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The morning was bright with the promise of a warm day ahead, the sky a perfect deep blue. I am fortunate to live in a sparely populated rural location and can go days without seeing another human being, with the exception of my Wife, of course. So, after finishing breakfast, I set out for my morning stroll over the fields, as had become our custom. However, as my better half was away at a conference, I was totally alone, and as the temperature began to rise, I steadily peeled off layer after layer of clothing until I was in nothing but my shorts and sandals.
As the sweat began to trickle down my chest, I sought the sanctuary of a near by ancient woodland, deciding to take the trail which winds its way through the trees and on down to the stream.
Seeing as how no-one was around, I kicked off my sandals and took off my shorts and pants, stuffing them into my haversack, together with the rest of my clothes. Being naked in nature always gets me horny and I love to feel my cock swinging in front of me as I move.
I stopped abruptly as I spied through the trees a lone cyclist, maybe 16 years old. He had stopped by a quiet pool and, leaning his bicycle against a tree, pulled off his shirt and shorts. I quickly crouched behind a laurel bush, wondering whether or not he had seen my naked form.
After a short while, I thought it safe enough to open my bag and quietly begin to retrieve my clothing. With my pants and shorts safely reinstated, I peeked through the branches and was a little shocked to see he had one of his hands down the front of his pants and was clearly rubbing at his cock.
When he glanced furtively up and down the trail, I was surprised to find I was struck by the sudden urge to duck back into cover. It felt like I was trespassing on his personal, private time. I told myself that I didn’t want to embarrass him and that I would leave in a minute.
As I crouched, hidden amongst the undergrowth, I stole glances in his direction. I told myself that it was just to make sure he hadn’t seen me. His firm smooth flesh, so fresh, so healthy, seemed to echo and reflect my own youth, a brutal mirror to my own advancing years. I was hypnotised by his movements as he paraded sensually up and down the tiny boulder strewn banks, blatantly caressing his teenage flesh. Sunlight and shadows slipped playfully across his body as he began to pirouette and stretch before me.
He was beautiful. The whole scene was beautiful. I wanted to watch him. I needed to see him naked. I found myself willing him to shed the last of his clothes, to be naked just for me. I had no desire to fuck him, that would have almost felt like a desecration of something pure. I was merely a covert admirer, worshiping from a distance.
His hands roved slowly up and down his chest and torso, up and over his shoulders and down his sides. He began to gyrate his hips, his fingers stopping just above the waistband of his royal blue briefs. I watched him with increasing interest as he teased his nipples. The bulge in the front of his underpants was more prominent now and a seed of lust which I thought had been buried too deeply for life begun to stir from its dark slumbers and rise towards the light. Seeing as how I was well hidden, I slipped my fingers into my pants, just to release the constriction on my steadily swelling erection.
When I looked up again, he had gone only to reappear in the middle of the embayment, away from he main force of the current. Clothed only in water, the sun light sparkled and glittered on his wet skin, as if her were lightly dusted in diamonds. I peeled back my foreskin and felt the breeze on my glans, the warmth of the sun on my stiffened shaft. He squirted a mouthful of river water form his lips, like some kind of sensuous classical fountain. It arced gracefully through the air before he fell back into the water, laughing heartily. The sound was infectious and I found myself smiling, confident in our seclusion.
I scanned the far bank for his underpants but it was impossible to tell whether or not he had removed them form my position. Completely naked, I decided to risk moving a little closer. I figured that my clothes and bag would be safe, concealed as they were by the undergrowth, and surreptitiously crept from my hiding place and scurried across to the next bush, placing my bare feet carefully on the dry, twig littered woodland floor. There was no sign of any of his clothing and, as he splashed and frolicked, I dashed to the next clump of cover, my cock swinging wildly in front of me as I went.
And then he emerged from the river like a God. He was naked. He was beautiful. And he was clearly horny, his penis fully erect, his wet body iridescent in the sun. I watched, transfixed as he began to work his foreskin up and down his shaft. A 16 year old boy was naked and playing with his cock, cavorting in a picturesque wooded glen not fifty feet from me. And I wanted him. I looked away to asses my next nearest hiding place. There was a boulder, very close to the stream but surrounded by rhododendrons and bracken. It was risky but if I waited until he was committed to his wank, and kept the bushed between us, then I would be close enough to hear his cum moans. Happy with my plan, I girded myself for the moment but, when I turned back, he was gone. Shit! Where the fuck did he go?
“You looking for me, mister?” I whirled round, jumping up and almost losing my balance as I turned to confront the owner of the voice.
He was standing at my side, about 12 feet from me, wearing nothing but his damp blue underpants and a beatific smile. Before I could compose myself and stammer a response, he continued, “Only, I saw you watching me from over there.”
“I was, er,” I spluttered, rising a little to my feet. My voyeurism discovered, I suddenly felt strangely calm. I turned to face him directly, staring into his pale blue eyes, and seating myself on my heals. I watched as his eyes roved over my nude form, lingering on my fully exposed erection.
He grinned, “I know,” he continued, pulling the elastic away form his tummy and letting his teenage ardour peep invitingly from behind the damp fabric. “I’ve been watching you, too.”
“What? Really?”
“Of course. I seen you lots of times,” he grinned, “Strutting about in nowt but your sandals.” He maintained eye contact and came closer. I could smell the river water on him. “Sometimes you got your missus with you. I liked seeing you cum in her mouth.” A flush of heat rose to my cheeks and I could feel my erection sagging a little.
“That was you?”
He nodded.
I knew I had seen someone that day but, in truth, the thought of an audience had turned me on so much that I had persuaded my wife to blow me in any case. “We weren’t that far away from here,” I muttered to myself.
“She doesn’t much like the taste, eh?” He smiled, coquettishly turning his head to one side.
“You noticed that?”
It was true. She gave good head, and swallowed, but there was always an air of duty rather than a hunger for semen.
“Poor you,” he replied, holding my gaze. He had closed the space between us now and I could feel the heat of his body as he went on, “Who’s going to take care of you now?” My heart was pounding like a blacksmith’s hammer as he pressed his tender smooth body to mine and whispered, “I want to suck your cock,” his hot breath sending chills down my spine, “I love it,” he purred, running his tongue around my ear.
And then, his hands were on me, gently cupping my balls, my erection resting against his forearm as he stooped to kiss my neck and chest. As his tongue flicked at my nipples, my mind raced. Was this really happening? I was so fucking horny but this was another man holding my cock.
As if sensing my internal struggle, probably fearing I would bolt, he dropped abruptly to his knees.
“Ooh, what a big cock you have, mister,” he crooned. “Is it all for me?”
I thought if I don’t stop this now, it will be too late. I glanced up and down the trail and then down at the vision of youth and beauty kneeling at my feet. There was such hunger in his eyes. Gently, I reached out and gripping his head in my hands, I slowly pulled his mouth closer.
“Put it in your mouth, boy.”
Obediently, he took a firm hold on my shaft, peeled back my foreskin, and wrapped his lips around the tip of my penis. It felt so good, so very good. He was better than my wife, for sure, moaning his hunger for my release and sending the sweet vibrations up and down my shaft. I reached up and braced myself against an overarching branch and surrendered to the ripples of pleasure which were steadily building into waves. With each successive thrust, he skilfully worked me deeper and deeper into his throat. It had only been a matter of minutes but I knew I wouldn’t last that much longer.
“Oh, slow down,” I gasped, and dutifully, he released me.
“You ok?”
“I’m fine,” I smiled, “you’re too good, you’re going to make me cum too soon.”
“That’s the idea,” he smiled, making for my cock once again.
“You’re so beautiful,” I gushed, raising him to his feet. A light breeze was cooling my cock when I decided it was time to give in to my secret desires and water that buried seed and let it bear fruit.
Without a word, none were necessary, he gently placed his elegant fingers upon my shoulders and drew me to him, bringing my head down to his tummy. I felt elated and nervous, awkward even but undeniably aroused. A multitude of clashing thoughts and emotions battered my mind as I studied the outline of the bulge filling his pants. I had enjoyed the taste of my own sperm during my early sexual awakenings and I had often wondered if it all tasted the same, well now I was about to find out.
Alert to my trepidation, he inched a little closer pushing his crotch into my face and encouraging me to pleasure him. Nervously, I began to kiss the tops of his thighs, his tummy and finally, his cock and was encouraged to feel his erection begin to swell behind the thin cotton. Warming to the moment, I ran my hands up and down his thighs, then reaching behind I cupped his buttocks my hands and drew him onto me. With each passing moment, my excitement intensified.
I gazed up at him and he smiled down at me.
“Don’t stop now,” he whispered, urging me to continue, his cock fattening before me. “You can’t stop now,” he added, a note of pleading in his voice.
And he was right, it was now or never, the moment of truth. Tenderly, I reached up, hooked my fingers into the elasticated waistband of his underpants and pulled them away from his tummy. I was a little bit disappointed to discover that his penis wasn’t fully hard. Hooking the waistband underneath his balls, I took hold of his budding erection and smiled expectantly up at him.
“Kiss it,” he commanded and I was thrilled to obey.
His penis felt just like mine and I was amused at just how much of a revelation this was, not sure what I was expecting! I ran my lips and teeth up and down his cock, front, back and sides. I flicked my tongue over his shaved balls sack then, running my thumbs round to his hips I finally pulled his underpants down to his ankles. While he stepped nimbly from the last of his clothing, I ran my lips over every inch of his shaft and was exhilarated to feel him stiffening beneath my fingers.
Fully stiff now, his blood flushed glans peeking expectantly from beneath its foreskin, I felt the passion rising in me, a feral hunger, beyond a simple need, to suck the cum form his balls.
“Do it,” he enthused, “Put it in your mouth.”
Again, I submitted to his will and a lascivious sigh came enthusiastically form his lips as I slipped the tip of his penis over my lips and into my mouth. At first, his cock tasted of nothing but skin, a bit like having a fat thumb in your mouth, only hotter, but then, as I set about ardently pleasuring him, I got my first taste of his pre cum and it was delicious, warm and salty sweet. I couldn’t help but moan my approval.
As the moments passed, I surrendered more and more to this sensual novelty. His breathing was becoming laboured as I worked him on to his release and at the sound of his arousal, my own erection returned with renewed vigour.
“Oh yes,” he crooned, “suck it for me, make it wet.”
I withdrew and breathlessly spat the combined juices of our love onto his impressive pole. I thick rope of slippery spit and pre cum hung suspended between cock and chin and I teased it back onto his engorged manhood before continuing my fellatio on his newly lubricated penis.
“Take it all.”
I needed no second invitation and at once began to push his swollen glans further and further over my tongue until I gagged and recoiled, spluttering.
“Try again,” he encouraged, once I had regained control of my breathing. “Don’t stop, just swallow it, it’s easy.”
I wanted so badly to please him and, with his gentle encouragement and guidance, his potent erection began to stretch my throat. I reached out to him, grabbing his hips and pulling him onto me, coaxing him to thrust at a pace I could cope with but eager for him to fuck my mouth. Soon, his balls were bouncing against my chin, my mouth was a mess of thick hormone loaded juice and I was grunting, moaning and slurping like a time served whore.
Abruptly, he withdrew and I could catch my breath. My head was swimming and I felt as if I had run a marathon but I wanted more. I had never felt more alive than in that moment, in that glade with that boy. I
“Do you want to fuck me?” He asked. I did, I didn’t think that I would, but I did. However, I wanted him to cum for me.
“I want you to cum in my mouth,” I replied, as he beat and rubbed his erection agains my enraptured up turned face.
“You love it!” He teased, laughing and waving his glistening erection in front of my face with the kind of playful arrogance only a teenager can muster. And it was true: I had always loved receiving fellatio but when I woke this morning little did I know that I would really love sucking cock, too! At least sucking his cock, anyway.
“I do,” I admitted, my mouth thick with seminal fluid. “I really do,” I laughed, smirking lasciviously at the undeniable admission and marrying myself to my new found joy.
Unexpectedly, he suddenly threw himself at me, wrapping his arms around my waist and shoving his shoulder into my chest. Surprised and caught off balance, I toppled backwards, making sure to grope his pert sweet bum as I fell. I could feel his erection buried in my tummy as we rolled from the shade and onto the sunlit grassy banks of the stream. The cool of the grass contrasted sensually with the warmth of the sun’s rays and I revelled in the sensation of skin on skin as we play wrestled.
I could have easily overpowered him and taken anything I wanted, but this was a new love, a real love, I pulled his mouth onto mine and kissed him tenderly. He returned my kiss with passion, parting his lips and slipping his tongue over my teeth. I have no idea how long we kissed but, when we parted, breathless, he rolled onto his tummy and raised his hips.
“Kiss my ass,” he giggled.
I bent down and, with exaggerated mwah, placed a kiss on each cheek.
“More,” he whispered, spreading his bum cheeks and exposing his sweet little anus, “lick it, get me ready.”
I stopped to his bum hole and dragged my tongue from the back of his ball sack, over his p*o hole and up to his back.
“Again,” he moaned.
And again I buried my face between his thighs only, this time, I lingered at his bum hole. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it just tasted of skin and smelled of pheromones. The longer I probed with my tongue, the more he asked for and the louder he moaned. And the more I gave him, so turned on was I by the responses I was drawing from him.
“Oh, please fuck me,” he begged. “Please.”
I shifted my position and prepared to mount him but my cock wasn’t ready for that. I turned him over and sat on his chest until he had sucked me fully hard again. It was tempting to unload in his mouth, just fuck his beautiful face until I was finished, but it seemed selfish. This boy really needed fucking.
I withdrew, playfully slapping his face with my iron stiff penis before slipping between his splayed thighs. As he lay on his back, we were able to maintain eye contact as I raised his hips. I pressed my erection against his anus, circling his boi slit. It took a little more pressure than I was used to but the moment of entry was sublime as his body abruptly yielded to my advances. He cried out in pain, as the tip of my swollen cock head penetrated his young body. I paused, hanging out of his bum as I waited for him to open his eyes before giving him the entire glans.
“You ok?”
“Oh yes!” He whimpered, “Give it to me.”
The boy was brave, no doubt. My cock is both thick and long, a good 9 inches, and I knew he wanted it all. I briefly withdrew, and spat a great wad of pre cum and saliva onto the tip, working it up and down my shaft as I spat another onto his tight boi pussy.
“Again?” I asked, levering my cock into position.
“Yes,” was all he said.
And again he squealed in pain, louder this time, tears welling up inches eyes as I penetrated him once more and withdrew.
“You want to stop?”
There was just a moments hesitation before he shook his head.
“I want you to fuck me,” he purred, biting his lip.
His words were bold but unconvincing, the tone timid and loaded with trepidation, his penis was flaccid, lying against smooth his scrotum.
“This is your first time, right?”
He looked away, embarrassed.
“I want it so much,” he mumbled, almost to himself and then looking up at me, he continued, “it’s only supposed to hurt a little at the start, right?”
Sadly, I had no answer for him. Anal sex had never been on the menu before. With my thumb, I wiped away a tear and placed a kiss softly on his lips. I began to work my way down his young body, starting with his neck, his nipples, his tummy and hips before taking his flaccid cock into my mouth. I loved him with everything I had, giving him the best of myself, sucking his cock until it was back to its former glory and he was ready to cum.
He was running his fingers through my hair, caressing my scalp, and moaning his approval and encouragement.
“I’m gonna cum!” He panted, through laboured breathing.
His thighs bulged, his tummy flattened and his hip bucked beneath me. His glans seemed to grow between my lips. Suddenly he cried out, somewhere between a bestial roar and a breathy grunt, his cock pulsed beneath my fingers and the first jet of spunk splashed hotly across by tongue. Almost immediately, second larger and more forceful blast leapt from his cock and before I could swallow, another was overwhelming my mouth with sperm loaded, semen. My head was spinning as I sucked wildly trying take every drop he gave me hot and fresh from his balls. What spilled from my mouth, landed on his cock and tummy and I gratefully devoured every last drop.
I was spunk drunk, high on semen and hungry for my release. I sat up, licking my lips, and grabbing him firmly, I swiftly rolled him onto his tummy. He offered no resistance as I raised his hips, pushing his face down into the dirt. I began to stretch his anus, inserting just the tip at first, before withdrawing. When I penetrated him again, I went just a little deeper, giving him just a little more with each new thrust . After each successive advance and retreat, his boi cunt gaped a little more and then, when I was ready, I gave him half my length.
Again, he screamed as I speared his bum but I was deaf to his pain. It was my turn to cum. I gripped him more tightly and pushed deeper, steadily deeper and deeper, always forwards. He was jabbering something into his arm but this time, I didn’t withdraw, instead slowly, inch after inch, I forced my erection into his rectum. When he had taken the full length, when his arse hole had fully accommodated me, I began to fuck him with slow deliberate deep strokes. He was wriggling on my cock, speared like a fish on a pole, but I forced him to hold still, gripping his hips and pulling him onto each successive thrust as I rode him. He was going nowhere as I began to stab into him, using my penis like a weapon.
“Take it, boy,” I said, slapping his bum cheek and leaving a red welt. He yelped, and I smacked him again, harder this time but only to take his mind off the savage treatment his virgin boy cunt was taking. It didn’t take long before he succumbed and submitted to my will, grunting and moaning like a whore, exhorting me to ride him at pace, utterly pliant.
“You like that big dick in your arse, don’t you?”
“Fuck me,” he replied, glancing over his shoulder. “It feels so good. Fuck me like you mean it.”
So I did. His bum was so much tighter than my Wife’s pussy and with the taste of his semen still fresh in my mouth, I sodomised this beautifully willing teenage boy. My cock was flying in and out of his bum, like a steam engine, when he reached behind at tapped out.
“I can’t,” he gasped, “it’s too big.”
Without letting him go, and keeping him speared on my cock, I rolled backwards, taking him with me until he was in reverse cow boy position. He leant forwards, and supporting himself on my ankles, began to ride me, bouncing on my cock, using his bum like a mouth eager for my seed.
“Turn around,” I ordered.
Sitting full on my lap, taking the full length of me, he began to pirouette on my cock. The sensation was so electrifying that I didn’t want him to stop but I was thrilled to see that he was fully hard again. I watched transfixed as his erection waved at me and taking it in my fist, I began to pump his foreskin as he rode me.
“Oh, cum for me. I want you to cum for me,” he implored as he rode.
I wasn’t ready to ejaculate just yet, in truth, I was just getting started. Being that much older, I have so much better orgasm control and can go for hours but I could see that he needed a break. Afterall, you can only take so much punishment from 9 inches of fat cock hammering into you. I stopped his bouncing and slipped from his rectum. To my surprise, my cock was clean.
“I washed inside before coming out today,” he explained, sensing my thoughts.
“I want you to fuck me.”
“It feels so good,” he smiled.
As soon as he was clear, I rolled over for him and raised my ass.
“I want you to fuck me until you cum in my ass.”
Behind me, I could hear him lubing up his cock and then I could feel the firm insistent pressure of his erection at my back door. I tried to relax my bum hole as much as one can and braced for the violation of the one way traffic rule. Suddenly my body’s resistance broke and a knife like stabbing pain shot from my anus and out across my body. I thought that I might fail at the first hurdle. However, he didn’t give me the chance and instead of stopping when I cried out, he simply drove home his advantage. Besides, after the fucking I had just doled out, it seemed churlish, if not cowardly to back out now.
“Oh, Christ Almighty,” I yelled, as he went full length. I hadn’t felt pain like that since I had my foot tattooed!
He shushed me, reaching round to rub my flaccid manhood.
“You’re going to love it,” he whispered and as he began to withdraw, the most wonderful feeling began to grow and flower deep within my lower tummy. I couldn’t prevent a heartfelt a sigh of pleasure from spilling form my lips.
“Not so deep,” I pleaded but impaled on his meat I was not in a strong bargaining position.
Once more, what felt like his full length was driven mercilessly into my body, drawing another cry from me. My mind, in an effort to come to terms with what was happening with my body, tried to think of abstract things, and I had to pull my consciousness back to this moment, by this steam, in these woods and being fucked in the arse by a teenager young enough to be my son. With every passing moment, with each successive thrust of his erection, the pain subsided and was replaced by the most glorious sensations radiating form deep within my body.
With delightful predictability, he began to up his tempo, fucking me harder, faster, deeper. I wanted him to satisfy him so badly, and having just drained his balls, I was thrilled to realise that this was going to be fucked for a long time. My arms and legs were tingling, my newly stretched anus was numb but my prostate was being hammered into a new shape. The whole experience was amazing and it had me wondering why this had passed me by. As I knelt there in rapture, it occurred to me that what I would really like would be a nice young cock to suck on right now.
“But you’re loving it now, mister, right?”
“Fuck yes, it’s the best.”
“I’m going to cum soon.”
“Oh God yes, shoot it in me. Please don’t stop.”
And with that, he rebased my cock, and gripping both hips, began to sprint towards the finish line. All I could do was hold on as I struggled to keep my grunts and moans to myself. His breathing was becoming laboured as he sped on towards his release. I could imagine the sweat rolling down his body.
“Your cock feels so good,” I gushed. “So deep, so hard. I love it, don’t stop.” My mouth was a sewer as I urgently moaned my salacious encouragements. “Give it to me, let me have your hot spunk inside me. Fuck me. Ooh yeah, so good, so big. FUCK ME!”
“I’m going to cum!” He declared, digging his fingers into my flesh.
The rapid thrusting had given way to deep powerful penetrations as he drove his cock as far as it would go. I knew the moment was imminent and I bucked back onto his penis as best I could.
“Oh cum for me,” I craved his release. “Give me your spunk. Oh please, blast it in my ass!”
A loud cry of satisfaction erupted from his lips and the thrusting stopped momentarily as he emptied his balls into my rectum. I wish I could say that I had felt something, as I had when he ejaculated into my throat but, although there was no physical sensation, beyond the tingling throughout my body, there was a profound feeling of fulfilment as I knelt on all fours letting him ride out his bliss.
Slowly, oh so slowly, he took his cock out of my bum. My anus must have been gaping as I could feel a trickle of semen cooling on the ravaged flesh. At once, he stooped and began to lick it up. I felt so dirty but so very satisfied. I rolled onto my back and smiled up at him, pushing my cock into the vertical. Obediently, he straddled my hips and lowered himself towards my swollen manhood. As he slid down my shaft, he leant forwards and kissed my neck. I pulled him onto me, and pushed my tongue into his mouth then, gripping his hips, I fucked him, hard and fast. He was well stretched by now and he took it well, moaning filthy encouragement as I ploughed him like virgin soil.
I wanted more, I wanted to be deeper. I rolled him onto his tummy and drove into him, balls deep, hammering at him like a blacksmith. As I sodomised him, he whimpered sweetly on my erection as I powered into him again. And again. And again. Soon, I was spraying my seed into him and we collapsed onto he cool grass.
I have no idea how long we lay there before diving into the river to clean up. We spent the rest of the afternoon in 69, exploring our bliss. There is so much more to tell, but I fear I may have taxed your attention too much already. One thing is for sure, I will never be the same again!

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