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What do you do if you are stupidly rich, I mean way up the world rich list? Well for men, fuck beautiful women for a start would be a frequent answer. I am no exception and I thought this as I wrapped my legs around a gorgeous busty red-head who was stark bollock naked. Though I should mention that she was my fiancé. Also one of the rising stars amongst operatic sopranos.

I was dragged into her magnificent bust to my evident pleasure. Running my hands down her back I pulled her sopping wet fanny onto my cock. Victoria gyrated enthusiastically driving us both wild, which of us had an orgasm first was a moot point.

Now to be fair to me Victoria is not just attracted to me for my money. I am an amateur tenor, a rather good one with a spectacularly powerful voice. It’s a truism, sopranos go for tenors and vice versa, certainly the case for us. One down side is that when Vicky gets vocal it is ear-splitting. ‘Oh fuckaaaaaaaaa’ right up the scale to her top note. Good job we have a large manor house in the Kentish countryside a long way from anyone else.

I looked at my beautiful girl. Tall, only a couple of inches shorter than me with dark red hair falling down her back in waves, creamy skin and curvy. Not fat but definitely not undernourished. I particularly enjoyed making love with her on top so I could watch her breasts gyrate above me. Those rosy nipples would move in fascinating circles as she used my cock to stimulate her clit. All I had to do was reach up and gently squeeze them. Vicky loved that.

It had started about eight months ago. I was in the final stages of extracting myself from day to day involvement with my company and was in Munich to tie up loose ends. I was enjoying a meal in one of the cities best but not most expensive restaurants having had it recommended by a colleague. It would have been nicer with amenable company but I am a bit of a gourmet so appreciated a haut cuisine take on traditional Bavarian cooking. Next to me were two women, stylish and neither young but not middle aged either. Or in other words just the right age for me, as I dislike feeling like a cradle snatcher. The red-head was on the phone and clearly not happy.

“Where the hell are we going to get a decent tenor in three days time. I hate working with the bastard but there is no doubt he can sing. All right not with a throat infection and no your right I don’t want to risk catching it. But I cannot do a complete performance on my own as you well know.”

I sympathised. even the top professionals try to arrange it that they are not singing for the entire concert. They have an orchestral interlude or another singer. Now I was intrigued because I knew that though an amateur, I was good, very good. I had the ability of a professional but it is an insecure profession and I was far better at making far more money by inventing a new computer that was a quantum leap in capability. Now nearly every unit in the world had my chip in it and my company was producing a lot of the hardware as well as an operating system designed to use the advantages of my chip. Like in everything else I did I made sure that the job was done properly so my operating system was taking over as fast as my super chip. My gloating over, I returned to the delectable creature next to me and solving her dilemma.

“I couldn’t help overhearing but I gather you are short of a tenor. As it happens, I am a dramatic tenor.”

The look on their faces was classic a mixture of disbelief and hope. The brunette looked over at the baby grand in the corner of the restaurant. I smiled and offered to prove my boast. I summoned the maitre ‘d and holding some fifty euro notes explained that I would like to sing for the ladies and would he object. The brunette who I found out was called Sophia, was amongst her many talents an accompanist. I apologised to the other diners for the disturbance and launched into ‘You are my hearts delight.’ In German of course. I am not a brilliant linguist but can sing in at least four languages. You just need to have an idea of pronunciation or for that matter listen to someone who knows what they are singing about.

I made sure that I was addressing the song to the red-head who clearly enjoyed both the singing and the singer. Next, I sung ‘Che gelida manina’ from La Boheme. To my surprise and pleasure she then continued with ‘Sì, mi chiamano Mimì’ which follows it in the opera. By this stage the maitre’d is ecstatic because from a modestly full mid-day session the place is filling quickly as people tell their friends about our impromptu performance. So next I switch to Neapolitan songs ‘O Solo Mio’. My partner responds with the laughing song from Fledermaus. Now since that is one of my favourites, I was very happy we put our heads together and finished with the duet from the end of the Merry Widow. That is the one where the two main characters Hannah and Danilo finally admit they love one another. We sat down to thunderous applause and I got a real buzz that making money never gave me.

The end result was the three of us left together I was engaged to sing at the charity concert that Saturday. I quickly extended my stay to accommodate the concert and that evening I ended up in bed with Victoria the gorgeous red-headed soprano.

I could not believe that it was so easy, as a wealthy businessman and singer I might be a lady’s man but I wasn’t. The truth was that I was shy and more than a little obtuse around women particularly the high-powered types who even I can work out were giving me the come on. I though about the blond last week, it was no accident that she fell out of her evening dress right in front of me. Nice tits, pity about the creature they were attached too.

Victoria was far more interested in the fact that I had tried to seduce her with song. I had without thinking sung two aria’s that were meant to be seductive. Then finished off with one of the most romantic duets of them all. Hell, she had responded in kind with what she had sung.

A light supper was followed by going to my suite for coffee. Coffee led to kissing and kissing led to us removing each other’s clothes and climbing into my king size bed. I didn’t need to seduce her she was already seduced by my high notes. Victoria was a woman who knew what she wanted and currently that was me. I ran my hands over her wonderfully soft, creamy skin. I found it both beautiful and fascinating the effect on Victoria was to get her highly excited. I subsequentially found that she was very tactile and loved being caressed as lightly as possible.

Victoria climbed on top of me and made up for my lack of wide experience with doing what she wanted. I was somewhat shell shocked with this gorgeous creature finding me exciting. In her eyes I was a great lover as I let her do what she wanted and enjoyed it.

During the night we both woke when I had to go to the toilet and made love again. This was a lot gentler and more intimate and I later found out something that she craved. Underneath the talented and sexy creature was an insecure woman who needed to be made love to rather than always having sex. Purely by chance I pressed all the right buttons.
The concert was a staggering success as a result of a lot of hard work. They had rehearsal space already booked and just extended the amount of the rehearsals. Come Saturday evening I was as ready as I was ever going to be. The original programme had been heavily edited to take advantage of works I knew well, and suited my really rather large voice.

As we prepared, every night we had slept together and the night of the concert was no exception. The love making was even more enthusiastic fuelled by the high of our success. I had already concluded that I wanted this passionate and sexy lady for my own as we tried out yet another inventive and quite athletic position. IT occurred to me that I would have no problem staying fit with Victoria.

I licked the soft breasts that were waving in front of me as I thrust into her. Vicky ran her nails gently up and down my back. I buried my face on her bust as I kept up sliding back and forth inside her. The mutual pleasure was incredible.
The next morning however she was strangely quiet and in contemplative mood. I asked if anything was wrong.
“The concert is over, we have celebrated our success and now it is time to part. I don’t want that.”

“Well that is simple, come with me, we are both unattached so why not.”

Victoria snuggled up to me and I put my arm around her at just the right place to caress her breast. I realised I had a chance of bringing the is gorgeous creature into my life permanently. The thought made me hard not only did she seem to be the perfect soul mate for me but she was seriously sexy.

“It can’t be that easy surely.”

“Why not we are both single. I am rich beyond my possible needs so you only need to do the concerts you want. After last night I would hope that a fair few are together. Also lets be honest the fact that I am loaded will open doors that talent alone won’t. It’s not fair but it’s true.”

“Ouch I thought I was the pragmatic one. I suppose you don’t get to be that rich by having your head in the clouds. I still think it is too easy but I am not going to be stupid about it. Let’s give it a go and see if we are right about each other.”

Having reached agreement, we sealed out alliance as they said in the old ‘Carry On’ film. Victoria would have made a good Cleopatra. As for my asp, it bit her until she was squealing with pleasure. Did I mention that trained soprano’s can be ear splitting when they have an orgasm? Vickie’s breast jiggled delightfully and my orgasm was worth the deafness.
Of course, it was quite that simple and it was a little over a week before she sorted out her affairs and I flew over to her home near Strasbourg to pick her up. My executive jet did impress her, I did have all the toys of the super-rich, a ruddy huge yacht a historic manor house in the Kent countryside as well. Well now I had what I really wanted and money could not have bought a girl who like me for myself well possibly my voice and myself.

As we flew back to England we lay back in luxuriously leather seats and made up for that far too long week apart. Vicky had not bothered with a bra I found as I ran my hand underneath her jumper. Then she undid my fly and got my cock out. It did not take he long to get it stiff sucking and kissing it. I then found she had forgotten knickers as well. Somewhere close to Paris we joined the mile high club.

Things worked out for us on a personal level. On a professional level it proved easy enough to buy up a small classical record label and record an album of popular arias. Of course, I had the money to promote it but we awaited the critics response, which couldn’t be control, with trepidation. Most were very favourable. Victoria did have a very fine voice and more important a very beautiful sound. All that was required for success was getting the exposure.

A short series of recital with Vicky accompanied by Sophia on the piano followed. These were well received and we recorded the programme. Having become the owner of a record label I found myself in a position to promote musicians who deserved it. Sophia released a record of complete Chopin etudes. A young harpist produced an album of arrangements of guitar music. Both enjoyed success.

By this stage I was quite certain of my feeling and content that Victoria felt the same. So, I decided to try being romantic.

We went for a cruise on my very impressive yacht. The M.Y. Sorriento was luxurious in the extreme, wooden panelling, a baby grand, and a jacuzzi discretely situated where it cannot be easily overlooked. For a crew I had two couples, though it wasn’t clear which man was with which girl. I had a strong suspicion that they swapped around. Whatever It did mean that I wasn’t worried about gossip as they were pretty laid back.

We flew down to Palermo and from there we sailed to the Aeolian Islands, watch Stromboli put on a firework display at dusk. From there we went across to mainland Italy up the coast to Sorrento after which the yacht was named.
Some foresight and a bit of bribery arranged for me to have a fine table on the terrace of the best hotel overlooking the harbour. Without Vicky having a clue a small group of musicians had been arranged. They went around the tables apparently busking before coming over to us just after we had finished our meal. I was formerly dressed in white tropical dinner jacket. The musicians started to play Neapolitan popular songs; I of course provided the singing. O solo mio. Mattinata, Faniculi Fanicula and of course, finishing with Torna a Sorriento the local song. Sorrento is so beautiful you will never want to leave it but if you do you will always return. A wonderful tune and romantic words all arranged as a very public bit of serenading.

Vicky was practically in tears but also her face was flushed with delight. Taking my applause which was enthusiastic I had everyone’s attention. Having previously made sure of the answer that I would get I went down on one knee and asked Victoria to marry me. The reaction was a loud ‘Yes I will’ followed by a hug. What the cheering diners didn’t hear was what she whispered in my ear.

“Bloody tenors always stealing centre stage.”

Victoria had said it couldn’t be that simple and it wasn’t. I already knew that my love was bisexual and had occasionally slept with her friend and accompanist Sophia. From Vickie’s viewpoint this was not a serious relationship. Sophia was a close friend but not a partner. Unfortunately, Sophia did not view things the same and wanted to be much closer to Victoria then I cam along.

To be hones I felt a bit if a shit. I had enquired about boyfriends but a girlfriend hadn’t occurred to me and of course Vickie didn’t view things that way. Both ladies were really upset and I wanted to fix things if at all possible.
It seemed we had a chance as I had set up a recital for Victoria in London the following month. The original plan had always been for Sophia to be the accompanist. Upset she might be, but Sophia was a pragmatist at accepted the job despite being pissed.

When she arrived from her home in Bulgaria, I had at least recovered a few points by sending Vicky in the jet. I stayed back home but picked them up from Biggin Hill myself. The atmosphere on the journey back was not as frosty as I feared.

That evening I had my chance to apologise. Victoria was demonstrating her culinary skills, she cooked as well as she sung. Importantly she was out of the way in the kitchen. That left me in the lounge with Sophia. Sophia looked like a brunette version of my love. Different hair and eye colour, slightly darker skin but otherwise very similar. Also, absolutely delectable but she didn’t sing well just play a range of different instruments. Ypu get the picture not a singer but really talented even so.

I started making my explanation and as normal made my normal, diffident hash up of it.

I don’t know why but Sophia despite having a reason to be pissed took pity on me and helped out.

“I can see what Victoria fell in love with you. Your rich, brilliant, musically talented and totally clueless, its so cute. If you were perfect you would be intimidating but when it comes to girls you are like a clueless boy, but one of the nice ones.”

“Thank you, I think. I am sorry I really didn’t mean to steal or even know that I was stealing your girlfriend.”

“It would seem the Victoria is clueless as well I would have thought It was obvious that I felt that way.” This was the point where Sophia got emotional and tears well up in her eyes. I didn’t engage brain but just did what came naturally and hugged the distressed girl. Of course, this was when Victoria came out of the kitchen and found me holding her best friend in my arms.

It took me a few seconds to realise this might not look as innocent as it was. Vicky’s exquisitely manicured left eyebrow was raised enquiringly.

“Eh Sophia and I were talking about you and her, I apologised and she got upset. I was trying to comfort her. This doesn’t look good.”

Victoria looked down on us, as I mentioned she was tall and with us both on the sofa she towered over us. Of course, as a modern opera singer she could also act so her face did not reveal a thing. I started to panic, I didn’t want to lose my oh so perfect fiancé.

This is like a scene from some lost opera. I refuse to make it a tragedy, come here you two. I believe you.” With that she descended on us and hugged us both and then kissed us. The tension between the three of us totally ebbed away.
Our dinner apart from being superb was very convivial and a couple of bottles of wine plus a digestif we put away. None of the three of us were lightweight with alcohol but those digestif were more than doubles. Basically, we were all mildly tipsy add to this a certain euphoria that our conflict had been resolved and were a bit high. Well anyway I don’t know quite how but all three of us ended up on the sofa with me in the middle.

Before I knew it, I found both girls were kissing me. Had they somehow had a conversation I wasn’t privy too? They leant over me a kissed each other which gave me a nice view of their breasts as both had low cut tops. I certainly wasn’t complaining. Having watched the girls snog at point blank range I was then the centre of their attentions, both of them kissed me at the same time.

Now I didn’t realise until later this was a sort of test. Even though they hadn’t discussed it they had come up with a plan. That plan involved them removing each other’s tops. Seeing that I far from objected they went back to kissing me topless. Sorry I might be clueless, but two lovely topless girls pressing their attentions on you is most men’s dream and for once I got the message. They didn’t stay topless for long, the remainder of their clothes disappeared before they decided to remove my mine.

If I had any doubts about what they were up to this was the point that I lost them. Sophia was immediately in front of me wearing a miniscule blue thong. I could have resisted temptation but I didn’t. Off it came to confirm my suspicions that Sofia was shaved totally hairless like Victoria. Having remove Sophia’s thong I knew that I would be in trouble if I didn’t do the same for Victoria. Both naked pussies were in front of my face. The girls were snogging again so I kissed first Vickie’s pussy and then Sophia’s

The rest of the evening was a little vague in part because a bottle of port was added to our intake but one thing I am sure was that I got to fuck both women and that whilst I was doing so the other one involved herself enthusiastically with the other two.

Anyway, I woke up in the morning surprisingly without a hangover but most definitely sandwiched between two voluptuous women. Sober none of us regretted the previous evening or wanted to go back. The course of the weekend a lot of musical practice was undertaken but also a lot of both lovemaking between the three of us and a fair amount of talking.

The wedding was lovely with the bride looking as radiant as brides should do. Young female relatives provided four sweet young bridesmaids kept in order by the maid of honour Sophia. Speeches were made, cake eaten, presents admired. All the usual and then the happy couple were driven by the maid of honour to fly to their honeymoon on the yacht.

What the rest of the wedding party didn’t see was that Sophia got on the plane with us. The reality was that after that night I had got very fond of Sophia as well as it being apparent that Victoria’s feeling for her were deeper than she thought. On the plane there was another unofficial wedding ceremony that committed the three of us together if not in law then in spirit.

That night on the yacht as ever as of late I was sandwiched between my two wives. The yacht bobbed on the gentle waves of a Mediterranean summer my girls bobbed around far more. We spread our attention if not equally between us then fairly to our satisfaction Sophia didn’t have the high top notes but was still equally noisy. The honeymoon was a resounding success and so were the marriages. At the time of writing this we have been happily married over twenty years. Both of my wives were and are, greatly loved even if one is an alto.

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