A Hotwife's Tropical Vacation / page: 204 - Erotic story Collection

My husband spoils me with a trip to a naked paradise...


I had such a great time at the New Years party. That kind of wild extra sex gets my inner fires stoked. The opportunity to enjoy so many new guys in one night is always a super turn on for me.

Jack got totally jumped and ridden hard that night once we got home.

My birthday is in early January, and he always finds ways to pamper me. Among flowers and several gifts he bought for my big day, there was also a large and nicely decorated envelope. When I opened it there were plane tickets, vouchers, and a complete information package for a tropical adult-only resort destination.

Jack and I have long been avid travelers and we love to feel the warmth of the sun caress every inch of our naked bodies anytime there's a beach or pool that allows that kind of natural freedom.

We had talked about such a journey before, and I was very pleasantly surprised when I opened this gift and absorbed all the details. Five star facilities, great rooms, ocean front, and totally clothing free except for meals. That's the way my maker intended me to be!

After I gave him a lingering thank-you hug and lots of excited kisses, he slowed me down and explained the resort guidelines.

"Listen, Katie. I know we've talked about going to a place like this before, but this one is definitely very open. You like to party and have lots of fun, and I want you to have a great time. Just remember, everyone is like-minded at this place so it's all your choice. Do as little or as much as you like, and expect others around you to be doing some of the same."

"So this is a pure freedom vacation?" I asked, quietly considering all the implications.

"Yes. For both of us. Uninhibited, do as you want, and no jealousy allowed."

"I'm good with that." I commented. "Just let me know if I get a little too wild. But you know I'll be careful."

"I trust you. We're there to have fun."

I was so very excited and aroused when we finally boarded the plane a couple of weeks later. The up-front seating was super comfortable, and I just wanted to snuggle in and get totally rested in anticipation of this latest adventure.

It was an afternoon flight which meant we wouldn't arrive, clear customs, and get checked-in to our room until quite late. By the time we did, we only had time for a brief moonlight walk-about. Even at that late hour there was some moaning and groaning coming from the pool area and what appeared to be quite a tangle of gyrating bodies visible out on the dock.

We decided to get a good night of sleep so we'd be ready to experience the place more thoroughly in the morning. I don't think I slept really well though. My head was filled with all sorts of fanciful dreams about new cocks and cum and fresh pussies and tits.

I think Jack had a better, deeper sleep. He didn't start to stir until after I'd opened our patio doors and curtains wide so the morning sun could peak in to warm and brighten our room. He was possibly also becoming aware that his morning wood was fully enveloped in my hot mouth. My lips were stretched around the big round base of his thick cock and I was using my throat muscles to massage his throbbing cock head.

I felt him stretch and when I glanced up at him he rubbed his eyes as they adjusted to the soft morning sunlight. He smiled that movie star smile of his and nonchalantly said, "Morning, Katie."

I answered back best I could, something like, "Mmmff-mmff."

"You are such a naughty girl. How about you slide that toned little butt of yours all the way up here and sit on my face." He requested politely.

I didn't want to release his big dick but I really loved his tongue. I slithered up his tummy and chest, then spread my thighs around his face and jammed my dripping pussy onto his mouth.

Jack really knows how to suck a pussy and his amazing tongue had me ready in no time. When I'm super aroused I sometimes squirt, and today was clearly one of those days. I orgasmed and unloaded a half-cupful of my clear, hot pussy fluid right into his mouth.

I knew he loved it and he drank what he could while the rest overflowed all over the pillow and sheets. Good thing I was on holidays and not in charge of laundry.

I shuddered for a while as I recovered, then I spun around keeping my pussy at his tongue and getting my mouth back on his cock. This was a great sixty-nine position and he licked my clit so hard I came again in about a minute.

I had to release his dick as I moaned through my orgasm. When I looked up there happened to be four naked people, couples I guessed, standing on the lawn in front of our open patio door, taking in the show.

I smiled politely but I didn't care. I needed Jack's cock back in my mouth. I sucked while he licked until very soon I screamed and climaxed again.

Jack pulled out from under me so I was on my hands and knees on the bed. He came up behind me and thrust his hard dick into my soaking hot hole. It felt so fucking good. He fucked me hard, then suddenly stopped thrusting and giggled. "Uh... there's people watching us."

"Yes. I noticed." I replied, "So shut up and get busy. I need your cum."

He must have waved because all four of our voyeurs smiled and waved to us at the same time. Then he grabbed my hips and started pounding deep into my hot pussy for all he was worth. It felt so good, and so naughty to have these strangers observing our morning session.

I watched with pleasure as both the men began to sprout generous erections twenty feet away from me while I was getting fucked like crazy. I just kept orgasming.

Jack was groaning, and soon he shouted, "Okay, Katie. I gotta come in a minute!"

I felt his hard cock pop out of me as I pulled away and rolled off the end of the bed, gently landing on my knees even closer to our audience. "Come in my mouth!" I ordered.

He was so close he barely had time to get to me. He stood right in front of me and jerked his big pussy juice soaked cock furiously. His hips were pumping and he was groaning. This was going to be a big one.

"Okay! Here I come!" he exclaimed.

I opened wide so he could shoot his entire load into my mouth. He's had lots of practice and didn't miss a squirt. He shivered and shuddered, and finally giggled, "Fuck that felt good!"

He ran the head of his freshly fired-off dick around my lips. I could feel the supple ridges and enjoyed the slow softening of his gorgeous cock. I smiled up at him, swallowed his big load and orgasmed intensely one more time.

I drew him back into my mouth and sucked hard to get those last few cum dribbles. I love cum and those remaining drops were mine!

"Thank you, Katie. Great start to the day." Jack stated, then turned his attention toward the patio. "Look at that!" he exclaimed, and gestured toward our newly added fans.

Both of the ladies were on their knees on the grass and feverishly sucking on their men's cocks. This was awesome.

Jack was still vibrating and sat on the end of the bed to settle down. I was still in my comfortable position on my knees, relaxing and taking in the impromptu suck-a-thon.

Jack laughed and said, "This is too cool. What do you think, Katie?"

The two couples were a little older than us, maybe early forties, and the guys were smiling at each other and then at Jack and me while their ladies exhibited some excellent oral talent.

It didn't seem that anyone else was watching this performance, but I was really enjoying it. There is one firm and fast rule that's hard-wired into me. When I've had a recent taste of cock, I'm always ready for more.

Sometimes it's like I hear a voice beside me speaking, but I know it's me. I heard that voice say, "If you wouldn't mind, I could finish those for you."

The kneeling ladies both stopped and looked at me. Holy fuck, I thought to myself, I did just say that!

They glanced at each other, shrugged, and one said, "Sure, fly at 'er."

The two men disengaged their erections from their ladies and stepped toward me as quickly as they could. Guys can't run or even walk briskly with a hard-on, I've noticed.

In a matter of seconds I had two, brand-new hard cocks in my hands. I couldn't stop smiling.

"Katie, you're a slut." Jack commented, but I knew from his tone it was a total compliment. Then he added, "Is everybody okay with this, because I know I am."

Everyone nodded so I smiled up at my two new friends to ensure I had their undivided attention. Clearly I did which allowed me to ask one of my most favorite questions, "Good, now may I suck your cocks?"

They nodded and I dove right in. They were half-way there already from the attention their ladies had given them. I sucked and deep throated them both and gave them a sample of my delightful throat fucking. I looked up lots of times to make sure they were enjoying things. They both had expressions of delight.

I worked them over until their moans and groans became nearly non-stop and both were ready, then paused and told them, "Both of you, jerk off in my mouth."

I love anytime a guy shoots his cum into my mouth. When there are two loads or more, from different cocks, and I get to enjoy all the hot jizz and mix it around and savor it... well, I love it and I orgasm uncontrollably. It's fucking fantastic.

They jerked their dicks like they were trying to rip them away from their bodies. They grunted and shot streams of white goo into my mouth and all over my face. I swallowed my prize and I was in heaven. Fuck I love cum!

I sucked both cocks after they came for me. I got that last bit of man juice that tries to hide way up in the shaft by sucking hard until it was all mine. Then I sat back onto my heels and shuddered through another mind-blowing orgasm.

This was so nice. A three cock morning, three mouthfuls of cum, plus I had streaks of fresh man-goo all over my face and dripping onto my tits. And it was still before breakfast! I liked this place already.

I stood up and shook the guys' hands. I was comfortable being totally naked and wanted to know their names even though I still had cum on my face and tits. It made me feel like a dirty, hot and naughty slut, and I cherished that sensation.

Their ladies entered as well and we had a quick round of introductions. One couple was Randy and Jill, the other was Neil and Wendy. They'd all been to this resort before, and were clearly very open-minded as well. We promised to see each other again.

They headed off for breakfast and Jack just stood there, smirking and shaking his head at me.

"You realize you're still smeared with cum, right?" he asked.

"Maybe I plan on staying this way." I commented cheerfully.

Then I realized that deep down inside I meant what I'd just said. I felt like a k** in a candy store. This place was full-on cock buffet, and I had a craving to enjoy every moment.

I reached down and stroked my finger up and down on my clit, and I came again as Jack watched and grinned. I moaned and said, "Fuck, I need a shower."

I got cleaned up from my morning adventure and Jack showered while I dried my hair. He threw on some swim trunks while I slipped into a tiny thong and a very sheer white cover up. I've got these big boobs, but my nipples are quite light colored, so I looked more casual than wildly provocative. It still turned lots of heads my way, though.

We ordered hot coffees and went for a brief beach walk to check out the resort from the ocean side. It was beautiful and despite it being only mid-morning, several people were out seeking that nice, all-over tan. I enjoyed the naked human scenery, and there were some great looking gals there.

We were urgently in need of some breakfast so found a nice little table in their morning recovery room, as the resort called it. The early activities had generated some serious hunger, and the food was really good.

Back at the room we checked e-mails and such. There were no cameras, phones or electronic devices allowed outside the rooms. Prudent given current technology.

By early afternoon, following a little more exploring we found ourselves at the main pool and hot-tub area. It was indicated as clothing-optional, but I didn't see a stitch of material on anyone, except for a few hats.

Jack went over to the bar and grabbed us each an adult sized tropical beverage and we began our first day in the sun, using some shade from a big umbrella at our glorious new home-for-a-week.

There was probably about twenty or so people relaxing on the pool deck. Before long Jack went for new drinks, and I was getting warmed by the splendid sunshine. I was still contemplating the fantastic start to the morning and hoping there was more to come.

When he returned I suggested we dip into the water and maybe meet some other guests. The water was so nice and soothing. We chatted with a few other naked couples. I truly enjoy meeting people when there's no clothing involved. There's no pretense. It's all about sincere people meeting honestly. There's real eye-contact... plus maybe a few discrete peaks if you can manage it.

It is so difficult for a guy not to stare at a girl's boobs and guaranteed, they find a way. I noticed a couple of older guys sitting at the opposite side of the pool, dangling their feet in the water, chatting and trying not to be obvious as they ogled my firm, floating boobies.

While jack chatted with our new friends, I decided to make my way across the pool. My boobs were just the right height in the water to look like a couple of high-powered speed boats cutting their way through the warm, blue ripples.

"Hi. I'm Katie." I said cheerfully. They introduced themselves as repeat guests from a small town in Wisconsin. They were probably about fifty, in good shape and nicely tanned. They pointed out their fine looking wives, sunning on some nearby lounge chairs.

We waved at each other and the ladies smiled warmly. The guys were sitting close enough that I had to push their legs together so I could squeeze in between them. I realized I was using my double-D tits like a bulldozer, and I immediately noticed an appropriate response as their resting members began to show signs of life.

"This is our first time here." I stated, "So I really don't know the rules about public displays of affection. I haven't noticed any yet in the pool area."

"They can happen any time." the one gentleman named John said, "In fact, I noticed my wife eyeing up your husband already. But we wouldn't assume anything."

"I appreciate that." I said with a smile. I ran a hand up the inside of each guy's thigh, and soon had hold of two generous, growing dicks. John smiled at his buddy, then raised his hand up high and pointed down at me, making sure his wife was taking notice. She was, and she grinned widely.

"Are poolside BJs inappropriate here in broad daylight?" I inquired.

"Happens more than you'd think," John's buddy Ralph commented.

"Awesome." I commented, feeling that insatiable craving surge through me again. I released my grip on their swelling peckers, pointed at my face and suggested, "If you two can figure out how to get your dicks into this general area, it would be my pleasure to suck both of you off."

With that look of shocked happiness I'd seen so many times, they quickly rolled up onto their knees and tangled against each other until they'd accomplished my request. Every head around the pool area was looking my way as I stroked and caressed their quickly engorging dicks.

Their wives looked especially curious as I settled in to put on a little show. The guys got nice and hard... blue pills maybe? I didn't care. I sucked both cocks, back and forth, and I came in the pool. I couldn't help it. I orgasm every time I suck a cock, especially a new one. Or two.

I deep throated them, and heard a number of positive comments from these men and various onlookers. I fucked them with my throat and I gave them both a great BJ. John grunted and came in my mouth. I swallowed it just in time to switch dicks so Ralph could give me a second mouthful. This was great.

I leaned in and sucked the last juice from their softening dicks, then paused and looked around. Everyone was watching, and a smattering of applause began, then got louder. I turned, put an arm to my waist, bent forward and took a little smiling bow.

"Katie, that was terrific!" John complimented, followed by Ralph, who stated, "Simply spectacular!"

"Thanks, guys. My pleasure."

I was grinning as I licked all around my lips. Not a single loose bit of cum to be found. I'd got it all, and enjoyed every drop. "See ya around." I said, then pushed off across the pool, floating on my back. I think only my face and my erect pink nipples were visible above the surface of the water. Maybe my cute little toes, too.

I looked coyly at Jack when I returned to his side. The people he'd been talking with simply gazed at me, awestruck perhaps. He smirked at me, shaking his head, and handed me my tropical cocktail. "Happy?" he asked.

"Getting there." I replied, "That was fun. I like it here."

We decided to clamber out of the pool to get some more warm sunshine and work on our tans. I think every eye was on me as we returned to our loungers. It embarrassed me a little but more so it empowered me. I felt good deep inside my horny slut soul.

I was impressed by Jack. He normally gets an uncontrollable raging hard-on watching me suck other dicks. We'd been to lots of nude places before, and he'd learned to use his practiced self-control to keep his dick at that chub-only level. Firm enough that you knew there was lots there, yet not pointing out so you could hang a towel on it.

"You've been a busy girl today." He commented, then clinked his cocktail against mine.

"Yep." I replied. I really wanted to jump him right there and suck his cock again. Instead I was suddenly distracted by all the nice folks spread around on the pool deck.

Two guys were standing up and two others were laying on their lounge chairs getting blow jobs. John and Ralph's wives were engaged in an intense sounding sixty-nine on a big towel. At least two other ladies were moaning as their men eagerly licked away at their pussies.

"Katie, I think you started something." Jack said with a laugh.

"Cool." I whispered as I surveyed the scene and grinned. More than half the people at the pool were involved in sex with somebody, while a few of the guys and other ladies were obviously taking care of themselves and enjoying the surprise show.

The entire big, blue pool was surrounded by like-minded hotel guests moaning and groaning, and it was a beautiful sight.

I wanted to help out, especially the guys that were laying there, jerking themselves off. I'd gladly suck a few more cocks right now. Jack sensed my intentions and told me, "Just relax Katie. We'll be here all week."

It was so hard to show any restraint, but he was right. We just laid back and took in the show. Soon there were orgasms everywhere, and not long after that, a splendid, satisfied hush consumed the whole pool area. All we could hear was the gentle, relentless surf rolling up on the beach below the pool, plus a few snores.

My eyes were closed when I was startled by someone teasingly tickling my foot. I awoke with a knee-jerk reaction, and a gentleman was standing there with fresh cocktails he said were for Jack and me.

We graciously accepted and he introduced himself as Bobby. He was friends with John and Ralph's group, and often accompanied them for their naked week each season.

"Thank you for getting the party started early, Katie. That was quite the show." He stated in a very complimentary tone.

I nodded and sipped my new drink as I looked him over. Then I recognized him. He'd been laying beside the sixty-nining wives, casually playing with himself but not jerking off.

"Yes, I noticed you." I said as I sat up on my chair. Now, becoming fully awake, I suddenly remembered why. His semi-engorged dick was right at my eye level, and it was a beauty.

"I like how perfectly tanned you are all over." I commented, also noticing his nicely toned physique.

"Yeah, it's part of living in Wisconsin. Tanning booth, ya know, plus as much time here as I can manage."

"From what I saw around the pool a while ago, you were probably the only one who didn't come while that little insta-orgy fired up."

"Very observant." He replied.

I could feel that craving surge through me again, an urgent need that I am powerless to resist. I stared at his manhood. It was half-hard, and it dangled, tantalizingly, right in front of me.

I felt myself transported to my favorite place. I became only vaguely aware of my surroundings and the presence of other people, including my husband. Even this man standing before me became irrelevant.

My entire point of view was consumed by this cock and the lovely balls hanging below. I reached out and grasped it. I heard him take a deep breath and gasp a little. I pulled on it, and it instantly began to stiffen and swell. I reached under with my other hand and took in a generous handful of big balls, wrapped in soft, fully man-scaped stretchy skin.

I massaged those big balls, and I stroked that cock. I needed to suck it. I wanted to feel it get fully hard in my mouth. I love having a growing erection force my lips and jaw open as it stiffens for me. It's hardness tells me I'm pleasing it. I orgasmed.

I took it into my mouth for a few strokes, then held the head with my lips, just inside so it pressed on my tongue. I felt it throbbing and growing. I could feel his heartbeat. I sucked him in deeper, then deeper still, until my lips were stretched around the thick base of his cock.

My nose was pressed to his muscular tummy and I could feel his balls jiggle against my chin. It was a long, thick cock and I clamped my throat muscles around the head. I squeezed and released, then repeated. I heard loud groans as I massaged his cock head with my trained and toned throat.

I pulled back to take a well earned breath. I glanced up to see him smiling down at me, and he looked very pleased. I took him back into my mouth and plunged him down my throat. I used my throat like it was a velvet-lined pussy to fuck this big hard cock.

Someone was rubbing my tits. I paused and saw Jack's hands tweaking my diamond hard nipples. I let the big cock withdraw from my mouth and Jack leaned forward. He whispered in my ear, "Let me fuck you."

I didn't expect any distraction from sucking this newest cock, but in seconds I found myself on my hands and knees across the lounge chair. It was actually a pretty decent position.

Bobby's big cock came toward my face, and I took it in and swallowed it down my throat. Jack's impressive hardness entered my soaking wet pussy, and I came.

Jack started to fuck me slowly, then faster, speeding into long, deep strokes. I heard him say, "Bobby, when I push, you pull. Lets' fuck her good."

I was getting spit roasted. I was the rotisserie special with a hot rod pounding into me from either end. Jack fucked my hot hole while Bobby fucked my mouth. I couldn't stop orgasming. Somehow I remembered there were probably lots of people watching us. This was awesome.

Soon Bobby's big, hard cock was getting close. So was Jack's. I pushed Bobby away for just long enough to get some more air, and told him, "Jack's gonna shoot real soon. I want you to keep fucking my mouth and come right down my throat."

It was time. Jack grabbed my hips and thrust every inch of his beautiful hard-on deeply into my pussy. I wrapped an arm around Bobby's butt and pulled him in tight. I heard their groans and felt two big, hard cocks begin pumping their hot loads of cum into me at the same time.

I fucking loved this!

That urgent, throbbing surge of orgasming cocks made me start to vibrate and I climaxed so intensely I wanted scream. Hard to do with a mouthful of squirting cock. I shook and trembled for several seconds, until I felt both cocks start to soften in me. I had to collapse onto the lounge chair.

"Holy fuck!" I heard someone shout, and I realized it was me. I lay there in a crumpled heap, giggling and quivering.

Two beautiful cocks had just surrendered their glorious loads of cum into me. It felt so good, it warmed my primal soul. I looked up and they were swinging over me, two gorgeous, gradually deflating dicks, glistening in the sun.

Bobby exclaimed, "Oh my God, Katie! You are spectacular!" Then he said, "Jack, you've got one fucking amazing hotwife here."

"Thanks." Jack replied as he reached out and shook Bobby's hand. Next he grabbed a big beach towel and tossed it over me as I lay there. I wasn't shivering because I was cold, though.

I noticed him look around... apparently we had acquired quite an audience. He giggled, then shouted, "Wet mop, aisle four."

I heard a polite chuckle circulate through the crowd as I regained my composure. Next I sat up and gave Bobby's withdrawing dick an appreciative, deep and long suck.

I looked up at him and said, "Thank you," with absolute sincerity. He nodded and patted my head, then leaned in and gave me a firm kiss on the lips and probed my mouth with an impressively long tongue. It felt nice.

He politely thanked me again and then headed back toward his lounger. I savored the taste of his big, thick cock and creamy cum as I licked my lips and smiled. I noticed the two other ladies near him rise and head in our direction.

They stopped and introduced themselves as Nanette and Linda. They were the wives of John and Ralph and they looked so beautifully toned and tanned.

Nanette said, "That was quite the performance, Katie. You certainly amped up the energy around the pool. You too, Jack."

"Awesome to watch you in action," Linda commented, then added, "Our husbands think you're totally amazing as well."

"Thank you. Just doing what I like best." I replied with a little laugh. "It looked like you two were having a very enjoyable sixty-niner before, too."

They smiled and nodded, then Nanette stated, "We've only been here two days this trip, I'm sure we'll be seeing you around over the next while."

"We hope so, too," my ever polite husband Jack replied.

Nanette reached over as if to shake Jack's hand, but instead grabbed hold of half-hard dick and gave it a couple of pulls. "Nice. Save some of that for us, would ya." She instructed with the sexiest gleam in her eye.

Jack and I smiled, and she raised her hand and gave her palm a slow, sexy lick. "Mmm, you both taste good." She commented with a wry smile.

Next she leaned in and gave me a hard kiss on the mouth with lots of tongue. It felt so very sexy and I could still taste Linda's pussy juice on her lips. She stood and said, "Katie, I've got an urge to suck Jack's cum out of your hot cunt right now."

I immediately wanted to accept her proposal but in honesty I was feeling a little fucked-out at the moment, and needed to just relax.

Jack is very intuitive, and sensed my tiniest bit of hesitation. Instead, he stated, "You know what? That sounds great, but maybe another time. Katie's had a pretty busy start here, and she should probably get some rest back in our room for a bit. I hear the night show and party can get pretty wild, so we need her re-energized. I've got a feeling she's gonna want to perform tonight!"

"No problem." Nanette agreed, "My offer is open though, whenever you'd like."

"Very soon." I promised, then grabbed her hand and briefly sucked her fingers in search of more pussy flavoring.

I knew Jack was being a little over-protective but I also knew he was right. A little rest wouldn't hurt, plus I'd heard that the resort guests tend to over-run the stage show some evenings. It could become a wild night of pussy licking, cock sucking, fucking debauchery with any luck and I couldn't wait to become a part of it.

As we walked back to our room, I felt Jack's cum running down the inside of my thighs. I relished the feeling as I summed up my experience here so far. Jack had given me two loads of his juice plus I'd had the exceptional pleasure of sucking five new cocks already today.

A short afternoon siesta sounded like a wise idea, and I lay there re-living the wondrous sensations today had provided. The night party was yet to come and it promised to present even more opportunity.

And... this was only day one!

The adventures in our naked paradise get wilder...

I almost felt as if I was drunk. Truly, I was euphoric from the day in the sun and water, from being free and naked, and from all the sex I'd just enjoyed and witnessed. Ahh... bliss!

I realized that I hadn't even thought to pull my sheer white cover-up over my body before we walked back to our room, but it didn't matter. I liked being nude and to have people looking at me. The thought of dicks twitching and pussies moistening as people looked me over. I was so fucking horny!

I tried to re-focus, take in the beauty of the resort grounds as we walked toward our room. The brilliant blue sky, palm trees swaying in the breeze, bougainvillea bushes smothered in gorgeous flowers, that lush tropical grass along the walkway. Jack's fresh cum squishing out of my pussy as we walked kept me happily distracted.

We got to the room and basically crashed onto the bed. We cuddled.

"You are an amazing, sexy woman, Katie." Jack whispered in my ear as he pulled me close.

"I'm having a nice time." I responded, and shivered as I orgasmed one more time. "It was a fun day."

"Let's get some rest." He suggested, and flicked on the TV as we lay back to relax.

Of course, he tuned it on to one of the non-stop porn channels that is constantly available and included in the inclusive package here. Like I needed to watch more sucking and fucking! I did though, and gently fingered my clit until I must have fallen asleep.

It was late afternoon by now and I decided to take a long, lazy bubble bath. Soon dinner time approached and I chose to get dressed in a pretty yet scanty little flowered skirt and a gossamer white tank top. That's all I'd need to be comfortable for a warm tropical evening, and I didn't want items that might get in the way for later. I was ready in no time with my four articles of clothing -- shirt, skirt, and two shoes.

We rambled around the grounds, sipping a soothing mango and vodka beverage. We went out onto the dock and watched the awe-inspiring tropical sunset, then headed to the main restaurant before the evening festivities got underway.

The ocean front setting was just spectacular. There were classic tables with white cloth coverings and nice cutlery, exceptional service, and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. A few of the patrons were whooping it up a bit, and it was all good. We expected that display of early enthusiasm suggested it would be a fun and exciting night to come.

Unknown to me, Jack had made some arrangements in advance.

"Katie, happy birthday!" he stated warmly, and he looked so happy and sincere. "I know your birthday was a couple of weeks ago, but I booked ahead so you could have some of the house extra specials, along with a bit of your favorite wine. They actually flew it in for you."

We dined. Among other beautifully prepared special dishes I had their lobster. It was so delicious! A chilled bottle of champagne washed it all down.

The crowd from the restaurant began to slowly trickle toward the resort stage and festival building. Soon we joined the crush and probably a hundred or so sexy men and woman filled the various tables and chairs, benches and sofas.

Drinks were flowing freely, and a six-man band played some soothing tropical music softly in the background. Apparently the resort often has theme nights where it's suggested people should dress up in any variety of wild costume concepts. Tonight though seemed to be easy casual. The ladies were all in beach-type wear with cover-ups or less, and the guys in collared shirts and shorts. Very laid back and non-presumptuous, and I liked that.

Soon a hunk-of-muscle black man in way-too-tight white spandex shorts and nothing else stepped from behind a curtain and onto the stage, microphone in hand. He introduced himself as Carlos, the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. I felt a quiver in my pussy and my intuitive husband looked into my eyes and smiled. I think he can read my mind.

Carlos very enthusiastically welcomed us guests, and quickly had the crowd enthused and laughing. The band amped up the sound with some great tunes. Some enormously talented and scantily clad dancers did some clearly risqué and suggestive numbers on stage, and a couple of singers performed. This place was very entertaining.

Next it was time for some audience involvement and that beautiful MC Carlos had people come up for trivia questions and a variety of fun challenges. The best part was if someone answered a question wrong or provided some kind of incorrect response, the penalty was usually to surrender an article of clothing.

Carlos had clearly developed a routine that was both hilarious and nefarious, and he was damn good at it. Before long there were at least a dozen male and female guests up on the stage, recently naked due to being tricked out of their clothes, with more folks joining all the time.

Jack wouldn't think of holding me back, and promptly I found myself on stage surrounded by hot, gyrating nakedness. MC Carlos took an appreciative look at me and whistled suggestively into his microphone.

Once he'd asked me the simple things, like my name and where I was from and so on, the real questions started.

"Katie, you're a very attractive lady. Are you smart?"

"I'd like to think so." I responded coyly as he put the microphone to my lips.

"Excellent. Name a state that starts with the letter T."

"New York!" I exclaimed with a wide grin.

"Oh... Katie, too bad, that's wrong. You'll have to remove an article of clothing." He called out, addressing the crowd to a series of hoots and cheers.

I smiled, quickly grabbed the mike from his hand and stated loudly, "My top is really snug. Would you mind just ripping it off of me?" I knew I wouldn't be needing it anymore tonight.

He paused for a second, then after I gave him a reassuring nod, he grew a beautiful, toothy smile. His big hands reached toward my tummy and he easily tore my little white tank top from bottom to top. My firm double-D boobs were on full display for all to see. I handed him back the mike so I could wiggle the shredded shirt from my shoulders. The crowd whooped and hollered.

I loved having all those people looking at my breasts, and I trembled through a mini-orgasm.

"Katie, you are the fun one." Carlos stated. "You want to try another question?"

"Can I ask you one?" I requested, pulling on the mike.

"Uh... sure."

I think I caught him a little off guard.

"What's my middle name?" I asked.

"I have no idea, you brat."

"Your turn! Let's see the goods!" I exclaimed into the microphone.

The crowd was hooting and going wild as he cautiously, teasingly, expertly pulled off his spandex shorts. The ladies throughout the room screamed to high heaven as his sizable, dark manhood became fully exposed. It looked very enticing.

Standing there, fully naked and smiling, MC Carlos stated, "Katie, you tricked me. Now look, I've got nothin' on!"

I pulled the mike toward and stated, "Oh you poor, shy man! Let me cover that up for you!"

I released my grip on the mike and bent over fully, pushing the top of my head and my light brown hair into his crotch while ensuring my tiny skirt rode up so the audience could get a great look at my tight, bare butt. Based on the noisy response, it was an appreciated maneuver.

I stood, turned and gave a slight bow to the crowd to acknowledge their ongoing support. Then I turned to MC Carlos and gave him a nice, warm kiss. He stood wide-eyed as I slowly, sensuously felt and slid my way down his muscled body until I was on my knees. I grabbed onto his rapidly engorging dick and stroked it slowly, staring at it, grinning all the time.

I smiled up at him, then turned my head to smile at the crowd. Someone started to shout, it might have been Jack. The shouting grew, and it became a roar.

Soon the entire audience was chanting in unison, "Suck that cock! Suck that cock!"

I realized I was on my knees, in public, gently stroking a stranger's penis. I looked up and Carlos nodded at me. It was up to me. I licked my lips and took the big, purple head of his dick into my mouth. I orgasmed.

The crowd kept shouting. I stroked my mouth back and forth over his cock. It kept growing. Soon it was a thick ten inches. I pulled back so the audience could see the beautiful enormity of it. Ladies were squealing.

The chanting continued. I took him fully down my throat, balls to the chin, and the men started to holler. I pulled all the way back to the very tip, then all the way down again. Then I gave him an intense throat fucking in front of a hundred people. I orgasmed so hard I had to stop until my shuddering and quivering ended.

Another lady moved in beside me. I offered her Carlos' big dick as I recovered. A man stepped up beside Carlos. I grabbed his erection and sucked it straight down my throat. I knew the crowd was still hollering, but I could barely hear them. I was in my happy place.

I glanced around. Every naked man on the stage was getting his cock sucked. Ladies were on their knees, performing just like I was.

More people hopped up onto the stage. There were no clothes. Six or more of us more adventurous ladies formed a circle, all kneeling and facing outward. Naked men circled around us. There were hard cocks everywhere.

I was living my fantasy. Someone would step toward me and I'd take his throbbing dick right down my throat. He'd groan as I throat fucked him. Then someone would say it was his turn. A beautiful cock would be pulled from my grip only to be immediately replaced by another. I'd stroke it, squeeze new balls, and pop it into my eager mouth.

I'd get to suck it for a bit, deepthroat it, then the next one would arrive, and so on. A couple of ladies joined the men in the rotating circle. I got to lick some clits and taste some pussy juice.

Some of the guys started to orgasm. I got to swallow a few loads of cum. The other girls did too. At least twenty or twenty-five guys had got up onto the stage. I think I got to suck every one of their cocks. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. The excited noise of the crowd was spectacular.

Carlos was still there. He'd made sure to plug his big cock into every one of the ladies' mouths. He still had the microphone and he made glowing compliments about each of our talents as he circled us.

He got back to me after most of the other guys had ejaculated. His huge, black cock was fully erect, and it looked like he was ready to orgasm.

"Hi again, Katie. Are you having fun?" He asked over the microphone so all could hear.

He put the metal mike head against my lips, but all I could say was, "Holy... fuck!"

"I'm ready, if you want it." he spoke loudly.

I nodded, grabbed hold of his big tool and massaged his impressive balls. I was vaguely aware the crowd the crowd had started chanting again.

"Suck it, Katie! Suck it, Katie!"

Oh fuck, I did. I drew him fully down my throat so my nose was pressed against his muscled tummy. I held him there, totally immersed, and massaged the big head with my trained throat muscles. He moaned into the microphone as I began to throat fuck him from the tip of his cock to the base. Loud cheers resonated throughout the building.

He still had the mike. He shouted into it, "Holy fuck, Katie! You're gonna make me come!"

I pulled back and stroked his big cock. I wanted everyone to see that first squirt of his semen as it fired out of his dick. My mouth was open and ready.

His hips began to thrust back and forth, every muscle in his body tensed up, and I felt his cock and balls spasm in my hands. I stroked the shaft and he began to grunt like a massive bear. A huge ribbon of hot, white cum erupted from the purple tip of that big cock and shot right into my mouth.

I wrapped my lips back around it for the next squirt. He shouted "Uh... uh... uh!" into the microphone with each surge as he pumped out a great big, glorious load of cum. I caught it all, and I came so intensely I almost passed out.

The surging decreased, and soon his ejaculation had ended. I had a mouth filled with his beautiful, pleasured cock and a hot load of his cum.

"Sweet Jesus, girl." I heard him say, "You know how to suck a cock!"

I managed to nod my head, but I wasn't ready to release him yet.

"You gonna swallow that?" he asked so all could hear.

I pulled my head back and gradually let the head of his slowly relaxing dick slide out from between my lips. I puffed my cheeks in and out to swish his cum around, then turned my head to the crowd and opened my mouth so they could all get a look at his big, creamy load.

I tried to be careful, but some trickled onto my chin and I had to use my fingers to guide it back inside my lips. The chanting started again.

"Swallow it! Swallow it!"

I smiled and tilted my head back just a bit. I wanted to stand and show off for them, but I felt too wobbly. Almost every time I swallow a cum load I orgasm, and this was going to be an intense one.

Smiling, almost naked, on my knees in front of a hundred people at center stage, I swallowed MC Carlos' big cum load in one satisfying gulp. The audience went crazy. I climaxed uncontrollably.

I was paralyzed in ecstasy and couldn't find the ability to move at the moment, so I stayed squatting on my knees and watched. In a matter of seconds, a herd of people swarmed the stage.

It seemed everyone could tell I was off in my own private La-La-Land. I got a few pats on the head and heard several random compliments, but everyone was giving me my moment as I stared off into space.

Soon I began to notice that people were fucking on the floor, the tables and the sofas. The stage turned into a sexual grandstand with cocks getting sucked and pussies being eaten. Threesomes and more were erupting everywhere. One guy was sitting alone at his table, smiling.

I managed to raise my butt up from my heels, then with a little extra concentration, I was standing. I hopped off the stage and went to that table.

"That was quite the fucking performance, Katie." Jack stated, then suggested, "Have a seat."

I sat but couldn't find any words. My soaked pussy made a squishy, sucking sound on the chair. I was still consumed by the overwhelming lust and the empowerment of such an incredible sexual experience.

"You okay?" he asked, sounding truly concerned.

I nodded, but the thrill and the orgasmic rush was still coursing through me.

Finally, I pulled it together enough to comment, "I guess you saw all that."

"Oh, yeah. You were something else, Katie."

"Are you mad at me?"

"Katie, that was you in your most natural situation. If I was going to get mad about that, we would have parted ways years ago. I know you were in your happy place."

"You're the best husband ever."

"Well, you've got a few endearing qualities yourself, babe."

Jack knew what to say to make me smile and feel secure. He was right. I liked the way the night had gone, and I was proud of my performance. I became further aware of all the sex that was still continuing all around us.

I snuggled against Jack's shoulder and gave him a tight squeeze as my way of saying thanks. I stood up and leaned forward onto the table top. The cotton on the tablecloth tickled my naked, diamond hard nipples. I lifted my little skirt up so he could see my soaking pussy and requested, "Fuck me, please!"

I knew he'd be horny and hard as hell from watching me suck other cocks and pussies up there, and he immediately dropped his dress shorts and boxers. His big, stiff cock thrust into me easily. I was so wet.

He fucked my furiously, pounding into my hot wetness. I orgasmed, but he wasn't close yet. He was determined to give me a good, steady ride.

I could swivel my head and watch all the other people engaged in wild sex while I was getting fucked from behind, and it was so very exciting. Soon, I orgasmed again. I tend to orgasm a lot.

Still naked, Carlos came over our way. He stood right in front of me and reached over to shake hands and introduce himself to Jack.

"Quite the hotwife you've got here." Carlos said with a broad grin.

"It's always an adventure." Jack responded, while continuing to rhythmically fuck me. My pussy squeezed around his thick dick and I orgasmed again. I was staring straight at Carlos' beautiful penis.

Carlos bent over and gently stroked my cheek. "Are you having fun, Katie?"

I could only think of one response, and stated, "Cock, please."

I heard Carlos chuckle and he must have looked quizzically at Jack first. I assume he gave him the go ahead nod because Carlos stepped in close so I could grab his dick and pull it back into my mouth where it belonged.

This was absolutely fabulous. I was sucking his beautiful black cock again as my husband fucked my quivering pussy. I love a good rotisserie in the evening!

My steady stream of orgasms continued, or maybe it just turned into one long, un-ending one. I was enjoying giving oral pleasure to every inch of Carlos' cock while happily getting fucked hard.

I heard Jack ask, "Wanna switch?"

"If you want to." Carlos replied.

"Yeah. I'm ready to shoot pretty soon, and I want to give Katie another mouthful of cum."

They both pulled out of me at the same time, I felt like a deflating balloon, no longer air-tight. I was really looking forward to feeling that big, black cock in my pussy, and I orgasmed as soon as Carlos started to penetrate me.

I sucked Jack's cock hard, and licked all of familiar tasting pussy juice off his balls, too. I deep-throated him as Carlos fucked me hard. That over-sized cock felt so good in my pussy. This was fucking fantastic.

Carlos groaned and said, "I've been getting' lots of oral from a few other ladies after Katie did me. I just about ready to pop here."

"Me too." Jack grunted.

I pushed Jack away just enough and shouted, "Come in my mouth! Both of you!"

I think my pussy made a popping sound as I rolled off the table and that big cock of Carlos' pulled out. I got into my favorite position, on my knees, and quickly had two guys jerking their big, hard dicks in front of me, aimed at my wide open mouth.

Both cock heads pressed against my open lips and they orgasmed. Jet after jet of hot cum shot into my mouth until it was so full it began to trickle down my chin. I swallowed some quickly while they were still shooting their creamy goo and they filled my mouth again.

Then they were done, and they both giggled and ran a finger down the underside of their dicks to squeeze those last few drops out. I sucked each relaxing cock hard. I wanted every dribble of cum they had.

They gently ran their cock heads all over my face and whacked my cheeks with them. I was euphoric and climaxed wildly. I love cock.

"Katie, you are amazing!" Carlos stated emphatically.

"The best!" Jack added with a smile.

I came again. I tried, but this time I really couldn't stand. The guys helped me up and guided me onto a chair. I sat and stared off at nothing, ginning and chuckling.

Carlos asked, "She gonna be okay?"

Jack replied, "Yeah, she gets like this. She just needs a few minutes. Katie, you want to head back to our room?"

I sat and nodded blankly. I did need a break. I think I was orgasmed out for now.

Jack gave me a couple of minutes as he chatted with Carlos and a few other guys. He came over once I must have appeared to regain some presence.

"Come on, Katie." He said as he helped me stand. "Let's go and have a nice deep sleep so we're all rested up."

I leaned on his shoulder as he walked me through the crowd. Most of the fucking and sucking had wrapped up and there were a lot of very satisfied looking resort patrons wandering about, glistening with sweat and cum. I liked this place.

As we walked back toward our room, Jack grinned and asked me, "So, any plans for tomorrow?"

The End.....

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