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The next time I saw Hannah after our little encounter, only the first button of her shirt was unbuttoned. She was sitting up, properly, paying attention to every word I said - or at least appearing to do so. I, however, couldn’t focus on the lecture at all. How was it, Hannah, sitting upright on sore buttcheeks spanked by your teacher just a day ago? Can you still feel it, little brat? Have you had your orgasm when you arrived home? What have you used - just your fingers, a toy? How was it, sitting at a dinner table with your family, as if nothing happened that special day? Have you ever had a wet dream of me fucking you sensless, Hannah? In my little office? At your parent’s house? In my car?

Stay focused, I told myself. Focus.

A week had passed since then, another Friday came. After the last period I had with Hannah’s class, she quickly left. Well, whatever. Every time I’ve seen her the next week, she seemed more and more... off - or maybe it was just my imagination. I decided to not pay too much attention to that girl. Her shirt was buttoned up eery time I caught a glimpse of her n the corridors and her skirt was as short as ever. Whatever was supposed to happen next, it will eventually happen, I told myself.

Another week had passed and it was Friday again.

I delivered yet another the lecture on cell’s metabolism, although every few times certain girl crossed or uncrossed her legs I couldn’t help my eyes wandering in that direction.
When the bell rang, the crowd started to disperse fairly quickly - it was Friday afternoon, after all - with Hannah slacking behind, like she always used to. When she slowly approached my desk, however, I knew it wasn’t just her usual slacking behind.

- I wanted to tell you something - after hesitating a long while she finally said, taking a slow inhale. I looked at her curiously, trying my best to hold back a smirk.
- I wanted to tell you that... I had been a good girl and I had not orgasmed.
She averts her eyes while I look at her intrigued, to say the least.
- Since... you know. - she continues. - I had not climaxed just like you told me. Like a good girl.
Oh... so that’s what’s up with you, Hannah. I pick up her game.
- That’s... good. Unexpected, but good.
She smiles at me, pretending to be shy and trying to be saucy at the same time.
- And... how is the waiting for you?
- Hard - she laughs nervously, taking a swirl of her hair between two fingers, rolling it, prolonging her silences and amplifying my glances. - Especially right after... it was hard to resist... you know. I was really, really... hot down there - she pauses, getting more serious look on her face. - Then I cooled down, I guess. I tried not to think funny things.
- Funny things, you say... Were you, by any chance, thinking about funny things today, Hannah?
The girl laughs once again, still swirling her hair with her fingers, looking me in the eyes then looking down.
- Are you, now?
- Might I not answer this question sir? ... At least not directly?
I try to give her a stern look. - That’s not how a good girl would respond, is it?
- Well... I guess I’m not one?
I exhale, exaggerating. - Okay. Then, tell me this... I’ve noticed you’ve been buttoning up your shirt recently. That’s impressing but tell me - are you wearing a bra underneath?
Hannah isn’t that good at feigning bewilderment. - U-um... you may have good eyes, sir... but I’m not answering you. - she is a tease and she knows it well.
- Why not?
- Because- you wouldn’t believe me anyway if I said I am, right?
- Just answer me: is there a bra under your shirt?
- Not telling you!
- You sure? - I take a step forward, partly blocking her potential moves. Now she is at least a little surprised, heat visibly hitting her cheeks.
- U-um...
- Come with me.

I move quickly, intently, while Hannah follows. With a simple gesture I command her into my little office, already familiar to her. I close the doors shut just after her, moving further inside. Now, she stands next to the desk, so I turn to face her. She leans back a little, bending one knee, her palms against the edge of the countertop.

It’s a shame she no longer looks stressed, unsure what I might do to her, yet naughty and excited at the bottom of lewd little... heart.

I’m standing close, too close for a teacher, but not too close to casually change the topic a little, right?
- By the way, how often you masturbate that two weeks break is long for you?
- Uhm... Every now and then? ... It depends. Every two or three days...
- That’s something. I assume you might feel a little pent up after this long?
Hannah threw her hair back, snorted and smiled.
- Can we do something about it? - she asks, trying to be bold. I drag that moment a little.
- First, let’s see... - I reach for the colar of her shirt. First button. Second button. The third. Well, there is a bra: white, soft cotton bra. The fourth button goes off. I part and spread the shirt tails to expose the mere triangles covering her breasts.
- See? I wasn’t lying... - Hannah says soflty. As if I cared for that. When her shirt is unbottoned fully, I yank the piece of fabric up. As it probably doesn’t even have a fastening, it yields oh so easily.
I look at Hannah’s easily flushed face: she parted her lips, waiting. My eyes still locked with hers, my palm lets go of the now rolled up bra down onto her breast. It’s small, firm and fits into my grasp perfectly. When I feel her nipple stiffening between my fingers I slowly move my hand down: down her tight stomach and almost under the hem of her skirt. Hannah leans back into the desk a little more.
Right, her skirt is still here. Unceremoniously I reach to the girl’s side for the ziper and in a second her skirt falls down to her ankles. I notice her smile growing but hen she tries to kick the no longer needed piece of clothing away I stop her, my hand on her tight.

- O-oh, not so fast - I chant, tucking back a loose strand of her hair, now far too close, speaking softly almost next to her ear. Hannah shivers and I can feel it. It feels exhilarating. It is almost like a d**g kicking in.
I move my hand to caress her inner tight, yet not really loosening my grip on her. I can feel her breathing, steady but almost audible. She seems to get high on adrenaline just like me. Good. When I grab her between her legs, through the thin, white cotton fabric, Hannah yelps. Excellent. I fasten the hold I have on her groin - she exhales, her body pushing up.
- Desperate, huh? How about I give you fifteen minutes, like the last time? - I ask her. Hannah looks delightfully confused. I begin to calmly move my hand up and down. - Fifteen minutes for you to get off. To orgasm. After that, I stop, no matter how much you beg me to come - I inform her.
And surely, if her begging gets too irritating, well, she knows what fate might befall her. It is a mater of priorites.
- Also... you come today and that’s it. No getting off on your own for another week.
- Huh... I think I don’t have much of a choice, do I... - Hannah responds quite calmly, her body giving in into increasing motion.
- Good. We’ll make sure you will get your reward.
- Uh- huh...

I yank her briefs down to just before the girl’s knees. With Hannah’s legs being shyly half-spread I can see that her pussy is shaven clear, the clit quite visible between those full pussy lips of hers. Oh goodness, how I would love to...
- Now, be a good girl, Hannah - I whisper into her hot ear - close your eyes, let your imagination help you. Imagine getting pounded on that desk, gaging on my dick, whatever gets you off. Okay?
- Y-yes...
- Hnnh... - the girl bites her lower lip when I press just slightly above her sweet spot. In other situation I might be concerned if I’m not being too rough with such sensitive parts but in Hannah’s peculiar case it seemed to work perfectly.

The girl starts to be a little audible with her short breaths after short while, when I’m still rubbing only her front. Increasing the tempo my hand simultaneously slides further between her legs, up and down her wet opening. She glancd at me a second ago but now her eyes were shut. However, she seemed to hold back her voice, trying not to move too much, focusing. We re halfway through the given time when Hannah gave in into her first, loud “ooohh!” and went on with short gasps and sharp breathing. For a second I wonder if I should finger her at all or should I just let her jiggle her way to cum on that vigorous rubbing alone. Then, carried away by sweet smell of her hair and skin, I slide two fingers inside, pressing and rubbing her clit with my thumb. Her body tenses for a second, taking the new, longed-for sensation in. She’s tight but allowing me to move inside her - and when the right rythm is hit, along with her sweet spot, Hannah hits her most pleasured notes repeatedly.

Hannah seems lost enough to forget about her conditions but I quickly glimpse at the clock. About five minutes left. I keep up the pace and hear slight struggle in the girl’s voice - the hisses of holding her breath back. Her tits bounce when she finally lets it out with a moan, then another. She’s close, very close.
- Oh- ooh- oooh- hnnng! - she clenches the countertop, fidgeting, when I feel her pussy clenching my fingers even tighter. She throws her head back and after a few cries Hannah inhales and inhales deeply, her muscles relaxing.
- You’ve just made it in time.
I take in the delightful sight: half naked, sweaty, messy, lewd perfect, young body. I can’t help but wonder...

- What was that you imagined, Hannah? You seemed pretty focused - I ask when she regains her composure enough to look at me and give me yet another cheeky smile acompanied with a prolonged pause.
- What if I don’t want to tell you?
- Why not?
- To let you wonder?
- I’d prefer to hear it from you.
- Well, too bad. I’m not telling.
- That’s not good...
- What you gonna do? - she asks, interrupting me. - Spank me?
Actually, it wasn’t my plan but now it seemed like an idea, wether or not it was a joke on her part. I take a step closer and when I’m into my previous position, I yank her panties back onto their place - continuing the motion I swirl the girl around, so now the fronts of her tights press the desk. The white briefs she was wearing expose the lower parts of her buttcheeks just right. Not giving Hannah time to react, I slap her ass repeatedly around ten times.
- You thought I wouldn’t, huh? That will be the day! - a few more, brisk slaps.
- Hah! Still... not telling! - the girl’s voice discloses her amusement once the suprice is gone.
- Well... - I give her cheeks one, hard slap. It is not my intention today to make a lasting impression. Not this time. Yet, I can’t resist measuring yet another blow up her bottom. This time she jolts a litte.
- ...tsk!
The last, hardest one.
- ...ow!
- Okay. Keep it.

We’re done for today. Hannah slides back into her (now a little tormented) skirt, zipping it up gracefully. She fixes her bra and buttons up her shirt, glancing at me every now and then.
- You came, right? - I ask.
- Um... yes. Yes.
- Great. Remember the deal, okay? No touching yourself unitl next Friday. I expect you to report to me your... situation by then.
Hannah gives me a knowing smile and ponders on something for a second.
- What if I fail?
- You’ll meet the consequences. The nature of the consequences depend on how you fail. Be sure, though, that I won’t let you come.
Hannah rises her brow. - I see... Well, we will see. And- see you. I mean, goodbye.

Hannah rushes to the door. See you.

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