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Hello all. I would like to write something about myself and my thoughts as a fetishist.
Somewhere, I read that fetishes are shaped in c***dhood and that's how it was in my case.
It started in kindergarten. Then I started to pay more attention to the legs and shoes of my friends.
Something fascinated me about it, later in primary school while playing with my friends I noticed that girls like to crush various toys like toy cars but also others. To make the boys angry. It was the first time it started to excite me.
When I discovered this, I started to put up such cars myself, under the girls' legs and usually after some time the girls tried to crush. At the time I did not know it was a fetish, I just liked the sight of how the girls do it.
Later there was a greater fascination with shoes.
Many times I was thinking how to get some shoes from my friends but there was no such option, I did not want to ask because I was very ashamed and I was afraid that everyone would laugh.

After some time I realized that there is a cloakroom in the school and the girls leave their shoes there and once I went to school to try it. More or less, I knew to which friends belonged some shoes and just a little look in the locker room.
I found the shoes of the girl that I liked the most and I looked at them for a while, then I started to sniff them to feel their wonderful fragrance.I liked it and it was very exciting.
Later, of course, I could watch as a friend puts them on and how she walks in these shoes.
Later I did it more often before the lessons.
Although I have always liked shoes more, in which my friends came to school than they were left in the locker room, but those from school had an intense smell.
And these shoes after school I was afraid to try because I would have to do it on the break and there was a chance to be caught by someone.
At school, of course, I liked it too. as the girls are trampling under their shoes and I often caused such situations.....
this pen fell to me and I did not pick it up or pencil, sometimes I slid some piece of paper under their shoes.
It took a few years of school, then junior high school and more and more beautiful shoes.
Sometimes I had thoughts to steal some shoes, to have them for myself, but I felt sorry for the girls.
I was from an average family myself and did not want to expose anyone to any costs.
Then I also dreamed about such a situation, to see how some friend throws out some old shoes and then save them,
but I did not have that chance.
Later in the technical school, unfortunately, the guys in the class :-(
There was a cloakroom in the school, but it was already closed for each class at least at the beginning,
because sometimes it was open and I could use it in secret, it was mainly sneakers, converse.
After some time, I even dared to go there during the lesson when an object fell out. I did everything secretly. I had access to many shoes, there were boots, high heels, ballerinas and sneakers.
Sometimes I had the opportunity to see girls, how they put on shoes that I sniffed and how they come out.
In the school years, unfortunately, I was not able to take pictures of all these nice shoes, the phones were of medium quality when it comes to cameras. I envy the present generations because they can have many memorabilia associated with it.
Then came the time for the army....
There was a year of break, but somehow at the end of the army a colleague lent me a laptop, so I looked at the internet, then I did not have my own computer or internet.
(My parents were anti-technological, they did not even want to buy me an ordinary telephone)
Browsing the internet accidentally I found a movie, probably on youtube.
And there a woman crushed fruits in high heels, this topic interested me terribly.
I started looking for everything on this subject, unfortunately everything was in English.
But as everything, I could translate everything in an English dictionary.
I found that this is crush fetish, crushing things by girls, under their shoes or feet.
I was shocked that there is so much and how many people around the world it has. But when I typed these words in Polish language it did not work. Unfortunately, I had to give the laptop away quickly.
After the army, I started my first job, I did not have access to shoes for a long time, I bought a weak computer for the first payment, then I set up the Internet and only then could I go deeper into this subject.
I have read a lot, I have watched a lot. I tried to write to different women anonymously if they could sell their shoes, it was probably the nk. (Polish site: our class). Many women did not reply but one of them agreed to send the ballerinas. I was glad. I also wrote to my friends from this fictional account, but none agreed to give away their unnecessary shoes.
I assumed different threads about shoes on different pages. At the age of 21, I met my first love and I hope the last one because we are with us until now. Then I was in love with my ears. We met at her home or at my place. And once, my dear accident discovered my nickname from which I wrote to women. But she did not tell me about it. She hid it for a long time.
Until one day she finally broke out and said she knows everything I do, that she read all my posts on forums and stuff. I cried. I did not want her to learn that way. It began to gnash between us. But we kept in touch.
I loved her more than anything and I still love her. After some time, she forgave me. I had to explain why I had shoes or photos of shoes and that I was watching such things. I was afraid to say all this terribly, I was afraid that he would give me up. After a few months, she said that she could do such things for me. And then she began to lend me her shoes. She took pictures of what shoes she is in at the moment, I was pleased as a c***d. A few years later, we lived together and we live up to now, The number of fetishes with shoes has increased slightly. Together with my beautiful wife, we decided to share our fetishes with others. We record various movies and take photos. Many people do it for the money, we are not looking for money. We do what we like, sometimes we get something from people who like it too.
My beloved was telling her sisters that I had fetishes. Later, my mother-in-law and father-in-law also knew. I was ashamed ... I did not want to go there. My wife's older sister got screwed into one of the fetishes about crushing things and stuff like that with the destruction of shoes. It does not bother her and I can record it and take pictures of course in the presence of my beloved. We have our YouTube channel about it. Well, both of my wife's sisters agreed to give away their unnecessary shoes. Thank you very much for that and I'm glad that my wife talked to them about it, I would not have passed such a thing through my lips live ;-)
Recently, we have become more open to all this and we have told all our friends and cousins what we do and we asked if they could give shoes instead of throwing away, but almost no one answered. We are looking for friends who would not mind, but unfortunately our country is difficult. There are many people who criticize and insult.
From how you read, some entries about fetishes, it's just sick or fear to give such people anything. And the truth is that such fetishists consider women to be goddesses, princesses, and it is unlikely that they would hurt someone. For such people, a woman's thing counts, for me it's just shoes, and it's an honor to have such a thing.
Fetishists write to unknown women, often under a false nickname because they are afraid, ashamed, they are not understood and they can not talk too much about it.
I told everything to my beloved wife, after a few years of relationship, and it was really hard for me.
Such a confession is probably the most difficult one in life. Nothing was more stressful.
Now we both work, we live together, it's great in general. But sometimes there is a lack of understanding. There is nobody to talk to about it.
It would be nice to meet friends with whom you can talk on all topics that do not bother such a fetish and who could sometimes borrow or give away unnecessary shoes.

my fetish now :

- Sniffing women`s shoes
- Play with shoes ( cum in them , shoe insertion)
- Destroying shoes , things
- crush fetish
- tf fetish / tf inanimated ...
change people into things using spells or machines
and using them like normal things (pantyhose , shoes , dresses , panties , toys etc ...)

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