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Porn story - "Wedding night with a witness"

Imagine, first wedding night, a man caresses me. I am so full of veil, innocent bride, of course, excited. So gently stroking my pubis, lightly holds his finger on the clitoris. I am all ready, he slowly enters into me his penis, having entered completely, throws back his veil. I suddenly see that this is not my fiance, but a witness. I wanted to push him away, say something, but he stuck it a couple of times and ... Everything, I swam, the brain still resisted, but my body was no longer obedient. I gave myself up to passion, I waited this night, I was preparing for it. I had twice before, but what happened didn’t match. We fucked so much, we loved each other so much that I will never forget it.

Cool sex with my beloved!

I came early from work, you were not there yet. I took a shower, drank tea and lay down to rest, as I was very tired. And immediately fell asleep. I woke up because you hugged me very passionately and tenderly, and pressed all your naked body to my back. I felt your back warm, your big breasts. You gently kissed my neck and said that you really missed you. I turned to you, put my hand on your thigh, pulled me close and began to kiss hot and passionate. There was so much passion in me that you just melted in my arms. I put my hand on your resilient, excited chest, and began to gently squeeze it. Nipples immediately hardened and swollen, I began to gently pinch them. You really liked it, and you began to moan softly. You took my big swollen cock and started to drive it upside down with your hand. I was crazy about this and continued to passionately kiss your lips. Then I felt your vagina and began to strongly crush and massage the swollen clitoris, which expired with juice and was very wet and hot. You are very relaxed, you also went crazy and gently moaned. I did not wait long and entered with three fingers into your vagina. It was very hot and humid. I brought you almost to orgasm with your fingers, and still continued to passionately kiss your neck and lips. You at this time slid a hand on my excited member. I took my fingers out of the vagina and licked your nectar from them. It has brought you very much. You lay on your back and pulled me over. I parted your legs and got ready to enter you. My dick gently caressed your head pink lips sex, you moaned and I was in seventh heaven. Your vagina was all running out of juice, and I easily entered it very, very deep. You put your arms around my neck and began kissing passionately. I pressed my whole body to you to feel your warmth, and continued to move faster and faster. The member came out completely and immediately entered the vagina so that the head was constantly in friction and I liked it. I was approaching a peak, and you felt it. I came out of you and knelt, you leaned over my cock and began to gently caress his lips. I can't even tell you how I felt at that moment. I pressed your head to me, and you greedily bit it and drove it with your lips. And so, I was covered with a powerful wave of orgasm, I began to cum violently on your lips. You swallowed and continued to caress the head with your lips, and the sperm drained from your lips and fell on your chest, from which you drained to your stomach. I fell exhausted on the bed, however, I had a minute to recover, because I remembered that you were all burning with passion and had not finished yet. I parted your legs and my lips dug into your excited hole, her scent drove me crazy. I caressed my clit, kissed, tongue penetrated the vagina, I was like a drunk from you and your baby. You moaned louder, I realized that you were approaching a peak. I wetted three fingers with saliva and gently inserted them into your back hole. From this you screamed and thrust claws into my back. I began to bring you closer to orgasm with powerful fast movements: I sank my mouth into your tender clitoris and sucked him in, and for the thrill of sensation I added another finger to your ass, and entered them as deep as I could. You moaned heavily, grabbed my head and squeezed tightly to me, while it arched like a deer, and you were covered with a huge wave of ecstasy, which with heat was spreading all over your body. You, exhausted, fell on the bed, I lay down next to and kissed your chest. I waited until you breathe, then whispered in your ear that I want sex. You got on your knees, and in the meantime I picked up a rubber band, put it on, and saw how your lubricant runs down the clitoris and flows along the legs. I burned with desire and completely lost my head. I grabbed your buttocks, parted them, moistened your tongue with your tongue so that you would not be hurt, and strongly entered you. You moaned, and I continued to move back and forth in powerful fast movements. My dick swelled with excitement and he was very close in your ass, and I went crazy about it, you also felt bad about it. I grabbed your chest with both hands and squeezed tightly, thereby squeezing you to me. I felt your heartbeat beating furiously, your breathing speeding up. Nipples were very hard, and I went to them and began to compress them. I felt that I did not have long. You, too, was already close, and I continued to enter your tender ass. He found your clitoris with his left hand and began to fumble him wildly. You moaned very loudly. I came out of the anus took off the gum and went abruptly into the vagina, it was like in the stove. I could not control myself, you woke the beast in me! I began to move sharply and quickly, and, like an animal, you liked it very much. I frantically entered you, very deeply, quickly went out completely and again broke into great speed into your tender flesh. The clitoris was full of juice and became quite swollen and hard. You could not restrain yourself and began to scream.

Quick sex with Natela

This girl can stir up in earnest. It is interesting to spend time with her and there is something to talk about. I met her on the street. She spoke with some attractive bitch and laughed with some kind of nonsense. When she saw me, her companion calmed down her physiognomy and went into a cafe, near which they talked. Another, in the meantime, straightened her purse and set herself up to go somewhere. I was already standing beside her and asked where was the kiosk, to buy soda.
I did not believe that we will continue to communicate with her and, especially since we will have sex with her. Somewhere in thought, there was a desire to find an excuse for another meeting, and maybe not one. I could not have imagined that such, as it seemed to me, Bikse, I can seem to be a subject of sexual fantasy.
Having passed meters 30, we managed to get acquainted. It was 20 year old Natela with long legs and blond hair. She was dressed not defiant, and even older than me by a year. I took myself Sprite, she - Gin and Tonic. We agreed to go together by taxi, as it turned out, we live in the same area. It was evening, and no one was in a hurry. I offered to go to the arch nearby, where there was a gazebo, covered with grapes on one side. I asked her friend, after which she offered to choose a dress with her the other day, for some event, I agreed, on the condition that we play tennis.
Our conversation dragged on and had to go for another 2 bottles of Gin. The mood was excellent, but one thing, I slipped through and pulled in the shoulder blade. Then she asked if I had a girlfriend, I told her that I really liked her. She smiled, sat on my lap and began to touch the leg. I crawled under her blouse, her chest was much larger than my palm.
Suddenly, feeling a member rest on her buttocks, she let out a laugh with a prolonged tone, grabbed my big dick and said: "You have already grown up, you want it in yourself, take me soon." I was nervous. I even found it difficult to turn my head after it was blown, and here she is with her sex. But how to refuse a girl with such a big breast ... especially, if not now then when? By the way, apart from her, I have never seen such a chest.
I went into it immediately, did not even notice how it happened, only rraz, and she was already moaning and rubbing about my member. Of course, it is good that she is no longer a girl, I thought to myself, and then I was surprised that she could. When we kissed, her tongue made miracles, he almost reached his chin. She weighed about 58 kg, so that her legs got a little tired under her weight, and she also twisted, then her back to me, then pressed her breasts to my torso with a surprised face.
After such quick sex, she wiped the sperm with a napkin from her lap, said how good she was and we said goodbye. It seemed to me that she had no one for a long time. She definitely had contraceptives in her bag, but she wanted to without them. For example, I, bought condoms only once, and did not carry it with me in my purse.
Then there was an unforgettable moment when I was walking around the park with the company and met Natela. She was waiting for someone. I nodded to her, she put a gentle hand to my jeans and wrapped her lips around my ear. We talked for a couple of minutes, for some reason it seemed to her that I became a tennis player, wished each other good luck and never saw each other again.