CRAVING – A SLUT DEEPTI STORY 4 - Erotic story Collection



I returned to the Park a couple more times, skipping a day in-between visits so as not to arouse suspicion from anyone, especially Prakash, if he should notice. The dog wasn’t there. One day I spotted a stray dog in the distance, but after Sheru I didn’t want to gamble on my safety with a stray.

On the third visit, as I climbed up the slope from the path, I spotted a dog in the same location where I had seen Sheru arrive before. This dog wasn’t Sheru, however. This was a German Shepherd, but it acted much the same way Sheru had. This dog came over the ridge, saw me and stopped. He seemed to look back at something and turned back to me. I took a chance on calling to it since despite not being Sheru it didn’t look like a stray. I bent over and clapped my hands together, then patted my thighs hoping it would take those actions as indicators of my calling him. I didn’t want to verbally call out to him for fear of drawing attention to me and my location.

As the dog trotted toward me, then moved faster as I continued to encourage him, I looked around to verify that I was still alone and not being watched, then stepped back into the brush and trees. The dog stopped outside, then followed the narrow path I had created into my hiding location, his tail wagging furiously.

I knelt on the ground and offered him the back of my hand. His sniffed it and allowed me to scratch his ear. Despite being a little intimidated by German Shepherds, this dog had an affectionate and playful disposition. Reassured by his attitude, I looked closer at him and found he had the same collar as Sheru’s. The medallion hanging from it read, “Balaji”, which I knew meant strong. Looking at the a****l, I had no doubts about that.

As I rubbed his neck, I felt something attached to the collar. I stood and looked at the object to find what looked like a cheap cellphone. But what would a dog be doing with a cell phone? I was still stroking the head and neck of the dog when I heard the phone start buzzing. I took it off the collar and opened it to find a text message had arrived. I open the messenger.

‘Yes, this phone is for you. I would like to communicate with you through it.’

What? I texted back, ‘Who are you?’

‘An admirer, only.’

‘What do you want?’

‘Nothing. Sheru is my dog. So is Balaji. I know you have enjoyed Sheru. I hoped you would also enjoy Balaji.’

‘You’ve seen?’

‘LOL. No. I have only seen Sheru go into the bushes with you. You have enjoyed him, haven’t you?’

Oh, no! Someone knows! ‘What do you want from me?’

‘I told you, nothing. I don’t know who you are and won’t try to find out. My only interest is in trying to help you.’

This was too much. Someone unknown to me knows what I have been doing! My worst nightmare if he were to tell someone, go public, have pictures. NO!

I burst out of the bushes and sprinted down the slope to the path. I was still running when I arrived at the start of the trail. When I stopped to catch my breath and compose myself, I realized the phone had buzzed several times. I opened it, again, finding a series of other text messages. I quickly shut the phone, jammed it into a back pocket of my jeans and left the Park.

I buried the phone in one of my shoes in the back of my closet. I ignored it for the rest of the day and night. I had to decide what I wanted to do. Did I need to plan now for the worst? What could I possibly plan? If I was exposed, I would be exposed. What possible explanation or story could I concoct to explain away such a revelation?

I fretted all through dinner, the evening and throughout the night. I tossed and turned, getting little sleep as my mind imagined all sorts of possibilities, all bad. All through the following day, evening, and night, it was only marginally better. The day after I began thinking the person on the other phone might not have meant harm to me, after all. Then, another dreadful thought came to me. He had purchased both phones. Couldn’t he use the built-in GPS to track the phone I had? How did that work? Was that function he could manage or did he need to go through the cellular phone service to get that information?

I retrieved the phone from my hiding spot in the closet. I powered it up and looked at the text messages from before. I was struck by his last text: I told you, nothing. I don’t know who you are and won’t try to find out. My only interest is in trying to help you.

It was the last one sent before I shut the phone off. The other texts he sent were enquiring if I was still there. Obviously, I wasn’t. I sat down to think this through. All those encounters were with his dogs and he had been aware of it and continued to bring his dogs for me to encounter. Never had he approached or intruded. If he was there somewhere, he was a long way off. He never was close enough to see into the bushy area where I was and was never visibly close when I left. Maybe he didn’t want anything. Maybe he really didn’t intend to intrude on my privacy by finding out who I was. I wondered, then, what did he mean by ‘my only interest is in trying to help you’?

I prepared a text message and sent it. ‘What did you mean you only want to try to help me?’ I was expecting there would be a delay to get a response since I had waited several days. Instead, the phone buzzed almost instantly.

‘I am deeply sorry I scared you. Not my intention.’

‘Why are you doing this?’

‘You intrigue me. It was an accident that I saw Sheru going into the bushes. I wondered what he was doing.’

‘The first time when I shrieked?’

‘Yes, I wondered what he had done, but when you returned, I assumed it wasn’t bad.’

‘What did you think might be happening?’

‘I wasn’t sure at first, but when he returned to me, his cock was exposed some. The next time it was fully out.’


‘And I knew. He is a stud dog in my kennel. Balaji is too, by the way.’

There was a pause, an electronic silence hanging between us. I didn’t know what to say in return. He had known.

‘Say it. Say what he did to you.’

I stared at the phone. Say it? That’s absurd, why would I admit such a thing? To a stranger? But, it was his dog. He already knows. And, something was happening within me. This dialog, like it was flipping a switch inside me. Before I knew what I was doing, my fingers were flying over the little keys.

‘He fucked me. Your dog fucked me.’

‘Was it good? Was it what you were hoping it to be?’

‘More. It was beyond my imagining. I was trying to avoid the knot, but …’
Why am I telling him all this?


‘I orgasmed and the knot pressed inside.’

‘That’s when you cried out.’

He had heard it! ‘Yes. I loved it, though. I was just scared of being tied if someone came along.’ There was another electronic silence and I wondered if the connection was broken.

‘Can you come to the Park tomorrow, 11:00 AM? I will bring Balaji. I think you will like him, too.’

He’s setting me up for a rendezvous with his dog! I remembered the message, “I can help you.” Am I crazy? But, even he can tell I need this, desire it, crave it. The little bit he has witnessed, he understands me.

‘Yes. 11:00.’

I shut the phone and powered it off. My hands were shaking. I put the phone inside my running shoes I would be wearing tomorrow. Now I have someone pimping his dogs to me? I walked to the mirror in the bedroom and removed my clothes. I looked into the eyes of my image.

“He’s sending his dogs to you to enjoy. He’s sending his dogs to you to fuck.” I looked down at her chest to find the nipples becoming more erect, straining outward. I parted my legs and she duplicated the movement. Her lips were already glistening with her arousal. “You really are a dog-bitch, aren’t you? Even if all you can get is dog-cock, it is good enough.” Her eyes were sparkling, her mouth turned into a smile, and her head nodded.

I was giddy when I arrived at the Park and made my way to the location within the brush I had been using for my outdoor playing with the dogs. I noticed as I left the main path that my visits up the slope had begun wearing a faint path into the wild grasses. As I approached the cluster of brush and small trees that formed my secluded spot, I looked up to the ridge above and checked my watch. It was only a few minutes before 11:00 AM. I surveyed around me, checking into the distances, and was satisfied there was nobody else who might wander nearby.

I heard a bark and I looked in the direction of the sound to find a large dog similar to Balaji and the figure of a man against the background and sky. The dog bounded ahead of the man, stopped briefly, then bound down the slope toward me. The man stopped at the ridgeline and settled onto the ground. He was no longer hiding his presence, though he remained at a distance that I could not discern his features, therefore, he could not discern mine. Still, though, seeing the man I had been texting sent a shiver through my body as I watched the dog approach. The impact of the change in the situation hit me fully. The dog approaching me belonged to the man up on the hill who had arranged this time for all of us to be in the same place. And, the only reason for that arrangement of time was for me to be mounted by his dog. There was no longer any mystery about it. It wasn’t a question of if there was an owner of the dog. There was an owner of the dog, and he was right there on the hill.

I turned, stooped, and stepped into the area of brush and little trees. A moment later, the dog followed me. I was already kneeling when he came right to me. As I stroked his head and neck, I checked his collar and tag. It was the same German Shepherd, Balaji. He sat in front of me. I stroked him and, not knowing any other way, used the same approach to him that I had with Sheru. I slowly worked my hand onto his side and belly, then down by his sheath with a few ‘accidental’ glancing touches along the side of the sheath. He reacted the same as Sheru, a slight flinch, but nothing more. With my face alongside his, I was intent on what my hand was doing underneath him so I was surprised to get a long, wet lick over the side of my face. I turned my face directly to him and closed my eyes as he began licking my face. It was at that moment that I took hold of his sheath and the cock inside.

The tip of his cock was already poking out and the precum coming from it provided the lubrication I needed to begin stroking his cock as it escaped the protective covering of the sheath. In moments, there was enough cock exposed I felt it was good. I stood in front of the dog and opened my jeans. I pried off my running shoes, then pushed my jeans and panties down my legs. Strange how doing this in front of the dog caused a self-conscious feeling as if he were a person who might judge or appraise what I was showing him. I don’t think he was, but he seemed to be appreciating what was happening because his cock grew from the sheath another inch or so.

Naked now below the waist, I went to my hands and knees in front of him. As I could have predicted with even my limited experience, his tongue first went to my cunt and ass, licking me several times. It felt wonderful, the tongue gliding over my wet cunt lips. It took a dog to give attention to my cunt with lips and tongue. I giggled at what the dog was willing to do for me that my husband would never consider. I moaned at the thought of what was to come shortly and that it took dogs to give me cock after all these years.

I reached back with a hand to push his snout away and pat my ass, hoping to have him mount me. After a few tries, he did, jumping onto my back, his furry belly on my bare ass and lower back. I remembered last time and slipped a hand between my legs and with a little assist from me, he with driving his cock into my cunt with less painful stabbing. I gasped loudly at the penetration and followed that with deep moans of satisfaction as the cock quickly began thrusting, the frantic fucking that, again, took my breath away.

Balaji was stronger and more aggressive than Sheru had been. It took some getting used to, but it became thrilling and wild. I found all I could do was plant my knees and hands into the ground and hold myself steady against his onslaught. His rear feet shifted as he attempted to gain better footing and leverage with which to drive his cock into his new bitch. I pressed back against him, holding a steady and firm position for him to fuck against. And, it was what I became, a bitch. I realized my mouth was emitting a steady flow of low, guttural moans, gasps, and groans. I heard nothing but the sounds coming from my mouth, the grunts and panting from the dog, and the squishing of our mating organs, his cock driving into my wet and drooling cunt. If anything was happening outside the brush protection, I had no awareness of it and, at the moment, I could have cared less.

It was as if all the frustration and need from the years of being ignored was being pushed out of my body with each frantic, frenetic thrust. It wasn’t that Sheru hadn’t been as good fucking me, but I hadn’t been released for him. I was still nervous, tentative, and self-aware. This time, I came prepared to release myself, to fully give myself to whatever dog was brought to me. There was no doubt, concern, or wondering about a dog on this visit. I knew there would be a dog. The owner who I was communicating with would have one here for me. I came knowing I was going to fuck a dog. And, I was. Gloriously and with abandon.

The knot was pressing against my opening. Unlike the previous time when I tried not to be tied, I pressed back against the dog pressing at me. I wanted it all, again. The dog and I worked together, though he was more forceful in his approach. He stretched me. The little experience I had was sufficient, though, to understand what was happening and what was going to happen later. I was like an a****l, myself. I wanted more, all, everything. I teased myself in the mirror of being a bitch, a slut. But, the communications with the man, the owner, something snapped open inside me. Again, something happened, another door opened, and I was going to rush through it. What would happen later, would happen. Now, though, now I was going to be thoroughly fucked and tied to Balaji, be his bitch. What was happening to me? How could I care? At that moment, the knot stretched me enough to pop into my cunt, filling me, pressing his cock deeper into my cunt.

The dog pulled back to pound into me, but his movement was constricted. The real effect, though, was pressing his knot firmly, roughly against that spot inside me and I exploded. My entire body seemed to react. The orgasm shook my limbs, my stomach twitched, my toes curled, my cunt clasped around the cock and knot inside. My scalp tingled and I shivered from my feet to my head.

I was no sooner coming down from that explosive orgasm and I felt his cock spasm and jerk inside me. I pulled away from him as I felt his cum spurt deep inside. I wasn’t trying to get away. My body, if not my brain, connected to that spot inside me and the knot inside me. I pulled, jamming my hips up, cramming his knot against that spot. I came, again.

I was lying on my back, exhausted. I looked to find Balaji off to the side casually licking his cock clean. When I moved, he looked at me. I smiled at him, a smile I meant to be meaningful, but he was just a dog.

I heard that phone buzz. I dug it out of my jeans and opened it. There were repeated texts from him.

‘Stay where you are. Let Balaji come out first. Someone heard you. I will distract him.’

Oh, no! But, then I realized. Not only do I have someone providing me dogs, but he is watching over me, too. I struggled to slip my panties and jeans on. I marveled, again, at the amount of cum that dogs gave. I put my shoes on and stretched my head up to find a man slowly, curiously, stepping off the path in my direction. I got Balaji to stand and pushed him through the bushes. As soon as he was visible, I heard a loud whistle from further up the slope and heard Balaji running toward the man as he called loudly to it, scolding it for wandering off. I check in the other direction to find the curious man watching the dog, then returning to the path.

I hadn’t realized I was holding my breath until I expelled it in relief. Disaster avoided. And I started giggling.

* * CHAPTER FIVE will follow * * Thanks for reading.

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