to what these men are capable of?

"All I'm saying is be careful around him, he is nothing like your teachers”

"don't worry sis I can take care of myself, trust me, one false move and it's a kick to the nuts” she smirked.

I still wasn't at ease but our conversation made me feel better.

We went downstairs and met our parents at the lobby. They were already sitting with Frank and Lydia and having a cocktail.

We gave each of our parents a peck on the cheek and as I kissed my dad I looked over his shoulder and caught Frank admiring Heather.

The dining room was as usual very crowded and noisy, a cacophony of voices speaking in different languages mixed with dishes clunking created a hectic atmosphere. Tuxedo wearing waiters rushed between tables to satisfy each of the guests requests. The place was set much like last night, with wall to wall tables for the guests and in the middle were tables loaded with every type of food imaginable.

We each took a plate and began to look around for the food that we liked. Seperation was inevitable and in no time, each of us was on his own. I scanned the room and soon located Heather and Frank all the way at the far end of the dining hall standing at the seafood line. They were clearly enjoying themselves talking in each other's ear due to the noise around. Frank was especially handsy and each time he leaned to say something in Heather's ear he casually put his hand on her shoulder or waist. Remembering what she said to me about taking care of herself I decided to keep an eye from a distance.

Suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned to see it was Lydia.

"Hello dear, how are you?” she asked without waiting for a response “Do you feel better after last night?” Hinting about the torment she and her husband had put me through.

I nodded my head yes. “I'm fine Lydia and if you're worried, don't be, I didn't tell anyone”

"Very good dear, I think you even liked it a little didn't you?”
I didn't know what to say so I just said “maybe” but I could see in her eyes she knew the truth. She knew I liked it. We chatted for a couple more minutes until we went our separate ways. I turned to look at the last spot I saw Heather and Frank but they were gone. Again I scanned the room but they were no where to be found. I was a little alarmed so I decided to walk over to the last place I saw them.

It was all the way to the other side of the dining hall, it wasn't as crowded as the rest of the place and there were only a few people standing by the seafood line. I asked around but no one noticed a girl in a white blouse and a gray skirt. I looked around some more and noticed a swinging door with an exit sign above it. Maybe they stepped outside for some fresh air I thought to myself. I pushed the door open and saw it led into a long corridor that didn't look as nice as the rest of the ship. As I entered I could hear faint sounds of dishes being washed down the hall which led me to think it was one of the entrances to the kitchen. I stepped inside and looked around. About twenty feet from there, was another door which was cracked open and had a sign that said janitor.

Gloomy light escaped through the crack. My curiosity got the better of me so I opened it ever so slightly and peeked in. The scene that unveiled before my eyes stunned me. It was a dingy and poorly lit little room that held cleaning supplies, brooms and mops. Leaning against the opposite wall was Frank with a strained look in his eyes and beads of sweat on his forehead. As I gazed lower I saw his pants were around his ankles and kneeling in front of him was my sister. She had her back to me but by the way her head moved back and forth it was obvious she was orally pleasuring him. her shirt was open and she was holding her hands behind her back. Frank had his hands on both sides of her head, keeping her in place while forcing her on his cock. I could tell he was deep in her mouth because I heard her gag and a few times she arched her back, convulsing on his cock.

Inexplicably I found it extremely arousing. My brain was imploring me to intervene but the rest of my aroused body wanted to keep going. My temperature was on the rise as blood rushed in my veins, wetness saturated my lacy panties and my nipples were hard as pebbles.

"You are doing good honey” I heard Frank talking to my sister. “mmm..that's it sweetie deeper now” he said while struggling with her resistance to bring her head closer to his fat belly . Not satisfied with the result, He leaned forward and hugged her head with his forearms covering the top of it with his belly, until her head was barely visible, he then pushed his hips forward in a fierce thrust and kept her this way for a few long seconds

“Ohh yes, wonderful dear, you took my entire 7 inch cock down your throat, good girl don't move, just relax baby”. He said completely disregarding her anguish.

Heather was struggling to free herself, pounding on his thighs with her small fists. Her body jerked uncontrollably in a futile attempt to break free. It was so severe I could hear her stomach convulsing.

Finally he released his hold but kept his grip on her hair at the back of her head. As soon as he pulled out I heard a loud gasp for air followed by her violent coughing. Still on her knees she almost collapsed forward between Franks legs but he quickly pulled her hair back causing her head to jerk up and face the ceiling.

"You're doing good Heather, open your eyes honey, look at me and stick out your tongue.”

She did as she was told and frank slapped his big cock hard on her tongue.

Controlling her by her hair he then said “ I want you to get down on all fours baby”

Heather obeyed and assumed the position on her hands and knees with her ass in the air.

"That's right... beautiful... just like a good little doggy” he praised her like you would a praise a puppy for rolling over for the first time.

He stood over her, locking his knees on her head behind him so she couldn't move it. Then leaned forward and pulled up her skirt, exposing her firm milky ass. He pulled on her thongs stretching them until they fell into place between her pussy lips, then proceeded with a stronger tug applying pressure to her slit. Heather couldn't move her head and began to squirm as Frank pulled harder.

He slowly released his grip of her thongs and shifted his attention to her ass, while still holding her head between his knees. He groped and kneaded the flesh of her firm butt while spreading her cheeks apart. Right before he was finished he slapped it twice with medium force. Heather didn't expect that and let out a loud moan reaching back with one hand to rub the sore spot. His slap left a red imprint on her white skin.

He released her head from between his knees and shoved his dick back in her mouth.

"That will keep your whore mouth quiet” he said and Heather was surprised to see the friendly older man she knew transform to a perverted monster . He placed one hand under her lower jaw and one hand at the back of her head. “Look up at me while I fuck your mouth slut!” he raised his voice.

He kept thrusting his cock in her mouth while she gagged, strings of saliva dripped from her mouth to the floor.

"Open your eyes bitch! I want to see them roll while I fuck your tight throat.” he ordered

"Yes just like that keep them open cunt” He continued to fuck her mouth with even greater force.

I was so fixated on what was going on in the room I didn't notice the person that crept behind me. Suddenly a hand reached under my dress and grabbed my mound. I was stunned by the unexpected surprise and immediately turned my head back. It was Lydia smiling with an evil green.

"Your cunt is soaking wet” she said with a hint of surprise in her voice. “You like watching your whore sister, don't you?” She didn't wait for my reply and opened the door wide open pushing me inside.

“Look what the cat dragged in” she declared as she entered the room behind me. Then proceeded to close the door behind her.

Frank looked surprised but didn't stop fucking Heather's mouth for one second.

"Wow two Harrison sluts, I'm sure Jim is very proud to have two whores for daughters.” He chuckled.

"I bet he does” Lydia said while groping my breasts from behind. “Mmmm.. I missed those knockers” she squeezed harder, paying special attention to my nipples.

My parents will come looking for us I said with confidence.

"I don't think so dear” she said with a devilish green. “Soon after you left to find your sister, I told them you met a group of k**s your age and you were going to hang out with them for the rest of the evening, and your stupid mother bought it.”

They both laughed and felt proud about how smart they were.

Finally Frank pulled his cock out of Heathers mouth and stood her up.

"Take your clothes off cunt!” he said to Heather, “but leave your socks and shoes on, they really turn me on.” While she did Frank turned his attention to me.

"On your knees whore” he gestured to the floor. Seeing I had very little choice, and I was still excited from before, I quickly got down on my knees and opened my mouth with anticipation.

Frank walked behind me and pushed me down until I was on my hands and knees.

"I had enough face fucking for this evening with your sister, I have other plans for you.” as he said that he lifted my dress and pulled my panties to the side, he then spat at my pussy and his hand rubbing his dick to lubricate it. Without warning he shoved his entire hard cock inside me. He overwhelmed me with his size and his roughness and I loved it, I started to moan louder and louder until he had to cover my mouth while thrusting his cock deeper

"Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch, do you want the entire boat to hear your slutty moans” I knew he was right but I couldn't control myself. He kept fucking me hard with one hand covering my mouth and the other on the back of my head holding it so I couldn't move. Then he leaned forward and forced my head sideways to look at heather who was naked by now and groped by Lydia.

He whispered in my ear “look at your sweet sister, I'm going to pop her cherry just like I popped yours last night”

I looked at my innocent sister, and the thought of Franks cock in her pussy incited whole new levels of lust in my mind. I was so turned on I was aching for release. I reached between my legs and started to rub my clit with vigor. Lydia then took Heather's hand and led her to me. She guided her on her back under me, placing her head directly under my soaking snatch in a 69 position.

"Stick out your tongue dear” Lydia said to Heather while pushing my pelvis down to my sisters mouth. I felt her inexperienced tongue on my clit lapping my juices that were flowing from my pussy. Frank was very excited to see my sister eating me out so he pushed my head down between Heathers legs, I spread her smooth pussy lips with my fingers and stuck my tongue inside her. Heather moaned with pleasure, her pussy began to flood, she tasted so sweet and fresh I couldn't get enough of her. My body started to shake in a frenzy, I felt so dirty yet so alive that I couldn't hold back anymore and I came in Heathers mouth I pressed my cunt to her face flooding her with my juices. I screamed with desire and collapsed on my sister. Frank slowed down his thrusts and rolled me over. I laid on the dirty floor breathing and panting slowly descending back to reality.

Frank rolled Heather until she layed flat, face down on the floor. He then stood up and grabbed a roll of gray duct tape from one of the shelves.

“Hands behind your back cunt!” he barked at Heather and she hesitantly obeyed. He went on to taping both of them together. He then turned to me and said “give my your panties” So I quickly pulled them off and handed them to him. They were drenched. Squatting over her he forced her mouth open with both hands and stuffed my panties inside. He took another piece of tape and firmly placed it over her mouth. “That will keep her quiet” he said as he admired his work.
Heather looked so helpless in that position bound and gagged she reminded of an Aztec virgin princess waiting to be sacrificed to the gods.

Frank positioned himself between her legs supporting himself with one hand and used his other to guide his hard cock to the entrance of her twat. He stuck one of his fingers inside wetting it with her juices to lubricate his cock.

Heather was now aware of what comes next and her screams of horror were muffled by the panties gag. Frank was now lying on top of her covering her completely with his fat and hairy body. Her fragile body took on his entire weight so she could only move her head.

"You are going to remember this for the rest of your life” he whispered in her ear as he launched his body forward impaling her with a single savage thrust.

I will never forget the look in her eyes as Frank broke her cherry. Her eyes rolled back from the tremendous pain, she screamed in anguish and tears began to roll down her cheeks.

He had no mercy in his eyes as he thrust his huge shaft up her narrow canal, poking at her cervix with savagery. She almost passed out but his relentless thrusts pulled her back each time. Minutes passed and he was still fucking her senseless.

"Oohh your cunt is so tight and warm, take it whore, take my cock... you know you like it” he whispered in her ear.

A couple of minutes later he pulled out and rolled off of her. He then ripped the tape off her mouth with one swift motion and pulled out my whited panties. Finally he released her hands and layed on his back motioning her to ride him.

Lydia and I, helped her up as she could barely stand . We then lowered her on his cock. Lydia held it straight guiding it back in her pussy.

"Ride me you piece of shit” he urged Heather.

She placed her hands on his hairy chest and pushed herself up, then back down again. It was slow and awkward at first as she was trying to find the right rhythm. Frank held her by her slim waist and began to bounce her on his cock. It was clear to everyone in the room that she enjoyed it. Frank's heavy shaft grazed against her G spot with each bounce. She started to moan louder and reached with her hand to her clit. Her eyes were closed and she was focused on her pleasure and nothing else. Lydia began to gently kiss her neck moving down to her breast she put her right tit in her mouth, sucking and nibbling on her nipple. In an instant moment her entire body shook as her orgasm overwhelmed her. She screamed with lust and collapsed onto Franks chest.

Frank stood up and sat on a chair, stroking himself and preparing for his own climax.

Lydia grabbed both of our hands and positioned us on the floor in front of him. He moved his ass almost off the edge of the seat and grabbed Heather by the back of her head. Then he lifted his legs exposing his hairy asshole. Soon after he forced my sister's head to his ass.

"Stick out your tongue pig and lick my asshole!” he barked at her.

She was disgusted and wanted to pull away but he was too strong.

"No... please... Thant's disgusting, please don't make me do it” she implored him.

"I could care less what you think, start licking stupid whore” tightening his grip on the back of her head he slammed her face on his asshole, her nose hit his balls.

"Lick god damn it what the fuck are you waiting for” he said as he pushed on her head harder.

Reluctantly Heather stuck out her tongue and began to lick his sphincter.

"There you go, aren't you proud of yourself, you are an asshole licking whore and thats all you're good for.”

with one hand on Heather's head he grabbed my throat with his other. He pulled my head to his cock and said “with your hands behind your back put your lips around the tip of my cock and hold still.”
He stroked his cock while my lips were wrapped around its tip.

"Very good slut, just stay like that and don't move a muscle” we kept this position for a few minutes, when his body tensed up. Suddenly he stood up and pulled our faces together, cheek to cheek. Lydia quickly knelled behind us and held our heads. His strokes grew faster as he was nearing his climax.

"Open your mouths you fucking whores I'm coming “ as soon as he finished his sentence he buried his cock in Heathers mouth pumping it with his white juice. It was her first time tasting jizz and she hated it, she tried to turn her head away but Lydia held it firmly in place.
"Hold still you worthless cunt I'm not done yet” He pulled out and dropped a second load all over her pretty face. He then turned my head and forced himself inside my mouth unloading the rest of his jizz down my throat.

He collapsed to his chair all exhausted. His cock was limp and covered with sperm and saliva. He stood up and used my dress to wipe himself clean.

"Thanks cunts this was fun, we should do it again sometime. And tell your dad I said he raised two fine whores, he should be proud of himself. Now get the fuck out of here.”

We dressed quickly and rushed outside. Heather didn't even clean her face and it was dripping with cum. Luckily the dining hall was empty and no one could see her cum soaked face. We went straight to our room and took a shower together. Heather was very quiet and didn't say much.

I tucked her in her bed and kissed her forehead. She closed her eyes but I could tell she will not be able to fall asleep anytime soon. She was in a state of shock and there was nothing I could do. I turned the light off and went to bed.. I closed my eyes and fell asleep. Is this what we have to look forward to? Will Frank ever be satisfied and leave us alone?

The End.....

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