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Arun was on time and picked us up at the bus stop in his old maruthi. We were now on our way to my place. The village is small, under developed, the only upside was it is now close to the new upcoming city. I never grew up here, it was my father’s home. He was the one who made a wise choice to invest in a big piece of land and I was here to collect the prize. We also had a few run down places to be sorted out which were on my family name.

“So how long are you guys staying” Arun enquired

“Two weeks max, I am hoping we can get it all wrapped up by then” i answered.

“The sooner the better” Swetha chimed in.

“Well, the tricky ones are the properties under your family name, rani aunty and some farmers might create a problem, we will have to negotiate”

“Let's get it out all done, so we don't have to come back here again.” swetha told me.

I nodded in agreement.

“Ok, Let's meet this evening, I have some papers i need you to look through and i will also introduce you to the buyer” Arun announced.

We arrived at our place, no one was home except my old aunt meera, the only decent person in the household. It was morning and everyone was out at work. She welcomed us with a big smile. She got us settled in our usual room and offered us some breakfast and tea.

“I am heading to temple, I will be back at lunch time. do you need anything else?” aunt meera asked.

“We are fine, just keep praying for my good fortune” I joked.

“Your good fortune is right by your side” she laughed as she left.

It was a long journey, we took bath and got ourselves freshened up. Swetha sat at the edge of the bed with a towel wrapped around her hair, she wore just the blouse and a skirt at the bottom. She was looking great as usual. There was nothing much to do till evening. We were finally alone and I was trying to figure out the right moment to ask her about yesterday.

“Are you ok?” Swetha asked breaking my thoughts.

I knew what she was asking about. I replied yes with a smile.

“You're not mad right…..” She asked again

“Swetha, I can never be mad at you. I am totally fine.” I replied

There was a moment of silence.

“Did you like it?” I blurted out. I knew it was a stupid question. But I still wanted to hear it from her.

“Yes..” she replied with a low tone.

“I could have done it better” my ego spoke before i could stop myself.

“Anand, you could have done it a 1000 times better! It's just that it was different” she exclaimed.

“Different how?” i pressed

“Different as in, It wasn't you, but someone else. It's forbidden. It’s more psychological than physical” she replied.

I had to admit, it was the same for me. The thought of my wife with some stranger was a big turn on. There was no denying it and hearing swetha say it aloud made my cock twitch.

“Why did you kiss him?” i asked her, “you never did that before”.

Swetha blushed red, “I didn't … at first, when the lights went off, i tried to kiss him on his cheek but instead he put his lips on mine and…... i let him continue.”

I am sorry anand, I know I shouldn't have gone that far, but, after the lights went off and knowing that nobody was watching us, i just got really turned on. The k** became more daring in the dark and his hands were all over me, After that i just couldn't stop myself. I knew i was crossing the line but my body took over and I let him do as he pleased. If you're mad at me that's fine. You have every right to be.

Hearing swetha being so honest, i knew it was my turn.

“I am not mad at you. I will be honest, I was turned on too” i admitted.

“I can see that” she said glancing at my bulge.

The more we talked the more she relaxed, slowly getting back to her usual self. Swetha gave me some more details on what happened when the lights went off. Anand, i think it was the k**s first kiss because he kept kissing me the whole 10 mins, I had to push him away to take a breather. After that, he hungrily helped me out of my blouse and almost tried to strip off my saree in the bus. I had to hold on to my saree tight and give him a warning to stop. The k** was unbelievable.

She continued with details and after some time demanded. “Ok, It's your turn to talk, I want to know what's going on in your mind”.“Come on Anand, if you won't tell me how will I know. I wanna make sure we are ……...”

“Aww…..” Swetha screamed as i grabbed her leg and dragged her to the middle of the bed and got on top of her.

“I told you, I liked it” I said looking into her eyes.

Swetha unsure asked. “Ok, Was there anything you didn't like?”

“Hmmm…. The kiss was a surprise, but i am over it now” i replied putting my weight on her.

“You were bothered by the kiss, but did not mind his hands on my tits?” swetha asked puzzled, now panting.

“I actually got turned on with his hands on you“ i said as i removed her blouse front hooks and mauled her tits.

“Ahhh…... and what about his fingers inside me?” swetha asked her breathing getting heavy.

“The same, it was hot seeing you directing him towards your pussy” i replied, wiggling her skirt down.

I got rid of my shorts and my hard cock was ready for the job. I spread her legs and moved her panties aside to let myself in. Swetha was already wet and my dick slid right in.

“Ahhhhh…..” swetha moaned as i entered her.

“Ahhh……. What about me stroking his cock?” Swetha exhaled as i went deeper.

My cock twitched inside her and she got her answer.

I continued my rhythm as swetha continued her questioning and i kept answering her honestly.
After a while, “ahh.. So you liked it when….. i let him do as he pleased…. ahhhh…..”. Swetha said breathing heavily

I hugged her close and whispered “enough of talking” and lifted her off the bed and slammed her back to the wall.

“Ahhh……. baby” Swetha cried in pleasure, her juices dripping on the floor as i fucked her against the wall...We lay on the bed exhausted.

“I can’t believe it anand. In college you used to punch people around, when they even look at me. Remember, you even broke the seniors nose when he tried to put his hand on me. You changed so much.” Swetha said as she turned towards me.

“I know you liked seeing me getting groped, i liked it too, we both had fun in thailand, but i did not expect it at this level ” Swetha confessed.

“If I had known, I would have done more” she joked, mischief returning to her eyes

“Well, I didn't know myself” I said.

“As long as it does not hurt our relationship, i don't mind” I replied smiling turning myself to face her.

“I would never do anything that would hurt us, you know… ”

Knock Knock….. “Hey Anand, you guys awake” aunt meera shouted from outside.

“Yes, give me a minute” i said dressing myself as swetha crawled into the blanket.

I opened the door covering the view inside. “Arun called, why aren’t you picking the phone?”

“We were asleep. I will give him a call, thanks” i said and dialed arun.

Arun wanted me at the office to talk about the paperwork before meeting the buyer. I informed Swetha that i will be late and will be back for dinner. She nodded exhausted and went back to sleep. I reached arun’s place around early evening, his office had gotten an upgrade.

“Nice, looks like got yourself a new office” i commented.

“Ha ha, yes, with all the new development I have more clients now, I got Wi-Fi too!.” he replied proudly.

We quickly got ourselves busy with work, Arun informed, we have to go to all the properties under my name and get them surveyed to get the boundary lines right. He handed me a bunch of papers to go over with a hot coffee.

It was late in the evening when the buyer arrived and Arun introduced him. He looked like a young business man, excited about the new development opportunities and eager to prove himself. We talked more while Arun was busy getting the papers together. Surprisingly, we both got along well with our shared interest in soccer.

“Prakashji, Before we do this, I just want to let you know the land has been through litigations and land grabbers” I said as Arun glared at me.

“Ha ha …. This is the first time someone has been so honest” he replied laughing.

“Don't worry Anandji, our family has a substantial influence here, nobody would dare to mess with us.” He added as a matter of fact.

We continued talking some more, when Arun called me over. “Meera aunty, urgent” passing me the phone.

I took the phone and meera aunty informed me that there was big fight between swetha and rani aunty, apparently rani aunty is not happy with our new found money and meddling with the family property, which is actually purchased by my father. Swetha is on her way to you.

I took my phone and noticed 9 missed calls from swetha. I quickly called her up and heard the ringtone. She was here. She hugged me and firmly declared we are never heading back. I obliged. I wanted to ask her the details but she looked tired from the whole ordeal.

I talked to Arun to find out a decent motel in the village, but he suggested not to try any of them. Arun offered to accommodate us, but his home was already filled up with all his cousins.

“You can stay at my place, we have lot of empty rooms” Prakashji offered.

“Thanks prakashji, but we can't burden you” I replied.

“I insist” he said.

Swetha pulled me aside and we talked about our lack of options and accepted his offer for now, until we find a place ourselves.The place was huge, more like a haveli than a house. It looked old but grand with its detailed architecture. The huge gates in the front opened up to the green garden with a water fountain in the middle. These people were loaded.

Prakash introduced his wife shilpa, she was like any other girl in the village except for the distinct big smile. Prakash ordered one of the servant, named ravi to get our room ready. We sat in the living room, I again thanked them for their hospitality. Swetha excused herself with shilpa and disappeared into the corridor to freshen up. Me and Prakash continued our talks about the new development.

After a few minutes, I heard swetha scream and quickly bolted in her direction. At the end of the corridor, I saw swetha and shilpa laughing and behind them a figure appeared. Prakash came by my side as I asked Swetha what happened.

“Nothing, sorry, I was just startled” she replied embarrassed.

Prakash then introduced the man behind swetha as his father Yogendar. The man stepped forward to greet me. He was a little over my height and his orange turban made him look even taller. He shaked my hand welcoming us with a smile which showed off his big mustache. I thanked him for his accommodation.

Ravi the servant showed up to inform our room was ready. We bid adieu to all and followed him to our room. The room was big with the bed in the middle, a couch and table placed symmetrically. The bed had poles on all 4 sides of the bed completely d****d with a mosquito net. We smiled at each other as we entered.

As we settled down, I asked swetha about the scream.
Well, I was in the restroom freshening up and suddenly yogendarji entered, I think he was startled and he pinned me against the wall asking who I was. I got scared and screamed, thankfully shilpa quickly came to the rescue and introduced me. Shilpa later told me that he has few enemies and is very cautious around new people. Anand, he was huge and when he pinned me i couldn't even move a muscle.

There was a bang on the door interrupting swetha, I got up to answer. Ravi got us dinner and neatly arranged it for us on the table. Me and Swetha smiled at each other and jumped on the food the moment he left. The dinner was great, it almost felt like we were in a resort.

“I am stuffed” Swetha said switching on the fan and throwing her pallu away as she crept into the bed.

“Ok, you take rest, I am going back home to get our luggage and will be back soon.” i informed swetha.

“Ok” swetha said. She clearly didn't want to talk about that topic.

I called meera aunty to let her know of my arrival. It was late in the night and i was glad everybody was sleeping. Meera aunty let me in and i got the luggage and left as fast as i came. I was in no mood to deal with rani aunty now. I hugged meera aunty and said my goodbye.

“That was fast” swetha exclaimed as i entered the room. She was now out of bed and sitting on the chair.

“I thought, you were going too… ” i said.

“You won't believe what happened after you left” she said excitedly cutting me off.

Swetha continued … So, I was trying to catch some sleep when i felt like someone was in the room, it was too soon for you. I opened my eyes to find yogendarji staring at me. I quickly got off the bed and asked him what he needed, he just stood there staring at me drinking me in. It was then i realized i didn't have my pallu on and was just on blouse and skirt completely exposing my cleavage and navel. Anand, he wanted me bad, i could see it in his eyes. I quickly started searching for my pallu but then he came close towering over me and caught my hand. He said he wanted to apologize for what happened earlier and came to make sure i wasn't hurt. I replied i was fine, it was an accident and there is nothing to apologize. I wiggled my hand out of his grip and took a step back.

“Wow, you think yogendarji wants you” I asked surprised.

“I don't think, I know so and I am not done yet” Swetha replied continuing..

He asked me if I was new to the village. I replied kind off, we are just here to settle some property matters. He continued enquiring as I felt exposed under his shadow, his eyes lingering all over my body. He asked where I was from and how long we were staying. After some time he suddenly declared this is a beautiful village, it has some great places to see and offered to show me around. I quickly declined, but he was persistent. It sounded rude to say no anymore, especially after accepting their hospitality. So, I finally agreed and he responded with a big smile.

While yogendarji continued talking, the servant Ravi knocked on the door to announce his presence. I was now exposed to two people without my pallu. He stared at me for few seconds before recovering and quickly moved to the table to collect the dishes. I took this opportunity to locate my pallu and covered myself. Yogenderji clearly didn't like the interruption as he glared at Ravi. He then turned to me and wished me goodnight and left. He then turned back near the door and said he was looking forward for tomorrow and for some reason I blushed.

“So what do you think?” Swetha asked

I wasn’t sure what to think. An old guy flirting with my wife was something new and It sure sounded he wanted more. The idea was weirdly arousing. I also didn't feel much threatened considering he was a old guy and i was sure swetha can handle him.

“Hmmm… so you have a date with a guy, who is as old as your father” I said

“Come on Anand, he is not that old” Swetha said defending him

“So is it ok?” She added

“Ok, what?” i asked

“The date...” she paused and corrected “I mean going out with him tomorrow”

“I guess it's fine, you're anyway on leave and I will probably be busy with my office work and Arun” I replied.

“Just be safe” I added

“I will be, i don't think he will try anything without my consent” she said smirking

“Make sure you behave, don't tease him too much, he could have a heart attack, literally” I joked.

“oh .. Shut up .. just a little tease should be fine” Swetha said as we both laughed

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