The Getaway / page: 205 - Erotic story Collection

Finally, a little time alone with my hubby!

I couldn't have waited any longer for our vacation to Jamaica! I loved the idea of the blue water, the food, and the steel drums in the evening. We had just gotten on our flight and I found it hard to believe it was just the two of us.

We started with a drink on the flight to take the edge off. The three hours in the air gave us some time to talk and decompress from all the stress of work and family. It seemed like no time and we had arrived in Montego Bay. The coastline looked so beautiful and inviting.

We were transported to our resort, enjoying a cold beer on the way. I am not much of a beer drinker, but the Red Stripe they offered seemed right. Between the scenery, the beer and the driver's accent, I was feeling more in vacation mode and relaxed.

Once we got to the resort, we were offered a rum punch! It was so good, especially in the lobby overlooking the blue, blue water while tropical music wafted in. Once we were taken to our room, which was so beautiful, we quickly unpacked our suit cases. I had secretly packed a few surprises for my hubby.

It's good to be surprised, right? I had a few new sexy tops, shoes, dresses, lingerie, and evening nighties for those special moments. I hoped he would like them.

It was late in the afternoon, so we just walked around the resort, took in the sights, sounds and aromas and dipped our toes into the Caribbean. That felt so good.

Our first evening on the island was nice, but as we were both tired and unwinding from work and dealing with k** drama, I must admit I was happy to take it easy. We had dinner at one of the buffets and had some rum drinks on the beach. I love the local flavor in my food and drink. I could tell we needed time to recharge. I found myself thinking that perhaps tomorrow will be a bit more fun!

On the second night, my husband arranged for us to go into town to one of the local restaurants with live band. We thought it was important to see some authentic bands while in Jamaica. It's another way of experiencing the local flavors. I decided I would put on a little slinky black and white print dress complete with new sexy undergarments... after all maybe tonight would be more adventurous, I was hoping, and in the mood for some fun.

While showering in the beautiful bathroom, I shaved my pussy completely smooth for him. I knew he loved that. Some years back, we started seeing the shaved look in the adult movies we watched together. He told me he wanted me completely bare, too. I like to please him, so I did it.

The truth is I loved the look and feel of my nice, bare pussy, too. Especially when I looked down between my legs to watch him going down or when he pushed his hard dick between my smooth lips.

Underneath my dress, I decided to wear some new hot pink satin panties I knew he'd love when he saw them later when we got back from our excursion. He's a sucker for pink - it's so easy to get to him. I love the pink and black look myself; I finished off the look with some sexy pink accent sandals that would be just right for dancing on a tropical night.

Before I came out to show hubby what a sexy date he had for the evening, I took one last look in the mirror. My brunette hair looked really good as I had the stylist shorten it a little to shoulder length to frame my face and add some gold highlights. Back home before we left, I had my nails done, painted pink to match the sexy shade I put on my lips tonight. I wore my makeup bold, especially darker around my green eyes.

The reflection revealed that I had done a good job. It also showed that workouts we had been doing paid off! The short little dress showed off my legs. Hubby is a leg man and had insisted I stop wearing too long a hem when we went on dates, so my wardrobe included shorter dresses over time.

As a mom, it took me a while to feel confident in these outfits, but as a woman I had to admit that he was right. I think it helped this night to be free of the k**s and work, and to be on vacation on the island.

I pulled down my hem, which didn't take much pulling, and smoothed it out. I ran my hands over my hips. And then felt a naughty twinge, pulling my dress back up and taking a good look at myself down there. Yes, I did look really hot tonight. Hubby was in for a treat...

We had a driver take us into town and he was very sweet. He was on the darker side of many of the Jamaicans and had a great smile. He told us about the bands we would hear at this club and even recommended the best dishes on the menu. It was great to get extra tips from a local. As we rode along, I could tell my husband and I were finally feeling the island mood and starting to feel the energy and vibe.

My husband had quite a smile going himself. He had slipped his hand up my leg on the taxi ride, and found my little satin surprise.... I could feel his strong hand caress my leg and his fingers start to touch them. I could tell he was heating up, so I pushed his hand away from me.

He'd have to be a patient man tonight...

We got to the restaurant and I could just tell it was the perfect setting. I had read the first inhabitants of the island called it the land of wood and water. I could see why. I loved the trees and other plants, how it looked over the blue sea, the aroma of the food, the smoke rising from the kitchen, the background music, the outdoor seating and the d├ęcor! Hubby always does his homework, reads reviews, but most of all treats me like a queen.

I am a successful, independent career woman, but I love being treated like a lady and I love to get dressed up sexy and looking feminine. I loved him for it - as we stood at the check in, I swayed my hips ever so slightly to the sexy rhythm of the music and discretely pressed my ass against the front of his trousers. I love teasing him and loved to make him wait. I knew I was making him hard.

But he'd have to be a patient man tonight...

Dinner was fabulous. It was hosted outside and it was warm, but thankfully there was a great tropical breeze blowing. I thought that was good for hubby as he can get so hot in this climate. Hubby had a dark seafood stew we had never tried before and I had a spicy curried chicken dish with lots of sauce, just the way I like it. After dinner, we just sat satisfied and looked at each other deeply and knowingly.

From the set up, I could see the band was going to be right in front of us. We were not far away like most of the concerts we had been to back home. We were right there on front row, being separated by only about 10 feet or so of space to the microphones!

The sun had set and the early evening sky was starting to fill with beautiful stars and a hint of salty air from the nearby ocean breeze. Waitresses began to pass by as it became time for after dinner cocktails. The background music and atmosphere had me going.

Hubby knew what I wanted to drink - he asked for a couple of rum punches and told the girl waiting on us to make them strong and keep them coming. The local ladies serving us sure were dressed in sexy short beach dress-like uniforms. I could see my husband couldn't help but enjoy the view. He's a leg man. He just kept smiling.

I liked how the restaurant had arranged the timing of things. The band started setting up as the dessert was being brought to the guests. There were six band members and they looked like they would be fun as they started warming and talking and joking with each other. They cast glances on the crowd from time to time and smiled at us.

I noticed the two most attractive men in the band, a dark, tall lead singer with medium length dreadlocks and the handsome dusky shaved head, muscular guitar player look over at me from time to time and lean into one another to say something and smile. I don't normally like the dreadlock look, but they looked good on the singer; they fit his look and skin color.

I guess I was staring at him a little too much. He was now staring back at me more intently at me, but his eyes went from mine and focused lower. I looked down and realized the hem of my dress had been riding high, revealing a glimpse of my pink panties beyond.

I felt my face redden at the thought, but the rum and the setting, especially with my husband taking in the local girls, had emboldened me and I did not shift away from the direction I was seated. I just pulled my hem back down. I have always had really nice legs and I like to show them off, so I let these guys have a good look.

If hubby could have a look at these sexy dark ladies' legs, then I thought I'd give these Jamaican men a view of mine.

The rum had loosened me up and I was having a lot of fun doing it. To top it off, the restaurant served us a coconut ice cream with a rich rum chocolate sauce. I had never quite tasted anything like that before and thought I was in heaven.

The band started playing and they sounded great. The rhythm was intoxicating. The drinks, salt air and music just got me in the dancing mood. I couldn't help myself and I moved my body in my seat. It didn't take long before I had enough of that and dragged my hubby out on the floor between us and the band.

We were the first ones out there. He's normally pretty shy, but didn't back down. We danced and enjoyed rubbing each others' bodies to this rhythmic music searing through us. I noticed the band members looking at me and it made me feel sexy.

Well, I guess we helped get some of the other tourists over their shyness and the next thing I know the crowd formed out there with us. Other tourist couples like us and what I assumed were a lot of locals joined us on the dance floor. With the way I was feeling, I wondered if there was something special in the rum, but I guess it was just hypnotic between the good feelings, sights, and sounds...

I looked around noticed people started dancing with others who weren't their dates! Couples split up to dance with other couples' partners and singles in the crowd. My hubby was approached by a pretty Jamaican woman who grabbed his hand and pulled him towards her to dance. She didn't take no for an answer.

I wondered if these attractive men and women worked there, trying to get tourists in the mood, or went there for other reasons. I had noticed quite a few single ladies at the bar, but a lot more single men standing there looking intently at us white ladies... It was pretty obvious.

I must admit, the drinks were making me a bit frisky and I found myself saying yes to a good looking black man who asked me to dance. I thought if it was good for the goose, it was good for the gander. I was dancing very provocatively with this stranger as I knew it would drive my husband nuts that not only he who may catch a glance of my pink panties! I know it was working, as I saw my hubby look over at me and keep staring.

The night went on and we lost track of time. I would look over, and my husband was dancing his heart out. Several ladies had tried to catch a dance with him. As for me, I was asked by multiple men, white and black, to dance and I was having a lot of fun. There was a nice looking white guy who turned out to be English, who asked me a dance a couple of times, but I found myself having more fun with the sexy dark men.

They were just so physical and exotic looking. I turned down a few of the white men and just swayed to the music at the side of the floor while I waited for another black man to whisk me back out there. It didn't take long. I especially enjoyed dancing with a very tall, dark man in a light blue shirt that showed off his taut muscles and chiseled abs. I felt so sexy having this man, whom I later found out was named Kenneth, grind up against me aggressively. His body felt so good and his skin felt different than what I was used to.

I looked over and saw my husband watching me dance with this new stranger. Then I turned and offered a view of my ass to Kenneth and pushed back against him as I reached up with my arms behind me and over his shoulders seductively. I closed my eyes and just moved to the tropical beat. Then I turned back to the black stranger to dance while looking over at my shoulder at hubby, who seemed to lose interest in the girl he was with for that moment. I could tell he was enjoying the show I was putting on.

After more dancing with more partners that I had ever done in a single night, I thanked Kenneth for the dance and decided to go back to our table to shed my shoes, as my feet grew tired. I told him that I wanted to dance with him some more, but after I rested. He protested in a cute way.

The band signaled that they were taking a break, so I guess I timed it well. While at the table, I glanced back at my husband being chatted up by a pretty dark woman, who was whispering in his ear, drinks in both of their hands. I was watching them, when my view was obstructed suddenly obstructed by two bodies. It was the musicians who had stared at my legs earlier, the lead singer and the guitar player, who had walked up to me seated at the table.

They loomed over me, but smiled as they looked down. I felt a little flutter in my stomach. Ladies, you know the feeling you get from men sometimes. The lead singer spoke up boldly and told me that I was a sexy dancer. The guitarist simply said, "Yes, that's right." I smiled back and said, "Well, your music moved me."

They nodded over at my husband and asked about him and how long we had been married. I had no doubt they were flirting with me, standing close to me as they were while I reclined back and crossed my legs. I told them that my husband and I had been together over 20 years and were there on a much needed get away vacation from everyday life for some fun. With that, the singer immediately brought up an after party and wondered if we would like to join them. They said it would be the band, a few of the staff and close friends at the party.

I surprised myself by answering "yes" right away without first checking with my husband. I was feeling it and my guard was down. They said to meet them out front of the restaurant after their next set, which would be the last. As they walked back up to perform one last time, I saw the handsome man in the blue shirt talk to them and then all three looked back at me. There went my tummy fluttering again, but I went ahead and stared back.

When my hubby came back to the table and sat down, I leaned into him and placed his hand on my thigh, inviting him to caress me, and kissed him deeply. I then whispered into his ear the invitation I had just received. He raised his eyebrows a little. Hubby knew I was having a little too much fun, but he went with it.

We just sat at the table and listened to the set, our hands intertwined together. I felt some trepidation, but I looked over at hubby from time to time. It was reassuring. The band had the place jumping again, but we just sat back and took it in. The band members must have been talking because all six of them looked right at me from time to time throughout the set. I would look back at them and then over to hubby, who would just look back at me and caress my leg or place his hand over my shoulder. We both noticed Kenneth staring at me from the bar.

The set was finally over and the lead singer looked at me and winked. He came off the stage and up to us and said the bus was out front and to get on. My husband asked how do we know which one and he responded, "Look for the man in the blue shirt your wife was dancing with; he's coming to the party." I started to get cold feet, but hubby pulled out my chair for me, reaching for my hand to help me from the table and led me out, his arm around my waist.

We found Kenneth and a few others who were going to the after party by the bus. It wasn't too big; more like a party bus. Hubby and I walked up hand-in-hand and I introduced Kenneth to him. He was very polite and engaging. He asked if we were having a good time. In unison, we both said "Great!" He said, "Well the party is just beginning..." with that nice smile of his. He told my hubby that I was a good dancer, to which my hubby replied, "I know. She's very good."

With that, Kenneth asked if we were ready to go, but didn't wait for an answer and took hold of my hand and led me on the bus, hubby trailing us holding my other hand. There were more people on the bus than I counted on. I imagine the three of us were quite a sight and I felt eyes on me. I couldn't help but think how big Kenneth's hands were and how tall he was. From behind, Kenneth's body looked amazing.

I like guys with nice butts and Kenneth's looked great with his narrow waist and broad shoulders. I stumbled a little towards him and reached my other hand from hubby's to grab Kenneth's arm to hold myself up.

I let my hand linger a moment and moved it from his forearm to his bicep before I reached back for my husband. His muscles felt so taut and his skin felt different - nice and smooth. I liked the design of his tattoo on us upper arm; it was the letter "K" with some ornate design around it. I told him I liked his tattoo and he said, "I have some other nice ones I might show you later!" I felt that flutter again; so many times that night it had happened.

I looked back at hubby, who stared back into my eyes. We moved towards the back but the seats were taken. It was so crowded... standing room only. Kenneth pulled me more towards the back and in front of him. The lead singer and guitarist came onto the bus, spotted us and walked past my hubby and up to Kenneth and me. They stood on each side of us. The other band members stood next to my husband.

As we started to pull out of the parking lot with a slight jolt, hubby turned back to see that Kenneth had placed his hands on my waist at that moment, to "steady me" as he told hubby, just as the interior light was turned off. I felt my heart flutter a little and wondered what my hubby thought as I felt his eyes wander down to those big black hands on my little waist just before it got dark.

As we moved along the somewhat bumpy road, I found myself being pressed against all three of them as we rocked to and fro, and well, it was so erotic. I could feel their hard bodies pressing against my own. What hubby didn't know, and what hubby couldn't see in the dark, but what I could easily feel, was each of their three hard cocks pressing against my ass and hips. God, they felt so huge. I started to feel so horny and I know I was getting very wet.

After 20 minutes of that sexy grinding, we arrived at the house where the party was hosted. Kenneth let go of me before the lights came back on. The lead singer told to make ourselves at home. The band split up and relaxed with the guests in the many different rooms. My husband and I struck up conversations with other attendees. I would spot Kenneth, the singer and guitarist from time to time, and they would smile at me.

We had a great time talking to the others at the party, who had different backgrounds from us. But my mind played back to the feeling of being pressed against by Kenneth and the band members on the bus. I was feeling so horny from all the attention I had experienced, and wanted to take it out on hubby.

I grabbed my husband by the hand and led him out on the patio and further into the dark backyard, by a fountain and some outdoor furniture, illuminated only with some soft lighting, gazing at the night sky. I felt we had a little privacy out there. It had been such a sexy night and was I wanted to be fucked so hard at that moment and I pressed up against my hubby, deeply kissed him, and felt his dick respond in his pants.

He placed his hand on my thigh and traced upwards to the bottom of my panties and slipped his hand underneath. He sighed and said, "God, you are so wet..." I told him with urgency in my voice, "Rub my pussy" when right then two figures emerged from the shadows and startled us. It was the lead singer and the guitarist, who appeared in the soft light. The singer said, "It looks like you two are having a good time."

Hubby and I stopped our fondling at the intrusion and separated, but I know they saw what we had been doing. I could sense they had been watching us. Lord knows who else was doing so.

I looked down and saw that hubby's erection was plainly visible in his pants and my nipples were protruding with excitement. There is no way you could have missed it. Hubby could only say "yeah", and I just felt myself turning red.

I couldn't help but look down at the band members' pants and saw two huge tents being made. Their bulges looked twice as big as hubby's and I could plainly see the outlines of their thick cocks. I thought to myself that they must have taken their underwear off to look bigger, or maybe they were just that huge. I was just staring at their crotches. I know that they could plainly see my reaction.

It momentarily got really quiet as the three of us sized each other up, from eyes to bodies and back to eyes, sending inaudible messages. All of the sudden, the lead singer broke the silence by saying in his sexy deep voice, "Wouldn't it be wild for us to do it under the stars." I looked back straight into his brown eyes. Even though I knew he wanted to fuck me, it was still shocking for me to hear it, especially in front of my husband.

All I could do to react was to breathe out deeply and give a little moan. I didn't say no, instead placing my hand on the hem of my dress and slowing moved it up and down my left leg a little, showing them more with each movement, until the crotch of my pink panties was visible to them. The guitarist gave out a low whistle and I looked over to see hubby swallowing hard.

Then things took a life of their own and happened quickly.

The singer pulled his shirt off, and his friend followed suit. God, they were ripped and I drank in their tight bodies, and their big bulges. I felt my pussy gush.

The singer walked up, towering over me and leaned in, sliding his hand up my leg, lifting up the hem of my dress up to my hips. I looked down, mesmerized at the site of the big dark hand moving towards my pussy. It looked so different than my husband's and I was being overcome with lust by the newness and contrast. He looked into my eyes as he slowly moved his hand up closer and closer.

As he did this, he looked over at my husband, as did I, with half-closed eyes and a lustful moan... My hubby just stood there and watched us. He looked transfixed by the sight. The dark stranger must have taken this as an okay to proceed.

With that, the singer moved his hand over my satin covered pussy, then pulled my panties aside and slipped his fingers deep inside me. He then pulled out, licked them and pushed them up me again.

It felt so good. My husband watched us; rubbing his own cock through his pants. The guitarist then moved in and grabbed my breasts and rolled his thumbs over my hard nipples. My dress was easily removed off my shoulders and I found myself half-naked before I knew what happened. I was so wet and wanting.

The singer then suddenly grabbed me by my hair and pulled me over towards the outdoor furniture. He pushed me face down over the edge of the couch and pulled my dress back up over my hips. He pulled my panties to the side and slowly worked his hand into my pussy. He was pressing his cock against my hip and I could feel how hard and big he was. I could hardly stand it! God, he felt so much bigger than my husband and my pussy gushed even more.

He moved behind me. I heard the unmistakable sound of his zipper going down. Before I knew it, I could feel him slide his enormous black dick up and down my slit and between my ass cheeks. God, it felt so good. He slapped it on my ass and lower back and the thought popped into my head, "God, that is going to go really deep."

He pushed it back down between my wet lips and slapped it up against my clit. I reached underneath me to feel him and I gasped feeling how big around and thick the head of his cock was. I reached further to stroke him and could not reach my fingers around all the way. I rubbed his big, hard black dick against my clit, getting so worked up but wondering how he could possible fit when I had only had my hubby's in me before.

He didn't wait for an okay... He shoved that huge black dick deep, deep inside me. I took in a loud breath as he pushed into me. It hurt at first, but started feeling so good after a few of his long strokes. He grabbed my hair again, held my head down and took total control of me. I didn't complain. Instead, I came harder than I ever had before when I looked back to see his black torso pushing against me and felt his big cock bottoming out in my pussy.

My orgasm was loud and wet. My mind was spinning. God, I loved the thought of and feeling of being fucked by a black guy... I felt so full. To be honest, I had thought about it since I was a teenage girl since I saw my first big black cock in a magazine my friend brought over one day, penetrating a blonde girl. Why had I waited so long?

The singer fucking me so good pulled my head up and I opened my eyes to find the guitarist now naked right in front of me, and wanting a mouth on that beautiful, ebony dick he sported. I obliged. It looked black as coal in the light. I could see, and then taste the precum oozing out of the big head. It hardly fit in my mouth. I sucked and stroked the one at my face as best I could, but I found myself struggling to get his girth between my lips. I gagged and moaned as he starting fucking my mouth with it.

My body was pumping back now from the trusts from the black man fucking me from behind. He was so hard and my pussy felt so good. One of his hands held my hip and the other one rubbed my clit. I caressed my breasts and pulled at my nipples and felt how hard they were.

I could feel another orgasm building in me. My head was swimming and I could hear the singer talking. In a daze, I finally took notice of what the stud impaling me was saying, which was "Do you hear me? I'm gonna' fuck that pink pussy. And so is my friend. And your husband's gonna' watch you cum".

With those sexy words, the unbelievable tightness in my pussy and the huge black cock fucking my mouth, I let go with a huge wet, orgasm with my screaming cock-muffled. My pussy was making wet noises as I contracted on the big black cock filling me up.

I heard myself whimpering; it was like someone else making the sounds, but I felt everything. I felt the big man in my pussy pushing all the way in and tense up. I heard him growl as he unloaded what must have been a huge load of sperm at the very bottom my little white pussy. I could feel his cum running out of my pussy in hot gobs as I contracted on him in orgasm.

The singer cried out, "Oh, oh" as he came in me. I knew he must have felt really squeezed by my tight little pussy because hubby always tells me how good it feels when I cum around his dick, and this black guy was twice as long and thick as him. I could feel his cum down the inside of my leg. His hot talk and rubbing on me made me come hard again and push more of his seed out of me as I wiggled my hips and my body shuddered.

When I came down from that high, I couldn't help but pull back from the cock stuffing my mouth, look over to my husband who had taken a seat in the chair next to us and gave him a very satisfied smile as I swayed my hips and rubbed my ass against the guitarist's cock that had just fucked me so good.

I must have been quite a site, being used like this. My hubby smiled back. His hand was fixed on his crotch as he watched me. I knew my hubby was a voyeur, so this must have been his dream come true. I know it was mine, being fucked so deep and hard.

Once stud number one released his load, the guitarist quickly jumped in. He forcefully rolled me onto my back on the couch and shoved his dick into me. He was pounding me so hard. I was shaking from his assault on my white pussy. I looked down and watched his thick, long black cock splitting me wide open and disappear all the way inside me. His cock looked so big and dark in me and I came from the sight, let alone the feeling of fullness.

My pussy was making so much noise from black cock moving in my wetness and the load of cum already deposited in me. I was a little embarrassed, but God it felt so great. I was breathing so hard, I couldn't see straight. I had cum so much already and another orgasm was building from deep inside me. By then, I lost count. He kept pounding me, sweat now running off of him and onto me. I was wet from head to toe. The thought "Land of wood and water..." popped into my head as he took me.

The guitarist pushed in and out of my pussy a few more times, hitting bottom and rubbing up against the walls of my pussy completely just like his friend. I was coming again. He then surprised me by pulling his enormous cock out of me. I exhaled deeply and moaned loudly from the feeling of the cock being removed from my now stretched pussy, that big shaft withdrawing and leaving me feeling so empty. But the sensation was like nothing I had ever felt before.

I felt so womanly, so taken as I looked down between my legs. The guitarist stroked his big black cock with his one hand, saying "what a nice pussy", and sliding that long shaft against my slit and slapping my mound and tummy with it. That big thing went all the way up to my belly button and I fixated on his length. God, it looked good against me.

He pulled my satin panties back over my mound and rubbed his hand over my completely drenched pussy with one hand and continued those loooong strokes with his other. I could hear the "thwap, thwap, thwap" sound as he beat his black cock and slapped it against my panty-clad shaven little pussy. God, that felt and sounded so good. Like the sound of something really big and really hard slapping against something really soft and really wet.

The singer's cum was mixed with my own and I was a mess thinking it must be soaking through the satin material now. The guitarist must have like the feeling and sight as he looked down at his and his friend's handiwork and stroked himself even harder.

I looked over at hubby who had the same dark, focused look in his eyes as he rubbed his cock through his pants. I put my hand down there and started to rub my clit frantically as I looked into hubby eyes before fixing them back on my new lover. I told the guitarist, "I want you to cum all over that pussy!"

My second black stud then yelled and I watched him unload jet after jet of cum like a fountain all over my panty covered pussy, coating the insides of my thighs right at my panty line and tummy area. He yelled out each time he jetted onto me; there must have been seven of those thick squirts before it finally slowed down. I came again with a loud scream as I felt the hot stuff covering me.

There was so much black man's cum all over me! It felt so hot landing on my skin and looked so sexy. I raised my head up and stared at the messy mess he made all over me and my pink panties. I had asked hubby to drench me like that many times, but there seemed to be so much more cum on me this time from these younger, ebony studs! It was dripping all over me and I felt so completely feminine. I could smell our sex in the air and it was so hot.

Once the guitarist moved off of me, leaving me spent, my husband walked over. I looked down at his crotch. It was obvious he himself had released a load while watching from the chair nearby. His pants were soaked through. He kissed me deeply, our tongues intertwining. I bet he could taste the guitarist on me. He whirled his tongue over my tongue and lips urgently as I moaned.

Hubby whispered in my ear, "I will take those panties now as a souvenir. I'll get mine back at the resort." I raised my hips, slipped the wet thing down my legs and over my feet and handed them to him. He held them up to his nose and inhaled the sex deeply and placed them down the front of his pants! That was a side of him I had never seen before, but then again I had never put on a sex show for him like that!

I laid back and rubbed my pussy and breasts after being so satisfied and looked at him and then the two studs who had just fucked me. We just looked on at each other in a post-sex frenzy daze.

I started to get up to slip my dress back on when I heard Kenneth's voice and saw him come into the light from off to the side. He was completely naked, holding his huge cock in his hand. It looked even bigger than what I just had. He said, "Where do you think you are going?"

I don't know if I would have done it one more time with my husband after such a fucking from the band members, but guess I found the energy when I saw a third black stud with a horse cock coming for me, slapping it in his hand with a loud thud, thud, thud. I felt my pussy gush again!

I didn't reply out loud to Kenneth, but showed him what I wanted by laying back down, spreading my legs and running my hands over hips and then my pussy.

I looked over at my hubby and said, "I know you like seeing these big black cocks stretching my little white pussy! Sit behind me and prop me up so we can both watch. I want you to see what I see when I look down between my legs and see a big cock coming for me. I want you to watch him shove it into me..."

That night, my husband would have to prove being even more patient.

My husband smiled and walked over to me. I was a wet mess, covered in two large mens' cum. He must have found me to be extra sexy because he reached his arms around my waist and pulled me towards him and thrust his tongue into my mouth while holding the back of my head in his other hand.

It was a sensual kiss. We swirled our tongues together and I bit down on him hard. He just moaned, as he knows I only do this when I am turned on.

Our bodies pressed together and the black guitarist's cum on my stomach became a sticky mess between us. I knew my husband always wanted me to fulfill my fantasy. The thought of him watching me got me going again with hunger.

With that, I opened my eyes and looked over hubby's shoulders to see Kenneth staring at us. Oh yes, Kenneth; he had a huge cock which I now noticed he was stroking in his big black hands.

He was rubbing it up and down slowly and watched my eyes widen at the sight. To me it looked huge even in his big hands, and I was mesmerized.

Hubby sensed what was happening to me, got up and sat back behind me on the couch. He pulled me back gently to rest against his chest.

I kept my eyes on Kenneth as he approached me and moved my hands down my stomach to my hips, down inside my thighs and to my sopping wet pussy. I rubbed my engorged clit with my right hand. I started rubbing harder with each step he took closer to me.

His cock was so big around and the sight made me gush and I rubbed harder. I could hear and feel my hubby's breathing quicken as he watched this black man approach us.

Seeing the girth I was about to get, I spread my lips for him and said, "Please fuck this white pussy, Kenneth..."

Hubby whispered in my ear, "Take it all, babe; you've wanted this all night," and kissed my neck as his hands reached around to caress my breasts and erect nipples. "Mmmm," hubby said as he felt my desire through my nipples.

"Oh, yes; he's going to stretch this white pussy so good...," I replied; the last words I would speak to hubby until much later.

I reached around quickly and could feel my husband's hard cock through his pants. I knew he was so turned on, and completely stiff again even after blowing a big load a few moments ago. I couldn't blame; I was soaking the couch cushion myself. I spread my legs wide and pulled them up to my elbows.

Hubby propped my up and let my head rest against him so I could easily watch Kenneth penetrate me. This I didn't want to miss seeing. His hands held my thighs. He was offering me up to this black man and I was so high from the lust I felt I was going to faint.

Kenneth said, "It's my turn with your wife" and looked into my eyes, "Are you ready, little lady?"

"Oh, yes..." was all I could work out. He moved between my legs and trailed his huge cock up the inside of my right thigh, closer and closer to my little pink slit that I held open for him. He was so big around that I felt I needed to do so.

He seemed so big I started to worry I might not be able to take it all in. I got a vision of how long he was as he moved the wet tip of his cock to my pussy lips, the precum trailing all the time. I tried to brace myself for being impaled by this stud but nothing could prepare me for this.

He moved up on the couch and kept moving up until his balls rested against my lips. The head of his cock rested past my belly button and I grabbed his shaft with both hands. I had seen many porn scenes and wondered if they really could be that big. I could not close my fingers around it, which made my stomach flutter so hard for the umpteenth time tonight.

I pumped it, amazed at his length and how much cock I felt and I moved up and down. His cockhead felt like a black plum soaked in juice. I rubbed my finger on his slit and lubricated my pussy even more with his precum. I moaned as I did that and I swear I could feel hubby's heart beating through his chest. His breathing was even harder.

I pulled down Kenneth' face down to mine and kissed him deeply. His lips felt so warm, so full, and his body so hard. He shoved his tongue down deep we both moaned loudly as we got worked up. Hubby swallowed hard.

Kenneth moved his chest off of mine and slapped his cock on my pelvis. It felt and sounded so good and said, "Please fuck me now! I can't wait any longer!" and reached for his hips to pull his cock into my hungry pussy. My husband exhaled hard as I said this and cradled my head.

I watched Kenneth pull his huge cock back, and back. He had to pull back far for the head to finally nestle in my warm cleft. He grabbed the huge slab of meat and positioned it at my sopping hole only for a moment as I desperately grabbed at his ass to pull him in me. Even being so wet from all the cum, his cock tested me.

I felt like he was shoving a tree trunk into my little pink slit and I gasped and cried out. I pulled my hands off of Kenneth's butt because of the sheer size being forced in me. I cried out and reached out to hold my husband's forearms tight. "I yelled out, " On my God! You are splitting me in half, Kenneth. Oh, my God!"

It took me several minutes before I actually realized it was all inside me. My husband could only whisper in my ear, "Fuuuucck, that looks so fucking hot..." as I rotated my hips to try to take this monster invading me. This huge black man fucking me was making me crazy and I wanted to fuck him back, I opened my eyes to see his cock disappearing slowly into me. I felt my husband pushing his crotch against me and exhale again.

We were all so turned on. It was a moment I didn't want to soon forget so I squeezed my eyes shut tight, tried to forever capture the feeling and moment in my mind. I kept moving my hips to try to take him, grunting loudly and totally lost in the moment. Knowing my husband was ever so enjoying me being fulfilled is not an emotion easily described.

He kept pushing in me, not stopping, as I struggled to accommodate the black cock. It felt ever so tight in me and I felt stretched to the brink. My body so quickly producing the juices to allow him to move freely. It was overwhelming but I felt a big orgasm build in my from deep inside. Kenneth grunted, I grunted, and our bodies glistened in the light. Kenneth pushed all the way into me until he could go no further. I looked down to see our bodies pressed as one.

I was completely full of this black stud and I shuddered at the view. I could tell my husband was transfixed by the two of us coupled so completely. He was quiet but eyes wide open, while I moaned and grunted. Kenneth pulled almost all the way out, pulling my lips back out and I came hard from the view of his glistening cock coated with my cream before he plunged all the way back in me. Then when I thought it couldn't feel any stronger, he started pounding into me into the couch and against my husband. I could only hear our two bodies hitting one another. I am not sure if I realized I was mouthing "Oh yea, oh yea," as he took me.

The pounding ever still continued. I moaned in his mouth when he leaned in to press his dick ever so deep into my pussy and kiss me hard on the mouth. Our tongues swirling together just as our loins were connected and our sweaty skin rubbed against each other. I felt so taken, but also so covered and warm between my black lover and my husband. I wanted to end the show with a great finale. I needed Kenneth to give me his cum, all his cum.

I reached down to try to grab his balls. I needed it so bad. Kenneth must have sensed my need as he pushed all the way inside me and then pulled back so I could caress his sack. God, they were huge as well and I wanted them to give me a big load of cum that matched his giant cock. He grunted at my obvious need as I moved my fingers all around and rubbed the big set of balls.

He started pounding me again as they slapped against my ass. He had finally loosened me up from the battering I was taking and I got that feeling of another orgasm welling up from so deep inside. It came on quick as he slapped against me, hitting bottom, so much so that I thought he'd pierce my heart. It was beating so hard as I could take no more as I heard myself yell out, "Oh, shit, oh, shit, oh my Gooood. Oh, God." It was just me and Kenneth at that point as he made me his.

Kenneth couldn't take anymore himself and pulled his huge shaft out of my pussy and pulled me down my husband's chest a little so he put his hand firmly on my head. I knew what he wanted, too. He put his black cock and balls to my face. I knew hubby was getting such a good show, as was anyone else seeing me being taken so well.

Kenneth pushed my head down to his balls and I took a deep breath. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked his heavy beautiful balls and caressed them more. Kenneth started to moan louder as I grabbed his black shaft with both hands, pumping it up and down. My hands looked so little on this magnificent, lovely cock. I snapped hubby out of his trance when I said to him, "Look, babe. See what just took your wife's little white pussy? He truly filled me up. God, look how long and thick he is. I need two more hands to cover him." I knew this would drive my husband and Kenneth crazy.

I kept pumping until Kenneth pulled my hands away and tried to shove the head of his cock into my mouth. I opened wide to take it, but it was no use. I could barely wrap my lips around that huge head. I struggled to take as much as I could and pumped both up and down it as I placed the big head on my tongue and swirled around it.

Kenneth said, "I hope you are ready. I am going to give you a huge load. Do you want it?"

I didn't know what I was in for, and wondered what he was going to do to me. He grabbed his huge, hard black cock and pulled back from my face a little. He grabbed the back of my head so his cock was a few inches from my face. I knew he wanted to blow his load all over it. I normally don't like facials, but with this stud I wasn't going to fight it. I was overwhelmed and truly wanted him to drench me with all his cum.

I knew my Hubby wanted to see it happen and sealed the deal for me when he said, "Take it all, babe. You know you really want it."

I moaned and found myself rubbing my pussy, hard, at this sexual high. I felt myself shaking as I worked my stretched slit hard and saying,, "Yeah, give it to me." Kenneth started pumping harder and faster and then all of the sudden stopped and yelled out loudly, gutturally like a wild a****l. Even in my state, I wasn't ready for my reward.

A fountain of cum shot all over me, one thick rope after another, plastering my hair, my forehead, my cheek, my lips and greedy tongue, and down to my chin, neck and chest. He came even more than the other black guys that had coated me earlier... Maybe from having to wait his turn? Or maybe he was just a big, black stud who loved fucking white women?

As he bathed me in his cum, I came so hard from the feeling of being marked all over by a big black man's huge load.

A moan escaped my lips as I felt it drip down from my face and breasts down to my stomach. It was dripping down between my legs and soaking my mound. I rubbed it into my pussy, making a sloppy sound and brought it to my lips to taste. This was the taste of lust. What a mess he had made of me.

Hubby said, "Oh, my God, you made him cum so much."

Kenneth backed away to look at his handiwork and said, "Damn, your husband is a lucky man."

I turned around to look at my husband. I felt a shiver as I realized Kenneth had splattered his chest as well. I looked at hubby and then proceeded to clean the mess off his heaving chest.

Hubby said, "You are so sexy. What a woman you are...," as I did my best to get it all and make a show of swallowing all the cum for all these men. My pussy felt so warm and gushy, as did my skin, as I kissed hubby deeply. I wanted him to know I loved him and that we would always be partners in crime and I lightly caressed his hard cock through his pants.

I was a mess and so I asked for a towel. Kenneth got a big one for me; I thought to myself that I needed bath towel after the drenching these guys, and especially, Kenneth gave me. I started to clean myself up. Hubby took the towel and cleaned me. He is so giving and I loved him for it.

I felt exhaustion starting to come over me after the wild party I had all night with my husband and these three black studs. I felt so spent, but so fulfilled. After I kissed my husband, I made my way to the singer and the guitarist to hug them goodnight. They had been watching me and Kenneth and I could tell they wanted to fuck me again, but I would need a couple of other women to help satiate these guys.

Then, I walked over to Kenneth, who had turned me on so much when we were dancing so many hours earlier in the evening. I couldn't believe I had done this, but he was so good looking and had just given me the fucking of my life and marked me as his own for the night with all of his cum.

For me, the party was over and the bus would soon take us back to our resort. I admit I was unsure but leaned in to kiss Kenneth goodnight as I certainly felt we had a connection of sorts. God, that man felt good in every way, and I loved the way he kissed me back. Hubby nodded to the guys' and said a few words I could not hear and then grabbed me by the hand. I cleaned myself up as best as I could before we went to the bus. Hubby had my sopping wet panties. I just needed to make sure my dress was presentable.

It was a bumpy ride home as the road was not as smooth as back in the states, but the ride allowed my husband and I to cuddle with each other, look at each other and smile in a devious way. I felt so completely satisfied from the drinks, the food, and the unbelievable sex. Like a warm puddle. With the rocking of the bus, Even as my body felt so sated, my mind was somewhat conflicted. Was the night real? Did we imagine it? It truly felt hard to believe as our heads and hearts were still pounding from the night's earlier events.

I dozed off against his chest, thinking about what happened to me the last time I was leaning back against him. Mmmmm. When hubby stirred me awake, I opened my eyes and saw that we were back at the resort. I had no idea what time it was. We glanced at the lobby clock and saw it was nearly 4 am. Where had the night gone? Oh yea, I had fucked three large men and had my husband watch. We reached our room and both fell exhausted to the bed. We barely made time to slip into comfortable pajamas and brush our teeth, which was our usual ritual each night.

Honestly, I wish I could tell you there was a fourth event, but we just fell exhausted the minute we our heads hit the bed.

Moments before I crashed, I heard my husband whisper in my ear, "You are beautiful." Exhaustion was mutual and we snuggled close and feel fast asleep.

The next morning, I felt like I was hit by a truck. Three big huge trucks to be exact. My walking was a bit off balance and it didn't take too long before the memories flooded back. My husband had awakened before me and brought me coffee with an unbelievably big smile.

It was only then that I knew for sure he was ok with all of it. "Awake sleeping beauty? I hope you slept well." he said.

"Oh my God. What happened to us last night? That was crazy! I hope you're not mad."

My husband responded by leaning in to kiss me and said "I love you and love to see you taken. How could I be mad?"

We smiled and held each other a bit longer, and drank our coffee quietly while listening to the tropical birds that now sang outside our bedroom. I can't explain it but was truly the most romantic moment in all our 20 years of marriage. I'd look up to see my husband smiling at me, and I'd smile back at him knowing our secret. He couldn't keep from holding my hand or touching me all day.

We were so tired, so we just snuggled. However, we needed to take advantage of the rest of our vacation days in paradise. After all, it would end soon. They always do. We decided to take a taxi into town for lunch and try some more local cuisine. We were both craving something spicy.

The taxi driver was very helpful as we asked about great local places to eat. "You must try our jerk chicken," he said. It is cooked for hours on an open fire spit. I know a place that is famous for it. I will take you there." We almost always go with a recommendation like that.

"Please take us there, we have truly enjoyed the island so far and can't wait to try all the delicacies Jamaica has to offer," we said.

The End.....

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