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My sister wants me bareback
“I want to,” my sister said.

“You can’t,” I replied.

It was the way we were. She was outgoing, a little wild. My sister had a reckless streak that sometimes had me worried. In contrast, like the yin and the yang, I was more careful. I thought things through where she tended towards the impulsive.

“Don’t be boring,” she said, rolling her eyes.

I looked at her. We were in the living room at home. It was the only house either of us had lived in. I was nineteen, in my second year at university while my sister was due to start in the coming September. Our parents were away on one of the seemingly perpetual holidays. My sister and I had the house to ourselves. We get along most of the time. Now were adults the squabbles are well behind us, but my sister still had the knack of making me feel dull and stupid. Despite my seniority of thirteen months, I still felt like a weak bulb next to her bright, shining light.

“It isn’t being boring,” I said, miffed at her tone. “It’s you being weird.”

My sister sighed and put her fists on her hips. “It’s only naked,” she said. “We’ve been together in the nuddy before.”

In an attempt at making my irresponsible sister see reason, I said, “Back when we were little. Not since you got tits.”

For some reason that made her laugh. I blinked, confused.

Amused, she said, “You don’t like looking at tits?”

“You’re my sister.”

She cocked her head to one side, expression abruptly serious, the look on her face causing anxiety to squeeze at my guts.

Then, as I sensed a strange shift in the atmosphere between us, my sister murmured, “I don’t mind if you see my boobs. It might be fun. You know,” she said with a half-shrug. “Kinda mucky. A little bit of a buzz.”

It appalled me to hear her say it, but what was worse was my body’s response to the image which flashed across my mind’s-eye and, disturbed by the pulse of arousal down at my cock, horrified by the unbidden picture of my sister in the nude in my head, I let out a sigh.

With that going on, I managed to say, “Cate, you shouldn’t say shit like that. Please…”

My sister laughed again, the sound joyous and free before she said, “Well, I’m gonna do it. You don’t have to, but it’d be fun if you did.”

With that, as the objections log-jammed behind my teeth, while I stared in fascinated disbelief, my sister lifted her tee-shirt. She grinned at me, tanned skin where her sizeable boobs shivered over the cups of her bra.

“You make out like you don’t want to, she said. “But I know you want to get a look at the girls.”

As she said it, she was reaching back for the clasp on her bra. I watched, sensations swirling within while my sister’s blue eyes held my gaze.

“Nice aren’t they,” my sister said.

There was no trace of vanity in what she said. It was a simple truth, my stare fixed on the swaying orbs when my sister exposed her breasts to my eyes. If there was anything for me to say, if I’d had the capacity of coherent speech, I might have made a comment to the effect that ‘nice’ didn’t do her boobs justice. To me they were sensational. Their size and shape, the way they defied gravity as they shivered and swung when my sister moved.

God, she was lovely.

“Yeah,” I heard my sister drawl through a chuckle. “You like them, don’t you, Matt?”

“Cate,” I managed to gasp.

“Come on,” my sister said, fingers at the button on her jeans. “Let’s take our clothes off. I just want to go around the house in the nuddy. It’s only us, Matty. It isn’t like we’re gonna go outside like that. Nobody will know.”

Desire was squeezing my vitals as morality tugged at my conscience and, as I felt my will-power draining away, I voiced a feeble objection to which my sister snorted and shook her head.

“Fuck off, Matt,” she said. “Don’t be scared.”

“But mum and dad--” I started.

“--Won’t be back for a week,” my sister cut in.

With that, she shoved her jeans past her hips. A shimmy and another shove saw them down at her shins. It wasn’t until Cate stood upright that I saw her underwear had gone down with the jeans.


It was such a sweet sight. My sister’s flawless stomach, the smooth plane running down to the precise coif of razored pubic hair, the landing strip style perfect down low. I gulped, swallowing down on the rush of arousal clogging my throat while lust pulsed through my core.

My sister laughed once more, apparently delighted by what she’d seen in my face. “Oh, Matty,” Cate sighed, smirking at me. “You k** on about how us being bare together is so wrong and all that. But you should see your face right now. I’ve seen that look before,” my sister went on through another chuckle. She posed, hands on her hip bones, pelvis thrust forward in a deliberate taunt, her jeans at her shins. “That’s how blokes look when they fancy me, Matty.”

I struggled to reconcile my body’s reaction with the faint voice inside my head warning me that this beautiful, supremely attractive girl was my own sister. I had no right to feel the pull of physical need. Not with her. But, shit, I thought she was sweet to look at.

“Do you fancy me, Matt?” my sister was asking as she pulled a foot free of the jeans.

As my heart accelerated like a Formula One car off the grid, I gawked at her body and choked out a denial.

Yet another laugh tinkled out of Cate when she got the other foot free and kicked the jeans away. My sister fixed me with a stare, a smirk twitching the corners of her mouth. “I don’t mind if you do,” she said. “You’re not half bad yourself.”

The wrongness of the scene percolated through to a part of me which was still functioning with at least a hint of morality. The message came through, albeit from somewhere that seemed a very long way off.

“Cate,” I said, gurgling her name. “Will you stop it. Won’t you just get dressed.”

My sister shook her head. Slow. Side-to-side as she kept her eyes on me. “I like being bare,” she breathed.

Her expression, the way she said it, and the lure of her taut, athletic body made my hands shake. Desire made me tremble as emotions swirled and lust started to bubble.

“You should take your clothes off, Matty. It’s not a big deal to go around naked.”

I went to move past her. In a final, desperate attempt, I tried to put some walls between us.

“Come on,” my sister said, grabbing at me.

We struggled, fighting like the siblings we were as my sister blurted a laugh, her hands at the front of my jeans.

“Get ‘em off,” said Cate as I pushed at her hands. “Don’t be a spoilsport, Matty. Let’s just be free. No clothes,” added my sister. “I promise you’ll love it.”

I could have fought her off but was mindful she was my sister. I was older, bigger, and physically stronger yet couldn’t use my size and strength to the best advantage because I didn’t want to hurt her. That was the excuse I used, but I think I was k**ding myself. There was probably another force influencing me at the time. As much as I’ve denied it to myself, I think I secretly wanted to be naked with Cate but was too afraid of unleashing the b**st of temptation.

We grappled, with Cate giggling like the girl she’d been five years before. My hands were full of her as my sister wriggled and squirmed and went for any advantage in her quest to get the button undone. Her skin felt smooth under my fingers and palms. My sister was taut yet pliant, her flesh toned with the firm elasticity of youth. It shocked me when I inadvertently grabbed her breast, the texture of it causing a surge of desire to swell through my body.

“Cate, stop it,” I said, gasping it out.

“Scaredy-cat,” my sister replied in a juvenile tone.

She went for the button again, crowing in triumph when she flicked it open, her fingers quickly unzipping my flies. Even as I yelped another objection, my sister’s hands were at the waist of my jeans, her breasts jiggling when she pulled my jeans down, another cry of alarm coming from me as the panic set it. I couldn’t believe she’d managed to wrestle my jeans down past my hips, but was more concerned about my boxers going down, too. I was acutely aware of the state of my dick. The shaft swollen and thick with the effect of Cate’s physical beauty and the touch of her skin under my hands.

I grabbed at my jeans to spare my humiliation but, too late, I grabbed at the waist of the jeans, pulling them up to my hips with little success. My underwear bunched and prevented me from fully masking my cock, a cry coming out of my sister when she saw my predicament.

“Oh!” yelped Cate as she took a pace back. “That’s a surprise!”

“Fuck off,” I said, words strained through clenched teeth.

“No wonder you don’t wanna go nude,” she said, eyes on my dick.

Mortified, I covered myself with my hands, turning away from her gaze. “It isn’t like that,” I said. “I didn’t want this to happen.”

My sister didn’t reply, she just stared at me with a distant, thoughtful glaze to her eyes. As I watched, still yanking at my recalcitrant jeans, I saw Cate suck on her lower lip, a glint of mischief behind her expression as the mist cleared from her eyes.

“God,” Cate breathed, smirking at me. “I had no idea you were so well built, Matty.”

“Cate, just fuck off. Stop taking the piss.”

My sister pouted and shook her head. “I’m not. I mean it. You’ve got a fucking gorgeous cock.”

It appalled me to hear her say it, yet I admit to feeling a quick spike of pride.

Then the reality of who she was reasserted itself. “Don’t say sit like that,” I told her. “I’m your brother.”

My sister grinned, nodding. “My brother with a lovely penis.”

I had to swallow against the abrupt rush of yearning as it went from simmer to boil. “Cate, no,” I gurgled at her.

In a low, hypnotic tone, my sister canted her head to one shoulder and murmured, “Can I just see it? Just for a couple of seconds?”

I wanted to do it. Inside my head a voice was screaming at me to expose my erection to my sister, yet, still, by some immense strength of will I resisted the urge.

“Cate, no, I can’t,” I said through a groan.

My sister pushed it. In typical fashion, with a stubborn insistence she’d shown all her life, Cate pressed me to do it. “Come on,” she sighed, eyes wide as she looked at my face. “You can show me. I just want to see.”

“Fuck,” I moaned, hands falling away. “You can’t say a word about this. Not to anyone. Not ever…”

My sister’s focus was on my size as she murmured a vague, “Of course I won’t, Matty.”

I looked at her face while she gazed at my cock. It thrilled me to see it, dark carnal urges close to overwhelming the last vestige of my resistance. The feelings were so intense, so dark and sweet and compelling that when my sister slumped into the sofa and spread her thighs, my hand went straight to my dick.

“Fuck, yeah, Matty,” my sister said on a sigh as she splayed her folds. “Wank it for me. Let’s do it together. You can watch me while I watch you.”

I knew it was wrong but couldn’t refuse. I was caught up by the sight of my sister’s body, her face, and her fingers slipping through labia glistening with what had to be her own arousal.

Crude in her language, my sister asked, “Could you make it spit?”

“God, Cate,” I groaned, “that’s too dirty.”

My sister’s eyes flashed fire as she flicked her thumb over her clit. She groaned and gasped, chest hitching as she sucked in air, expression heated as she stared at me. “I’m a dirty girl, Matty,” Cate informed me in-between moans. “You have no idea. Since you’ve been away, I’ve really grown up. I’ve fucked men, Matty. I’m not talking boys; I’m talking about blokes the same age as dad.”

The news caused a sharp stab of jealous reaction through my chest. The corrosive emotion curdled my guts, hot and bilious as it rose up like gorge in my gullet.

“I don’t wanna hear,” I snarled, suddenly desperate to stick my dick into my sister.

Her eyes went wide as Cate slid the middle- and third-fingers of one hand into her pussy. She mauled her large breasts with her free hand, gasping out, “Why not? How come you don’t wanna hear?”

I was tugging my dick, jeans at my ankles hindering my approach as I tried to get close to the girl on the sofa. “Because you’re my sister. It pisses me off.”

Cate winced and groaned, fingers obviously working inside her before she challenged me with a hot-eyed stare and smirk. “Oh, Matty,” she grinned. “I’ve been a really bad girl. Your sister … Well, guess what? She really loves fucking.”

The surge rose with such sudden urgency I blurted in surprise. I gasped and moaned, unable to stop my hand as it moved over my cock.

My sister clicked on immediately. She pulled her fingers from her body, levered upright in a simultaneous action, a hand coming up like she was warding off a physical blow as she called out, “Matty … Fuck! Are you going to come?”

“Cate,” I sobbed as the semen flicked from my cock.

“On me,” my sister yelped. “Not on the carpet! Don’t get spunk on the fucking sofa!”

Goo spattered onto Cate’s thigh, more of the stuff hitting her skin as she leaned in and made a shelf of her breasts. My sister hefted her boobs, offering them as a target for my jizz when it spat from my dick. On instinct, I aimed at her body, tugging my cock until the deluge ran dry.

I wanked myself off onto Cate’s breasts, the pleasure intense when I purged my balls of their gooey ejaculate. As I did it, I groaned in delight, my sister gasping and yelping as the hot stuff spattered and rained onto her skin.

“Matty,” my sister gasped as she surveyed the carnage. “How much fucking spunk? God, I’m plastered.”

For me, as soon as the lust erupted from my cock the heat went out of the moment. Immediately after I sprayed my sister’s breasts with cum, horror and remorse rushed into the vacuum left behind by the abrupt evacuation of need and desire.

Appalled, I gawked at the mess, recognising the girl as my sister as she tilted her face from the mess on her frontage, eyes catching my focus. I groaned out her name, aghast at what I’d done. “I’m sorry,” I added, blurting it out. “I don’t know what happened.”

With awe in her tone, my sister said, “You came on my tits.”

Cate cursed and wiped at the outer flank of one breast.

“Fuck, it’s slipping everywhere,” she added, looking down at her boobs.

I yanked up my jeans as my sister smeared cum over her skin.

“Pass me my tee-shirt,” Cate said, snapping it out. She pointed, an arm beneath her breasts in an effort to protect the sofa from any errant drops of my goo.

I went and grabbed Cate’s tee-shirt, bending to grab it before throwing it in her direction.

“I’m sorry,” I said again.

Then, with a final glance at my sister, spunk smeared over her body, I held my jeans up and got out of that room.


I spent a tortured hour in my bedroom. I hid from my sister, mind in turmoil over what I’d allowed. I cursed my weakness, running the events over and over inside my head. From time to time, I groaned in despair, anguish squeezing my guts.

“Go away,” I said when my sister knocked at the door.

It was typical of Cate to ignore me and the door swung open. “I wanna talk,” she said as she walked into the room.

“Put some fucking clothes on,” I spat when I saw she was nude.

My sister gave a half-shrug. “No point. You’ve seen me naked. You’ve seen me wanking.”

The reminder brought back the image: my beautiful sister, hot-eyed and desperate with two fingers wedged in her pussy.

“Shut up about that,” I said on an anguished moan.

“I can’t get it out of my head, Matty.”

Cate came closer. She walked towards the bed, her body a temptation beyond my chagrin.

“What we did. All that cum,” she finished with a sigh.

I closed my eyes to her beauty. “Please, we need to forget it happened.”

“You’re k**ding,” I heard my sister say. “I’m never gonna forget.”

Desperate to make her understand, I opened my eyes and threw my legs off the bed. I stood up, using my height in an effort to dominate Cate. “We can’t talk about it. Ever. Don’t you get how fucked-up it is? We’re family, Cate. You’re my fucking sister!”

I was almost yelling it into her face by the time I finished. She was less than a foot away. I was looming over her, fists bunched at my sides while she gazed at me, face tilted, expression benign.

“I know I’m your sister,” said Cate. “But I loved it, Matty. Seeing you wanking … Seeing you come … All that spunk…”

And then it happened again. Despite my horror at what had passed between us, regardless of morality, society’s convention, and the thought of our parents’ reaction if they ever discovered the awful deeds that had passed under their roof, I heard a devilish snicker at the back of my mind, lust resurgent inside. Her expression and tone and the sight of her body brought on the arterial burst of desire I felt in my core at a deep and visceral level. Even though I was fully aware of the sin, I still let my sister tempt me into me rolling a condom over my cock.

“I’ll only use my hand,” sighed Cate when the sheath covered the bulb and the shaft. “With the jonnie between us it isn’t like we’re doing anything wrong. It isn’t skin to skin, Matty.”

I accepted the slewed logic because I wanted it to happen. I understood that it was an outrageous, ridiculous notion. I got that the prophylactic sheath between her hand and my cock in no way diminished the enormity of the sin. It would still be her fist manipulating me to my climax. My own sister was going to wank me off.

I was on the bed, laid out while Cate knelt alongside me.

“Just let me take care of this, Matty,” she said, staring at my dick. “I’ll do the work. You just enjoy it.”

I was hard, my cock like iron as my sister’s fist moved over its length. I wasn’t anywhere near coming, not having only let it all go an hour before. As she worked at my dick, my sister muttered dirty comments about the size. She thrilled me by saying how excited she was just seeing the thing. Cate muttered filth, telling me exactly how she was feeling inside, her words obscene and crude as she whispered and muttered at me.

“I need to finger myself,” my sister informed me. “Fuck, Matty, it’s got me worked up touching your lovely thick cock.”

In a superb example of female multi-tasking, my sister continued to stroke my dick while working her pussy with her free hand. She winced and moaned, sucking in her lower lip as her eyes glazed over and she tilted her face to the ceiling.

I watched in awe, fascinated by my sister’s performance, joy bursting inside me because I was a witness to such a gorgeous girl losing control. As I looked on, while her fist jacked at my cock, Cate fucked two and then three fingers into her body, sobbing delight as I groaned and started to fuck at her fingers encompassing my girth.

“Yeah, go on, fuck my fist,” my sister moaned, eyes filled with fire. “Fuck it, Matty. Fuck it like you would if you were fucking my cunt.”

Cate groaned after she said it. She let out the sound, chest hitching when she sucked in a huge gulp of air.

“Like you were in my pussy,” my sister continued, voice cracking in her excitement.

Then Cate turned her stare on my face. She brought her attention up from her hand working my length. My guts turned liquid when I saw her expression. I somehow intuited what she was going to say, the nastiness of it overwhelming any and all reluctance by me.

“Maybe I should just climb onto this thing,” Cate said, the words coming out choked. “You’re wearing the jonnie. It’s not like we’d really be fucking.”

Again, I recognised the ridiculousness of the suggestion. The thing is, by then, I was going along with whatever my sister said.

“So get on it,” I growled.

My sister paused, her fingers on my cock without the action while she ceased the urgent rubbing between her legs. She looked at me, expression intent.

It went on that way for several interminable seconds. Time stretched between us, elastic as I gawked at my sister’s face, the feminine shape of her an impression against my peripheral vision.

I felt the surge of arousal when my sister sighed, “You know what you’re saying?”

“Yeah,” I said, taking control of my cock. “You want to get on it … There it is,” I added, glancing at my dick. “I’m wearing the jonnie. Like you said – it’s not like we’d really be fucking.”

“Oh my God,” my sister gasped as she moved to get over my body. “It’s gonna go in, it’s gonna go in,” she muttered, shifting around.

I let her retake control of the thing, with Cate moving around as she settled onto her knees and introduced her body to the head of my cock.

“Fuck, you’re sure?” my sister asked, poised above me.

“You want to,” I said, holding her stare.

“Oh, Matty, yeah,” she gasped, nodding at me.

“Can I touch your tits?”

“Yeah, ‘course, and be really fucking firm with them,” my sister said with a nod.

I reached up and mauled at her boobs, the thrill of their spongy firm texture causing a groan to bubble up from my chest.

“Rough,” Cate repeated, her gaze on my face. “Go on, Matty, squeeze my tits.”

I cropped at her body, savouring the sensations when my sister offered her flesh. I leaned up, tensing my stomach and using my elbows so I could get my mouth to her nipples.

“You dirty fucker,” my sister purred. “You fucking love this, don’t you, Matty.”

“You’re so lovely,” I moaned, hands moving over Cate’s skin.

“I like it when you say that.”

“You’re lovely,” I said to please her.

“You ready?” Cate asked.

“Oh,” I said, my hands now full of her buttocks.

“I’m just gonna get down onto it, Matty.”

My sister fumbled around with my cock, presenting the bulb before she dropped down over the thing.

As I watched her face, I saw her eyes go wide, the sensation of her pussy taking my dick absorbed by the condom between us.

“God, Matty, I’ve got you inside me,” gasped Cate, disbelief in her tone. “I need to move,” she added, rising and falling. “Fuck, I need you deeper than that.”

I held my sister’s waist as she worked up and down over my cock. Her big boobs shivered and rolled as she grunted and groaned, her buttocks slap-thwacking against my thighs with thick, meaty smacks.

“Matty, I need to come,” my sister wailed, a finger working her clit. “This is so fucking bad. It’s so fucking twisted. My brother…” she gasped, head lolling forward. Her hair brushed my face as my sister continued to moan, pelvis shunting as she ground onto my size. “My brother’s cock,” Cate said, mumbling it out. “Matty,” she sighed, focus now on my face. “I need you bare inside me.”

Before I could register what my sister had said, she was up off my dick, her fingers tugging at the condom so the thing slid up the shaft. With a snort, Cate tossed the thing aside, immediately reaching back for my dick.

“Naked cock,” I heard Cate gasp. “I just need to fuck. I don’t care if you’re my brother. I want to feel it inside me.”

The molten heat embraced my shaft when my sister took me into her body without the condom between us.

“God, that’s better,” she gasped. “Now we’re really together.


We rutted that way for a little time. My sister used my cock, working her pussy over me while she also rubbed at her bean. For me, those minutes were a time of wonder. It was surreal being inside her. I couldn’t believe we were fucking together. I was vaguely aware of the word slinking at the back of my brain. It was a shadow. Something furtive which shifted out of sight if I tried to confront it directly. “i****t,” it whispered, snickering and sighing. “You’re fucking your sister … your SISTER,” it added. “That’s her sweet cunt … You shouldn’t be inside that pussy. What if you dump cum into her, Matty? What if you make her pregnant? Don’t come whatever you do. Your sperm and her hot, fertile womb…?”

I heard it and chose to ignore it. If anything, the filth and depravity in those words only made me hotter for Cate.

With the heat of it on me, I said, “I want to do it to you now, Cate.”

“You mean go on top?”

I held her waist as she bounced up and down. “Yeah,” I said, grunting the word. “I want to fuck you.”

My sister got straight off my dick. She rose up, letting my length slip from her body and, with indecent haste, lay on her back and spread her legs.

“Do it,” Cate growled, splaying her folds. “Put it in. Smash the fuck out of me, Matt.”

I gawked at her scarlet, glistening core, the sight of her labia sticky with lust holding my stare.

“Stop fucking looking,” my sister snarled. “Put it in. Fuck me. I want you inside me.”

It felt sublime sliding into my sister again. That time I was in control. I could go at her as fast and as hard as I needed to find satisfaction.

Then, after going in up to my balls, with our gazes locked, I started to move.

“Yeah, use my cunt like you’re wanking off,” my sister moaned, lewd and obscene.

That was when I ducked in to kiss her.


My sister gasped into my open mouth as the kiss went on. Our tongues were slipping and writhing, my lust up to the boil because the kissing felt more wrong than the sex. Kissing her mouth hit me as being an expression of love. We were sharing the full intimacy of being together. It was being inside her body in two places. There was nothing between my cock and her pussy. My tongue was in her mouth as my sister groaned her delight and worked her pelvis in time with my thrusting.

“Fuck, cate, I love you,” I groaned when the kiss broke.

“Then show me,” my sister sobbed in response. “Just fuck me and come when you want to.”

“Inside you?” I gasped, eyes on her face.

“Yeah,” Cate drawled, fucking up harder. “That would be wicked,” she moaned.

So, with all that going on, I worked at my sister. I lunged and fucked, loving the feeling of what we were doing. As I went at it, cate seemed to be enjoying it, too. She held onto my shoulders and moved her hips with urgent vehemence, face twisted up in a grimace of absolute joy as she grunted and moaned, the sex noises coming up from her chest while she sometimes caught my eye and grinned at my face.

Then I felt the surge begin to rise.

“Cate,” I warned when it started.

“Do it,” my sister urged, increasing the tempo. “I’ll try to come with you. Just keep fucking me, Matty. Up on straight arms,” she said on a sob mixed with a grunt. “Get up there and smash me.”

For the final gallop, as I worked at her cunt, my sister rubbed at her clit. I stared down at her body, focus going from that tortured expression to where he breasts shivered and rolled.

“Ah, fuck” I said through a grimace.

“Yeah,” my sister trilled in excitement.

“I’m coming,” I said.

“I know,” replied Cate. “I’m coming, too.”

A moment later the rush of it swept both of us away.


Like the previous time, when it was over, guilt and anguish rushed right in. My sister had taken me into her pussy with nothing between us. I’d been bare. We rutted and fucked with no protection. I’d done it inside her. It might have been my second climax in a very short time, but there was sperm in that semen.

Appalled, my dick dripping cum, the shaft smeared with my sister’s lust, I gawked at Cate, terrified about putting a baby inside her.

“Cate … Fuck,” I gasped, staring at my sister’s scarlet core.

Laid on the bed, legs wide, pussy gaping as the spunk slid along the crease of her buttocks, Cate let out a chuckle.

She slid a finger through her greasy slot, squeezing one breast as she grinned at me and said, “You fucked me bareback, Matty. You fucked your sister.”

Aghast at the possibility of my sister swollen with c***d, I boggled and said, “Could you get pregnant?”

The bitch slid two fingers into her sex, moaning and wincing, eyes closed as she did it. Then she opened her eyes, looked at me, and drawled, “You frightened, Matty?”

Anxiety curdled my guts. “Yeah, I’m fucking frightened.”

Cate moved quickly. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and sat upright, closing her thighs as she looked at me.

“You came in me,” my sister said. “Right up inside.”

Frustrated, angry, and starting to panic, I cried, “For fuck’s sake, Cate! Tell me – could you fucking get pregnant? Don’t be a cunt. Don’t you get how fucking bad this could be?”

I saw ire flash behind Cate’s eyes when she pointed a finger at me. “Don’t call me that name. Don’t you ever, Matty.”

Immediately contrite, worried about the damage my sister could do me, I nodded and said, “I’m sorry. But you have to understand, Cate. Mum and dad…”

I groaned in response to the apple-sour gripe in the pit of my stomach at the thought of the consequences of my immoral, reckless, and now, it was beginning to dawn, my stupid behaviour.

“Oh, God, Matty,” my sister sighed. “Don’t fucking go on. Of course I’m taking precautions. You think I want to have a k**? I’m eighteen, you fucking moron. I’m going to uni. I’m not a stupid little girl. I know what the fuck I’m doing.”

The relief was a physical force. I felt my whole body relax, the tension unwinding as soon as she said it.

“Shit, for a minute, Cate--”

“Yeah, I saw,” my sister put in, cutting me off. “Shit yourself, didn’t you, Matt? Proper crapped yourself. Thought I might get up the duff.”

Chagrined, I nodded. “Yeah. I did.”

My sister shook her head, expression intent as she looked at my face. She stood up, moving towards me so she could press her lovely frontage against my body.

Cate pursed, “Guess what?”

I felt a flash of desire when I put my hands on her waist and felt her skin. I asked, “What?”

Cate squirmed and tilted her face so she could kiss me. I, having learned nothing from the scare I’d just suffered, returned the kiss.

“We’re gonna do it again,” my sister breathed when we parted. “No condoms for us, Matty. I want it bare with you again and again. I told you, I love fucking.”

“Cate,” I said, sighing her name. “We can’t. Not again.”

“But I want to,” my sister pouted.

And I knew she’d get what she wanted.

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